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  1. Looking like reviews are somewhat split down the middle. That's expected, I guess. I didn't see this getting universal love. My only real concerns are the stunts and the action being believable. Though the trailers have me excited, still worried about the action being able to suck me in or turn me off.
  2. Pretty cool. Typical trailer complaints: Some of the effects look incomplete. Lots of cg. But I'm still hyped and optimistic. I think this, while probably being divisive, will deliver the goods.
  3. I dressed up as Alan Quartermain for Halloween but everyone thought I was Indiana Jones. Idiots.
  4. Jedigoat


    I'm with you part-way. Just after the scene about the group doubting Casian and worried about him joining, another guy shows up and we get another scene conveying the exact same doubt and worry. I don't need to see this twice. But the scenes between Casian and Skaarsgard and Skaarsgard and Mon Mothma were excellent. Half excellent/ half dull episode to an overall excellent series so far.
  5. At this point, it's not really about choc's (obvious) points. Heehee. But it's just getting repetitive. They're spinning their wheels now, and not taking it anywhere. This is why I started feeling a disconnect during the previous season.
  6. That's a good episode! Is there a jump cut there after he opens the door for the mirror reveal?
  7. I saw a preview while watching the football game last night. Cool teaser but the special effects were pretty bad. I was laughing because the actor was acting confused while jumping out of a plane and it felt way too over the top and comedic. But then again, Sam's reactions to his leaps were almost always comedic. And it's a small sample size so I'm still optimistic. Cautiously optimistic.
  8. Maybe that's the show....sending a leaper to find Sam.
  9. If it's a continuation, does that mean Sam Becket is out there leaping and the new leaper could cross paths with him?
  10. Well that's a letdown. Was this from one of the later cartoons or Gen 1?
  11. If Hot Rod became Rodimus Prime, then that means Optimus Prime was originally a different name/transformer!? I never thought about that till today. Sorry I thought this was the dumb Transformers question thread. Here's a SW one that's also Transformers......are SW Transformers canon?
  12. How does a home-made droid, made by a ten year old slave, know over 10 million languages?
  13. Maybe he doesn't. That droid threw out a hell of a sales pitch. Threepio's best dialogue in the entire series.
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