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  1. Someone once told me that to them, Star Wars was the story of Luke, Leia, Han and the rest of the heroes. Once that story was told in the OT, it was done. Lucas then retconned it with the PT by saying the six films were the story of Anakin. Because that part of the story was still close to the original intent — the parents of the OT heroes, Obi Wan, Yoda, Palpatine, etc. — it was still accepted. But once you start expanding it to other characters not part of those we knew, other eras, the average Joe doesn’t care. Sure it’s “Star Wars,” but it’s not, if that makes any sense. In her mind when you say Star Wars, a mythical epic saga of a band of heroes fighting these iconic villains comes to mind. So the idea that you just keep growing this saga with new characters in different situations, whether pre-PT or post-OT, and it’ll maintain its “specialness” was very unlikely because more people feel like she does than people like us who were big enough fans to have gotten on these message boards for years to discuss the saga. She also said it’s not just with SW. She felt the same way about other franchises. If it’s a Batman story, she wants to see Batman. She doesn’t want to see “Gotham” where it’s a young Jim Gordon coming up the police ranks before Bruce Wayne ever donned the cape and cowl. That’s just a cop drama. That’s not Batman.
  2. Next dumb question. How real are all those YouTube “reaction” videos? I saw one the other day where this guy was supposedly watching ESB for the very first time and when it came to the “I am your father” scene, he freaked out. He kept repeating things like, “it makes sense now, ‘Luke, I am your father.’” That line is so imprinted in pop culture psyche that he knew it even though he didn’t understand it until now. I thought it was even more hilarious because he knew the line the way it’s always misquoted by non-fans and now he heard the actual line but was still thinking the misquoted line was the real deal.
  3. The Terminator films give exact dates for their timelines. In the first film Kyle Reese and the T-800 were sent back to May 12, 1984. Then in T2 when the T-1000 searches the police records for John Connor, it shows his birthday is February 28, 1985, which fits in with Sara’s pregnancy timeline. The report also says he is currently 10 years old.
  4. But that’s just it. Connor was supposed to be 10 in T2. He wasn’t playing a teenager. He was playing basically the same age as Anakin given a year or so. Yeah that’s one of the few flaws in the film because there’s no way that’s a 10-year-old kid doing all the things Connor did. He seemed more like 12 at least. But still, if Furlong was older playing younger it still worked. There was no reason the same couldn’t have been done for Anakin. I prefer having that being a “flaw” of the film than the flaw we got with kid Ani. The real kicker is Lucas set Anakin at such a young age because he didn’t think an older kid would be believable as someone who was heartbroken to leave his mother. But THAT’S EXACTLY how “a few years older” Connor was played in T2. It’s not like he stopped missing Sara Connor just because he turned 10 or 11. The character hinged on wanting to salvage his relationship with her. James Cameron just knew how to get that out of his young thespian and write the story around it.
  5. Not to rehash all this again, but all this week they’ve been running The Terminator franchise on one of the networks. I caught T2 a few times and left it on while I did whatever I was doing. I couldn’t help but think how underrated Edward Furlong’s performance as John Connor was. That's the Anakin we should’ve gotten. If you are going to revolve a major franchise around a kid character, James Cameron showed how to do it. Yes it’s two very different storylines with one being R rated. But in the wrong hands T2’s John Connor could’ve gone a similar route as Anakin in TPM.
  6. TPM is the most anti-woke film out there! All the good guys are white. All the bad guys are foreign. There’s a Karen giving attitude and telling everyone what to do. The good guy planet of white people keeps the non-whites away from their beautiful lands and cities and forces them to live in the swamps. Even the good guys who are not white (like Panaka and the Jedi Council) are constantly questioned and dismissed even though they are right.
  7. Yes he is a damn liar! ANH Threepio: “I’m only an interpreter and not very good at telling stories.” ROTJ Threepio: He tells the story of everything that’s happened from ANH up to that point in the OT to the Ewoks complete with the exact sound effects of all the ships, lightsabers, explosions, Vader’s breathing, etc.
  8. This is the one that’s bugged me from the beginning. The ships act like cars on a road that has barriers alongside it and so there’s only one direction to go. They’re in outer space! They can literally turn in any direction if there’s a hostile ship coming their way. The Bespin escape is the worst offender of this. Leia points at it and says, “a Star Destroyer.” You figure that means, holy crap go the other way. Instead they proceed to fly right at it to the point where they’re right next to it. It was almost like they were daring the Empire to use the tractor beam. Honorable mention to the Hoth battle. You’re going up against a huge war machine with cannons mounted on its head and those cannons can only fire from that direction, and your ship can fly in any direction at high speeds. Why are you flying directly in front of it???
  9. I hated when they tried to do “RAW underground” years ago. I felt it undermined the product because it was treated as, look, what we’re doing down here is real. No wrestling ring, no announcers. Just two competitors jumping in trying to beat each other into submission. I thought it was stupid that they’d insult their own product in that manner. Now they’re doing it with NXT. If I wanted to watch a MMA-style fight I’d watch MMA. I don’t tune in to WWE for that.
  10. I thought the same when I saw those phone promos. The point of a picture, like a video, is to catch a moment in time. The background is part of that moment and sometimes produces some gems. If you are going to edit all that stuff, then the photo becomes pointless.
  11. “Did you see what he said?” What’s sad is I’ve seen this done with politicians. My parents, in-laws and other older adults are easily fooled into thinking it’s real.
  12. All I know is in 1984 Kyle Reese told Sara Connor that the T-800's were surrounded by living tissue complete with sweat, bad breath, everything that made it impossible to differentiate from humans. Sara said they don't make things like that yet. Kyle said not for another 40 years. So here we are.
  13. I thought using a battle royal to crown a new women's champion meant they were planning on going with something new. Instead we get Becky again.
  14. That was amazing. The beauty of a story that comes full circle 10 years later. It also worked not just because of what you said that they came in to stop The Bloodline from cheating, but also because they weren’t just random baby faces coming to the rescue. They had their own pasts with The Bloodline. Jey and Jimmy had just gone at it. Solo Sikoa had hung his hat on having beaten Cena. And Undertaker had his own major feuds with Yokozuna and Rikishi and Haku years ago. (Had Austin come out, well we all remember that Rikishi ran him over with the car way back when.)
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