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  2. I'm two episodes in. It's light fun, though there are things I don't like and things I do. But overall it's a bit better than I thought. It's a bit too silly for my tastes. I started fallout with the OG in 1997 and fallout 2 was my fav for many years. Both had very comedic moments but the overall vibe was not slapstick silliness. But so far the show is kinda fun, albeit far too silly.
  3. She insists she wants to finish the year out because she loves her teacher. Of all the things to be resilient about. I am so glad that we will never have to set foot in this horrible school again. I was hoping to hear back from the superintendent, but it appears to have just been lip service. Q was found to not be bullying because of the ridiculous criteria. It's clear they don't believe her side of the story but couldnt find any additional witnesses, and they've created a separation plan for the girls. Q went to the principal and asked why they didn't put a separation plan in place earlier when she had complained. It's clear they are protecting the other girl more than Q. I think it is because the mom is on the PTO and has 3 more kids at the school, while we are done in 9 weeks and they never have to see her again. The principal denied it, but I'm proud of her for advocating for herself. When I was finally told the official complaint by the principal, I told her that even if it was true, it's definitely not bullying. Apparently the girl claims that Q walked up to her, and said, "Hey, do you know what rape is?" and the girl said no. Q then told the girl that it's when someone forces themselves on you, and the girl told her she needed space, and then Q yelled, "Why are you bullying me?" I can tell you in no universe did this ridiculous conversation take place because it doesn't even make sense. It's so bad it sounds like AI wrote it, or it's just a terrible attempt at a 12-year old lie and I absolutely cannot fathom why anyone even thinks this conversation was real. I'm told it is inappropriate to say "rape" at school at all. In all honesty, I could believe that part of the conversation happened if someone made an inappropriate comment about rape and Professor Q decided to bust out the dictionary definition, but Q insists the word rape was never said to this girl or anyone else. I also told the principal off because she tried to claim the girls were friends again. (Q told me she had hoped for it to be true, but its clear now it wasn't.) I told her that these girls were never her friends and that was a narrative the staff was pushing because they couldn't see through their behavior and wanted everything to be fine. The principal is tired of my shit because I keep calling them on their nonsense. What Q did later admit to me, was she got 69 as an answer in math, pointed to it on her paper to the girl and laughed. That's some realistic 12-year old stuff. I suspect what actually happened is that the girl made an inappropriate comment at home and Q was her scapegoat. I forgot to tell you a month or so ago, the control freak mom who called Q a bad influence called up the other girl's mom (the one making the latest claims) and told her that HER daughter was a bad influence. The girls are still hanging out at school but the other girl was upset about it. This girl is the perfect example of pretends to be an angel in public but behind closed doors she is always instigating weird or sexual comments and seeing what she can get away with. Have fun with that one, mom. I'd rather have the kid with no filter who I can have open and honest conversations with.
  4. So Tama Tonga is Bloodline now. Jimmy has been excommunicated. Solo stopped Heyman from calling Roman. Jacob Fatu is the next shoe to drop.
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  6. Indeed, it's very hard to argue for continuing to supply weapons and money to the Israelis on the basis of "saving" lives, after Gaza has literally been flattened and 32,000+ Palestinians are dead, especially when about 13,000 were children. By contrast, Israel lost 1200 people on OCT 7, so their response is beyond disproportionate. Also, how many of the 250 hostages has Israel rescued? Something like 112 were released, I believe, which is less than half, but only 3 were rescued by the IDF. Gaza, Hamas or no, has no way of defending itself, let alone invading anyone. What Netan-Yahoo is doing is nothing less than genocide. It is one thing if Israel had took out only Hamas command centers and other Hamas sites and equipment, but bombing civilians and aide workers is inexcusable. Not to mention the nonsense going on in the West bank, and let's not forget the Damascus bombings that threaten to wided the war with Iran possibly jumping in, too. I WAS in Israel's corner at first when the OCT 7 attacks occured, but since then, Israel has long since crossed a red line for me. I can't support them getting more arms and funds from the US, if this is how they want to fight a war.
