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  1. You guys still up? E's annual IEP meeting is tomorrow and for some reason the SpEd teacher is really hot to trot on doing it in person, with E there. Any idea why she would want to do it this way? I think he's going to be a huge distraction.
  2. Oh I remember you telling us about them. Are you worried about them with their new family or does this one just mean more to you because the way they were abused (not allowed to learn or have interests)?
  3. FINALLY found a skilled soccer coach with a positive mindset for personal training. I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket. I think we course corrected with Q's teacher. I think she was having a bad week and now everyone realizes how you do NOT talk to Q because she internalizes. This is going to be a lifelong struggle, I think.
  4. Just super icy and deep moguls. If anything, I probably knocked my tips into each other. I'm finding in my new skis that I do that occasionally. Not sure if its the length or the width. I am skiing faster now, Strava tells me that. But I feel less in control when I'm not up on my edges. I'm still really considering getting another new pair at the end of the season. I'm getting a lot better at moguls as long as it's not super icy. I'm starting to think about hitting some new terrain soon. If it's good snow I will go for it next week. Q and I hit Triple 60 again this week. She fell a few times but no yard sales or sliding down half the hill. I am trying to link turns better on it. Snow was good. A little crusty in some parts but we got fresh snow today that turned into freezing rain for the lower half of the mountain for the last hour. I got soaked despite all the Goretex. And I ate shit on a completely flat part in front of a lift after mostly skiing black runs tonight. Nasty ice patch. Felt like it jumped up and got me. Now my ass hurts.
  5. Send it! He looks like he's doing good! Edison cracks me up, he looks like he's gonna be a racer. Watch out! I took a video of Q today, it's on my Facebook page. Conditions were super icy, so she's not quite as stable as usual. Working on getting her forward in her skis. We talked about edges today and she thinks she got up on them once. She said it felt weird but good. It was a glorious bluebird day, but it went from Cascade Concete (a little warm, almost melty) to super freaking cold the last few days. It was 7F when we left, it warmed up to about 22F when we arrived. We tried a black run at the beginning and even I ate shit twice. Decided to stick to blues after that. We got in 12 runs today! The longest lift line was maybe 5 minutes. MAYBE. Next year we are totally doing this again for teacher grading day. I met up with Jacob, Tami, Katrina and Cereese for dinner, they got to see my windburnt cheeks. (The ones on my face...)
  6. So one less shitty beer and fast food run.
  7. Nice job buddy! I've always felt that I have too much of an "athletic stance". I don't keep my skis very close together, especially on challenging terrain. I feel like I need to be ready to go in any direction and spring. Basically I am a goalkeeper on skis lol. I agree that they are too wide for what conditions I usually have, but everyone keeps telling me this is an all-mountain ski and I should be able to get up on my edges so easily. That Under 90 is only suitable for perfect groomers. Here's the thing, technically I'm on groomers. Except they are doing a shit job on grooming because they don't have enough employees, and because I think they're trying to cut costs where they can. Obviously people are still coming, so they know they can go without. There's a reason I avoid my favorite runs now unless conditions are perfect. Because they're essentially expert only/double black when they're not groomed. They only groom now when they get an absolute dumping of snow, and we haven't had one of those for awhile. I was starting to see some brown patches where it's starting to get a little bare because we've had a few pineapple express systems come through in the last month. But realistically packed powder is a good day out here. Otherwise it's crusty or the wet heavy stuff. Q and I are going to try to go Monday because school is out. Unfortunately, only our regular area is open. I'd really like to take her on some other terrain, and me too. There is an ungroomed area that is essentially a big beautiful open run, but there's no lift (it's between an upper and lower crossover). I wouldn't attempt it at night because its unlit, but I'd like to try it during the day. I'm sure it is moguls galore, but if it's not steep, that's not so bad.
  8. Update: never mind my thighs, it's my ankles that are pissed. Stupid wide skis.
  9. Middle school ski busses strike again. Q's instructor took them to another part of the mountain so they were super late getting back. He said he is seeing lots of progress in her. He did say she's sitting back in her skis a bit, though, but he also said it might just be muscle maturity (or lack thereof) because she's so small. So we're going to practice our stance in the living room this weekend lol. I'm not sure I like my new skis. I think going to 156 was the right decision. I'm just not sure I like the wide underfoot (went from mid 70s underfoot to 91). I think maybe I should done something more like an 85. I am not really getting up on my edges anymore. I finally found them briefly tonight on a flatter portion. I feel like I am doing a lot of work in these skis. Tonight's conditions were Cascade Concrete. The last few weeks have been dust on crust, which is not my favorite. It's easy on the knees but hearing that scrape and chatter is like nails on a chalkboard. Tonight the snow was thick, wet, and heavy, but not fluffy like powder. On more than one occasion I caught the back of my ski on something and almost ate shit. However, this made for good conditions on Triple 60, which is basically my nemesis. It's steep, it's never groomed, and it's mogul hell. It usually has random ice patches that jump out and get you. I refuse to ski it unless it is a powder day or a day like today. With the snow being thick and heavy, it's a little more forgiving and slows you down. So I hit it 3x and my thighs will never forgive me. I took the picture on the blue (ha, really a green, but I think they say blue to keep the idiots away) part. It was very foggy and misty tonight, so not the clearest picture.
