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  1. So last night I followed up The Unnamable with a double feature: An American Werewolf in London and The Wolf Man. Now watching The Mask of Satan AKA Black Sunday 1960!
  2. What an asshole boss, Jacob! I am so sorry for you.
  3. If you are going away to a cabin in the woods...you know you have to watch Evil Dead!
  4. Wow, Tank! Easily 2/3 of those are on my watch list. I especially love to rewatch the universal monster films in Oct (I have a couple box sets Drac on DVD and a bluray set with drac, Frank, Wolfie). Some on your list I haven't seen yet, especially some of those silent films, but I will give them a try if they are on Amazon Prime. Right now, just finished Angel Heart. Just threw on The Unnamable.
  5. Joined on 15 March 2006, but had been visiting nightly since before the release of ROTS without an account. Didn't post much. I had another account I posted mostly with from 2009 to a couple years ago. I closed that account, then pulled this account from mothball.
  6. The first four F13s are the best. I watch those too during the season, along with the Nightmare on Elm street series. I finished Hellraiser 1&2 now I am watching Phantasm!
  7. I was about to have a bowl of cereal and after I poured the milk, I realized it was sour. Blech!
  8. I decided to start my annual tradition of watching some horror flicks to prep for the Halloween season. I try to pull down off my movie shelf or stream at least one movie a day or night as a countdown to all hallows eve. So being at home sick, I did a double feature last night with the Exorcist and Salem's Lot 1979. This morning, I am wrapped in my blanket watching Hellraiser 1&2! So does anyone else here do something similar, and if so, what are you watching?
  9. Going back a decade or so, I was on a real kick of digitizing my CD and DVD collection, then it expanded to checking out stuff from the city library and backing those up too. At the time, I had an older CD player in my truck that wasn't MP3 compatible, so I burned a ton of CDs to listen to while driving to and fro. So I get the different experience of listening to albums in their entirety. Now, I have a truck with a better aftermarket player, which accepts micro sds, so I have my entire music collection on an SD and available at all times in my current truck. No need for CDs, now, and I gav
  10. My UGH! of the day is this: There are few feelings worse than being sick as a dog, and a slow day at work where you are bored off your ass, but can't leave early! What is your UGH! today?
  11. Zathras

    Matrix 4

    I guess it could come down to how long the time is between Matrix 3 and 4. For all we know, it could be 100+ years. We know the original movies were some 200-300 years after 1999. Long enough where Morpheus didn't even know. What if Neo is in the new version of the Matrix, and is the new Oracle? Or, maybe Neo IS the Matrix, now, basically what Smith tried to become. I can see him being able to resurrect Morpheus, Niobi, and Trinity in those cases.
  12. Zathras

    Matrix 4

    I think Yahya is a young Morpheus. He looks too much like Morpheus to NOT be him. If this is a prequel, it makes sense with him younger. IF this is Post Matrix 3, he is probably a rebooted or reincarnated version of Morpheus.
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