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  1. And this video seems to prove it. LOL KKKampaigning in Kentucky.
  2. Strangely satisfying video. The hands in the air like a toddler do it for me. I hope this makes your day.
  3. I was thinking about that. I don't know what we can do but this is frustratingly weird what's happening now with the nominee. I feel like a teenager with no power and struggling to express myself in saying WHAT THE HELL SENATE? HOW CAN YOU SAY ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER FOUR YEARS LATER? YOU SUCK. I WANT TO RUNAWAY. Ruth probably would have retired already if we had a different situation. She stuck it out because she felt a sense of obligation and service longer than normal.
  4. I think there's a chance I will hate the GOP for life. Their double standard what's good for the goose ways make me so mad.
  5. I didn't even get to watch the Cowboys exciting win. I've been watching replay waiting for my first meeting of the day.
  6. I promise I didn't watch one single game. NOT one. I hate being an essential worker. UGH.
  7. Thursday September 17th Cincy at Cleveland Sunday, September 20th New York G. at Chicago Atlanta at Dallas Detroit at Green Bay Jacksonville at Tennessee Minnesota at Indy Buffalo at Miami San Fran. at New York Jets LA Rams at Philly Denver at Pittsburgh Carolina at Tampa Washington at Arizona Kansas City at LA Chargers Baltimore at Houston New England at Seattle Monday, September 21st New Orleans at Las Vegas
  8. I sometimes wonder if I can get all my cats to purr in bed would it work like a vibrator? I mean it's an interesting proposition but pretty much fruitless.
  9. Exactly. At the time you noted in your original post I would be on my way to teaching a class through the schools program online at the same time I am teaching six in person kids in my classroom. This is what causes issues with teachers losing it. It's like the people in charge of making dumb decisions have never taught before or understand what's happening. Just do it. LOL.
  10. Facebook has been my second greatest learning tool this year. I can't give up on it.
  11. My two asshole ginger bois had to be separated so one is under a plastic laundry basket and the other is locked in a bathroom. They were trying to attack a calico laying on a chair on the patio through the window. Also I am bringing a sixth homeless cat home. I mean my sister on Wednesday.
  12. It's screwed now. Ted Cruz's name is being pushed around in Texas for SCOTUS. My skin crawls.
  13. I guess the Court is changed now.
  14. HAHAHA. I hate ppl. We're running into this too. You are not alone.
  15. The whistle blower is black on that ICE detention hysterectomy thing. And I have no shortage of family disparaging her. Just know I am adopted. LOL
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