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  1. That right there is my biggest fear. I come home and my laundry room is right off my patio. Before I even go in I have a bathrobe on a hook and strip down in my laundry room and wash my clothes in hot water before I enter the house and shower like I'm a nurse working a covid unit. My hands are red from washing them eleventy billion times a day. But so far we're doing good. I've been tested three times this week and my sore throat is more from sinus drainage.
  2. This is why I am dragging my feet on moving. EXACTLY why. The stress will cause me a meltdown.
  3. Accidentally hitting a pothole and losing a hubcap.
  4. Thursday, September 16 NY Giants at Washington Sunday, September 19 Cincinnati at Chicago Houston at Cleveland LA Rams at Indy Buffalo at Miami New England at NY Jets San Francisco at Philly Las Vegas at Pittsburgh New Orleans at Carolina Denver at Jacksonville Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Monday, September 20 Detroit at Green Bay
  5. I guess Washington Football Team for tonight. I hope I can watch it tonight! Some guy I took a check order from last night told me the Cowboys almost beat Tampa. That was a good game. He's a Giants fan.
  6. Gamevet. Those are San Antonio prices and yes! The bedrooms are tiny ha.
  7. HA. The resort had some sort of issue with the internet. Not sure why. Dad thinks they were with a crappy provider. Turns out it was Satellite. I had 20 messages about school on Monday when we finally showed up in Kerrville to head home.
  8. promise this is the first time this weekend I have had access to the internet. My parents surprised me with a surprise weekend vacation in Hunt Texas and internet was super spotty. I fished and swam and came home tired just now. If it's okay I will list my picks (I swear I have not heard any radio games or watched any tv)! Thursday Sept 9 Dallas at Tampa Bay Sunday Sept 12 Philadelphia at Atlanta Pittsburgh at Buffalo Minnesota at Cincinnati San Francisco at Detroit Arizona at Tennessee Seattle at Indianapolis LA Chargers at Washington Football Team NY Jets at Carolina Jackso
  9. OMG! A three point kick! DAMN IT!
  10. I am a mask nazi at school. I will send a kid to OCS (On campus suspension) if they don't wear it all day properly. And we talk all the time about the action of washing your hands and I often say "Now let us practice washing our hands!"
  11. Ms. Spam


    Hopefully when they do the repairs for all the infrastructure and rebuild the power grids they do it WAY better than before. This is why I can't live in LA to FL states. A remember Hurricane Andrew and how people went to help back then in Florida and how they had no electricity for days. Those states when it's humid and hot and you live in them and have no electricity? Plus guns? HA! San Antonio maybe hot but at least we sometimes get a dry heat. Now they're telling those people no power until maybe September 29 and it's 100% humidity without electricity? I'm outta there.
  12. Some time ago when this first hit the news a NPR radio guy was talking to a marine who served there. He said ask an Army guy and he'd have a different opinion than him because the reasons we were in Afghanistan where to kill Bin Laden. The Taliban were his hiders and protectors. This marine corps guy was like we got Bin Laden and we no longer need to be there. We should have gotten the fuck out. But he was also pointing out that because we were there so long we established relationships and made it so when we did get out of there it was going to be messy no matter what. Which totally makes sen
  13. I'm starting the same process. I need to clean my patio and make some repairs! We finally got the laundry room ceiling fixed from the winter fun. Dad's going to help me do a dump run when we start painting the condo. I've got to get it sell ready.
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