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  1. Zathras


    You didn't miss any scenes, just the Easter Eggs in the LCARS credits.
  2. Today is the day I divided up the money from my Dad's house with my brother. I made sure he got more money than I because he was a great help to empty the house. The reason it took so long is because I waited until we did the taxes, and there was a loss to claim. That was good because we both ended up with refunds. I feel the weight lifted from settling my Dad's estate now. I am so glad it is now done.
  3. Well I am glad it wasn't something serious, but maybe the headaches are stress related? I used to get bad migraines at my old job. That was at the time my dad was really sick too and I was very depressed at the time. The headaches started to subside when I started getting treated for depression and anxiety.
  4. Well if you remember from TCW, Mandalore had at the time of the PT was a peace-loving pacifist society. This was after thousands of years of Mandalore being a warlike, honor-bound society. I think the Watch is just the remnants of the warlike era. Maybe that is why Bo-Katan sees them as zealots?
  5. WHat? Why? Hope you and/or your loved ones are ok.
  6. Zathras


    That was an awesome episode, Jacob! More Starship porn! Ro! Mutated Changelings! A Vulcan gangster! I guess being logical doesn't always mean you are good. I am calling it right now....Jack has super borg blood from Picard, which is causing him to see bloody spiderwebs and kick ass.
  7. Zathras


    Haven't watched this show yet. Does Season 1 end on a cliffhanger? That is the worst when a show gets canceled and the cliffhanger is left in limbo and is never resolved.
  8. Zathras


    I just knew Shaw must have been at Wolf 359. Unlike TOS where things get hand-waved or forgotten, I like how ST Picard in particular, but Star Trek as a whole, has always reminded us that Picard was Locutus. I also like that while a hero to most, there are still people who remember Locutus none-to-fondly, like Sisko and Shaw. Man did Picard really look ashamed when Shaw went off on him. This scene worked because Shaw had a legit beef with Picard, unlike Admiral Sheer-Fucking-Hubris from season 1, where you didn't know what her problem was. I also like what they did with Jack Crusher asking Picard if he had ever had a family, and Picard smugly (and not knowing it was his own son) said Starfleet was the only family he needed. That is somewhat of a callback to Q Who when Q forces Picard to admit his smugness in that he needed Q before the Borg caught up to the Enterprise-D. I like that because it shows Picard has an ego and can be wrong sometimes. It is so good to be looking forward to Star Trek every week again! SNW notwithstanding (I like that show just fine), I haven't felt this way about Star Trek since the early 2000s!
  9. Zathras


    About the 2 reveals (Vadic and Shaw), I effing knew it!
  10. This was definitely a meh episode. Despite that, cool confirmation that the droid is R5-D4. Mando was rescued twice in this episode by Bo Katan. I think he owes her the dark saber at this point. There's an honor code for everything else, why not that? Is it me or is it weird Bo Katan just sits in the throne room all day doing nothing?
  11. I've always thought Dilbert was unfunny and dumb.
  12. Zathras


    To each their own but I take my Star Trek seriously, though. I don't mind visual updates, but just call it a different timeline/reality/dimension/continuity or whatever. That would not bother me in the least. I just don't like it when they double down and insist it is the same continuity as TOS.
  13. Zathras


    First off, the Enterprise refit/Enterprise-A has been and probably always will be my favorite of all time. I totally agree that models filmed in the way you described still make the ships feel real more than CGI can. I think modern Trek, has some awful designs. I was not a fan of Trek 09's Enterprise, and the Enterprise-A was hideous. I hate the Discovery, and La Sirena. The Enterprise in SNW looks cool, probably because I think John Eaves helped design it. Not to be a canonista, though, I just can't wrap my brain around the Enterprise from The Cage going from that, to SNW, and then back again to what it looked like in Where No Man Has Gone Before. As for the Enterprise F, I too think it is odd they are decommissioning it. It could mean they have a Enterprise-G waiting in the wings (for a new show, that would be awesome), or maybe they are going to refit it. I've never played STO, so I don't know for sure, but I have seen some buzz online about how the E-F from STO looks different. I have to wonder if they are just refitting the E-F, or retiring it altogether. In the ending credits, the LCARS display the Enterprise-A does indeed show up and so does Voyager (Speaking of Voyager, did you catch the model of the Voyager in Seven's quarters?). In another shot in the ending credits, they have space dock in the LCARS display with ships flying around it. One looks like a Connie. I think these are teasers to come, and I hope they have these in the parade for Frontier day they seem to be teasing. I will also totally geek out if we see the Enterprise A as a museum ship, and hope we see Voyager, and maybe even Enterprises B and E. I also would love to see a Galaxy class ship. We know it can't be the Enterprise-D, but how cool would it be if it were the Challenger that Alternate Future Geordi was captaining in the Voyager episode Timeless?
  14. Well, I am enjoying Mando. I don't have any complaints, but one thing I can take issue with is the show has too many side quests. It really comes off as too much like a video game. But other than that, I find Mando a good old fashioned popcorn flick. I don't take it as seriously as say Andor.
  15. Zathras


    Old Worf is badass! Also, how awesome are the scenes of the Titan? I love the angles they show it flying at. Just sick!
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