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  1. THIS! To this day I still burn albums on to my iPod and carry it everywhere for the same reason. Many times I’ve had conversations where someone will say, I love [insert artist or band name] and I agree with them and start firing off my favorite songs from that artist/group. Then it turns out the other person will have never heard most of the songs because they only really know the “hits”, the 2-3 songs that get all the airplay.
  2. The little girl from The Battle for Endor, thus connecting those movie to the main saga?
  3. What if Steven Spielberg had gone ahead and directed ROTJ as originally planned?
  4. What if Vader hadn’t blocked Luke’s attack on the Emperor in ROTJ?
  5. You’re right. As soon as I google “Luke and Leia switch places” tons of stuff comes up that is all over the place as far as how things would go. An interesting one is Leia was the more confident and forceful of the two so she would’ve rebelled against her aunt and uncle at a much younger age and perhaps left Tatooine sooner. Obi Wan would’ve had a hell of a time chasing after her to ensure her safety and may as well have revealed who she really was sooner because of it.
  6. What if the twins had been separated in the opposite way? Luke had been adopted by the Organas and Leia had gone to live as a farmer on Tatooine? How would the saga had played out?
  7. I always thought those two went the same. The acquisition of strength in the Force was quicker and easier because the dark side had no constraints, thus why Yoda refers to it as the quick and easy path.
  8. No it’s not just you. I thought the same thing upon my very first viewing of AOTC and have never been able to unsee it. That stage of clones looked just Padme’s head of security.
  9. I find it strange what being at a show live does to a person. I was at Summerslam and really enjoyed it. I couldn’t get enough. But at the same time I recognize the problems others have mentioned about the show and know full well that had I just watched it on TV instead of being at Allegiant Stadium I would’ve thought it was rather lackluster.
  10. Did the Jedi live in fear of the Sith returning? They believed they were extinct but at the same time believed in a prophecy of a chosen one that would destroy the Sith.
  11. Did R2 know that Vader was Anakin?
  12. I see it as Anakin finally got fed up with everything that he ever wanted getting crapped on. He thought by going off with Qui Gon and becoming a Jedi he’d be able to give his mother a better life. Qui Gon dies and then later his mother dies as well. He wants to be with Padme but it’s not allowed under the rules of the Order that was supposed to have provided him a better life. Padme decides to marry him anyway even though it’s not allowed and then a war breaks out that keeps them apart. Palpatine takes Qui Gon’s place as Anakin’s mentor. In Anakin’s eyes, Palpatine is simply standing up to th
  13. In ROTS when Obi Wan tells the guy in charge of Utapau the war had brought him there, the guy responds, “There’s no war here. Unless you brought it with you.” I suspect this was the feeling of many systems. They wanted to be a part of the Republic, but that didn’t mean they necessarily wanted to participate in a war over it. At the start of the American Civil War, Kentucky declared its neutrality. They did not join the Confederacy but were not going to participate in the North’s war to save the Union either.
  14. Ice Cube was once part of the world’s most dangerous group. He was a thug, gangster and overall just plain bad for America’s youth. Now he’s a media darling. Networks can’t get enough of him with his films and TV family comedies.
  15. Yeah I would hope they wouldn’t be that stupid. But something like one of them in the armor tries to go ahead and maybe look around to get to the Falcon. When the four arrive at the doorway to the Falcon and the group of troopers is standing around they would’ve had to figure something out. They didn’t know all the troops would walk away because Obi Wan and Vader were dueling down the corridor.
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