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  1. Watched Kid90 on Hulu. I think the takeaway from this movie is if you became friends with Soleil Moon Frye as a teenager, you are going to die.
  2. If I actually owned one of these, I would gift it to you.
  3. My birthdays are always random. Last year, we went to Red Robin. This year, we went to Pizza King. My mom always bakes a chocolate cake. From a Duncan Hines box. I grew up on those so they taste better to me than bakery cakes or homemade. Happy Birthday, Jacob, if I'm not on over the weekend!
  4. Do you think Nick Nolte was cast for the Mandalorian because he looks like an Ugnaught?
  5. Shot 1 today! Now I'm singing Rod Stewart's Infatuation all day, but saying Vaccination instead. It's bothering me because the syllables don't match up so I'm singing the song in my head under protest.
  6. Interesting. Similar people yet the argument for Last Jedi versus JL seem to be at odds with one another. Do any of these douche bags realize how hypocritical that is?
  7. I never saw an toxic fandom in regards to the Snyder cut. Just people knocking the whedon cut, which is universal, and calling on Snyders version. I don't know if it's fair to compare that to toxic SW fandom, who are the absolute worst of the worst and a stain on the brand they pretend to love.
  8. I played two softball games over the weekend and I'm still sore. Ugh....I feel like I got ran over.
  9. NBA tickets? Dodger game? Are they allowing people into games out there?
  10. They wouldn't let you in.
  11. He's appropriating alien music. Canceled.
  12. Yub Nub could be a huge hit if only the Ewoks weren't so primitive. A talent scout went there to get them signed and recorded but Logray and Chief Chirpa fucking ate him.
  13. If you don't know, then fuck you, dude.
  14. Lapti Nek bangs. Stop lying.
  15. Jabba pays more. Guaranteed. The cantina owner has significantly less income flow. Maybe Jabba owns the Cantina though. Probably. Anyway, Krawlie's band bios sound most reasonable. But what about the techno jams at the Coruscant disco? Or the space Reggae band in Force Awakens?
  16. Who's the bigger chart topper? Modal Nodes? Max Rebo? Jabba's Palace is a better venue than the Cantina, so probably Max.
  17. A rock documentary style would be hilarious.
  18. I'm getting mine on good Friday. I had a dream that I got the shot and I started seeing everything in green digits:
  19. Plan C: Lobot walks into Jabba's Palace like John Wick entering the night club.
  20. Has anyone felt any symptoms of becoming a vampire zombie and wanting to kill Will Smith?
  21. Of course. Everyone is an amateur to him. After the rescue, and they told him how they did it, he probably was like WTF?!
  22. Was Leia's plan separate from Luke's? She just decided to free Han and make a run for it. Didn't work. So Luke decides 'fuck it, I'm going in there'. His basic plan could have been he knew about Jabba's habit of feeding prisoners to the Sarlaac. So he may have just figured hey, get us all outside, together, and I'll take allllllll these mofos down!
  23. But I don't know if this is canon:
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