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  1. I keep trying to download the app (in direct violation of all the principles of good op-sec, everything I was taught — but so clearly failed to learn! — at Sarratt) and I keep getting the following message: My phone is kind of old, kind of messed up, my smart phone has gone dumb dumb dumb, space is at a premium. I keep deleting apps and I keep deleting content I no longer need (no! no! my precious content!) but the message remains the same. It never tells me how much I need to ditch; I can’t seem to find out how big “Walker Tracker” actually is. I’ll let you know if there’s ever any progress on this front but for the moment it seems that unassuageable technical difficulties block my path at every turn!
  2. I’m mildly to moderately faceblind with that there prosopagnosia so this is a constant struggle. Would probably be easier to write out a fully complete list of actors who I haven't confused with other actors. Nevertheless and nonetheless, uh, what comes to mind first for me? Don’t want to spend too much time here flipping through the old ImdB. Oh, Nina Siemaszko and Hope Davis! And for a long time I thought there were two Jay Karnes — yeah, I know actors have to go by pseudonyms and put their middle names in to avoid this very problem, what can I say, dumb brain is dumb — I thought there was the one who was on The Shield (‘02-’08) and the one that would pop up in various guest spots on other television shows. Oh, just thought of another pair who I recently confused doing a Google search for a bunch of old Pepsi® Max commercials. That’d be Tom Lenk and Fran Kranz. See. We could do this all day. It’s not just a matter of what people look like, really, if their resumés bear any kind of superficial similarity to each other my brain will mishmash them together. The battle never ends!
  3. R.CAllen

    Black Adam

    I know next to nothing about all that. Didn’t read the books, don’t play the games, didn’t watch the show. Heard about the stuff, yeah, with what he supposedly said and did. But since the account I read, can't find it at the moment sorry, didn’t offer any precise descriptions of what exactly was said by Henry Cavill (oh, it was ‘toxic’? sure, sure, I believe you. how ‘toxic’ was it?) I am forced to conclude this was just standard movie star nonsense. Maybe coupled with an e-mail which was perhaps something along the lines of —
  4. I got the bivalent vaccine the day before yesterday. Feel kind of tired; injection site a little sore to the touch. Them’s the breaks! Still, excited to discover what kind of bivalve it’s going to turn me into. An oyster? A clam? A cockle? Mussel? Scallops? Won’t be able to eat myself, oh well. Not sure why I’m complaining; haven’t been able to manage that so far, not that I would want to, oh no. Yet nevertheless and nonetheless it remains an honour and a privilege for a pharmacist to transform me into an animal having a shell consisting of two halves joined together by an elastic ligament at the hinge, so as to open and shut like a book. At long last!
  5. Have to correct the record here. The moment I was thinking of was actually from an episode of Batman Beyond (‘99-’01). Got it mishmashed with an original animated series episode —written by Joe R. Lansdale!— where Kevin Conroy ZT”L realizes he’s been trapped in a dream world by the Mad Hatter because everything he reads is written in gobbledygook.
  6. Oh no! This happened to me too. I know exactly how to help! I can get you all your money back plus the shoes themselves. It’s very simple. All you need to do is send me twenty thousand dollars, cash, by direct courier. Mortgage the house, sell a kidney, whatever, don’t worry, you’ll get every penny back + interest. The important thing is you have to do this immediately. You can’t wait. Or else!
  7. R.CAllen

    Black Adam

    oh, yeah, the thing with
  8. R.CAllen

    Black Adam

    I thought the movie was pretty bad!
  9. Terrible news! A childhood favourite — I think him and Marty McFly were the coolest in all the world as far as I was concerned way back when. (I remember looking up his character on a nerd wiki some few years ago and being astounded to discover he’s still a part of things, the character’s got a doctorate, it’s Doctor Tommy Oliver now.) As children we used to stand atop the mounds of snow piled in our schoolyard and pretend to be the Green Ranger summoning his Dragonzord by using a twig as the dagger/flute. Wait, that kind of sounds like the Four Yorkshiremen sketch. We was too poor to afford the toys! We were glad of our simple pleasures delivered to us from the skies above! And if you told that to young people today they wouldn’t believe a word of it, no, no. In any case, well, a sad day. 49! Uch.
  10. Haven’t really been keeping up with all the new animated stuff. There was an entire series set around Sequel Trilogy times which I completely skipped. Hated the look and feel of it. Couldn’t get through more than a few seconds of it. Haven’t seen any of the little micro-shorts for much the same reason. Saw the anime stuff; that was fun, looking forward to more of that. There’s a show whose premise reminds me a little bit of how as a little little kid if I had a bunch of identical toys I’d differentiate them from each other by giving ‘em different personalities when I’d play with them, that’s The Bad Batch (‘21-’??), haven’t seen any of it so far. Haven’t seen the Obi-wan show. Haven’t seen the Andor show. I imagine I’ll get to them sometime. I don’t really buy the hype about the latter, oh sure, it’s Star Wars for grown-ups, it’s for adults, right, yeah, it’s not that I don’t believe you or anything but pretty much everyone spouting that line probably said similar things about Rogue One (2016) so I’m going to manage my expectations here. But a bunch of mini-episodes about what Ahsoka and Count Dooku got up to before, during, and immediately after the Prequel Trilogy!? That’s my trash! You can’t keep me away! I thought that was all over and done with but it turns out there’s more of it! Yeah! Great! It’d be like if they announced, oops, the coroner goofed and Aaron Allston’s not dead so here’s his new Wraith Squadron book. Sign me up!
  11. Wait, so what are my complaints!?!?
  12. Seventh and eighth episode!
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