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  1. What you're basically saying is that companies aren't allowed to actually protect their intellectual property. Outrage mobs will prevent it. And if they "felt threatened" by this lousy film, then they could have just taken it down. This whole thing is literally just him getting angry because they stuck ads at the beginning of it. That's all. He wasn't being hurt. Anyone could still watch the thing. No legal actions were being threatened. Weirdly, I think it would have been less a story if they'd gone nuclear on him and just took the whole thing down. The world is a strange backwards
  2. That's a shame. The guy was totally in the wrong on this.
  3. Seriously, someone should give them Best Costume a year early for pulling of the miracle of not having Mysterio look ridiculous while keeping the fishbowl. Also, Aunt May is trading down...
  4. Naw, it's you. I've been wondering about it for awhile now. I'm not gaslighting you at all either. I'm remarking on it because I was surprised at the shift in your tone. Anyway, I think there's a chicken and egg problem here. The harassment happened after she made the attacks and the usual suspects came running. Previous to that it was pretty much just legit making fun of an unflattering trailer. This being the internet, I'm sure someone was being a dick, but the overall tone of the criticism was not the same before Larson decided to play victim.
  5. Fox News showed the video as an "outrage"? Naw, she could be white and I think she'd get the same celebrity/notoriety. Young is a bit closer, but she's rather taking the aspects of youth that generally keep them away from the grownup table. We've had plenty of young politicians before. Even brown ones. Heck, even Republican brown politicians. Bobby Jindal (ran the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals at age 24), Marco Rubio (Majority Whip in Florida's House at 29), Nikki Haley (Majority Whip in S. Carolina's House at age 33), even Ted Cruz (Texas Solicitor General at 32) immedia
  6. I think people like hitting an easy target. Problem is, these days all it does is raise one's profile and make them stronger. That actually seems to be instant political mythology. The "smear campaign" appears to basically be one guy on Twitter posting it and calling her a nit-wit. It hadn't gone viral or anything. No one of any name had picked it up and re-tweeted. Pretty much everyone first heard about it in the context of "conservatives use dance to attack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortz" and suddenly it was national news. Us on the right were like "What did we do?" Basically, we'r
  7. Maybe you just don't recognize it. I have been noticing it. If you say so. How this is any different than Fozzie saying Hayden Christensen looks like he's pooping while acting, I'm not sure.
  8. Ah, memories of the summer of '99.
  9. You haven't noticed that you've been championing black and white takes lately?
  10. While I'm glad he's not attacking anyone anymore, his poor behavior started a hate train and has already done damage to other people. You don't get to pretend to be the better person after that. Actually, there's been a lot of that going around these days, but that's a discussion for another time. He should have shrugged it off as a non-event in the first place. It wasn't even hurting him. Again, it surely can't be difficult. I'll happily wait for as long as it will take for you to explain this incredibly simple concept. Not interested. I'm not talking to YouTube creat
  11. ...don't have an answer. If you've truly studied this for a decade and the answer is simple if I'd just do my homework, then it should be easy for you. Tell me where the capital will come from.
  12. Necro-bump. I'd like to congratulate May for making such a grand hash out of all of this. I know the EU was playing hardball (which oddly justifies the arguments of both the remainers and the leavers), but she handled this just about as poorly as she could. At times I was wondering why the British Prime Minister was the official representative of the EU in Parliament. Why would she sign a document that would freeze further negotiations that she had to know would never pass, and more than that, should not have passed? What were they thinking by not at least putting someone in charge who b
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