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  1. Conservatives are using this thought process exactly as they are now coming out of the woodwork telling LFL to fire Pedro Pascal for his post from two years ago where he compared the plight of immigrant children in the US to the Nazi persecutions. That’s the problem with cancel culture. You make one side happy by doing something, the other side comes out and says, well if you’re going to do that then you better also do this because “he did it too.”
  2. That Vader shot in the trench always bugs me when I watch ANH. But it’d probably bug me a helluva lot more if it was tinkered with. Next dumb question. Is Threepio a liar? Do droids lie about things out of convenience? In ANH he told Luke he’s “only an interpreter and not very good at telling stories.” In ROTJ he tells the story of the whole saga up to that point (including accurate sound effects!) to the whole Ewok village.
  3. Vader had consistently been shown through the whole battle that he was the best pilot. Once he had you in his sights you were done. So why is it that once he got a lock on Luke and fired, the shots went nowhere? And don’t say Han came to the rescue because Vader got the shots off before the Falcon ever got involved.
  4. Agreed. It’s like Williams thought it was his last SW score and went all out to finish the saga off with a bang. Two pieces of music I haven’t seen mentioned yet that always get me hyped up. The music that plays during the escape from the Death Star in ANH. It starts when Luke and Han climb into the cannon pods on the Falcon, swells up as the Tie Fighters approach and goes nuts during the shootout. The Battle of Hoth from the minute they first spot the AT-ATs to when Luke takes off in his X-wing.
  5. It should’ve been the T-wing.
  6. I always thought there was major history between Han, Lando and Fett. I was hoping we'd see some of that when they made Solo.
  7. Back to dumb questions... In ESB Vader hires the bounty hunters to “find the Millennium Falcon.” Immediately upon giving them their instructions, the Admiral rushes up to Vader and tells him they found the Falcon. At this point wouldn’t all the bounty hunters just look at each other and say, well, I guess that’s that?
  8. Good theory. Either way, the space slug is tops because... https://www.heart.org/en/health-topics/cardiomyopathy/what-is-cardiomyopathy-in-adults/is-broken-heart-syndrome-real
  9. I have the same memories, which is why I remember reading the theory that Kenobi was a clone and his name "Obi Wan" was derived from his clone designation OB-1.
  10. Agreed, those signs were there to show he was going to turn. I was glad that he did. What didn't work for me was that he turned midfight. He shows up leading the Cobra Kai invasion once again. They start kicking the crap out of the Miyagido/Eagle Fang crew. When he sees his side is winning, he decides it's time to turn against the Cobra Kai. I would've preferred if he hadn't shown up with Cobra Kai and walked in later to help the other side. Or if he did show with Cobra Kai at least show hesitance once the fight starts. Maybe he pulls back and only defends himself when attacked instead of jus
  11. Or could Johnny have beaten Chozen back then?
  12. The return to Okinawa episodes brought back the same feelings I had when originally watching the KK movies back in the 80's. In KK2 Daniel had a fight to the death. After something like that, you figure he'd have a sense of perspective, which is why I thought it was dumb for him to come back home and be deathly afraid of the Johnny Lawrence clone wanting to fight him for points in a California tournament in KK3. Dude, seriously? Chozen was going to literally kill you. If not for the Okinawa episodes, this show almost plays like the sequels never happened.
  13. Or when I'm sitting at this table full of food made by different people and when I don't like the sweet potatoes I'm accused of being racist because the sweet potatoes were made by a woman of Vietnamese descent.
  14. One of the elements I remember about the Smallville TV series which I found worked well for the character was Clark showing that same reluctance. At times throughout the show you could feel he almost hated having his powers. He just wanted to be “one of the guys” and go through his teen years as a normal person. One episode in particular I remember Clark had lost his powers. So he started doing the things he hadn’t been able to do before. He tried out for the basketball team and during a game one of the other players hit him particularly hard going for a rebound, knocking Clark to the floor. C
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