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  1. Agree that Namor was great in terms of portrayal and the actor— just felt like he was wasted.
  2. Finally saw this— it wasn’t aggressively awful like Eternals but I was bored to tears. Not sure how I feel about them trading the movie’s heart on the actual death of Chadwick Boseman. Granted it had to be addressed, and I’m sure everyone involved had true grief for the guy, but it felt like a cheat to me. I don’t think Leticia Wright was the right choice to center the movie on. She just wasn’t compelling and I don’t think she was a good enough actor to really give us what they wanted. I’ve wanted Angela Basset to be Storm for half my life so making her Black Panther would have been great. They used her to put over Wright, when they should have let her carry the whole thing. Or for that matter, Okoye would have been better. She at least had the passion. Namor was wasted and anticlimactic. I kept waiting for the bigger turn— we think it’s about Vibranium when really it’s about colonialism and multiculturalism… but no, it was really about vibranium and planning for war as opposed to showing us a war. I know it had to basically be scrapped after Boseman died, and Leticia Wright was a problem on set— I just can’t help but think they should have let this one go and not make it until they could build up to a new Black Panther like they did the first one with Civil War. THAT said, this is all very keeping with whatever Marvel phase this is.
  3. I saw a video. No one punched Jacob so I stopped watching.
  4. Josh Duhamel and Timothy Olyphant should play brothers in a movie.
  5. No shocker that when the best game ever is adapted with a top notch show runner working with the game creator, and given the best casting possible and $10mil an episode, you end up with a pure gold show. Loving it. Thus far all the changes from the game have made sense for the change in medium.
  6. Yeah I feel bad for using MJ at all now, but I did a lot more than just prompt. I fed it compositions I hacked together out of photos and my own bad drawings to fear compositions, had MJ give me a unified line art style, then did all the color and texture work myself… but I get the arguments for sure. In my case I have a novel of original stories that are fully mine and the actual work I’d want to sell.
  7. So I had to do the hardest thing ever and tell my kid he has to live with his mom full time in a couple months. With Hollywood imploding and an impending strike I am about out of money and can’t afford this city on a single income. The gf and I are going to live together to save money, but everything has got so over priced it makes the most financial sense to keep my place and have her move in— but there isn’t room for all three of us. The kid was upset, cried, but at the same time said he totally understands. To be real, he'll be turning 18 when this happens in a couple months, he has a car and a job and keys so he can come over whenever, and I only live 5 minutes from his mom. Seeing him and spending time together won’t be difficult, and again— he’s 18 and in theory he could be moving in with friends or going out of state for school… also I have to hope things will recover post strike and I’ll make money again, and if the next move is an upgrade, I can offer a home. But I still feel like I have let him down.
  8. ChatGPT is interesting in that it can emulate a style and form really well. But it can’t be creative. You give it enough to work with it might seem like it’s doing something, but it can’t do subtext, it can’t do complex nested arcs, it can’t do irony, symbolism, anything else like that. As a creative writer, it doesn’t scare me at all. But if I was a professor having to read term papers- woo buddy. That’s where it’s going to make an impact. As for the visual art, I am torn. I’ve been a designer and photographer, but I could never draw as well as I liked. I got into Midjourney hard, and spent the last few months maki g an illustrated novel, which I have wanted to do for 20 years. I admittedly didn’t think it was unethical, but now I can’t even show what I’ve made without fear of being berated. Commercial Illustrators should definitely be worried, but like ChatGPT, the lack of a soul makes doing anything narrative, like comics or sequences of illustrations with common elements, near impossible without feeding it visual references.
  9. That was a close to Grogu’s arc. The plot dangler— which is being picked up on, was the Darksaber/Mandalor/Bo Katan stuff. But Grogu is a huge draw so they needed him back in and didn’t want to spend to long on getting to it so they piggy-backed it onto BOBF (which was already being shot on a shoestring budget leftover from Mando S2.)
  10. EpisodeS. He’s in like 3 of them.
  11. Mando S3 trailer has made me reflect and make adjustments... I think I'd rather watch AOTC again than BOBF. ESB ANH R1 Mando S2 Andor S1 Mando S1 ROTJ Obi-Wan S1 TFA TLJ SOLO BOBF (Mando episodes) ROTS TPM TROS AOTC BOBF S1
  12. It's amazing how much I was into S1 and 2, but not overly-amped for S3? BOBF was so terrible, and the fact that you HAVE to watch it to be caught up with Mando S3 leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That S2 ending with Luke was just everything, and I can't help but feel like it could have ended there. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe I just have SW fatigue. BOBF was so awful it really turned me off.
  13. Weird, it’s almost like forcing us into a two party system that does nothing but base policy on doing what the other side hates has somehow not worked out.
  14. Tank

    Clerks 3

    It was… okay? Fun look back at the original with an older sensibility, few good laughs… but I just don’t love Kevin Smith’s dialog. There was something so groundbreaking about Clerks at the time. That era of 90s indie movies got me so excited, but Smith never quite evolved enough for me.
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