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  1. He gets it and he doesn’t. You subvert expectations once, twice, it creates some twists and turns and you surprise your audience it helps the story. You do it over and over and it’s just a lame gimmick that hurts the story. We don’t have to go over this again. He struck the right chord for you, less so for me. But the Luke thing bugs me. There’s a Luke Problem. Fix it. This is Disney. They have all the money in the world to hire the most gifted filmmakers and writers out there and they can’t fix The Luke Problem?
  2. I said this last year in another thread and got shit on by everyone here and told I was wrong. I have no idea how this assumption of God Luke came from. Luke had a tiny fraction of the training of an actual Jedi. I guess he’s born with a crazy M-count / Godpower because genetics? I’m not sure that’s even really implied in the OT. What they do say is that he’s their last hope - they’re desperate so this kid with some potential will have to do. I agree there is a Luke Problem going into the ST if you assume he’s God, but what’s wrong with shocking fan assumptions? I think that’s
  3. I don’t know my Mandalorian history as well as you obviously, but it sounded like Mando’s crew were regarded as some cultish sect by Bo Katan and her friends. And they were linked to the Deathwatch, right? I suppose it’s one of those ‘perspective’ things. But it didn’t sound like Bo Katan was some fringe player in Mandalorian politics in the time of this series. But I like your explanation. It’s better than anything I’ve got.
  4. True. Anakin had a very strong connection to The Force, he just went to the Dark Side. It’s the same with fans.
  5. In mythic storytelling it does tend to go that way though, doesn’t it? Luke, Rey, Harry Potter, Frodo, The Last Starfighter... they all had the power but didn’t believe it at first. It’s often the journey of learning to believe in yourself and then succeeding. Weirdly it doesn’t seem to hold true for comic book heroes as consistently. Supes, Cap... those guys just wanted to be heroes from the get go. Maybe that’s why they’re the boring ones. But then look at Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s X-Men (which arguably created the mold for every successful superhero movie to follow). Reluctant o
  6. I would agree, but I don’t want to sound like an old man who thinks the music the kids listen to these days is nothing but noise. Like you guys
  7. I guess I’m too cynical but I also think this genre is fake. I think I’ve seen that guy - there are a few of these “black guy listens to —- for the first time” channels. For one thing, they always love the “white” music they hear. But what bothers me more is the sort of mild racism associated with it. It’s all built on this premise that black people are so insular they’ve never even heard of Queen/Dolly Parton/AC-DC/etc. before. And to a lesser extent there is the notion that black people are the arbiters of cool and this guy liking ABBA makes it okay for your white ass to like it
  8. So why can't Mando give Bo Katan the Darksabre? Didn't Sabine give it to her before?
  9. I think Choc is right in saying Rey and Luke both choose to stay home at first and then get thrown down a path that leads to them becoming Jedi heroes. Which is different than what we’re told about the generations of Jedi taken from their families as children to train.
  10. He does say those things. I’ve always thought he was playing the game right. He throws some credit to George and pays tribute to him in doing so. Otherwise he comes off as ungrateful and arrogant. But honestly I think it’s like 90% him (or more). Maybe I’m wrong.
  11. Why is the answer to a perceived problem always to go to the extreme opposite? ‘The left isn’t getting the job done, we need the extreme right!’ More often (always) the right answer is to meet somewhere in the middle, but reactors gotta react. I totally see your point about all the fan service moments. Personally I like some of it and some of it just strikes the wrong notes for me as well. But someone with no sense of Star Wars would be a disaster. That’s crazy. Also I don’t think all the things you mentioned are just fan service. Dave Filoni further developing Ahsoka’
  12. It seems incredibly generous to George to give him any credit for these good things we see in the Filoniverse. I mean, sure he created the universe, we can’t deny that, but the creativity here is all Dave’s.
  13. Or maybe it’s a third option: we’ve all just given up. I wouldn’t be the first one here complaining, but when I read the list the over-saturation thing did cross my mind and then a moment later it was “meh, that’s how it is now - what’re you gonna do?” But really, I don’t think it ever had to do with the price of the movie tickets, it was the idea (or fear) that the quality gets watered down if the quantity goes up. But maybe we’ve all realized through our maturity that when the quantity of Star Wats was low, the quality was often pretty suspect anyway. So now more choice = more chances o
  14. Is that actually a Life Day Tree on his coat?
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