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  1. When I finally cash out, I'll live like a Unabomber in the woods somewhere.
  2. To put it in perspective, Grogu was born the same year as Anakin. At least according to Wookiepedia.
  3. Wait, I gotta defend Star Trek TOS. Pop culture has caused TOS to be considered camp, but I maintain that Star Trek TOS is not camp, and was not intended to be. It's just that TOS is more of a victim of the standards of TV acting and writing prevalent in the 1960s, being modeled, in part, after westerns and action of the time, and sci fi not being what I call "professionalized" like it is today. Sure, there are some silly episodes, but they are mostly from the 3rd season, where most fans agree there was a drop in quality, when Friedberger took over. I defy you to call episodes like Ba
  4. Admin? yikes! Yeah, this was some sort of dream sequence, but it was supposed to be a revelation Vader found out about himself from Darth Vader #25, April 2019. https://screenrant.com/star-wars-anakin-father-emperor/2/ then later last year (Dec 2019), Lucasfilm said no. https://screenrant.com/star-wars-emperor-palpatine-not-create-anakin-skywalker/ I didn't read the comic, just watched a youtube video that covered it, last year but didn't get the memo it was fake news.
  5. 1. Harvey Weinstein 2. William Shatner 3. Henry Kissinger 4. Bill Cosby 5. James Earl Jones 6. Betty White 7. Corey Feldman 8. Brittney Spears 9. Jimmy Carter 10. Kim Jong Un
  6. Yes I agree. Just saying that Thrawn is one of the EU elements that are being reincorporated into the current canon, like kaiburr crystals were from Splinter, and now used for the Death Star.
  7. Oh, I almost forgot, battle meditation.
  8. Well, a LOT of the Thrawn trilogy doesn't hold up anymore, particularly the references to the Clone Wars (EG Katana fleet, cloning Jedi, Sparti vs Kamino Cloning), and clones causing weird force feedback loops. I think at this point, you can think of the Thrawn Trilogy as canon as Splinter of the Mind's Eye, but elements of it have been re-used. As an aside, I seem to remember years ago that Zahn originally intended for C'Baoth to be a clone of Obi Wan or something like that, but changed it.
  9. I like that chrysalis idea. However, if they did something like that, I'd prefer Grogu go through several of them, and eventually be equivalent to 15-18 human years of age.
  10. Or Max Von Sydow, for that matter. Man, was that talent wasted on the 5 seconds he was in TFA!
  11. The Thrawn trilogy is far from perfect for sure. I think Heir to the Empire was probably the best of the lot, with the other two books being of lesser quality, with the Last Command being my least favorite. There was all kinds of set up with Thrawn, and his fate was anti-climatic, IMHO. I did like the Sparti cloning module aspect, and the need for them, but the Katana Fleet does not really line up with the continuity that TPM-present established. I liked the idea of Joru'us C'Baoth being a clone of a jedi master, who went insane. I did NOT like Lu'uke, and C'Baoth really ended up becoming
  12. Well, I suffer from the nostalgia bug I suppose, when it comes to the early EU of the early to mid 1990s. You know, back when you still had to work for your Star Wars fix, and before even the SE versions and PT. Also, things like those didn't bother me back then, because I was young and dumb(er).
  13. Ask Fozzie. He's the SME on that!
  14. So, one off hand quote by Thrawn's toady that he is a better military tactician than Vader, is fact? And that is why you hate Thrawn? And people get on my ass for hating on TLJ. SHeesh!
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