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  1. man I even scanned my post to be sure I was using waist/waste correctly. should've expected that one.
  2. I read all your quotes in your voice is that weird
  3. Man I just got a waist I’ve been looking for for a while to replace a broken one, and the idiot eBay seller sent it in a padded envelope instead of a box. Surprise surprise, it came broken too. He gave me a refund (minus shipping and taxes of course) at least, but damnit. Unbroken waists can be hard to come by these days.
  4. Yeah, silver mask is iconic. I really liked the battle armor one as a kid, but that's sort of worn off. I'd have to go with orange mask as my least favorite--Space Force designs were weird as hell, but even though they were mostly a miss, I give them credit for at least trying something different.
  5. I just picked that one up from the antique mall a few weeks back. Doesn't have the helmet though, which is a bummer cuz that's a tough piece to find.
  6. he knew who serpentor was but to be fair he wanted a reference photo
  7. To keep Eli occupied while we had margaritas and dinner, I asked him to draw Serpentor
  8. Half of the 82 figures were, frankly, pretty lame. Exchangeable parts, drab olive coloring. Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Stalker, and the three Cobra figures were the only ones that stood out, which is why they’re the only ones that survived. Characters like Short Fuze, Steeler, Flash, Grand Slam, etc had zero traction due to their generic-ness.
  9. damn I knew I was forgetting someone; zarana was great in the comics too agreed, she's between baroness and lady jaye
  10. POWER RANK JOE WOMEN GO 1. Baroness 2. Lady Jaye 3. Scarlett 4. Cover Girl 5. Jinx I know Cover Girl is supposed to be a literal supermodel but she's always been pretty irrelevant. That fact is the only reason she tops Jinx on the list.
  11. just shoot me in the fucking head
  12. I kinda feel like drunk marathoning these sometime soon. I already regret it.
  13. going both in and out heh heh
  14. Good god I'm glad I don't have to date anymore. This all sounds terrible. I'm really happy I got to have a slutty period. It was fun to be free and loose with little if any expectations, but it was very unfulfilling overall. Sure I'll probably never get a blowjob from a woman who may or may not have been trans in a bar bathroom again, or get to bang someone ten years younger AND twenty years older in the same week, but the comfort and familiarity of being with one person who knows what I like (and vice versa) and none of the awkwardness of figuring shit out with our big dumb gross naked b
  15. oh man that's a lot of reading maybe tomorrow
  16. goddamnit now I gotta google to find out one of the movies had a witch, right? cuz I think I remember a witch with the castle. and I'm not thinking of Bavmorda, I actually LIKED Willow.
  17. I definitely saw at least one of them as a kid. Maybe both. Can't really say I remember much other than Wicket, some little girl, and an old man. Some big bad castle or something too?
  18. You're almost making me want to watch these. Almost.
  19. Right? Annoying as shit. I love it.
  20. Don’t take running backs in the first round. It’s dumb.
  21. Painkiller lower immune-response, which is kind of the opposite of what you want with a vaccine.
  22. when am I allowed to take ibuprofen
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