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  1. I'm like the tenth person here to have gotten Ed Norton (I think it was a weak chin thing). And a co-worker once told me I looked like Chris Evans - nobody else agreed and she was a lesbian so I'm not sure if perhaps her view of male attractiveness was skewed.
  2. Why close the entry period? I only have 3+ months now. It's not like I have an advantage. here are my ten: Bob Dylan Dan Rather Queen Elizabeth Robert Parish Frank Langella LaToya Jackson Dame Maggie Smith Carl Yaztremski Tito Santana Clint Eastwood
  3. I honestly read that as you telling us Sasha Banks was in your neighbourhood. I usually assume trailers are trying to trick me and I doubt they'll go full Jedi on this show (at least not yet) and it makes sense she would be looking for the darksabre. And Ezra would be looking for baby yoda.
  4. yeah, like I said, I get it. It just felt like a Star Wars anachronism or something.
  5. The boat felt weird to me. It jumped out and made me think about if there should be boats in SW. I'm not saying I don't like it, it just feels like the wrong tech in this galaxy. But I get it. ...and I'm sure one of you beautiful beautiful nerds will point out all the other times there have been boats in SW.
  6. But... don't a lot of kids look like both of their parents?
  7. I don't think Chalce was saying romance won't happen in a Disney movie. She was saying a romance between a black man and a white woman won't happen in a Disney movie. I think.
  8. Every kid I grew up with knows Boba Fett's name from the action figures. They're not cultists, they're kids who grew up in the late 70s early 80s when these were the most popular movies in the world for this age group. There was Star Wars or The Last Starfighter. It wasn't even close. This cult fan fiction you've created is not my experience. Maybe your town was different than mine, but Boba Fett was and still is a household name for boys of my generation. I remember a bit on News Radio where Joe Rogan's character hid a spy cam in a Boba Fett action figure. That was, what, late '90s? It wasn't
  9. Disagree. Lucas wasn't known for continuity. Disney-LFL is very committed to it. This idea of him not having heard that name will be written into it and they'll try very hard to shoehorn something into this to have it make sense, which currently it doesn't. Who knows, maybe they'll even succeed.
  10. Zathras you nailed it. I was reading this thread waiting for someone to mention the Kenner action figures. Someone said earlier that only hardcore fans even knew Boba Fett's name. That is 100% incorrect. Every (male) kid born from 72-80 who played with those action figures knows Boba Fett and at least half thought he was super cool - because he was mysterious, villainous, and had a good design. I also liked "Walrus Man" for the same reason, but I guess not as many other kids liked Buttface because we're not currently debating whose flippered feet walked through that scene.
  11. Wait, you don't think the show is called Star Wars Chicks, do you?
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