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  1. Maybe that's how they get from one moon to the other, Zathras.
  2. Does it??!! I'll read it again but I don't remember Zathras mentioning his universe including a BMX bike race. Something to consider though. Other than the total lack of BMX bikes, it sounds super cool.
  3. Creation myth? Creation of what?
  4. Damn. That's so awesome, man. To get paid and earn a living for doing something you've been enjoying since you were 6. If only I'd stayed in L.A.
  5. I've been writing since I learned how to spell. Practically every day of my life from kindergarten up through college I was always working on something. My problem always was, and still is, is that I have sooooooo many ideas going on I my head. It's hard to separate and compartmentalize everything sometimes.
  6. Yeah that sounds about right. After I had it a year, I painted it black, so I had fun with the name change then.
  7. You're right. But we've had some good times.
  8. I named my first car penis. My 16 year old clever brain thought it was hilarious to ask the girls if the wanted to ride my penis. If they got annoyed I would turn the tables and innocently say it was my car and they were perverted and inappropriate. Why was I, and still am, so stupid?
  9. I use to just create characters and draw them. No big story or novel or anything. I was heavily inspired by the G.I.JOE file cards but instead of military, I did sci-fi, aliens, space troopers and stuff. I had a best friend who did 75 percent of the drawing and I did the bios and backstory. Tons of fun.
  10. You forgot to add 'if you know what I mean....'
  11. I drew a mom on your dick's face. Wait.....
  12. I had a friend in high school, and we worked together, he use to get so upset if anyone made a 'your mom' joke. He'd start yelling 'Don't talk about my mom, man!' At first, we had to avoid making those jokes, then we would do it just to see him get mad.
  13. I'm usually better for Friday nights than Saturday or any other time.
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