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  1. LOL Its a work in progress. I am still trying to figure it out, but it is not governed by physics we know, but more like a portal, with the physical manifestation of a river. Plus none of the characters are human. Just humanoid. Time Rider, the Adventure of Lyle Swan is an all time classic for 1980s latch key kids who had HBO! Think of it as a dumber version of Back to the Future 3.
  2. Well the gist of it is I am creating a sword and planet style world, which has a planet with 4 moons. The planet and 4 moons are loosely inspired by various real world myths: The planet is greco roman style gods, moon 1 is analogous to Norse mythology, moon 2 inspired by Meso American and Native American myths, Moon 3 egyptian and east Indian myths, and moon 4 demon and devil mythos. The star of the solar system is a literal god (GOD) that created the universe, and upon creating the universe, withdrew from active participation and watches the events (rarely intervening, if at all) and bec
  3. So, I started writing down ideas on one page, in bullet form. No characters yet, just the alien planet, which is still unnamed, and its four moons, and the beginnings of a creation myth. What a jumbled mess. Now, at an impasse.
  4. Hey man, it worked for ZZ Top! One man's hilarious is another man's Imperial. LOL!
  5. OK so I am using my school account for the meeting. It should be open, but if there are issues, let me know immediately. These are scheduled in Arizona Time, starting at 6PM and lasting until midnight. Friday March 5: Password: 504019 Phone one-tap: US: +16027530140,,87298884079# or +19712471195,,87298884079# Meeting URL: https://asu.zoom.us/j/87298884079?pwd=QkQxdncvcE1rbHlLUWpiL0R2NVZjUT09 S
  6. OK Guys, let's schedule for Friday 3/5/21, and Sat 3/6/21 for those who can't make it Friday. I will schedule the meetings later today and post them.
  7. For those who can't make it, we can have more than one, too.
  8. Sooo, I see a lot of people requesting Friday, March 5th. Is that what everyone wants?
  9. When you got mad at them did you tell your girlfriends to get out of your penis? Gas, grass,or ass, nobody rides your penis for free!
  10. Without a doubt, Exodus part 2 is peak BSG, and peak sci fi. The irony is that Gaeta was accused as a treasonist, and spared, only to commit actual mutiny and finally getting executed in season 4. In some ways, I wish they had saved exodus for part of the series finale arc and had not done the time jump. It would have been interesting to seen what went on during that missing year. I LOVED Galactica screaming on fire in the atmosphere as it dropped in, delivered the fighters, and jumped. That showed what an atmosphere could do to a capital ship, as capital ships are so huge, they need to r
  11. Finished Exodus Part 2. Much Starship Porn. Galactica decelerating through the atmosphere to drop fighters and then FTL jumping out of the atmosphere! Galactica then taking on 3 Base Stars, and the rescue (and sacrifice) of the Pegasus. Saul Tigh doing the hardest thing, ever. Poor One-eyed Tigh.
  12. So I know how this sounds, and to be honest, this is a pipe dream, but I would like to write something. Now, I know my novel skills are weak, but what I would like to do is a Monster manual and Legends and Lore style wiki of monsters and gods in a mythos of my own makeing. The spin on it is creating my own, but heavily influenced by real religions, legends, and mythos. Also, I would like to build the world that those religions and legends are build on. Something that is reflective of the ancestors of our current countries, but based on another planet, sort of like a sword and planet type
  13. I can, but War Pig may or may not be in attendance. Depending on what day everyone picks and my mechanic friend's work schedule, sometime in March War Pig may be in the shop for a week getting a transmission upgrade from a Turbo Hydramatic 350 to a 700R4 with overdrive. But I can always take Great White Shark Attack. Yeah, I name my vehicles.
  14. So no Friday/Sat March 12/13 and no Friday March 19. If we do a Friday or Saturday, that leaves Friday/Sat March 5/6, Sat March 20, and Friday/Sat March 26/27. What are Sundays March 7, 14, 21, 28 like for everyone?
  15. Daaaaad, er I mean Foooozzzzzzieee, Krawlie and Jedigoat are being mean about my mom again!
  16. I'm betting you watched the whole thing before you realized that!
  17. Drawing dicks on my face is one thing, but tell a your mom joke to me, and I go straight to the mod.
  18. Hi Just throwing it out there to see if there is any interest in a March 2021 Zoom drink party. I would like to do it on a day where we can have maximum participation, and so that those who are usually busy on weekends (if interested) can participate have enough notice. IF you are interested, please let us know the time and day/date you are available, so we can try to schedule around that. Just FYI, my Zoom account is the free one, so time limit is 40 min, but I can schedule multiple zoom meetings.
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