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  1. I thought Namor was great but otherwise I agree. Riri was pretty neat too, but I can easily move on from Iron Man legacy characters. This phase is over, which is a good thing. I think with Ant-Man introducing Kang as the next big bad, things are gonna start coming together again. I'm still not a big multiverse story fan though. I'm worried Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars are gonna turn into cameo fests.
  2. She’s lying I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t hang out with her if you had a gun to my head
  3. Eh, I don’t watch em so I don’t care much either way. I follow SRS and Fightful Select so I get the recaps, but the content is never really weighty enough for me to take much interest.
  4. Well we can change the date if you’re all gonna be WHINERS
  5. I was hoping for White but not surprised he didn’t show. He’s got NJPW dates through February until his loser leaves Japan match. I do hope he’s coming in eventually though
  6. Men's Rumble was a 7/10. Great performance by GUNTHER, and Cody winning was the obvious and correct choice. The aerial spot between Logan Paul and Ricochet was awesome, though I'm not a fan of non-active wrestlers getting down to the final four--just a personal pet peeve. I'm disappointed in some of the entrants, though. You're telling me you wanna throw guys like Booker T, Elias, Gable, Otis, Dawkins, and Montez in there for a minute or two each? Why? Where was Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed, Mustafa Ali, Pete Dunne, Ridge Holland, and Shinsuke Nakamura? Or any forbidden door/free agent surprises, like Muta, Matt Cardona, Jay White, or Nick Aldis, all of whom have been strongly rumored? Pretty dumb if you ask me. Neon black light match was dumb. Didn't pay attention to Bianca/Alexa. Women's match was really strong. I don't really like that numbers 1 and 2 are the only spots that ever get to be iron men/women anymore, it's pretty uncreative, but Rhea was awesome and for a minute I actually believed Liv might've won. Chelsea getting dumped in a second for the second time was hilarious. Great surprises from NXT, particularly Roxanne, and Piper Niven getting a chance to shine was good to see. I'm tired of ref bump spots in every Roman Reigns match. This one didn't need it. But that finale... one of the best PPV endings ever. I called Sami hitting Roman with the chair, but I didn't expect Jey to walk out the way he did. Great stuff.
  7. I saw there was an Oscar nominated animated short called "My Year of Dicks." It made me giggle. I looked it up, and it's not just a clever title, it means exactly what you think it means. I tweeted this and said I have to find a way to watch it, and the writer sent me a link to watch it on Vimeo. So, we're going to watch this on a drunken Zoom together. Friday February 24. Plan on it. Plan on a year (or at least an evening) of dicks.
  8. I can't hope for a 49ers win cuz I always wanna see fresh matchups. The Niners have already Super Bowled with KC and Cincinnati so I can't accept it.,
  9. I’m extremely ready for Roman to get beaten, and beaten by someone on the regular active roster. Cody and/or Sami are the best options of course. I don’t want any part timers in title matches, ever.
  10. Oh there’s definitely been worse. I'm not a fan of either team though so it’s harder to feign interest
  11. This is the most boring football game I’ve ever watched
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