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  1. HAHAHA. I have a beautician living in my house now! I gots the hairscuts for free! My family met and swapped germs in AZ. We had a nice outdoor day socially distanced but I have way too much leftovers.
  2. Gamevet! We do the same thing every year for the Walmart tree. This year it's even easier because of Covid I don't have to wrap it! I am so stupid excited for the new printer I was FINALLY able to buy to replace the 15 year old one that crapped out and wasn't supported any more I got for $19. I was getting sick of paying FedEx/Kinkos to print out homework and stuff because it was cheaper once I used my allotted paper from school.
  3. I will put decorations on the tree once I know how the two new cats do with trees. This is Pootapotamus and Shebas first tree. The other two just like to taste. Not climb.
  4. My pecan pie turned out runny! GATDAMNIT.
  5. One of the 80 year old ladies that lives in my complex had to move out of her condo because the people who live next door to her think it is appropriate to lay tile and run a tile cutting saw at 10 PM at night. They usually stop around midnight but I think some day I am going to have cops blocking my covered parking because a fight broke out with the other neighbors who live above and beside them on the opposite side. They also have a broken window in their driver side door that they fixed by doing to pieces of an animal cage together with bread ties and then duct taping them around the
  6. Houston Washington - ESPN pick. But honestly can the Cowboys do it? I hope so!
  7. Trump just had to work it out of his system that he lost. It's like a kid who's told no and you just have to let the storm pass. I laugh at the Christmas decorating debacle that's becoming the new way to mock and trash the Trumps. I am also kinda of laughing at Jr getting Corona and feel well bad.
  8. Thursday, November 19 Arizona at Seattle Sunday, November 22 Philadelphia at Cleveland Atlanta at New Orleans - New Orleans has a better all around team. Even without Brees. Cincinnati at Washington Detroit at Carolina Pittsburgh at Jacksonville Tennessee at Baltimore New England at Houston Miami at Denver NY Jets at LA Chargers Green Bay at Indy Dallas at Minnesota Kansas City at Las Vegas Monday, November 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay
  9. Texas! People are talking our gov is doing fabulously meanwhile El Paso is like NYC was at the beginning with refridgerated trucks to store dead ppl in. Both my jobs told me to just stay home and not go out for Thanksgiving.
  10. I am just all around tired but it's surprisingly not as tired as a thought when Tina got here. Today we went to IKEA to buy her a smaller water proof shower chair to sit in my bathtub with as the show chair that she has makes it awkward to sit in the tub to shower.
  11. I love them. I have a girl ginger who is making Schmoo crazy. He cries and cries to be with her even though he is neutered. She's a sweet girl but I am at catpacity. I've been trying to get her a good home before it gets cold. We are taking her to get fixed this weekend.
  12. My sister has been living with me for a month now. She's doing pretty good. I am just stressing with paperwork for Medicaid because it's been endless stuff with them. She is starting to run out of prescription refills and we need to take her to a doctor to get some of them renewed. It was easier to get the HEB script service than it is to get coverage during open enrollment. But we pay full price for some of her scripts because of no insurance (she takes generic xanax to help with anxiety). We're going to do an outdoor thanksgiving. I'm making turkey (no salt brine because of diet require
  13. Imma pick Seattle but honestly I just want a good game. Thanks, Gamevet!
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