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  1. I think they're testing the Pfizer one on kids but 12 and up here. I think they like to hit up SA's population for studies because of asthma and diabetes are super prevalent here for kids health issues. My health insurance is pushing Pfizer so hopefully this week for me.
  2. They are doing kid testing here in San Antonio to see about it but I think the trials are being run very carefully. Several kids in my school district are being tested.
  3. My sister got her first covid shot! Now I just have to do it but it's hard because we're doing that STAAAAAAAAAAAR testing. UGH.
  4. Tomorrow I will have me some beers. I just can't do it today. I won't get up at 4 AM to drive to dialysis.
  5. I LOVE SAVANNA! Also you should hit up Tybee Island. For breakfast go to the Breakfast Club.
  6. I want Tacos now. SOOOOO hungry. Like quality tacos.
  7. I love either shrimp cocktail or I do a roast with carrots and potatoes. For desert it's meh. I like everything. HA!
  8. That's what they told her. They had people in dialysis turning it down and she said she'd take the shot before it gets wasted. Sounds like dumb to me.
  9. Weirdly all the hospitals here in my city don't give out the vaccine. You either get lucky with a CVS or HEB pharmacy and drive way out of your county to get it, wait at major vaccination sites or hope that your work can arrange something like my school district. I may get mine now that it's opened fully to everyone except children. Tina has been turned down by the kidney foundation for getting the shot because she's living with just one person and is under 50 but hopefully it will change. I think the biggest issues is that it's been a good luck with it, no clear way to get this don
  10. The jurors burst into tears during the video. I think this is the one cop that finally gets his punishment for being a bad cop. He skated too long on the system that allows this to keep happening. But hey, I'm an optimist. Okay, is anyone pissed that they're pivoting to say George's drug addiction and health issues are his reason for his death during this trial? Like even a healthy person should haven't a knee on his head for 9+ minutes. So I should die because I'm fat and don't exercise because I need to be prepared to have some cop sit on my neck while others block it? George's health i
  11. That's the biggest thing with how it gets into schools. We count on parents to screen and have no screening process like they do at my second job (I have to take my temp in front of a security guard and have a mask on). So basically we're counting on the same ppl who can barely feed their own children and wash their clothes to also make sure they're not sick when they get off the bus and come in and touch eleventy billion surfaces because asking a kid to not touch something is like an open invitation to, you know, touch stuff. I work at school now and now I'm paranoid that I forgot to wipe a s
  12. That 4 to 8 memory stick will help weirdly for upgrading. Also it blows my mind how many windows you have open. Cerina. I don't even use that many at my second job - which stupidly uses thinclients instead of actual computers for us so we LAG all the time. I do have dual monitors at work which I adore. It lead to me upgrading the home monitor for my desk top to a 27 inch monitor. At home just Chrome is open with maybe three tabs and a zoom meeting. At my second job I have to use IE for some applications and Chrome for a different application. (It's even dumber still that their stupid schedulin
  13. That age is so weird. Clothes probably make them roll their eyes. At least I did when I got those ugly leather boots from my Mom that I hated forrrrrevvvver because they came from Kmart. LOL I like the idea of experience things. Like a trip he plans. Or time in on a set filming something he did. Or some such nonsense. Oh and BIG LOVE. Lots of ugly grimace inducing embarrassing in public hugs. Like announce to EVERY person, HEY THIS KIDS BIRTHDAY IS TODAY! But that's just me.
  14. Gamevet, I am drooling over that spec sheet. But then it's an HP and I'm like nah. Not gonna lie. I like the all in ones and almost bought one but bowed out because I'm pretty okay at working with changing and moving things in a standard desktop platform. All in Ones feel like those old TV VHS combos. If one breaks then you just really have clonky computer screen that does nothing.
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