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  1. I can’t even imagine, so sorry, Brandon.
  2. Adjusted for remembering Black Widow and rewatching Eternals. MUST SEE 1. Captain America: Civil War 2. Endgame 3. Infinity War 4. Captain America: Winter Soldier 5. Wandavision 6. Spider-Man: No Way Home 7. Iron Man 8. Spider-Man: Homecoming 9. Thor: Ragnarok *. Daredevil S1 THE GOOD STUFF 10. Captain Marvel 11. Falcon and The Winter Soldier *. Daredevil S2 12. Black Panther 13. Guardians of the Galaxy 14. Avengers 15. Spider-Man: Far From Home 16. Ant-Man 17. Hawkeye *. Dar
  3. This one is definitely one of Marvel’s worst. After a rewatch I think it may be THE worst. Sure Thor 2 and IM3 are trash but at least those two characters have personalities. No one in the Eternals had any sort of life to them. Compare this to No Way Home and you can’t even see how they could be the same universe. No Way Home is ALL heart. This is what happens when your movie is all plot and the characters are passively reacting to events, as opposed to being a character story in which the lead’s problems create the plot. Most all the best Marvel films have stories where the her
  4. The Unforgiven or Shane path could have totally worked. After Jedi and getting his armor back, he retires. He’s beat up and spent. But then somebody pays him to help take out some worse bad guys, he turns slightly good along the way.
  5. Problem is, Mando season one covered the idea of going on bounty hunts and finding a plot along the way. I like revenge kill list, but that is dark for a leading character in Star Wars. His appearance in Mando gave us the cool Boba Fett moment we wanted. This show has been the opposite of that.
  6. Tank

    Cobra Kai

    I honestly don’t recall if the short has ever been made public. It was basically the first 10-15 of the first episode and is what sold the show. I think more my pint was if you look at the first season, especially the first few episodes it was about Johnny, and Daniel was more of the foil. The direction they went and the idea that bullying is a never-ending cycle is great, I’m just of the that they have pivoted and expanded so much to keep it going it’s starting to spin it’s wheels a bit.
  7. Tank

    Cobra Kai

    We forget this started basically as a YouTube short that was meant to be an amusing flip to a classic film by showing how the bully’s life turned out. It was an unexpected hit and now they don’t want to give it up.
  8. Yes, that’s what I’m saying.
  9. Heart IS motivation, narratively speaking.
  10. When Mando started I too thought the Force/Jedi stuff would be oddly missing-- but then Grogu shows up. In S2, you had all the Darksaber stuff, Ahsoka, and obviously the Luke cameo. You're not wrong, and I have often thought this. Star Wars is a vast galaxy and it doesn't HAVE to include the Jedi/Force stuff... but it does feel wrong without it. Even Rogue One managed to sneak it in with the blind dude and Vader at the end. What Boba Fett is really missing though, is heart. Star Wars needs to have characters with BIG passion and drive. The thing that made Mando work in S1 was his sl
  11. Like I said above, rumors are that the budget of this show is a fraction of Mando’s. I’ve heard some people say that it was basically part of Mando S2’s production. It’s definitely being made on the cheap.
  12. This whole thing feels like a fan film.
  13. Lucasfilm had to get the powers that be aboard. The Fett movie was tanked because at the end of the day, he was a villain, and without screwing continuity, you have to hang it on not-known actor who played a bit role in the PT. So the Fett movie becomes The Mandalorian show, where you have a known actor playing an adjacent character who is less morally bad, and more good. Best of both worlds. Then they bring the actual Fett in as guest star, which makes fans SUPER happy. That gives them the ammo to now transition to giving him his own show. Still a risk though. Ming-Na Wen isn't there to
  14. Hahahah, oh man I feel bad for this guy.
  15. Tank

    Cobra Kai

    My shows haven’t been awful …
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