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  2. Sooo... did they fire her? At the very least I hope someone reported her to the health department or OSHA.
  3. Loved this episode! More please! Finally, Fett lives up to his name on screen as an ultimate badass, beer belly notwithstanding. Or was it just because he had a cloak on underneath the armor? And YES, I totally buy that Fett survived the Sarlacc! Even in ROTJ, it's stated it takes years (not sure if I buy 1000 years, but certainly a long time), and with the tech we saw in this episode, and scars to show for it, I am all in on seeing how Fett survived eventually. However, who is really buying he is going to help Mando for altruistic reasons? I don't! I sense a double cross coming up
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  5. So, if Superman was on Tattooine, would he be twice as strong?
  6. Every time I hear people say TOS sets were cheap and low budget, I want to rip my teeth out. For its time, TOS was a very expensive TV show. The technology wasn't there back then, like it is today. By today's standards, sure, it looks cheap, but not in its day. People forget this is a show from a half century ago. Its not that they were cheap, it's just how far stage technology and special effects have come.
  7. I'm ignoring the dictates and making it canon for myself.
  8. Is it primarily the climate and darkness of winter that people don't like about Alaska? Cause I went to Tromsø in the very north of Norway, which is in the Arctic circle and during winter there is only about 2 hours of civil twilight and the rest is darkness. But people are super happy and love the winter months, fully embracing the reality that the environment brings. The coziness of being inside but also the extremity of the environment outside. Skiing, ice fishing, skating, climbing all that stuff. Do people in Alaska not have a similar attitude to surviving the winters there?
  9. I am by no means an authority on this, but I personally got the distinct impression while I lived there that the city dwellers in Alaska were very much a mixed bag. Some of them were rugged outdoors types, but there were quite a few that through life circumstances found themselves in Anchorage or Fairbanks, and sure: city life in AK isn't like city life in other places, but it isn't so rough that all people with ties there leave and stay gone. My in-laws are a good example of this mixed bag. My mother-in-law was born and raised in Los Angeles before moving there. She doesn't love AK,
  10. chapter 16: Jacen says that Bothan politicians tell the truth sometimes because they’ll do anything to win elections. Caedus is calm, despite his day cabin being blown out, lockdown alarms blaring and knowing that he had been led into an ambush. He wasn’t prepared for Luke to be out there, leading the starships. Just as in his visions, Luke is coming for him. Caedus had jumped from his chair and rushed into the tactical salon before Luke had launched his weapons. Now, he sees a throne surrounded by all manner of species and a tall-red-headed woman at the center. Tahiri s
  11. Fair enough. Personally I'd find it easier to just let it go and role with the changes, but that it is me and no one can say you haven't been consistent in this stance for years so respect to you there. Only thing I'd clarify is that when I say the slate was going to be wiped no matter what happened, is that if Disney didn't buy it and someone else did, it still would have happened. I also don't think Lucas had the respect for the EU as much as you think he did but again, just my viewpoint.
  12. Sarah Palin bailed on Alaska the first chance she got, which less ardently Alaskan folk will admit that they can’t blame her. The type of Alaskans that know how common malamutes are tho probably hold a grudge. lol
  13. I thought the episode was fun but felt that at the same time it brought back the very worst aspects of season one and the EU. The EU, which in full personal opinion disclosure transparency and other buzzwords, all sucked, all like every part of it. Anyway, it was annoying to see Mando turn back into Mandoh. How many times you gonna walk into that bubble, dumbass? Maybe if you stood your ground next to Grogu then you could have honorably lost Grogu in like an Alamo style rather than through total incompetence. I’m a little tired of the magic metal too. Like, every Mandalorian has
  14. I think that it gives off that impression, because most of the scenes were put together on large stages, meant to represent being in larger places then they actually were. The sound technology they had was low budget, so they were forced to act like they were in a play on a stage, with exaggerated pronunciations of their dialogue, to ensure that the overhead mics picked up their voices. William Shatner didn't help with that image, because he tended to over-act his part a bit too much in the close up scenes. The sets also looked really cheap, because they were. It gave off the impr
  15. Lol Those same dictates made the EU to begin with.
  16. I still don't buy the theory that LucasFilm was going to wipe the slate clean. George Lucas was pretty adamant about his saga ending with Episode VI and there never being any further episodes. He only wrote his story treatments to help sell the franchise. I hear what you're saying, but I can't get on board with that. I actually want to hurl every time I see a fan on Facebook getting giddy about LucasFilm making his favorite story or character canon again by including it in their canon. To me, this is a weak position, and these fans remind me of fetishists who like to be spit on, stepped on,
  17. I don't think I do. I have my own geekiness or whatever you want to call it. But I still can call out and mock things I find stupid about fandom while realizing there are probably elements of my own fandom which could deservedly be mocked by others. But really in the end as it pertains to this instance my point is really who cares. Zerimar likes the old EU, thats totally cool. Go to your shelf and read those books then. Thats awesome. Don't worry about what elements of it are or aren't be incorportated into the new stuff. Who cares how those elements are incorporated. Go with the stories
  18. Terminal can still mean years. But, yeah, easy points are still fair.
  19. Dude, you’ve been posting on a Star Wars message board so long your account can almost vote. Don’t pretend like you have any type of high ground when it comes to geekdom.
  20. Its funny this show still does so much that I dislike on principle but as the show goes on, and in my opinion has improved, those things just don't matter. It's similar to The Force Awakens. If you had asked me a week before that movie to list things I hope we don't see the movie did like a dozen of those thing. At the end of the day it didn't matter though. Some of those things I was just wrong about and the others things which I still didn't like just didn't really matter compared to what the movie did so well. Its the same here. I still think its dumb Boba Fett is alive but hell he con
  21. "Levels of canonicity". Jesus. Who the hell cares. None of it ever happened. It doesn't matter.
  22. Not arguing with you Zerimar but I think you should try look at it from a different perspective. In a way, the Legends EU has had more respect than it ever had under Disney/new Lucasfilm. They don't pretend it doesn't exist - they still pay homage to it and they have people actively incorporating (and yeah changing, otherwise what's the point) characters and stories into the new canon and movies from Legends because they like it. As Goat said, the EU was going to have the slate wiped if Disney bought Lucasfilm or not. At least they're not trying to wipe it from existence or rule anything
  23. Going to have to agree with you there.
  24. It is actually not EU: it's all on the same level of canonicity with the films (though there is an obvious disconnect between the people making the films and the people making the other materials. The former does not seem to care about the latter, despite initial claims to the contrary). I know that lack of a term encompassing everything aside from the movies makes conversation frustrating, and I'm perfectly fine with people using made-up terms like "new EU," to your point, it is not EU. The EU, by technical definition, was the old canon, now rebranded "Legends." What I was referring to spe
  25. What do you base this on, beyond fuzzy feelings? It's still EU. It's still written by contract writers. It's the same shit. It's pretty easy to understand why they cleaned the slate and it was only a matter of time. You couldn't have been surprised. If you're taking sides, there's SW and then there are a bunch of hack contract writers hired on the cheap to pop out some books every couple months.
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  27. This week was great, definitely no side quest here. I don't in general like the idea of Fett being back, in fact its dumb, but as been pointed out if you bring him back at least make him cool and they certainly did that. Also pretty cool that they made Boba a friend rather than an enemy. Didn't see that coming.
  28. Odine didn’t ask for those details! 38. Been here since I was 17.5. Born in 1982 so I’m one of those “X-ennials” that doesn’t really fit into a generation. And I’m a cis woman with very feminine tendencies and interests, even though I went through an androgynous phase in high school. There.
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