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  1. I gave it ten and haven’t heard a word since. Probably won’t either, which is fine by me
  2. How long do I wait for my boss for our one in one before I give up and bail? He doesn’t usually show up, so why should I? It’s not like I ever WANT to meet with him. At least it’s a virtual day today
  3. Not having Michael Pena telling a Luis-ified version of the Infinity Saga was a major lack.
  4. Ray Stevenson died, which sucks. I loved Rome
  5. Watched it today. Fun!
  6. It’s still pay streaming though right? Not on any service regularly?
  7. It as very sad in parts! I liked it more than expected considering in the week or two prior I kinda forgot about it
  8. From the looks of it she's gonna turn face and break away from Damage Control. Hope so!
  9. I try not to remember Justus at all if I can help it
  10. oh yeah I'm out it's gonna be warm for the first time this year, so we're doing family stuff outside another weekend though, definitely. I wanna play cards against humanity in one of these zooms. it's really easy to set up a private passworded game so it's just for us, and it's always fun to play when drinking
  11. Looks awesome. I haven’t seen a DC film in theaters since Man of Steel but I might die this
  12. There were so many ways they could’ve gotten a belt off Roman without having him actually lose. This was a very poor way to handle it. Unifying the belts last year was one of the dumbest decisions they’ve made.
  13. Big time agree. Birds aren’t even real anyway.
  14. Yep, really good edit: also note there’s a real end credit scene this time
  15. My parents are good people who did the best they could to raise me, and generally speaking, they did a very good job. They made some questionable decisions, and there were things that left their scars, but that's true for everybody, right? I don't begrudge them or blame them for any significant trauma... or, at least, I don't hold it against them. They genuinely did the best they could. But man do they not know how to talk to humans, and that includes me. This is just an example, and one of their least examples, but it just happened and I'm scratching my head over it so I'm posting it, even though it doesn't compare at all to most of what's going on in this thread. Today's my 40th birthday. They called me late tonight, late enough that I had been wondering if they had forgotten or my dad was having something medical going on (note I wouldn't be bothered if they didn't call, but it would've been noticeable). I teased them about it when I answered the phone, and they, fairly, said they waited til late to call because they didn't know my work schedule. I told them well of course I took the day off. Baby boomers that they are they teased me back about not being an adult. I pointed out I have a ton of PTO, so why wouldn't I take it off? No one wants to work on their birthday! They asked, well, do I take my kids' birthdays off too, to which I said of course I do. And their response is WELL WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DEFENSIVE ABOUT IT. They said it jokingly as fitting the tone of the whole conversation, but, uh, what? What in the world is defensive about any of that? For one thing, literally defending yourself is not "being defensive." But even without that, there... was... nothing at all defensive happening there. And I know there wasn't because I'm a sensitive person and can get overly defensive at the weirdest things sometimes. Wow this was a lot more words to say than I meant. But wtf. Are we gonna be weird old people to our kids when we're our parents age too? I really hope not.
  16. yup I’m drinking in Vancouver rn
  17. brb going to Canada for a few days
  18. I thought Allison Pill was queen of a newer, friendly Borg? Did I miss something? After finally seeing it, I think the Titan looks more like the Enterprise than the F does. And did Word destroy the E cuz I missed that story too. What happened to Shaw, while not unexpected, totally sucked
  19. Big time agree. Kamala is the draw for this movie to me, by far
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