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  1. yeah I don't think you're gonna like the movie lol
  2. Keep some of the lore, yes, but don't be beholden to it, either. The amount of people crying about the Snake Eyes movie... if you don't like the new origin, fine, I didn't really either. But some couldn't even handle the idea some were tossing around of updating SE to being an Iraq/Afghanistan vet instead of Vietnam. People have a really creepy hardon for THE SOURCE MATERIAL of a lot of properties that they can't handle the slightest deviation. What's the point of wanting ONLY the exact same story over and over? Unrelated I'm going to this show in Pasadena in two weeks with my kids. It's
  3. I'm guessing either/both, though the box office isn't looking like it's gonna support a sequel. I did hear there's another animated series on the way. Joe should stay animated.
  4. Shit. You guys are awesome. I guess I need to think about this and give a serious response you guys deserve. Jerks (I love you both).
  5. Oh by the way I already forwarded this to her and long story short she’s in my bed now.
  6. Just saw Snake Eyes. If you can let go of the fact that it’s not Larry Hama and a completely different take on the character, it’s fun enough. Worth a matinee viewing. I’d see more if they make them.
  7. Man I STILL wonder who the hell did that. Best guess is the guy who tried to get DEST fired.
  8. I was hoping they'd go with the Spiders.
  9. I usually don't really care, but the kids are old enough to be interested now. Showing them some Simone Biles and of course, after every move, Eli says "oh I can do that."
  10. I've been trying to watch Dynamite while on the exercise bike lately. My problem still remains the top guys, and the apparently impossible to stop constant digs at WWE. I would like it so much more if they could just stop that shit. But, if they get Danielson, and the apparently returning CM Punk, I'm gonna end up watching more regularly. No one currently on AEW is a definite draw for me, but Punk and Danielson would be.
  11. my god don't be so explicit what if my children sorry torch it'll never not be funny
  12. The advice they always give job seekers is to apply for positions even if you don't fit the minimum requirements. Except now websites aren't even allowing you to submit all the way if you don't meet those requirements. I'm burned out. I don't like my boss at all, am bored of my work, and am finding I don't really like the directions they're pushing me toward for potential future advancement. I thought I did, but the more I experience it the more I realize I don't. And, it's expensive as shit to live here. We're almost to the point of bailing and going just about anywhere, provided I
  13. The bigger problem is so much of the general public seem to like that boot on the throat, as long as its everyone else's throats. I'm not sure about over there but the Republicans here have much better messaging and are able to convince millions of voters that their way is best. It's terrifying.
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