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  1. Absolutely insane weekend of football. Love it. Rams have to win next week to avoid a repeat super bowl match up.
  2. This is the most insane weekend of football I’ve ever seen
  3. One of the craziest fucking games I’ve ever seen
  4. Yeah, foadi. He was regularly in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, etc. I miss that crazy son of a bitch.
  5. There's absolutely no way SOL has ever had sex, let alone reproduced.
  6. hahahaha Aaron Rodgers losing is always hilarious
  7. Crazy game in Nashville. Bengals in the AFC Championship game!
  8. technically well made in most aspects but it was a thoroughly unenjoyable viewing experience in pretty much every way looking forward to part 2 but I'm not sure why
  9. I meant to make one but forgot! I'm into it, but I'm worried about the costume. Looks a little too Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern fake.
  10. Saturday, January 22 Cincy at Tennessee San Francisco at Green Bay Sunday, January 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay Buffalo at Kansas City The only one of these games I think is a lock is Green Bay, though. Really hoping the Rams can pull off another win against Tampa Bay, and I like Buffalo a lot too.
  11. Lyra’s best friend, who she sits next to in school, has COVID, with symptoms. Might be our turn to get it now.
  12. So they forced him to not blow it up and proceeded to do... jackshit with it. Cool.
  13. There was a whole trilogy of movies involving descendants of both the Skywalkers and Palpatines. Pretty not unreasonable to think there might be a Naboo connection there. Certainly more than Endor.
  14. Yeah, the fact that no movie or show has come back to Naboo, or even Coruscant, is pretty weird to me.
  15. They trademarked the name Gunther Stark. Google that and you'll see what I mean. They might have dropped the last name after major backlash on social media throughout the day yesterday. Regardless, it's fucking stupid as shit to rename him after 3-4 years in the company and widely held recognition. So fucking stupid.
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