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  1. I agree with the unfollowing suggestion. There aren't that many people on Facebook that I have done this to because I am very fortunate that my friends on there, just as in my daily life, are pretty much all sane people who don't spread nonsense or cause drama, but it has definitely made an impact on my feed by getting rid of a few people who are hateful, ignorant, and/or annoying. The one option I wish they had still was just choosing to see less from a person. There are definitely people that I like seeing updates from, but who also post way too much stuff, who swamp out everyone else for
  2. Yeah, that is one of the things I am most looking forward to with this. I have so many movies on dvd/blu-ray and access to so many more through all of the various streaming platforms that I often can't decide what to watch and watch nothing at all or just settle in on rewatching movies that I love.
  3. i often find that how I react to movies like this, and to some extent comedies in general, depends on my mood. With all sorts of shit going on, I was absolutely in the right frame of mind for this type of movie right now. I don't like to rate things in general; I grade too much as it is for work. I can say that the movie didn't really stick with me after the first time I watched it and that most things didn't super stick with me this time either. It was an enjoyable watch for me both times, though.
  4. Thursday September 17th Cincy at Cleveland: Cincy Sunday, September 20th New York G. at Chicago: Chicago Atlanta at Dallas: Dallas Detroit at Green Bay: Green Bay Jacksonville at Tennessee: Tennessee Minnesota at Indy: Indy Buffalo at Miami: Buffalo San Fran. at New York Jets: San Fran LA Rams at Philly: Rams Denver at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Carolina at Tampa: Tampa Washington at Arizona; Washington Kansas City at LA Chargers: Kansas City Baltimore at Houston: Baltimore New England at Seattle: Seattle Monday, September 21st New Orleans at La
  5. Yeah, It makes perfect sense for Crowe to get top billing here. He was definitely the bigger name at the time, if not now too. I really like both of them. Even though I saw Bomer’s name in the credits, I completely forgot about him before he showed up.
  6. We watched it on Saturday night. It was nice that I really didn't remember much of it, other than the fact that they went to a big party. I love so much about the movie. The chemistry between Gosling and Crowe is great and the actress who played Gosling's daughter was awesome, too. My wife wasn't laughing as much as me, but she also got a kick out of it.
  7. You left out your Seattle/Atlanta pickOh shit, thanks for pointing it out. Im going with Seattle.
  8. But... don't a lot of kids look like both of their parents?Well her parents also looked really alike.
  9. There was no chance of picking Houston.
  10. Well, shit. Now I will spend all day listening to these.
  11. I've read a few times online (but can't remember if there were any sources) that the soda companies are focusing on producing their main flavors right now with the various shortages since those are the big sellers and they don't want product sitting on the shelf not moving when those supplies can be better utilized on the standard flavors that will definitely sell.
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