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  1. I just realized it is Thursday, as I haven’t been looking online at anything or watching at all. I imagine the game had started, but I know nothing about any of it. My pick is Atlanta, though. I might not have time to make picks for the upcoming bit anyway. We’ll see, though.
  2. Thursday, Nov 3 Philadelphia at Houston: Philadelphia Sunday, Nov 6 LA Chargers at Atlanta: Atlanta Miami at Chicago: Miami Carolina at Cincinnati: Cincinnati Green Bay at Detroit: Green Bay Indianapolis at NE: New England Buffalo at NY Jets: Buffalo Minnesota at Washington: Washington Las Vegas at Jacksonville: Las Vegas Seattle at Arizona: Arizona LA Rams at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Tennessee at Kansas City: Kansas City Monday, Nov 7 Baltimore at New Orleans: Baltimore
  3. We completely forgot to get candy to give out this year because we didn’t do it the past two years due to the pandemic and we have had a lot going on recently, so it didn’t occur to us to buy any until we went out on our walk early in the evening. We made sure to turn out the lights anywhere near the front door. However, we still had someone ring our doorbell later in the evening. We just completely ignored it, so I was initially worried we might get an egg or two thrown our way, but fortunately that didn’t happen.
  4. We went for a brief walk around the neighborhood early in the evening and saw some young kids out trick or treating with their parents. One of our neighbors ors had a bunch of decorations and relatives or friends dressed up as vampires for people to take photos with. It was a nice atmosphere, which was great to see. It would have been even better if the church just down the street wasn’t blasting music with heavy bass for hours on end even before their trunk or treat event started, but clearly nothing can be done about that.
  5. Thursday October 27 Baltimore at Tampa Bay: Baltimore Sunday October 30 Denver at Jacksonville: Jacksonville Carolina at Atlanta: Atlanta Chicago at Dallas: Dallas Miami at Detroit: Miami Arizona at Minnesota: Minnesota Las Vegas at New Orleans: New Orleans New England at NY Jets: Jets Pittsburgh at Philadelphia: Philadelphia Tennessee at Houston: Houston Washington at Indianapolis: Indianapolis San Francisco at LA Rams: San Francisco NY Giants at Seattle: Giants Green Bay at Buffalo: Buffalo Monday HALLOWEEN October 31 Cincinnati at Cleveland: Cincinnatti
  6. Thursday, October 16th New Orleans at Arizona: New Orleans Sunday, October 23rd Atlanta at Cincinnati: Cincinnati Detroit at Dallas: Dallas Indianapolis at Tennessee: Tennessee Green Bay at Washington: Green Bay Tampa Bay at Carolina: Tampa Bay NY Giants at Jacksonville: Giants Cleveland at Baltimore: Baltimore NY Jets at Denver: Jets Houston at Las Vegas: Las Vegas Seattle at LA Chargers: Chargers Kansas City at San Francisco: Kansas City Pittsburgh at Miami: Miami Monday, October 24th Chicago at New England: New England
  7. It was most definitely a butt fumble on my part
  8. Thursday October 13 Washington at Chicago: Chicago Sunday October 16 San Francisco at Atlanta: San Francisco New England at Cleveland: New England NY Jets at Green Bay: Green Bay Jacksonville at Indianapolis: Indianapolis Minnesota at Miami: Minnesota Cincinnati at New Orleans: New Orleans Baltimore at NY Giants: Baltimore Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh: Tampa Bay Carolina at LA Rams: Rams Arizona at Seattle: Seattle Buffalo at Kansas City: Kansas City Dallas at Philadelphia: Philadelphia Monday October 17 Denver at LA Chargers: Chargers
  9. Sunday October 9 NY Giants at Green Bay: Didn't pick in time for Pittsburgh at Buffalo: Buffalo LA Chargers at Cleveland: Cleveland Chicago at Minnesota: Minnesota Detroit at NE: New England Seattle at NO: New Orleans Miami at NY Jets: Jets Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Tennessee at Washington: Washington Houston at Jacksonville: Jacksonville San Fran at Carolina: San Francisco Dallas at LA Rams: Rams Philadelphia at Arizona: Arizona Cincinnati at Baltimore: Baltimore Monday October 10 Las Vegas at Kansas City: Kansas City
