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  1. I know absolutely nothing about automobiles, so I'm going to assume these make your car fly.
  2. Love the steampunk vibe of the first one!
  3. I gave up on Christmas. I live alone with two cats, I'm tired of putting up decorations and then having to find someplace to store them when they're not up. That's a big issue when you live in a small apartment, there's no place to store seasonal decor. I saved a few that I really like, and I keep those up all the time, because why not? Most of them aren't really Christmas-y, they're just sparkly things I made to hang up and enjoy. I'm nearly 60, I don't need a lot of stuff, anyway, time to downsize. Did anyone here go shopping on Black Friday? I never do, but I hear there wasn't much of a turnout anywhere this year. There are no deals anymore, some stores literally put sale signs up that are the same as the original price! I don't think many people feel the need for big-screen TVs and new gaming systems when they can barely afford groceries.
  4. I asked Bing AI to make a clown cuddling a kitten. That part looks okay, but AI really doesn't understand how a horse's legs work. And what the heck is going on with the characters in the background??
  5. Because their parents didn't beat them hard enough, in this case.
  6. Holy crap, I HATE this! I just want to see the recipe, but instead I get 17 paragraphs describing every single thing about the recipe that the author felt was vital to know, such as how much her kids loved it, and how it was a great hit at the church picnic, and the history of the vanilla bean. Some of them are kind enough to include a "jump to recipe" button, but not all of them do. I usually end up just looking for another website.
  7. Another annoyance is when people feel compelled to make a comment that was made by 257 previous commenters, as if the original poster didn't get it the first time. This happens in very often in YouTube videos. And then there are those who don't even watch the video but are already asking questions that are answered IN the video. I wish I could reach through the screen and smack people.
  8. Here are some small dogs playing Pac-Man in the snow.
  9. https://twitter.com/CatWorkers/status/1696982532967764113?t=c5APgi4uQcZopRX5_aWMUg&s=19 Here is a kitten in a tiny Starbucks apron, and the logo is also a cat. https://youtube.com/shorts/_qmqW2EOZzg?si=VLQolyog7AbtwQRa And here is a seal, with a seal plushie on its back, slapping itself repeatedly.
  10. I can't pay my rent until next Monday, and can only afford groceries because I sold my sewing machine for thirty bucks. :>[
  11. I hate moving and I never, ever want to do it ever again. It's such a hassle to decide what to keep and what to get rid of, and pack what's left, and rent the moving van, and do the hundred-and-one other things that need to be done, and it all costs money. I don't have money, so I've decided that I'm just going to stay where I am until I die. So I can definitely empathize with your trials in moving. It's really stressful.
  12. Maybe if we're real quiet, we can sneak past it without waking it up.
  13. Got a card with a $50 bill in it from my landlord, and a couple of gift cards from my boss. Other than that, I didn't get anything, not even cards. I didn't send out any cards, though, either. Not really in much of a festive mood this Christmas.
  14. So sorry you're going through all this, Tank. Hollywood is dying because, frankly, few people want to spend money on the shit they've been putting out lately. I got rid of my TV set around 2005, and haven't been to a theater in several years. It's not going to get any better. Have you thought about some other aspect of writing that you could do? Scripts for stage plays or for independent movie makers, maybe novels or newspaper articles? Or just get some kind of steady job at an office, which might be boring but would allow you to save up money? Anxiety sucks, it can be mentally crippling, preventing you from moving forward. I've been there. Hope you can figure out something.
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