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  1. I think they should've just killed her. We didn't need another former Jedi turned evil Force user turns back to the light again. Vader and Kylo are enough. I would’ve rather seen something like when Luke is down and she’s about to strike the killing blow, Owen or Beru shoot her. Obi Wan arrives just as she dies. Maybe she gets a few words out to him before she goes. But that's it, because as you said, the whole inner confilct thing was overplayed and obvious. It felt like they made this episode as if ANH didn't exist.
  2. Before the series even premiered they already had Lola toys debuting at Celebration.
  3. Meanwhile millions of people continue to get slaughetered throughout the galaxy. But Obi Wan gets to keep loving.
  4. Oddly enough there was one thing I did want a literal line for. I hoped during the various conversations throughout the series that Obi Wan had with Leia about her parents, that Leia once would mention that she’s had visions or dreams of her mother. And then Obi Wan would tell her (or maybe she herself says her dad, Bail, had told her) that her mother was watching over her in her dreams or something like that.
  5. *Hand raised* Funny you mention this because there’s a scene in Rebels that plays out similarly to this conversation we saw between Vader and Palpatine. In Rebels, Vader informs the Emperor he’s found Ahsoka and that she might lead them to Kenobi. Palpatine’s response is to seemingly not care and tells Vader to be patient. So not only did this show mirror Ahsoka and Vader’s duel. It also mirrored the Emperor’s response or lack thereof.
  6. Not to mention everything and everyone Leia had known her whole life had just been wiped from existence. Everything! All that was left was rocks floating in space. So by the time Obi Wan sacrifices himself for her and Luke she’s probably numb to a lot of things at that moment.
  7. So did I. But then I remembered Vader is still looking for him in Rebels. So he couldn’t think he was dead. When Obi Wan sees Anakin inside Vader’s mask and tells him in tears he’s sorry for everything, that felt like he was trying to plead with Anakin to give up his Sith ways. He was asking Anakin for forgiveness for Anakin ending up the way he did. And not just literally in the suit, but overall with everything that happened, the deaths of Shmi and Padme, the Jedi’s obliviousness to what was happening around them and their unwillingness to look past their strict codes, and Ob
  8. I actually thought they'd take a page from the comics and have Luke be the one rescuing Owen and Beru instead of the opposite. I thought during the fight between Owen, Beru and Reva, once Reva got the upperhand and was ready to strike the killing blow, Luke would save the day. When Vader piled the rocks on top of Obi Wan and walked away, I thought that was it. That's how it ends and Vader thinks he's dead. I'm surprised they had Obi Wan come back, beat Vader and just walk away. Which brings me to this. Why would he do that? Kill Vader right there and you avoid so many problems for the ga
  9. That is the best way to go because the stakes for all these prequels and in-between series are extremely low. Most of the major complaints I've read about this show stem from the fact that we know most of the characters' fates. This not only drains any tension away from the series but also only serves to confuse the hell out of the audience. On a regular show with no ties to anything else, when Reva stabbed the Grand Inquisitor, it would've made some kind of impact. But because we knew he appears years later in Rebels, all this did was make people scratch their heads and just keep waitin
  10. Attempt to contact him. Sure, why not. Give away the whole secret of the children including exact location? Stupid, lazy writing.
  11. He’s sending a message to a person he thinks is most likely dead so therefore let’s just give out all the info on Vader’s secret kids. Sure.
  12. Especially since the message starts with Bail saying, “I know we said no contact but your silence worries me.” Ummm, isn’t that what no contact means??? If Bail had started off by saying something like, “you’ve missed the last two times we agreed for updates so I’m worried something has gone wrong…” At least with something like that we could see why Bail would be worried and desperate for any info.
  13. Unless you're Fennec Shand. When the Grand Inquisitor said, "revenge does wonders for the will to live," it felt like that was thrown in not for him to tell Reva the character how he survived, but for him to justify to us viewers how the bad guys continue returning throughout the saga.
  14. I thought she might reappear in Andor. But nope.
  15. The more shows/films they make, the worse I feel for Qui Gon. He seems to be the only one who can’t survive a wound to the gut.
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