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  1. So…. on strike. Working on a few personal projects. I am planning to shoot a short scifi film. There’s a couple space shots and I was assuming I’d need to do them as cg. I talked to a few friends who do that sort of thing and it’s not cheap. I was on YouTube watching videos to see if I could teach myself— cause that is the sort of thing my ADHD brain does… but 3D software vexes me. Anyway, happened upon a couple videos that showed that oddly, doing it the old school way is actually easier than CG now. With a decent lighting set up, a mini dolly, a green screen, camera and model spaceship you can do what ILM did decades ago with a few clicks in after effects (which I DO know how to use.) So obviously, I needed a spaceship. Off to some kitbashing tutorials, and a great one on “panelizing” by Adam Savage… I decided to convert this old batplane toy my kid nabbed at a garage sale a decade ago k to a chunky armored spaceship. So batplane, plus a lot of cut out pieces of styrene, parts from a macross valkryie armored fighter, a Russian fighter plane missile kit, another anime robot fighter plane, and a Space 1999 Eagle shuttle. Bunch of glue. Spray paint. 34737273 exacto knife blades. Cost me maybe around $30 in supplies.
  2. Well, I’m not bleeding from anywhere and by and large the only people opposed to us striking seems to be billionaires, and weird fanboys of billionaires.
  3. Thank you for this. As the world knows, we are definitely on strike. Two good things-- One, I booked a job and got paid the first chunk right before the strike, and turned in everything I could on all the little stuff-- so in a weird way, I am now the least stressed I have been about work in years. I've got everything I needed to in, I've been paid a bit, I CAN'T work, and I have the job ready to continue on the other side of the strike. Two, the strike has made it clear that it wasn't just me having this problem, it's an industry issue, and some people have it way harder than I do. This is the worst thing. I always say I won't get another pet so as not to have to go through this again, and yet, I always do.
  4. The Luis stories in the first Ant Man were the DNA that made it clear just how much Edgar Wright had actually put himself into the thing.
  5. Updated for GOTG3 / Quantumania Overall, Phase 4 has been poopsticks. MUST SEE 1. Captain America: Civil War 2. Endgame 3. Infinity War 4. Captain America: Winter Soldier 5. Wandavision 6. Spider-Man: No Way Home 7. Iron Man 8. Spider-Man: Homecoming 9. Thor: Ragnarok *. Daredevil S1 THE GOOD STUFF 10. Captain Marvel 11. Falcon and The Winter Soldier *. Daredevil S2 12. Black Panther 13. Guardians of the Galaxy 14. Avengers 15. Spider-Man: Far From Home 16. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 17. Ant-Man *. Daredevil S3 18. Ant-Man and the Wasp 19. Age of Ultron 20. Captain America: First Avenger *. Jessica Jones S1 *. Luke Care S1 21. Hawkeye 22. Shang-Chi 23. Loki *. Jessica Jones S2 24. Black Widow *. Venom *. Punisher S1 *. Venom: Let There Be Carnage THE MEH STUFF *. Jessica Jones S3 24. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 25. Iron Man 2 26. Thor *. Punisher S2 27. Doctor Strange *. Luke Care S2 28. Incredible Hulk *. Defenders S1 29. Quantumania TOTAL TRASH 30. Thor: Dark World 31. Iron Man 3 32. Eternals *. Iron Fist S1 *. Iron Fist S2
  6. Majors was great, too bad he's turned out to be a dirtbag in real life. Marvel is kinda hosed basing the next phase around him. This movie was... a movie? Like I can't give you a list of mortal sins, but it sure didn't wow me. it was just-- there? I didn't really care about anything, which is too bad. I also missed Scott's crew from the first two movies.
  7. I want to like it, I hope to like to, but it looks terrible. As in, the quality. It is just too digital and sterile looking.
  8. Saw it today, def one of the stronger entries in this phase. All the post Endgame movies and shows have been more personal stories, and while I think that is the right direction, a lot of them have fizzled out. On the movie side, this one and Spider-Man's two movies have been the only ones to really hit the heart I think. I appreciate how much time and story everyone got and it wasn't just the Quill show.
  9. !!!!!! I mean, that's one way to do it....
  10. Turns out high pressure colonics fix everything.
  11. I have pretty top tier Hollywood douche insurance…
  12. I was looking at that, but they are very vague about the cost
  13. I've been thinking of checking this out too.
  14. Private maker from the RPF prop community... took like 3 years!
  15. Welp if I want this thing to be accurate guess I have to smash it…
  16. Tank


    As an industry insider, I think you should know. At minimum 30-40% of any episode of TV is generally ADRed. I've never seen anyone seem to get tripped up by it as much as you. Movies are closer to 70-80% ADR. It's pretty common practice. Maybe your feed has a lag or something that makes audio out of sync?
  17. Tank


