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  1. This is where overthinking Star Wars gets dangerous. So the Cloud City is in the upper atmosphere of a planet that has a breathable amount of oxygen. No problem walking around outside. Unless that was all under a bubble we didn't see. The vacuum effect doesn't necessarily have to be the vacuum of space or even the atmospheric pressure. It could be that the huge area where Luke falls is a main chamber of the air exchange system for the city. We see vents open and close as he falls through the smaller air ducts. Luke getting sucked out there is just like a piece of tissue getting sucked
  2. Wow. Almost like someone said that on the last page. Really? Magnetic boots is what you guys come up with rather than emergency controls. that seal the area? i need a drink.
  3. First episode. Solid. Amy Sedaris! Love the pit droids. Very pointedly showing GL how to include slapstick In SW without it being insulting R5 with the careful show of the scorch marks from his blow-out. Recognized Olyphant almost before he even said anything. Good gag casting. Maybe playing a little too much of the fan-service game, but I still liked the episode overall. Temuera!!!!
  4. While I generally despise "whom" users, ignoring the correct usage of "nor" really bugs me.
  5. After the window broke, sensors triggered the closing of emergency doors to seal the area and stabilize the pressure.
  6. Riding animals? I guess you can argue that walking around Is the same in SW too, for that matter. I'm not trying to dig in too hard, but in a cinematic universe where landspeeders=cars, spaceships=planes, speederbikes=motorcycles, walkers=tanks, it seems odd that boats=boats. But I'll roll with it.
  7. I think for me it wasn't that there's a range of technology in the galaxy, obviously we've seen that since ROTJ. It's that they chose a mode of transportation exactly like something we have here on Earth now. I don't think we've seen that. (preparing to get schooled)
  8. 1. These guys were all flying outdated, refurbed X-Wings. Porkins drew last for astromechs and his ship exploded. 2. Han shoots the first TIE (Vader's right) and blows him up. Vader and the other pilot look up to see wtf is going on and the left pilot bounces off the sidewall and into Vader ricocheting him out into space (and saving his life). But yeah, just before that Vader lets off a bunch of blasts and misses I guess. He also misses Luke a moment before, low first and then blows R2's head off, but I guess ol' blue fixed himself pretty quick. I always chalked it up
  9. That sounds like something Tom Glavine would say to throw people off so he can walk around Atlanta in a Braves hat. Admit it...
  10. Years ago when I was in my mid-20s and still wore glasses, maybe having a bad hair day, a guy on a subway platform stopped and stared at me. He smiled this huge smile and loudly declared, "You look just like Harry Potter!!" except he was South Asian and had a bit of an accent so it sounded more like 'Harry Pooter'.
  11. I'm like the tenth person here to have gotten Ed Norton (I think it was a weak chin thing). And a co-worker once told me I looked like Chris Evans - nobody else agreed and she was a lesbian so I'm not sure if perhaps her view of male attractiveness was skewed.
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