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  1. Yeah I’m not proud of about 90% of my online activities previous to 2012 or so
  2. Anthony Edwards might prove you wrong
  3. oh yeah that definitely did… haven’t even thought about it years, even though I use thesubverse as a login on a bunch of websites
  4. We watched part of it this morning. When the T-1000 enters John Conner's name into the police computer, it lists his birthday as 1985. T2 was released in 1991--obviously John isn't supposed to be six, but with Judgment Day happening in 1997, the oldest he could be is 11-12. EDIT: google says T2 takes place in 1995, but who knows if that's right or not
  5. Definitely the best. Might be the worst too, but I dunno. I've only watched TROS once and have absolutely no desire to do it again, so maybe it's that
  6. We went the whole season and no one, not even Cola, made a thread. I’m ashamed of you all It was awesome
  7. Yeah but that scene of Holdo's ship ripping through the not-a-Star Destroyer in TLJ was awesome so that gets a pass
  8. I got a series S about two months ago and have had a PS4 for a while. I’m not a huge gamer, but I definitely prefer the Xbox. Game Pass is pretty awesome—though we’ll see if I change my mind once my three month free trial ends. No physical games for it, though, so if that’s a dealbreaker for you I guess your decision is made already (maybe series x does but I don’t know, I went for the cheaper console) My brother, meanwhile, has a PS5 and prefers that.
  9. This Friday I’m moving to a new team and starting a new position. I went to check out the desk they assigned me and of course it’s set up for… let’s say someone on the extreme opposite end of the height spectrum. I might as well sit on the floor it’s so low. Obviously this is an easy fix and not a real complaint but it’s pretty funny how often I take over a space from someone bite sized like that
  10. The Roe decision has been a huge win for the Democrats, they've won every single election it's been on the ballot since, even in deep red states. It's still a huge motivator for a lot of voters, so I agree there will be an uptick there. I also think, that as we get closer to the election, polls are going to get tighter and might even show Biden leading. So far out from an election, especially with two generally disliked candidates, there are a lot of reliable voters on both sides who are polling for third party candidates and as undecideds, as a way to "send a message" to whichever side they always vote. In the end, most of these people end up voting for the party they always vote for, even if they don't like that particular candidate. 1992 with Ross Perot was an outlier, and he didn't even end up getting a single electoral vote anyway. RFK Jr ain't getting shit. I'm still hesitantly optimistic Biden gets a second term. There's so much time between now and November, Trump is currently in one of his four upcoming trials (with any luck, at least one more will actually go to trial before election day, but who knows). An uncountable number of things could happen by then. With any luck the fucker will drop dead of a heart attack first.
  11. I lack the energy to pirate movies anymore. I just want this to stream somewhere already
  12. Bernard Hill, the only actor to appear in the only two movies to win 11 Oscars, has died
  13. Yeah I was fully expecting it to be Jacob Fatu, but he must be coming in later
  14. Still think those red imperial guards have one of the best designs in all of star wars
  15. Becky is clearly going to put over Liv, who is due a heel turn. Becky herself needs a gimmick refresh. But yeah, as much as I like Bayley, Asuka, and Kairi, it’s time for some new blood on top
  16. That google pixel commercial has the worst fucking song too
  17. Well shit. We have commercials for phones that advertise all these amazing photo editing features included, which to me is just faking reality. If you can change the weather, backgrounds, eliminate people, move things around on the photo, you’re not just making your picture cleaner, you’re faking shit. It’s no longer a photo of a moment in time. With the way memory works it won’t be long before we take that edited photo and convince ourselves that’s what really happened. Really is meaningless and AI isn’t helping.
  18. He’s the only one of the recent releases I’m disappointed by. I like Xia Li too, and Von Wagner and Jinder Mahal were a bit of a surprise, but Grimes was the only one I was an active fan of. The rest were no loss.
  19. Definitely an improvement, and now that they're World Tag Team Titles (again), I wonder what the rename/redesign for the Smackdown titles will be
  20. damn man, you survived the tidal wave? I was really worried
  21. He can definitely rest easy knowing his wife’s killer is finally dead
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