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  2. The ban is justified. But, to be fair, that is more than people like Bodega, Amanda-CM-Letsgo-Amadala, SOL-Poe, and Tommy ever did. SOL in particular was a straight up jerk.
  3. It may turn out to be a good year for this thread-especially with the COVIDS
  4. I missed the drama but am fine with this banning
  5. I can definitely see what you mean for the guy.
  6. chapter 9: Jaina goes over all the data Ben assembled on the bounty hunters. The Quarren is Dhidal Nyz who specializes in inventing capture/imprisonment technologies. Zilaash Kul has no criminal record, but carries a Jedi lightsaber modeled after Obi-Wan Kenobi’s which was thought lost when the Death Star exploded. The Skakoan is Hrym Mawaar, a bounty hunter of several decades. The YVH droid turns out to be a human in disguise. His name is Vrannin Vaxx, mercenary from Dorvalla who had served well in the Vong war but was burned and maimed during a shuttle crash late in the war. He us
  7. Couldn't agree more! Just reading the above, I hear the tunes so clearly! Great way to start the day, so thank you for that! Amazing to think of how literally all the elements to that film came together so well to produce the perfect sequel after the incredible success of the first film isn't it? And for it to be over 40 years old and hold up so well when a lot more recent effects based films do not.
  8. Yes, RDR2 (and the original game from memory) is the standout on the way to incorporate the collectable element to a game. One of my probs is being a bit of an obsessive collector - once I start on something, need to see it through to the end, so I have to pick and choose my games wisely! Alien Isolation was a good example. Loved the tension in that one but the trophies required multiple play throughs at varying difficulty levels which took a fair bit of time (the nature of the game is one small mistake and you are dead. Very tense!), but the satisfaction of getting the final trophy
  9. He reached out to me on FB to pass on his apologies, especially to Cerina. He wanted to do an in depth explanation for everyone but I told him not to stress out about that. He wasn’t asking to come back, he totally gets it and owns it.
  10. He's a big boy. He knows you can't call someone a cunt without repercussions
  11. We finished Season 3 last week. It's such a good, fun show, despite and/or because of the cheesiness. The hardest part for us to watch, honestly, was at the start of Season 2 when Johnny was being manipulated so hard by Kreese, but that also made it so nice when Johnny sent him off. Otherwise, my thoughts pretty much echo what so many of you have said about the show. One thing that almost certainly altered our viewing/perception of the show is the fact that we started taking karate classes in 2019. Sadly, the pandemic has kept us from continuing with them for almost a year now, but we
  12. Yesterday
  13. Cobra Kai existing had brought up stories i would have never even sought it. I never knew that the reason Daniel and Jessica were never me than friends in KK3 was because the actress that played Jessica was 16 when they were filming. Macchio was 27 and the producers thought that was too creepy.
  14. Thanks! I'd love to explain in detail what I meant but my laptop crashed while googling drawings by Frank Quitely. Continue to love me in ignorance, please!
  15. Fozzie, did you message him or anything when you banned him, or just banned and that's it? Not like you would have needed to, if he doesn't know why he was banned then he's got bigger problems than we thought.
  16. I agree with that. I do hope Z does talk this over with his therapist, and things do get better for him. While I agree that he put himself in the situation that got him banned, and the ban was appropriate, I don't wish bad on him in any way. I also have done and said stupid things, including here, and hope he was just having a bad day, and nothing worse is going on. I didn't see it until just s few minutes ago, but he posted his Dad was going into surgery, and wonder if the stress of that may have contributed to his actions (as in being under stress may have caused him to lash out).
  17. Awesome pics! Especially the bee!
  18. 65 degrees and sunny today. Perfect day for a trip to the mountains!
  19. Yeah, lockdown gave me back my Covid 20(LBS), too, unfortunately. My job is planning on going back to in person after May, so once I get moving around and stop being 12 feet from the fridge all day, I hope to get that 20 LBs off ASAP.
  20. Ha, thanks. It's been so long since the weight loss that I've actually gained 20 of it back in the meantime.
  21. I have an adult / late ASC/D diagnosis. I am 46, but got the diagnosis 11 years ago this spring. Every diagnosis is different in terms of difficulty with various things, so I have bad executive dysfunction (maybe ADD)* and any sensory overload issues are related to touch instead of hearing (Hobbes might have forgotten more about autism than I know), but a kind of immaturity is there and I am very self-conscious about it (other people's maturity often makes me anxious), and I know it is unlikely to change. (edit, point being don't focus on someone's immaturity, but rather their not be
  22. Mid to late 30's? Jesus. Yeah he's way out of touch and, based on his posts, my first assumption is someone in his early 20's at the most. Though I did know he's older than that but even a 20 year old knows better. Hell, a ten year old knows better. At his age, it's hard to change and pretty unlikely.
  23. I agree, but that was the reason I went above what Cerina had done. Typically we’re much more likely to go along with whatever the other one did. But as she pointed out, we also do a much better job of protecting each other than ourselves.
  24. Yeah, in essence, he was doubling down. But personally, I think throwing out an insult like that is bad enough for a permaban. Not that it is my call in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
  25. He’s in his mid-to-late thirties and has been a member since 2004. Cerina and I both hate to ban people. Especially since we’re such a small group, it feels like kicking someone out of a group of friends. Which is why I felt it was important to acknowledge it. The thing that was the final straw was actually his defense of his language. If he had just called Cerina the name I might have been willing to do a temp ban. But his defense was the same as every racist/sexist I’ve ever known “it isn’t bad because I would call anyone that” or the similar “not all women / not all black
  26. ESB, overall, is the best soundtrack. Asteroid Chase, The Battle of Hoth and Cloud City being standouts to me. Oh, and the crescendo when Yoda pulls the X-Wing out of the swamp!
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