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  1. Our guinea pigs are out on the lawn in shaded pens because it's too hot for them to be in their hutches We had 11 of them (four adults and 7 babies) for a couple of days, but now we're down to 7 because the 5 week old babies have gone to new homes The other 3 babies are only 2.5 days old, will try and get some pictures
  2. I'm glad another forum I go to uses Invision Community It helps Great upgrade though
  3. What the world needs now is Bill, and Ted They're the only thing that there's just too little of (I'll see it ASAP, don't have high expectations, but having high expectations for a Bill and Ted movie is dumb. It just has to be charming.)
  4. Labyrinth - Sarah deals with Toby's crying with Benadryl instead of goblins (a joke, don't sedate babies)
  5. This is my younger brother's cat, Izzy
  6. This one always cheers me up, funny, great choreography, and looks like everyone involved in it had a great time
  7. I'll try and make the next one, haven't been able to make recent ones because of tiredness (unrelated to the time zone aspect)
  8. I'm bored of Batman too (in the same way that I'm bored of moody teenagers and can't wait for them to grow up), but someone decided to put the audio from the Cats trailer on top of the trailer for The Batman and it's wonderful - link (Twitter)
  9. Guilfoyle's true form - link (twitter)
  10. I haven't been to any US States or done much travelling apart from the UK (haven't been to Northern Ireland) for reasons If I ever make it to the US, the Pacific Northwest is where I want to go to most, lots of outdoors / sea kayaking stuff
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