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  1. Wtf watch Hell Fest. I'm living on royalties.
  2. It was always the red eyes that scared me as a kid... that and Lois Lane’s bush.
  3. Get a client. I am purely in a post-only mode for the most part. I'll respond to comments on my posts, and I will then go to those people's pages to check in on their lives-- but I avoid my feed at all costs.
  4. I felt the same way when we saw books in TLJ.
  5. This movie does what Shane Black does best-- fun action, two men bonding via a mutual dislike that turns into respect, and the idea that we can make our own untraditional families. I feel like Black likes to make movies that challenge masculinity, but are often so full of tropes that overplay masculinity that the thing he tries to critique is sensationalized. I saw this when it came out and enjoyed it, but I never felt compelled to watch it again as Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang play with the same tropes with characters I find more interesting.
  6. On desktop the "unread content" link is in the upper right and works as it used to. On mobile you have to click a bit to get to it. My only complaint is that once you then click into a thread irt doesn't jump you to your last location, it always starts you with the first post.
  7. Sure they can, I didn't mean to imply that-- I just meant that the idea that all Republicans are hicks, fundamentalists, or rich old white men is one that is just not true. I read a piece today that broke down legally what happens in the government if an election cannot be decided-- so there is a system. But that still requires the candidates to adhere to it.
  8. In theory I am actually am too-- but that will bring an economic collapse. All your money in the bank could vanish if said bank folds. Our military is decentralized, how would that even work? It would be a chaotic mess and I don't want that world for my kid.. or myself
  9. It's easy to say Trump's base is rednecks and hillbillies who hate the homos and wimmins... but that's not the case. It pains me to admit it, but Trump is 100% representative of America. We're country of over-inflated ego maniacs who like to say what we want and throw a fit when we're told to shut up. People want to dismiss the Q crowd as crazy-- but they aren't./ I've watched two people go down this rabbit hole, and they are smart, educated, middle-class people that love the idea that the government is being shaken up by an outsider, and think that all the accusations of sexism, homoph
  10. Here's a thing... work is definitely keeping me sane. Today, both of the paying jobs are out for notes, so I am on hold. My reps are busy with the script they are packaging, and literally everything else is at a stage where things are proceeding, but without my immediate attention. Douche translation-- stuff is contracting with my lawyer and reps. Book is still with an editor, I have been paid on first steps... so... I have money in the bank, no immediate work today, even if I had something new my reps wouldn't be ready for it, I really shouldn't start something new given how much I
  11. Pretty sure this should be the title under his user name now
  12. So in the hood is WWE star Sasha Banks.. which is kinda cool. Even though the cue tells us Jedi, all the rumors say she's playing Sabine from Rebels... which-- maybe is because she';s ethnic and has had the same hair colors? If it's true, thats not awful casting. Mostly, I'm liking what looks to be some biomes/environs not usually seen int he SW universe. Always like that.
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