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  2. I must have liked this as I watched it over 3 days! I usually don't binge series that quick unless I'm worried about spoilers like Stranger Things. This had a very Harry Potter vibe to it with the school for supernatural creatures and magic and I'm always down for that stuff. Jenna Ortega is great as the title character and it even has the previous Wednesday, Christina Ricci as one of the instructors.
  3. I’ll probably hbo max it in a month or two, whenever it drops there
  4. Ms. Spam

    NFL 2022

    Dallas is just in such a hard division for the playoffs. LOL
  5. CoLA

    Black Adam

    Anyone see it? It was...okay? It's nice to see a more morally grey type of "hero" who has no compunction to doing away with enemies and it was funny to see the Justice Society trying to keep up with him and keep him from killing the bad guys while also fighting him. Although they didn't seem to care about him killing the main bad guy at the end LOL. And a neat after credit scene, too!
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  7. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    The Packers are done. They haven't really looked all that good this season and it looks like Aaron has an injury that might keep him out for quite a bit of the remaining season.
  8. Ms. Spam

    NFL 2022

    The one time I need the packers to beat Philadelphia ugh.
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  10. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    I'm done. The only reason we might make the playoffs is because of the crap division we're in. This is late 90s early 2000s Buc Ball. We cannot score there are a multitude of reasons that we haven't clicked on offense, but at this point we are who we are.
  11. What a game in Jacksonville! Lawrence looked to be in his college form, with multiple drives in the second half and a game winning touch-down with 14 seconds left. Doug Peterson has the team heading in the right direction.
  12. Tampa Tennessee Miami Chicago Washington Denver Baltimore Chargers Vegas Kansas City San Francisco Green Bay Indianapolis
  13. Thursday Nov 24 Buffalo at Detroit NY Giants at Dallas New England at Minnesota Sunday Nov 27 Tampa Bay at Cleveland Cincinnati at Tennessee Houston at Miami Chicago at NY Jets Atlanta at Washington Denver at Carolina Baltimore at Jacksonville LA Chargers at Arizona Las Vegas at Seattle LA Rams at Kansas City New Orleans at San Francisco Green Bay at Philadelphia Monday Nov 28 Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
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  15. Thursday Nov 24 Buffalo at Detroit NY Giants at Dallas New England at Minnesota Sunday Nov 27 Tampa Bay at Cleveland Cincinnati at Tennessee Houston at Miami Chicago at NY Jets Atlanta at Washington Denver at Carolina Baltimore at Jacksonville LA Chargers at Arizona Las Vegas at Seattle LA Rams at Kansas City New Orleans at San Francisco Green Bay at Philadelphia Monday Nov 28 Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
  16. So I resolved to make an offer on the 1946 Chevy today. Unfortunately, after talking to my mechanic friend, his dad GAVE the car to him! Good Dad though! My friend is not interested in selling right now, but he will let me know if he decides to sell. The good thing is my friend has agreed to help me upgrade my cylinder heads on my Chevy Nova, which will be good for at least 40-50 horsepower!
  17. Turns out the guy who did it actually went to school for a brief time in San Antonio. I like how people are talking about how badly beaten up he was by the two people who stopped him that he couldn't stand and you could barely understand him at his arraignment. Red flag laws work I guess when people actually use them? I think a bomb threat is a pretty good reason to not issue people a gun to a person who's not a first responder. But then I also have in my news cycle here a thing about a brand new cop out on the street firing on a teenager in a BMW while he was at a McDonald's eating a hamburger in his car because the BMW matched the description of a car at a crime that got away. The kid spent a month in the hospital from his gunshot wounds. Sooo I am sometimes with Pong that cops kinda suck too.
  18. That first half was soooo slow because of the nine million flags thrown for Dallas/Giants.
  19. One could make the argument that the Pats record, doesn't represent how good that team really is. They are a very average team, at best.
  20. Glad I didn't switch that last game to New England, cuz I was very not confident in picking the Vikings.
  21. Yes. They're called the Republican Party. They aren't even pretending anymore, they're saying the quiet part out loud, and it's fucking ridiculous that the media and the Democrats aren't calling it out. Fucking pus sies.
  22. What the ever living fuck---are people actually taking the side of the gunmen because of their hatred of gay people?
  23. It’s just my wife and kids today. I am the cook in the house and my wife is dairy free/ gluten free. My wife had to work yesterday so we drove all over to get ingredients to make a thanksgiving dinner where she could eat everything. Today she has the flu really bad and she is in bed so after all that I just made chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese. my boys and I have been watching home alone 1 and 2. I haven’t seen them since when they came out. Home Alone is way better than I remember and holds up really well. And wow—home alone 2 is REALLY violent and does not hold up at all. The boys want to watch 3 and I’m reluctant.
  24. ESB ANH R1 Mando S2 Andor S1 Mando S1 ROTJ Obi-Wan S1 TFA SOLO TLJ BOBF (Mando episodes) ROTS TPM BOBF S1 TROS AOTC
  25. Okay, not sure if we did this after "Obi Wan" or not but it;'s time for every Star Wars fans favorite thing to do, ranking shit! So for myself, like I did last time I did this, I will consider live action movies and tv shows and I will consider each season of each show it's own thing. Which basically means Im just splitting Mando into it's 2 seasons. 1-The Last Jedi 2-The Empire Strikes Back 3-Star Wars 4-The Foce Awakens 5-Andor 6-Revenge of the Sith 7-Rogue One 8-Return of the Jedi 9-Obi Wan Kenobi 10-Solo 11-The Mandalorian Season 2 12-Attack of the Clones 13-The Phantom Menace 14-The Mandalorian Season 1 15-The Rise of Skywalker 16-The Book of Boba Fett
  26. The Choc


