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  1. I almost added Prince Charles and Harrison Ford!
  2. Camilla Parker Bowels Macaulay Culkin Elizabeth Hurley Harvey Weinstein Alan Greenspan Keith Richards Johnny Depp Bob Barker Jimmy Carter Heather DeLoach (Bee Girl)
  3. Louie Anderson! No way anyone would have had them, right?
  4. It's odd knowing I have a heart problem. Like a HEART. PROBLEM. Shit's getting serious. ADHD peeps, I'm so sorry for your stress <3 Everyone have all their teeth, still?
  5. So, during a routine physical my doctor found I now have A-Fib. He said the good news is that it's probably medication related and suggested a procedure called a cardioversion in which they restart the heart. I had the procedure yesterday and it didn't work. I don't yet know what my options are. They gave me propofol and I see why Michael Jackson liked it so much, although it made for a mentally and physically fuzzy evening. I remember the anesthesiologist saying "this might feel spicy in your IV" then they were waking me up. It's getting so every time I go to the damn doctor he find
  6. Are we making lists for 2022?
  7. You're smoking crack. Beverly never saved Tootie from a pimp!
  8. Did you have to pee when you woke up?
  9. A guy my good friend is married to has Omicron and is going about his (busy) business as usual. My friend is re-assessing her marriage to a man who "can't be bothered to not go out to a restaurant and compromise his lifestyle to maybe save someone's health". I can't imagine.
  10. Eels/Christmas is Going to the Dogs Five for Fighting/Policeman's Xmas Party Sarah Taylor/I've Got Some Presents for Santa Berlin Symphony Orchestra/ The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Break mix)
  11. Spam, I expected more drama from your fam this holiday
  12. I'll bet she's seen Poltergeist. I think I recall her saying she loves the Halloween films. I'm also guessing she's seen the original Nightmare on Elm Street-that's a good one. The Thing- I love that movie I haven't yet seen the Whole Truth-that might be fun
  13. No ongoing issues but the Pfizer booster kicked my ass. I was very sick for just about 36 hours....horrid headache, skin sensitivity and vomiting
  14. Does not need to be holiday related. Gremlins isn't horror enough, I think
  15. would be good to watch with a 12 year-old female who loves and says she laughs at horror films. She'll be among Christmas guests at my friend's house on Saturday I just watched Rare Exports:A Christmas Tale but I think it moves too slowly and it's in Finnish. I was thinking of Let The Right One In? I can't narrow it down and don't know enough about the kid. I'll have access to amazon prime, netflix and apple tv. Katrina, Seth, anyone?
  16. It just takes one great experience for me to be a brand loyalist. I'd buy a Toyota but I'm Honda for life, really. I had three great Honda experiences. Food, I just go with what I find tasty. I can't be loyal to perishables. That said, I shun certain places and brands because of their politics (Chik Fil A, Barilla) I'm all about Lancome and l'occitane skin stuff. They are superior if pricey brands. I do i-phones because I've done them since cell phones started, but I don't really like the experience overall. I'm not down with learning all over with an android. I hope to nev
  17. EVERY traffic report I did today was wrong. EVERY. TIME. I did a report on a backup that had no apparent cause, we'd get the info on the accident that caused it. Once a report is sent, I can't fix it or recall it. Then listeners have to wait another 20-30 minutes to hear the update. Today's timing was hilariously off for every report. People in the Puget Sound area are cursing my name today and I want to eat worms.
  18. I wish I were more like you, whatever it is that allows you to process death so cleanly. My mom has a rare cancer and is opting not to treat it and I am falling apart. And I'm an only child so I can't afford to feel this just yet. I'm barely getting better about my Dad's death four years ago
  19. Her cable TV 'stopped working' and I'm trying to help her get it back from across the country. You guys wouldn't believe the conversations. or maybe, you would.
  20. You want a list? I need a copious amount of shit just to get through any given day.
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