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  2. Thanks! I've texted everyone worthy of hearing the news first hand, and changed my LinkedIn employment status and updated my profile... and it's still not real to me. Probably won't be until next Monday.
  3. Yay! I'm glad it worked out. That's gotta be a relief.
  4. I just accepted the job offer. I start the 28th. It's a $2 dip in pay, but that's actually okay - I'm still in the process of getting disability, and there's a cap on what you can earn to qualify, so this should keep me comfortably within limit.
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  6. Yeah, I know it was totally my fault
  7. Are you kidding? Their choice is 4 more years of Trump vs. losing the Senate. Which do YOU think they'll choose?
  8. "I know several Trump supporters, and even more people who don’t support him but will vote for him because of single issues, most notably abortion. " This makes me SO SAD, because the issue regarding abortion is not and has never been elective abortion vs. no abortions, it's 'who gets to tell whom if they can have an abortion or not; women and their doctors or the old white guys in DC?'
  9. I was so close to just turning off that game after the 1st quarter, and playing a game on my PC. I’m glad I stuck it out. My only loss was stupid Minnesota. Kirk Cousins can’t be relied on.
  10. I disagree just because you don't look one fucking THING like Guy Fieri. If you did, it'd be mean.
  11. either my eyesight is WAY off or alla y'all's is......because WTAF?
  12. And this video seems to prove it. LOL KKKampaigning in Kentucky.
  13. Like I said the other day, we need age limits and health standards.
  14. Feels callous to laugh at old men who fall, but maybe we shouldn’t have old men in control of the entire country.
  15. Strangely satisfying video. The hands in the air like a toddler do it for me. I hope this makes your day.
  16. So, this "friend"... Noticed some of my insta posts about my etsy shop yesterday and texted me effusive praise about my branding and marketing and all that. And I said thank you. And she asked if she could do anything to help, and I asked her to promote if she could and she said she would. Not a terrible interaction. But she always knows how to put her foot in it. She texts me just now that she went ahead and added me to her small business collaboration group on fb. I text back "thanks, which account?" thinking maybe she had sent me a friend request. Radio silence. I check my new fb
  17. Post counts have changed significantly.
  18. I always clean my meat grinder before putting it away. Leaving it dirty would be gross.
  19. My mom let me Lisa Frank everything, so I did have stuff like that. Also, the Caboodles set! I didn’t think they made Caboodles anymore, but I saw one for sale at JoAnns the other day. I’m also glad they gave her a little Molly doll, although I can tell you that in 1986 the catalogs were half-pages.
  20. Me getting the sleep boogers out of my eyes upon waking.
  21. Ah, depression, my new-ish friend. I’ve had anxiety and a low-grade depression since the day I was born, but it really turned into a problem about a month into that terrible job I took in 2019. It got worse and worse as the job went on and a resulting nervous breakdown (I actually had two in the 9 months I worked there) in March was the end of that job. I hoped it would get better away from that toxic environment, but with my unemployment troubles it’s just gotten worse. I’ve been on Cymbalta for years now because of fibromyalgia and anxiety, and the depression hit even through
  22. I was thinking about that. I don't know what we can do but this is frustratingly weird what's happening now with the nominee. I feel like a teenager with no power and struggling to express myself in saying WHAT THE HELL SENATE? HOW CAN YOU SAY ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER FOUR YEARS LATER? YOU SUCK. I WANT TO RUNAWAY. Ruth probably would have retired already if we had a different situation. She stuck it out because she felt a sense of obligation and service longer than normal.
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