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  1. Totally— you know who else better show up, Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.
  2. It sounds like we have at least Wanda in the next Dr. Strange movie. If they add somebody else and a memorable villain, it would work. Iron Man 2 grew on me. I forgot how fun Whiplash and Hammer actually are. Hammer should come back in a post-Tony world as a bigger villain. Really, my big problem with that movie was Howard Stark had invented a new element but couldn't create it, hid the plan for it in a model, assumed Tony would finish it, and also, through great coincidence, it would happen to cure the palladium poisoning Tony was suffering from. Seemed like a real roundabout way of doin
  3. Tank


    I can too actually. Funny enough, there is a lowkey fan movement wanting Jared Keeso to play the MCU's Wolverine.
  4. Just wanted to add that the smartest things they did were letting Chris Hemsworth be funny, letting RDJ support/lead movies that weren't sole IM films, and give us Sam Jackson as the glue. And probably making GOTG int he first place. While Thor showed us other worlds, GOTG really did the work that built up the MCU on a galactic sense which helped Infinity War, Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Ragnarock work as well as they did. I remember when it came out DC/WB had just made some crazy claim about not thinking a Wonder Woman movie was right for the marketplace, meanwhile Marvel was all "
  5. Tank


    Forgot about them tracking Hex-Vision... Yeah, something still isn't fully explained... but yeah-- I'm sure the merging of Wanda's Vis and the white vis will give us a resurrection for the character. If that happens, with Gamorra being replaced by herself from an alt-time line and Coulson having been resurrected visa Kree technology, that means the only "big" deaths in the MCU that will be permanent are Tony and Natasha, right?
  6. Time once again to rework this list. I know Wandavision is a TV show, but it is part of the tapestry of the movies with ties to Age of Ultron, Infinity War, Endgame, Dr. Strange, and Captain Marvel. I've also, in covid boredom/insomnia, been rewatching most all of the MCU. Some hold up better than others. Some that I used to strongly dislike and have not rewatched before, fare better when they serve to support other films. Others that I championed turned out to be not so great at all with fresh eyes. Others have seemed to get better with age. Where as before my list was edited as mov
  7. Tank


    They showed her remaking him inside the Hex, when his body was still with SWORD. The mid credits scene made it pretty clear they were separate entities I thought.
  8. Tank


    She does— but her creates seem limited to the hex. She essentially created Vision to and when he tried to leave he began to break down.
  9. Same. I also write at least 5 hours a day. So...
  10. Tank


    Were you wrong? They implied last week it was all Agatha, but now she says it's all of Wanda's creation, and we saw her change over the whole town. So did she create the Hex, and then Agatha shows up and starts to manipulate it to try and figure how a telekinetic super hero is doing witch shit? So originally, they had said Hydra had given Wanda and Pietro powers via the mind stone. That was the mid-credits stinger in Winter Solider, and then backed up by Age of Ultron. At that point it seemed very planned. Now we see they were just tossing people next to the stone, and as it tur
  11. I started writing by doing this same thing. Jacob, you should snap pics of your custom GI Joe pics then write up those dossier cards. Might be a fun thing to be creative with when you can't get your head around your book. When I was painting Nerf gun I would write mini histories for them and it ended up being a low key world building endeavor.
  12. Tank


    It’s seems like Mar-Vell was trying to partially jumpstart humans development, and SHIELD was friends with Skrulls who’d have know how. But you could right. It does remind me of Rocket razzing Cap and Nat “Who here hasn’t been to space? Don’t throw up in my ship.” And Scott “Aw you wanna go to space? I can take you to space.” And even Tony “You’re only a genius on Earth, pal.”
  13. I think the replayability and collecting are so epic because of the simple, yet complex puzzles in relation to character abilities. Whether it’s needing a little dude to crawl through a hatch, a droid to hack a door, a bounty hunter to blow open a wall... from go you are enticed with places you can’t get to. When you pass a level you unlock new characters to get to said places. It’s just a great balance. Making your own characters is super fun too, no tips needed, it’s all very organic. The classic Indy games are like that too. I honestly stopped playing them after the Lego movie bec
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