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    Diablo IV

    So far I'm having a blast. The last two nights there have been server and login issues which is a bummer. But once I'm in the game itself is amazing. The monetisation is a bit grim, but I won't be engaging in any micro transaction shenanigans
  3. That's cool, did you design any of the placement of the peices for the final look or did you just smash stuff together on the fly and it resolved itself?
  4. Glad things are going OK for you, Tank.
  5. Way cool Tank! Love the kitbash. The before pic of the batplane almost looks like a Galor Class Cardassian cruiser. The end product really is neat!
  6. So…. on strike. Working on a few personal projects. I am planning to shoot a short scifi film. There’s a couple space shots and I was assuming I’d need to do them as cg. I talked to a few friends who do that sort of thing and it’s not cheap. I was on YouTube watching videos to see if I could teach myself— cause that is the sort of thing my ADHD brain does… but 3D software vexes me. Anyway, happened upon a couple videos that showed that oddly, doing it the old school way is actually easier than CG now. With a decent lighting set up, a mini dolly, a green screen, camera and model spaceship you can do what ILM did decades ago with a few clicks in after effects (which I DO know how to use.) So obviously, I needed a spaceship. Off to some kitbashing tutorials, and a great one on “panelizing” by Adam Savage… I decided to convert this old batplane toy my kid nabbed at a garage sale a decade ago k to a chunky armored spaceship. So batplane, plus a lot of cut out pieces of styrene, parts from a macross valkryie armored fighter, a Russian fighter plane missile kit, another anime robot fighter plane, and a Space 1999 Eagle shuttle. Bunch of glue. Spray paint. 34737273 exacto knife blades. Cost me maybe around $30 in supplies.
  7. Well, I’m not bleeding from anywhere and by and large the only people opposed to us striking seems to be billionaires, and weird fanboys of billionaires.
  8. Just bumping this thread in the hopes Tank is doing alright.
  9. Last week
  10. Samsung makes some really high quality displays. Their quantum dot displays achieve 95% of the image quality of OLED. LED LCDs get the job done. I just held out until the 4K displays matured.
  11. Oh yeah, OLED is a big jump from standard LCD, even when both are 4k TVs. Mine is just an LCD 4k Samsung 65" so no big whoop, but I'm happy with it for now. I'd like to upgrade to an OLED one of these days.
  12. I have an LG 55” OLED. The image quality was a massive jump over the 52” Samsung LCD it replaced. 1080p BR looked really good on it. The 1st movie I watched on it was The Force Awakens, which looked amazing. I then picked up Solo on 4K and the only times I’d noticed anything HDR, was the lit up control board of the Falcon. It’s just little things here and there. The coolest thing I’d seen with HDR, was while I was playing the Guardian of the Galaxy game. Seeing the eyes of Mantis glowing looked crazy good, as did the Infinity Gems in Endgame.
  13. Yeah, 4k is NOT the dramatic jump in quality that DVD to Bluray is. That said, it also depends on the movie, too. For example, I watched The Batman, and only certain scenes show the 4K quality, mostly because the movie is mostly taking place in the dark. However, I could tell the difference in most of the movie when I watched Alien Covenant. I think largely 4K is for geeks like me who like to see movies in the best resolution possible or people who have TVs that are larger than 75" (mine is only 65").
  14. My 4K player is a PS5. I’ve bought maybe three or four 4k movies this year and only noticed subtle things that were improved with the 4K BR.
  15. Next week I am marching in a Pride Parade in a staunchly republican town. YAY. The thing I am most looking forward to is after march pie at Bumdoodlers!
  16. Y'all come hiking with me in the NC mountains.
  17. The other day I bought a Sony 4k Player and it is sweet. Much nicer than the one it replaces, which is now in the bedroom. Did I REALLY need it? No! But I love it, just the same.
  18. At 1:45 AM I cracked my head on a top bunk sitting up in an open air cabin. Had a huge headache until I got home at 1 PM and popped some ibuprofen. It's starting to wear off a bit now at 9 PM. I took 7 5th grade girls camping this weekend with 70 other Girl Scouts in grades K-12. My troop hosted a Mental Health First Aid station to earn their Bronze Award and it was a huge success. I'm super proud of them, and honestly, a week ago I wasn't sure they were going to pull it off. My daughter definitely pulled more than her fair share of the weight when others dropped the ball, but she did it without complaining. I heard multiple leaders talk about how confident she was, how well she knew the material, and what a great teacher she was. She really shined. I am super proud of her, and the other girls, as well. Other than that, there were 2 vomiting incidents (not my girls), 2 sprained ankles (1 of my girls), and a near disaster with water beads. It was a 3 hour drive there and 2 hours back. So needless to say, I am tired. But here's a picture of one of our cabins!
  19. I’m wondering if WWE knows what undisputed means?
  20. Hopefully this retires the Universal Title and maintains the WWE Title's legacy, because if they retire a championship that's existed in 1963 in favor of retaining one because Roman hit 1000 days, it'll be one of the dumbest decisions this dumbass company has ever made. But the belt looks good. The storyline is an all timer. I'm super super super ready for it to be over, but it's been incredible the whole way through. No more Anoa'is for a long long time for me.
  21. Didn't think they'd just change colors again but okay.
  22. Heard the rumor earlier today that Roman Reigns might get a new belt. Looks like it's true. Surprised this didn't leak.
  23. Earlier
  24. It's tough to comment since i don't watch AEW anymore, but they chose Kris Statlander to beat Jade Cargil?
  25. I can try to make it if it is cool with everyone.
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