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  1. I can play it on my PC and push the video to one.
  2. I’m hoping to find a good deal on an Occulus to play SW Squadrons
  3. You have to pay likeness fees. There’s a reason Lucasfilm stopped putting actual photos on action figure backing cards. I’m sure the ST stars had far more complicated contracts.
  4. Honestly, they could take the hologram of Luke from Jabba's palace as is and just get him to do some new ADR for it and it would be good to go. Leia in Rogue One was great until they showed her eyes. TROS was Carrie Fischer's face mapped onto Billie Lorde's body and worked okay.
  5. Maybe I've grown too jaded, or maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but I shut it off after the first scene.
  6. The Mandalorian's budget is around $16mil per episode. It's one of the most expensive shows in production, and the only show at that level that isn't spending its money on Star Power. For them it's all going into the technology to make it look as good as the movies. We all love Mark Hamill, but he's not A-list. They can afford him fine. He can hold himself hostage to some extent, but they have enough footage, audio, and CG models of him already that they could easily make something with zero input from him and just pay his likeness fee.
  7. I did NOT like M-Count... As for Jedi, like I said, this era probably lines up with the Luke and Leia training flashback, so you maybe have them. We have Ahsoka. Hopefully we’ll get a good story as to where she was during the OT, (which may lead us to Ezra). Beyond that, they can play pretty loose with Luke’s Jedi Order. For all we know he finds and trains a class before the ones that Ben kills. They could have existed for some time before Kylo Ren hunted them down. Feloni has been making secret Jedi characters for awhile now, they could certainly find a way in this era.
  8. Maybe his Jedi show up to help and we just get him via holo-- that'd be easy as hell to do with existing footage.
  9. I know it would be the biggest fan wank of all times-- but I wouldn't mind seeing Luke in this era, with the beginnings of the new Jedi, and a young Ben in the mix. At this point with deep fake being what it is, we know it's possible,. We already got the flashback in TROS with Luke and LEia post ROTJ (honestly, my favorite bit of the movie). I don't know that any of this would fit the tone and aesthetic of Mandalorian, but they are clearly setting up other shows, even if they are one-offs.
  10. I didn’t jump to Snoke, I want to clone/drone Sith knights. Which is what I have been saying they should do for years...
  11. Really? I thought it did exactly what you were complaining about. It was a side quest, with the button tying into the over-arching plot. We ended him heading for Ahsoka, only to stop off elsewhere. I liked it, but I liked last week better, and I was blue-balled on the Ahsoka, even though I knew they were going to do that.
  12. I think the Daley books are now considered to be stories from inside the SW universe as Lando was shown dropping details from one of the books in Solo via his holo-memoirs.
  13. That's the part I don't get, the idea that even if you hate it, you still have to accept and/or own it. I go back and watch TNG and DS9 every year or so-- but I skip the episodes I know are awful. I certainly don't rewatch the PT if I can help it. I can like Star Wars, but that doesn't mean I have to like everything they slap the logo on. You've made it clear you hate the new movies and avoid them-- why does a random book from 15 ago that you hate get included, but a movie, which is what SW is meant to be gets hated? Is it simply because one came first?
  14. To clarify, I personally have never been overly excited by an EU story as an adult. What I conceded to you was the feeling of YOUR Star Wars suddenly being ruined. The feeling you describe of the EU being removed from canon is more or less how the PT made me feel.
  15. I'm not saying accept it-- I personally hate it when people tell me to let a show hit its stride. With so much TV out there, if I'm not sold 15 minutes into a pilot, I will bail. I'm just pointing out that Mandalorian isn't making an unintentional mistake. They chose to go this route, but I see the signs that says they will be correcting course. If it doesn't work for you, then it doesn't work for you. You can even say you think they are making a mistake-- that's totally cool. I'm just speaking to the difference between them straight up screwing up, versus you not liking what they've
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