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  1. Sorry I can't abide this show, either. I hate the casting choice for Spock.
  2. I understand the idea that there is some good left in Vader, and I agree there is, but at the point this series is taking place, the good should be completely submerged. This is supposed to be around 10 years before ANH. Vader should be on his way to becoming the ultimate badass, second only to the emperor and he should only be driven by hate for and revenge against the jedi, and Obi Wan in particular. Now, HOW Vader is written has a lot of room to make him interesting. His point of view should be (as said in ROTS) that HE isn't evil, but it's the Jedi who are evil. The best villains a
  3. I know he did a lot of bad shit, and the whole point of Better Call Saul is Jimmy is getting sucked into the criminal life, but somehow I hope he has a happy ending with Kim. It doesn't need to be a Greek Tragedy.
  4. Yeah that sounds like BS to me.
  5. The thing about that is that I feel that not until Luke is willing to die rather than turn to the Emperor's side and is getting electrocuted, that Vader doesn't fully turn back to the light side. In rebels, Vader does hesitate during the duel with Ahsoka, but he is still too evil to overcome that.
  6. I hope not. At this point in Vader's life, he should be full-on evil. I always felt it wasn't until ROTJ Vader finally turned back. Even in TESB, Vader just wanted to use Luke to overthrow the Emperor and take his place.
  7. I pretty much am the same, there. If it is before 24 weeks, that's fine. I get squeamish once the fetus can potentially survive being born early. That is where I kind of draw the line and say if you brought it that far, might as well have the baby and adopt it out. That is all assuming there are no health issues or extenuating circumstances. Each pregnancy is different, so there are times I think abortion can and should be done up to birth.
  8. A good point, MG. As a man, I am hesitant to speak up about abortion because it is a women's health issue, and I don't want to seem to be man-explaining. But you are right, I am pro choice. There are numerous things that can go wrong with a pregnancy, or other mitigating factors like rape/incest, or even choosing not to have a child that will be otherwise born with severe defects or diseases that would be a painful or suffering life. When I said I was generally pro life, I am talking about when there are none of those factors, that my preference would be to adopt, rather than abort, but m
  9. I hope they don't kill Kim.
  10. Zathras


    I've been waiting until the season was over in order to binge. I also can't wait until next season to see the TNG cast return!
  11. I hear that! I didn't end up going to any of the reunions for that reason. I came close to it on my 30th, but after seeing the FB group, I lost interest. Some people's posts revealed they were the same douches they were in HS.
  12. Yeah that is exactly why I want to do a guided tour style vacation. I want to just relax and have a nice experience, and I don't want to have to worry about getting lost or stressed out or whatever. At least for a first time visit, anyway. It would be nice to do the off the beaten path for a return trip, but for my first time, I want to do a guided tour.
  13. I had much schadenfreude when I saw the FB 30th reunion group! It was perversely satisfying seeing some of the popular folks who were too cool for school and stuck up ending up looking like they got beat down with the ugly stick.
  14. Having may not be as good as wanting. I don't know about your class, but when I saw a bunch of pics of my class prior to the 30th, I was like YIKES! Time was not kind to many a cheer leader and high school crushes for me! Not saying I am a prize, but damn. Some were scary.
  15. I have always wanted to see England, Scotland, and Ireland, and now that I have an inheritance, I can finally afford a trip. I would like to spend around 9-14 days, depending on how expensive it is. I am not planning on going for at least a year, and want to do all the research and get as much feedback as possible. I was wondering if anyone here has any input on guided tours in particular, and if either you or someone you know can recommend a specific company, OR give advice? If you actually are from the UK I would love to hear your input too, as far as places to specifically see.
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