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  1. Oh, it's not just you. There have been some other comments that made me feel it, too. Others seem very similar to me, too, though.
  2. What’s the deal with Walmart? Barely anything they sell involves holding up the roof!
  3. I feel like I’m living in a completely different world than some of you from reading this thread. Not in a good way or bad way, just different.
  4. Ahh, so you thought it was just a curt angle.
  5. On an actually serious note, I'm glad that it seems like Feeld is working for you.
  6. What part of "don't shatter my illusion" is hard to understand? Also, I'm clearly going to call her Jamber now.
  7. Sounds like a waist of time and money to me.
  8. I am going to assume that JP stands for Jurassic Park because she is really old. Please don't shatter my illusion. Or maybe her name is Amber.
  9. I kind of read them in his voice, but it's hard with a lack of focus on beer, nightly, and other nerdy things.
  10. I've heard of the movie many times before as being particularly horrid, but I had never thought to look up just how bad it was before.
  11. Holy fuck. I should have stopped reading the wikipedia article as soon as it said the name Milos...not because there is anything wrong with that name, but because that was the last safe place to stop reading.
  12. I never liked the metal armor look in any form. It is a hard decision for me between the hood and the classic silver mask in various media. For the figures, though, the silver mask looks the best to me. In some of those versions, at least, the hood looks kind of strange.
  13. Around 6 years ago, I was having major anxiety problems and often couldn't sleep. One night probably at around 2 am, I decided to try to do something productive and went to the Walmart right across the street from my apartment to get groceries. Not having so many people around was at least a little helpful, but I remember thinking, "So these are the types of people that come into Walmart at 2 am." Then I realized that I was one of them, too.
  14. This seems like a good time to ask a question that I was thinking about before: What are your favorite and least favorite Commander costumes?
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