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  1. One of my good friends is on the GOT prequel. She’s had a blast. She hasn’t given me any spoilers, but when the writers are happy that generally means production has gone well. She’s already on to season 2.
  2. It was me. juat kidding I was busy having sex
  3. Tank

    The Batman

    I don't buy it. DC literally has HUNDREDS OF HOURS of crappy TV with b-rate superheroics. Arrow, Flash, Legends, Supergirl, Superman-- yet somehow this one can't be seen because it doesn't fit the mandate for Max? They'll dump anything on there. This movie must be a complete shit show.
  4. My thought about Kim is this... All of Jimmy's foils are dead. Howard-- dead. Lalo-- dead. Fring and Hector, also dead by Gene-time. In Gene's current scheming and conning timeline of 2010, there's not a heavy. The only antagonist at this point is "the heat." But that is a concept, not a face. Technically, the only face to the heat we ever got was a cameo by Hank, but also he's dead now... for that matter, so are Walt and Mike. (Mike needing some sort of denouement on this show is something they also need to figure out... I hope the flashback wasn't it for him). Jesse doesn't have e
  5. Tank


    Pretty amazing what a budget will do. You can just tell it's so much more epic than Boba Fett and Obi-Wan. I know part oof that is they started filing this during Mando S2 before they tightened the purse strings. Also know the show-runner Tony Gilroy is big enough he can push them to get what he wants.
  6. I am 47. I look 37. My body FEELS like it is 57. I dress like I'm 27. I see other people my age and most of the time I feel like a different species from them.
  7. I’ve never broken up a marriage.
  8. Sooooo… I’m responsible for this. Well, me and about a four hundred other people, but I wrote it…
  9. It took me the whole episode to realize he was conning Carol Burnet.
  10. You guys also need to remember I don't work a normal 9-5 job. I get lots of rest.
  11. Just did a speedy, on in the back ground, half-paying attention rewatch of seasons 1-3. The rules of the upside down are NOT consistent. Something SUPER not consistent is Elle's ability to mind-walk. At first she needs the depro tank-- to the point that it is a half an episode to jury rig one at the end of S1. On S2 and 3 she's able to do it with white noise, and in S4, it's back to needing the tank. YES, she did level up and back to zero from S2-4, but that is never really explained in relation to her mind-walking. My big thoughts though... I know why I have issues with this show. In the
  12. I see KP as much as a normal person sees their gf. Outside of her, I go on maybe one date a week or have somebody over. So it’s more spread out than it sounds. Also, I’m tired.
  13. UPDATE! KP - Still my person. Still super into her. Spend most of my time with her. Maybe once a month we'll go out on a date with another girl, or a couple together that usually leads to some fun. Her more amorous friends from her party days have started having said parties again, which has been kind fun. Most of them are cool, met a few I wasn't a fan of-- but over all, has lead to making sexy friends. JP - same situation, see her once every couple months for a night. I had to cancel recently and haven't heard from. She may be mad at me. Valley Mom - she and KP continue t
  14. I'm a super believer in it-- on the big scale, as in life choices, but also on the small scale, as in my writing process. I'm not sure where it comes from, or how even to control it, but my life has been significantly better since I tuned into it more. I kind of think of it like a background process. Like sometimes in design work, photoshop needs to process and crunch a filter and needs a few minutes before I can do anything else. So I generally bop over to my browser to start hunting for the next element I need, or check my email, or come here, or whatever-- and photoshop is still workin
  15. Tank


    Caught it today. Loved it, even if not everything that was set up landed, and some stuff landed that wasn’t set up… but a really great unexpected twist to things. I love Jordon Peele mostly because he’s one of the few filmmakers out there I can count on to surprise me.
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