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  1. So…. on strike. Working on a few personal projects. I am planning to shoot a short scifi film. There’s a couple space shots and I was assuming I’d need to do them as cg. I talked to a few friends who do that sort of thing and it’s not cheap. I was on YouTube watching videos to see if I could teach myself— cause that is the sort of thing my ADHD brain does… but 3D software vexes me. Anyway, happened upon a couple videos that showed that oddly, doing it the old school way is actually easier than CG now. With a decent lighting set up, a mini dolly, a green screen, camera and model spaceship you can do what ILM did decades ago with a few clicks in after effects (which I DO know how to use.) So obviously, I needed a spaceship. Off to some kitbashing tutorials, and a great one on “panelizing” by Adam Savage… I decided to convert this old batplane toy my kid nabbed at a garage sale a decade ago k to a chunky armored spaceship. So batplane, plus a lot of cut out pieces of styrene, parts from a macross valkryie armored fighter, a Russian fighter plane missile kit, another anime robot fighter plane, and a Space 1999 Eagle shuttle. Bunch of glue. Spray paint. 34737273 exacto knife blades. Cost me maybe around $30 in supplies.
  2. Well, I’m not bleeding from anywhere and by and large the only people opposed to us striking seems to be billionaires, and weird fanboys of billionaires.
  3. Thank you for this. As the world knows, we are definitely on strike. Two good things-- One, I booked a job and got paid the first chunk right before the strike, and turned in everything I could on all the little stuff-- so in a weird way, I am now the least stressed I have been about work in years. I've got everything I needed to in, I've been paid a bit, I CAN'T work, and I have the job ready to continue on the other side of the strike. Two, the strike has made it clear that it wasn't just me having this problem, it's an industry issue, and some people have it way harder than I do. This is the worst thing. I always say I won't get another pet so as not to have to go through this again, and yet, I always do.
  4. The Luis stories in the first Ant Man were the DNA that made it clear just how much Edgar Wright had actually put himself into the thing.
  5. Updated for GOTG3 / Quantumania Overall, Phase 4 has been poopsticks. MUST SEE 1. Captain America: Civil War 2. Endgame 3. Infinity War 4. Captain America: Winter Soldier 5. Wandavision 6. Spider-Man: No Way Home 7. Iron Man 8. Spider-Man: Homecoming 9. Thor: Ragnarok *. Daredevil S1 THE GOOD STUFF 10. Captain Marvel 11. Falcon and The Winter Soldier *. Daredevil S2 12. Black Panther 13. Guardians of the Galaxy 14. Avengers 15. Spider-Man: Far From Home 16. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 17. Ant-Man *. Daredevil S3 18. Ant-Man and the Wasp 19. Age of Ultron 20. Captain America: First Avenger *. Jessica Jones S1 *. Luke Care S1 21. Hawkeye 22. Shang-Chi 23. Loki *. Jessica Jones S2 24. Black Widow *. Venom *. Punisher S1 *. Venom: Let There Be Carnage THE MEH STUFF *. Jessica Jones S3 24. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 25. Iron Man 2 26. Thor *. Punisher S2 27. Doctor Strange *. Luke Care S2 28. Incredible Hulk *. Defenders S1 29. Quantumania TOTAL TRASH 30. Thor: Dark World 31. Iron Man 3 32. Eternals *. Iron Fist S1 *. Iron Fist S2
  6. Majors was great, too bad he's turned out to be a dirtbag in real life. Marvel is kinda hosed basing the next phase around him. This movie was... a movie? Like I can't give you a list of mortal sins, but it sure didn't wow me. it was just-- there? I didn't really care about anything, which is too bad. I also missed Scott's crew from the first two movies.
  7. I want to like it, I hope to like to, but it looks terrible. As in, the quality. It is just too digital and sterile looking.
  8. Saw it today, def one of the stronger entries in this phase. All the post Endgame movies and shows have been more personal stories, and while I think that is the right direction, a lot of them have fizzled out. On the movie side, this one and Spider-Man's two movies have been the only ones to really hit the heart I think. I appreciate how much time and story everyone got and it wasn't just the Quill show.
  9. !!!!!! I mean, that's one way to do it....
  10. Turns out high pressure colonics fix everything.
  11. I have pretty top tier Hollywood douche insurance…
  12. I was looking at that, but they are very vague about the cost
  13. I've been thinking of checking this out too.
  14. Private maker from the RPF prop community... took like 3 years!
  15. Welp if I want this thing to be accurate guess I have to smash it…
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