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  1. By the way, bribing kids with candy is also how you teach them to ski.
  2. I love everything about this. Kids crack me up.
  3. Really I am just trying to keep my daughter from getting sick. Soccer tryouts are next week and last time she tried out, she got COVID, and it really messed her up. Affected her fitness for a good 4-6 weeks, and I really think there was brain fog. I just want her to get a fair shot.
  4. 4 per person or per address? Ours is per address so 10 goes fast In a family of 4 or 5. And I found another box of 5. And my husband just tested positive this morning so now I don't have to waste any more on him.
  5. I don't know what it is, but I literally tried to walk 2 miles in London back in 2013 and it took freaking forever. I walked from my hotel near Paddington Station to The National Art Gallery and it felt like it took me all afternoon.
  6. We can get 10 free tests per month in Washington shipped to our house. I just ordered 10 after E tested positive and I think I'm already down to those 10. Eeek. After that I guess we will have to go to the pharmacy and see how to do this via insurance. Why were EMTs there again? Did you get Tina's results yet?
  7. Enjoy it because it's too damn cold up here for bathing suits right now.
  8. Do you have any at home tests? If she has had symptoms for a bit it would probably show up as a high enough viral load. I took a test at the onset of symptoms and it was negative, but 12 hours later I started to cough so I tested again and it was positive.
  9. Any updates on the job? I laid in bed yesterday, looking the same for today. I am not doing that bad but my heart rate is elevated and I'm tired. My little petri dish is in here with me and said he wants to isolate with mommy forever. He's lucky he's cute.
  10. 74 abortions seems completely unrealistic. Usually they can't even be detected until the 4th week, give a little fudge factor because abortions arent necessarily available at the walk-in clinic, so that's 5-8 years of being pregnant. I mean, even Planned Parenthood would've been like, honey, here are some pills and condoms by then. They don't actually want to do that many medical procedures on a person. Also 74 procedures seems like she would've thrown a clot or some shit by then. I don't think too many elective abortions are happening after 24 weeks. It would be interesting to see statis
  11. Ugg no thank you to high school reunions. I didn't like those people 20 years ago, I sure as hell won't like them now. My husband's 10-year was a douchebag convention. It was kind of entertaining since I was an outsider but his best friend made a drunk ass of himself.
  12. The thing about the guides tours is you don't have to worry about a damn thing. I did it when I went to France when I was 16, it was great. There is still opportunities to slow down and enjoy some culture. On the other hand, I've done a few foreign countries on our own, and its a lot more stressful and I find we don't get as much done as I want because my fellow travelers don't have the energy. My mother in law loves European river cruises. She also likes to go off the beaten path and is over confident about her navigation abilities though lol. I used Educational Tours and they might be E
  13. Well now I have it too, so E and I are quarantined together.
  14. Last night was pretty bad, his fever spiked to over 103 and he was exhausted/slightly delirious. I really thought we might have to take him to the ER last night because we gave him Tylenol and then ibuprofen and it didn't kick in for at least 2 hours. It was close, that's for sure. In good news, I think his fever has broken or is at least significantly lower without medication. Next step is to give him an expectorant because his coughing is not very productive. I really need Q to not get this. Soccer tryouts are next week and last time it affected her fitness and she had brain fog for wee
  15. Well my son tested positive today. It started off as some sniffles this weekend and then he got stuffy last night and kept coming in our room to bug us. We tested him this morning and I have never seen one of those at-home tests light up with the T line right away like it did. Yikes. By noon he had a full-blown fever and is generally miserable. Honestly, I think we are all going to get it. He is the hardest one to quarantine and we were around him all weekend. I have a feeling this variant is also a lot more contagious and vaccine resistant.
  16. Texas would pass it for sure. Maybe Mississippi, too. I'm not sure Florida normally would but their current governor would probably try. I could see 5 or so states doing it, but not the majority.
  17. I am personally pro-life but I don't think outlawing abortion universally is a good answer. Unfortunately, there are real cases where a fetus is not viable or a woman's life is actually endangered by pregnancy. And its such a political issue that I absolutely do not trust the legal system to determine that properly. I think we are setting ourselves up for even worse maternal care in this country. I do feel like this is a control issue, not a moral issue.
  18. As someone who is in the area, take a sure thing. The market is insane right now. If you can afford it, bail on the deposit if something amazing comes in, but you probably need to lock a sure thing down.
  19. Whew, soccer team coaches were announced and neither of the grumpy mean coaches will be coaching the team Q is trying out for. The really mean old one isn't coaching anyone. About time he retired. Granted, no clue who the guy is, but that's what tryouts are for, I guess.
  20. Well, people have been leaving, so you would think they would learn their lesson. The issue is, I'm not sure where else in engineering I'm going to do much better. Engineering is still run by white Boomer males, unfortunately. New meeting time is 10:30. Suck it, Boomers.
  21. Why is corporate America so hostile to working parents? In my industry, early birds are rewarded and everyone else is expected to just get in earlier. Our local on-site daycare is literally the only one in the area that opens at 5:30 AM to accomodate working parents and then manufacturing moved start times to 5 AM, and the daycare finally said screw it and refused to open any earlier. So why am I complaining? Because last year when my kids went back in-person to school I added a 7-8 AM block to my calendar because Q leaves for school at 7:30 and E's bus gets here at 7:50. I didn't add it
  22. Today I ran a 10k for the first time in almost a year. My ankles are killing me. Need to do more road running now that the weather is getting nicer.
  23. 45 minute drive seems like a pain in the ass unless you are working there, too. Heck, Q's school is a 20-25 minute drive and I'm over it right now. I probably need to go back in the office once she starts back in the fall. I dont want to establish that now and then have to beg off for wfh days in the summer. E's school is about 15-20 minutes away and I find it completely ridiculous that they sent him so far away, but apparently they are the only school with that program. I do agree it would be hard to start this late in the school year, but it might be a good way to check out the local sc
  24. Today I forgot to pick up my race packet for the 10k I am running on Sunday. Facepalm.
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