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  2. I think I was lucky in that respect. I knew I was smart and my parents supported me and told me I could do anything I wanted, but I came from one of those Midwest families that were super involved in the community and had a really strong work ethic. I think it was high school when I realized a lot of smart people thought that just being smart was enough and it didn't mean they had to work hard, knowing they were smart was good enough. I even dated a guy like that who always talked about how his SAT scores were so great but was surprised when he didn't get in to his dream college in his chosen
  3. I guess I kind of had a friend in college like snuggle girl. We both had long-distance significant others and hung out with a big group of friends. I'm pretty short and so was he, so somehow the joke evolved that he was my boyfriend because we were the same height. He was actually a super supportive friend who I felt very safe with. But he was kind of my cuddle buddy who I could cuddle with platonically and felt very safe. He never tried to make a move, he was very devoted to his girlfriend back home and they're actually still married. My at-home boyfriend didn't make it through the first seme
  4. So this is the thing that throws me. Because I can conceptually totally understand what you're saying here and such a situation sounds wonderful. But how does one not become very emotionally attached to someone who can provide that safe space for non sexual physical intimacy? I'd imagine that if the relief is so strong, one might get very strong feelings of attachment to the other if not outright feelings of love if the scenario happens often enough. Just so we are all clear, I'm all for it. But if one is wanting to try and keep a relationship relatively casual this seems like the opposit
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  6. Me too! And it's the #1 reason we homeschool.
  7. Yes its CogAT, and yes, the administration of it is lazy. They also have them take the Iowa test. Honestly, its a joke for a "gifted" assessment. I don't think our district really cares about 2e kids, honestly. One of my friends daughter took it and scored 99 percentile in written and math but 88 percentile in verbal. She has an IEP for speech. They told her that she didn't get in because it needs to be 92 and above in all areas. I don’t have a ton of faith in this test whatsoever. Other nearby districts seem to be much better about identifying 2e kids, because I have 3 of them in my Girl Scou
  8. What test? Sounds like the CogAT. If it is, the CogAT really isn't good at identifying 2e students. Schools like it because it is cheap to administer, anyone can proctor it, and it can be done in a large group setting. Thus, it is a very good tool for universal screening. Can you ask for the WISC-V? It is 1:1 and has to be given by a qualified school staff, usually the school psych, and is much better at detecting 2e students. The reason the WISC is better is twofold. On the CogAT, students just work until they are done. On the WISC, the psych can prompt the student to focus between
  9. Bail Organa like Padme was royalty as well as being a politician. His wife was queen of Alderaan.
  10. They address the first point in that Genosois designed the Death Star but Erso was one of the scientists to make the laser work and it a reality. They had a book release just before the movie that details it more, Catalyst. But all in all, Rouge One def doesn’t ignore the prequels - cameos from Mustafar, Courscant and Bail Organa. I think it’s been the only post Disney movie to properly reference them?
  11. I think us nerds all follow a similar MO. Growing up we all struggled with that duality of having above average intelligence, something that is generally praised as a society, yet contrasted with a relatively low social standing in adolescence. A lot of it, I think for me, was rooted in the promotion of a fixed mindset. My family constantly praised me for being smart, even if what I did was mediocre at best. I believed if I was successful at something, it was because I was smart. I didn't understand it was actually the work I put in. For example, I thought I won a Science Olympiad compet
  12. Oh, it's not just you. There have been some other comments that made me feel it, too. Others seem very similar to me, too, though.
  13. I can't imagine someone expecting a gifted kiddo to not spin in a chair. People who do gifted testing should understand giftedness.
  14. I mean— I’m definitely going down a different road from what’s considered normal.
  15. So every few years I like to have a SW marathon, and usually I'm left with some new insights and questions that I never thought to ask. Here are a few... 1) Does Rogue One ignore the prequels? According to the PT, Palpatine inherited the DS plans from the Geonosians. But in Rogue One, the Empire didn't just build the thing. We are told that the plans that the rebels extracted were the work of scientists employed by the Empire. Is this a continuity problem? Or were the plans that Palp got from the separatists incomplete and in need of further work? Has this ever been addresse
  16. Knives flying and priests refusing an exorcism? Man that is crazy Fozzie! My Mom said when she was a teen, she lived in a haunted house in Pasadena. The house had a couple that died in it. My mom said she saw the woman a couple times in apparition form. Her mom said she saw the man's ghost.
  17. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    Tied for the most prime time games, but only one Monday night game. I can't get too greedy. It will be great going to every home game this year sitting with our group.
  18. We're doing OT once a week with him outside of school, they told us he really needs to be there 2-3 times a week because his motor skills are so bad, but they are full up and we are on the cancel list to squeeze in extra sessions. We've been doing that since last June. He's actually been doing really well at these appointments and they're figured out what works for him, but it's difficult to implement in a school environment. Heavy work is fabulous but they don't have a trampoline at school and a lot of things are considered dirty now because of COVID. Also an issue because of COVID and masks:
  19. What’s the deal with Walmart? Barely anything they sell involves holding up the roof!
  20. I feel like I’m living in a completely different world than some of you from reading this thread. Not in a good way or bad way, just different.
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  22. Thanks for sharing. Honestly, there’s a flip side to it as well: men are pretty consistently told that the only type of physical affection that’s manly is sex, but a lot of guys I have physical touch as their primary love language. And it isn’t about sex at all, sometimes I just really need a hug, or to sit and watch TV snuggled up with someone (at this point either my wife or one of my children). It can be really hard for women to understand that men might just want that too. As a single guy, I also knew the women who I could do that with safely and who would develop emotio
  23. Ahh, so you thought it was just a curt angle.
  24. Cause I caught an angle in the mirror I didn’t like and thought it was the fault of said angle, and photos might disprove what I saw.
  25. I'm not sure if it's fully possible for men to truly and fully understand what it's like for women to be pretty consistently valued mainly for our ability to provide sex. But we are, pretty much from the moment our boobs begin to develop (if not birth). It affects literally every aspect of our lives. The world, and most of the people in it, regard women as little more than sexual objects. The amount of trust and bravery required to give physical intimacy (not sexual intimacy) to a man is enormous. Being able to trust that the man you're touching isn't going to "make a move" is so relievi
  26. Mandate came down from on high that the first day back is June 1. For everyone else, I’ve been working from the office this whole time. First thing my boss commissions me to do is plan a party. I talked her into making it a parking lot party. At least there’s only 15 people in the office. And then once the party is over, we’re all going to have to get used to each other again. What a treat.
  27. The Satanic Panic was mostly the result of Jack Chick, who absolutely hated Catholics. So there wasn’t as much crossover as you would think. Im aware of Catholic parishes hosting D&D nights during that time.
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