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  1. Next week I am marching in a Pride Parade in a staunchly republican town. YAY. The thing I am most looking forward to is after march pie at Bumdoodlers!
  2. OOO I hate that about drive thrus. I swear it has everything to do with management and hiring. Even Chic-Fil-A has been weird lately. I totally forgot to eat yesterday because I was focused on the right monitor to buy and wanted it that day so I drove to all the Best Buys in the area to get an LG one like I had before that they had on sale. I was going to hit up a Taco Bell for dinner on the way home and it took WAY to long for one car to go through so I drove off. Another bonus that I probably needed is the last two nights I have slept 8 full hours without waking up at all. It's been a real long time since I did that.
  3. GUYS! I bought a super expensive thing today and I have guilt about it. I had to buy a monitor. I really need to get new appliances and get some work done around the house but it was $100 off the new iPad Air at Best Buy today so why not buy a new monitor AND a iPad? The average lifespan of a monitor in my house is about 2 years now. My school monitor is OLDER. It's all related to CATS.
  4. Barak Obama's tweet about Tina was awesome. She had a health issue I think. Yesterday I was feeling weird at work and it's been a year since the Uvalde shooting then I hear Tina passed. UGH. Worst week of school ever.
  5. It's weird but whenever I go to Florida I take five showers a day. But the humidity is so bad it's like you're just always wet from a semi-warm flaccid shower. LOL
  6. Awww giant HUGS Zathras. It's the worst.
  7. I felt the same right after I quit the second job. There was a kind of background noise of worry worry worry about money and doing stuff. I still haven't even finished settling all of Tina's estate. There was a tax thing I had to do and I've been waiting ages to get a letter from the IRS. I could spend all day on hold but I have other things I want to do instead. I've been asked to garden around the pool! It's super shady so we are limited to what can grow. I found some hostas and someone gave me two turks cap plants. I think the always hot feeling is why I could never live in Florida. I get rage-y when it's hot. LOL How the heck did people live without air conditioning? I am glad you got a part time job. Giant hugs!
  8. It's based on the Bronco platform. Price wise I do like it better than the Santa Cruz and also the security risk with owning a Hyundai. Hyundai's and Kia's are quickly becoming the most stolen cars because of a security issue that comes basic with say a Toyota to disable a car if it's not turned on the correct way.
  9. Sooo I've been reading reviews and I think I like the Ford Maverick. I need to test drive it and it's basically going to be a second car for me but it can tow up to 4000 pounds so it's perfect for a poptop camper kinda like the Scamp. I just hate the way Ford sets up their odometers and other stuff in the dash.
  10. I've been with USAA for 30+ years but I maybe leaving for Allstate. 61$ a month for full coverage. My homeowners has also gone up crazy. For my tiny condo with just interior coverage and loss of use is tripled. A long time ago if you shopped around and told people you were with USAA they'd tell you stay with them but some changes they've been going through kinda make me nervous. Anyone had any experience with Allstate?
  11. OR was it just mine? My paid off Prius carries full coverage because well we have a lot of uninsured drivers in SA. But it went from 99$ to 155$ for the next six months. UGH.
  12. ZOMG! Welcome to Colorado! I get possums and raccoons but never this!
  13. Has anyone watched the Christmas special?
  14. Giant hugs. Funding is the suck. I hate politicians in general now. That and lobbiest.
  15. PS whomever thought to move the STAAR testing in Texas to the last month of the school year was on crack. I swear all these panicked parents wondering if their kid is going to pass to get to high school have been calling me all week and I'm like I don't make the schedule and they're still testing stop stressing your kid out because it's unpossible right now to know ANYTHING they're still taking the dumbass test.
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