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  1. I have an adult / late ASC/D diagnosis. I am 46, but got the diagnosis 11 years ago this spring. Every diagnosis is different in terms of difficulty with various things, so I have bad executive dysfunction (maybe ADD)* and any sensory overload issues are related to touch instead of hearing (Hobbes might have forgotten more about autism than I know), but a kind of immaturity is there and I am very self-conscious about it (other people's maturity often makes me anxious), and I know it is unlikely to change. (edit, point being don't focus on someone's immaturity, but rather their not be
  2. UK: Don't You Want Me - The Human League US: Physical - Olivia Newton-John
  3. Or they could, you know, leave it alone
  4. You can see B shapes on a B-wing if you look hard enough, but what I find interesting (and good) is that characters saying "X-wing" etc. in the OT is extremely rare An Imperial underling says "X-wing class" in ESB when Luke is approaching Cloud City and Lando says "TIE fighters" during the flight in to the second Death Star, but they might the only times
  5. It also has Joan Baez singing in it, so ears get murdered too
  6. Fucked up might be a bit harsh, but that's not on for me I my car gets there first, the space is mine But thankfully I live somewhere where distances to shops are small and I've got the option of not driving for some trips, especially during Xmas crazy (I prefer to reverse in to parking spaces too, and sometimes I've lost a space to people quickly driving in to it when I've indicated that I'm going to reverse in to it)
  7. If Kyber crystals and Kryptonite were just different names for the same thing, would different colored lightsabers affect Superman in different ways?
  8. Very common because they need a constant supply of Malamute puppies for viral videos
  9. It's just something I've thrown out there because I thought it was revelant. I remember watching a couple of people talking about ST:TMP on YouTube a while ago and they used the horror aspects of that, including the sound design and visuals, to make similar observations about TOS. ST:TMP might be a useful reference because that definitely isn't camp, or isn't intended to be. I'll try and revisit this when I don't have a headache, but I'm in the not-camp camp for now. I don't remember watching any of the serious / dramatic / allegorical TOS episodes and thinking they weren't played st
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