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  1. Be sure to check out the sequel and Freaky.
  2. That’s basically the gist of the EU and the cartoons where in a galaxy full of people, the same dozen characters continue to meet by chance… usually on Tattooine.
  3. Oh well. More proof I could have written better prequels.
  4. That footage watching scene is the one I am thinking of that I can’t remember clearly— especially because there was an alt version of it.
  5. So I've been wracking my brain on what I would pitch if I was in the Obi-Wan writer's room to make the Vader interactions unique, while keeping Vader the cold machine he is supposed to be. Again, showing anything less than that from him is a misstep. That means, there has to be something unique about the point of view of Vader being this way. And I think I have it. So in ROTS, Palpatine refers to Anakin as Vader before he's in the suit once, when sending him to Mustafar to kill of the Seperatist leadership. We know how that ends. But... follow me here... we don't know if Ob
  6. When I was in London I eschewed anything planned or guided. I just put boots to ground, googled up the stuff I knew I wanted to see, and tried to walk as much as possible to just be entrenched in the city.
  7. You can Tetris those things pretty good! Just remember-- heavy furniture on the bottom, the kids on top.
  8. I don’t love all the inconsistencies with technology, uniforms, continuity, established character ages, and despite top notch effects, 40 years have passed and TWOK still has the best looking Enterprise in space effects… But despite those things, this show is an utter joy so far. Too soon to say, but it feels like the best spin off since DS9.
  9. Tank


    That was one of the worst seasons of Trek ever. Every episode an awful inditement of how poorly the writers know Trek.
  10. This is amazing! I had no idea!
  11. She must be feeling the need for speed… and homoeroticsm.
  12. The space between decks stuff is a MEGAHATE for me.
  13. I think people are just ready for an unapologetic good time old school summer movie that isn’t bogged down in decades of IP continuity.
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