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  1. I'm not sure if Wanda created it, but she is calling at least some of the shots. But I do agree that it's containment now, whatever the origin is. But my guess is Wanda has gone insane with grief.
  2. I know you're right, I just have an obvious bias because of our terrible experience. I finally understand why people don't want to go into a nursing home if they have all their mental facilities. But I also think you're right in terms of incentives. Money talks. That would probably be a good motivator for most people in jobs like that.
  3. I've heard that about how nursing home staff is refusing to get them in several places. They should be fired. My biggest "concern" is whether or not it actually keeps you from spreading it, not whether it changes DNA or any of the dumb QAnon stuff. But I admit I have a pretty low opinion of nursing home staff since my mom lived in a few and they were mostly terrible, so I'm probably being a little harsh. I do agree wholeheartedly about wasted shots. We can't afford to. I don't think we have a big surplus locally. Edit: actually just read that yes, we do have a surplus and the governor had
  4. Not to derail too much, but I am finding myself continually disappointed and angry at how this vaccine rollout has gone at the micro-level. Hospital administration making sure they were vaccinated before ER doctors, friends and family getting vaccines before priority groups, etc. I'm actually pretty furious about how teachers under the age of 50 will not receive vaccines in our state until April, despite the pressure to re-open schools. And yesterday a friend who is a government auditor proudly announced she got her first dose because she "might" have to audit a hospital. The nepotism is disgu
  5. Michelle Obama did look awesome, as well as the Youth Nobel Laureate. Nice use of color today.
  6. There was a particularly crazy article about this the other day, how QAnon is telling people that today was going to be a bloody takeover by Trump and we all need CB radios because cell phones won't work. I did not get to watch because I had meetings. Did I miss the Trump takeover and the execution of the Democratic party?
  7. Their regular burgers are really dry and salty. And once their fries get cold they are gross. I've always preferred Wendy's for burgers and fries if I have to do fast food. But McDonald's is really good at breakfast. IMO, that's what they do best.
  8. I mean, for a fast food burger, In-N-Out is good. Definitely a step up from McDonald's or Burger King. We almost always get In-N-Out for lunch when we visit family in California because its nearby and it is the only junk food my husband will eat. We have a local chain called Blazing Onion that is probably more equivalent to Red Robin but better. Since they are pretty easy to get to-go, I usually just call in my order and grab it. Five Guys is so greasy. Gross. Chick-fil-A waffle fries are good, and I think once I got a chicken salad sandwich so I am a fan. But I eat there pretty rar
  9. I hated both Hulk origin stories. I'm glad they just finally moved on. Same with Fantastic Four, let's not revisit the origins. Recast and throw them in like they've been doing this all along.
  10. Yeah I'm in agreement on season release instead of week by week. But mostly because I need something to binge watch. My husband picked up on all the SWORD symbols immediately. I'm trying to figure out if Wanda is in control or not. Based on her saying "No" to the beekeeper coming out of the sewer (with a SWORD insignia on his back) and the rewind, I think she might be in control, but that seems to conflict with the voice on the radio. Her neighbor is totally an agent. She's too ready to help.
  11. Bwahahaha. This aged like a fine wine. By the way, go back to the beginning of this thread for some laughs, folks. Oh how naive we were.
  12. Do they have you on any antibiotics or steroids or anything? I can't believe how long this is lasting for you. I mean. My husband felt like shit for a month but the pneumonia resolved pretty well once they started him on antibiotics. After about a week I was significantly less worried.
  13. Mmmm Thai food. Quarantine has been rough because my husband, while we love Asian food, does not cook it very often. I mean, we do a fair bit of stir-fry and he does broccoli beef well, but like, I would kill for some legit panang curry. We really haven't gotten any carry out food, just like 2 or 3 meal kits from a few special occasion restaurants or wineries where we had to do the prep, they just provided the ingredients. I am going out to eat all the time when this crap is over.
  14. Ouch, that does sound like a stone. I've never had one but I've heard its awful.
  15. My mom would practically barf if I even talked about eating Indian food. She would say, "But its GREEN." OK Mom, not all of it, but you eat lots of green food without issue. Its probably spinach, mom! So basically I was raised the same way as Krawlie. But we ate at Mexican and Chinese restaurants pretty regularly.
  16. My husband was a bank teller for his first job out of college. It wasn't a bad gig. You will be expected to wear a tie every day, though.
  17. I think it was the cloning process, but the OG was a megalomaniac, so, not far off.
  18. I think it was the cloning process, but the OG was a megalomaniac, so, not far off.
  19. I think it was the cloning process, but the OG was a megalomaniac, so, not far off.
  20. I mean, to get back to it, I'm pretty sure this is just fan wank and we will get Thrawn in Ahsoka's show. But is the idea of an insane cloned Jedi Master really that terrible? C'baoth as a character made sense. Sure the Luuke part is cheesy but that was one small part of book 3. You could still do a large part of that story without that. But I don't think we will get any stories about the Big 3 between the OT and ST. What I wouldn't mind is a young Princess Leia series. The book was good, at least.
  21. I was drinking water when I read this.
  22. Made cheesy beer bread in a fun pan. Recipe needs a little tweaking. My husband thinks it needs butter instead of olive oil, thinks it would give it a sweeter flavor. Its very peppery, might cut down on the black pepper next time. But still tasty.
  23. I'm going to admit that I struggle with "free speech". I think there are dangerous people and dangerous ideas. I think of free speech more in thr context of the government can't come after you for being critical, not that you get to say whatever the hell you want without consequences, especially when that language is violent or threatening. That said, I am not so sure I connected the dots between Trump announcing he will not be at the inauguration and that being a signal to attack or interrupt. Honestly, no matter what, this inauguration needs to be secure, even before Trump said that. I think
  24. From what I understand, he likely cannot pardon himself because its a principal of the judicial system that you cannot be your own judge or jury. Basic conflict of interest. That said, if he tries it, it will likely go to the Supreme Court. Honestly, much as we all screamed about Judge Barrett, it sounds like she is actually a very good judge and not an idiot. I do not think his appointees feel they will owe him anything if he tries to pull this. They might go for overturning Roe v Wade, but I do not think they will let him blatantly break the law.
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