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  1. You have no idea how I treat anyone. For your information, I gravitate mostly toward women and most of my closest friends are, in fact, women. What you think of me is of no significance whatsoever. I don't dismiss you because you are a woman; I dismiss you because you are a C U Next Tuesday. (And before you call me sexist for calling you that, know that I would slap that label on anyone who acts like you regardless of gender.) By the way, I meant what I said about your current hardships, and still do. Still, when it comes to matters like this, you are quite the asshole.
  2. Well, she was a unicorn for a myriad of other reasons, not just that. My bad; should have spelled it out.
  3. I hear myself. I stated a fact. The women I encounter tend to be either my age with kids, or young and idiotic. That is a fact about the women I meet. If you want to internalize that about some sort of statement you take offense to, that's your choice. Does that describe you? No? Great! Yes? Well, that's on you. Don't hijack another thread with that persecution complex shit.
  4. Okay, you know, I'm not the one who brought up this whole single mother avoidance conversation. Back off, Cerina.
  5. Yeah, I usually do try to avoid single mothers. I guess I'm starting to make concessions because it's starting to feel like slim pickens out there. Either they're my age and they have kids, or they're young and idiotic. It's a no-win situation! There was one unicorn, but . . .
  6. I decided to edit my original, long-winded response to simply this: that what happened between me and the two most prominent females on this forum was a simple misunderstanding, and one I've already apologized for.
  7. Oh dude, I feel you. For years I had a PC that simply would not run the original Dark Forces, so I got in on PlayStation, which was decent. But then when Steam came along, I got it on PC, and let me tell you, it felt like playing the game for the first time again. I finally knew how all those gamers back in 1995 felt and was totally blown away. I was also relieved to find that my threshold for what is impressive PC gaming has not changed with technological advances, which is probably due to my age and the games I grew up with. I'd imagine someone in their teens or twenties would not have had t
  8. Yep. I'll soon be seeing a second therapist, a psychiatrist who will be able to diagnose any autisms or anything like that. I might even be seeing three therapists, one to help with an addiction. So yeah, I'm quite the mess.
  9. Oh man, I have always adored each and every one of those pieces! I'm telling you, some of the best Star Wars music came from the video games. Here is the entire Dark Forces orchestrated soundtrack (well, synthetically orchestrated, but it is still a big improvement over the midi originals):
  10. I know that, but I also am not a ghoster. I never have been. Still, I can understand that people have different coping mechanisms. I think part of my problem is that I start to build things up in my head before anything even happens. With this girl, I was thinking that we went to high school together, so that would have been a really cool thing to have in common. I envisioned talking about our old friends and teachers, prom, etc., maybe even taking a road trip together out to the old neighborhood where we'd be able to show one another the houses we grew up in. It would have been a unique ex
  11. Behold, an amazing piece that should have been in Revenge of the Sith, or at least been adapted by John Williams in some capacity:
  12. Thanks, guys. You know, I actually feel much more at ease about this after talking to you. Like, seriously, you've really helped put my mind at ease. You have no idea. As a funny aside, she did tell me where she worked: at a Sports Clips near my gym. Maybe I should grow what is left of my hair out and go in there sometime! That wouldn't be creepy at all, right? Just kidding. See you in a few months with another dating and relationship dilemma. Same time, same place: this thread.
  13. You're right, but one clarification I want to make is that I have this problem with everyone in my life, regardless of who they are. That should be known lest you or anyone else think I have some sort of sexist mentality. It has nothing to do with that. When my interactions with people don't go as I like, I tend to internalize and think it was because of something I said or did. It's a problem I need to fix, for sure, but I want you to know that it has nothing to do with male dominance or anything like that. It's just me being in my own head.
  14. No, I get you. I'm just trying to figure out where exactly I killed the attraction because, like I said, the results came back indicating that there was mutual attraction, at least at some point. I'm guessing it was either when I asked for her number (and got it), or simply that she wrote down her interest but then had a better connection with someone else.
  15. Phooey. All right, I'll leave it alone. I wonder where I went wrong, though? Might it have been asking for her number? Things might have gone in my favor had I simply stuck to protocol. Oh well. Another contact for my "little black book." Maybe I'll check in on her in a few months, not via text but maybe by adding her on Facebook (we do have over eighty friends in common, after all) and being like, "Hey, how's everything going?" I won't put all my eggs in that one basket, though. I'll keep looking around for someone else in the meantime. She'll just become one of those low-priority options
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