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  1. We got almost 90% coverage here and lucked out that, even with clouds, we got a clear view of the eclipse.
  2. As long as it isn’t too cloudy, we should be getting a very solid viewing of it. It certainly won’t be total here, but we will have at least 80-90% of totality here. I just need to set alarms so I don’t miss it inside my office.
  3. Then stop flirting with them already!
  4. Thanks! He is asking for more food and drinks today so far this morning. Hopefully this keeps up and he gets back to his normal self soon
  5. My son’s been very fussy most of the week. He already got his canines in on one side and it looked like the other side was coming out too, which made some sense with all the fussiness. But then towards the middle of the week, he stopped wanting to eat or drink anything, too. On Thursday, we started hydrating with medicine droppers which helped some and he started seeming better yesterday morning. Then he got worse in the e ending again. Because of this, we took him to urgent care this morning to see if anything else was up. They saw that he has an ear infection and then also tested him for strep and Covid. Even though he had Covid only 6 weeks ago, he tested positive for it again! It’s his third time with it this year. Fortunately, he seems better already since this morning and is starting to willingly eat and drink more, but just doesn’t want to use any silly cups or straws right now. What a horrible trifecta of teething, Covid, and ear infection.
  6. That’s really cool! Sorry you didn’t get to spend more time there, but those are great pictures. I’m glad you’re getting to see awesome places there.
  7. Fans of Elderly Star Wars. Come join our discussions about Alex Guinness’s book of Other l-World Records
  8. Those options all sound nice. I had a layover like that 7 or so years ago but it was all in the middle of the night, so I just splurged and got a really nice hotel room near the airport. I’m glad you should have time to go see something on your layover!
  9. That’s what Taylor said, too.
  10. Just make damn sure you spell that name the right way and not in a Star Wars way.
  11. I realize I’m coming in saying this after the game and season (since I don’t really get a chance to watch any sports right now aside from starting in the second half last night), and I also get exactly why many of you and folks elsewhere didn’t want to see the Chiefs win, but I am thrilled for Mahomes winning another one. I don’t dislike SF and just wanted to be entertained by the game, but sure enough, as the 4th quarter got closer and closer to ending, I just wanted to see Mahomes pull off a great drive to tie/win. It is great getting to see him have so much success in the NFL after watching him every week while he was here in college. He pulled off crazy things then, too. It was just a shame that the defense didn’t exist, so he had to pull off heroics every week just to have a chance of maybe winning.
  12. Either my wifi or Hulu has been iffy throughout the time I’ve had the game on starting in the third quarter.
  13. It warms my heart to come in here and see Jacob talking about the statistical properties of the sample mean
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