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  1. Jesus I just read the Broncos have FOUR QBs out, and are going with a practice squad receiver who played QB in college. Good Lord. Can't they just forfeit? TOP is gonna be like 50:00 to 10:00.
  2. It couldn’t really be WORSE than Armada...
  3. I’m not sure how I’m gonna be able to eat dinner tonight. I haven’t pooped yet today. No room in the inn.
  4. After dinner I’ll be meeting up with my one and only friend. His name is Jameson.
  5. I might go to my local toy/comic shop, they say they're gonna have some deals. Other than that no way. We're mostly done shopping for the kids already anyway.
  6. Thursday, November 26 Texans at Lions Washington at Cowboys Sunday, November 29 Raiders at Falcons Chargers at Bills Giants at Bengals Titans at Colts Panthers at Vikings Cardinals at Patriots Dolphins at Jets Browns at Jags Ravens at Steelers Saints at Broncos 49'ers at Rams Chiefs at Bucs (They better air that here) Bears at Packers Monday, November 30 Seahawks at Eagles
  7. Vet, I edited your posts to change it to TEXANS at Lions. Not sure if that's gonna affect your pick or not.
  8. They should. They won’t. They don’t care. As long as someone with an R after their name is in office, it keeps them in power and in money. That’s all that matters. He won’t be in power after January and is being replaced by the other party, so they’re pretending to have a spine now. That’s all.
  9. Good. Let them cannibalize themselves. Democrats and leftists do it all the time over their bullshit purity tests, it's only right that the right finally does it.
  10. It’s also lego, it’s not episode 10. Relax. I hope you’re being facetious and I’m just too depressed to see it.
  11. California is not a welfare state. We put more money into the federal pot than anyone, and we take less out. I'm not saying we'd be just fine and have no problems, of course there would be. But we're not on federal welfare, we're a donor state.
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