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  2. Still haven’t turned on main roster WWE (beyond the Lashley/Ciampa match cuz I was hoping for Johnny) in years, but man, if it’s not Cody, the only person who should beat Roman is Sami Zayn.
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  4. BTW that Hit Row rap sucked. Just saying.
  5. Jacy Jane looked great. Gigi looked gassed. I hate to body shame someone, but Gigi needs to lose 10-15 pounds. They got a pretty good pop from the crowd.
  6. Stark and Lyons are out because of injury. Toxic Attraction are in tonight.
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  8. For me it's Bale. Really the only Batman movies I really like, hell the only comic book movies I really like, are the Nolan Batman movies.
  9. I think the Navajo have it right: after someone dies, they burn the house down.
  10. Keaton's Batman killed a lot of people, not just the Joker. One of my favorite scenes from Batman Returns But the Burton films were more satirical and I don't think were meant to be taken as seriously as the others, and maybe that's why they seem to get a free pass. The killing scenes, like the one above, were mainly there for slapstick comedy. It was always funny when Batman killed someone in the those films.
  11. Long story short, my parent's didn't properly take care of grandma's house when they inherited it and it ended up getting flooded when a pipe burst and they didn't find out for a month. After it was all said and done they lost around $180k, plus whatever money they should have gained renting the damn thing out for 10 years. I ended up fronting them thousands for two 40 foot dumpsters and an independent contractor to do a cleanup of the interior. I'm sure things will eventually come to a head with their house too.
  12. Dear God, this was my Dad, too. Took my brother and I nearly 10 months to clear out the house for sale, and now that the market is tanking, selling the house has become a pain. And now I have a storage unit full of stuff I don't particularly want. Also, my brother wants to have an asking price far above market value. I literally had to tell a buyer no today.
  13. Well for me, it's not so much Batman killing, but using a gun to kill. He is supposed to be against guns used for killing because his parents were shot to death.
  14. These are my parents. My dad is tech savvy as he essentially helped build the world we all live in, but certainly there is an insistence to avoid the real problems.
  15. I don’t think it was ever actually called out in the early ones that Batman doesn’t kill people? I’m guessing it’s a big point in the comics but film wise I didn’t think they really established it as a trait for him until Batman Begins. That’s what threw me with the Affleck version, after not killing was such a big part of the character in the last three, didn’t feel right seeing him going on a bit of a kill spree.
  16. For me is because Keaton's Batman is literally like watching the Mark of Zorro. He finally comes face to face with the guy who killed his parents, and he is saving Gotham in the process. What would you do in that situation? That and I don't have a criticism of Bale's batman. Just Batfleck.
  17. Apparently Netflix added an 11th episode today. We finished the 9th last night so that’s fun. I’m really enjoying it and actually find the slower pace refreshing.
  18. Also--why do people go so tied up with the superhero being portrayed incorrectly. Ever Joker/ Lex Luthor/ Shredder/etc has a different take.
  19. Are we differentiating between Batman and Bruce--or a combination of two? Super unpopular opinion: 1a. Ben Affleck (I LOVE Snyder's DC universe. (Sidenote--I just read the Watchman/ DC crossover comic and I enjoyed it--anyone else get it?) 1b. Keaton 2. Bale I think everyone else was whatever. I think it is okay for different takes on Batman as long as it is the same movieverse. I have heard of some sequels movie trilogies where the characters change personality and act against their core values without ever showing why. I am obviously referring to th
  20. Genuine question here. Batfkeck machine guns down people and is a literal murderer. Bale Batman “won’t kill but doesn’t have to save” Ra’s Al Ghul. Both of these were fairly and correctly criticized. But Keaton Batman flat out tells Joker he’s going to kill him, and then ties a gargoyle to his leg, guaranteeing he’ll fall from the rope ladder to the helicopter he’s trying to escape on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any criticism about this, but how is it different? I will admit I might be remembering the details incorrectly, it’s probably been 20 years since I last watched it, but is it ju
  21. 1. Keaton 2. West ( he counts, Batman 1966) 3. Conroy 4. Bale 5. Affleck Hated Clooney as Batman. Indifferent to Val Kilmer. *Haven't seen Pattinson The Batman yet.
  22. Clooney couldn’t even be bothered to change his voice when in the suit. Not even a little.
  23. Disney released comic books that actually answer these very questions: https://www.ign.com/articles/star-wars-plot-hole-mystery-luke-skywalker-x-wing-marvel I find it amusing that they wrote about it as if it was “fixing a plot hole” between ESB and ROTJ.
  24. 1. Bale 2. Keaton 3. Pattinson 4. Kilmer 5. Affleck 6. Clooney I actually think Kilmer could have been the best with a few films or under a different director. Same with Affleck to a degree. Clooney just ends up playing himself in everything so he goes right to the bottom.
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    It's cute that you think I know how to do this
  26. 1. Keaton, just because that movie was such an event and moment for me as a kid. 2. Kevin Conroy. He counts and is the best. 3. Pattinson, if we’re being real, probably my actual live action favorite. 4. Ben Affleck. He had a great look and vibe, but Zack Snyder having a fundamental misunderstanding of the character tanked it. 5. Bale. I never liked, or actually even understood, how he and his movies are so revered. It was all very meh. 6. Clooney and Kilmer— ehhhh. Honestly, the older I get, the more I just feel like Adam West was perfect.
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