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  1. In a post-covid world, I don't see myself eating anything at QT. People are gross.
  2. I can't imagine we not getting a flashback.
  3. Turkey breast, home made mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing here. Just the basics I guess.
  4. I rent so I call the landlord to fix anything that needs it, but I am capable of fixing minor issues. My house is new, though, so there hasn't been much to fix. I agree, Google and Youtube is your friend.
  5. You are such an Edge Lord! On a serious note, Fozzie, I wonder if having had Covid twice if your immune system isn't compromised somehow. Plus, I have heard that when one has pneumonia, one is more susceptible to get it again.
  6. Mushy peas! Tastes like split pea soup, in mash potato form.
  7. Yeah I wasn't trying to make more out of this than it really is, but yeah, totally nice to have an innocent flirtation that goes nowhere. I was just saying it was a nice boost to my self esteem, which has been lacking in recent years.
  8. Thanks man! Yeah, its one of those situations where it feels nice, but you also feel guilty for it feeling nice. LOL!
  9. I guess I can write this here, I dunno. I am in a relationship, and I would never do anything to wreck it. But, I have been going to this place for lunch for a few weeks now, and the waitress that works there flirts with me. Normally, I laugh stuff like that off, but I have to say it feels good to be noticed in that way. I have to say the attraction is mutual, but like I said, I am committed and it won't go beyond small talk, but does anyone here have a similar situation where you are in a relationship, but someone else notices you, and it makes you feel good? Of course won't take it an
  10. I have been thinking about this. What format did you save your message text in? Maybe try copying the text into a .txt file, then copy and paste from the .txt? Maybe something went wonky when you copied the original text to whatever format you saved in.
  11. Turning it off and on again is at least half my job. Seriously. TANK message boards are not my forte, but, I wonder if you PMed the original message to Fozzie or Cerina to see if it would go through if that would help. If it goes through in PM, and then maybe one of them can copy and paste into the forum to see if that works. That would at least isolate to your account.
  12. I can't say I had the same excitement when I saw the debut of Mando, but I am totally in. I know it was going there, but somehow weird turn that Boba wants to be a crime boss and replace Jabba. This is the Underworld they promised us back in the mid-late 2000s.
  13. BTW I broke my seal, so for the next couple hours I will be peeing every 15 minutes instead of working. I dedicate my pees to you Jacob.
  14. I ran away for lunch today at a local brew pub and had a beer called Shark Attack and an Arrogant Bastard for lunch! Take that, work!
  15. Yeah I don't know what the hell. Maybe it was because there are feral cats that live nearby.
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