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  1. Is this supposed to lead into another Joe film or another Snake Eyes?
  2. Tank, while the rest of us just deteriorate, I think you win the award for looking better with age, you sexy bastard, you.
  3. Jedigoat


    The EU sucks! Sorry. Old habit.
  4. Ok, so I took a Little Debbie Fudge Round and I dipped it into a chocolate pudding snack pack. It was amazing but I'll never do it again. That clocks in close to the top of fattest things I've ever done.
  5. Give a horse steroids and place some bets! Or give yourself steroids and break Hank Aaron's record. Or give yourself horse steroids and place some bets on yourself.
  6. Well. I forget if it was Milli or Vanilli but he ended up not killing himself. So yeah! I mean, they fraudulently made hundreds of millions of dollars and several radio listeners ended up killing themselves but yeah, better place!
  7. I had a dream where Millie Vanilli never got caught. They got inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Never got caught, but in the dream, it seemed I was aware of the lip synching the whole time but no one else knew.
  8. Glad to hear, Krawlie. I can't imagine the stress and worry involved. Must be a huge relief.
  9. I saw Tenet the weekend it came out. Whenever that was, I don't remember. July 2020?? But I haven't been back since. My kids went to go see mortal kombat last month. It was sold out although it was at 50 percent capacity. They're going out to see A Quiet Place tonight. Not sure what the capacity is these days.
  10. My biggest regret in life came last night after watching a goddamn YouTube video of some SW fan page nerd. It's no wonder so much of fandom is up in arms when they're being fed this random fan opinion served up as fact. Kill me.
  11. That's a non sequitur, Odine! nOn sEqUiTuR!!!
  12. I'm not going to disagree with anyone's complaints except for the 'it isn't necessary' goofiness. None of this is necessary. Additionally, I have been craving Solo stories since I've been watching SW. When I discovered the Han Solo trilogy books, which was probably around 1989 in a used book store, I lost my freaking mind. Bring em on!
  13. Chewie is freakishly large but take away all that fur, he'd look frail as fuck. Just as Peter Mayhew did. Chewie isn't tossing stormtroopers anywhere.
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