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  1. This always bothers me, not just in ESB, but generally any film that conveniently does it. In Back to the Future a huge storm rages as Doc struggles to connect the cables on the clock tower as Marty races down the street in the Delorean. As soon as the lightning strikes the tower sending Marty back to 1985, the night gets extremely quiet. Doc is running around celebrating as the wind, thunder and lightning just stopped at that exact moment it was no longer needed for the plot.
  2. This is no longer just a Snyder “Cut” which I had always thought would be like a director’s cut with a bigger budget. This is turning out to be a whole new movie: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/snyder-cut-adds-jared-leto-192608324.html
  3. Friday the 13th parts 2-4 Halloween 1978 and H2 1981 All Nightmare on Elm Street except part 2 Tombstone The Munsters The Nanny
  4. I think youre on to something. LFL did a good job with the diversity casting for Rogue One. That film has a more condensed story that could focus on the characters. Thus the casting worked. Or maybe Boyega and Tran arent good actors? No one ever thinks of that because we are too busy trying to defend them against the poor job Disney LFL did at making the ST and especially against the social media trolls who went on a hate tirade when the films were released.
  5. I always figured if there were any hard feelings they would start coming out as we got farther away from the films' releases and the dust settled. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/john-boyega-slams-disney-star-wars-for-pushing-aside-black-lead/
  6. Yeah, to say those fans whose favorite character was Boba Fett are the same fans who have become the toxic internet/social media trolls is a huge stretch.
  7. David Ayer has made specific comments about there being an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad.
  8. I find it interesting in a car wreck sort of way that WB is still trying. Its one thing to hire Cavill and everyone else for reshoots to a Snyder Cut movie or mini-series. But are they really going to continue with MoS 2 after all that?
  9. Exactly...this is why I said I am all for this. It makes no sense to have someone write the first 3 chapters of a book, (MoS, BvS and what was supposed to be JL part 1) and then for the 4th and final chapter you bring someone else in to change it all up, condense chapters 3 and 4 (JL 1 and 2 were spliced together to make a 2-hour JL) just to match the other book that was released before (Marvel's Avengers.) This is a different situation from say, if Lucasfilm had decided in 2019 to hire a different writer/director to reshoot scenes and re-edit TLJ after its 2017 theatrical run just because o
  10. Henry Cavill is already in negotiations to play Superman once again. No word on in what capacity, whether it is for reshoots to this Snyder cut, future Supes films or both.
  11. Well then I stand corrected. It's not the main draw for HBO Max. But I still stand by the rest of what I said. I don't think Snyder would be getting a second chance for a theatrical release. It's all about the streaming wars.
  12. Yeah, I dont believe WB would give Snyder $30 million to re-release his JL in theaters. This is their way of drawing attention to the service, especially during this quarantine.
  13. The reality is the only reason this is happening is because WB needs a hook to get people to buy their streaming service. Disney had it easy not only with all the IP's they own, but they had The Mandalorian to garner all the headlines. The Snyder Cut was the best WB could do. I'm probably in the minority here, but I want to see it just for the sake of seeing how it was supposed to have been all along. I don't like when franchises change directions right in the middle of their storytelling. And for some reason DC is notorious for this. Richard Donner's Superman superhero epic was changed to D
  14. I read that the moon they crashed on was a moon of Bogden, which is the same system Jango Fett told Obi Wan he had been recruited by Darth Tyranus on in AOTC. If true, the story of the clones came full circle.
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