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  1. Thursday, November 26 Texans at Lions Washington at Cowboys Sunday, November 29 Raiders at Falcons Chargers at Bills Giants at Bengals Titans at Colts Panthers at Vikings Cardinals at Patriots Dolphins at Jets Browns at Jags Ravens at Steelers Saints at Broncos 49'ers at Rams Chiefs at Bucs (They better air that here) Bears at Packers Monday, November 30 Seahawks at Eagles
  2. Vet, I edited your posts to change it to TEXANS at Lions. Not sure if that's gonna affect your pick or not.
  3. They should. They won’t. They don’t care. As long as someone with an R after their name is in office, it keeps them in power and in money. That’s all that matters. He won’t be in power after January and is being replaced by the other party, so they’re pretending to have a spine now. That’s all.
  4. Good. Let them cannibalize themselves. Democrats and leftists do it all the time over their bullshit purity tests, it's only right that the right finally does it.
  5. It’s also lego, it’s not episode 10. Relax. I hope you’re being facetious and I’m just too depressed to see it.
  6. California is not a welfare state. We put more money into the federal pot than anyone, and we take less out. I'm not saying we'd be just fine and have no problems, of course there would be. But we're not on federal welfare, we're a donor state.
  7. Maybe you’re right. But I feel like ranked choice would give people who don’t like either major party candidate a better reason to vote third party. They could rank their preferred candidate first and a second third partner right after, and then Dem or GOP at the end or not at all. It still might end up as you say with their votes not counting, but I think it’d be easier to give the middle finger to both parties without succumbing to choosing the lesser of two evils.
  8. Add in ranked choice voting and I'm all for electoral vote proportioning.
  9. Honestly hadn’t even thought of that. I mean it’s a thing we do once in a while but haven’t needed to on any sort of regular basis. You might be onto something here.
  10. Since it's almost definitely just the four of us (we might do a joint dinner with some friends who are already in our bubble but I'm guessing not), we're doing it much more low key. We're probably gonna roast a chicken instead of doing turkey since none of us care about turkey that much, plus we have ground turkey pretty regularly instead of beef. Nothing too crazy, just simple sides and veggies I guess. I'm really watching my sugar/carb intake now since I'm on the cusp of diabetes (thanks dad/grandma/that whole side of the family for those genes), so cutting out a few of the usual staples is
  11. would be great if hbo max was available on roku
  12. Tracks cut and pasted from TPM (not reused themes, not rescored, literally cut and pasted from the previous soundtrack; this also happened in ROTS but to a less egregious degree) and tracks with atrocious cutting and editing, is the gist of it. There's a lot of great original music scored for that film, but too much of it ended up cut because of Lucas' last minute constant editing.
  13. Yes, but the whole score was butchered in editing.
  14. Well, it's been confirmed through various sources that Obama is a lizard person. There's no way Trump and Obama are the same; therefore, Trump is all man, through and through. Prove me wrong.
  15. Just saw a commercial for Norwegian Cruise Lines, about how now is the right time to get back on because of how hard 2020 has been. Unbelievable.
  16. Vet, you're missing Green Bay @ Indianapolis, and you got the Rams and Chargers mixed up again! Thursday, November 19 Arizona at Seattle Sunday, November 22 Philadelphia at Cleveland Atlanta at New Orleans Cincinnati at Washington Detroit at Carolina Pittsburgh at Jacksonville Tennessee at Baltimore New England at Houston Miami at Denver NY Jets at LA Chargers Green Bay at Indianapolis Dallas at Minnesota Kansas City at Las Vegas Monday, November 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay
  17. There are, amazingly, people who believe that California IS red and it's all fraud. I don't know why they've picked CA as opposed to... well, pretty much any state, but they really believe it.
  18. The REAL electoral map, courtesy of OAN. Unarguable, really.
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