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The Trump Administration 2017-

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If Trump runs, either as GOP or independent, we will see a Biden second term.  Trump can't beat Biden as GOP nominee, and if he runs independent,  he will splinter the GOP and do nothing but peel off votes from the GOP nominee. 


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Honestly, I don't have any major issues with Biden. And I doubt too many people do (R's excepted). He's just kinda...blah. I think he was a good solid choice for 2020, but I'd prefer that the party move on. But I'll vote for him over 95% of republicans these days. That party has moved from "conservative" to "crazy" and I just can't with that. 

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Lol with the latest indictment to come out against Trump it’s hilarious to me that some people are like “Leave him alone!” I was like that when the GOP kept crying about Hillary’s emails. And Hunter Biden is getting his turn around this merry go round. Politics are dumb. 

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I don’t think I had any thoughts re: the Georgia stuff but the previous indictment uncorked something in me — I’ll see if I can find it and copy’n’paste it — okay, here it is:

Can’t lie. It feels good! I mean, this entire epoch has just been an unending series of side eyes from me as the second most gullible group of people in the world got themselves in a real lather — unending expression of their apocrine glands; just a bunch of horsies and chimps foaming themselves off at every opportunity, the Russians the Russians the Russians, dignity dignity dignity, norms norms norms, we’re better than this we’re better than this we’re better than this — over and over to no end whatsoever. But no side eye from me now! This is a real good real win real talk. Have I joined my beast brethren? Well, give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you!


Can’t help but feel joy at the prospect of the president of the united states facing some kind of justice. I mean, justice delayed is double triple quadruple justice. That’s how the expression goes, right? Justice delayed is double triple quadruple justice! This just goes to show that if you stand up there on the television and scream aloud “LET’S ALL DO CRIME!” and then spend months and months openly plotting to do these crimes with your confederates and then you and thousands upon thousands of other people do these crimes together, well, you’re going to one day stare into the eyes of sweet Lady Justice. She won’t stare back. She’s blind. We all know this. We all saw the episode of Spider-Man (‘94-’98) where Matt Murdock defended Peter Parker and, okay, I’ll just copy’n’paste:



PETER PARKER: You're my lawyer!

MATT MURDOCK: You sound surprised.

PETER PARKER: No. I'm sorry. I've just never met a blind lawyer before.

MATT MURDOCK: Well, I've never met an accused traitor before, so we're even. My name's Murdock, Matt Murdock.

PETER PARKER: The famous criminal defense lawyer? I can't afford you.

MATT MURDOCK: Well, somebody sent me a big cash retainer. So until it runs out, I'm your man. If you want me.

PETER PARKER: Of course.

MATT MURDOCK: Good. They say justice is also blind. So I like to think it gives me a leg up on the competition. Judging from what you've gotten yourself into, we're going to need every bit of help we can get.


Hey, did you know the guy from Aerosmith did the theme song? No. Not him. I’m not talking about Liv Tyler’s dad. I’m talking about Joseph Anthony Pereira! I’m talking about Joe Perry. He did the ♫ RADIOACTIVE SPIDER-MAN SPIDER-MAN SPIDER-MAN RADIOACTIVE SPIDER-MAN ♫ song!


What’s my point? My point is we all saw that episode when we were not even ten years old and we all knew from that point on that Rebbetzin Justice was blind. I guess it takes some criminals two and half years to learn that lesson! What’s the rush? What’s the hurry? Why not let him get all the way back into office again before charging him? All those dumb dumbs who trespassed into the capitol building got themselves got a lot sooner than he did! Doesn’t seem fair.


Well, fair is for horses. No, that’s not it. Hay. Hay is for horses. There’s no such thing as horsefair. There’s horsehair. I guess now it’s ME who’s got the horsehair because as previously stated I’m in a lather — I’m in a tizzy! — just like my fellow animals. Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the barber. I don’t have quite the mane that I did for the bulk of the (still ongoing!) pandemic but it’s getting there.


Look. I’m not side eyeing no more. It’s a good day! It’s a great day. My eyes have uncrossed. My eyes are staring straight ahead. The future has never been brighter!





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Oh, wait. It was actually two things! Here’s the second half of it:

This feels different to me than the other stuff so far. The other stuff felt more like someone coming out and announcing to the world at large, “President Murdererer has been pulled over for speeding! No, wait, he wasn’t actually president when he was speeding in the car! This is actually for old stuff. This is for when he was just plain old Mr. Murdererer!” or something like that. It was all, “You’ll never believe what President Murderer did to — and FOR! — his old girlfriend!” stuff. It was “President Murdererer has NOT returned papers from his time murdererering on the nation’s behalf!” stuff.


I guess to say it in plain English it is obviously more satisfying to me to see President Donald Trump charged for the crime of — ahem! — trying to stay in power despite losing the election rather than for something in a civil case related to stuff from a long time ago or the Stormy Daniels stuff or the documents stuff or even the prospect of the Georgia stuff — the Georgia stuff is obviously a lot closer to the real deal than the rest of it — in isolation. This is what is. This is what they’ve got to do. This is what they should’ve done from day one.


I’m not going to lie. I took some pleasure in the other stuff. President Murdererer is President Murdererer. If he falls on his face I am going to crack a smile. But this feels different. This feels good. This feels holy. This feels pure. I’m almost glad that there’s an ongoing strike down there in Tinseltown. The chuckle club doesn’t get to get their mitts all over it! Legally prohibited from doing so! This one’s for the people!


I feel like the only way it could get much better is if he got covid again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I mean, that’s obviously the REAL sin and crime here. That stuff. They stopped tolling the bell at the National Cathedral after one million. Didn’t do it when it hit one point one. I assume once it rolls over to one point two — בעזרת ה׳ next May! but it could be even earlier, חס ושלום! — they won’t do it again either. Oh well. What are the consolations of joy at the suffering of another in a fallen world? Not much. But I’ll take what I can get!

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