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  1. I think good educators care and it always hits when they leave unexpectedly. I am in a Kindergarten (well even younger than that because we are pre-k for SA school too) to eighth grade school and I often get to see my students from when they're at least in first grade up until they go to high school and often beyond. I have paintings they did in art class on my walls. So if a student leaves to move that's kinda out of the norm it's like a hole or something. I was working on that kid trying to get them to bloom or open up their reading and writing skills in MATH of all things and who's going to work on that now? It's an investment of our time we don't get to see finish out.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs at the Philadelphia Eagles
  3. They canceled school two days in a row because South Texas is getting "winter" weather that is we're hovering around 32 degrees and there is ice on the roads. Most other states scoff at us but this is affecting my step counts HUGELY. Yesterday I barely got over 1000 steps.
  4. I feel so bad for the Bengals. But man what a game. My dad and brothers are all the refs suck. Hopefully Mahommes and Kelce can heal up a bit
  5. Cinci KC game has been interesting but I wonder how long Kansas City can hold up with injuries.
  6. Ugh. That 49ers game. That’s gotta suck. Also I guess I picked the Losers! I gotta feeling.
  7. I'm going boring. San Fran and KC for the Super Bowl.
  8. OOOO Are they trying to help you with heartburn acid reflux issues?
  9. I live on those at school after my coffee. Water in Texas tastes okay but I like flavoring it. Some have that aspartame aftertaste.
  10. San Francisco 49ers at the Philadelphia Eagles Cincinnati Bengals at the Kansas City Chiefs Make your Super Bowl team picks!
  11. The one purge I still regret is I gave away 8 long boxes of comics I'd collected since I was 16. I had a full run of Amazing Spiderman and X-Men that I'd built up until 2010 going back to 1984. And I did take a box full of useless cords because I couldn't figure out what I needed and what I didn't and was like aaaawww the hell with it take them all. I have like eleventy billion useless charging cords for laptops and phones and ethernet cords and plugs and cords for printers which you don't even need now. Those I finally was like WHAT THE HELL and chucked a bunch of stuff this winter break when I was clearing some of Tina's stuff. All I have left of Tina now is twelve of her best funniest t-shirts (i'm still planning to make a t-shirt quilt), her tennis shoes, her hat and her jewelry and jewelry boxes and Sheba and Sherbert. I told Sheba she can't die on me. She gets spoiled rotten. I give her more temptations treats and bought her own special blue willow dip bowl to put them in on the dresser. Oddly I've been dreaming about you lately and your trip on the plane. Last night I dreamt you bought every seat in first class and let them roam on the plane and had an argument with the flight attendant who wanted to steal L-roy away from you. And they were so good and high on cat nip they just purred and made biscuits while you got tons of drinks. But because of the tons of drinks you had to go to the bathroom and the tiny bathroom couldn't hold you and both your cats so they waited outside the bathroom door while stewardesses tried to calm them with bits of steak sammiches. The happy ending is they loved Florida because it's so hot and humid like ninety percent of the time that their hairs frizzed out and got FLOOFIER. And they would spend their winters alerting you to falling iguanas from the trees.
  12. Soooo many of my brothers and sisters and I lived in my Dad's three bedroom house sleeping on floors and couches. My Dad remarried and there were sometimes as many as 9 of us living in a tiny 1500 square foot house. So I think your kid knows it's the smart thing to do. I honestly think he's just sad to see you in the position you're in. It's really hard in a lot of sectors as layoffs start in the tech industry, finance and entertainment. I took it so hard I couldn't afford to buy a house for Tina (while both our brothers have 2500+ 4 bedroom homes in GA and it's only them in those houses - well for Matt in his house he has his girlfriend, his bipolar ex wife with her chihuahua's and giant backloader he bought at auction to fix up in his garage). I made 561 square feed work for Tina and I for almost two years. So don't fret it. It's about the love which you clearly got in spades! YAY for Q testing for gifted because I would have recommended it toooooo.
  13. I think the Giants Philly game was way worse than the Dallas 49ers game. The first half blew by for me for Dallas. But I'm a Dallas fan. It all came down to a kinda weird loss of confidence in Dak and Elliott has wasted his time in Dallas and is too old to run the ball for long periods any more which is what that game devolved to because it couldn't seem Dak could throw correctly so after Pollard got hurt they tried to rely on the running game. Defense was the only ones working yesterday for Dallas. Also that weather was hilarious to me. It was all sunshine and breezy compared to the Buffalo game where it was like a blizzard.
  14. He did IT. Now Dak has to stop that dumb throwing.
  15. Oh my god. The yips continue for this kicker. I know it was tipped but yikes.
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