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dumb questions

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1. What exactly kills Porkins? He didn't get hit, at least not that was shown. He just "has a problem here" and Biggs inexplicably tells him to eject onto the surface of the fucking Death Star, but his fat ass blows up. What happened?

2. Vader targets Luke. I have you now, he says. He fires. Then Han shows up and blows up his wingman. This is all before the second wingman has an aneurism and crashes into Vader. But Vader still shot. His lasers still should have hit Luke. Why didn't they?

3. Obi-Wan has a really hard time getting out of Han's smuggling compartments. You see him try to list himself out twice and fails. This isn't a question just an observation.

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Well, it's only fitting that his post would be bastdoordized.

This is the dumbest and greatest question of allllllll time. 

The rightererer decision would have been to make more. 

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Based on memory, watching it to check would be cheating...

1. Porkins was shot down by ground fire, flew too low or in to a concentration of turbolasers and thought he could fly out of trouble

2. I don't know why Vader missed either, but I've let it go

3. Didn't notice

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1. These guys were all flying outdated, refurbed X-Wings. Porkins drew last for astromechs and his ship exploded. 

2. Han shoots the first TIE (Vader's right) and blows him up. Vader and the other pilot look up to see wtf is going on and the left pilot bounces off the sidewall and into Vader ricocheting him out into space (and saving his life).

But yeah, just before that Vader lets off a bunch of blasts and misses I guess. He also misses Luke a moment before, low first and then blows R2's head off, but I guess ol' blue fixed himself pretty quick. 

I always chalked it up to "more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

3. He did tell Luke he was getting too old for this sh**.


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1. From Wookieepedia:

"Though his X-wing fighter was generally maneuverable enough to avoid the Death Star's sluggish turbolasers, incorrect readings from his instrumentation left him unable to judge his altitude and he found himself too low and an easy target for enemy fire.[16] Darklighter attempted to warn his friend that he was too low and advised him to eject, but Porkins felt that he could control the problem. Before he was able to regain control, however, he was hit by enemy turbolaser fire and was killed as his X-wing exploded around him.[4]"

2. I can't find anything to explain where the shot went. To be honest, I wouldn't mind a future edition editing that out. It would make more sense.

3. Yeah, don't really think I'll be able to find an answer to that one. On top of that, why are Han, Luke, and Chewie crammed into one compartment and Obi-Wan in another by himself. Wouldn't two and two make for a better fit, especially given how big Chewie is? I guess what probably happened was, they hurriedly tried to cram all four people into one, then at the last minute Han went, "This one's packed! There's another one over there." Something like that.

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1 hour ago, Fozzie said:

Threepio was also probably grabbing at Obi-Wan in fear which makes it hard to climb out. 

Well, correction, he was doing it in fear and an attempt to touch Obi-Wan's "lightsaber."



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