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  2. This is why I dont harass my kid about playing video games
  3. Futurama had a brief run on Fox Sunday night as well, along with several other animated shows. Fox was doing pretty good on Sunday nights.
  4. Given your career, I think you’re allowed to call it studying. You studied a lot of TV.
  5. Chewie taking the bait on Endor and getting trapped in the net. Even dumber than Han didn't figure out something so obvious.
  6. I literally have a run every night of the week, every year on that list., I watched a LOT of TV.
  7. Gamevet

    NFL season

    Dez Bryant is now a Raven.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Ohio has hit a point where we’re seeing record highs on a regular basis. Not exponential growth, but still growth and I don’t think there’s much we can do to stop it. People aren’t going to follow any orders, the people who will already do, and the people who don’t either believe the rules don’t apply to them or thing the rules are Communism and totalitarianism.
  10. Chewie had a mighty fine meal on Yavin.
  11. Oh hey here’s another one from ANH. What happened to the bodies of the Stormtroopers Luke and Han stole the armor from?
  12. Yeah, I told my daughter there won't be any soccer games until spring... because you know this will blow up over Christmas when everyone sees each other. Of the 11 teams in our division, only 4 are eligible to play right now... and our club just opted out because while according to thr very poorly defined rules we are "safe", the reality is there is a 2-week delay and we are mostly definitely not safe to play other teams. I'm glad they are making the right decision but its mostly to stay in the good graces of the county health department. They know what it will look like if they are forcibly s
  13. NO cases in my school yet but it's just a matter of time or Thanksgiving or Halloween and it will blow up.
  14. Where I live, except in the 1 month of winter, you sweat your ass off if you wear a trench coat.
  15. I actually live in Littleton and drive past Columbine every so often. There is definitely a thing here in Denver...like there are crazy's that feel that coming to Denver and visiting Columbine is like a pilgrimage of sorts. Maybe it was because I was in collge, but I remember the whole trenchcoat thing peaking in the mid-90s. By 99 it was kinda dying out. That being said, when I get older I want like an old west trenchcoat.
  16. Thursday, October 22 NYG at Philadelphia Sunday, October 25 Detroit at Atlanta Cleveland at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Tennessee Carolina at New Orleans Buffalo at NYJ Dallas at Washington Green Bay at Houston Seattle at Arizona Kansas City at Denver San Francisco at New England Jacksonville at LA Rams Tampa Bay at Las Vegas Monday, October 28 Chicago at LA Chargers Not happy with how many away teams I picked.
  17. Philadelphia. I know it's New York, but his did the Giants get multiple prime time games?
  18. chapter 34: The shuttle comes in hot, lands and goes to greet the Corellian defenders who begin firing immediately. Seyah is pushed through the airlock doorway and Kyp Durron suggests he fire his weapon. Ben finishes cutting the circle out of the blast doors, then uses the Force to push the circle out. A small round object flies through the hole and hits the deck. Ben starts to leap, but Saba uses the Force to flip the cut out metal over the detonator and shield the explosion. Blasterfire pours through as the Jedi fight four YVHs. Two are taken down, leave two to face ea
  19. It is spreading pretty uncontrollably here right now, sadly. The city/county had a number of poorly-thought out events, including a county fair, some concerts, and local pro-trump rallies, but the spread is so bad now that they cannot even conclusively say those events were super spreader events because the people who caught covid were traveling around the area way too much. We are only a few days away from having a state-mandated rollback of reopenings, assuming local businesses and the city/county even enforce the state's policies.
  20. Thursday, October 22 NYG at Philadelphia: Giants? Sunday, October 25 Detroit at Atlanta: Detroit Cleveland at Cincinnati: Cleveland Pittsburgh at Tennessee: Tennessee Carolina at New Orleans: New Orleans Buffalo at NYJ: NYJ Dallas at Washington: Washington Green Bay at Houston: Green Bay Seattle at Arizona: Arizona Kansas City at Denver: Kansas City San Francisco at New England: New England Jacksonville at LA Rams: Rams Tampa Bay at Las Vegas: Las Vegas Monday, October 28 Chicago at LA Chargers: Chicago
  21. This is no longer just a Snyder “Cut” which I had always thought would be like a director’s cut with a bigger budget. This is turning out to be a whole new movie: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/snyder-cut-adds-jared-leto-192608324.html
  22. People are claiming that WWE has ruined Retribution. I disagree. First off the was almost no way Retribution was going to be relevant in any real way. The members of the group were never going move the needle with fans. I think creative saw this and put them behind masks with stupid names. Making them Mustafa Ali's muscle gives him screen time and foils to take falls for him. And when the gimmicks gets old (some would argue that it already has), you can introduce Dijakovic and Yim as themselves. Now they just have to make Ali a believable threat.
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