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  1. They don't show up for me either.
  2. I assumed that, for the most part, but I think it is still important to draw the distinction. I think to a lot of the players and parents of kids not on my coach's team thought he was the type of yeller that you're talking about, but once you spent some time around him, you saw that wasn't the case. It was interesting contrasting him with one of my soccer coaches who one time got frustrated with the dirty play from our opponent and he told us to hit them back, but was usually a calm guy and spoke to us that way. My father quickly pulled him aside and told him that was unacceptable and h
  3. I typically hate people who just yell for everything, yet, interestingly, my favorite basketball coach growing up, who was my coach for probably 5 years, yelled a lot. However, his were screams for us to work hard and push ourselves to do better and never in a demeaning way. He also had a great personality and spoke with us and our parents in very reassuring ways, too. He also had his extended family around at practices and games, so we also got to see his softer side all the time, too. He pushed us hard to do as best as we could and he just wanted to see us do our best. I was definit
  4. No, the horses are the ones you're thinking of. They always have cigarettes hanging from their silly mouths out here.
  5. I feel very conflicted about this statement.
  6. I voted in-person Friday morning. Normally, everything takes just about 5-10 minutes here, but this time it took 25 minutes. I think things were slowed down a little due to some basic covid safeguards, but it seemed like there were just more people voting this time. For early voting (and maybe day-of voting, too?), we can go any station within our county to vote, so I think I could have found other locations that wouldn't have had lines this long, but the inconvenience factor for me to go to them would have led to more time committed, I believe. fortunately, people were respecting the 6ft
  7. Well, it's only fitting that his post would be bastdoordized.
  8. If there's a trilogy besides the OT for your daughter to be a fan of, Back to the Future sure is a good one.
  9. something something inertial compensators something accidental kamikaze
  10. We just watched it. I had seen the Kidman/Craig remake, but never this one. It was a great movie with a really good cast. It was nice knowing the overall premise really well without knowing how things would go once they discovered the pods. We really enjoyed it, though my wife now wants to watch something else with a happier ending!
  11. I completely forgot and had a long day of extra Zoom meetings yesterday, too. Sounds like everyone else was in a similar boat yesterday, too.
  12. I wanted to take a break from Halloween fare. I've only seen Scott Pilgrim one time, back when it first came out on DVD and have been wanting to see it again. This seems like a good excuse to go back and watch it. It is on Netflix, but I don't think it is on Amazon. I don't know about other services.
  13. Oh boy! I will get a movie picked in the next day or two. I want to watch this movie first and won't have time to think about anything until tomorrow, at least.
  14. Sunday, October 18 Houston at Tennessee: Tennessee Cincinnati at Indianapolis: Indianapolis Atlanta at Minnesota: Minnesota Denver at New England: New England Washington at NY Giants: what a fucking horrible game this will be; Washington ????? Baltimore at Philadelphia: Baltimore Cleveland at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Chicago at Carolina: Chicago Detroit at Jacksonville: Detroit NY Jets at Miami: Miami Green Bay at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay LA Rams at San Francisco: Rams Monday, October 19 Kansas City at Buffalo: Kansas City Arizona at Dallas: Arizona
  15. An actual drop-off box or one of the fake ones the state GOP has placed around the state? I habven't gotten a chance to go vote yet. I will either try it tomorrow morning or on Monday.
  16. Oooh! I still want to watch And Then There Were None, but this is exciting. I have only seen the Watts/Craig remake.
  17. A quick skimming of Destiny's post made me think she suggested that Tami move to a brothel in a mobile home park.
  18. There has been a Hungry Howie's in both of the two cities I have most recently lived in (for a total of 17 years) and I had no idea they were a pizza place.
  19. She hadn't seen it. She is not familiar with most western movies since she is from China.
  20. I enjoy college football, but I refuse to watch any games this year, especially those allowing people to attend games, because of how patently unsafe and stupid this all is. I know football is big money, but I can't support this at all. Covid cases were already high in my city before the semester started, but hosting football has done nothing to diminish how horrid shit is here.
  21. I saw it there, but it only shows up there as being through imdbtv with ads. This is strange.
  22. We had homemade pizza tonight. It turned out great!
  23. Thursday, October 8 Tampa Bay at Chicago: Tampa Sunday, October 11 Carolina at Atlanta: Carolina Buffalo at Tennessee: Buffalo Las Vegas at Kansas City: Kansas City Arizona at New York Jets: Arizona Philadelphia at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh LA Rams at Washington: Rams Cincinnati at Baltimore: Baltimore Jacksonville at Houston: Jacksonville Miami at San Francisco: San Francisco Indianapolis at Cleveland: Cleveland New York Giants at Dallas: Dallas Denver at New England: New England Minnesota at Seattle: Seattle Monday, October 12 LA Chargers at New Orl
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