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  1. The ban is justified. But, to be fair, that is more than people like Bodega, Amanda-CM-Letsgo-Amadala, SOL-Poe, and Tommy ever did. SOL in particular was a straight up jerk.
  2. I agree with that. I do hope Z does talk this over with his therapist, and things do get better for him. While I agree that he put himself in the situation that got him banned, and the ban was appropriate, I don't wish bad on him in any way. I also have done and said stupid things, including here, and hope he was just having a bad day, and nothing worse is going on. I didn't see it until just s few minutes ago, but he posted his Dad was going into surgery, and wonder if the stress of that may have contributed to his actions (as in being under stress may have caused him to lash out).
  3. Awesome pics! Especially the bee!
  4. Yeah, lockdown gave me back my Covid 20(LBS), too, unfortunately. My job is planning on going back to in person after May, so once I get moving around and stop being 12 feet from the fridge all day, I hope to get that 20 LBs off ASAP.
  5. Yeah, in essence, he was doubling down. But personally, I think throwing out an insult like that is bad enough for a permaban. Not that it is my call in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Yep. Personal free speech and rights only goes so far. Once you start infringing on others' speech and rights, you lose your own. Z was doing exactly that with women in general, and the our nightly members. Keeping him around would not have been fair to them. I get he has some problems, but he also knows right from wrong. There is no excuse for that behavior. And you are spot on. I don't know what his motivation was for posting threads for advice and agreeing to take the advice, but then a few months later, still ask the same question, or an event that is just a variation on the pre
  7. Congrats in the new job and weight loss, Icy, and hope the wardrobe buying goes well! I know how that feels!
  8. If you get a Star War, I expect lightsaber hilts!
  9. I don't know about that. You take some awesome nature pics!
  10. I didn't get caught up on everything until just now, but I also understood what you meant, Odine. Single moms and dads have it tough. Not to be insulting to the guy, but ZM is the type of person who is either not emotionally available or emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship with a single mom.
  11. This is very unfortunate, but ZM earned his ban more than a few times. This latest incident is beyond the pale. Cerena I am sorry you were called that, and no woman deserves to be called that name. If it were not for folks like Cerena and Brando, nightly would have faded long ago. I don't know Cerena well in real life, but she has always been the first to help people and she is a very caring individual. She did not deserve such an insult in any way, and in fact she was attempting to help ZM, IMHO. I am not saying I am perfect and I have got into it with some posters here in the past,
  12. Yeah, the port on the PS1 version downgraded its graphics a bit, but was still fun. It was back in the days when you had PS1 vs N64. N64 had Shadows of the Empire, and I went with the PS1, so that meant DF, which I think was the superior game, even on PS1. As for modern vs classic games, I a m by far a classic guy. I love the advancements in graphics, but I find modern games a bit boring to play, because many use the same engines, and game play doesn't vary. For example, pick any FPS, and they play all the same. Sure, DF was a FPS too, but it was Star Wars, in an era there was no new fi
  13. I would just add that receiving advice and feedback can be difficult. Sometimes the feedback makes a person want to defend themselves or debate the advice with the person giving it. That can put a chill on that person being willing to give additional advice, especially if they feel you had attacked them in some way, because you disagreed with their advice. It is human nature to do that, but when getting feedback or advice, especially if it is something one disagrees with, one needs to resist the urge to debate the advice with the person giving it.
  14. I had the PS1 version of Dark Forces. Loved that game! It leaned heavy into the stock sounds (which is awesome for its time, really), and kept a star wars world feel. In fact it's styling cues influence modern star wars.
  15. I Like this one quite a bit... Songs/themes from other movies that would have made good Star Wars themes. This one would make a great space battle scene involving 2 capital ships from opposing sides: Perfect for a battle scene involving legions of jedi VS a phalanx of Sith lords. I literally cannot listen to this song while driving, without fighting an urge to brandish a battle ax and behead other motorists on the interstate!
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