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  2. Metropolis was 5 games behind 1st place, and then last week happened, where he finished last. Jacen123 and Ms. Spam are tugging it out at 3rd place, with a 3 way tie for last weeks picks edging them closer to Metropolis. There's still a lot of games left to win or lose, so pick wisely. Week 12 Results Gamevet = 10-5 Ms. Spam = 10-5 Jacen123 = 10-5 Krawlie = 9-6 Metropolis = 8-7 Overall Standings Gamevet = 117-62 Metropolis = 110-69 Ms. Spam = 109-70 Jacen123 = 109-70 Krawlie = 105-74 Thursday, December 2 Dallas at New Orleans Sunday
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  4. In a post-covid world, I don't see myself eating anything at QT. People are gross.
  5. I can't imagine we not getting a flashback.
  6. I tested negative, for both the flu and Covid. I lost all sense of smell for 3 weeks, shortly after my doctor’s visit and by day 10 I was still too tired to do anything. I pretty much coughed everything I had in my lungs to the point where my ribs hurt, but was never in danger. It was somewhere around September when that happened. My doctor said that even though I did not test positive, it did not that I didn’t have it. I’m pretty sure I sid, based on not being able to smell anything and being bed ridden for 11 days.
  7. Did you ever get COVID? I'm wondering if people with strong immune responses already had the disease. My son tested negative again, its now day 14 since my daughter started showing symptoms and 4 days since we released her from isolation. I'm admittedly really irritated that my son has to stay out for 18-20 days (and some of my know-it-all friends have said it should really be 24 days). The district is implementing a test to stay program the day he comes back. I could scream. I get it that usually if a sibling gets it, so will the others, but we are uptight around here and follow rules. D
  8. One of my coworkers died from Covid this weekend. He had only been working for the company about 6 months, and I’ve worked with him a few times since he was hired. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, caught onto things quickly and was a fairly hard worker. It’s such a shame he had to go out at such a young age and leave behind 2 children. I got my second shot on Saturday. I felt fine all the way until bedtime, when I started running fever @1 am and it continued on into Sunday evening. I was pretty much comatose all day Sunday until around 7 that evening. I had to miss work on Monday
  9. New teaser shows him recovering, I'm so hoping we get a flashback scene like this in the show!
  10. Holy crap, episode 2 was awesome! Savage He-Man is a beast, he was wrecking Skeletor all over the place. I loved how fast he was, too!
  11. chapter 33: Admiral Daala stands aboard the Chimaera for the first time in years. She has several older vessels at her disposal, too. She’d always kept contingency plans in place due to the way fate changes constantly. Assassinating Jagged Fel wouldn’t have been her first choice, but it was necessary. Nothing has been reported on the news, though. There is no response from the Solo family. Leia is in jail, Han has dropped out of sight and Jaina is probably with the Jedi. The rendezvous point is Exodo II which looks even worse post-Vongforming. Lecersen’s flagship, the
  12. I’ve never thought about getting a slice of Pizza from a Quick Trip.
  13. Last week
  14. Awesome! I only watched the first episode so far, still liking it. Savage He-Man!
  15. Second part dropped. There's some She-Ra hints at the very end. Overall I liked it. It was big dumb and fun.
  16. Fear Street was awesome! 1978 was the best one but they were all fun horror movies. i recommend The Mortuary Collection if you haven't seen it! Nice little horror anthology.
  17. You're not missing anything! The symbiote is too jokey for me, I think they should have played it a bit more horror oriented instead. I don't mind them showing up in the MCU if it is just the one movie.
  18. I haven't seen either Venom movie and am not particularly interested, same with Morbius. I'm a little annoyed they'll be crossing over with the MCU.
  19. Just saw it this weekend. So...it's pretty dumb! Brock interviews Kasady, Kasady bites him and gets "infected" with a symbiote. Kills a bunch of people, breaks his girlfriend out of prison and they kill people together, then Venom stops them. That's pretty much it. But! There is a neat after credits scene! Spoiler break as I don't know how to do them here. Brock and Venom are watching TV and talking in a hotel room when...everything gets weird in the room and suddenly they are in a totally different hotel room! And on the TV is...J Jon
  20. "Sheep Murderer? Our mistake, we're looking for a Shep Murderer!"
  21. chapter 32: On the Gilad Pellaeon, Jag would have hoped tracking down an escaped convict would be easier. Tahiri reminds him that Daala is no ordinary escapee. Ashik has contacted the Meridian sector, most of whom have fond memories of Daala. That’s just another in a long line of bad news that includes poor Padnel Ovin, who has no business running the GA, being put in office, his future mother-in-law being arrested by this sudden subcommittee and this odd new BAMR news that is quite partisan in favor of the new government. There’s only so much even Dorvan can do. Then he f
  22. People that dumb shouldn't make that much money. It's one of the great injustices of the world.
  23. YES. We have QT's everywhere here in STL. It's my go to. I like to get in and get out, and the QT employees do just that. They quickly grab my cash, or toss my debit card back at me, hastily toss all my shit in a bag, throw it at me and let me be on my way. They pretend to care JUST enough and tell me to have a nice day to where I can go on about my day and not be offended. Best gas station in the nation. I'm not a fan of QT's pizza. they are thick and huge slices, but they seem to be almost not cooked enough. The shredded cheese is usually just barely melted. But everything else they have
  24. Well, now that I'm thinking about it, this dad in particular sends his kids to one of these schools: https://kuow.org/stories/massive-school-covid-outbreaks-occurred-at-seattle-area-schools-with-lax-protocols So, kind of lines up. A lot of people I work with send their kids to private Christian schools in the area because I don't think our area public schools are very strong, unfortunately, especially in the more rural areas where these folks tend to live. But yes, I'm inclined to likening them to a child throwing a tantrum about something silly because they skipped nap.
  25. What do these people do with their kids all day? Do they not having a problem sending them to government mandated schools? Where they're required to have a whole host of vaccinations?? I call bullshit on that whole argument. They're just being childish.
  26. I know several people like this at work. Fortunately, they all got the vaccine as soon as it was offered anyway, but they don't like the gubment telling them what to do. I had a frustrating conversation with a guy at work who realized I was religious and thought it was an opening to asking how I'm handling my religious exemption. Sorry bro, already vaxxed and have been personally affected. He told me he really wants this other vaccine that's more "natural" and doesn't use the spike protein. So I go look it up and it sure looks interesting, but it still has the spike protein, bro, its righ
  27. That’s what I get for watching NFL Gameday. I changed my pick from Green Bay to LA. That was a bad decision
  28. The American myth is that rugged individualism and hatred of authority are central to our identity. It doesn’t really hold up to even a cursory review of actual history, but it’s a myth that is more meaningful than the actual events.
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