    I felt this show was truly excellent. The first Star Wars show that wasn't "Star Wars Lite" and really felt like something great on it's own. It fulfills the promise of what we were all excited about when Disney bought Lucasfilm. Obviously we all were excited to see Luke, Leia, Han back and the ST. This though fulfills the idea that you can set all different kinds of shows in the Star Wars universe. Im not saying that this is what Star Wars "should be" because I don't think thats the case. There is certainly room for stuff that is more traditional Star Wars with Jedi and the Force and lightsabers. At least there better be cause I love that stuff. This show was just great though.
  27. I mean, he's probably really short. Chimneys aren't that wide but Santa looks like he is. If he's 5'6 or something then 194lb could be right. Reckon he does have skinnier arms and legs to get down the chimney.
  28. Halloween - my little kid was Siren Head. Feel free to Google it and then question my parenting. My oldest didn't really want to dress up, so he went with his 3 younger cousins and brother (3, 4, 6, and 6) in plain clothes and told everyone that he was an "underpaid babysitter begging for sympathy candy". Apparently that was a big hit. My mom, sister, and I stayed behind to give out candy and such. This year we had 3 bowls set out - chocolate candies (Reese's, Milky Way, Snickers, etc.), fruity candies (Baby Bottle Pops, Laffy Taffy rope, Nerds rope, and something else I don't remember), and Rice Krispie Treats. We also had small individual things of scented Play-doh. Kids of all ages went nuts for the Play-doh. The Rice Krispie Treats were the first to empty. The chocolate didn't even get halfway empty. Next year I told my sister I want to have a potato as an option. Kids are wild. Thanksgiving - we're going to my sister's house, and I'm going to help with the cooking so I don't have to be on the clean-up crew. We were all going to see my grandparents in Houston since my grandpa had open heart surgery 2 months ago, but instead, my dad decided to import them to Austin so he can take them out house shopping over the weekend because they need to move up here to be closer to the rest of us. We moved my mom's parents last year, and I swear it added 3-5 years to their lives, so now it's my dad's parents' turn.
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