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  1. I don't really see any Coen resemblances here. Maybe Quentin, as already noted. But I think Black has established himself enough by now that it's a very Blackish film. ......wait, am I going to be in trouble for phrasing it that way?
  2. The book thing always bugged me as well.
  3. Stop motion Terminators got confused more easily than the CGI 'naters.
  4. I knew disturbed would come up. Ugh. Lol Blinded By The Light by Mannfred Mann comes to mind. Mercy Me by The Strokes, featuring Eddie Vedder Huey Lewis & The News released an entire album of 60's R&B tunes, Four Chords And Several Years Ago. That whole album is impressive.
  5. I was being sarcastic. Like, oh hey not another detective movie where they have to solve the mystery of porn stars being murdered from auto execs! Haven't we had enough of that shit?
  6. Lol....yeah, it's a very specific stereotypical movie you're talking about here. It's a genre piece so I don't mind the tropes so much, especially from a writer/director who invented or reimagined (perfected? ) what many of the tropes from the 80's we're so use to now. Black's no Tarantino, I guess. He also never got as big to be deemed overrated. But Tarantino gets away with all this stuff, so why not Black?
  7. His wife died, and that's when I think he started being a deadbeat. At least it gives a reason and excuse for it. Especially since it's his fault.
  8. Two episodes in and it's pretty good. A little faster paced, as expected, since most of the character intros and world building are out of the way. The Deep...is that Patton Oswald's voice? Wtf. Was this plot point in the comics??
  9. Goddamnit. There must be some kind of Girls Pineapple Pizza Club.
  10. No way. Maybe you're watching the wrong movie? You're probably accidentally watching Mr. Nice Guy with Jackie Chan.
  11. A girl I wanted to ask out ordered pineapple on her pizza. Deal breaker.
  12. I saw Mando on a boat and was immediately intrigued, lol.
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