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  1. I mean— I’m definitely going down a different road from what’s considered normal.
  2. Cause I caught an angle in the mirror I didn’t like and thought it was the fault of said angle, and photos might disprove what I saw.
  3. Yeah, same. Most of my closest friends have been female and while I'm not saying it's never escalated, there have been plenty of times it hasn't. Part of the deal with this friend is that I intentionally wanted to give her that without her worrying I was going to try for sex. This tracks.
  4. I don’t think you guys are quite getting her or the situation. It’s funny that I talked about dating a woman who introduced me to her husband, mention I really like the lady who goes to sex parties, but the one I don’t have sex and cuddle with has ya’lls torqued! If I get me too’d it’s going to be because of something I said on nightly 20 years ago.
  5. Because I strut often? And I don’t know about messy. So long as the boundaries are what they are, it should be good. I mean, yes, if we got tipsy enough we’re already halfway there, but I don’t think either of us is confusing the situation.
  6. Yeah at this point my kid just needs to be woken up for school and I have to keep food in the kitchen. And even that is every other week. I also, for back health reasons, try not to work more than 4 hours a day unless I’m on a deadline crunch. So yeah, I have the time
  7. Any chance you want to share some of those stories?
  8. You jerks. There’s totally an order. 1 and 2 happen simultaneously, each focusing on one of the two sisters. 3 is a prequel about the sisters as kids. Ghost Dimension and Marked Ones are stand alone stories that take place after 1 and 2. Ghost Dimension connects to the first 3 in its final bits and is revealed to connect to the end of 2.
  9. I go back and forth daily. Literally. I am not a fan of what is in the mirror. I have been fighting it for as long as I can remember. It started with hating the fact my hair was wavy. As I got older and hit puberty I was desperate to be cool, but all the cool Kids were skinny and had cool hair. I am genetically predisposed to be doughy and have a Jew fro. I’m STILL fighting it. I know I’m super smart, I know I’m talented and creative, I managed to land my dream career in an insanely competitive field, I’m a good parent, and as I have noted in the relationship thread, I don’t super st
  10. I've never seen an escort but I know they are cleaner and classier than a streetwalker. Bath house vs swing clubs-- it really depends on the venue and clientele. I've been to really nice, and also really gross version of both. Massage parlors-- similar. Some are more upscale, while most are seedy and used for human trafficking. I have a friend who loves them and this is what he says. apparently there are various tells to figure out which kind it is. My cousin told me tales of a high end spa in Macau that was basically a super fancy brothel. I've never been, but I'm sure that b
  11. So here's my current dating life... "Seattle" as the free-wheeling spirit she is, stayed the night as she moved through California recently on a trip to see family. I think this will be a comet style relation ship, as few years we enter into an orbit and make a big deal out of it. "Metal" continues to be in a weird place. Whenever we text we just seem out of sync. I feel like she's mad at me, but then she jokes around, but then i say something that falls flat and I can't read her. I really need to just be open with her. She just always seems very reticent to talk on anything too seri
  12. GOD DAMN IT It's her initials. She's 40. WHY YOU GOTTA BE THE WAY YOU ARE
  13. I suppose that makes for a good segue into where I am at now... A few months back, with the end of restrictions in sight and vaccinations picking up, I went onto a few dating apps. I really didn't want to, as I feel a bit old for them-- but it's not like I was going to be able to go out in the world and meet anybody. I tried tindr, which everyone knows about. OKCupid, which, when it was just a website, is how I met my last long term partner, and Feeld, which is more centered on alt lifestyles and kinks. Tindr proved itself to be useless really fast. Tindr is nothing but super b
  14. I know you meant “slob” but I am totally going to start calling people “a slow.” Jacob is a slow.
  15. In my last long term relationship getting a housekeeper saved us. For the record, I wasn’t the messy one.
  16. The fact it’s Michael Rooker helps disassociate a bit.
  17. Tank

    The Bad Batch

    I recalled “Caleb” and recognized the voice. Great link to establish the placement of the show. Overall I enjoyed it, but it may skew a bit young for me. They whole over-characterization thing is kinda annoying. The big guy likes to fight and is dumb! The nerdy guy with the techy call sign is the smart one, etc.
  18. How’s it feel to be a failure as a father?
  19. Henry was also shot on such a low budget that it feels insanely real. I appreciate it., and am glad I saw it once, but once was enough. Nekromantik 1 and 2, Tetsuo: Iron Man, and Emperor Tomato Ketchup are the movies that have disturbed me most.
  20. Scarlet was the baseline so give her props seems lazy. Were there really only 7 female figures made?
  21. Scarlett is for basic bros. Cover Girl got like one line ever in the cartoon. Lady Jaye came in and stole her thunder with that pixie cut. Jinx was so much better in the comics. But aside from Baroness I’d pick Zarana just because she looked punk rock.
  22. She was the birth of many a fetish I’m sure. Go to any comic convention and the hottest female cosplay you’ll see is Princess Leia in the slave outfit, Power Girl, Ayla Secura, and Baroness.
  23. Serbian Film is WAY more upsetting than all of those. Salo is jacked up, but it’s so stilted and theatrical it’s hard to take literally. Cannibal Holocaust is hokey and Antichrist is booooooring!
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