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  1. Zathras


    It was a Test for icles.
  2. Yeah, one thing I am TOO OLD for is call center jobs!
  3. I did that once and don't recommend. I used to work for a call center, and one day I got so stressed out, I logged out unauthorized, went to my supervisor, and handed in my headset and said I was done. I wasn't rude, but it was in the middle of a busy day and that was a big no-no. I couldn't use that job as a reference, and took me a long minute to get another job.
  4. I fired up the Gamecube today and played Bounty Hunter. I forgot how fun that game was.
  5. So, last week I turned 50. I can't believe how fast time flew since 2000. Physically, I could be in better cardio condition, and could stand to loose some weight, and I have a few aches (shoulder and knees), but nothing major. Mentally, I feel like I am in my 30s, though. Other people who don't know me often say I look a good 8 or so years younger than I actually am, which, not to sound vain, makes me feel good about, too. I don't know what 50 was supposed to be like, but my parents and grandparents seemed a lot older and more mature at 50 that I feel like I do. Part of that might b
  6. Congrats Tank!
  7. I didn't mean to imply you did. Sorry for the bad joke, Tank.
  8. Why aren't we all ending each post with "LOL! Why He Do DAT?"
  9. And drinking the tears of his girlfriends' former boyfriends and husbands!
  10. I was going to say...where do you get the energy? LOL
  11. I listen to my intuition about people. I seem to be a pretty good judge of character when I meet people. It seems like if I get a good or bad feeling about someone I meet, I am usually right.
  12. I see what you are saying and BTW, I agree with you on some level. However, the only other (non-EU) time a fallen jedi came back to the light besides Vader was Kylo. I agree he shouldn't have either, but that is not what the ST gave us. Seems to me your problem is with the ST itself, which I am no fan of, either. But it is what it is.
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