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  1. Holy hell! A Leo Goat meme? Ok. Fozzie wins. Everyone go home.
  2. Boeing is our biggest customer! We mostly ship to st. Louis but sometimes to Seattle. We have a Seattle facility as well!
  3. Hamburger helper is very.....helpful. OMG, you guys, I think that's how they got the idea for the name! In a pinch, I always keep a box of HH and a pound of ground beef if I'm running behind and need to get something whipped up super fast. I can't do spaghetti in a flash, I absolutely have to let my sauce simmer for several hours or it's not the same. And I always keep a few Red Baron pizzas in the freezer if I'm not in the mood to cook.
  4. I have to clarify this all the time. Maybe Leo should make a Goat Meme thread. In the alias days, it probably would have happened.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B90ic2iKDo This trailer with Adam West installed as The Batman kinda....works? Maybe not but the batmobile shot is badass.
  6. Goat memes in Goat's meme thread?
  7. We're surprised the internet beat Zathras to the punch?
  8. Where's Pork Chop Sandwiches?
  9. Are we too mature and serious around here nowadays to make a 'pussy whipped' joke? Asking for a friend.
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