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  1. That should hopefully work for me, too.
  2. That's perfect since he's sans comic ability.
  3. I can definitely see what you mean for the guy.
  4. We finished Season 3 last week. It's such a good, fun show, despite and/or because of the cheesiness. The hardest part for us to watch, honestly, was at the start of Season 2 when Johnny was being manipulated so hard by Kreese, but that also made it so nice when Johnny sent him off. Otherwise, my thoughts pretty much echo what so many of you have said about the show. One thing that almost certainly altered our viewing/perception of the show is the fact that we started taking karate classes in 2019. Sadly, the pandemic has kept us from continuing with them for almost a year now, but we
  5. Well, at least you went to the right guy to ask.
  6. If Seth really wants that to go away, he should go George Hamilton on us so we can just call him Leatherface.
  7. I can't speak for him or any of your past dealings with him, but my initial reading of your post in that thread, I didn't take it the way you meant it, but I also didn't have such a visceral reaction to it, either. When I went back to it with more context, though, it is quite clear what you meant, but I think it is understandable, at least, that people (other than Z) may have misinterpreted what you wrote. I also imagine that the physical reaction Phillip mentioned may have been more due to the way Z ran with it. Unfortunately, I'm not surprised that Z didn't take it the right way, of c
  8. I, for one, am glad that they found another use for a 90s era Pizza Hut building.
  9. Thanks for asking! We're doing alright here (so far, at least). My part of the state isn't part of the ERCOT grid, so we have been really fortunate to not have the horrific problems that have hit so much of the state. So far, we've just had a few rolling blackouts that lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes each time. The universities and schools here have all been closed, partially due to the weather still making at least some of the roads not suitable for travel, but also to try to help conserve electricity. I have been disgusted by some of the complaints online that I have read from people w
  10. I can't believe you guys were in such a rush to post this.
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