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  3. Thursday, October 21 Denver at Cleveland Sunday, October 24 Washington at Green Bay Kansas City at Tennessee Atlanta at Miami NY Jets at New England Carolina at NY Giants Cincinnati at Baltimore Philadelphia at Las Vegas Detroit at LA Rams Houston a Arizona Chicago at Tampa Bay Indianapolis at San Francisco Monday, October 25 New Orleans at Seattle
  4. Gamevet

    NFL 2021

    Martellus Bennett was all mouth and very little of a good player while he was in Dallas. He's nothing but hot air.
  5. Finally got some Rev-A-Shelf installed in the pantry. Already a million times better. Also made an executive decision to order some storage. I almost got exactly what we had before, but decided to start small and not do wall mounted. I'm getting frustrated by not being able to unpack because there's simply no place to put stuff. And the kids need access to their toys. So unfortunately it will take about a week to get here but better than nothing. For this weekend, we are going to unpack the office so that I know how much more storage I have in there, and move the family room stuff into th
  6. The reel was about Loki, not from his perspective. I think he definitely died when Thanos snapped his neck, that was just showing the immediate aftermath.
  7. This had to be pointed to me but since it was, I can't stop thinking about it. When Loki was watching "This is your Life" reel it didn't end with Thanos breaking his neck but with Thor holding him. That means Loki was still alive and the last thing he felt before death was his brother hugging him.
  8. Is it going to be turn-based or will they remake it as a hack&slash like FF7 remake?
  9. Have you seen Deep Rising? It's from the guy who directed the Brendan Frasier version of the Mummy, with ILM special effects.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Apparently she heard the cheese drawer open. I shit you not, she knows which drawer is where we keep cheese and she can hear it from anywhere in the house.
  12. Why is Apollo so dumb? He solicits face washes from Eris. She licks him for a while, gets him all spitty, then BITES HIS FUCKING NECK. We warn him. "She's going to bite your neck." Lick, lick, schlorp, lick. "Dude, she's going to bite your fucking neck." Then she does. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. VID_20211023_011930155_HDR.mp4
  13. Yes it did! We had a $100 deductible but that was it.
  14. zambingo

    NFL 2021

    https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVWJIEtsw0o/?utm_medium=share_sheet ^cursing, if you’re at work Marty B being straight honest about Jimmy G. lol
  15. I have. I was properly bearded by the time the vacation began, and now that we’re back it’s getting wiry and unwieldy. Im gonna let it go as long as I can—it’s always the skin underneath that stops me from going full wizard, but I might do it this time in defiance of my own stupidity.
  16. Last week
  17. This is still the worst thing that has ever happened. Have you recovered? Did the warranty cover it?
  18. The record you start listening to and the next thing you know you've listened to every song. Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream As much as i like Gish, Melancholy, and Zeitgeist i cant Karen to those without skipping songs.
  19. chapter 43: Kandra is upset that they’ve gotten a feed including some Callista person but no Abeloth. The signal has cut out and this is not what Skywalker promised them. A Corporate Sector gunship has arrived now. Beurth wants to leave, but she refuses until they get something worth recording. A man asks them what that would be. He ignites a red-bladed lightsaber and cuts their cable, telilng them to come with him. Aboard the ship, Gavar Khai finds that the ships of his flotilla have arrived safely. His goals are to capture or destroy Abeloth, kill Master Skywalker and
  20. I'm about to crash and burn with that pick, so don't worry.
  21. It hurt some throughout the day yesterday, but now is mostly okay. I have to keep a band-aid on it, though, because a piece of the nail that got torn keeps wanting to stick up a little bit and gets caught on things if I'm not super careful. When it catches things, then it hurts suddenly. The band-aid is annoying, but at least stops that.
  22. It probably will be. Not gonna change my pick though. I hate the Broncos and hate how many times I’ve picked them to win already this year
  23. I think I'll try to watch crown jewel after the game tonight.
  24. It's a good opportunity for Balor to turn heel and feud with Big E, pissed off that he lost the crown. But then again, I don't want Balor in the main event unless he's actually going to win the title this time, and Big E shouldn't lose so soon.
  25. My brain says Denver. The only Thursday games I've gotten right were the Bucs. And I'm not picking against my team. Happy wife happy Thursday night i guess. Cleveland
  26. I know people are going to be upset that Woods beat Balor for the King of the Ring, but Woods will do more with it that Balor would. It's a gimmick fit for The New Day.
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