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  1. The MCU is all about the multiverse right now. If you extrapolate it out far enough, EVERYTHING is now MCU. INCLUDING YOU.
  2. Yeah I've read LOTR probably half a dozen times at least, the Hobbit 2-3, Silmarillion twice. I know it doesn't fit. There are things that I don't like (the aforementioned mithril, half of everything in Numenor, etc), but I mean, come on. They're just stories. They aren't setting any books on fire. You can like both things separately from each other.
  3. I’m really enjoying it as high fantasy fun with a Tolkien flavor. I know how screwed up it all is compared to his actual story. I’m thinking of it like all those Tolkien knock off books that were published in the 80s instead of actual Tolkien itself. It’s making me want to read the Silmarillion again but honestly I doubt that’ll ever happen because I don’t hate myself THAT much
  4. Yeah it’s very fun. And I hope daredevil doesn’t show up til the last episode and only for a minute or two. Watching the fanboys lose their minds every week is hilarious.
  5. Thursday, September 22 Pittsburgh at Cleveland Sunday, September 25 Houston at Chicago Las Vegas at Tennessee Kansas City at Indianapolis Buffalo at Miami Detroit at Minnesota Baltimore at New England Cincinnati at NY Jets Philadelphia at Washington New Orleans at Carolina Jacksonville at LA Chargers LA Rams at Arizona Atlanta at Seattle Green Bay at Tampa Bay San Francisco at Denver Monday, September 26 Dallas at NY Giants way too many away teams I hate it
  6. The last thing we need is jacen rubbing off on anyone
  7. So bad he even put in a power gap in the standings
  8. hahaha we're all doing terribly
  9. Only four episodes in. Oh hi person I've never met in my life, who I've only heard absolutely atrocious things about for many decades, and have direct recent evidence of how terrible you are, it's so nice to meet you at your house for a random charity event! There's nothing conspicuous or suspicious here! Oh, you have super secret info to tell me about my husband, to whom I've been married for decades? Why yes, OF COURSE I'LL BELIEVE YOU OVER SAID HUSBAND. I really enjoy this show but it's SO FUCKING DUMB. There's no reason for Amanda to be against Danny but they keep forcing it ever
  10. I finally got a tour of the airplane factory today. Much bigger and more impressive from inside than driving by on the freeway. After all that walking my back is sore but I didn’t wanna stop and stretch, cuz the guy giving me the tour is old enough to be my dad, and he seemed fine.
  11. Thursday, Sept 15th LA Chargers at Kansas City Sunday, Sept. 18th NY Jets at Cleveland Washington at Detroit Tampa at New Orleans Carolina at NY Giants New England at Pittsburgh Indianapolis at Jacksonville Miami at Baltimore Atlanta at LA Rams Seattle at San Francisco Cincinnati at Dallas Houston at Denver Arizona at Las Vegas Chicago at Green Bay Monday, Sept. 19 Tennessee at Buffalo Minnesota at Philadelphia
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