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  1. In other words Brando could lose as early as this week, if Trump nominates anyone else. I’d take the bet but I agree with you lol
  2. If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you
  3. The GOP doesn't care about looking like, or BEING hypocrites. They never have. What in the world makes you think they give a shit about that? They've packed the courts. That's what they want. That's all they care about. They don't play the rules and have never intended to. It's fucking ridiculous that the Democrats haven't figured this out already. Trump's nominee is going to get through, I guarantee it.
  4. I've never been a big horror guy but the last handful of years we've watched at least one classic spooky movie during Halloween season. Trying to decide what it should be this year and I'm leaning toward Friday the 13th. I'm not sure why I'm posting this but here we are.
  5. I'm down with term limits for everything. 20 years for Supreme Court, 12 years/2 terms for Senate, 12/6 terms for the House. Or, even better, one term for every office and that's fucking it. I don't know what that means for SCOTUS.
  6. Cricket in her hidey hole, away from the kids and the heat
  7. You don't think Mitch is gonna do his goddamned hardest to make it happen?
  8. Well RBG won't be making it til January after all. How fast do you think Mitch and Trump ramrod someone through? Think it'll even take a month?
  9. If nothing else it would be reasonable to assume, even in a galaxy with FTL/hyperspace travel, that not every planet is going to be on the same level technologically.
  10. We're gonna get a Heat/Nuggets Final aren't we?
  11. I've always just gone forum by forum out of habit, I've never really used the "unread content" link. I guess I should start.
  12. So far, mostly, so good. Minor request: is there a way to make threads with new posts a little more apparent? Maybe it's just me but the bold font/blue star doesn't really pop. Not a big deal if it's not possible.
  13. Odine, you were right. We’re halfway through the third season and I have no ****ing clue what’s going on anymore.
  14. THE WORKS (and a half sausage/half cheese for the kids)
  15. Thursday September 17th Cincinnati at Cleveland Sunday, September 20th New York Giants at Chicago Atlanta at Dallas Detroit at Green Bay Jacksonville at Tennessee Minnesota at Indianapolis Buffalo at Miami San Francisco at New York Jets LA Rams at Philadelphia Denver at Pittsburgh Carolina at Tampa Bay Washington at Arizona Kansas City at LA Chargers Baltimore at Houston New England at Seattle Monday, September 21st New Orleans at Las Vegas
  16. Yeah same. I was ready to blame my internet but when every other tab I have open is loading super fast, nightly can take several minutes.
  17. It’s not impossible, though. An uncle of mine had three vasectomies and two reversals. He thought he was done having kids before he met my aunt (moms sister), got it reversed cuz she wanted a kid, got snipped again, got it reversed when they wanted another kid, got snipped again. Definitely wouldn’t recommend that at all of course, and a vasectomy probably SHOULD be looked at as a permanent solution, but it doesn’t HAVE to be.
  18. Brando likes to bogart my balls so it’s fine
  19. My wife had an IUD before our first and then again before the second. It's not a very good lifelong choice, and she's had bad reactions to every kind of birth control pill she's tried. Minor discomfort (and a great story) for myself for a short time is worth it.
  20. Honestly, it was worth it, even with the high amount of pain and several shots I needed to get through it, plus the infection, plus the long time it took to work. To never have to worry about getting Katie pregnant, I'd do it all over again if I had to. Who likes wearing a condom, anyway? Feels bad man. Even the softer, more glancing blows hurt a lot.
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