  7. Assuming you can afford it, lawyer up anyway. It's not going to stop. They're being absolutely fucking ridiculous at this point. Is her therapist willing to testify to her overall stress level and emotional state? I would also yank her out and homeschool anyway. But I know it's not as easy as it sounds since you both work full time and all. But seriously, fuck these people.
  8. We had traffic gridlock on interstate 10 going out and coming back. It was hilarious waiting to get home because people can’t zipper merge. My school kids were appropriately both fascinated and bored with it. HA! I feel like something has changed in my life like it’s weird. My sides hurt. I’ve been clumsier. But I chalk that up to getting old but I blame the eclipse.
  9. At what point will the world draw a redline and intervene? He's already leveled Gaza, murdered 30,000 civilians, targeting aid workers, children, medical professionals and the red cross. He's only allowed aid in due to diplomatic pressure, and even then not enough is getting in. There is now a famine in Gaza, totally man made. Check out the holodomor of Ukraine 1932 to see the results of that in a historical context. Now any ceasefire that is happening is a pause for him to launch a ground offensive in Raffah. Strikes into Lebanon and Syria. Shall we wait until there are concentration camps for refugees established, mass executions and incursions into the West Bank? Where is the line? No. Let's the United Kingdom and USA keep selling arms to Netanyahu and keep the war machine running while simultaneously distancing ourselves publicly from Netanyahu and saying "we need more aid to get through". The UK and the US is playing limp wristed appeasement to this psychopathic fuck and the situation is only getting worse every day.
  10. Lol. Jew, singular- Netanyahu. I'm comparing him to Hitler. Not the people of Israel, a large number of whom were protesting his very government before Oct 7. Many Israelis don't want him. Regardless of the above, the comparison while tragically ironic does fit. Netanyahu is the leader of a far right ultra nationalist government who wants the expansion of a Zionist ethno-state and the eradication of Arab Palestinians . His intentions are near the same, he's only going after a different "other". Afterthought: I find it disturbing and amusing that in 2024 we sling the word fascist around, call people Hitler, seemingly at the drop of a hat. At Trump and his supporters most memorably. Or any right wing metal band. But the second I use it against an actual far-right ultra nationalist with genocidal intentions it gets called controversial because said leader happens to be Jewish. Like I said, it's a sick twist of tragic irony.
  11. You're missing the point. Hezbollah doesn't want war with Israel. But if Israel continually makes further incursions into Lebanon then Israel will force the hand of Hezbollah to retaliate. Ergo, any Hezbollah invasion would be a direct consequence of Israel's actions. They're bringing it on themselves. Ideally, the world should be applying crippling economic sanctions to Israel and enormous diplomatic pressure to force Netanyahu to end the conflict, and they should bring the case of a two state solution to the international courts. Will this happen? I doubt it. Netanyahu seems content to do whatever he wants, international community be damned. So what is your solution? So far it seems to be continue arming the Zionists and resume the status quo. Sorry, but the status quo is genocide, and they won't stop with Gaza as we are seeing already.
  12. Last week
  13. You’re both insisting your motives are good so the outcome of what you want to happen would be good. I believe you think you’re good and the violent results of what you wish for will therefore lead to good things. I understand that this is something you both think. “Violence? Where? Wrong! A leap of logic! I just think there should be more war.” “Controversial? Me? I just think these Jews are Hitler.”
  14. When I wrote the words “It might very well do so even if the US does not do that” those words meant that Hezbollah might very well do a full-scale invasion even if the US does not cut off any more weapon shipments to Israel and if it does not stop funding and arming Israel. I’m aware of Israeli strikes in Lebanon and, of course, Syria!
