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  1. Yeah, I have to take a sort of sponge bath. It's sealing up nicely, though. You'd think something that small wouldn't be so bad. How did I cut the TOP of my finger??
  2. This is my finger right now because I somehow managed to stab myself with a craft knife the night before last. I was opening an Amazon box. It's not a big cut, maybe ΒΌ inch long, but it's deep enough that it bled like crazy. I had to bandage it up snugly and splint it with a piece of Popsicle stick. How the hell did this even happen?? Clearly, my craft knife privileges need to be revoked until further notice.
  3. OMG, this is what my dreams are like, too! They tend to happen in the same, or very similar, locations, although different things are happening in them. I used to dream a lot about being in a school building, hospital or shopping mall. I'm always trying to find my way to a specific room, and am frustrated because I can't find it. There are hallways, staircases, and corridors everywhere, but I can't find my way around the place. I'll sometimes pass through a library, but I never get any books. There's usually lots of people around, but they aren't very helpful. At the end, I'll often have to go
  4. Holy crap, I didn't realize what that type of procedure entailed! It sounds painful. How are you doing now?
  5. I don't have a TikTok account and have no plans to get one. The only time I watch them is when they show up on Facebook or wherever. There's enough stuff to keep track of already, I don't feel like I need another account.
  6. I did laundry this morning! Then had a nap! Then I went shopping at an antique store that's closing soon! Gosh, I lead an exciting life.
  7. I haven't got anything for Christmas, and will probably stay home with my two cats on Christmas day. Oh, well, I had fun making gifts for a few people. Christmas is kinda boring for me, actually.
  8. The only time I have designer brand name clothing is if I happen to buy it in a thrift store. I'm not looking at labels, because I don't care whose name is on it. I doubt that the people whose names are on the clothes personally design anything, anyway, since they're rich enough to hire other people to do that. If the clothes are comfortable and I like how they look, I buy them. The only exception is Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, because they fit me perfectly, so now I look for them whenever I'm in a secondhand store. Other than that, I am completely without brand loyalty towards pretty much a
  9. I have a Facebook friend who can never seem to catch a break. She has a multitude of health problems due to her shitty immune system. She recently figured out that she has Asperger's, and believes her son and granddaughter also have it. The NHS is apparently run by crackheads, so she's always having to deal with their idiocy, such as prescribing medicines that they KNOW she's allergic to, or the doctor being at the wrong location for an appointment. She can't drive or get out much because of her bad health, so just going to an appointment is a huge, stressful ordeal that sets off her anxiety.
  10. Last month, I was sick for two weeks, but not from germs. I had cleaned a house for my landlord, and I used 409 spray cleaner. BAD idea! Chemicals and dust got into my lungs, and I spent a couple of weeks coughing like a plague victim. I had to miss work a couple of days, I was so sick. Really pissed me off because it was so preventable, and I couldn't do anything, could hardly sleep. I think I actually got a cold on top of that, due to my immune system being in the crapper, so then I was sneezing AND coughing. My lungs are still messed up. I still occasionally have coughing fits at night.
  11. Nowadays, things are deliberately made so that they can't be taken apart, so you'll spend more money buying a new thing. When my computer speakers began sounding crackly, I looked for a way to take them apart, thinking maybe it was just a loose wire. But, neither the speakers nor the subwoofer were designed to be got into. I couldn't even see any type of screws on them, I think the parts just snap together permanently, and you have to buy a whole new set, which is what I did. Anyway, I live in an apartment, so I call the landlord when something needs fixing. I even have to call him to re
  12. In August of 2001, I was a whopping 37 years old, so I was probably older than almost anyone here. But I was a Star Wars fan, had finally got a computer, and was looking for a message board where I could talk to other fans. Nightly was the first one I found. Tried a couple of others, but they didn't have the friendliness and fun of this place. I'm 57 now. Those 20 years have flown by, and all the people who were kids back then have kids of their own. I wonder if Nightly will be around long enough for THEM to join.
  13. I avoid taking painkillers, but sometimes I have pretty bad pain in my back, hips, shoulders, left knee, or some combination of the above. I was taking Advil for the pain for years, but it seems like it's not as effective anymore, so I've switched to Tylenol (the 500mg capsules). I only take it as necessary, maybe a couple times a week.
  14. I'm with you there. I simply don't understand trophy hunting. To kill an animal just so you can put its head on the wall is utterly baffling to me. I see no glory in it, and am not impressed by anyone who does it.
  15. That's one of the things I don't like about Arizona, the stores don't open early enough, at least not where I live. It's already getting hot by 8 AM, but some stores don't open till 9 or 10.
  16. I shop at Wal-Mart frequently, but I can't say that I enjoy it. There are usually too many people there, so I go as early in the morning as I can. Once it starts to get crowded, I get out. Socks and underwear are the only clothes I buy new (everything else comes from second-hand stores), and they're cheaper at Wal-Mart than anywhere else. For some reason, I hate buying groceries there, so I do most of my food shopping at Sprouts and Fry's. Most of my hardware and tool needs are met by Home Depot and True Value. If I need things like first aid items and ibuprofen, Wal-Mart can't be beat. They a
  17. When I was a kid, we went to a church where the pastor's last name was Nipple, except he pronounced it Nye-pple.
  18. Is there anything creative you can do while bed-bound? Something like crochet or embroidery, that doesn't require too much movement and you can put down when you get tired. So sorry you're going through this. Our medical system really sucks, and it sometimes feels like the doctors are just taking a wild guess when it comes to figuring out what's wrong, and that they don't really care .
  19. "Joy to the World," by Three Dog Night. Oh, wait, on my actual birthday (July 3), it was "It's Too Late, " by Carole King.
  20. Schweddy Balls Panera has a couple of new salads, of which I tried one, and it was just okay. The honey mustard dressing is good, but there's a seed mixture in the salad, and if you bite down on one of them, it's like eating a bit of gravel. Real nice experience for our customers, I'm sure.
  21. I'm in the process of refinishing a cabinet that's built in to the wall in my living room. The inside is covered in four layers of ugly paint: off-white/beige on top, then a layer of that "Dusty Rose" color that was popular in the 1980s, then a BRIGHT yellow with a hint of green in it, and then more beige. The outside is just layers of off-white and a sort of pinkish beige, although some of the details seem to have been a dark green color at one point. That goes back to the 1920s, I'm guessing. You can see the details I uncovered that were hidden under the paint. When I'm done with all the str
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