  10. I love me some cardio. I know everyone says ladies, you're not going to be skinny doing cardio. I don't care. I genuinely enjoy it. I think most people hate it. I find weightlifting painfully boring but I know it would be good for me. I must have some endorphin block kn weight lifting.
  11. I also like the slightly flavored water. However, I've totally had 3 glasses of wine the last few days and carbs because Q's teacher has me stressed af.
  12. So the other day I entered my actual TIME skiing (28 minutes apparently, according to Strava) and I felt like it gave me reasonable steps. My Garmin, unfortunately, gives me zero step credit for any skiing, so I always end up really low on ski days.
  13. I have to hope that the teacher referral does not carry a lot of weight. Unfortunately, her teacher seemed like a great fit and willing to accomodate and then she did a 180 on us, using a lot of shaming and just generally being rude to Q for having ADHD. So right back to where we were. Great.
  14. A couple yays. The toxic soccer season is finally over. Q played her best game of the season today and even the coach had to finally admit it. We had one sub and he started her on the bench. He ended up keeping her on the field the entire game after she came in. The girls realized they had a shot at the semi-finals in the state tournament and blew it because they all started sniping at each other and blaming each other for every tiny mistake. Basically, the same stuff they do to Q on a regular basis, but to each other. It was disappointing. That, combined with admittedly a few totally blown coaching calls ended their tournament hopes in a loss. Technically they could still move on, but only if the team they just played loses their next game 0-6. Not happening. I am thankful it is over. We've found Q a few training opportunities with other clubs and private facilities with a few of the teammates she actually liked to prepare her for tryouts in May. She has a month off until lacrosse season starts. It looks like a few of her classmates are going to play, so I hope she makes some friends at lacrosse. They combine age groups by grade, and most of her teammates from last year stayed in the lower level because they are a grade younger and only a few are moving up. We are also looking at having Q assessed for the gifted program for next school year. I think she is pretty bored and her teacher seems to be getting a little frustrated with her inattentiveness, even when I don't think she's truly not paying attention, but painfully bored and doodling to stay somewhat engaged or just sit still. We got her standardized test scores from the old school and they were back to pre-pandemic levels (90+ percentile), so I feel pretty good about her testing in. Also having E assessed, although I'm not sure they will really do a good job of accommodating him so that he can succeed. I admittedly am not sure if he's ready for that classroom environment, either. It is a grade 4/5/6 combined classroom, which is not my favorite set up. E is doing really good at school on the new incentive system. SpEd teacher is either overwhelmed or checked out, not sure which. I will be amazed if she returns next year. E also just earned his Bear rank as of this weekend. I wasn't thrilled about all the stuff we had to do at home instead of at meetings, and rushing to get it done before Blue & Gold in February (what the heck are they supposed to do the rest of the year?). However, he is very proud of himself when he earns a new belt loop, so there's that.
  15. Yeah I have been struggling with jetlag. Took a lot of naps this week lol.
  16. Tonight was a hot mess. I have never seen so many middle school ski busses in one night. The place was totally over-run by early teenage dumbasses. Q went to lessons and her and her instructor got taken out by a snowboarder right in front of the lift. I actually saw it happen right after I loaded and I set a new Strava record for getting down the hill to see if she was ok (I apparently had already set a new PR today but then I broke that by a full minute). No need for ski patrol, thankfully. She's progressing well, but I'm not sure about doing lessons next year. Might take another year off to just ski. She's with a group of older boys and keeping up with them, mostly because they are dumbass middle school boys. I think private lessons would be overwhelming, though. But she is working on getting forward in her boots, which is exactly what I want. I think we are taking her rentals back and asking for an exchange. The brake seems bent or too wide, I'm not sure. I don't think it actually affects her when she skis but it does make carrying them a total pain in the ass. Not sure we are going back to this ski shop next year. Play it Again is double the price but they had better quality skis. Not the best night. Hoping next week is better.
