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    Not sure if I saw the same episode as you guys. It was rather slow, but I know they are laying some groundwork for (hopefully) a big payoff. I liked it, but I am not wowed by it. And, in my book, Mando is still king when it comes to Star Wars TV.
  2. Yeah. Just because it is marvel doesn't mean it has to be MCU. Warner has multiple continuities going on with Joker, The Batman, their TV shows, and DCEU.
  3. Caught it the other day finally. Even Ray Liotta couldn't save it. Very boring.
  4. Just curious. Is your F150 a V6 hybrid?
  5. I haven't watched it yet, and still on the fence, really. But it seems based on the comments that Amazon's LOTR is for people who haven't read the Silmarillion. Am I right in assuming its more a dumbed down Cliffs notes version?
  6. Zathras

    The Batman

    I just saw The Batman, and really liked it. I have no complaints. Is it Dark Knight good? Eh, it comes pretty close. I think between him and Bale, Pattinson is the better Batman of the two, though. Probably the only thing I would have liked better would be a Batmobile that looked a little more Bat-like, but then again I am of the opinion the 1966 Batmobile is king.
  7. You know, you are right. It's not being hidden anymore. Even still, I have to say I am shocked every time they sink to a new low.
  8. Zathras


    Cassian Andor always made me think they drew some inspiration from Kyle Katarn from Dark Forces 1.
  9. This guy must be on crack. He says women should not be able to vote or work. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/21/politics/john-gibbs-womens-suffrage-19th-amendment-kfile/index.html
  10. Zathras


    Like it so far, but talk about a slow burn. Definitely will be back for more. It feels more mature like Tank said, but in a strange way, it feels less like Star Wars than any of the other shows we have right now. I am not talking about call backs or Easter Eggs, just the feel of the show is off somehow with these 3 episodes. Can't quite put my finger on it, and not saying that is either good or bad. I am sure that once we get going, that will change. Andor's gun and ship definitely remind me of Kyle Katarn's gun and his ship looks like a cross between the Moldy Crow, and the Raven's Cla
  11. I had a coworker commit suicide during covid. I think they lived alone and the isolation got to them in lockdown. Very sad.
  12. Zathras


    Starship porn! New USS Titan-A!
  13. People can chalk West's Bruce Wayne handling business as someone who learned to defend himself after his parents were murdered in front of him. Just because he is a billionaire playboy doesn't mean he is a wimp, lol! That's my head canon explanation, anyway!
  14. Yeah but for an alleged badass, Vader sure got beat a lot! He has Boba Fett syndrome: on screen feats don't reflect his reputation.
  15. I thought she would outlive Charles. Seriously.
  16. Read it when I was a kid, and loved it. Read it again as an adult and yeah, didn't age well at all.
  17. Was Vader really that much of a badass? On screen defeats: Ep 2, defeated by Dooku Ep 3, Defeated by Obi Wan Obi Wan: Defeated by Obi Wan Rebels: Ahsoka arguably won, or at least a draw, when she sliced his helmet, and we see Vader limping away at the end. Ep 4, Fought Obi Wan to a draw until Obi Wan let him win Ep 6: Defeated by Luke Apocrypha: Splinter of the Mind's Eye: Defeated by Luke, while possessed by Obi Wan The Force Unleashed: Defeated by Starkiller The Force Unleashed II: Defeated by Starkiller II
  18. https://www.royal.uk/role-monarchy I've been confused about that as well. According to the link above, the Monarchy seems to be largely ceremonial.
  19. Condolences to our UK posters here.
  20. Last night I saw Sammy Hagar and George Thorogood in concert!
  21. Honestly, the quality of cars have gone up such that make is kind of irrelevant for most brands. If you service and take care of your vehicle it will usually last a long time. Heck, I would be comfortable driving a Hyundai or Kia. They don't offer 100,000 mile warranties for no reason.
  22. Not really in a position to call them on it at all. This is because my manager is the same for both locations and he has discretion to send me to these places. Supposedly this is going to be sorted out by late September, but we will see. I have said something politely, but I am told to be patient.
  23. Well, nearly 2 months after interviewing and getting my new job, I am still at my old one. I was supposed to start sooner than that but because my manager is the same for both locations, they keep moving the goal posts and I am still at the old job location because they want to wait until I am back filled before transferring me. Next week, I actually have to go to a 3rd location that was never mentioned during the hiring process to cover for a week. After that, I start a hybrid schedule where I am at my new job for 3 days, and old job for 2 days a week. In essence, they have me bouncing ar
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