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  1. I gots a weeeeeeeeeekend coming to me starting at 7 PM today. SOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I have no idea what I am going to do.
  2. HAHAHA! When you take away the person that makes things happen... I am just hoping you feel better after the surgery. Sending you good jujus!
  3. My second job changed hours to the ludicrous 7 o'clock closing time when most places are reopening and starting to be open later. Not convenient for my other job. They needed supervisor support for the weekends. So to take one for the team I told them I would do it this passed Saturday but I want out of the rotation for the three month period where everyone takes a turn being supervisor on Saturday. Guess what. I got assigned a rotational Saturday on July 3 but no one let me know that they were going to send out those bids or I would be on it. Have you ever felt your job just doesn't giv
  4. My Mom didn't want her inheritance and she signed away everything to my Uncle John who made it a point during the memorial of telling Tina and I about how iron clad he made the Living Trust and that we would have a hard time contesting the will. Mom signed it away because she wanted Aunt and Uncle to spend that money to let Nan stay in her house for as long as possible and use that money to pay people to take care of her. They bought an RV but want to return it now after one trip. I'm pretty sure my cousins also got a good bit of money (I used to help Nan with her bills and finances before Unc
  5. I think they're super crowded. Currently Yellowstone is looking for a d u m b a s s who teased a bear with her two cubs. Like WTF lady? Tina and I stopped and stayed in Marfa to look at the Marfa lights. It was awesome. And with all the rain the Rio Grande is really green and full. It was a good side trip coming home from Tucson. I wanted to hit Sabino Canyon while in Arizona but was too busy. Next time we are going to stop in Balmorhea Texas to see the biggest swimming pool.
  6. I'm working as a supervisor in a call center today and pretty much want to murder employees that can't figure out the answer on their own and are too wishy washy to chose an option and do it regardless of right or wrong and dumb customers who feel that they're always right and deserve something. I have to find a better second job. I am actually letting it affect my call quality because I'm one old lady away from murdering ppl. And planning a vacation before I get fired on company time. LOL
  7. Tina used to mow this bitch. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/5808-Bay-Pointe-Sound-NW-Acworth-GA-30101/14371778_zpid/ And my Nan's house. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/10615-E-Dunsmore-Pl-Tucson-AZ-85749/8468684_zpid/ FYI as mom's survivors she signed away the rights to her inheritance of the house so my uncle gets ALLLLLLLL of that money. They bought an RV. Sigh.
  8. It's so hard to make the choice but sometimes when its time they're ready. Giant hugs.
  9. I have a friend we meet up with to play Pokemon Go with on Wednesday and his voice is so close to Ted Cruz I sometimes have to keep myself from cringing when he talks. HAHAHA.
  10. Ted Cruz is trying to steal from Trumps schtick I think. His latest tweet wars with late night talk show hosts are bad.
  11. Tina had to have a covid test before she could go to Arizona for dialysis. But when she got there no one wanted to wear their masks. It's like Tina is protecting the nurses and stuff he work there but these old men who go to dialysis with her are like F that. Let's get covid and carry it around. She said so many arguments came up between these old dudes and the nurses demanding they wear masks still. (I know her dialysis pushed the vaccination on her after all the old people who live in nursing homes got it so I wonder if they feel like it's okay and don't want to wear those hot masks for 3+ h
  12. OMG Walmart in Tucson opens at 7 AM (for comparison mine was unlocking the doors at 5 AM now). I felt like waving at the sky and telling the store manager "Look the sun is this far up in the sky! Arizona is HOT as fuck. For the love of god open up". Because at 7 am it was packed with old people wanting to buy and move slowly and clog up walkways as they visited during the coolest part of the day.
  13. Trump was able to seat three judges by collusion with Congress and just a general luck of death.
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