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  1. That didn’t surprise you? It blew me away that after all this time holding the title Mandy lost in an impromptu match with no build up on a random Tuesday night when this match was already being hyped for the big PLE (I keep forgetting it’s not called PPV anymore) coming up. It’d be like Roman Reigns losing the titles on an unscheduled match on Raw two weeks away from the Royal Rumble. But then you read what has happened since regarding Mandy’s situation and now it makes sense why they did that.
  2. Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills brought back many familiar characters (Tommy, Lyndsey, Lonnie Elam, etc.) and also introduced interesting new ones, such as Officer Hawkins, and blended them together by creating compelling backstories for them, such as Hawkins as a rookie cop encountering Michael the night of 1978 and killing his partner in the process. This led to Hawkins saying he had to be the one to kill Michael because he had saved him that same night when Loomis was about to put a bullet in his head. But then Halloween Ends sidelined everybody just to make a movie about a completely new character. The whole movie is just about Corey and his arc. It’s like the other two films never happened.
  3. Holy crap. Halloween Ends was atrocious!
  4. I'm way late to the party. Just saw this season and I have to say, the best line in the whole series has got to be when Daniel and Johnny are visiting Kreese in jail and Daniel strikes a deal with him that he'll have his lawyers help get him out. Kreese says, "But I want your top attornies, not some sleazy cousins." Even my wife, who is not big on catching nods to 80's and 90's movies, got that obvious callback to Macchio's role in My Cousin Vinny. Am I the only one who thought that when Silver brought in that female sensei, this would lead to Hillary Swank showing up to make things even?
  5. I wouldn’t say that. The Battle of Yavin seems to be going well for the Rebels until he shows up. Then he almost single-handedly takes out the whole fleet. Luke only survives because of Han’s interference. But I do get your point. I think that’s what pissed off a lot people about the PT. They wanted to see the Vader we saw in the Obi Wan series. Terrorizing a whole town, snapping people’s necks and laying waste to his enemies. Because notice when he goes up against someone not Obi Wan or Luke, that’s what happens. He toyed with Reva in the Obi Wan series and Kanan in Rebels (they only lived because of plot armor.) The same thing happens in the books, at least the ones I’ve read because I don’t read too much fiction.
  6. Ep 2: Dooku was on Yoda’s level while Anakin was still learning a la Luke in ESB. We saw what happened to Dooku once Anakin had reached his Jedi level power in ROTS. Ep 3, Obi Wan series and 4: Just goes to show Kenobi is just as much a bad ass as Vader. Making him one doesn’t make Vader any less so. Had any other Jedi, save Yoda, shown up on Mustafar in ROTS, Vader would’ve taken them out easily. In the holorecording Obi Wan watches of the temple attack, Vader was taking out multiple Jedi on his own. Rebels: Vader was limping away because he had just survived the temple explosion. It wasn’t because Ahsoka beat up on him. Had Ezra not pulled a Marty McFly, Vader would’ve killed her. Ep 6: “Your thoughts betray you, father. I feel the good in you, the conflict.” Luke himself is telling us Vader isn’t going all out. He is putting on a show for Palpatine, but he doesn’t want to kill his own son. He could’ve easily wasted Luke in ESB and he is again holding back in ROTJ. Although by this point Luke is also holding back for the same reasons. Luke is better by then and would beat him if they both went at each other full power. But again, just like with Obi Wan, it’s just that Luke has reached his bad ass level too.
  7. I understand the love for Adam West because I love that series too. But I don’t get why we criticize certain actors for their portrayal but give others a pass. Adam West acted exactly the same way as Batman and Bruce Wayne. In the 1966 film the four villains kidnap Wayne and he beats the hell out of them and their henchmen Batman style and escapes. He doesn’t even try to disguise it.
  8. I find it amusing when Obi Wan appears to Luke on Hoth to tell him to go to Dagobah. Luke’s about to freeze to death and Obi Wan just casually pops in like Luke was sitting on his patio having a cup of coffee. If this scene had been in the PT or ST, it would’ve been ripped to shreds.
  9. I wondered the same thing. In ROTJ Yoda tells Luke, not ready for the burden were you. But was that really the reason? Had Luke stayed on Dagobah and finished his training, was the plan to knight him as a Jedi and then tell him Vader is his dad? Or were they never going to tell him and just hoped once he was a fully trained Jedi he would go kill Vader? And if that’s the case, Yoda and Obi Wan look like a-holes for doing that. In fact, the way ESB plays out, they look stupid as is for not telling him. Wouldn’t it have been better to sit him down and tell him the truth rather than him finding out from Vader himself?
  10. I think Lucas did it so that Anakin and Padme could exchange droids, sort of like a symbolic gesture of their love. It didn’t play that well in the films because again, George, but the Clone Wars micro series that aired between AOTC and ROTS had an episode about this.
  11. Disney released comic books that actually answer these very questions: https://www.ign.com/articles/star-wars-plot-hole-mystery-luke-skywalker-x-wing-marvel I find it amusing that they wrote about it as if it was “fixing a plot hole” between ESB and ROTJ.
  12. “Wait Luke, it’s too dangerous!” Obi Wan yells at Luke to stop. But doesn’t do anything except watch him speed off as Luke heads home because he believes, rightfully so, that stormtroopers are on their way there to slaughter the family. What if Luke made it in time to see the stormtroopers still there? After spending two decades watching over Luke, how ironic that at the moment of truth Obi Wan failed to keep Luke safe.
  13. Speaking of Brendan Fraser… https://variety.com/2022/film/news/batgirl-not-released-warner-bros-hbo-max-1235331897/amp/
  14. On the Ringer Verse podcast which aired from SW Celebration 2022 in Anaheim, they mentioned that contrary to what was being said about Obi Wan, that show did have a big budget. But it all went to pay the actors. Getting all the main players to return was expensive, particularly when someone like Liam Neeson was reluctant to “do TV.”
  15. When the Death Star explodes in ANH, we see the Falcon, 2 X-wings and a Y-wing flying away. The X-wings are Luke and Wedge. Who was in the Y-wing and what was that pilot doing the whole time Luke, Wedge and Biggs were being blown out of the sky by Vader?
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