    Overall very happy— agree on those two points. Also, the D looked great with modern effects, but I dont buy it making those snubfighter moves.
  18. I think that’s because it IS series finale for Pedro. He didn’t take the helmet off this season, he did none of the press, and granted, TLOU came out at the same time and he was a big mouth piece for it… but I get the distinct feeling that he had one foot out the door, or there was a falling out, or something. His entire arc was basically handed to Bo. This whole season could have been one two-hour movie.
  19. I think about this a lot— I feel like boomers had this big cultural shake up in their youth with civil rights changes, Vietnam, women’s lib, entertainment being co-opted by counter culture, hippies, black panthers, yadda yadda yadda— they were the first generation to sort of break out and rebel from the traditional nuclear family, know your place, old school ways that sort of dominated American culture for a century. Basically, they were the first generation that realized they had agency and could be self-centered. But they didn’t have the tools, like the mental health insight and awareness to know how to use that agency in a healthy way. All they had to defend themselves against their parents was rebellion. You take that paradigm, then add thirty, forty years of living and they become the most pig-headed, mentally insular people in existence. They cannot understand anything but their own way. Add in refusal to acknowledge advancements in mental health, a past of acceptable substance abuse, and manipulation being the only tool that’s ever helped them get what they want in your life and boom= our parents are the worst.
  20. Tank


    Jaradi’s Borg was some special sunset, and the ones from Season 1 were de-collectived. I think these Borg are the legit OG collective. That said, acting like we haven’t seen them is BS. When Riker says: No one has heard from the Borg in over a decade.” My first thought was “Guess he didn’t watch the last 2 seasons.” Titan-A is totally a throwback to the movie era Enterprise, the F was designed for Star Trek online. Odds are if they do more in this era (which they should) they’ll replace it. I read that in tie-in comics, Worf was made Captain of the E after Picard was promoted. Guess the joke now is he got it destroyed.
  21. Tank


    Everybody is losing their mind over another episode of fan service and I’m not impressed with what was behind the red door at all.
  22. Yeah— great points about Bo’s past. Also, the New Republic is issuing badges to former imperial and giving them shock treatment? These are the good guys?
  23. They are the Klingons of Star Wars. Realistically speaking, a culture built around war isn't ever going to get to space, or solve hunger or illness. That said, the CARE shouldn't be coming from their culture (which to be fair is shown as flawed and all but wiped out), it SHOULD be coming from Din Darjin as somebody who has adopted this culture as his own even though he is not technically one of them. Using the Klingon parallel-- it wasn't until TNG that the Klingon's started being seen maybe as 2-3 note characters as opposed to the 1-note way they were in TOS and the TOS movies. That all came down to Worf. Without Worf, you wouldn't have gotten all the more nuanced Klingons, even the ones seen in TUC. Worf himself though was very concerned with being less than Klingon. He was raised by humans, in Starfleet, and over-compensated by acting like an uber-Klingon. One of my favorite Worf bits was him insisting to Guinan that warriors do not laugh, and she calls BS on it and points out Klingons belly-laugh better than anyone. Point-being, Worf was so concerned with proving his Klingon-ness, it often got in his own way. This was his arc, to find himself. Mando literally has a catch-phrase of "this is the way" and him being challenged on what the way is has been very passive-- essentially getting pissy when other Mandos take off their helmets. The idea of him being an outsider in a sect he discovers also to be outsiders to the Mandalorian way should be his drive. Instead, this season he's doubled down on the fundamentalism of The Watch, and handed off all responsibility of unification to Bo. It's his show and story, he should be the one to unite these opposing factions. We don't care because they've given him no real stake in this struggle to restore the Mandorians. If it landed on him and he was trying to teach these factions to work together, while trying to raise Grogu, and realize his self-proclaimed judgement of character being what he holds value to, and that he should step up to lead as opposed to just hunting down wayward criminals, this season would make sense. When he ended up with the darksaber by default, this was what was being set up. But they've been so freaking passive about it, we just don't care.
  24. Yeah-- this was probably the first episode of the season that really lived up to the last season. And I agree, sooner would have been better. So little has happened they could have easily made this the midpoint of the season-- or hell, even the second or third episode. And I also learned my current Star Wars angst problem with this episode. It came to me when Gideon was talking about combining Death Troopers, and Mandalorians, and Jedi and whatever else into one SUPER COOL THING. And don't get me wrong, the Mando-troopers were cool and all... but... It took me back to the old days of being on this site and people theorizing about what was going to be in the PT. People always claimed to be in the know, AICN and force.net were always pumping out rumors, and I felt like the bad ones were always easy to spot. The people making up the fake ones could never resist doing this sort of thing-- coming up ONMG SO COOL idea. The kind of people playing SWRPGs and making combo bounty hunter / Jedi characters. The other thing they would do, is say WELL IT HAS TO BE X BECAUSE IN THIS RANDO EU NOVEL Y HAPPENED. I'd be rich AF if I had a nickel for every time I posted on here that no filmmaker, first Lucas, and later Abrams/Johnson or whomever, would ever be restricted by something done in a spin off novel or cartoon. Anything not on screen would end up getting retconned or de-canonized. And what happened? Everything written before the ST was cut loose. Now we've reached a point where these things are no longer true. Filoni is becoming the lead creative more and more-- which on the one hand is good, the guy does know Star Wars. He gave us the Clone Wars we wanted. He's added nuance and pathos to Lucas' tone deaf ideas. But on the other hand-- he is also a guy writing those animated spin-off stories and assuming everyone has seen them. He is giving is the OMG SO COOL concepts that are a bit over the top. I tend to watch most things Star Wars, and the kid in me loves how big and expansive the universe is becoming. But at the same time, I am weary of the constant retcons, changes in rules, addition of concepts I don't think fit, and in general the de-specialization of Star Wars away from being event-driven movies.
  25. She’ll get a quick exposition dump, same way Wanda did in MoM. Watching Wandavision wasn’t required, though it certainly adds to the experience of you do. Sidebar— the girl they cast as Ms Marvel is great and may steal this movie.
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