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  1. Y'all fuckin' rock! Now go out there and punch today in the dick!
  2. My self esteem goes up and down like one of them roller coaster rides. Some days I feel invincible and other days I feel worthless. Even people with high self esteem have moments, many of them, in which they question their worth or value. I can't pretend to have a good answer or know what works, and it's probably different approaches for different types of people. Maybe your brain is wired that way or there are past experiences that lead to the low self esteem. Or both. I try to use my low self esteem to my advantage. I see a cute girl and think hey this girl won't be in
  3. Did they ever try to explain how he's wearing a mask but moving his mouth the whole time?
  4. If you could count how many tinder profiles have the word 'wanderlust' in their bio, you'd run out of numbers.
  5. Lol Going alllllll the way back to the Destro mask....I always assumed the mask was not an representation of his face, but just a mask and ripping off the classic story of the man in the iron mask or whatever the original source material is called. Destro's mask reminded of the theatre comedy and tragedy masks. The voice does sound like a black guy though.
  6. Something about the hooded mask figure. That was my favorite, probably because I never got it. I think it was a mail away originally. After the metal armor, those don't look very cool but I was out of the Joe buying by around '89/'90.
  7. I've never seen or heard of that CC before. Kinda cool.
  8. I only go to Walmart if I need something specific that I know they will have. I like to buy cereal at Walmart. Their giant size are freaking enormous. Otherwise, I'll just hit Kroger (preferred) or Meijer.
  9. I liked the cape, or robe? That really made the figure. I think mine is still intact as well. No rips. I Have the classic Cobra Commander with the silver face, and I have the armored suit figure. I always wanted the hooded mask but never got it.
  10. They know who Destro and Cobra Commander are so I think I'm doing it right? Yep, if they ever ask me about Serpentor, I might even just ignore the question altogether.
  11. That's badass! My kids have no idea who Serpentor is. Punks.
  12. Scarlett hate, wtf? I'm not a redhead fan but I like her costume. Imagine the shit Snake Eyes gets for not asking her how her day was.
  13. I was just thinking about this yesterday....a dominatrix in a kid's afternoon cartoon!
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