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  1. Hopefully this retires the Universal Title and maintains the WWE Title's legacy, because if they retire a championship that's existed in 1963 in favor of retaining one because Roman hit 1000 days, it'll be one of the dumbest decisions this dumbass company has ever made. But the belt looks good. The storyline is an all timer. I'm super super super ready for it to be over, but it's been incredible the whole way through. No more Anoa'is for a long long time for me.
  2. I gave it ten and haven’t heard a word since. Probably won’t either, which is fine by me
  3. How long do I wait for my boss for our one in one before I give up and bail? He doesn’t usually show up, so why should I? It’s not like I ever WANT to meet with him. At least it’s a virtual day today
  4. Not having Michael Pena telling a Luis-ified version of the Infinity Saga was a major lack.
  5. Ray Stevenson died, which sucks. I loved Rome
  6. Watched it today. Fun!
  7. It’s still pay streaming though right? Not on any service regularly?
  8. It as very sad in parts! I liked it more than expected considering in the week or two prior I kinda forgot about it
  9. From the looks of it she's gonna turn face and break away from Damage Control. Hope so!
  10. I try not to remember Justus at all if I can help it
  11. oh yeah I'm out it's gonna be warm for the first time this year, so we're doing family stuff outside another weekend though, definitely. I wanna play cards against humanity in one of these zooms. it's really easy to set up a private passworded game so it's just for us, and it's always fun to play when drinking
  12. Looks awesome. I haven’t seen a DC film in theaters since Man of Steel but I might die this
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