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  1. Eli got me up at 515 today. I'm normally up earlier than that during the week but I don't want to on a Sunday.
  2. I heard all about it on Twitter too. I've seen the first two seasons, through the Owen Hart episode, but haven't started the third yet. Will get on it soon, though.
  3. Somehow there would have been a big eyed precocious child staring into the sky constantly. In Jabba’s palace. She’s have tagged along with the group. Probably would’ve been the one to make friends with the Ewoks instead of Leia. Then, magically, in the celebration at the end, her parents would’ve magically come out of a tree hit and they would’ve hugged AND CREDITS.
  4. I absolutely would have done that had me told during the interview. He even asked me what my salary expectations were. I told him I wouldn't even consider leaving my current job for anything under X, which is why they didn't end up offering it to me. But why couldn't he have just told me then? I mean Jesus. That's like 25 grand less than I make now, why wouldn't he just cut the interview short himself?
  5. Ended up going with Cleveland, I felt they were a more sure fire pick. I don't have a whole lot of faith in Washington.
  6. Hahahahahahahahha oooooooh boy that lowball offer! Not even an offer actually, they passed cuz they knew it wasn’t anywhere close to my salary minimum. How the fuck can anyone think someone can survive in San Di-fucking-ego on less than 35k??? Hahahahaha. Oh man. Haven’t had a good laugh like that in a while.
  7. I think the people like that are the most afraid. They're afraid of anything being slightly outside the norm. Afraid of having to make hard choices and deal with things not being as expected. We're all struggling with life no longer being what we considered normal, but these are people who are SO wrapped up in what they viewed as normal that they can't deal with anything even slightly outside of that, let alone a global pandemic. Life must be ordered the way they want it, or it's wrong and evil. And they have the temerity to call mask wearers cowards.
  8. So I applied for a job on a whim on Monday. They asked me for an interview yesterday. Had it today, going in not caring much cuz I don't NEED it and figured it wouldn't be worth it. But it went shockingly well. They'll let me know by Friday. I gotta remember to not get my hopes up. They might decide to pass. They might offer way too low. But I got a good feeling. EDIT: also just reread the last few posts. I’m a dick for not getting back to you both, Nicole and Phillip, I’m sorry.
  9. Thursday, September 16 NY Giants at Washington Sunday, September 19 Cincinnati at Chicago Houston at Cleveland LA Rams at Indy Buffalo at Miami New England at NY Jets San Francisco at Philly Las Vegas at Pittsburgh New Orleans at Carolina Denver at Jacksonville Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Monday, September 20 Detroit at Green Bay
  10. Wrestling wedding are goofy as shit but that was definitely one of the better ones. Genuinely shocked to say it but the NXT reboot debut was a hit for me!
  11. I'm half tempted to keep picking whoever's playing the Giants in my survivor pool for as long as it's possible.
  12. OH MAN so happy to be wrong. I love Ciampa.
  13. forehead/brow line like the great khali
  14. Replacing Kyle with someone no one's ever heard of is dumb. He's gonna win, too. Just watch and see.
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