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  1. I’ve been through a few hurricanes between Maryland and Florida. Fortunately, hurricanes were usually on the weaker side once they came to Maryland, but I remember two that caused problems. The ones that came through where we lived in Florida were also fortunately not too bad and they tended to not come directly at us. They can absolutely be brutal, though, but at least there is typically a sizable amount of warning that they are coming. Out here in west Texas, we are very susceptible to tornados and severe storms with strong winds and/or hail. A town not far from here got walloped a few nights ago with two strings of severe storms in one night. Fortunately, only one of them came towards us and t was weaker when it got to us. Earlier on in that storm’s life, though, it produced hail with upwards of 8 inch diameter. We also got a nasty system through here two nights ago that produced gusts upward of 80 mph in some spots. We also get pepper haboobs occasionally when we get very little rain. More frequently, we just get dust blowing through the air so that everything looks brown. The first ja on we got after I moved here in fall 2011 freaked me out a lot.
  2. It’s a tourist trap!
  3. I’m very happy to hear that the private school is taking her to finish out the year. I hope it is a much better experience than this last one was.
  4. On the one hand, little clips like the ones in this thread are definitely amusing and interesting, but these deep learning-based methods that are all falsely marketed as AI are hugely concerning. Seth certainly knows about the issues with entertainment and many of you have brought up social media issues, too. I see them in research, with many organizations and researchers, including some federal funding agencies, really going all in on these methods being used for everything. Some of the uses are fantastic, such as helping to solve optimization problems at a fraction of the computational cost once the network architectures are built and the resulting models trained, but so many researchers just want to throw tons of data into these things to get results. While the models often perform extremely well, the machines are the only thing learning, not the researchers. We get results, but can’t speak to their reliability and often how well they generalize to the broader population the data comes from. To me, it goes heavily against the principles of scientific methods, including the criticism principle of parsimony, finding the simplest explanations/models for understanding the world around us.
  5. Huh. Interesting. We know ours gets so many infections because of daycare and all the crazy things he picks up there. There was a stretch in the winter where he had hand, foot, and mouth, covid, and likely rsv within around three weeks of each other wrapped around teething issues, which was also pretty miserable.
  6. My son also tested positive for cow milk protein and egg allergies last year. The milk made sense because he was super gassy and uncomfortable when he was supplement with standard formula due to jaundice early on. We discovered all of the allergies because he had horrible eczema. It seems he got a lot of it because of what my wife are while he was still breastfeeding. He has been able to eat baked foods containing milk and egg, but we haven’t wanted to try going any further with letting him try milk or cheese. At a daycare party or two, he accidentally got goldfish and cheese puffs and he had a little rash on his face, though that could have also been from a cleaner they used for them since it also happened one other time when he didn’t get cheese. After his reaction Wednesday, we got him an appointment to get some more testing done in a few weeks so that we can see if he has developed any new allergies or any of the old ones have updated reactions. The past few mornings, he has also started to wake up very early, before 5 am today. I think it is a combination of him hitting the 18-month sleep regression combined with his grandfather going in with him in the mornings while he was here. It seems like I’ve got some early morning sleep training ahead of me this week. Oh and it also seems like he is hitting the terrible two tantrums already, too. Fortunately, he is also such an awesome, sweet little guy.
  7. I’m sorry that your daughter and you have had to keep dealing with all this shit. It’s unbelievable to me. I hope the new school works out for next year. I had no idea Great Wolf Lodge was a thing all over the country. We occasionally get advertisements for the one near Dallas. It seems like we have just had a steady stream of shit to deal with involving the little guy these past few weeks. First, on Easter, he got yet another ear infection. He goes in strings of getting them and this is another one. However, it doesn’t meet the ENT’s frequency guideline to be referred to one here. It’s good it isn’t worse, but frustrating, too, that we can’t do anything else to help with it. Then, two weeks ago, his grandfather had a cup of hot water put where it shouldn’t have been and he spilled the water on himself, which prompted a visit to the emergency department since we saw some blistering Fortunately, it was mostly just first degree burns, other than some small second degree ones where the blistering was. The doctors kept us overnight to make sure it really was that minor since the little guy can’t speak much yet. Fortunately, he’s almost completely healed up from that now. Lastly, on Wednesday morning, my son at a little homemade pastry containing things he had all eaten before with no problem, but after my wife and I went to work, he started breaking out in rashes all over the upper half of his body. His grandfather called my wife to tell us, so we both raced home. Sure enough, it turned out to be an allergic reaction to something he ate. It seems like one of the ingredients was contaminated by peanuts during manufacturing and/or packaging. Fortunately, urgent care was able to get my son to recover without the need of his epi pen or another ER visit since he had no breathing or throat swelling issues, but that was damn scary. We have worked so hard to baby proof our house and I carefully read all the ingredients and cautions on packaging for all food that we give him and this shit is still happening in the spots that seem like they should be the most under our control. It’s just so lucky neither of these last two things weren’t worse. I’ve woken up a times the past few nights freaked out by them, especially.
