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  2. I just want to see Paul die in the ring. Is that bad?
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  4. Re: Jordynne, it’s both. Reports are there’s gonna be some more crossovers, including NXT talent on TNA. And yeah, they’re definitely trying to sign her once her deal is up. After the great impression she made at the Rumble, I’d be shocked if she doesn’t jump ship
  5. Really good episode. . Not a Sexyy Red fan but whatever. The Jordyn Grace appearance i saw online last night. I wonder if this is true collaboration, or is WWE saying we want to sign you when your contract is up in TNA. Ethan Page was a surprise. I have seen any rumors about him since he was let go in AEW. Makes sense. A lot of AEW wrestlers could use an NXT type system. Now that school is out, my wife and I are going to try to make an NXT show.
  6. Oh I am of no illusion: the fight is just about getting paid. I think I read somewhere Tyson is making upwards of $20 Million, which is obscene. But all of Tyson's fights since 1995 when he returned to boxing with the MCNeeley fight have been money grabs. That said, I think this fight is interesting considering Tyson is 58 and Paul is 27. Tyson might be old, but he still is Mike Tyson, and the dude can still hit. I've seen some vids of Tyson training and I think he is in the fight for real.
  7. Man, really exciting episode of NXT tonight. Give it a chance if you have the time
  8. I got the Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout) feeling when I saw the Mandalorian.
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  10. If it was a real fight I’d be interested but they’re just out to get paid, like the Maywearher/Pacquiao nonsense. But since it’s on Netflix I’ll probably watch it if I’m available
  11. So anyone paying attention to this? Who do you have as the winner on July 20TH? Personally, I think Tyson will destroy Paul.
  12. That name goes way back. i’ve been working on laying down a concrete pad, for our above ground pool. I was thinking that the old pool was 14’ wide. It turns out that it was 12’ and a lot more manageable. I pretty much clean out Home Depot on Saturday and returned on Sunday to buy 10 more concrete slabs. These things are heavy!
  13. With Mando I feel most fans really enjoyed the early stuff, obviously Baby Yoda is just an all time genius creation. However they wanted to story to become less story of the week and more of something larger. Then when it did that most people didn't like it. Which was fair because the whole story about the Mandalorians wasn't very good. Also just the Favreau/Filoni stuff with the intertwined storytelling just doesn't work in 99% of cases. There are obviously episodes of BOBF that are Mando episodes. There is a Mando episode on Coruscant about how crappy the New Republic is. It just doesn't work. Marvel was a once in a generation thing that needed 10 different things to work perfectly to work out. And it did in the biggest way possible culminating with End Game. Since then even the "Marvel way" hasn't worked for Marvel. Its never going to work for Star Wars.
  14. E has been getting into D&D lately. We bought a board game version that makes it a little easier to play, E got some of the book guides for his birthday, and picking out figures for new characters he creates, while my husband paints them for him. Recently we found a local game store at one of the malls, and we've all gone in there a few times to hunt for new figures or just whatever. The employees love him. They think it's so cool that this little guy is getting into it and building his little kobold army and designing new monsters. We stopped in today after getting dinner and they were so happy to see him and listen to him jabber about his character ideas. Which is nice, because I barely have a clue what he is talking about. They've tried to talk to me too, but I'm just like look guys I'm along for the ride and I use stock characters lol. I do it for them. But I really love that they've been so welcoming to him and encouraging him in his new hobby.
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  16. This is 100% true, and think it is why TLJ is so divisive, as is the opinions of most of the Disney era entries. It's funny how everyone was celebrating Disney when Mando came along to anchor D+ and deliver on the post ROTJ most people wanted... but it didn't take long for points of view to shift. My thesis was if it is legit GOOD, then you can get away with anything. If it's BAD, you can't get away with anything. But I think Andor is legit good, and the most hardcore of fans like it least. Fandom wants the same stuff over and over, but also doesn't;t but does but doesn't. At least most people agree TROS is objectively bad. It's a reddit thread turned into a movie.
