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  1. R.CAllen


    I liked this episode! This one was kinda them leaping over the hurdle and going full CW show with it, I suppose. I don't mean as part of the sitcom riff, I mean that now we're going to have a show with a superpowered lady with glowing eyeballs confronting another superpowered lady with glowing eyeballs at the behest of a third superpowered lady with glowing eyeballs. I love it! Loved the post-credits scene where the superpowered lady with glowing eyeballs was unexpectedly confronted with the glowing purple tendrils of magical undergrowth beneath a witch's basement only t
  2. Thanks! I'd love to explain in detail what I meant but my laptop crashed while googling drawings by Frank Quitely. Continue to love me in ignorance, please!
  3. Still wigs me out even after all these years how much Jared Keeso and Michelle Mylett look like they were drawn by Frank Quitely.
  4. R.CAllen


    Beekeeper guy is going to end up becoming M.O.D.O.K., clearly!!!1!
  5. R.CAllen


    I liked this one! I'm surprised at how much I'm liking the show, really, because I kind of assumed after seeing the first two episodes that it'd be sort of an uphill slog for me. Much like the rest of the Marvel shows I've seen have been. I'm never in a hurry to see the most recent episode but I'm also never severely disappointed in what I see, y'know? I'd already seen the pictures of Wanda & Vision in bargain basement versions of their classic costumes but Quicksilver (with the hair! the hair's literally the reason him and Wanda got retconned into being Magneto's kids, right?) was
  6. Good for you! I, naturally, hope it all works out for the best!
  7. I'm sorry about your Nan, Ms. Spam. Those photographs you've shared are beautiful! Thank you for posting them! This is the sort of obvious thing to do in this situation that would literally never occur to me. I'm not just saying that. I keep a supply of water around for just this kind of emergency and it's only now that I've realized I could just use snow. Thank you! Also, but of course, hope your situation improves soon!
  8. R.CAllen


    Oh wait, yeah, that DOES make sense. He's a character that's been progressing through a similar set of time-focused hyper-pastiched fictive realities! Just like her! They've both been going through sort of the same kind of thing, just at different paces and on a different level.
  9. R.CAllen


    I didn't much like this one but I'm going to chalk that up to circumstances not involving the actual episode itself. This is not my own original thought but I figured it was worth sharing as much as those, if not more so. This series is essentially the same premise as the next-to-last episode of the original run of The X-Files ('93-'02, '16, '18). The one that was written and directed by Vince Gilligan. It starred Michael Emerson as a guy w/psychic powers who recreated the house from The Brady Bunch ('69-'74). Don't know where it's going! Starting to wonder if the guy fr
  10. For a little while there it seemed like they were going to explain away all MCU mutants as Inhumans but there was some sort of course correction eventually, I guess. Nowadays, I've kind of assumed it's going to be kept somewhat simple and be one of two options : 1) Status quo. I don't understand why it isn't just the same way it always is. Children of the atom, etc. They usually opened the X-Men movies with one or two lines of expository voiceover from Patrick Stewart about evolution occasionally taking a giant leap forward. Literally just that. "Why have
  11. R.CAllen


    They are constantly having abnormal conversations over the entire episode. It's a work of fiction about government superagents spying on a witch in love with a robot. I just want someone somewhere in this episode to have one little piece of abnormal conversation so it's clear to me what's the deal w/this particular aspect of the show. If the idea of a conversation seems so abnormal, well, this could literally have been solved for me with just a prop during all the scenes where they're inside the base camp doing their little detective work. Just a little blurred out picture
  12. R.CAllen


    Hah! I'm revising my previous concrete assumption that Kathryn Hahn is Agatha Harkness and I'm allowing for the possibility she's one of the Agents of Atlas. Venus or Namora, probably, but she could be any of 'em! M-11 The Human Robot, 3-D Man, Gorilla-Man, the Uranian, it's all up for grabs. Although, for real, if Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) does well I do expect them to start up an Agents of Atlas movie/franchise/series/whatever. Those dumb Guardians movies proved you can basically do an Avengers without having any of the characters be big names or a part o
  13. R.CAllen


    I assume it's gotta be, yeah, as well as someone we've already seen on the show but something like the following — TEYONAH PARRIS: What's the witness' name? RANDALL PARK: The FBI can't share that information with any other federal agency on or outside this planet, Agent Rambeau. They're in witness protection. — would really help smooth it along. I mean, why isn't the witness' name & picture up on the big board w/everyone else? Why isn't Jimmy concerned about them at all after the initial pow-wow over it? It's just dumb dumb my
  14. R.CAllen


    I really hated that bit. Either : - we as the audience should be clued into who this person is - or they should provide some explanation as to why they can't talk about who the person is (it would literally take two lines of dialogue) - or, and I think this is the least likely possibility, this person is an irrelevancy and shouldn't have been a part of the story in the first place.
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