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  1. Thursday, October 21 Denver at Cleveland Sunday, October 24 Washington at Green Bay Kansas City at Tennessee Atlanta at Miami NY Jets at New England Carolina at NY Giants Cincinnati at Baltimore Philadelphia at Las Vegas Detroit at LA Rams Houston a Arizona Chicago at Tampa Bay Indianapolis at San Francisco Monday, October 25 New Orleans at Seattle Survivor pick: Carolina
  2. I’ve barely slept for each of the last two nights for no particular reason at all
  3. Man. In order to help east coast people we just have to wake up before the sunrise so we can be on the phones on or before 6am our time. Then stay til 6pm or later to help other west coasters Thank god I don’t have to do anything with our customers or with consumers. But that’s how west coast businesses handle the time differences.
  4. Remember when he doubted the whole WMD thing but didn’t do anything to try to stop the war and actually pushed for it to happen anyway. Super cool.
  5. Have heard this about every single new non iron man, non avengers movie since Thor. It’ll be fine.
  6. I was gonna quote tweet and remove the “if I bitch about work” part and just say yes, but I feel like I’ve ripped Seth too many times
  7. On vacation so sorry for the shitty formatting… Tampa Bay miami green bay Cincinnati Indianapolis LA Rams Kansas city Carolina LA Chargers arizona denver dallas Pittsburgh buffalo survivor pick: Rams
  8. Tire blew out on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge today. Super exciting.
  9. Yep, that's exactly it. It's too choreographed. It's gymnastics, not wrestling. But they pride themselves on that, and clearly have been successful, so what do I know.
  10. I had no idea he was still in the league
  11. Who are you thinking, then? The top contender is Orange Cassidy, and while I like his act, I don't think it's World Champion material. Other top contenders that haven't already been mentioned are Lance Archer and Miro, both of whom are heels (I'd take Miro though). Eddie Kingston? Andrade, who I can't tell if he's heel or face? PAC is a heel. Drawing a blank on anyone else.
  12. Okay good it was Page, as it should be. My only criticism, even though I agree with them doing it this way tonight, is that any time there's a Joker in one of these casino matches, you can pretty much guarantee they're gonna be the winner.
  13. I think one of the reasons I'm super into Big E being WWE Champion is that it's SO NICE to see a face world champion again. Between Kenny Omega and Roman Reigns, I'm super board with the main event scene in wrestling (though Ciampa/Breakker is fun). I DO think Kenny's more likely to lose it sooner than Roman, but still, I'm just not into the Elite and I want to move on from them. If it's not Adam Page as the Joker in the ladder match tonight, then I dunno. I don't think Danielson should be the guy to beat him, or Punk or Christian. Who else is even close? Moxley, but we've seen that. Not
  14. Really solid finale with a mid credits scene. Overall the show was pretty hit and miss. My opinions on multiverses is established at this point, but if they mostly contain it to animated form I'm down with that. I know the multiverse is now part of mainstream MCU, but I'd really rather it not go TOO nuts outside of this show.
  15. Thursday, October 7 LA Rams at Seattle Sunday, October 7 NY Jets at Atlanta Green Bay at Cincinnati Detroit at Minnesota Denver at Pittsburgh Miami at Tampa Bay New Orleans at Washington Philadelphia at Carolina Tennessee at Jacksonville New England at Houston Chicago at Las Vegas Cleveland at LA Chargers NY Giants at Dallas San Francisco at Arizona Buffalo at Kansas City Monday, October 11 Indianapolis at Baltimore Survivor pick: Tennessee
  16. Agreed that Holland was a surprise, especially since they just repaired him up with Pete Dunne. I'd rather see Dunne moved up, but then again, maybe I like him better there. Shotzi and Tegan were a makeshift tag team anyway. Shotzi has a great chance to be a star on her own. Tegan I'm a little meh on. She's a good worker but what else is there? Regarding other NXT call ups, I fully expected Hit Row and Austin Theory; Aliyah was sort of called up earlier, so now it's official; Xia Li is a good pull; and awesome to see Mia Yim get her name back, and to be on the same show as Keith Lee.
  17. I dunno man, I think I've gotten worse and worse at pick em every year. And this week looks tough as shit too.
  18. No guarantee on Becky. Charlotte can still drop the RAW title before the draft moves go into effect on the 22nd
  19. I love Swerve. Can take or leave the rest of them though. I’m sure he’ll drop the NA Title to either Santos or Carmelo Hayes in the next week or two. Heard Austin Theory got called up too. Bright future for him. He’s great.
  20. Honestly I don't remember. I hadn't really played it for a few years before I sent it to you. I mean, I tested out every game to make sure it all worked, but I don't remember anything being finicky.
  21. I see it a lot in fiction. "I'm mad at you for not knowing a thing you don't have any way of knowing, and I won't tell you what it is because you're so dumb." The worst part is how the student ends up appreciating and thanking the teacher for it after the fact. I hate that shit. You're making the life of the student and a greater than zero number of other people's lives harder for no reason other than arrogance.
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