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  1. My current dilemma is that I'm this show, and I don't love my episode. I'm adapting a so-so book, doing my best with it because I really needed the job to make my minimums with the union to keep my insurance. I'm doign my best to have fun with it, but the showrunner is VERY prescriptive and I hasn't given me a ton of freedom. Worse, he's made one of the characters really sexist and gross. At first it was funny and intentional, but when the studio came back and said it was making the whole script feel sexist, he decided to push back even harder and write all these lines that are even worse
  2. Tank


    Ha! Last we heard, you literally went back on all your edgy claims and fell in love and everything. So. Yes.
  3. If I bitch about work am I going to get laughed out of here?
  4. The problem with Bond is this-- while they made Craig's movies more serialized, they sort of botched what it was supposed to be about. It was intended with the first two to be all about resetting Bond to being young and dangerous and not as suave-- but then with the last few they suddenly decide4d to plkay up that he was old and a relic. Both are interesting angles, and I wished they'd stuck to one. The other problem is, these movies have a very precise formula-- and it's the same one they have had for 50 years. The problem is-- you put everything a Bond film needs on paper, look at it, a
  5. That reminds me, he pulls Dalton’s car out of storage, and it didn’t even get a chase scene.
  6. Also my first theater movie since TROS. Craig has been a great Bond, but I have found ALL of his entries over-bloated. I should never be bored during a Bond film, but with maybe the exception of Casino Royale, I haven’t loved any of them and they are all way over complicated and seriously drag from a solid hour of exposition in the middle. This one had a few great bits, but the action was NOT up to par and there were so many potentially great moments that fell flat. The villain had terrible dialog, the new 007 was wasted, and there were so many times I thought a cool moment was
  7. Tank

    Star Wars Visions

    Cool thanks for replying guys
  8. Didn’t they see footage of Anakin doing evil stuff in the archives? Or was that a cut scene?
  9. I'm not sure how I feel. On the one hand, he brought the show back from the dead and is responsible for some of the best moments in Who... but also, his run often skewed hokey and childish., which I feel like they tried to get away from with the last two Doctors. It might be an odd tonal shift to go back? I really liked both Capaldi and Whittaker, but I feel like both of them never really had a chance to shine like Smith and Tennant and were not given enough good material to work with... which is contrary to my last statement given that Davies was in charge when Tennant did his run.
  10. Anyone else checked out the anime Star Wars shorts on Disney+? They are a mixed bag in my opinion, but some of them are quite good. My thoughts: The Duel Probably the most samurai inspired of them all, it felt very much like a Mando episode-- which is not surprising given that this is exactly what The Mandalorian was inspired by. It had the look of a Kurosawa film and the story was one we've seen a hundred times-- a wandering warrior helps a town beset upon by bandits. Not a lot of points for originality, but the style of the animation and the action was a lot of fun. Tatooine
  11. My favorite bit of trivia about this movie is that it uses the same sets as the Lugosi version. Universal planned it this way-- when the english version stopped shooting for the day. the Spanish team would come in to use the sets over night. They had the same production schedule to make use of all set, locations, and wardrobe.
  12. Did they pull the Flight From Hell Episode? I am into season 3 and don’t see it.
  13. There was a Growing Pains one where Kirk Cameron told a ghost story that I really liked. I couldn’t find it without ordering a boxed set and I don’t like Kirk Cameron THAT much. Tnere was a MASH one but I couldn’t figure out what it was called because there are a jillion episodes of MASH. I don’t remember what else was missing, I’ll look for my list. That said, the My So Called Life Halloween episode is a favorite, and obviously the Roseanne episodes are great and easy to find. Cheers has a few good ones. Freaks and Geeks Halloween episode was really good too. One of my favs
  14. I generally do 31 days of horror films in October. I try to find a theme. One year I did all the slash-ics. One year I did just Hammer films. Another year just the 70s, another just the 60s. Last year I tried to do just Halloween episodes of classic sitcoms but couldn’t find all of them. Just yesterday worked up my list for this year. I’m going to hit each decade for a hundred years of horror. One classic, one personal favorite, and one I haven’t seen if possible. 1. Nosferatu (1922) 2. Cat and Canary (1927) 3. Golem (1920) 4. Frankenstein (31) 5. Bride of Franken
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