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  1. Holy hell. There is a house about an hour north of me that has over 6,000 square feet. It's listed at just under $300K. It has an indoor pool. Built in '72 and looks to have never been renovated. It's pending but I would jump on this if I could move fast enough. I believe someone put an offer in on the first day. https://www.redfin.com/IN/Kokomo/3300-Tally-Ho-Dr-46902/home/127213610?msclkid=f71d66b9caac11eeb86c79819fa268f0
  2. I lost everything to draft kings. I bet all my money that Usher would say 'yeah yeah yeah' for twenty straight minutes. Tell me that is not an absolute LOCK! Who knew Usher had other songs in which he doesn't say 'yeah yeah yeah'?
  3. Definitely. But what about Niel Diamond's 'America'? What about the theme song to TEAM AMERICA?
  4. Amen. Critical Drinker is a joke. It started off making valid points but then her realized and even admitted that those videos get the most views, so that's all he does now. So you are basically admitting that you sacrifice the quality and validity of your chanel just for the sake views. Actually, he literally admitted that in an interview once.
  5. I watch of TON of old Late Night w/Conan O'Brien clips, specifically the clips where he talks to Arnold Schwarzeneggar via satellite. Caravan of Garbage Pitch Meetings (occasionally) Lots of Music Videos Classic and new SNL sketches Tosh Show We Might Be Drunk The Jeselnik and Rosenthall Vanity Project Late Night w/Seth Myers clips from the previous night's show
  6. "In Empire controlled systems, droids own YOU!" -- Darth Yakovader?
  7. Never gave it much thought, but it does sound like garbled screaming. Probably good old Mr. Ben Burtt's voice.
  8. Also, "I Don't Care About Your Dog" sounds like a country song (Slobberbone or Todd Snider?)
  9. This post is a Nightly trope.
  10. I wish Lucasfilm would just go back to their original plan when Disney first purchased them, and just put more faith into the writers and directors they hire. I enjoyed everything up to the Last Jedi. Everything after that, except Mando seasons 1 and 2, has been terrible. At least SW is going back to the big screen, where it should be. That alone should help.
  11. You've just revealed yourself as the worst person of all time to ever live ever.
  12. I always thought it would make more sense if Luke led the space attach/Death Star raid. I mean, if you’re planning to blow up another one, you’re not going to go with anyone else. In the common sense version when Luke says “I’m with you too!”, everyone would have collectively laughed and said “Yeah good one Luke. Now get in your fucking XWing.”
  13. There are just too many goddamn trees. You can't get a clear connection.
  14. Everyone has commlinks or communicators at all times except for that one scene.
  15. Why does Luke look like not Luke in the Holiday Special?
  16. Are you kidding? The Ewoks would have had a feast!! Come to think of it, after the Battle at Endor the Ewoks had enough dead meat laying around to feast for the next decade.
  17. Yes! I forgot to mention Japanese wine. It's great stuff.
  18. Not a wine guy, BUT Oliver Wine in Bloomington IN does US shipping. They have a sweet red that is super popular around here. I always pick up a bottle during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I believe they're available in most regions as well.
  19. Everyone's given some good recs. (But you're locco if you think Irish is better than Scotch or bourbon, haha) That being said, Redbreast and Green Spot are great. For Scotch, , Highland Park 12, Oban, and Talisker are easy to find and great. If you want to go nuts and get the best, IMO, go for Lagavulin 16.
  20. Bourbon or Scotch? It's easy to find a great bourbon in that price range. For Scotch, it would be a little tougher.
  21. LONG STORY SHORT: Well, The 'Goatman' finally found something that was in his budget. I found a 2016 Wrangler 75th Anniversary Edition. Picked it up 2 days ago. I could be wrong but, trimwise, it falls somewhere between a Sahara and a Rubicon? SHORT STORY LONG: I test drove it almost a month ago. The numbers never got to where I was comfortable, so I said 'no thanks' and walked away. This past Monday, the car salesman texted me, asking if I had made a purchase yet. I said no then he told me that the Jeep I drove was still there. I asked if the price had dropped at all or if they could budge on the price and get me where I want it. He said there was nothing he could do. The very next day, I got an email notification that the price went down by $1,000. When I clicked on it and went to the site, the price was an additional $1,400 off. So I contacted the salesman, asked him if the price actually did drop by $2,400. He confirmed it. I asked him if they could get it where I wanted it. He checked with the sales manager, he approved it. All the paperwork was prepared and ready for me to sign when I got there. After about one hour at the dealer, I drove her home!
  22. Most of my time spent here was when they were toddlers and I'd put them to bed for the night. Damn. Forget Christmas, I have to buy a birthday present. When I mentioned my youngest being 20, his birthday is actually Monday. I'm thinking of buying him Foo Fighters tickets. But, the concert in Cincinnati is sold out and the cheapest third party tickets are $159. Holy hell.
  23. I always buy an Arcade 1Up cabinet for Christmas. They usually put some up for sale, so I bought the Marvel vs. Capcom table style cabinet. The Star Wars cabinet wasn't on sale but I bought it as well because they're kinda hard to find. My kids are sneaker freaks and Finish Line had some decent deals on Black Friday. I got them all new pairs of New Balance 650s for 50 bucks. My kiddos are all adults (oldest is 24, youngest is 20) but I still like to spoil them on Christmas. It's more for me, now, than it is for them.
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