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  1. How many midichlorians did Luke lose when Vader chopped off his hand?
  2. I mean I was on nightly in '06, and before that as a lurker for ROTS purposes somewhere around '04 or '05, but I feel like I missed the golden age (or golden shower) of nighly.
  3. 98 is a good run, but sucks he's gone!
  4. Well, I think the voter turnout is going to be overall less than 2020. Like Tank said, there are republicans who are just sick of Trump, and Biden hasn't really done much of anything other than not be Trump. For Trump, there will still be the MAGA voters, but I don't think they are as numerous as they were in 2020. For Biden, I think he is going to loose a lot of minorities and young people because he just comes off as old and confused and not in the game for them, and he hasn't really done anything to distinguish himself. The only people that seem remotely energized to vote are people on both sides of the abortion debate, and I think women who are pro-choice will particularly be driven to the poles given the SCOTUS decision on Roe V Wade.
  5. Zathras


    I don't know. If he is among your favorite characters, probably not. TCW doesn't add a lot of value to the character of Yoda that the films don't already do, but featuring him in so many episodes, IMHO, served to dilute his character.
  6. Zathras


    I am one of those who is tired of Yoda and I think the more they show him, the weaker his character becomes. I always viewed Yoda as a supporting character and his story works best during the Skywalker live action era (Ep1-6), and he was further fleshed out in TCW. I did not mind Yoda coming back for TLJ, but it was unnessary. I also think while theoretically possible, I don't want to see Yoda (except maybe a small cameo so you know he is around), in the Acolyte. Bottom line, the character needs a rest and if they want to explore eras that are removed from the Skywalker saga, they need to lay off of the legacy characters.
  7. I'd buy that for a dollar.
  8. I am waiting for this to come to physical media.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/08/politics/joe-biden-interview-cnntv/index.html Well, it's about goddamn time.
  10. Leia: "Someone who loves you." Han: "Qi'ra?" Leia: Pushes button to re-freeze Han.
  11. Yesterday, I graduated from Thunderbird School of Global Management (at ASU) with a Masters in Applied Leadership and Management. Took me 4 years, but I got there!
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