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  1. I always clean my meat grinder before putting it away. Leaving it dirty would be gross.
  2. Elvira is lying next to me on the bed as read "The Lord of the Rings."
  3. That's definitely a design flaw, in my opinion. Let's put the most sensitive part of a man's body in a location where it is guaranteed to get injured and cause immense pain. Why do we say "Grow some balls!" when we want someone to toughen up and show some courage? Hitting a man in the balls is the easiest way to disable him. How are they in any way symbolic of toughness or bravery? This thread alone makes me glad I never had children. They're hazardous to your health, and they like hitting people in their junk.
  4. Those are pretty damn cool! I haven't put together a model since I was a kid, and it was an X-wing fighter with a tiny R2D2 in the back, way back in....1978-ish? Wish I had kept that.
  5. Water bears are NOT, in fact, microscopic aquatic bears. Believe me, I'm as disappointed as the rest of you.
  6. I'm not convinced that California is real. It's probably a figment of someone's deranged imagination.
  7. Finn is reduced to a bumbling schlub of a sidekick who runs around screaming Rey's name for no reason. I was expecting him and Rey to have a bit of a romance, but of course THAT could never happen in a Disney movie. Remember, they were trying to market these movies to the Chinese, and the Chinese don't like black people in their movies. They didn't like Rose Tico, either, because she is Vietnamese. Disney was thus faced with a problem: they needed loads of different characters so that they could tick off the boxes in their Diversity Hiring list and appeal to Westerners; but they had to downpla
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Almost no images show up anymore, none of the links work, in-jokes that made sense 10+ years ago are kind of lame now, political humor is outdated. Still some good stuff in there, but definitely not every topic deserves to be saved forever, IMO. If people really want to preserve something, they can do screen shots or copy-paste into a Word document or something. Then we'll all have a little something to remind us of Nightly, when we're sitting around in the Happy Acres Home for the Permanently Baffled.
  9. No thanks on the blogs. There are plenty of websites for that still.
  10. I can send an envelope full of money by carrier pigeon, if that would help.
  11. ...and not a single topic is worth saving. Palpy, what are you doing in my thread?? Get out of here, I was only kidding! Jeezaloo, what a weirdo. Anyway, some stuff is pretty funny, especially nearly anything Thunderdroid and The Maker ever wrote. (What ever happened to them, anyway?) There are threads and posts there that I made that I have NO memory of writing! So many years have gone by, so much has happened, and the people who were kids then have kids of their own now. It's like rummaging around in a virtual attic in there. A few things, IMO, are worth hanging onto. Other stuff...ye
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