  15. He can definitely rest easy knowing his wife’s killer is finally dead
  16. So what did we do? Well we stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations on the Las Vegas Strip. Realistically, it's at the northern edge of the strip next to Circus Circus. The good thing was it was a smoke free hotel. But the food options were pathetic and slow. They did have a surprisingly nice spa that I got to use for a few hours. The pool was good for kids. There was also a Deuce Bus stop right in front of the hotel so that was useful. Dinners at a Brazilian steakhouse, Noodle Bar (chinese) at Sahara, pizza at Happy Camper, and a few meals at the new Fontainebleau food court since it was across the street. We also did Mexican one night but I can't remember the restaurant. Cirque du Soleil Mystere at Treasure Island Easter Brunch at the Wynn La Cave Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Fun Dungeon arcade at Excalibur (crap prizes) NY NY arcade - good prizes but not that great of an arcade and the Rollercoaster was down that day because it was raining Coke Store - my son walked in and said I need some merch! He cracks me up. Got him a Tervis tumbler. The fancy drinks were broken, so it was kind of worthless. Hershey's Store - not that great, overpriced bulk Hershey's kisses and nothing too unique. The best part is getting a milkshake. Pool time - E is skinny and got cold easily. It was not that warm of a week. Adventuredome at Circus Circus. We did this the last day since we had to check out of the hotel at 11 and our flight wasn't until 9. This was probably my kids favorite activity. E is getting braver at riding Circus type rides, Q is a Rollercoaster junky but ate too much crap so she didn't feel that great. The buffet at Circus Circus is cheap but not that impressive (but my kids essentially got a home-cooked meal so that was a good thing). The arcade was also better than Fun Dungeon or NYNY, so it was a win. I pumped $40 into the stupid Minecraft Dungeons arcade game and E walked away happy. We got to watch a juggler and a clown during one of their hourly shows, so that was kind of fun too. Overall it was a good trip, and everyone had fun.
  17. The more incursions into Lebanon Israel makes will force the hand of Hezbollah. Hezbollah doesn't want conflict without the help of Iran but it seems as though Netanyahu does want a wider regional conflict to draw the US in and to cling on to his power. Former marine and and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter makes a strong argument on why the US cannot win a war against Iran ( Iran and the US both know this. ) So willingly trying to draw the region into this conflict is totally unhinged. I stand by my statement Netanyahu needs a bullet.
  18. And you got Will Osprey taking a shot at HHH. Once again why?
  19. It's been a week so i don't completely remember everything from the Punk interview, but i didn't remember Punk taking the high road. The video loses all context since there is no audio. What was Tony hoping people would think. "See Punk shoved Jungle Boy first!" No one cares. This was almost a year ago now. And having the Young Bucks performance leading into the video? Where was the person to tell Tony this could backfire on you?
  20. Yep. Don't know why they did that. Pointless.
  21. Nope! No leap of logic! I don’t believe Israel is weaponless without US weapons. It isn’t! I believe Hezbollah will do a full-scale invasion if the US cuts off any more weapon shipments to Israel and if it stops funding and arming Israel. It might very well do so even if the US does not do that but I think it definitely would if that happened. You think Israel doesn’t deserve US backing because it wages war in a manner inconsistent with US policy and human rights — does it? I guess we agree! pretty sure Americans would’ve killed millions if there were multiple terrorist attacks in America by Al-Qaeda sympathizers in the six months after 9/11! Israel’s actions so far are thus pretty inconsistent with American policy and the American track record on human rights! — but I think deserve’s got nothing to do with it. Do people in Gaza deserve to die? No. Do people in Israel and in Lebanon deserve to die? No. If there’s something that’ll make more people die I don’t want it to happen. I guess we’re different!
  22. I don't know, suing for emotional distress caused by bullying and the school and district continuing to sweep it under the rug? All these therapy bills I have to pay, the time off from work, private school tuition? This is ruining her life, and her therapist is really concerned that this long-term stress is going to be life-altering. Like, she will literally need therapy forever, and probably has PTSD or some long-standing trauma. A friend recommended a lawyer who helped them force their district to allow their son, who is on an IEP, to test for their gifted program. I got a thank you for bringing your concerns to light reply from the superintendent. Who I didn't email. He said he is going to meet with the principal. So hopefully someone is paying attention now and I don't have to lawyer up. But this needs to stop.
  23. She has her own set of issues. What legal action are you considering?
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