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  1. Saw Halloween Kills Thursday night. Enjoyed the kills even though the victims seemed extra stupid in this. Of course stupid victims is a popular horror trope, so, while I'm also no horror enthusiast, they felt extra moronic. And everything in and around the hospital felt boring, slow, and contrived. Despite all that, I still had fun watching it.
  2. Like the alligator in the sewer rumors, sure.
  3. I'd always wondered that and figured it got there on accident. It got on the ship somehow and ended up hiding down in the garbage.
  4. I'm not talking about the quality, I'm just talking about his style. Well.....quality too. But in the opposite way you joke about. George's plain and robotic dialogue actually backs up my point. Lol
  5. I don't think it's a stretch. I think Yoda's comment is direct. He knows and he makes the comment to OBI-WAN to try to protect him or to prepare him for the shock. If that wasn't the intention, I don't think Lucas would have written the dialogue that way.
  6. Well, yeah. I mean, it wasn't 50 Emporers. That's why the movie sucked.
  7. In fact, the entire movie feels like a mid 90's Dark Horse comic.
  8. Haha! Yeah, in the theatre, I remember asking myself what is this? A mid 90's Dark Horse comic?
  9. So the Empire has a Death 'Star' and they also have 'Star' Destroyers......so do they secretly want to destroy their own big ole space station??
  10. Oh, y'all think you have it bad?? Well, there are NO hot girls where I work. Wtf? UGHHHGHHHHHGHHH!
  11. Natalie's line delivery in that scene probably isn't the worst of the prequels but it's so stilted and robotic, I chuckle every time.
  12. I wonder how many Empire sympathizers are flat Death Star believers.
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