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  1. A lot of people thought they voted for Al Gore.
  2. I have only two thoughts on the matter. Both equally unhelpful, I imagine, but I’ll share them nonetheless.
  3. Thanks! I remembered a few more names : Qualia Redux, Mira Manga, Schnee, Tim Rogers. Same caveats as before apply.
  4. Well, in that case, you’re welcome — or I’m sorry! whichever applies best in this situation! — for that too!
  5. Thanks! I spoilered my takes — so hot! — for that very reason. Easily ignorable! Easily skippable! Easily dismissable! You’re welcome.
  6. My unchanging prediction of long duration is that both President Donald John Trump and President Joseph Robinette Biden will be joining the President Stephen Grover Cleveland club. I think it’s the stupidest possible outcome so it’s what’s going to happen. Only thing more stupider — as I learned during my sojourns to planet Jupiter — would be for one or both of them to die either before November 5th or before January 20th. Not ruling that out!
  7. Gary Graham died. The human cop in Alien Nation (‘89-’90, ‘94, ‘95, ‘96, ‘96, ‘97). Ambassador Soval on Enterprise (‘01-’05) + that one episode of Star Trek: Voyager (‘95-’01) where they found the Caretaker’s mate. 73!
  8. I don’t much care for when other art is inexpertly larded into the substance of the art I’m experiencing. I’m thinking of ... the thing where a book will have two opening epigraphs, one from a highbrow source and one from something lowbrow. Or when a movie will try to class up the joint by quoting from some poetry e.g. Skyfall (2012), Oblivion (2013), Interstellar (2014). Or when characters will drop a reference in dialogue which just don’t feel right, just don’t feel like the sort of thing that character would say, even when the character has JUST said it!!!!1! BUT One thing I do like is when you get a little piece of another movie inside of your movie. Now that’s just good value for money! Examples, examples, let’s see. The Limey (1999) repurposing that old Ken Loach film. That little piece of Star Wars (1977) inside 500 Days of Summer (2009). The Great Escape (1963) reworked within Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019).
  9. Norman Jewison died. I thought he was already dead! Kind of an understandable mistake. 97! Norman Jewison : wasn’t dead, wasn’t Jewish, 100% Canadian. I don’t know. I really like Agnes of God (1985). I’ve seen it ... three times? I think I’ve seen it three times. I’ve seen it twice definitely. I saw it for the first time in university, rented it once, I think I’ve seen it at least one other time. I should watch it again. Great movie!
  10. Nerene Virgin died. Jodie from Today’s Special (‘81-’87). 78!
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