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  2. Not Boba! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. Mando.
  3. That clip is more of a call back to what happens in Boba Fett. A line to show everything wasn't just made up for this episode.
  4. I haven't started Boba Fett yet, but I'm not gonna have to watch a fucking cartoon to understand any of what you're talking about, am I?
  5. Also, the sect that Mando was raised by are extremists according to Bo Katan. Their rules are an extreme variation of Mandalorian custom. THE WAY isn't actually the way.
  6. I recall in TCW series when Obi Wan mentions he fought one on Kamino, they told him Jango was not a Mandalorian either.
  7. So what you’re saying is Twitch kills people, am I rite?
  8. But Boba Fett is not a Mandalorian. He is just a clone of one.
  9. True enough but only Mandolorians can wear the armor. Seems like the remaining Mandolorians would say hey, you're no longer a Mandolorian but you can continue going on looking like you are one.
  10. That is right; I don't know why I said Carmack. Maybe it was the mack. I found his twitter. He was nerding it out on video games till the end. Dude was up all night watching twitch and passed early the next morning. Respect. For those of you curious... @FinalMacstorm
  11. going back to talk about dead ppl: I honestly wonder sometimes if TSquare imploded or something with an orgasmic thing of joy when Trump became president. Like just spontaneously combusted. Because he was in the know. *Wink wink* And sometimes when I see cut away videos during the news cycle of the January 6 thing I think I bet he's glad he's dead. THE DECORUM. I also know that someone who used to post in the comics board but rarely and a long time ago when we had so many members committed suicide but I'm probably one of the few left that even remembers him. Mental illness is hard and scary fo
  12. If no one else, I know Macstorm passed away a few years back
  13. "Your name is what? Gingko beloba? Speak up, son, I can't hear you under that helmet!"
  14. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has joined the cast! Early rumors are she may be playing Hera Syndulla! Squee! Hera is one of my favorites, I hope we get to see her in this! Also, Hayden Christensen is supposed to appear as Anakin, guessing that will be a flashback or vision. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/star-wars-mary-elizabeth-winstead-ahsoka-1235078843/
  15. Would you like to walk around saying your name is "Boba?" It sounds fucking dumb.
  16. Well, they made it but he did provide the Beskar. I guess they would just consider it his and let him keep it, like the way they did his gift.
  17. The Legends arcade is more bang for the buck. It's loaded with a few hundred games and I've heard the buttons and joystick are better quality.
  18. Yep! Naked at work. I don't know how I get away with it. Seniority, I guess. No hot tub, though. I print labels most of the day so doing that from a hot tub, I don't see any problems with it. Corporate doesn't think it's necessary for me to have one, wtf??
  19. Also, if Mando was banished, wouldn't he have to surrender his armor?
  20. I like how Temuera Morrison says Boba Fett like it's one name. I always thought Harrison Ford said it like that in ROTJ as well.
  21. They made a mention that Mando was "fighting" the saber, so I guess it can't be handled correctly by just anyone. Or maybe they need to learn? Not that they elaborated on what that meant! It's never come up with any of the other characters that wielded it.
  22. chapter 12: Ben has to be punched out of his reverie by Tahiri. He explains he felt a mixture of alarm and hope from his father before something cut off the feeling. She tells him that could be anything and not to let anything else distract him from the mission. They have tracked the distress signal from Ohali Soroc’s ship to an asteroid that he believes to be the crash site. They’ve been searching for her for weeks before getting the signal which suspiciously started right after they contacted the Council with their intentions to break off the mission to go to Sarnus. So he’
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