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  1. Pearl Grey, being cute. Kittens are really good at that.
  2. What a horrible situation! If it were my kid, I'd want to give the guy the worst beating he's ever had. Guarantee he'd learn right from wrong in a hurry after that. Unfortunately, it isn't legal to kick child molesters till they're unconscious, but maybe you can at least file a complaint and get the asshole's name on file. Like you said, it probably won't go any further because there is no evidence. (I guess a traumatized child isn't evidence enough.) Whatever your decision, I hope you and your family can recover and move on from this, even if it means cutting people out of your life for the s
  3. It didn't take long for Pearl to start messing with her new big sister. Here, she is "hiding" behind the curtain and jumping out at Elvira, who hisses at her but nevertheless doesn't leave.
  4. Ever since my cat, Stormy, died of cancer in July, I've been wanting to get a kitten. It feels empty here with only one cat, plus I think Elvira needs a companion, especially when I go away for a weekend at a friend's house. So, yesterday, I adopted this little girl from the Yavapai Humane Society. She is three months old, feisty, fearless, and opinionated. That was what attracted me to her at the shelter: she was YELLING louder than the other cats! And when I held her, she immediately began purring like a motorboat. I held another kitten, a beautiful calico, but the grey one kept hollering. S
  5. Oh, I usually find a toilet, but I never get to use it because there's a wall missing or the door doesn't close all the way, there are people walking around and I'm too embarrassed to use it. I wake up having to pee really bad, lol.
  6. 1. Maybe Porkins' ship ran on Windows? I dunno. 2. Um ...it was the will of the Force? That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 3. He was old as fuck, man. Probably needed a stage hand to help him up.
  7. "Fuck" doesn't belong in Star Trek because the stories take place way, way, way in the future, and what are the chances that people will be using the same cuss words then that we are now? They should have gone the normal route and invented some cuss words. Red Dwarf used "smeg" in place of shit and fuck all the time. As for cussing in general, I usually don't mind it, maybe because I hear it so much. I do find it annoying when someone drops the F-bomb every third word in a sentence.
  8. My best friend's husband used to work for the Ruger company. That place was run so badly that I'd be terrified to ever buy a gun produced by Ruger. Some of the guys in upper management wrote at about that level, and a lot of the employees were no better. The lack of writing skills in the business world is astounding. I don't know how people can cope in life, with the writing ability of a grade school child.
  9. I never know what my work schedule will be each week, so I'll just have to join in if I can.
  10. I guess it depends on the level of tech in general, on whatever planet they are on. Here on Earth, you can find horse-drawn buggies and rickshaws next to cars and lorries on the same roads. Seems like a boat wouldn't be nearly as unbelievable in Star Wars as space horses galloping around on top of a spaceship that could simply be tilted 15°.
  11. I always clean my meat grinder before putting it away. Leaving it dirty would be gross.
  12. Elvira is lying next to me on the bed as read "The Lord of the Rings."
  13. That's definitely a design flaw, in my opinion. Let's put the most sensitive part of a man's body in a location where it is guaranteed to get injured and cause immense pain. Why do we say "Grow some balls!" when we want someone to toughen up and show some courage? Hitting a man in the balls is the easiest way to disable him. How are they in any way symbolic of toughness or bravery? This thread alone makes me glad I never had children. They're hazardous to your health, and they like hitting people in their junk.
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