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  1. They have those too. If you don't mind political incorrectness or cultural appropriation, anyway.
  2. True story. A couple years ago, when I was waiting for stomach surgery, I was watching Karate Kid in the waiting room before they wheeled me in. As you know. Cruel Summer is played in that movie. When I was being wheeled into the recovery room, but was still out of it, I was cracking the nurses up because I singing Cruel Summer. LOL!
  3. PS: not really. But that is how sad a bastard I am.
  4. I'm such a sad bastard that I am formally requesting the ability to like my own posts.
  5. Tomorrow, I have to drive to the airport in my own personal truck to drop off an Amazon order of 200 laptop bags, because someone else added a zero to the quantity by mistake, and is sending back to Amazon. All because someone doesn't want to pay Amazon $75 to pick up directly from our site. How is this a) part of my job and b) my responsibility for someone else's mistake? Answer: the fine print that says "...and duties as assigned," I guess.
  6. Got my Nova back from the transmission shop. Had it upgraded to a 700R4 4-speed auto from a TH350 3-speed auto. Totally runs like a different car! Laid rubber on the way home, and then raced and destroyed a BMW with some cocky GQ 20 something driving (probably Daddy's car)! Eat the Rich! Love it!
  7. Way to piss all over my awesome idea, Spam.
  8. What about going to national parks like Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone?
  9. I think that there is definitely a large amount of blame that goes to conservative talk radio for the amount of crazy in the GOP today. It started during the Clinton years, but it wasn't until the mid 2000s that the GOP started to really echo what the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity had been saying for years. Palin was the first politician that was more of a reaction to the crazy AM talk....she was fully endorsed, as if she was the politician hand picked by AM radio before the GOP approved her. After Romney's loss, that is when the GOP went fully to the Dark Side and st
  10. Zathras

    WTF NBA?!

    Not that I am into sports, but the Suns kicked the Lakers' collective asses!
  11. All covered in cheese? Don't loose your poor meatball.
  12. I saw Godzilla VS Kong in theater. That's it. Only 10 people in the whole theater, it was almost like a private viewing.
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