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  1. That was pure gold and you know it.
  2. I just ordered some to try out. I feel like I am always hungry. If I work out every day, I will be even with what my body wants to eat. If I do this, but eat well, I lose weight pretty easy, until about 25 pounds down at which point I stalL out. So obviously if I eat like I’d want to and don’t work Out I gain. so I am totally going to give these a shot.
  3. Rock is a very good natured guy, but because of those problems he had trouble finding the right ways to talk to women. I don’t think he was predatory, but in trying to attract attention he sometimes come off the wrong way. Either way, whoever ratted him out was still out of line. I could show KP this entire thread and while she may be miffed and me sharing some of her private life, she wouldn’t be caught off guard by anything. Whatever I have typed here about how I feel about her, she knows.
  4. That would track given that they hated each other. At this pointing knowing only members can read stuff here I’m pretty sure this is a safe space… right? Also, not that he deserved it, but Rock had a bit of history being inappropriate toward women. There’s nothing in here KP would read that comes off bad. If anything it tracks me falling in love with her… but she might not like me giving every detail about her (our?) lifestyle hahaha. I’d be grounded for a minute, but she wouldn’t leave me. She’s reasonable.
  5. That’s rough Tom, you’re already handling it with more control and grace I could muster. It sucks, but give yourself credit for managing this.
  6. So KP and are kinda being public about being together on social media, so if you follow me on FB or IG, please have chill. I’ve definitely over shared here.
  7. Hahah— I don’t need them all the time. Sometimes condoms make things difficult. Or, you know, you go to a swinger resort all day and need help.
  8. I saw enough backs of hands that it actually started to be the norm in my head. At times it got too normal and it wasn’t hot— until the naked girl with the margarita pitcher comes over and jiggles on your lap, fills your cup, and kisses your girlfriend.
  9. Oh Roman’s has it? Sweet! That’s where I get the boner pills.
  10. There was about 200 people, all shapes and sizes (bodies and genitalia) and every level of attractiveness from uggo to fashion model. Most people were average to above average. Most everyone was very friendly and nice, but a lot of the dudes were a little bro-y for me. It did not smell, but they did have to add chlorine to the pool frequently to keep it from looking like the Ganges.
  11. Hahaha, I am just fine. But, you know… discretion and stuff. I had a very good time, relationship is still going very well.
  12. It didn’t peg my exact city, but it nailed the region I’m from. I realized though there’s a lot of subtle things I have shifted from after moving to California.
  13. Well, we went to the thing. Holy cats.
  14. That’s exactly what I am afraid of— endless cop outs, fake outs, reset buttons, and death reversals.
  15. Agreed— but when FATWS did an action ending people complained about that too!
  16. Spoilers ahead. My big question was answered, the variants are not from different timelines, they are from different universes. They got a little Willy nilly with conflating the two, but I can accept this. Also fun to reveal not-Kang the way they did, so he could be a unique character in this show but imply that (with the same actor) a variant of him will show up elsewhere… which we know he will in Quantumania… and the Dr. Strange/Scarlet Witch movie is now set up, as is the next Spider-Man movie if the rumors are to be believed… and possibly the way Deadpool and some of the X-Men sh
  17. Tank

    Black Widow

    They never said how he got his powers— which is odd considering how big a deal they made of it being rare in FATWS. I guess I assumed like the space program, he was the product of some Russian knock off serum.
  18. Oh man, imagining you body checking some kid out of your way made my day. And as much as I hate to play with stereotypes, aside from women who like gaming, your friend’s case is not uncommon at all. I’d hazard a guess that while she gets mad at him playing games at an appropriate time because, unlike TV, I bet he stays on gaming for a lot longer past the point of it being acceptable to her. Video games are super addicting!
  19. There are countless kid games out there-- they just don't get the marketing and visibility bigger games do, because as you pointed out, gaming is not a cheap hobby anymore. Nintendo is still very all ages, and you could say (using my own kid as an example) a lot of the games kids play are designed to funnel them toward bigger, more expensive games as they get older. That said I still listed it because in my heart I do find it an immature hobby, even though I partake. I NEVER play around grown women though. I have too many female friends who have lost boyfriends and husbands to gaming/game
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