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  1. Eh, gave up. Gonna chalk it up to snipers shutting down feeds. Really hope it’s not the internet in the new house…
  2. From what I can see at least. They are on point shutting down the streams tonight
  3. Thanks. Always hated that piece of shit.
  4. Our moving pod had a guaranteed delivery date by June 22. It only left San Diego today, the 24th, with no ETA given. Cool!
  5. I’m more mad at elected democrats. Their only response, to fucking anything republicans do, is ask for money and tell us to vote. Fucking ineffectual pussy ass cowards. Anyone with half a brain KNEW this was coming, and knows more is coming. And they do nothing to stop it.
  6. Yeah, the team has been great so far, even when I flat out say I have no idea what’s going on or what I’m supposed to do. They mostly just laugh. They’ve been very supportive, which is great, it’s definitely helped my insecurity. Yiu guys are all great too. I come in here and I just dump it all unfiltered because I trust all of you. I know you know that’s what it is, too, so I don’t have to worry anyone thinks I’m a basket case or just freaking out stressing all the time. What a weird thing to happen on a Star Wars message board. getting sentimental in my old age
  7. Gonna take a rain check… still too much to do and I don’t think we’re mentally ready for socializing yet. Appreciate it though, we’ll definitely do it another time
  8. Can’t decide if it’ll be tank, jacen, or Brando to make the first trans joke since I said transition so much.
  9. Not depression, but I’m just exhausted. I’m so tired of being in transition. Still waiting on SO many things needed to feel normal again and everything keeps getting delayed or changing or some other bull shit. Im tired. I want to have transitioned, not be stuck waiting. I have been physically uncomfortable for a few weeks now, and mentally/emotionally uncomfortable for longer. I know a move is a big deal and this is all normal but I want to feel better and want it to all calm the fuck down already. The job itself is going fine—I have very little to do so far. The kids are adjusting better tha
  10. Okay in the new trailer was Eddie playing guitar in the upside down, because that could either be the absolute best or absolute worst scene ever.
  11. Been in the office for well over an hour with my fly down. I guess it’s good hardly anyone else is in this early. I can’t wait til the internet is hooked up at the new house so I can work from home again. Wearing pants is bullshit.
  12. Latest on that is that they’re still married but haven’t lived together in years. Essentially separated.
  13. I’ve never talked salary with people in my same position, only with people in totally different departments. Somehow the boomer mentality of never discussing salary got ingrained in me, to no one’s benefit but their own. I’m so helpful
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