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  1. Yeah, it’s great!!! Haven’t seen the documentary --- I think it’s actually not even out yet, coming out the day after tomorrow, maybe!? Favourite bits : 60 On The Pole (I think this is the one that just demonstrates the sheer ridiculousness of what they’re doing, it’s a note they hit a lot over the course of the season of course but still, still, still!), the one with the slippery babies, Ambublamce, when they brought back “I’m CRUSHING your head!”, oh, the cops, love the cops, there’s this thing where Mark talks about being unable to find his friends in a crowd and then they all have fla
  2. I thought the pilot simultaneously : wasn’t very good! Part of that can be chalked up to me just being a real grimace, a groucho, a grindy grumblegus, I just don’t like anything no more. Really little teeny tinsy things bothered me (literally, only me, they shoot part of the show in a place that doesn’t bring back fond memories for this guy — I’m watching the show and seeing Spock & Co. walk through parts of the York University campus I used to trudge through real sad, real unhappy), things like odd use of colons in the chyrons and inconsistent labelling terminology (Why is it “B
  3. R.CAllen


    s2 e10 I can’t find my notes on the finale but you get the gist, right!?!?
  4. R.CAllen


    s2 e9 The ship can make a hologram out of anyone who’s ever been on board (but, wait, last year and in the other timeline didn’t they establish that Cristobal had to, like, upload a scan of himself in order to fit the ship with its multiple emergency holograms!?!?) and so, of course, for its model Alison Pill has chosen ... someone who has been grievously injured (and then dead!) the entire time he’s been there!? Did the ship’s computer just remove the gaping chest wound? Is it, like, a thing where the computer has a generic wireframe and just puts an overlay of whatever you choose on to
  5. R.CAllen


    s2 ep8 gotta be honest, kinda disappointed this guy is a working stiff G-man who met some Vulcans when he was a kid instead of the role played by the actor previously cracking up @ Kore’s “You need to get in there” said out loud and to herself while she is alone, just to make sure we don’t lose the sleepiest and least attentive viewer John DeLancie reverting to his role in the computer game where you’re a guy whose father was killed at Wolf 359 and he sends you back in time to save your own pops; I think it was literally called Star Trek : Borg Jay Karnes’ line of “Look, th
  6. R.CAllen


    2 ep 7 oh hell yeah! Gaius Baltar on Star Trek! yeah! yeah yeah yeah! (no, wait, he’s his dad!? what!? I thought his dad was the same actor who played his brother?) uch, dropping a paraphrase of a line from IV! Not good! How old were all these producers when that movie came out!? Feels pretty indefensible to me. buncha morons drinking replicated coffee from the Borg-infected ship and beaming stuff out from and into the Borg-infected ship!!! wait she’s a Romulan ancestor!? I don’t get that! I feel like the idea of Dr. Soong and Dr. Soong’s ancestors and Dr. Soong’s descendan
  7. R.CAllen


    season 2 ep 6 V. early into the ep I cracked up @ the foleyed/ADR’d line from Tallin of “And then we won’t have to worry about facial recognition once we’re inside.” Just no trust in the audience, like, at all! Okay, now that Picard has told his great-great-aunt “Look up” I am revising my previous predictions re: Masked Borg Queen. Putting all my chips into it being Renée Picard! I think that’s actually playing fair on their part too because he mentions that character in his speech to the Academy so it all works out as far as mystery rules are concerned. Okay, credit where credi
  8. R.CAllen


    Picard season 2 ep 5 Okay, the show is back in the saddle again. Back in the zone. Back in the crease. It’s not that the show is any good per se, of course, it’s just that it has settled comfortably into a kind of not-half-badness that feels soothing and familiar. Like, sure, our cast has been integrated into the fictive context in a way that is wildly contradictory and overlapping and clashing – which is to say that everyone is either : 1) there inhabiting an alternate version of their familiar characters 2) there as intermittent hallucinations perceived by the other characters
  9. R.CAllen


    Picard season 2 ep 4 kinda funny that the “Last Time On Picard” recap at the beginning scrubs away Alison Pill’s pottymouth did they ... did they explain away why the most British man alive has been playing a French guy for decades!?!?!? okay, I checked. The DS9 2024 two-parter takes place from August 30 to September 3rd. April 5th is First Contact Day – I thought before I doublechecked that they were maybe going for a thing where the central events of the series took place on that day but nope no dice. okay, this is the first piece o
  10. R.CAllen


    Picard season 2 episode 3 Not too bad! The episode itself is somewhat sloppy – overlaboured dialogue, stakes made clear again and again even while the details of the situation itself are ill-defined (where’s the ship? and, uh, why wouldn’t it be automatic that restoring the timeline would save the Romulan kid’s life? I mean, he’s on the Excelsior when Picard blows up the Stargazer, right!?), and if anything the specifics of how slingshot time travel is accomplished is even less clear now than it was in IV – but I’m giving it a pass. It’s a proper piece of Star Trek! Characters a
  11. R.CAllen


    Picard Season 2 ep 2 - Still pretty bad! I don’t think leaning in to the obvious criticism of the show as a project is a good choice. Yes, this show has felt a lot like a nightmarish alternate version of the Picard we know and love and of the Star Trek we are familiar with. So literalizing that and making the show itself about an actual nightmarish alternate version of the Picard we known and love and of the Star Trek we are familiar with is a way of making the show what it is on every level, yeah, I get it. I just don’t think it works. I understand what we’re seeing with the sl
  12. R.CAllen


    Yeah, I did. I thought it was pretty pretty pretty bad. Real rough stuff. Probably the first time in the history of Star Trek that a second season has been worse than the first. I think it’s a real low point, actually, makes Insurrection (1998) and Generations (1994) and Nemesis (2002) look like beautiful works of art fully fitting form and function together into an awe-inspiring whole. I checked and it seems like I have ... oh no ... twelve pages of complaints!?!? I would watch the episodes and afterwards tippy type my thoughts. Sometimes I’d make a note of a line or a plot developm
  13. I basically have no predictions whatsoever for what will happen to who. Outside of, of course, y’know, obvious stuff that’s demanded by the constraints of this being a prequel to already established events we’ve seen for ourselves. The show’s had such a consistent capacity to successfully and satisfyingly surprise both in terms of able execution of storytelling gambits which I would’ve assumed before the fact to be absolutely totally no go areas — things like a secret origin story for Mike, or bringing Gus Fring into things in a substantial fashion, or offing Chuck — and also just the standard
  14. Now that it’s on Home Box Office Maximum™ I’ve seen this movie. What’s my verdict? Well, here you go --- Movie terrible! I got real bored about an hour and sixteen minutes into it and just spent the rest of the movie living in that boredom, really feeling out the edges and contours of the boredom, kept expecting the boredom to let up every once in a while like for instance, say, during a car chase or whatever but ... NOPE! It was just all boredom all the time. They made a Batman movie boring! How!?!?!?!? Entire movie is just Batman going back and forth between the same handful of lo
  15. 1. Yoda Stories. 2-10. also Yoda Stories. Honourable mentions : the podracing one, X-Wing of course, TIE Fighter of course, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter absolutely, don’t think I ever played X-Wing Alliance tho, Rebel Assault and Rebel Assault II, Dark Forces yeah, Dark Forces II heeeeell yeah, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast, don’t think I ever played Jedi Academy, probably only played the freeware demo of the first Rogue Squadron game, only played a v. little bit of the first KotoR, same deal w/Battlefront, played The Force Unleashed on Wii, probably only got the first level of Shado
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