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  1. Definitely an improvement, and now that they're World Tag Team Titles (again), I wonder what the rename/redesign for the Smackdown titles will be
  2. damn man, you survived the tidal wave? I was really worried
  3. He can definitely rest easy knowing his wife’s killer is finally dead
  4. Tony is massively insecure. He grew up insanely rich and can’t fathom a world where he doesn’t get everything he wants, and so he can’t handle the slightest bit of criticism. His constant need of approval is why he tries to paint himself as the real life babyface promoter. And now, the timing of pulling a stunt like this, right after a hugely successful WrestleMania filling WWE and wrestling in general with such a positive feeling full of good will… it comes across so petty and small. I hope it doesn’t get him the ratings he wants
  5. Are you talking about Priest? He’s been in WWE since before AEW started
  6. Yeah it should’ve been Austin in that spot
  7. lol I was wondering the same thing great night so far main events going an hour at least
  8. Bad?? It wasn’t incredible but I really enjoyed it. Gunther/Sami was the best match, and I thought only the Uso match was bad
  9. wait did this happen, or am I misunderstanding
  10. The first two matches on Stand and Deliver were fantastic, though I think Dijak should’ve won the belt. He could’ve pinned Briggs (who really stood out too) and Oba would’ve been just fine. Thea is one of the most over women on the roster. Either give her the new women’s NA title or push her straight into a feud with Roxanne. Ilja might be the best wrestler on the planet right now I know Trick is the next heir apparent in NXT, and for good reason, but he’s just not there in the ring yet. He’s light years better than a couple years ago, but Carmelo really outshined him in this match. I was a bit disappointed by it, unfortunately EDIT: oh, and Giulia! Great get for WWE
  11. I’m with you on most of these except I have Rhea retaining, and Waller/Theory winning one set of tag belts, not DIY
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