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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. It will take how long it takes. I also just remembered that some transfers I did were over USB 2 instead of 3, oops
  2. I don't think it will make any difference The cloning / copying process usually doesn't use a lot of RAM (or use the CPU much) and the bottleneck will be how quickly data can be read off the HDD, even though it can be written to the SSD several times faster Copying hundreds of gigabytes of data from a HDD to an SSD can take a long time, especially if there are lots of small files Data tends to be copied in small chunks instead of filling up gigabytes of RAM before writing it to its destination. I don't know exactly why, but it might be because there's a risk of more data being l
  3. Heh, I presumed it was older It has one M2 SATA slot, not NVME, so the only difference between a 2.5 inch SATA SSD and an M2 SATA SSD will be physical size, and two RAM slots, up to 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) (dunno about 16 v 32 GB; I've never needed more than 16 GB, but I've never done that much multi-tasking either)
  4. I like my all-in-one, but I can only replace the memory or drives if they break. Also didn't pay much for it, was a lightly used bargain. Sorry, should have pointed out the relevant numbers for memory etc, like DDR3 and PC3-12800, but just Googling the part number (or part of it) can get you a match or equivalent Crucial.com have a click through upgrade finder too On the SSD v HDD thing, where I live a (not-fancy) 1 TB SATA SSD costs about the same as a 4 TB 3.5 inch HDD, but I don't need 4 TB (and still haven't filled a 2 TB drive with stuff yet) and the benefits of SSDs are wo
  5. Something like CPU-Z - link - can tell you what mother/mainboard you have if the website for Dell or whoever made your PC doesn't (assuming it's not a DIY one) That will help for Google Have also included the memory tab, you can look at each memory slot and see what's installed without having to open the case
  6. RAM upgrades aren't that difficult. Most difficult bit (but still not that difficult) is identifying the type of RAM you have and whether you can just add another "stick" or have to replace what you have, and if you can increase the amount in the first place. So on the PC I'm typing this on (an all-in-one), there are two RAM slots and I'd have to buy a 2x8 GB kit to upgrade it to 16 GB because there is already a 4 GB stick in each slot. And 16 GB is the maximum. You should be able to change the HDD to an SSD, but it will probably have to be a SATA SSD instead of an M2/NVME one becaus
  7. A lot of antisemitism is based on that too
  8. It has for me to some extent. My lockdown life wasn't much different from my pre-lockdown life (same for a close friend whose health anxiety means that she rarely goes out), but spending less time with offline acquaintances and more time with online friends has really hardened my attitude towards the former. Not the only relationships that have been tested to destruction or near-destruction by the pandemic making people reassess their views of what's important and what they really want. (not kind of dumb at all)
  9. I've been having stress dreams nearly every night too. The last one I had felt so real I actually said "thank fuck that was just a dream" when I woke up. I think it's because my situation before this wasn't great and the pandemic started just as I was recovering from winter and getting ready to try and get things going in the spring. Now spring is here again and the prospect of trying to reengage with the world that most healthy people inhabit again is always daunting. Things are almost back to normal here as far as lockdowns are concerned, but the pandemic has altered my outloo
  10. Sorry I missed this one. Tiredness won.
  11. I'll try and make the next one, likely to be on between 0400 & 0500 UTC until my sunrise, so might miss some Eastern or Central members again I might do an all-nighter again, but they're tough if there's nobody around between 0100 & 0200 UTC to talk me through the sleep barrier
  12. I know I've done three, but it might be four. Nothing to do with being drunk, just tiredness because of time zones.
  13. I have an adult / late ASC/D diagnosis. I am 46, but got the diagnosis 11 years ago this spring. Every diagnosis is different in terms of difficulty with various things, so I have bad executive dysfunction (maybe ADD)* and any sensory overload issues are related to touch instead of hearing (Hobbes might have forgotten more about autism than I know), but a kind of immaturity is there and I am very self-conscious about it (other people's maturity often makes me anxious), and I know it is unlikely to change. (edit, point being don't focus on someone's immaturity, but rather their not be
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