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  1. I have no advice or anything to say, other than I enjoy the read!
  2. I have lousy self esteem. I could go into reasons about it, but I think you guys know me well enough so I won't go to much into specifics, unless asked, which I will definitely clarify if wanted. Any way, I would like to pose a question to you guys. Do you have at least a somewhat high self esteem and what do you do specifically to have a reasonably high self esteem?
  3. It totally was a rip off of the Man in the Iron Mask, just like Tomax and Xamot were a rip off of the Corsican Brothers.
  4. I would have demanded he pay for shipping and tax, too. Sending 35+ year old plastic parts like that is idiotic.
  5. Wasn't the Overlook Hotel in Colorado? Just sayin'. :P
  6. My brother had the V1.5, and I had V2 (hooded), and the battle armor V3. Those are my top 3. My best friend at the time had V1 straight arm. I wonder if he still has it. Lost contact years ago, but wouldn't surprise me if he did.
  7. If I had to chose, my favorite is V1.5. My least favorite is V7 (the space suit one).
  8. I have that one too, also minus the helmet and gun. Another annoyance is Cobra Commander V2 (battel armor), where if it doesn't come complete, good luck finding the air hose. I wish someone would repro that piece. Here is my collection of Cobra Commander...
  9. Pathfinder looked a little too much like Jim Jones.... ...but at least Torch looked like Lemmy
  10. I always thought Grunt\Zap\Grand Slam looked like Michael Ironside.
  11. In the sense that the film's low budget does make it feel real, I agree, and it was effective. Not sure if that was intentional, or just coincidence, but that is also the thing that disturbs me about the film: the real feel of it. It seems like almost a confessional or diary of the film maker, on his desires to be a serial killer. I can see why it has a cult status for some, but for me, it is a bit too "real" in that I almost feel like it was intended to be a how to for being a successful serial killer, where someone sick enough might actual take it as advice. It is a real bummer of a film
  12. Did he follow it up by saying "This, I command!"?
  13. There were others, like Vypra and Chameleon, but they were literally repaints of Jinx and Baroness. There were also different versions of Scarlet released, and repaints of Baroness, Zarana, and Lady Jaye. But yeah, almost Smurf level of female representation! There may be more in more recent years, but my area of knowledge is 1982-1989 with some spotty knowledge up to 2002.
  14. I heard of that movie, no desire to see it after I read the synopsis on wikipedia. When it comes to horror, I can go up to levels like Hostel or Saw, but that is about it. While not as gory and is way low budget (and just a bad film), psychologically, the movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, really disturbed me for some reason. Probably because like Tank mentions, it is mean-spirited, and there is no fantasy element to it. It seems to glorify serial killing, and is almost like the film maker was living some fantasy while making the movie.
  15. Thank you, Hobbes. I mean the official reason is my mom passed away in her sleep due to heart failure. But I think that incident at Wal Mart was a contributing factor in some way. As for why people love Wally World? My guess for many, they are the largest retailer that caters to rural areas that don't have malls or large department stores. I remember when I lived in a small, military town named Sierra Vista, AZ, when Wal Mart opened up shop there (this was like 1991 or 1992), the locals were ecstatic. Being from a larger town, I failed to see what the big whoop was. For urban W
  16. I hate Walmart, and will never shop there, ever. My mom had her leg sliced while getting a bin of cat litter broke while she picked it up, which got infected 3 months before she passed away. The infection was bad enough that she had to be hospitalized for a month. She died 2 months later of natural causes. I think her injury due to Walmart's negligence was a contributing factor in her death, because she was in poor health already, and that infection got into her blood and probably took a lot out of her physically. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be proven, otherwise I would
  17. Figures (1982-1989) 1. Baroness 2. Zarana (with earrings) 3. Zarana (no earrings 4. Lady Jaye 5. Jinx 6. Scarlet 7. Cover Girl
  18. Which order would you rather watch? 1. Star Wars Holiday Special (including 12 minutes of wookiespeak) 2. Ewok Movie double feature 3. The Rise of Skywalker 4. The Attack of the Clones No fast forward scene skipping (except maybe lightspeed skipping)
  19. I would be content to NOT find out whether you or I are right! I suppose there is truth in what you say, though. Maybe my current mindset is just indicative of the fact I LIKE where I am at right now, and don't want it to change.
  20. The righter decision would have been to not make those movies in the first place.
  21. The dumbest thing about the Ewok movies is that the second one does an Alien 3, and kills of most of the main human characters from the first film in the first 10 minutes, rendering the first movie completely moot.
  22. If I found myself single (EG I got dumped), I don't know if I would bother to date again. It's not that I am not tolerant. I am. I am saying I am hard to accept because I am, well, weird, and quite frankly, not that physically attractive, either. I am just being honest with myself, maybe as motivation to not screw things up with my fiance, in the first place.
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