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  2. When the Ramona came out they were one of the fastest bands in existence. Now they’re songs are downright slow compared to a lot of punk that’s come out since. Not exactly what you’re going for in this thread but it’s along the same lines.
  3. I’m listening to the album Scarecrow by John Cougar Mellencamp, and it was obviously a rock album when it came out, but it’s also definitely one of the best country albums of all time, listening to it now. Both genres changed enough that the bluesy small town music is now country. Can anyone think of any other similar examples?
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  5. chapter 29: The Nightsisters gather to board the shuttles that are waiting for them. A female Sith emerges and introduces them to Lord Gaalan. Insulted by the presence of a man, the head Nightsister, Dresdema, orders an attack. The Sith woman sends lightning at her chest. The Sith emerge, killing the rancors and bringing the Nightsisters’ weapons down with lightsabers. By the time Vestara arrives, there’s only one shuttle left, two Sith and several rancor bodies. After greeting Lord Gaalan, she goes back to retrieve Halliava’s bound body, only to return to see her comrad
  6. Jedi Cool


    A Word document which has to be copied/pasted to Notepad and then copied/pasted from there into the post; otherwise the font changes to gray and the post can't be seen. This is how I've had to do it for a few years now and it worked without a problem until Wednesday. And which suddenly seems to be fixed this morning as I just copied/pasted my chapter summary into the thread with no error message. I can't explain it. It's just....weird.
  7. I'd eat Seth's taco cake. I mean what.
  8. I, too, have sworn off my dad's family reunions. We did go in 2019 because it was the 50th, they made t-shirts, and my grandma would have been very disappointed if we hadn't gone (my sister already had to skip because she was due literally any day at that point). I don't plan on ever going back. And another one of my cousins (2nd? 3rd? cousin...I don't know how this works...we share great-grandparents) just married a black guy. One of my cousins did that 10ish years ago, and they've barely been seen since. No surprise. But this newest guy is Nigerian, and they had a lot of traditional Ni
  9. We stopped attending my dad’s family reunion in 2016, following the extreme racism and sexism of my uncles in full display of my wife and kids. My sister got us to agree to go this year by making my niece’s graduation celebration part of it. It’s tomorrow. I have a feeling that after this year, I’ll be asked to not return. At the first sign of the racism, which is more prevalent than the sexism, I’m going off on someone. And I’m prepared to go scorched earth. Old men who have never accomplished anything, most of whom are hated by their own children, if their children even know them.
  10. Fozzie


    What are you initially typing them in?
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  12. I saw a cake at Walmart yesterday that was arranged and decorated to look like a taco.
  13. My new guitar came in. It was 3/4 size (kid size) instead of full size. Drove to the other side of town to return it to a physical store to avoid shipping. Ended up spending $100 more to get a much nicer guitar, and the guy threw in a hard case ($100+) a strap ($20) and some miscellaneous odds and ends.
  14. They have those too. If you don't mind political incorrectness or cultural appropriation, anyway.
  15. I gots a weeeeeeeeeekend coming to me starting at 7 PM today. SOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I have no idea what I am going to do.
  16. Summer in Alaska is the only time I tolerate it, so that’s good. Plus being vaccinated helps the anxiety of being around people, anxiety that grew to nearly uncontrolled amounts all last summer. Also my youngest boys are in a month of Summer School, but not because their academics suffered when I was their teacher (apparently, as explained by the school district). So yay there, that was a lot of stress thinking I done forked them up all thru 2020.
  17. In light of a taco costume, I keep expecting to see Tank reply to the ‘what new thing did you try eating this week’ thread with a person’s name.
  18. I assumed she was wearing a taco costume.
  19. Sexy Leatherface was definitely in my montage.
  20. yeah that can mean... so many different things
  21. chapter 28: Jag and Jaina drop her parents, Allana and the droids off at their safehouse. Jag blames himself, knowing he should have cancelled the dinner as soon as her father told him Daala knew about the reservations. It's possible that the Moffs are working with her. She may not be as eager to have the Empire brought into the GA as she claims. On the other hand, Jaina got the impression that the human intruder was surprised to see the YVHs. On Dathomir, Luke, Ben and Dyon follow Halliava through the Force and electronically. While Luke spoke with her and Ben made sure Ves
  22. The montage of images that just flew through my mind was incredible.
  23. The tricky part about this is the feelings. Now that I've met enough people who are NOT the weirdo gamer creepy type poly I am getting a much clearer picture of things. It's not about having multiple sex partners. That's actually the easy part. It's also about really finding intimacy and sharing your feelings with other people as well. Not unlike having really really close friends that you also happen to have sex with. With KP, she's told me that she hasn't had a primary-partner in years and really had a specific idea of what she wanted. Lucky me, I fit that bill. I am getting more o
  24. Jacen123


    It’s definitely a bummer. Hopefully, we can all help you get it figured out!
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