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  1. THat is definitely a good way to do it. I just have a problem with a technology exists where they can use the likeness of a living actor who is still able to act (and willing to) without consent, and shoot a scene without them. There has to be some SAG rule or other actor union rule against that.
  2. I suppose time will tell when Fox News and pundits like Rush Limbaugh start turning on Trump, and stop supporting him. You can only go so far to the right (or the left, for that matter) before people just see you as bat shit crazy.
  3. I'm hoping for an Imperial AT AT phalanx VS Jedi Master Luke. But for real this time.
  4. But with Trump out of office, he is no longer the leader of the political party. I think that would be MM, after Jan 20. If Trump tries to undermine Biden by being unavoidable for comment and nit picking Biden every day, I think it will ultimately backfire on Trump. And the GOP if they don't nip this in the bud.
  5. True. But I mean if they intend to feature Luke as a guest star of sorts. Not a blink and you miss it situation. Just because you can graft a face onto another stand-in actor's body, doesn't mean you should do it if the actor is living.
  6. I am OKA Y with it if they CGI Leia (with family's permission), but that would be a dick move if they don't try to offer Hamill a chance to reprise the role, and instead do a CGI Luke.
  7. I am talking about the party leaders, but that is crazy.
  8. Yeah, now that he's a lame duck, republicans are finally waking up to the fact Trump is a non-starter for them. The best thing they can do for themselves, no THE WORLD, is shun the fool, and blame everything wrong on him. If they were smart, they would take steps to reform their primary process so some other populist like Trump (or Trump himself) doesn't do the same thing as what happened in 2016.
  9. Depends on what they want to pay him. TV budgets aren't as big as movies.
  10. I don't see Filoni or Favreau turning down a chance to have Luke on the show at some point. I think the main thing standing in the way is MH agreeing to it. I think MH has hard feelings about how the ST went down, and he might be warry of reprising Luke. He'd probably want some type of guarantees, so that he doesn't end up as an ineffectual glorified cameo, that literally doesn't do anything important until his last scene.
  11. You know it's bad when Rush Limbaugh criticizes Trump. https://www.newsweek.com/rush-limbaugh-criticizes-trump-campaign-hyping-blockbuster-voter-fraud-evidence-nothing-1549674
  12. I'd like to see Luke show up at some point, too. Bonus if the ST is not referenced at all.
  13. But calling him a populist like Hitler was, that has hobbled this country and promoted discord while half the country cheered him on is totally valid. He is as close to Hitler this country has come to since WW2. And as for a war, don't count him out yet. He still has about 2 months left. If anyone can or would do it, it is Trump. At the very least, him pulling out the troops so swiftly will set the stage for future conflicts.
  14. Turkey Day +3 means turkey enchiladas here! But I love a good turkey pot pie, too!
  15. NO? What about all the deaths he caused by inaction (or on purpose) with Covid? What about repealing environmental protections? What about all the people who have been locked up along our southern border in subhuman conditions? What about racist policies that barred people entry into the US based on their religion and the part of the world they come from? What about trampling on the rights of Native Americans at standing rock? What about causing trade wars with China and even our allies? What about stoking racial tensions causing riots this very year? What about damaging relations with f
  16. To be honest, I think we should have, at the very least, a 3-party system. I hate the idea of having a choice of Product A and Product B. I find myself almost always voting against someone than for someone (lesser of 2 evils), too. And I hate it. In fact, since 2008 except for this time around, I have voted 3rd party/independent/the non-incumbent, not because I want them, but because I did not like either the Dem or GOP choice, when choosing my local representation. In the 2004, 2012 and 2016 presidential elections, I voted 3rd party there, too, for the same reasons. In theory, and
  17. I definitely see value in ranked choice voting for primaries. It could be a way to help ensure some populist like Trump doesn't get into office, again. For general elections, however, unless/until we abandon the 2-party system, I don't know how this could be implemented. For example, in Mexico, you have the PAN, PRI, and PRD parties as the dominant 3, with smaller parties forever in the minority, with most of those parties having representation in the Mexican Congress. I can see a case for ranked choice voting there, particularly in general presidential elections. But in the US,
  18. Red State/Blue state really is a false dichotomy, that was invented by the Electoral College. When the Electoral College was established, it was with the intent of not giving direct power to the people, as well as balancing states needs for each state having an equal say VS states with the highest populations having the most say. The reason for this was at the time, MOST of the population of the US couldn't even read or write, and the founders of the US didn't want to trust illiterates to vote people in to run the country. So, the winner take all method was created with the Electoral Colleg
  19. I think the majority of the US population, including most military members, are anti-war, in the sense that war should be the last resort. The military is not just for fighting wars, but also assists with emergencies where people-power is needed, or peace keeping missions which is different than war (in that peace keeping is generally either defensive operations like guarding people or assets from bad actors, rather than offensive). Members of the military understand what war brings, and no decent person wants war or wants to go kill someone. However, sometimes war is necessary to defend the
  20. It's probably another lie, just like Trump supposedly having it, which I still think he faked to drum up business for pharma companies he has stock in.
  21. Burt Reynolds, Sean Connery, and Alex Trebek are all dead.
  22. Just 2 of us here, too. Though I will make a plate for my Dad, who does not like family dinners, so I will drop off to him later in the day. Nothing special. Boneless 5lb turkey breast, green beans, stuffing, mashed taters (Bob Evan's is my friend), salad and pie.
  23. Yeah considering that some of the first people who caught COVID in the US were on cruise ships, that sounds like a brilliant idea.
  24. Yeah, I got that sense too. I mean there are cool elements in the PT, just Lucas tried to do EVERYTHING. He should have hired people he could delegate responsibilities to, more like what he did with TCW.
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