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  2. I'm the same, haven't watched any but the first. Just waiting for it to finish so I can binge it. Bonus I don't care about spoilers since I played the games!
  3. I would say I watch fewer shows now though, despite the wealth of content, and might watch 2 or 3 episodes a night of a show that has a season drop, not the whole season. I prefer to get them done over a couple weeks (sometimes days) so I can move on and do other things.
  4. You guys still up? E's annual IEP meeting is tomorrow and for some reason the SpEd teacher is really hot to trot on doing it in person, with E there. Any idea why she would want to do it this way? I think he's going to be a huge distraction.
  5. I'm okay with that. It gives me time to do other things, besides junking out on television. Even when I was plowing through Cowboy Bebop on Netflix, I ended up taking a break for a couple of weeks, before watching the final 2 episodes. Shit, I waited 2 years to finally get a PS5. It's not like waiting a week for a show is going to kill me, especially when there's more media content to consume, then there's ever been.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Okay Paul Heyman got the Cody-Reigns feud going. That was damned good.
  8. That's fair. I prefer the whole season myself. Waiting a week for an episode is such a drag.. funny that used to be how it always was with TV shows
  9. I can't watch this show when it is completed. I dunno what it is, I can't watch a show unless I can watch the whole thing at once.
  10. I will do it for 20% plus travel expenses.
  11. One kid (the one I am not too concerned about) is actually the biological son of the parents. The boys are being adopted by an aunt in Ohio. I know at first they were only taking the biological kid--but they are taking both. Which I am thankful for. I am trying to be optimistic that despite being related to the mom, they are okay. I am concerned that since the one kid is: not biological, non-white, and has more needs he will be treated different. This means more because usually when kids move on you know it is a natural progression. Even if they move during the school year, you know there is consistency in their lives. Here, there are so many unknowns. Totally this. I had one group of kids whose graduation hit hard from my time teaching in Florida. I still have things they gave me displayed in my office. I am still in contact with a few kids from that class including being in one of their weddings...he is now a school psychologist! and is turning 30 this year! One of the things I miss most from teaching high school is being able to stay in contact with former students.
  12. I think good educators care and it always hits when they leave unexpectedly. I am in a Kindergarten (well even younger than that because we are pre-k for SA school too) to eighth grade school and I often get to see my students from when they're at least in first grade up until they go to high school and often beyond. I have paintings they did in art class on my walls. So if a student leaves to move that's kinda out of the norm it's like a hole or something. I was working on that kid trying to get them to bloom or open up their reading and writing skills in MATH of all things and who's going to work on that now? It's an investment of our time we don't get to see finish out.
  13. Oh I remember you telling us about them. Are you worried about them with their new family or does this one just mean more to you because the way they were abused (not allowed to learn or have interests)?
  14. Last year we got two kids because they were placed with a great foster family that has their kids at our school. The kids were both adopted into an abusive household--said household adopts a lot of kids. One of said kids, a six year old, was beat so bad by mom he had to be life flighted to Denver. The kid was in a coma and came out of it around Thanksgiving but he has severe brain damage and will likely need text to speech to talk the rest of his life. I have had to testify in court a few times--early I had to meet with them and give them updates. I wanted to strangle them. Anything I said positive she always would blurt out "we worked so hard on that at home". Like one kid has PERFECT handwriting--it was like a font-- and mom would "brag" that she made him rewrite things over and over until it was perfect--along with a side of physical abuse. This is his fifth adoption. I really worry about him. He is so low academically and has anger issues. He found out this weekend and really struggled today. Both kids were adopted and are moving to Ohio as early as next month. I have always struggled with the students I get close to leaving--it always sucks but I have come to terms with it. But this is hitting WAY differently. Neither kid has never been to school before and were only allowed to read the Bible. I have totally corrupted them--they play Pokemon and joined our Dungeons and Dragons club.
  15. Having the finale set on a big boat wasn’t really helped by Jimmy Cameron doing it better a week later. I enjoyed it overall but I was also hoping they’d end up doing more with Angela Basset, or even Lupita.
  16. Last week
  17. I keep trying to download the app (in direct violation of all the principles of good op-sec, everything I was taught — but so clearly failed to learn! — at Sarratt) and I keep getting the following message: My phone is kind of old, kind of messed up, my smart phone has gone dumb dumb dumb, space is at a premium. I keep deleting apps and I keep deleting content I no longer need (no! no! my precious content!) but the message remains the same. It never tells me how much I need to ditch; I can’t seem to find out how big “Walker Tracker” actually is. I’ll let you know if there’s ever any progress on this front but for the moment it seems that unassuageable technical difficulties block my path at every turn!
  18. This show man...keeps on acing it.
  19. Agree that Namor was great in terms of portrayal and the actor— just felt like he was wasted.
  20. FINALLY found a skilled soccer coach with a positive mindset for personal training. I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket. I think we course corrected with Q's teacher. I think she was having a bad week and now everyone realizes how you do NOT talk to Q because she internalizes. This is going to be a lifelong struggle, I think.
  21. I thought Namor was great but otherwise I agree. Riri was pretty neat too, but I can easily move on from Iron Man legacy characters. This phase is over, which is a good thing. I think with Ant-Man introducing Kang as the next big bad, things are gonna start coming together again. I'm still not a big multiverse story fan though. I'm worried Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars are gonna turn into cameo fests.
  22. It's weird, I know it's not her because I've seen Edward Scissorhands several times but whenever I think about that character, I imagine Katey Sagal.
  23. I agree, I felt mostly let down with this movie. I didn't hate it but Shuri is not leading character material. Maybe a different actress could pull it off (like Bassett!) but definitely not Wright. I do feel like Okoye would have been a good choice, too, and thought it might be heading that way when she was demoted. Namor seemed less hotheaded than he is in the comics but he was okay. Power-wise he was portrayed accurately, I think. And he acknowledges he is a mutant! I'm feeling more and more that mutants are going to be revealed to have always been around but have stayed secretive for the most part. Don't know where they will go for the next one, hopefully Shuri Panther becomes a stronger character by then but I'm doubtful. Recasting would have been the better choice for this movie.
  24. It would really pain me, to think about picking the Eagles to win this. I'm gonna have to process this a little more.
  25. Finally saw this— it wasn’t aggressively awful like Eternals but I was bored to tears. Not sure how I feel about them trading the movie’s heart on the actual death of Chadwick Boseman. Granted it had to be addressed, and I’m sure everyone involved had true grief for the guy, but it felt like a cheat to me. I don’t think Leticia Wright was the right choice to center the movie on. She just wasn’t compelling and I don’t think she was a good enough actor to really give us what they wanted. I’ve wanted Angela Basset to be Storm for half my life so making her Black Panther would have been great. They used her to put over Wright, when they should have let her carry the whole thing. Or for that matter, Okoye would have been better. She at least had the passion. Namor was wasted and anticlimactic. I kept waiting for the bigger turn— we think it’s about Vibranium when really it’s about colonialism and multiculturalism… but no, it was really about vibranium and planning for war as opposed to showing us a war. I know it had to basically be scrapped after Boseman died, and Leticia Wright was a problem on set— I just can’t help but think they should have let this one go and not make it until they could build up to a new Black Panther like they did the first one with Civil War. THAT said, this is all very keeping with whatever Marvel phase this is.
  26. I keep hearing you talk about strava and just downloaded it. On the lift now. There’s like 100 people w your name.
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