  10. Thursday, September 29th Miami at Cincinnati: Cincy (as above) Sunday, October 2nd Minnesota at New Orleans: Minnesota Cleveland at Atlanta: Cleveland Washington at Dallas: Dallas Seattle at Detroit: Detroit Tennessee at Indianapolis: Indianapolis Chicago at NY Giants: Giants Jacksonville at Philadelphia: Philadelphia NY Jets at Pittsburgh: Jets Buffalo at Baltimore: Baltimore LA Chargers at Houston: Chargers Arizona at Carolina: Carolina New England at Green Bay: Green Bay Denver at Las Vegas: Las Vegas Kansas City at Tampa Bay: Kansas City Monday, October 3rd LA Rams at San Francisco: San Francisco
  11. Thursday, September 22 Pittsburgh at Cleveland: Cleveland Sunday, September 25 Houston at Chicago: Chicago Las Vegas at Tennessee: Las Vegas Kansas City at Indianapolis: Kansas City Buffalo at Miami: Buffalo Detroit at Minnesota: Minnesota Baltimore at New England: Baltimore Cincinnati at NY Jets: Cincinnati Philadelphia at Washington: Washington New Orleans at Carolina: Carolina Jacksonville at LA Chargers: Chargers LA Rams at Arizona: Rams Atlanta at Seattle: Seattle Green Bay at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay San Francisco at Denver: San Francisco Monday, September 26 Dallas at NY Giants: Giants
  12. That’s how I feel about Cleveland, too, even though they are my pick over Pittsburgh.
  13. At least you aren't doing so bad that you got left off the totals list
  14. Sunday, Sept. 18th NY Jets at Cleveland: Cleveland Washington at Detroit: Washington Tampa at New Orleans: Tampa Carolina at NY Giants: Giants New England at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Indianapolis at Jacksonville: Indianapolis Miami at Baltimore: Baltimore Atlanta at LA Rams: Rams Seattle at San Francisco: San Francisco Cincinnati at Dallas: Cincinnati Houston at Denver: Denver Arizona at Las Vegas: Las Vegas Chicago at Green Bay: Green Bay Monday, Sept. 19 Tennessee at Buffalo: Buffalo Minnesota at Philadelphia: Philadelphia
  15. Wow, already the 4th quarter? It must have started really early form what I'm used to.
  16. KC. I don't even know if the game has started or not. Thanks for the last minute reminder, gamevet!
  17. We finally watched it over the weekend. I definitely agree that the humor doesn’t let the serious parts breathe enough. I enjoy Taika’s general style, but like Jacob said, it needs to be kept in check at times. I had heard so many underwhelming things about the movie, so I ended up enjoying it more than I expected to, though I also just really enjoy Thor, Norse mythology, and Hemsworth. Bale was fantastic as Gorr and it worked well enough having Val and Jane as replacements for young Thor and old King Thor from the comic arc. It would have been nice to see some more clear evidence of Gorr as really being avid butcher and I think his movie may have actually benefitted from a tone more like The Dark World while Malekith would have made more sense for a Taika-style movie, I think. One comment I read ahead of time that at least helped the movie make more sense to me as it went was to keep in mind that the story in it is being told by Korg to kids, so things that seem too ridiculous are being exaggerated by him. That helps with a lot of the ridiculous dialogue and aspects of characterization at times, including the jealousy shown by Stormbreaker, but things with it were overdone still. I heard that Taika won’t be returning, which I’m happy to hear. It is time for a different take on Thor in the future.
  18. Jacen123


    I agree that this was the best episode so far and that it most closely resembled the comic! I'm kind of bummed that I am not enjoying it more, though. It's probably just due to the format and/or style of the show, but it is the first Marvel show so far that I haven't really been itching to watch each new episode of. I'm certainly hoping for more episodes like this one, though. Hopefully, it can settle into a nice groove like this now.
  19. Thursday September 8 Buffalo at LA Rams: Rams Sunday September 11 New Orleans at Atlanta: Atlanta San Francisco at Chicago: San Francisco Puttsburgh at Cincinnati: Cincinnati Philadelphia at Detroit: Philadelphia New England at Miami: New England Baltimore at NY Jets: Baltimore Jacksonville at Washington: Washington Cleveland at Carolina: Carolina Indianapolis at Houston: Indianapolis NY Giants at Tennessee: Tennessee Green Bay at Minnesota: Green Bay Kansas City at Arizona: Kansas City Las Vegas at LA Chargers: Las Vegas Tampa Bay at Dallas: Dallas Monday September 11 Denver at Seattle: Seattle
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