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  1. That sucks. I had almost the opposite experience here when I lost a credit card. About 6 years ago. It was used about 7 or 8 times, the guy was identified and charged. The detective basically said to the guy 'we know it's you, you're on video. We're going to go after you for felony charges if you don't cooperate, blah blah' The guy caved and was charged.
  2. If they can find out who did it, they could squeeze it out of them. Especially with how much it was used.
  3. Young Indy, strictly the ones without SPF, is the only Indy that exists in my head canon. And the odd numbered Marvel issues.
  4. All these places have cameras. It shouldn't be that hard to find out if it was one or multiple people. Identifying them might be a little more difficult.
  5. Sooooo.......time to re-open the Indy Board?
  6. Best action movie ever. Best Indy movie. Best Ford movie. Probably the most efficient movie I've ever seen. Perfect pacing, tone, cinematography. Just perfect in every way.
  7. Anybody see Mitch McConnell's wife? It makes sense.
  8. So far, he's doing a pretty good job. It was sunny out, so I was hoping Big Joe would put his Aviators on, but nope! So I dunno, man.
  9. I have not. Oh, McDonald's has amazing biscuits and gravy but I don't know if it's still on their menu. I'll check out wendy's. A lot of the ones near me don't offer breakfast though.
  10. I know! I just thought it was funny. I was a nerd and a jock. Played football and baseball, collected comics and loved SW. I never gave a shit about Trek, LOTR, D&D, or anything else though. Just SW and comics. Oh, and baseball cards and trading cards but only movies. Never got into Magic or Garbage Pail Kids. And I always read Starlog!
  11. McDonald's breakfast is ten times better than their dinner menu. And McDonald's breakfast is better than anybody else's breakfast. Their hotcakes murder IHOP's. Their breakfast burrito, mcgriddles, all of it is great but it has to be fresh. If it's been sitting for a while, forget everything I said. Lol
  12. I'm not a nerd! I never buy collectibles! Well....sometimes I do. But not very often! And when I do, I'm angry that I wasted money. So not a nerd!
  13. Wait, there was a Starlog STORE??!
  14. If I ever make my way back out there, I'm hitting Fatburger. In and Out can screw. But my kids would probably want to check it out.
  15. My favorite burger chain when living in California was Fat Burger. Are those still around?
  16. At least you can argue about the Last Jedi still. It's already been concluded that the EU is the worst thing ever. Besides, Zerimar has moved on and has now embraced the new EU.
  17. No EU talk, as Tank said!!!!!!
  18. I'd always envisioned Luke became so connected with the Force that his level of understanding and consciousness was somehow transcendent of everything else. War and conflict was something he wanted to be rid of. Kind of like Dr. Manhattan. If that was more of the focus in Last Jedi, it would make more sense. I'm probably not explaining it well, but I figured he'd become so powerful, by that I strictly mean his connection and understanding of the Force, and that's partly why he went away and refused to come back.
  19. All that water drinking definitely helped pass that stone. Hopefully it's the only one. Good to hear you're feeling better.
  20. I never understood the Luke backlash in the sequel trilogy. I knew Luke wasn't going to get involved before Last Jedi came out. How did I know? Because of the OT. It spells it out pretty well.
  21. When we went to the mall, I'd just tell me mom I'm going to Waldenbooks while she shops JCPenney, and L.S. Ayers. I'd hang out at the Waldenbooks magazine rack for an hour or two every other weekend and read Starlog, Mad, Cracked, and the check to see if any of the Playboy type magazines had been taken out of their wrapping.
  22. Zathras, dumb question, are you drinking very much water?
  23. That's what I was leaning toward but hard to remember.
  24. I wish I could remember if this was old Starlog article speculation or if it was early internet.
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