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  1. Love this term and adopting it immediately. It's the prefect definition of why I can forgive so many B horror films for being terrible so long as they are fun, and yet, won't cut the PT much slack. It also explains why I like the X-Men movies even though they are mostly terrible.
  2. TLJ is easily the best looking Star Wars movie out there. Also some of the biggest swings, coolest designs, most interesting additions to the universe, and has probably my favorite lightsaber duel... but at the end of the day it is criminally boring and while I don't think giving fans exactly what they want is something filmmaker should do (cause most fans have terrible taste) to actively try and subvert and ignore what they want isn't a game to play with a franchise this big. It literally broke fandom in half twice as hard as the division between PT lovers/haters. I maintain AOTC is still the worst Star Wars ever, with TROS being a close second.
  3. We got archives that would get most of us cancelled today.
  4. That trailer is amazing! My above list holds. TWOK is a transcendent film. At its core, it's just a good Star Trek story. On top of that, it was a sequel that allowed Kirk to age and become fallible, which was a unique twist. It also was sort of the real modern reinvention of Trek. Yes, TMP had updated the look and effects, but TWOK set the tone for pretty much every Trek that's come since, save for TNG, which was very much Gene making a sequel to TOS after he lost control of the films. But then on top of all that, it was a great sci-fi story, playing with one of the core genre tropes-- man playing god. On the character side, to show Kirk's aging arc, they give him a son who hates him, and an old enemy who he straight up forgot about coming for the hardest revenge he can get. And oh yeah, 80's ILM doing some of it's best work ever to create space sequences that even at over 40 years old, are still some of the most realistic spaceship scenes ever seen in a movie that still hold up. All of these elements, and literally none of them missed the mark. Even Shatner's acting is on point in a way that is above and beyond anything else he's ever done.
  5. I’m too old. I didn’t like the cartoon cause it was based on the era of X-Men that I hated. Also, seemed like too much Gambit. I hate Gambit.
  6. I never thought I'd become a PC guy for gaming, but I have. My Xbox One and PS4 are collecting dust and I haven't bothered keeping up with current gen consoles. Xbox seems pointless now that I have a windows machine that's going to give me all the same stuff, with better graphics and mods if I want them. Playstation... I'm hanging onto the 4 so I can replay a few Sony exclusives that I love. If more exclusives come out that aren't bound for Windows I may get a PS5, but nothing yet has come about to make me need to do that. Also, XBox's future is uncertain these days with all their exclusivity deals vanishing. If that unfolds then the Playstation wins as being the only box that can play everything (except Nintendo exclusives which.. you know.. Nintendo is a different audience).
  8. His delivery of "Sammy-- those are fucking onions!" Has been in my head on a loop. He was amazing.
  9. Yeah the studio wimped out so hard by giving away so much with the trailer. literally made a fun movie predictable. Great cast/performances.
  10. I'm just going to say this one thing and then peace out of this thread-- but it was a shit movie then, and it's a shit movie now. I remember everyone coming at me 20 years ago saying the OT was just as "bad" and that nostalgia was the only reason I liked it. Well guess what-- nostalgia is all that's making people run back to see ab objectively bad movie. Also, I saw a TikTok yesterday of some kid who used AI to make TPM a vertical movie to fit on a phone screen and literally every comment loved it. I WEEP FOR THE FUTURE. GET OF MY LAWN! But if you like it, have fun!
  11. There’s Gen Z’ers out there saying the original GB wasn’t a comedy.
  12. I’m calling it now— this is going to be the lowest turnout election in 20 years. Old school republicans hate what Trumpers have made of the GOP, Biden’s inaction onto Gaza is costing him votes.
  13. Of all the things people complain about with the ST, it’s the fact that Abrams and Johnson don’t know how space works that kills me the most. The whole space chase in TLJ made no sense at all considering the First Order could have hyperspace’s in front of them at any time. You can look up in the sky from one system and see Starkiller Base shoot other planets real time with the naked eye?
  14. I loved it until the last act where it fell off the rails a bit. I've also seen Immaculate, First Omen, Lisa Frankenstein, and Abigail recently and thought they were all great.
  15. Oof! Yeah, the kennel cough River had was definitely just being passed around daycare.
  16. When my kid was little this happened to us too, he'd also routinely get kennel cough or colds. All of it stopped once we got his tonsils out. I'm not a doctor so I can't say that was the solve, but it was night and day.
  17. Some will, some won't. There's always going to be idiot people. I'm not sure when it started, but I hardly ever take pictures anymore when I'm doing out of the ordinary stuff. Maybe a few, but the days of being behind my phone trying to preserve a moment instead of being in the moment have stopped.
  18. How old are the teachers and principal? They sound like teenage camp counselors art best.
  19. Jesus yeah, there’s no way that’s defendable. And wtf happen to the separation plan? This is infuriating.
  20. It’s terrifying. AI will now become the catchall scapegoat. Anybody sees news footage that doest’t fit their rhetoric, it’s AI. It’ll be like the “fake news” war cry but worse.
  21. My kid is on track and wants to be an aerospace engineer. At some point I'll need you to give him some reality.
  22. I follow this account on IG where a guy does a whole “AI fooling boomers” rating scale. He’ll find obvious AI stuff then quote the boomers responding to it thinking it is real.
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