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  1. Is anyone excited for this game? Personally, this is one of the happiest times of my life (sadly). The original Final Fantasy VII was such a special game for me, and is the de facto reason why several friendships were formed. I got the game back in 1998, a year after its debut, when my older friend had gone to college and sold me his Playstation with all his games for $50. FF7 was among them. At first, I didn't like the game. It was my first JRPG and my first time experiencing a turn-based combat system, so I really had trouble with the enemies and did not get very far. I tossed it aside for a while, until one day I saw the strategy guide at EB Games and thought, what the hell. I have it another chance, learning how to play the game properly, and I fell in love. While the next installment, FF8, would come to be cemented as my favorite entry, FF7 is a close second and holds a special place in my heart. It got me into the series (though I've not gotten into any of the modern games), let me to a message board, and that is where I made several friends, including my best friend, whom I still talk to every day. She and I are ecstatic about the remake! I played the demo twice. It's amazing! All of my fears about Square-Enix mucking it up have been eased. I just can't believe it's here, it's real, and it's good. It's great to have something to obsess about now that I'm no longer excited about Star Wars. Anyone else looking forward to this game?
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