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  1. Agreed with Krawlie and Metropolis. The Roman vs Rock match was the plan. But WWE botched the execution. They thought the fans would be fine with Rock just taking Cody’s WM spot because hey, it’s the Rock! They misjudged how much we’re invested in Cody, which is a damn shame because they should know better. Shows you what they really think of their fans if they feel it’s that easy to take a character like Cody whom they’ve built up for years and just toss him to the side. The optics were made all the worse because around that same time the Rock was all over the news as the new member of the TKO board. Thank our lucky stars Vince is no longer in charge because if so, they would’ve doubled down on Rock vs Roman and done things to make Cody look stupid just to screw with everybody. Credit to WWE creative and the Rock himself for recognizing what was happening and pivoting. The last thing they wanted was for Philadelphia to crap on their main event. Rock knows all about that since the last time WWE tried to push Reigns on the fans, he and the Rock were booed out of the building at the 2015 Royal Rumble in Philly. Roman has been great for WWE as its heel champion and you can’t deny that title has been made super important because of how long he’s held it (same as Gunther with the IC title). The Bloodline storyline was red hot two years ago with Sami Zayn joining the group and then all that went down with that. Had Reigns lost to Cody at last year’s WM, it would’ve been the perfect culmination to the whole Bloodline angle. But it lost its steam after Roman beat Cody and then disappeared for most of the year. IMO it was made worse by, every time he did wrestle, as infrequent as it was, all the matches were the same. I get that he’s a heel, but seriously? Many great heels in the past have had their share of clean wins. Just last month when Roman was in a 4-way match against Orton, Styles and LA Knight, that would’ve been the perfect opportunity to have a clean win. It’s a 4-way!!! Just have Orton hit the RKO on Styles or something like that where Roman could then sneak up behind Randy, toss him out of the ring and then he gets the pin on Styles. But no, even in a match involving so many wrestlers, they still had the same ending where the Bloodline interfered so Roman gets another cheap win.
  2. Thoughts about Monday Night Raw. Did anyone catch Pat McAfee attempt to do Mr. Perfect’s pencil trick? The women’s division is in shambles. The top stars Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair are stale. When Becky was talking the crowd was relatively silent and unresponsive. You could just tell everyone wanted her to get to the point. This is the woman who not too long ago was being billed as the female Steve Austin. The returning stars Liv Morgan and Naomi have already gotten boring and get zero reaction. And new people like Tiffany Stratton have had no time to build the character on the main roster so when she comes out she looks out of place and no one knows what to do with it. “Finish the story” is supposed to be Cody Rhodes’ journey. But now it’s being appropriated by everybody. During the Gunther vs Jey Uso main event, McAfee was cheering Jey on to finish his story when Jey got the upper hand and looked like he was about to win. It reminds of the time Daniel Bryan started the “yes movement.” It was his character being pushed on by the fans to fight the Authority (HHH and Stephanie.) But then you had guys like the Big Show using it to confront the Authority wanting a title match or else “he’d bring his lawyers in.” Show used the Yes chants and hand gestures for himself through that whole idiotic “lawyers” storyline.
  3. I think it would work if it was going to be the speculated tag match. Roman-Rock vs Cody-Austin. Especially since during the Kickoff show they brought into the storyline that Rock getting on the TKO board is what led to this. Big E made it a point to say Rock is now the boss. So what better way to counter than with the ultimate anti-boss asskicker? It was also established on that first Smackdown two weeks ago that Cody had sought counsel with a number of people before he brought out the Rock. That would be his play now. Hey Rock, remember I said numerous people? You weren’t the only one I talked to. Austin’s music hits and the crowd blows the roof off the arena. If TKO really wanted a main event for the ages, that would be it. Of course all this is for nought since HHH already said last night Cody vs Roman 1-on-1 for the title will happen at WM.