  17. Oh I have totally seen the ads for Carv and realized I am shit lol. I also just like to ski in control, though. I want to look like an effortless skier. I hate/love those people. I'm short and my skis are 156. I'm easy to box out. I think the issue is that there really is no place close to live to the mountain, so no one wants to work there. It used to be a bunch of south American kids working there in the winter for skiing while it is summer back home. Since COVID, though, those kids are gone. The pass is out in the middle of nowhere, and there isn't a lot of local lodging. It's not a resort town. There's a couple of cabins up there but it's not ski-in, ski-out. But yes, I'm also sure those kids make absolute crap money, too.
  18. Had the first night of lessons last night. Got there at 4:15 and it was totally dead. Like a 3 chair wait at the busiest lift. Cafeteria was dead too. Less busy than last season, and I thought last year was pretty light. It got busier around 6 and then lessons started at 7, so I went as far east as I could, away from the main lift. Probably got in 9-10 runs last night, and I ended up waiting like 20-30 minutes for Q's class to get back (bad move on my part, definitely could've gotten in another run). I am realizing this mountain is not in good shape. They are understaffed and things like lighting is starting to become an after-thought or pushed off to save costs. One of our favorite runs is temporarily closed at night because a bulb or two is burned out, but I also noticed they stopped grooming one of the closed sections so I assume its also to save on grooming. I also heard they are down to one snow-cat (they posted that they had to close a chair because one broke down, so hopefully its not that one!), so no wonder grooming is non-existent. Now that they are owned by Boyne, there is no excuse for shit like that. Skier etiquette is at an all-time low. I cannot believe how many asshats I saw loading 2 at a time on quad lifts when lines were long. On 3 runs, I rode by myself because people intentionally boxed me out at the last minute so their 3 could ride without me, or I had a group of 2 paired with me and held back so they wouldn't ride with me and get their own chair. The number of people who think they are special and deserve a private chair is ridiculous. It's one thing if its a 3 chair wait, it's another when it's a 10 minute wait to get on. I felt like a total ass riding the chair by myself because I figured people assumed I was one of those princesses needing their own chair. It was almost 4 times but once another single rider jumped on with me and we had a nice chat on the way up. Q is doing much better now with her contacts in. She is in the level 5/6 intermediate class (parallel turns, not quite up on edges yet), which is the highest level they offer for youth under 16. I actually kind of missed skiing with her, because she can keep up with me now. Her instructor said she did well (glad to hear I was right about her placement). He did say she is a good skier, but needs to slow down a bit so she can work on technique, which is exactly why I put her back in lessons. I don't want her to start in with the bad habits and get stuck there like I am. At the same time, she is used to skiing with me now, and I am a fast skier for a woman (tall dudes with long skis are way faster than me), with the exception of women who have skied on a race team or something. (Side note: my GPS died so I don't have an exact time, but pretty sure I PR'd Alpine last night and got down in about 3 minutes.) They did tell me that she can start being an assistant instructor at 13 (unpaid volunteer, but I wonder if it comes with a lift ticket), and can apply to be a certified PSIA instructor at age 15. Seriously, she might be interested enough to do it, and I would definitely help get her there if she wanted to do it. Once I dreamed of being a ski instructor but ain't nobody got time for that with 2 busy kids.
  19. I felt so bad today I had to eat something. I don't know if I'm under counting my portions or what. I'm not weighing but I tend to use volume measurements. I woke up super hungry and could not get that awful gnawing feeling to go away the entire day. Finally when I got home I ate a handful of almonds and then saw we had some apple pie left and ate that slice. Had a small bit of spaghetti for dinner and some meatballs for the protein. I feel a heck of a lot better. For breakfast I had eggs and a banana, chicken noodle soup for lunch, 10 carrots and half a hummus packet, and a prepackaged protein shake. So it's not like I'm starving myself but I felt like absolute crap.
  20. Stevens is Epic. Baker is still independent. They're only open 9-3:30, though, so we'd have to commit to all day Saturday or Sunday, no night skiing. It takes about 60-75 minutes to get to Snoqualmie depending on conditions and traffic. It can take as long as 2 hours in really bad snow. Baker is probably a good 2.5 hours away, but rarely any traffic. Stevens is about 2 hours away and the road is terrible (2 lanes, closes often, poorly plowed). Stevens is apparently operating much better this year but I've had too many bad experiences the last 5 years.
  21. I decided to buy some stuff on L.L. Bean because all the Facebook ads kept showing me cute stuff. I held off and waited for Christmas Day because they were supposed to have a big sale. $10 off a $90 sweater is not a big sale. That's a coupon. Lame.
  22. Clearly they were just closed for the holidays. They'll send it any day now.
  23. You sure it doesn't sync? https://support.walkertracker.com/article/94-devices-and-apps-that-can-link-to-your-account
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