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  1. The cynic in me wants to say that this episode was peak 90s Star Wars! Everything you'd have seen in Shadows of the Empire and Dark Forces... But at the same time, in that era when younger me heard there was going to be NEW Star Wars, this season of Mando would have been the perfect product to satisfy me at that time. Aside from the intense feels I felt seeing TFA the first time, this is more or less the proper way to continue Star Wars post OT. More than the PT or ST managed. I am enjoying it now, don't get me wrong-- I just feel a few twangs of fan wank recoil. It's an awful lot l
  2. The Orville doesn't know what it wants to be. I like it, but it is uneven. And again, I am just going to say the same thing. Trek was played over the top, more often than you say, which has resulted in it being high camp NOW. It may not have been intended to be camp at the time obviously, but playing it larger than life certainly set them up for it.
  3. He steal gets a small payout as everything that is made still has his name listed as creator in the credits. That is a truly minimal payout compared to the money he has. But he didn't sell "Star Wars" he sold Lucasfilm. That includes the franchises like Star Wars Indy, Willow, and all the other IP. The Lucasarts video game empire, all of the publish rights, the toys, etc etc etc-- there's a reason the pay out was 4 billion. And he is known as being super charitable,. He's building a sci-fi film museum here in LA that is costing hundreds of millions with his own money and letting USC run a
  4. Camp does not mean culturally irrelevant. Camp is all about tone. I’m just repeating myself now.
  5. ...and everyone has a hot take about it!
  6. See the part where I said nightly wouldn't let me upload anything? GOOD TO KNOW IT'S JUST ME THANKS BRANDO
  7. I can host a ding dang pic... I just don't understand while nightly won;'t let me attach anything over 51k. http://sethmsherwood.com/IMG_0068.JPG OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING
  8. Are you guys posting images or links? Nightly won't let me attach anything. IT ABSOLUTELY KILLS ME TO BE THE TAMI.,
  9. I didn’t say they were shooting for camp, I just said they were not playing it straight. They were over the top on purpose.
  10. Nightly won’t let me post attachments anymore either. We’ve also lost the button that turns everything to code to make edit-quoting easier and seeing how other people post. I like the new nightly, but it makes me feel like Tami.
  11. https://open.spotify.com/wrapped/share-124e4febb15c49fe8fdf7f16ca0e8989-1080x1920?si=65GpogRARguqM2RDQKPHEg&lang=en Seriously? I’m that guy now that can’t get a link to work?
  12. You guys are missing it— if I retire to the woods it’s not going to be to rough it. The modern world has reached the country.
  13. 45/M-ish/Los Angeles I am old. I have posted here since I was 24. I will be 46 next month. Male, but anti-bro in every way. Los Angeles-- maybe you've heard of it. Moved here for grad school in 1999, and never left. I wanted to work in film and TV, and it only took a decade or so of work to finally break in. Now I am an insufferable douchebag. I can also now afford to live in LA, which is crazy. Looking to buy a new home soon. That means when I'm ready to cash out I can live like a pimp in the woods somewhere.
  14. Yeah-- I just don't like things in Star Wars explained. I love it for Star Trek-- because that was always part of it's DNA. Anything that makes Star Wars not a simplistic mythic visual-based tale, I feel ruins it.
  15. Do I need to explain what LA is to people? Also-- who is no one going into detail on their gender or age?
  16. Mind tricks don't work on the strong-willed... that is keeping with the ideas of the Force. There's nothing explicitly said that Hutts and Toydarians are immune because of some sort of physiological reason. Maybe they are just races known for having strong wills. I WILL FIGHT YOU
  17. Well now we have to fight! I love TOS, I was not being pejorative. But it was very much NOT played straight. You're right in that unless you're doing a throwback, camp is something that comes later. But at the same time, TOS leaned HARD into the garish colors, over the top line delivery, and action. It was meant to be larger than life, not unlike a comic book. So was Batman. So was Lost In Space. They were affected where as shows like Gunsmoke, Mission Impossible or Dragnet were not. I wouldn't classify Disco as camp. I hate the term Mary Sue, but I have to acknowledge S1-2 Burnham w
  18. For all we know he was frozen in carbonite for 48 of the 50 years. Like Krawlie said-- you want Star Wars to fall apart? Try to figure out details like this! Also-- Yoda liked to lie and exaggerate as much as Obi-Wan. This is another great example of how the EU ruins stuff. Rando lines and asides are taken and used to extrapolate factual things. One of my favorites is when Watto looked at the holo of Amidala's ship and called the design "Nubian." One of the EU books or cutaway guides or something spun out some big ol story about how the planet Nubia, or the Nubian people, built
  19. If they age Grogu up, the show is over. Sorry. It's Lone Wolf and Cub, not Lone Wolf and teenage alien. It's like Sam and Diane getting together, or Fonzie jumping a shark, or Mork having a baby Jonathan Winters, or when Roseanne won the lottery. It would change the core DNA of the show, and when you do that, 9 times out of 10 the show fails as a result.
  20. Star Wars is not campy. Batman 66 is campy. The original Star Trek is camp. Camp is intentionally making something over the top while at the same time employing a bit sarcasm or satire about the era in which it was made (or inhabits if it’s a throwback) so that in later years it’s looked back on as humorous exaggeration. Star Wars is mythic. It’s black hats vs white hats in grand sweeping journeys and adventures. Were they played straight? No. Does ANH have a bit of 70s cheese? Yes. The Flash Gordon roots could certainly create a bit of a camp feel, but camp implies an intentional le
  21. I read Heir right when it came out, I think I was a sophomore or junior in high school. I was amped for it because you’re right, there was not a lot of Star Wars at that time. I loved Bryan Daley’s books, and played the original RPG that I had heard Zahn used for source material, so I was amped for it. I very much remember finishing it and not knowing how I felt. I think I thought it was all right, but I didn’t love it. I know I thought the trilogy was based on Lucas’ plan for sequels that he was never going to make. By the time I finished the third book I knew I was not a fan.
  22. Hahaha. That’s just the one I clearly remember however many years later from reading it when it came out. There were other instances. But like I said, it was a cumulative thing for me as every early EU story did this to some extent. Sun Crushers topping Death Stars, Xizor’s out-crime-ing Hutts, etc etc etc.
  23. Luke could have been on the quest like Han said, to find something. Maybe he was looking for a way to bring Ben back to the light without killing him like he felt he had to do— or what sort of happened with Vader. Maybe Luke was just out there on his own righting wrongs while on that quest. Kinda like Mando. Which this thread is about...
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