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  1. It’s so strange for me now hearing about your son being at this stage with my own being just 4 months old. I can’t imagine kids growing up now anymore hahaha. Also, it seems like we just hit the 4 month sleep regression. I was expecting it to be just him waking up more often again, not him gettting super fussy and angry in the evening and through the night each time.
  2. But that has nothing to do with changing the Zoom day.
  3. Chiefs! I can’t pick against Mahomes
  4. I think I’ve been unknowingly waiting my whole life to read Dr. Seuss books to my son.
  5. You can thank me having to stop for the results all being so close! great job, folks!
  6. They didn’t know how to search for it.
  7. Nope. Unfortunately, moved us onto Ercot last year. The dog fortunately came inside as soon as he did his business each time I let him out. Took about 20 seconds each time. My wife also left some food outside to keep cold because our fridge is coincidentally full. It froze solid in no time.
  8. We are at 6F now and a windchill of -16F. Definitely a good day to stay in today.
  9. The lows here in west Texas are supposed to be in single digits for the next two days.
  10. Yeah, but I’m surprised you have the means to try to kick me when I’m down.
  11. At least now we will know who the drunk guy she almost runs over is on the next Zoom
  12. It’s not official leave, per say, but we both have modified duties for the spring and don’t have to teach classes, just work with our grad students, work on our research, and various service obligations. This term, we officially got nothing, but my wife finished designed her class to finish material early so the end was review and I just didn’t realize how mine numbingly difficult this would be. I made one video lecture a few weeks ago and felt out of breath halfway through it and realized I could barely think. overall, we are very fortunate. The end of this term just messed with me horribly. It’s mostly overseeing all sections of one course that has caused the worst of it.
  13. I hate all the bullshit that comes with the end of the semester. Even having other people helping cover my classes while I am at home with the baby isn’t helping too much. I am beyond ready for this semester to end. Thankfully, at least, finals start tomorrow.
  14. I guess it would be more like Han234.
  15. Thanks! The first two weeks, especially, were very tough, but we pushed through them. It didn’t help that we didn’t have everything we would need, in part because he got here two weeks before his due date, but also because there were some things we just didn’t expect to need until he was older. It is nice. It to have to run out to Walmart or Target at least once per day anymore. fortunately, my wife's parents have also been staying with us to help us out with a lot of things. This would have been so much harder without them here. My parents came out, too, for a while, which was also good.
  16. We celebrated our son being one month old today. Side note: All mentions of him have been purposefully kept off Facebook.
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