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  2. Plateauing sucks for sure and can kill motivation. Are you doing progressive overload? Meaning after two weeks of doing a weight or so, go slightly heavier. Or do an extra rep, or an extra set. Or if you're running go a little further than last time, or put the incline up. The body gets used to the intensity it's been training to and will plateau unless we make things harder, i.e progressive overload. Sounds as though you have the perfect frame for stacking on lots of muscle. Denser wider bones mean much more room for new muscle attachments. I hear you about the metaboli
  3. Medicare should cover a LOT of stuff for people that it doesn’t cover.
  4. Medicare should definitely cover in-home care for people like my dad, especially if in hospice.
  5. In context of this thread, being on fire may mean I have herpes.
  6. Sorry to hear that, gamevet. People are definitely getting way too comfortable. We wear our masks everywhere we can, really. The only places we haven’t been are at our karate classes and the gym (which hasn’t been busy now). When we get back home from vacation, though, we will absolutely be rethinking that, though, since our city has had active cases explode over the past week.
  7. He’s anxiously waiting for his reward for being so.
  8. That is exactly what happened with my mom. Hospice only comes out as needed but is actually only scheduled a couple of times a week. My brother was pissed because he had to actually do some work when mom came home. She died the next day. Banner is generally good but after my experiences with my Mom and Nan I definitely think the US has a long way to go to improve medical care.
  9. I think that people are getting too comfortable, knowing that nearly half of the US has been vaccinated. I was one of them, and I believe I had CV-19 two weeks ago and missed 2 weeks of work. I'm just now getting my sense of smell back.
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  11. If you read up on it, the4y are pretty safe. You're not wrong in what you say, but for me, the idea of just getting in the habit of eating less, and anything that helps me get there would be great. I just ordered myself a batch to try out. I've been losing and regaining the same 30 pounds for about 20 years. Basically, it is really simple, yet insanely hard, for me: I have a big appetite. My maintenance calories are high because I am big. I have a ridiculously heavy and large frame. In a standard car or plane seat my shoulders are wider than the seat back by several inches. My wrists
  12. That’s great. I think that seeing the love and sacrifice of others is one of the best motivators for change.
  13. That different, huh? Does it at least pay homage to the Sho Kosugi movies from the 80s? Like because, only a ninja can kill a ninja! LOL!
  14. yeah I don't think you're gonna like the movie lol
  15. I don't mind updating lore or tweaks here and there, I just don't like things being changed to where they are unrecognizable, or stupid changes like the Baroness used to date Duke, like the first Joe movie. My impression of the film Snake Eyes (i haven't seen yet) is they might be keeping enough of the lore to make me happy. You HAVE to update the war which any Joe served because Viet Nam is so long ago, now. We have to remember that in the 1980s, Viet Nam was barely a decade prior to ARAH. Now, it is nearly 50 years ago when it ended in 1975! As for the show you are going
  16. Keep some of the lore, yes, but don't be beholden to it, either. The amount of people crying about the Snake Eyes movie... if you don't like the new origin, fine, I didn't really either. But some couldn't even handle the idea some were tossing around of updating SE to being an Iraq/Afghanistan vet instead of Vietnam. People have a really creepy hardon for THE SOURCE MATERIAL of a lot of properties that they can't handle the slightest deviation. What's the point of wanting ONLY the exact same story over and over? Unrelated I'm going to this show in Pasadena in two weeks with my kids. It's
  17. Yeah, origins in opening credits seems to be a lost art. Everyone wants to give an origin story movie, now. One fairly recent movie that I think did a great job in opening credit origins is the MCU The Incredible Hulk. Say what you will about that movie, the one thing it nailed was the origin that was told in like 3 minutes.
  18. Yeah, I know I would never forgive myself if I was too late. I was just saying the thought crossed my mind late at night. But I love my dad, and even though he is in hospice, I still want him to recover as best he can. Changing gears a bit, one thing I think people don't realize is hospice in the home is a lot of work for the family. A lot of people assume hospice is there all the time and taking care of the needs of the patient. Not so. The hospice we have through Banner only has a nurse out 2 days a week, for an hour or so at a time. On call does exist 8am-5PM, with a 1 800 numb
  19. The comedy is that the original cartoon LITERALLY gave you the origin story in the opening credits in such a clean and simple way that even a second grader could grasp it. ”GI JOE is the the code name for America’s daring, highly trained special missions force. It’s purpose: to defend freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.” Sure, do flashbacks if need be for character stuff. Start with the POV of a newb Joe joining the team of you want that “new” feeling… but ffs it’s not that complicated.
  20. Actually I would combine both of those into a CGI animated serialized show, based on the lore established Larry Hamma's comic version of GI Joe, and do something like the GI Joe Special Missions. I'd prefer the Joe team and Cobra already established, not beginning with an origin story. It would be OK to do flashbacks as the series progresses, but I don't dig everything having to have an origin story these days, especially when everyone and their brother is connected somehow. That is why the first live action movie didn't work for me.
  21. That Alaskan swimmer Lydia Jacoby was fantastic. She doesn't even practice in a full length pool!
  22. It should be a serialized TV show ala Mando or a Marvel show. New mission each week, cycle in and out different Joes based on mission parameters.
  23. That reminded me...my grandma was a competitive roller skater dancer and a roller derby girl. That's her in the middle. My grandfather (whom I have met only a handful of times at funerals when I was a kid) is in the front.
  24. A lot of drama happens when someone dies. It's like some sort of scab gets ripped off or underlying family stuff simmers to some sort of boiling point. I try to remember like I learned for teaching that there's always more sides to the story than just one. That being said your Grandma was awesome and I think I admire her more for her work ethic but feel terrible she got screwed in the end by the company.
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