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  1. It hurt some throughout the day yesterday, but now is mostly okay. I have to keep a band-aid on it, though, because a piece of the nail that got torn keeps wanting to stick up a little bit and gets caught on things if I'm not super careful. When it catches things, then it hurts suddenly. The band-aid is annoying, but at least stops that.
  2. Thursday, October 21 Denver at Cleveland: Cleveland (?!) Sunday, October 24 Washington at Green Bay: Green Bay Kansas City at Tennessee: Kansas City Atlanta at Miami: Atlanta NY Jets at New England: New England Carolina at NY Giants: Carolina Cincinnati at Baltimore: Baltimore Philadelphia at Las Vegas: Las Vegas Detroit at LA Rams: Rams Houston a Arizona: Arizona Chicago at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Indianapolis at San Francisco: San Francisco Monday, October 25 New Orleans at Seattle: New Orleans
  3. I was cleaning our pill cutter this morning and somehow managed to slice into the nail on one of my thumbs. Fortunately, it wasn't deep and bled only a little, but this is going to be really annoying to let heal up.
  4. Thursday, October 14 Tampa Bay at Philadelphia: Tampa Bay Sunday, October 17 Miami at Jacksonville: Miami Green Bay at Chicago: Green Bay Cincinnati at Detroit: Cincinnati Houston at Indianapolis: Indianapolis LA Rams at NY Giants: Rams Kansas City at Washington: Kansas City Minnesota at Carolina: Carolina LA Chargers at Baltimore: Baltimore Arizona at Cleveland: Arizona Las Vegas at Denver: Denver Dallas at New England: New England Seattle at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Monday, October 18 Buffalo at Tennessee: Buffalo
  5. We've been planning to watch this, but just haven't been watching many shows lately. I think we'll probably finish up What If? before moving on to this, but it's high up on our queue.
  6. Its name was definitely Slave I and appeared as such in just about any appearance of the Fetts. He also had other ships, of which Slave IV was the most prominent, as it was what they had him using after he escaped from the Sarlacc and was a completely different model. I seem to remember Slave II making some appearances as another Firespray, but I may be misremembering that. I don’t remember ever seeing Slave III, though. Of course, that was also always pre-Disney anyway and, like you said, not in movies. It’s such a non-issue, though.
  7. Aw shit, I’m so sorry to hear that.
  8. Thursday, October 7 LA Rams at Seattle: Rams Sunday, October 7 NY Jets at Atlanta: Jets Green Bay at Cincinnati: Green Bay Detroit at Minnesota: Minnesota Denver at Pittsburgh: Denver Miami at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay New Orleans at Washington: New Orleans Philadelphia at Carolina: Carolina Tennessee at Jacksonville: Tennessee New England at Houston: New England Chicago at Las Vegas: Las Vega Cleveland at LA Chargers: Chargers NY Giants at Dallas: Dallas San Francisco at Arizona: Arizona Buffalo at Kansas City: Kansas City Monday, October 11 Ind
  9. Thursday, September 30 Jacksonville at Cincinnati: Cincinnati Sunday, October 3 Washington at Atlanta: Atlanta Houston at Buffalo: Buffalo Detroit at Chicago: Chicago Carolina at Dallas: Dallas Indianapolis at Miami: Indianapolis Cleveland at Minnesota: Cleveland NY Giants at New Orleans: New Orleans Tennessee at NY Jets: Tennessee Kansas City at Philadelphia: Kansas City Arizona at LA Rams: Rams Seattle at San Francisco: Seattle Baltimore at Denver: Baltimore Pittsburgh at Green Bay: Green Bay Tampa Bay at New England: Tampa Bay Monday, October
  10. I haven't watched the zombie episode yet, but I am assuming it is based on some combination of the various Marvel Zombies miniseries that were produced starting around 2005. The genre wasn't so overdone at that point. The first miniseries or two were pretty good from what I remember (and they spun out of a multiverse story in Ultimate Fantastic Four), but the quality definitely went downhill when they kept trying to milk the franchise. I bet it would have felt considerably more fresh if it were made back then compared to now.
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