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  1. If you read up on it, the4y are pretty safe. You're not wrong in what you say, but for me, the idea of just getting in the habit of eating less, and anything that helps me get there would be great. I just ordered myself a batch to try out. I've been losing and regaining the same 30 pounds for about 20 years. Basically, it is really simple, yet insanely hard, for me: I have a big appetite. My maintenance calories are high because I am big. I have a ridiculously heavy and large frame. In a standard car or plane seat my shoulders are wider than the seat back by several inches. My wrists
  2. The comedy is that the original cartoon LITERALLY gave you the origin story in the opening credits in such a clean and simple way that even a second grader could grasp it. ”GI JOE is the the code name for America’s daring, highly trained special missions force. It’s purpose: to defend freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.” Sure, do flashbacks if need be for character stuff. Start with the POV of a newb Joe joining the team of you want that “new” feeling… but ffs it’s not that complicated.
  3. It should be a serialized TV show ala Mando or a Marvel show. New mission each week, cycle in and out different Joes based on mission parameters.
  4. Yes, but self-important Republicans who don’t think music should be a thing and like the Phantom Menace are a fetish.
  5. I let Kelly read all my posts in this thread. She’s still my person. Suck it SOL.
  6. I think self-debating this sort of thing is normal. Had you been late you’d be cursing yourself for not being early. This part of grieving, even if the person hasn’t passed.
  7. I liked and unliked and reminded what Fozzie said multiple times because he nailed it. You can grieve for your grandmother in your own private way with your wife and kids and that is just as legit, if not more, than going to see those ***holes.
  8. That was pure gold and you know it.
  9. I just ordered some to try out. I feel like I am always hungry. If I work out every day, I will be even with what my body wants to eat. If I do this, but eat well, I lose weight pretty easy, until about 25 pounds down at which point I stalL out. So obviously if I eat like I’d want to and don’t work Out I gain. so I am totally going to give these a shot.
  10. Rock is a very good natured guy, but because of those problems he had trouble finding the right ways to talk to women. I don’t think he was predatory, but in trying to attract attention he sometimes come off the wrong way. Either way, whoever ratted him out was still out of line. I could show KP this entire thread and while she may be miffed and me sharing some of her private life, she wouldn’t be caught off guard by anything. Whatever I have typed here about how I feel about her, she knows.
  11. That would track given that they hated each other. At this pointing knowing only members can read stuff here I’m pretty sure this is a safe space… right? Also, not that he deserved it, but Rock had a bit of history being inappropriate toward women. There’s nothing in here KP would read that comes off bad. If anything it tracks me falling in love with her… but she might not like me giving every detail about her (our?) lifestyle hahaha. I’d be grounded for a minute, but she wouldn’t leave me. She’s reasonable.
  12. That’s rough Tom, you’re already handling it with more control and grace I could muster. It sucks, but give yourself credit for managing this.
  13. So KP and are kinda being public about being together on social media, so if you follow me on FB or IG, please have chill. I’ve definitely over shared here.
  14. Hahah— I don’t need them all the time. Sometimes condoms make things difficult. Or, you know, you go to a swinger resort all day and need help.
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