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  1. are they allowed to use attachments?
  2. I don't see it either, max 306 for B
  3. If you mouse over someone's forum name (above the "R" and "Snakecat"), you'll get a pop-up with an "Ignore User" option, clicking on that takes you to the ignore list in your settings where you can confirm adding them to it
  4. Here's mine, which is essentially a copy and paste of a not-538 forecast with guesses for the toss-ups (left Nebraska as a toss-up because cba to look up polls for each district) Probably too optimistic
  5. Based on memory, watching it to check would be cheating... 1. Porkins was shot down by ground fire, flew too low or in to a concentration of turbolasers and thought he could fly out of trouble 2. I don't know why Vader missed either, but I've let it go 3. Didn't notice
  6. Our guinea pigs are eating grass, which is what they do most of the time, but you can see how much the babies grow in 4 weeks
  7. He didn't, but "Donnie has the HOAX VIRUS!" does not mean "Trump called coronavirus a hoax" It's a dig at some of his supporters, and anyone else who thinks it is a hoax
  8. It is bit annoying, my other Invision forum does it and some webmail editors too, but Shift + Enter is a solution
  9. Our guinea pigs are out on the lawn in shaded pens because it's too hot for them to be in their hutches We had 11 of them (four adults and 7 babies) for a couple of days, but now we're down to 7 because the 5 week old babies have gone to new homes The other 3 babies are only 2.5 days old, will try and get some pictures
  10. I'm glad another forum I go to uses Invision Community It helps Great upgrade though
  11. What the world needs now is Bill, and Ted They're the only thing that there's just too little of (I'll see it ASAP, don't have high expectations, but having high expectations for a Bill and Ted movie is dumb. It just has to be charming.)
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