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  1. Appreciate the insight!
  2. Got packed for my flight to Seattle tomorrow!
  3. CGI has been an issue with the MCU lately for a few projects though. I wonder if having so many things going on is stretching them too thin. Listening to rumors on r/marvelstudiosspoilers it’s like they’re working on a film or show for literally every character, including multiversal. It’s too much even for me, so I can imagine how the various effects teams might feel
  4. WWE kayfabing. It's a horseshit response to make the company look good. Sasha may be a diva, I don't know, but I will support workers 99% of the time in situations like this.
  5. Lot of CGI work to be done but looks fun otherwise
  6. Sasha and Naomi legit walked out tonight lol
  7. Golden State in six. Never will I ever root for a Texas team over a California team.
  8. Yeah I'm done. Not worth watching a blow out. Fuck. Go Celtics, I guess?
  9. sports are stupid who even likes them
  10. oh shit, I guess I do have to bring the kids too But yeah Katie is very good at tetrising things, while I am not (oddly enough I'm excellent at the game Tetris), and we're having movers load it up for us. Fortunately the things I'm stressed about she's not, and vice versa.
  11. stressing the moving pod coming in a few weeks is gonna be WAY too small. we don't have a lot of shit but we have a LOT of shit
  13. Currently checking out the moms in bathing suits at the beach.
  14. Yeah, I think you’re right. Obi-Wan seemed pretty convinced Vader was too far gone and irredeemable in the OT. Showing any sides of good now would ruin the impeccable continuity Star Wars has maintained throughout the years. kidding aside though you convinced me, no good shown in Vader in this
  15. I like both interpretations. Been going back and forth and can’t decide which I prefer, so I’m good with either
  16. It was really weird and the continuity doesn't make any sense with established Trek at all, but then again, that's never really mattered before. I'm generally disinterested in time travel, but again, it's Trek, so of course there's time travel. It had an extremely strong finale and overall I did like it, but it was weird as hell. Looking forward to TNG season 8 next year.
  17. Great finish in Boston today and I'm shocked the Bucks pulled it out. And what the fuck is going on with Golden State? Haven't been watching the game but wow, down by 50 in the 3rd?
  18. I'll get to this, but I'll wait til a few episodes build up first.
  19. Honestly it's the only reason I'd ever consider going to a high school reunion. But I didn't go to the ten year, twenty was during COVID, and now I'm moving 1500 miles away from my high school instead of the 350 I am now, so even if I DID want to, no way it'll happen now. In other words I want to hear ALL THE MOM BANGING STORIES SETH. Banging moms rules.
  20. Yeah, and the Suns need to figure out how to win on the road or they'll never get passed Golden State.
  21. Damn. And they shoulda won that game without him too. Warriors in five for sure then.
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