  17. I really liked Andor too, I think its the best Star Wars TV show by a fairly wide margin, but I do think in alot of cases the distance for many fans between "this is just a rehash of Star Wars" vs "This just doesn't feel like Star Wars" is very very small. With the other Disney stuff obviously TFA is a partial remake of ANH. No sane person could deny. Its just so well done that it still works very well. I love that movie. As for TLJ, Im sure most people here know my feelings about the movie, but as for this specific discussion I do think it uses the familiar to then give us the unfamiliar. Obviously there is a throne room scene, Jedi training, a battle on a white surface with walkers. I do think its using the familiar to then not do the exact things wed expect. Having said that the idea it is so subversive or whatever I don't agree with. The basic plot of Rey finds Luke, he dont wanna train her, he is convinced to, she wants to leave against Lukes wishes, she and the Resistance get into trouble, Luke comes to help and is killed by Kylo while the Resistance escapes is a pretty simple plot and if i had told most fans before the movie that was the outline they;d all have nodded their heads. As for TROS, I just don't know what to make of it. It feels just like a mess of ideas where very little works outside of the comradrie and interactions between the main characters.
  18. Totally agree, I haven't seen Furiosa yet, so than other than that, my rankings the same as yours!
  19. Tank

    Mad Max movies

    Furiosa has WAY more CG with the stunts than the other movies. I saw that in the trailers and it gave me pause. It was really seeing more clips of Hemsworth as the villain that sold me. It's not the best Mad Max movie, but he may be the best villain in the Wasteland. As for the box office-- yeah nothing is doing well, but after Top Gun, Barbie, and Oppenheimer then the collapsing of streamers, people really thought theatrical runs were due for a comeback. Doesn't help that studios only give films a couple weeks to perform then dump to streaming. Not a great incentive.
  20. I remember Thunderdroid’s joke thing mashing him up with Time Cube.
  21. In honor of the majestic and beautiful Susan Janet Ballion's 67th birthday, I dug out all my Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Creatures CDs and had a listening party. This pic is from her solo release Mantaray
  22. NBA Legend Bill Walton. He was 71.
  23. So, does anybody want to buy a really cool 5X8 rug? What are you doing today? I'm doing what all poor people in Florida do on a holiday; visiting my friend with a pool and day drinking. I have a pool but it's Sheryl's turn. I've hit my limit for vape carts at my dispensary so I'ma smoke some flower before I go over there. Trying to decide on food/snacks before I do. Kind of a strange holiday-off work because soldiers died. I had to work, too.
  24. Just on hols at the mo but hope to watch Furiosa when home at some point. Current rankings are: 1 Road Warrior 2 Thunderdome 3 Fury Road 4 Mad Max
  25. I loved Fury Road, but there was something about the trailer for Furiosa that left me thinking it looked awful. I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema. It will have been years, and I'm certain I'm not the only one. So not surprised by the box office bombing
  26. I'm actually surprised the box office is doing so terribly, but it kinda feels like everything is doing bad right now. I've only seen Road Warrior and Fury Road though, and bits of Thunderdome, so I can't rank
  27. I haven't seen Furiosa, but not interested so that might be one reason why it is bombing I'm a bit ambivalent about Fury Foad, especially the amount of post-production colour tinkering I can't rank them because I like Thunderdome too much "well, ain't we a pair, raggedy man" (the first two are classics)
  28. Anyone? Furisosa was just okay for me, but I know a lot of people that love it. It's bombing at the box office. Obligatory ranking: 1. Road Warrior 2. Fury Road 3. Furiosa 4. Mad Max 5. Thunderdome Nothing is ever going to top Road Warrior. It's just too much of a classic.
  29. This is why I liked Andor. Its the only Star Wars since ESB that doesn't expand half its energy reminding you that it is Star Wars.
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