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  1. I’d be surprised if Hammer doesn’t show up in Armor Wars.
  2. TAMI ILL TEXT YOU not that I expect that to actually help
  3. So what typeface/font/size/whatever should I use when I compile this novel SETH
  4. Yeah but once Wandavision is done, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier starts, so... Oh yeah anniversaries. Not the 19th, then.
  5. Looks like it’d fit right in in my parents town in rural AZ. Or rural fuckin anywhere anymore
  6. drinks = I'm in I can probably make it work whenever, so I'll bow to consensus
  7. OH I GOT SOME GOOD STUFF FOR YOU sorry thinking about lando again both the system AND the man
  8. stop making me want to visit north carolina wtf
  9. Lando was designed for that sort of shit. It was perfect for its time, pre-4chan edgy humor and pushing how far you could go on the internet. Then we all sort of grew up--not just on Nightly, but the internet in general.
  10. As nuts as she could get I also genuinely liked her. When she wasn't too much into her gimmick and a mark for herself, she was pretty cool. Honestly wish she'd come back.
  11. It's a global pandemic, we gotta take our entertainment where we can get it. Also I'm certain I've called Reese far worse things. Probably often. Almost definitely in Lando. I stand by them all.
  12. I miss when drama like this happened every few months instead of every few years.
  13. It's not always about you, though, or what you did to "kill the attraction" or anything like that. She could be more interested in someone else. She could have decided now wasn't the right time for her to be dating after all. She may have had a heart attack and been in the hospital. It could be any number of things that have literally nothing to do with you. I really don't think there's anything for you to figure out here.
  14. Yeah, if she doesn't respond to the first text OR the call, she's either not interested or way too busy. Most likely not interested. You shot your shot, didn't connect, so move onto the next.
  15. Agreed that this is the lowest episode. I never watched Modern Family and the Office, outside of specific bits, never really did it for me either. Glad the twitter crowd was wrong about it being Reed and/or Blue Marvel. I love twitter but twitter people need to fuck off sometimes. Agnes was always Agatha Harkness and her song about how YOU NEVER KNEW IT was funny cuz, I mean, yeah, I did. Generally though this episode didn't do a whole lot. Definitely the first where it was just a show, instead of a really fascinating thing I watch that makes me excited to talk about and see wha
  16. Yeah I’m not the guy you want shopping or shipping but I can Venmo a little over to someone
  17. It's been bad for Reese. I won't speak for her, but yeah, not good.
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