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  1. I recall in TCW series when Obi Wan mentions he fought one on Kamino, they told him Jango was not a Mandalorian either.
  2. Well once he got in with the tribe they probably told him how they found him. Armor? What armor? Man, when we found you, you were laying there with nothing but what you’ve got on now. You’d be dead had we not arrived. As for the episode itself, this felt more like what should’ve been episode 1 or 2 instead of the series almost being over.
  3. You didn’t like the General Grievous chef droid?
  4. Seeing what we got here, now I wonder if it would've been better to have done a Boba Fett series set during the original trilogy. They could do all sorts of stories with the character doing Boba Fett things. Then when it’s time to end the series, however many seasons it goes, the finale could be him hearing about Vader putting out a call to any interested bounty hunters willing to do a job for the Empire. He wonders what it would be, knowing the risk is high but the reward would be great. And he takes off to do it, leading right into ESB.
  5. Why does Boba Fett think his armor is in the Sarlacc Pit? Did he forget how he got out? I get that he was out of it when he crawled out and doesn't remember the Jawas stripping him of it. But does he think that the armor slipped off him as he crawled out? Or he took it off when he got out and it fell back in? Not sure what his line of thinking is with that.
  6. How did Max Rebo survive that Sail Barge explosion??? And if he was able to, who else made it out alive?
  7. Eh, The Fugitive worked because Dr. Kimble was innocent and out to prove it to law enforcement. Not sure if that type of story would work with bounty hunters.
  8. Besides Silver's line about being coked up and torturing a teen for laughs, I forgot to mention the other standout line from this season that was a wink to the audience about KK3. After Silver goes with Kreese to Miyagi-do to show Daniel he's back, Daniel gives Johnny the rundown of KK3's plot offscreen to catch him up on who Silver is and the history between him and Daniel. Johnny's first words to Daniel are something like, "Wait a minute...you're telling me they let you into the final of the tournament just because you were defending champion???"
  9. Agree with you all. This latest episode is some of the worst Star Wars ever made. None of the characters are remotely interesting. That stupid biker gang looks like Griff's gang from Back to the Future 2. And those chase scenes were just...it's like something some kids put together using iphones. Just wow.
  10. I've never liked part 3 because I always thought Chozen was Daniel's greatest opponent. Chozen was a major kick ass karate master, as seen when Daniel watches him beat the crap out of all the students in the Sato dojo one on 10 or whatever it was. He goes after Daniel not for points or a high school trophy, no referees or time outs. Chozen literally wants to kill him. By overcoming that and winning, along with the rest of his journey in KK2, you'd think Daniel would have a newfound perspective on life. Instead in KK3 it's like part 2 never happened and Daniel is back to square one where he's a
  11. So I just read that the answer to our question is in a comic book series called The War of the Bounty Hunters. Apparently in this series Darth Vader goes on one of his killing sprees and wipes out the Grand Hutt Council. (I never knew that's what it was called but there you go.) Vader's massacre resulted in a massive power vacuum not just on Tatooine but everywhere the Hutts operated. This is how Bib Fortuna was able to take control of Jabba's former organization and why it took so long for the Hutt twins to re-enter the fold. Honestly I like this explanation. I just hate that once again
  12. Early in this season when Silver was refusing to join Kreese I thought it was funny when he said in the 80's he was so coked up he thought he could rule the world and spent months torturing a teenager all for some high school tournament. He was talking for the audience saying how cheesy this whole franchise is if you pull back and think about it too much.
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