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  1. Like I said, the draft is stupid. I was hoping with HHH supposedly having creative control it would be better than in years past. But still the same ol same ol. No logic to it.
  2. This draft reeks of McMahon being fully back in creative. No logic to it. All that talk of factions and teams being spilt up, and we have Reigns and Sikoa being drafted together, Damage Control going together, the Women’s champions for each brand being drafted by the other brand. And are we really supposed to believe that anyone would be drafting goofs like the Miz above all that talent available?
  3. Agreed. As I listened to HHH say all those things about Reigns, all it sounded to me was like, no one has been able to beat Reigns and now he’s decided to lighten his workload so here’s a consolation prize for the rest of the roster. Makes this title already look weak. Also, one of the angles Reigns used in the buildup to the Wrestlemania match with Cody Rhodes was that Cody wasn’t ready for the crazy schedule and massive workload that comes with being champion!!!
  4. I hate that episode where the Mando kid was taken by that dragon thing and the Mandalorian jet packs ran out of fuel chasing it. Ever since then, every time I watched Mandos flying around everywhere I couldn’t help but wonder how much longer it’d be before they came crashing down. So watching them battle it out in the air, or when Axe flies from below the surface all the way to the upper atmosphere to the ship, then flies back down to avoid dying when he crashed the ship into the base, I kept getting taken out of the action just because of that. All that speculation about Grogu being the one who would unite Mandalore because of his background as both a Jedi and foundling. Seeing Gideon destroy the darksaber made me think, so much for that. (BTW, in the BOBF Mando says that the hilt of the darksaber is of a quality of beskar he has never seen before. I guess they forgot all about that part.) I really do hope that was the series finale. There’s really nowhere else to go with this character other than just create random “adventures” for the sake of extending the series. I think that was even a wink to the audience when Carl Weather’s character said those exact words to Mando when giving him the deed to his home.
  5. I see it as Cody left WWE and started a rival company. So it’s not surprising they didn’t let him waltz right back and get all the glory. Not saying they did this to punish or embarrass him. They want it to look like he earned it. Summerslam would be a good place to have that rematch. While not as big as Wrestlemania, it’s gonna be another stadium show and it could be the right place for him to finally get it.
  6. Late to the party here but I just wanted to say I was there for both days. When you’re live it doesn’t feel as long as if you’re watching on TV. The crowd stayed pretty excited throughout the shows. Even corny stuff like Pat McAffee and whoever that idiot was who joined him in the beatdown of the Miz had the crowd yelling and chanting.
  7. Choc, I love this. You completely nailed it. It's the same reason it was a big misstep for the series to shift its focus from Din Djarin to Bo Katan and have her be the one to unite the "tribes" instead of him. I wrote a few posts back that Bo had been part of the faction who fought against her own sister to bring an end to the pacifist society her sister was running. Bo's group would commit terrorist atrocities, such as blow up civilian buildings on Mandalore, killing innocent people. She ended up leaving this faction only because Maul took over and “he wasn’t Mandalorian.” She's no hero and asking the audience to get behind her and care about the Mandalorians is a huge stretch now. Also, I hate when characters commit suicide for no reason. The Mandos escaped through a hole Bo cuts in the wall that is only big enough for one person to go through at a time. They were all already out so Vizla could've followed behind and used that small hole to his advantage. He tells Bo to go because there's too many troopers and he's just going to fight off as many as he can right in the open. Duh, if you just go through the hole, as you fall back on the other side, the hole will nullifiy the troopers' numbers because you can shoot them with that crazy machine gun as they come through one by one.
  8. The Dooku ones were awesome. The Ahsoka ones were good only if you know why that training was important.
  9. The showcase outlined the timeline that Lucasfilm is working with to make this stuff. Getting a little too fancy IMO. What’s the difference between Reign of the Empire and Age of Rebellion? I guess they figure Reign is post ROTS to Rogue One and then Rebellion is the OT? It should just be the Imperial Era.
  10. Christopher Lloyd’s character said Count Dooku was a visionary who was correct in trying to break away from the corrupt Republic. So what does that have to do with making the droids malfunction now? Didn’t he have what he wanted? A true democracy independent of the galactic government? So he’s trying to ruin this planet for what reason?
  11. I haven’t finished the season. But it’s funny, so far from the ones I’ve seen, this show is running like the BOBF. The best episodes have been the ones that don’t feature the Batch in them.
  12. One of these five different actresses is Margot Robbie.
  13. But Bo Katan was part of these “zealots” and fought against her own sister to bring an end to the pacifist society her sister was running. (Remember, in TCW this group was blowing up civilian buildings on Mandalore, killing innocent people.) Katan didn’t leave the group because she had a change of heart or came to the conclusion that their terrorist actions were wrong. She only left the group because Maul took over and “he wasn’t Mandalorian.” That’s why when I see her now sulking about the downfall of her planet (that she likes to remind Din over and over that she once ruled), I can’t help but think you got what you wanted. The warrior culture and its entry into the war that ultimately brought the planet to ruin.
  14. Before Mando and BOBF were ever even a thought, I had always wanted a Boba Fett series pre-ESB. Fett running around the galaxy having his own adventures catching bounties. He didn’t necessarily have to be a hero or villain. The bounties could’ve been anybody so he could’ve been crossing back and forth from each. Then the series finale could’ve been him hearing about the Empire putting a call for bounty hunters. At first he’s all, no thanks. But then he hears it’s not just the Empire, but Vader himself putting out the word. He figures this job will be something big and his curiosity (and greed) gets the best of him. He heads off to answer the call. Which leads to ESB and the bounty on the Falcon. Series over.
  15. The platforms themselves and the droids mining the lava had a force field protecting them (no pun intended). You clearly see it in the film. It’s the same force field that was protecting the building until Anakin and Obi Wan accidentally sliced up the control panel during their duel, causing the force field to come down and the sirens ring out. It had nothing to do with them being protected by the Force. This isn't meant to call out anyone in particular, but just me ranting about something that gets on my nerves in general when discussing the franchise. Complain about Jar Jar or the AOTS dialogue or "somehow Palpatine returned" all you want. But when people complain about stuff that clearly has an answer on screen it's like, ok now it's just obvious you didn't watch the movie if you are angry about something like that.
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