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  1. Same. I also write at least 5 hours a day. So...
  2. Tank


    Were you wrong? They implied last week it was all Agatha, but now she says it's all of Wanda's creation, and we saw her change over the whole town. So did she create the Hex, and then Agatha shows up and starts to manipulate it to try and figure how a telekinetic super hero is doing witch shit? So originally, they had said Hydra had given Wanda and Pietro powers via the mind stone. That was the mid-credits stinger in Winter Solider, and then backed up by Age of Ultron. At that point it seemed very planned. Now we see they were just tossing people next to the stone, and as it tur
  3. I started writing by doing this same thing. Jacob, you should snap pics of your custom GI Joe pics then write up those dossier cards. Might be a fun thing to be creative with when you can't get your head around your book. When I was painting Nerf gun I would write mini histories for them and it ended up being a low key world building endeavor.
  4. Tank


    It’s seems like Mar-Vell was trying to partially jumpstart humans development, and SHIELD was friends with Skrulls who’d have know how. But you could right. It does remind me of Rocket razzing Cap and Nat “Who here hasn’t been to space? Don’t throw up in my ship.” And Scott “Aw you wanna go to space? I can take you to space.” And even Tony “You’re only a genius on Earth, pal.”
  5. I think the replayability and collecting are so epic because of the simple, yet complex puzzles in relation to character abilities. Whether it’s needing a little dude to crawl through a hatch, a droid to hack a door, a bounty hunter to blow open a wall... from go you are enticed with places you can’t get to. When you pass a level you unlock new characters to get to said places. It’s just a great balance. Making your own characters is super fun too, no tips needed, it’s all very organic. The classic Indy games are like that too. I honestly stopped playing them after the Lego movie bec
  6. Tank


    Yeah this is what I keep saying. I mean, I guess they could say it's because she went through three times, and everyone else had the barrier go up around them? So maybe if Bee Keeper dude goes through one more time he too will get powers? I still think it makes more sense to have it related to Carol somehow. Everyone is talking about a big cameo at the end. Either it's Dr Starneg and the worst kept secret, or it's Carol. At some point you have to assume that if an Avenger goes missing, another Avenger would eventually show up right? I've also been spinning out on SWORD a bit. I
  7. The difference is that Cerina was give the c-bomb because of early encounters they had that got heated because he didn’t like being called out on how he treats women by a women. He felt slighted, and unfortunately, brought it up at every turn when he knew Cerina would see it. It was low key flaming/trolling and when she called him on it, he snapped. In Carrie’s case, frankly she was cunty. Haha. Also, I love how “Amanda” stuck. That was me making fun of Rev never getting her name right when she was using an Amidala handle. This and bastdoors are my only memorable contribution to
  8. Funny enough, the SW Lego games are the only ones where I felt compelled to replay to find all the collectibles. It’s criminal how expensive they are now for as old as they are. I had them on the Wii. They were the first game my son ever completed and we want to replay them.
  9. He reached out to me on FB to pass on his apologies, especially to Cerina. He wanted to do an in depth explanation for everyone but I told him not to stress out about that. He wasn’t asking to come back, he totally gets it and owns it.
  10. I LOVE the Creep movies. It's one of those things where the individual pieces aren't original per se, but the combination and execution is, on top of being really well performed.
  11. The only way I'll go away is if I ever book a Star War, and that will just be for legal reasons. Actually-- scratch that. I'm scorched Earth. If I get a Star War I'll just buy nightly from JA and nuke the entire thing to be safe.
  12. After the last Smashmouth incident I have at least a couple c-bombs to rightfully throw at Cerina. Just hanging onto them for a rainy day.
  13. Tank


    Anyone? I avoided it forever after a few clips that seemed annoying. But man, hooked now. I’ve never seen anything so outwardly lowbrow also be insanely smart with words and language.
  14. I can go into more detail later, but if you know your character’s background, the stuff you need should come from there.
  15. Yeah, becoming single for the first time in a decade right as a pandemic kicks in has done a number on me too.
  16. Totally get and understand that. I have been there, I’m an impatient control freak. It’s an important distinction though. I’m sure you’ve been in a place where you didn’t get a job and you think “how did I screw up that interview” instead of “somebody more qualified must have applied” right? Totally get it. A lot of us are great at beating ourself up. But in the case of dating this like double Jeopardy because if you stay in that space too long you will end up hating yourself AND hating women.
  17. You posted this while I was typing— but this exactly what I am talking about at the end. You are asking “what did I do wrong?” You are framing it around yourself. Maybe you did nothing wrong. Maybe her ex saw she went speed dating and swooped in with apologies and she is giving the father of her kids another chance. You have to stop robbing women of agency by thinking they make their choices based purely on what you have said or done. ...and little black books are creepy. If you pop up out of nowhere after a few months she won’t think that’s cute.
  18. We’ve all been here and it sucks. I was here a few months back myself. Six things I keep in mind: 1. People have lives. Especially single mothers. Just because I am available to text pretty much any ol time, I have to remind myself I am not aware of what other people’s lives are. ESPECIALLY right now. 2. The answering machine scene from Swingers should be a cautionary tale to all dudes who mean well but are lonely enough to have no chill. 3. The magic number is 2. Not 3, not 4. TWO points of contact with no response may not seem like a lot, but it’s the max amount pokes to
  19. Tank


    Maybe early on. Last time I tried to watch, no.
  20. Tank


    I guess I just didn't find it funny like Office or Modern Family. I think if the jokes had been there it would have worked more for me. Wanted to address the one other reveal.-- that the SWORD guy was basically trying to bring Vision back to life as his own sentient weapon. As Cerina pointed out on page one, Wanda seems to be stable and accepting of Vision's death in her coda in Endgame. I think she busted into SWORD to stop the experiments. Between that and finding out Agnes/Agatha is behind all the manipulation that takes Wanda out of the crazy/evil category. Really the only missin
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