  8. We got almost 90% coverage here and lucked out that, even with clouds, we got a clear view of the eclipse.
  9. As long as it isn’t too cloudy, we should be getting a very solid viewing of it. It certainly won’t be total here, but we will have at least 80-90% of totality here. I just need to set alarms so I don’t miss it inside my office.
  10. Then stop flirting with them already!
  11. Thanks! He is asking for more food and drinks today so far this morning. Hopefully this keeps up and he gets back to his normal self soon
  12. My son’s been very fussy most of the week. He already got his canines in on one side and it looked like the other side was coming out too, which made some sense with all the fussiness. But then towards the middle of the week, he stopped wanting to eat or drink anything, too. On Thursday, we started hydrating with medicine droppers which helped some and he started seeming better yesterday morning. Then he got worse in the e ending again. Because of this, we took him to urgent care this morning to see if anything else was up. They saw that he has an ear infection and then also tested him for strep and Covid. Even though he had Covid only 6 weeks ago, he tested positive for it again! It’s his third time with it this year. Fortunately, he seems better already since this morning and is starting to willingly eat and drink more, but just doesn’t want to use any silly cups or straws right now. What a horrible trifecta of teething, Covid, and ear infection.
  13. That’s really cool! Sorry you didn’t get to spend more time there, but those are great pictures. I’m glad you’re getting to see awesome places there.
  14. Fans of Elderly Star Wars. Come join our discussions about Alex Guinness’s book of Other l-World Records
  15. Those options all sound nice. I had a layover like that 7 or so years ago but it was all in the middle of the night, so I just splurged and got a really nice hotel room near the airport. I’m glad you should have time to go see something on your layover!
  16. That’s what Taylor said, too.
  17. Just make damn sure you spell that name the right way and not in a Star Wars way.
  18. I realize I’m coming in saying this after the game and season (since I don’t really get a chance to watch any sports right now aside from starting in the second half last night), and I also get exactly why many of you and folks elsewhere didn’t want to see the Chiefs win, but I am thrilled for Mahomes winning another one. I don’t dislike SF and just wanted to be entertained by the game, but sure enough, as the 4th quarter got closer and closer to ending, I just wanted to see Mahomes pull off a great drive to tie/win. It is great getting to see him have so much success in the NFL after watching him every week while he was here in college. He pulled off crazy things then, too. It was just a shame that the defense didn’t exist, so he had to pull off heroics every week just to have a chance of maybe winning.
  19. Either my wifi or Hulu has been iffy throughout the time I’ve had the game on starting in the third quarter.
  20. It warms my heart to come in here and see Jacob talking about the statistical properties of the sample mean
  21. I finally watched this last week while I was home with Covid. It was substantially better than I expected. The interactions between the league members at the start were fun The cameos were all pretty worthless with how cartoonish they looked. In general, the cgi was pretty awful aside from the lightning effects for both Barrys. Those cgi babies on the opening sequence were just awful.
  22. This is one of those things that should be hammered out ahead of time. What do the organizers of the event want? If they want you to sing it straight, just do that. If they want you to put a spin on it, so that. If they don’t care, we’ll whatever floats your boat. Of course, the organizers should only approach singers who they believe will sing it the way they want it to be done. That’s also easier on big stages than smaller ones, but it still isn’t rocket science. Communicate what you want and what is e or red of you before any agreements are made.
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