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  1. https://abcnews.go.com/US/us-calls-pause-johnson-johnson-vaccinations-blood-clot/story?id=77040882&cid=clicksource_4380645_3_heads_hero_live_twopack_hed Glad I avoided J&J. Apparently all of the negative reactions since getting the approval have been in women, and they're looking into a possible birth control connection.
  2. Companies are pretty conservative about external hiring, usually. But once you're in and prove yourself, a lot of the old rules go away.
  3. I feel pretty comfortable giving it to my kids but obviously they won't be in the 12-15 group, they would probably be in the 6-11 or 7-11 group (wherever they decide to cut that off but my youngest turns 7 in 2 weeks so I assume he will be included in the next group). Once the adults are protected, I know people will go back to doping their kid up with Tylenol to hide a fever and sending them off to school. Not going to lie, the AstraZeneca shitshow in Europe makes me not want to do J&J for them if that is ever an option. But then again, blood clots are a normal immune response, its j
  4. My arm stopped hurting within 18 hours. Currently I'm scheduled for dose 2 on a Friday and my daughter has 2 out of town soccer games that weekend, one of which requires a ferry ride. I need to get this shit rescheduled. Then again they stomped the ferry team 13-0 the first time they played them, maybe we can skip that one.
  5. I finally broke the 3 mile barrier on my 10k training plan. I felt lousy and it was cold and I didn't want to do it, but I made myself do the workout. 44 minutes and got in 3.56 miles. I have to get ready for Ragnar Northwest Passage in July and my dumb ass volunteered for 19.2 miles.
  6. When I was a kid, we went to Benihana for every single birthday, special event. It was our family's absolute favorite restaurant. I always got the hibachi shrimp. My husband learned how to make it and has made it a few times for me. Its close. (Funny side note, my husband thinks my family goes overboard for birthdays because we let the birthday person pick their favorite restaurant for dinner and get a cake or pie of their choosing. I told him his family was weird and that he was neglected as a child.) Now we kind of have our own special occasion restaurant that's family friendly. Its a little
  7. I got my vaccine this morning. I bled a lot. Nurse Stabby McGee tried to blame dehydration but considering my arm hurt for like an hour afterward and has been fine since, I'm pretty sure she got a little excited. Husband felt like he got hit by a truck this afternoon, and a co-worker that I found a shot (Pfizer) yesterday for (because he has 2+ conditions and they want him on a flight test in May) had to take the afternoon off because he didn't feel good.
  8. So Tina can't get it because they don't think its a good idea?
  9. If they acquit him, there are going to be riots. And they probably should riot. But its going to be bad.
  10. Today's update is that they've been hanging out in the same priority phase (65+, and then finally added teachers a month ago) for 3 months is because 27% of our over 65 population is still completely unvaccinated. So are we failing to help the elderly get the vaccines, or do they do not want them? They've been going so large scale, I think the key may have been using smaller, community based vaccination sites (schools on weekends, senior centers, churches, etc). I dont want lines of grandmas around the block, but the technological component has supposedly been an issue. I ran into a bit y
  11. Agreed, at least they are going to try something! I hope it works to bring you some relief.
  12. I've heard some pretty terrible things about them as well. Sent my best friend to an unqualified doctor to do surgery on her, and then when the doctor botched the job, balked at paying for her revision surgery. So I just generally assume they are dicks. Governor announced this afternoon that everyone is eligible 4/15. They need shots in arms ASAP to avoid a 4th wave. I did manage to get my husband a shot at a mass vaccination site tomorrow, thank God. So now I have to endure a terrible wait time to cancel his on 4/21
  13. As expected, everyone in the state is posting vaccine selfies today because the eligibility tool went away today, even though several of the pharmacy partners have not updated their websites to allow people entering the new phase eligibility (ages 60-65, people with 2+ medical conditions, and grocery/restaurant/construction/manufacturing) to sign up for all the open spots they claim they have (Rite Aid and Kroger, I'm looking at you). Spent 30 minutes on the phone waiting for a place to tell me their next available was 4/21. I took it for my husband, but I will keep looking to see if I can get
  14. Cancel future appointments. I've had several friends try PT against Dr recommendation or before imaging and it worsened their condition. This guy sounds like a meathead.
  15. Found an appointment for Moderna on Friday at a pediatric office of all places lol. There is so much supply that they are giving them out mid-day to anyone at major vaccine sites because they have friends in the know. Literally 2 coworkers today posted vaccine selfies, I'm over it. Biden also said 90% of Americans should be able to get it by 4/19, so I'm just doing it. Didn't get an appointment for my husband yet, he didn't pick up the phone when I called him to ask him, and then all the slots were gone. We will try next week when we're on "spring break".
  16. Very few pharmacies. When I look at our county health vaccine finder, it only lists some Walgreens, and someone told me they got theirs at Safeway. Basically 90% is either county health department or a few major hospital networks like Kaiser Permanente. Our local Healthcare conglomerate that I would call one of the major Healthcare providers in the county told us they don't have any, despite requests.
  17. At the very least, she should leave some poop in a bag on their porch. I don't want to jump the line... but I'm about to jump the line. I'm hearing about leftover shots at the end of shifts and tons of appointment availability that isn't being filled or no-shows because everyone is on 3 lists and doesn't cancel their appointments. State is not "requiring" the eligibility questionnaire in 2 days. Our county says only 17% of the population is fully vaccinated. That is shameful. I think we've gone the wrong way with equity and state and local government isn't able or willing to pivot to
  18. Hot take/wild guess: new Cap is leader of the Flag Smashers.
  19. They probably think they're really progressive because they didn't use the R-word.
  20. I don't get how it feels like every state is opening up to every adult and we just got started on grocery store workers. Did we get screwed on doses or does no one want them in other states?
  21. So what are they so afraid of that they want this kid's parents there at all times? I'm seriously confused. Also, how does this child fall into any of those categories?
  22. Seth! You're moving! Where did you decide to move?
  23. My daughter struggles a lot with the boys in her classes. She tells me that when they get assigned to work in groups that the boys don't listen when she has ideas. And she's a totally extroverted, outspoken girl. She pushes back, but she comes home frustrated. That is a strange dynamic, Cerina. I also find it interesting because growing up all the local Scout packs/dens were run by moms and not dads, and I thought that was odd. We have 1 troop "dad" who is kind of a pain in the neck and thinks he is helping out us poor unfortunate ladies. My co-leader is an Army veteran and did desert sur
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