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  1. Thursday, November 26 Texans at Lions: Texans Washington at Cowboys: Cowboys Sunday, November 29 Raiders at Falcons: Raiders Chargers at Bills: Bills Giants at Bengals: Bengals Titans at Colts: Colts Panthers at Vikings: Vikings Cardinals at Patriots: Patriots Dolphins at Jets: Dolphins Browns at Jags: Browns Ravens at Steelers: Steelers Saints at Broncos: Saints 49'ers at Rams: Rams Chiefs at Bucs: Chiefs Bears at Packers: Packers Monday, November 30 Seahawks at Eagles: Seahawks
  2. HBO Max is on FireTV now, so that'll help us out for watching this next month!
  3. I’ve known of the movie for a long time, but have never seen it. I plan on watching it one of the next few days.
  4. We watched it yesterday. It was great!
  5. We tried streaming from our phone to Apple TV, but HBO Max often didn't want to stream properly, so we had to get a cable to connect via HDMI to the tv. It has worked great.
  6. Ugh. I very much share your pain with that.
  7. It'll just be the two of us, so I have no desire to make turkey since neither of us cares much about turkey either. I imagine we will end up with a blend of some traditional thanksgiving food like some sort of veggies, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, which is my favorite part of the meal, and some Chinese traditional foods for special occasions, like dumplings. Usually, we have had Thanksgiving with local friends, but that's definitely out this year. I'm looking forward to our Zoom calls with various family members, though.
  8. I’m definitely looking forward to watching it on Christmas.
  9. Across the Stars is a great piece of music, though. AOTC will always at least have that going for it.
  10. Thursday, November 19 Arizona at Seattle: Seattle Sunday, November 22 Philadelphia at Cleveland: Cleveland Atlanta at New Orleans: New Orleans Cincinnati at Washington: Cincinnati Detroit at Carolina: Carolina Pittsburgh at Jacksonville: Pittsburgh Tennessee at Baltimore: Baltimore New England at Houston: New England Miami at Denver: Miami NY Jets at LA Chargers: Chargers Green Bay at Indianapolis: Indianapolis Dallas at Minnesota: Minnesota Kansas City at Las Vegas: Kansas City Monday, November 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
  11. I’m glad to hear it’s great! I have liked the previews for it. Hopefully, we will get to watch it soon.
  12. We have now run out of staffed hospital beds here even with tent facilities put in place at both hospitals. I am so glad to not have to go out to work anymore for the time being and that my wife only has three more days she needs to go in to teach for the semester.
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