  4. When we talk about changing the narrative from the Vince lawsuit, it’s not WWE fans we’re referring to. Sure to WWE fans who tune in to every TV show and PLE regularly, the Vince “character” hasn’t been a part of any “storylines” in a long time. But to the mainstream media, the sponsors, the corporate suits and the people who only tune in once in a while, particularly only during Wrestlemania season, Vince was still WWE. I saw tons of media coverage and backlash from people discussing how “it’s about time this “wrasslin’” company was brought to its knees. You could tell from the way it was being covered and stuff being said that these were not regular viewers. But to TKO and all the suits, that kind of noise makes them nervous. It makes companies like Slim Jim consider their sponsorships. There are people inside who have said it was lucky the Netflix deal went through before the lawsuit came to light or else it would’ve jeopardized that as well. I do agree with you that the Rock’s involvement was a separate issue. It wasn’t inserted strictly because of the lawsuit. It would’ve happened regardless because I do believe, as you said, that the Rock walked in to the offices and said he wanted to have a match at WM and TKO salivated at the thought of how much more $$$ they could make with him on the card. I’m just saying that this provided an opportunity to take some heat off the company. The Rock is such a media darling, you see how Hollywood and the mainstream media fawn all over him. Him being the face of WWE right now definitely makes some of those angry folks put the Vince stuff on the back burner. What TKO didn’t realize was WWE fans don’t fall for him the way Hollywood does. They never figured the fans would crap on his return. But it seems like they learned from the past that it’s better to pivot while there’s still time rather than force the issue. I still remember years ago when WWE trotted Rock out there to raise Roman’s hand after he won the Royal Rumble and the look on Rock’s face when the fans booed both of them out of the building. I think that RR was in Philly too actually.
  5. I don’t think this was the plan either because the way it started makes no sense. Cody told Roman he will end up facing him for the title, and his exact words were “but not at Wrestlemania.” Then he called Rock out, they hugged it out before he left the ring so Rock and Roman could have their staredown. I believe WWE (with a lot of pushing from the Rock himself) decided to insert the Rock into the main event of WM to take the attention away from the Vince lawsuit headlines. They really thought no one would care Cody was being screwed because hey, it’s the Rock. The crowd will eat it up and the Vince stuff will be forgotten. Cody can then have his moment at a later date (just like he himself said that first night). But once they saw how fast the fans turned on Rocky, they pivoted to this.
  6. Not too sure about the Rock getting cheered. The Rocky sucks chants already started last night. And Wrestlemania is going to be in Philadelphia. If there’s one crowd that just might turn on that match, it’s them. Though I suspect it being WM may help the WWE, since the stadium will not just be Philly natives but also have a percentage of traveling fans who will be happy to be there and not care who is on the card.
  7. I’ve read multiple sources that say Bron Breaker took over the Lesnar spot. He essentially did what Brock was going to end up doing. The McAfee spot was already in the plan before Brock was pulled. I understand from a business perspective why TKO/WWE is changing it to Rock vs Roman. But as a lifelong fan who doesn’t just show up for Wrestlemania, it sucks. Remember years ago when “The Authority” HHH-Stephanie McMahon storyline was running rampant holding fan favorites like Daniel Bryan back because it was “best for business?” Life imitating art now with Cody. I also wonder if this just TKO attempting to change the narrative from all the negative headlines garnered by the Vince lawsuit? The Rock is beloved by everyone in Hollywood and the mainstream media. He’s been making the rounds, like his appearance on ESPN where he gave Molly Qerim the ring off his finger right on camera. That got a lot of entertainment industry buzz. TKO knows the Rock headlining Wrestlemania will get a lot of positive mainstream media attention in a way Cody Rhodes can’t. CM Punk’s injury just opened the door wide open for TKO to use this for an image cleansing.
  8. It’s one thing for a character to come back as a ghost to spew a few words of wisdom or to see them in a recorded message. And seeing someone who’s dead as their younger self in an earlier part of the timeline doesn’t count as coming back from being dead. But it’s another to come back running around causing havoc like their normal selves as if nothing had ever happened to them. Maul and Palpatine being the most egregious of this nonsense.
  9. Lol! I don’t mean his screaming when he’s spit out and goes flying out of the water into the Dagobah mud. I’m talking about when the thing initially pulls him under water. You can almost hear him yelp ouch! as he’s sucked under.
  10. Why does R2 yell like a human when attacked in the Dagobah swamp?
  11. New trailer for the final season of the Bad Batch has been released…and Tank was right. Asajj Ventress is back. The same Ventress who died in Dark Disciple, a book set between AOTC and ROTS released in 2015 under the Disney banner back when their story group was adamant it would all be canon. The books (and other media) would be no less than the films. And that’s why I say he was right because he never balked in telling us that was BS. The books and comics and whatever else would be canon until a filmmaker decided it wouldn’t.
  12. It’s funny you all mention that scene because I’ve always wondered about the guy at the top of the stairs giving Luke a death stare as Luke announces he’s joining the mission and walks down to hug Leia. At 2:57 He totally does look pissed at Luke.
  13. That’s a good in-story explanation actually. But you just know there’s no way Han just sits on a tree stump waiting to see if Luke and especially Leia find their way back.
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