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  2. Thank you for the amazing information Odine! I do want to stick to a guided tour though. Based on your input on locations, I did find this site that hits many of the sites you mention: https://www.trafalgar.com/en-us/tours/best-of-britain?tripcode=bbob Has anyone heard of Trafalgar.com? Just wondering if they are any good.
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  4. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    Yeah. On StubHub they're starting at $160 in the upper deck. I can't do the Texas two step in consecutive weekends.
  5. Can't wait to hear what this was about.
  6. I have seen Freaky, also much better than I thought it would be! Trailer for HDD2 looks really good, too, probably going to watch it this weekend.
  7. Ugh guys it was day 1 of 3 of soccer tryouts and I think Q blew it already.
  8. Hayden will soon start getting upset that Ewan got his own show and will eventually attempt to take over Disney to satisfy his craving for his own series.
  9. Sasha and Naomi legit walked out tonight lol
  10. The opening theme also hit me, though I thought it was just kinda funny. I got very similar feels a couple weeks ago watching the reunion seasons of the first two casts of The Real World.
  11. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Tickets at Jerry World (The Death Star) are expensive.
  12. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    I'm half thinking about trying to go to that game. The problem being 1) it's the start of the school year and the wife isn't going to want to miss a day that early in the year. 2) my cousin and i are going to the Miami-Texas A&M game they next Saturday at college station. So i don't know if i can swing it. Jerry world is on my list of stadiums i want to visit.
  13. Oh shit Kids in the Hall is back already? Awesome.
  14. New season of Kids in the Hall dropped this week. I was a HUGE fan as a teenager. They have a documentary too that also dropped, but I haven't seen it. I started watching it and the intro sketch was okay--but then the opening theme hit and the feels set in--I had to rewatch the opening 2-3 times. It felt right and then the first sketch hit and I started laughing--like LOL laughing. I am watching on my laptop and I realize that it is wildly not for the rest of the family immediately. I realize the kids are back and are back to hit hard. I am laughing like I was in high school just g
  15. Gamevet

    NFL 2022

    Oh great! This is the kind of matchup that should happen on a Thursday, like maybe Thanksgiving, not on week one when everyone is trying to figure out how to work their new talent into the playbooks.
  16. Does anyone else find it funny that Ewan and Hayden seem to have the relationship that Obi Wan and Anakin should have had?
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  18. Zathras


    Damn! You serious? And I thought it couldn't get worse than Picard Season 1 and Discovery (the entire FUCKING show). I WAS looking forward to Picard Season 3, but I can only imagine the shit show that will be.
  19. Be sure to check out the sequel and Freaky.
  20. That’s basically the gist of the EU and the cartoons where in a galaxy full of people, the same dozen characters continue to meet by chance… usually on Tattooine.
  21. Sooooo I took a check order for a banker for Russell Wilson QB! WHEEEEEEE! I still hate my job.
  22. My 6 year-old taught my 13 (almost 14) year-old how to demand bribes/payment for doing things.
  23. No joke. I bribe the shit out of kids all day.
  24. Sorry I can't abide this show, either. I hate the casting choice for Spock.
  25. The last episode of Discovery S3 had this scene where there was a fight in the elevator between decks and the amount of empty space on the ship was ridiculous! Like, I know the ship was retrofitted for 32nd century tech but the ship itself is still the same size. How much of that space is needed?
  26. By the way, bribing kids with candy is also how you teach them to ski.
  27. I can just see it now..."A feeling I have not felt since last week's awkward run-in at the grocery store..."
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