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  2. chapter 2: In the Maw, Luke and Ben feel that something is watching them. Luke admits he’s actually eager to meet the Mind-Drinkers that the Aing-Tii warned them about. Ben can’t help but feel awe at how calm his father is, but he snaps when Luke asks if Ben felt this when he was at Shelter as a child. He had been a very little child. Something had frightened him, though, enough to keep him afraid of the Force for many years. He meditates on the Maw Installation, having no conscious memories of the place when he lived there, until he finds a long-buried instance of holding a stranger
  3. Not too much longer to wait for this new series on Disney+ with the debut on Star Wars day itself! 70 minute opener - Tuesday's don't get better than that! Then future episodes dropping on Friday's thereafter. Here is the trailer: And for anyone who missed these guys introduction, you can catch then by watching the opening segment of the Final Series of The Clone Wars (Series 7, Episodes 1 to 4).
  4. Ah man, I hope so! It would be great to see Qui-Gon in here either as flashback or Force Ghost. It still makes me sad that he was due to feature more in the later prequel films but due to a motor bike accident was unable to. That would have been a nice touch.
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  6. Now the job market is flooded I think. It's crazy. If they don't start up eService soon at my second job I will quit and have to find another job to support my cat habits. I can't take one more deaf old person who has Jeopardy blaring in the background while ordering checks.
  7. And then we don't learn anything. It's rinse and repeat. That Army Lt. and then the kid in Minnesota. I can't even.
  8. New comparison trailer here
  9. You just know there are probably more cases out there with women who can't just go to a doctor because of headaches and other body pain.
  10. That's awesome! Last night I applied for a job in Austin. We've decided that I should start job hunting now, and when I get one, I can temporarily stay with my mom or sister during the week while I work and the boys can all stay in Houston. Trevor has been working less and less while taking his classes, so he's going to take over homeschooling the boys. So wish me luck. I'll be sending out resumes quite a bit in the immediate future.
  11. Not really. I haven't been home with enough time to do try anything yet. I'm hoping to buy myself some time this weekend. I also received my new memory, so I have to install that as well.
  12. After killing Maul in Rebels, did Obi Wan bury him, burn him or cut him into pieces and sent those to Palpatine and Vader as a warning that someone out there is gunning for them?
  13. I was warned that they try to do as much hiring from within as possible. Literally every position I interviewed for was filled by an internal candidate. I’ve learned that since starting. But getting the nod to apply for stuff after less than a month of actually working is stupendous.
  14. https://abcnews.go.com/US/us-calls-pause-johnson-johnson-vaccinations-blood-clot/story?id=77040882&cid=clicksource_4380645_3_heads_hero_live_twopack_hed Glad I avoided J&J. Apparently all of the negative reactions since getting the approval have been in women, and they're looking into a possible birth control connection.
  15. Companies are pretty conservative about external hiring, usually. But once you're in and prove yourself, a lot of the old rules go away.
  16. It took forever to get on, and now after less than two months I’m being asked to apply for a job they previously turned me down for.
  17. I agree. I hope not, but I agree. I’m already planning on how to join the local protests once it happens.
  18. I've had both of mine (Pfizer). #1 gave me a little bit of a sore arm the next day. #2 kicked my ass. Exactly 24 hours after the shot, I started feeling sick and getting a gross headache. That lasted all day but I was fine the next day when I woke up.
  19. 'We view justice as a system of "what they deserved" where what someone "deserves" is often more about their individual demographics and characteristics rather than the circumstances surrounding a single event and the event itself.' This. We don't really WANT a system that rehabilitates, either, we only want a punishment system. My guess is Chauvin walks and we have riots in at least 6 major US cities
  20. I liked this movie way more than I thought I would. It's bleak as hell. That being said, the filmmakers got a couple of things wrong. First, the dead elk. The movie is set in NC. We do have elk in one part of the mountains (reintroduced about 20 years ago). But the part of NC that has elk does not have caves. Second, they got the NC license plates wrong. (End nerd rant.) But still a good horror movie. The sequel is a mess, though.
  21. chapter 1: In the Jedi Temple, Han and Leia watch Seff Hellin and Natua Wan try unsuccessfully to breach their cells with their hands. Depriving them of access to the Force seems cruel, but it’s one of the few ways to keep them under control. It’s hard to see these young people suffer so much through no fault of their own; it’s too close of a reminder of their inability to save Jacen. Cilghal asks after “Amelia” and is concerned when told she is being watched by Bazel Warv, also known as Barv. He’s very gentle and good with the little girl, but Cilghal points out that the only con
  22. I liked both, but the comic was king.
  23. GI Joe the movie has a few cool Bits, but honestly, they were just trying to recreate what Transformers the movie did. Intro new toys, kill off the heroic leader, drop a couple swear words... Honestly, once I discovered the comic book, I always preferred it to the cartoon.
  24. I think something went wrong in the Ripley-Asuka rematch. It just got weirdd there towards the end.
  25. Okay maybe Benjamin/Alexander are poised to he buried. The Raid is back!
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