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  1. Knives flying and priests refusing an exorcism? Man that is crazy Fozzie! My Mom said when she was a teen, she lived in a haunted house in Pasadena. The house had a couple that died in it. My mom said she saw the woman a couple times in apparition form. Her mom said she saw the man's ghost.
  2. I have to agree with Odine. You don't wanna get me tooed if things go sideways, either. Clingy people can get vindictive when feelings get hurt.
  3. Well I guess you can say that maybe I am a little bit both when it comes to my low self esteem; maybe that is how I am wired, as well as past experiences. It seems like all I do is fake being confident at work. The thing that prompted this in the first place is that I have recently become aware that I am overly self-deprecating and seem to run myself down a lot in jest. I have been taking steps to change my career path, including taking classes, and now that I am getting closer to finishing that goal, I am starting to self-doubt whether I can pull off such a change. For me, I have
  4. I have no advice or anything to say, other than I enjoy the read!
  5. I have lousy self esteem. I could go into reasons about it, but I think you guys know me well enough so I won't go to much into specifics, unless asked, which I will definitely clarify if wanted. Any way, I would like to pose a question to you guys. Do you have at least a somewhat high self esteem and what do you do specifically to have a reasonably high self esteem?
  6. It totally was a rip off of the Man in the Iron Mask, just like Tomax and Xamot were a rip off of the Corsican Brothers.
  7. I would have demanded he pay for shipping and tax, too. Sending 35+ year old plastic parts like that is idiotic.
  8. Wasn't the Overlook Hotel in Colorado? Just sayin'. :P
  9. My brother had the V1.5, and I had V2 (hooded), and the battle armor V3. Those are my top 3. My best friend at the time had V1 straight arm. I wonder if he still has it. Lost contact years ago, but wouldn't surprise me if he did.
  10. If I had to chose, my favorite is V1.5. My least favorite is V7 (the space suit one).
  11. I have that one too, also minus the helmet and gun. Another annoyance is Cobra Commander V2 (battel armor), where if it doesn't come complete, good luck finding the air hose. I wish someone would repro that piece. Here is my collection of Cobra Commander...
  12. Pathfinder looked a little too much like Jim Jones.... ...but at least Torch looked like Lemmy
  13. I always thought Grunt\Zap\Grand Slam looked like Michael Ironside.
  14. In the sense that the film's low budget does make it feel real, I agree, and it was effective. Not sure if that was intentional, or just coincidence, but that is also the thing that disturbs me about the film: the real feel of it. It seems like almost a confessional or diary of the film maker, on his desires to be a serial killer. I can see why it has a cult status for some, but for me, it is a bit too "real" in that I almost feel like it was intended to be a how to for being a successful serial killer, where someone sick enough might actual take it as advice. It is a real bummer of a film
  15. Did he follow it up by saying "This, I command!"?
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