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  2. Wired mice are cheap on Amazon.
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  4. Thursday, November 30th Seattle at Dallas Sunday, December 3rd Indianapolis at Tennessee LA Chargers at New England Detroit at New Orleans Atlanta at NY Jets - picked this for Dad but both need a win pretty bad! Arizona at Pittsburgh - uhm this is a surprise for me. Like who thought the Steelers would have this record? Miami at Washington Denver at Houston Carolina at Tampa Bay Cleveland at LA Rams San Francisco at Philadelphia Kansas City at Green Bay Monday, December 4th Cincinnati at Jacksonville
  5. Tennessee Chargers Detroit Jets Pittsburgh Miami Houston Tampa Rams Philadelphia Kansas City Jacksonville
  6. Got the bathroom sample tile last night, and my husband didn't like it. He thought the grooves looked like grout. So it looks like we are going with the second choice, which is a blue large format tile we found. I was debating between a blue vanity and a gray vanity, but I was thinking gray floors. But then I need to figure out a linen cabinet too. I have a medium brown freestanding cabinet that I think I'm going to use short term and then I'll figure that out later, because a blue linen cabinet might be a bit much. I like this brand of vanity. We have a larger one in our master bath and it's good quality and has soft close features, while still being reasonably priced (under $1k).
  7. Thursday, November 30th Seattle at Dallas Sunday, December 3rd Indianapolis at Tennessee LA Chargers at New England Detroit at New Orleans Atlanta at NY Jets Arizona at Pittsburgh Miami at Washington Denver at Houston Carolina at Tampa Bay Cleveland at LA Rams San Francisco at Philadelphia Kansas City at Green Bay Monday, December 4th Cincinnati at Jacksonville
  8. Well I mean that's fair for it to fall on her. I would rather the fan bros call her out on that rather than the fact that she has female reproductive parts. I like how Filoni keeps track of the story. I happen to like a lot of the stories he's telling. I'm not enjoying Mando so much, but I did like Ahsoka. But I've always enjoyed the Skywalker story and Jedi lore. And I was a big EU fan girl until they killed off Mara Jade, after killing off Anakin Solo.
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  10. So, IS it my mouse? Should I just get a new one?
  11. I'm hate-playing it until I've got my $80 worth. Also, everyone who defends the game says the same thing-- "It's a Bethesda game, you're supposed to find your own story." I remember not liking Fallout 4 at first because I played it like a straight-line narrative and missed stuff. So I told myself with this one, I'll try to find my own thing to do and see how that goes. I found some motivation for my own head story: I am going to be a masked space vigilante. This was my inspiration after finding the hideout of "The Mantis" who is exactly that. Only the Mantis is dead and has a Dread Pirate Roberts mantle-passing origin. The game starts you off getting fucked up by space pirates, so I decided they are my enemy. The game makes them a faction you can join if you want. My late ego is a low key, mid-level with a spaceship for hire. I take shipping jobs, some passenger transporting, occasional survey work, and a bit of smuggling. This gives me a cover for seeing the galaxy, and also makes me money, which funds my vigilante operations. I've got a big ass hefty cargo ship for doing this work, a couple outposts that farm resources for doing all the mod-building you can for weapons and armor. As The Mantis, I'll take the occasional bounty, I'll help settlers plagued by pirates, raid pirate strongholds, and I have the Mantis' ship, which I've streamlined into a fast-attack craft that I use to stalk and hunt pirate ships. I nuke most of them, but the bigger ones I highjack and then sell for funds after I steal their cargo. The Mantis ship also has an effect/chance of scaring pirate ship off when you appear. On this path I run into lower level criminals, which I will often do work for if it is non-violent, letting them think I am working for them, when really, I am just using them to get to higher up bosses, or operations I can shut down and loot guilt free. I did see by accident on a player guide that if you get arrested you can trigger a storyline where the law basically makes you go undercover into the pirate fleet. Realizing this was perfect for "my story" I went into the nearest shop and stole a bottle of water to get arrested. To the games credit-- I've been able to do this all pretty easily. This covers tons of missions, multiple story beats, random side missions, and action found exploring. So once I decided this was my story path, damn if the game isn't making it totally doable. There's people out there starting resource farms to get rich, people with drug empires, people who play out being s space pirate as part of that faction. The ability to make your own story is actually pretty amazing, and the deserve some credit for that. That said-- why try to force me into a main story at all? I think it's BS-- they either want you to play your own story or play theres. Just commit to one. The there is the fact that if you don't have motivation, it is kinda lifeless. There's no real performances and the PC isn't even voiced. There's no deep emotional connection to the story. And then there's the glitches, the poor resource economy, the stupid ass encumbrances, and all the other stuff I talk about in. my previous posts. So it's really mixed. I think about this cool story I've made for myself, and I get excited to play. It's fun to clear pirate outposts... until they start repeating layouts. The starship builder is actually a lot of fun... but you need a lot of in game money to do it. So I think of the potential and get excited to play, have fun for a couple hours, then get stalled out due to glitches or poor game design and get irritated. It's just incomplete and not well thought out it too many ways. The said, I'm sure after a couple years of big updates, mods, and some DLCs, it could get there. I was insanely disappointed by Cyberpunk, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Fallout 4 in the OF versions-- but yers later they are among my favorite games,. Its just sucks that it requires years of extra development, and n entire fan community to get it there. And again, I paid $80, I deserve some entertainment!
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  13. Look at all those R's who voted No, too. https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/01/politics/full-house-vote-george-stantos-dg/index.html
  14. Foo Fighters tickets? Dude, you're a great Dad!
  15. Most of my time spent here was when they were toddlers and I'd put them to bed for the night. Damn. Forget Christmas, I have to buy a birthday present. When I mentioned my youngest being 20, his birthday is actually Monday. I'm thinking of buying him Foo Fighters tickets. But, the concert in Cincinnati is sold out and the cheapest third party tickets are $159. Holy hell.
  16. Congress is sick of your shit. LOL
  17. Yeah, I had a friend who posted about Kissinger dying and he was like ask the children of Cambodia if they mourn the loss of that guy... I think the biggest one so far for me as been Rosalynn Carter. It was touching to hear how Jimmy asked that they have their beds arranged so they can face each other. The Carter's pastor said this at her funeral, "She'll tell you don't stop. There's too many homeless people in the world. There's too many people that still don't have equal rights. There's still too many people who suffer from mental illness. There's still too many people that look at the color of their skin. She'll tell you don't stop."
  18. Well, the video had her talking to every resort BUT Snoqualmie. I don't think they've set an opening date. It's finally raining here. But also warming up. Feels like a pineapple express. That's our typical November weather. Showed up a month late.
  19. Inquisitor Martyr is an ok ARPG, but other than that I'm not too familiar with 40k games. I know there is a new space marine FPS in the works which will be epic, and this new Rogue Trader from Owlcat is meant to be awesome. But it's an Isometric turn based RPG so may not tick all your boxes
  20. Go into your control panel and click on mouse and keyboard. You can increase the polling rate of your mouse in those settings.
  21. Gamevet

    NFL 2023

    The stats for the Cowboys scoring drive in the 3rd are as follows: 6 runs 6 pass 6 penalties. Oh, the laundry!
  22. So good it’s practically assinine
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