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  1. going back to talk about dead ppl: I honestly wonder sometimes if TSquare imploded or something with an orgasmic thing of joy when Trump became president. Like just spontaneously combusted. Because he was in the know. *Wink wink* And sometimes when I see cut away videos during the news cycle of the January 6 thing I think I bet he's glad he's dead. THE DECORUM. I also know that someone who used to post in the comics board but rarely and a long time ago when we had so many members committed suicide but I'm probably one of the few left that even remembers him. Mental illness is hard and scary fo
  2. There are some people who posted here in the day when it was super popular that I miss the hell out of. There was a guy who posted in the comics forum I adored and have met multiple times in Louisville KY because he was so smart and quirky and I tooo THIS DAY miss Pong. But there were others I was like, damn, your life is a hot mess and I am going to keep your business at arms length because you're going to be endlessly getting fired, evicted, lost or in general sick because I live that life already with my family. Basically they were hell bent on things because of a mental imbalance and I was
  3. LOL this sounds like being on the HOA board or a committee for school BS. I dodged that bullet.
  4. So to go back to winter sports and not so much the Olympics: We had to live with my grandma for a year after my parents divorce in Arizona. My grandma lived in a very rich area and the high school I went to was high end like a Beverly Hills school. They still offered Russian and Yiddish as language classes you could take instead of Spanish and they actually had those drivers license fake cars to get your learner permits in the basement to use. One of the things they offered was during snowy times they'd bus us up for PE to Summerhaven to teach you to ski in a few different skiing skills
  5. Also known as who do you want in the Super Bowl SUNDAY JANUARY 30 CIncinnati at Kansas City San Francisco at LA Rams
  6. There's a school district in my area that's being sued by a parent who's kid died by gunfire in his home. As in they came home and found out he'd accidentally shot himself or committed suicide using the gun that they kept in a bible under their bed. They're suing the school district because they say bullying is the reason he shot himself. During the ensuing investigation it turns out their kid was a bully and the school district has really lax policies about how to get bullying under control. But there's no WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STORING A GUN UNDER YOUR BED IN A BIBLE WHERE YOUR 8 YEAR OLD KID
  7. People who went up in arms about posting in the Lyceum. I always felt like jesus, this needs to be a no mans land and if you go in you should just accept that you'll learn something from smarter posters, you're going to get a horrible I am holier than though post and a few trollings and no one will actually listen. I also thought it was brilliant that you guys had Pong mod'ing because he was probably half troll in disguise.
  8. Hmmmmmm.... Elton John Ghislaine Maxwell - lol because that conspiracy must live on. Nick Nolte Angela Lansbury Pele!
  9. I dunno. I always thought he was an ALT. However, we were all pretty much alts,
  10. I got it today in three guesses! OMG!
  11. I think it's all good until you weigh 12 pounds three ounces at birth like my Dad did and then that stuff gets cut off right quick. He probably literally fell out because of gravity.
  12. Also, I hate Microsoft Teams. God, want a crappy platform to hold meeting and chats that's going to offer you things you don't want when posting and no one gets because they're used to other styles of messenger? Maybe I'm old and need ICQ back. LOL We pressed reset because omnicron was so bad so last week was at home or canceled. I get to find out what school will be like in a few moments. I can tell at least three teachers in my wing have not shown up yet.
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