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  1. I have a FB freind who keeps saying this 'road of censorship' we're on is dangerous. She keep yelling Trump is being censored and when I point out that even the definition of the word in the dictionary includes an authority, she ignores me and says it's still censorship. According to her, it's also censorship when every TV channel doesn't go live to trump whenever he speaks anywhere on anything. By these standards, I'm being censored by the MSM
  2. It was close to this but they did something different with the white portion
  3. They do this in Pittsburgh when it snows. They put their dining room chairs in street spaces after they shovel out their own parking spots. People learn; respect the chair https://www.google.com/search?q=pittsburgh+respect+the+chair&sxsrf=ALeKk01ielGLCpO_2T-m3SBqBewuMkcz0g:1610129972765&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiRg8bI-YzuAhWkCjQIHZGNDggQ_AUoAXoECA8QAw&biw=1280&bih=607#imgrc=LNN2mBDJxoKNAM
  4. OMHG SPAM BUY IT!!!!! I have to get serious about moving. My complex dropped month-to-month payments ad made us all sign new leases. Mine is 10 months and I will NOT sign a new one here. I have to start selling and packing shit.
  5. The craziest in the crowd definitely dressed like the most rabid NFL fans. I hope somebody in law enforcement was taking notes. A couple dozen home grown crays also breached the gates at the WA State Governor's mansion and much like the Capitol idiots, had no idea what to do once they got in. Nice plans.
  6. I will watch all of those formula Hallmark movies and enjoy them at least once. The Christmas Card is still a fave and anything with Lindy Booth is worth it to me. I also like the one with Columbo as a magical angel . The only thing the above Bingo card is missing-the movies star either Lindy Booth, Candace Cameron Bure or Danica Keller. I like Elf and am sort of meh on Will Ferrell. I like every version of A Christmas Carol. I watched a film called Christmas Story (made in Finland) this year that gave a new/old spin on where Santa Claus came from. I love odd holiday films but not so odd as cr
  7. so, do your 2 bouts feel the same to you? How are you faring now?
  8. Since I don't have kids or much of a family, I've asked a friend's kid to take care of me in my old age and she has agreed to. I want to load up on life insurance policies to make her rich when I finally kick. I don't want any heroic measures and hope she doesn't really have to DO anything but sign me into a home once my mind has gone, completely.
  9. For me, aging is only a bother because of the things I can't do like I did when I was in my 20s, like drink. It takes much longer to get a buzz and by the time i do, I'm ready to pass out. And a really good time takes more than 2 days of active care to recover. SO not worth it . And time goes faster the older you get. The 90s seem like they just happened MAYBE 10 years ago to me. I feel 40 something, not 62. I LOOK 89.
  10. This blows. Two of my good friends (in Colorado) also now have it. He went to a concert-I'm not sure if he told her at first. He's a Trump fan so I suspect he didn't think it was a big deal. I love the dude and don't want him to suffer but I'm pissed.
  11. I would but they never use what I buy for them
  12. I volunteer to slap and/or kill Icyhot's stoopid co-worker. I also have ZERO sympathy for Guiliani and will not be able to stop myself from dancing a jig of glee if he succumbs to the COVID. Fucking fuck faced fucker
  13. For me, an album can't be called great on one hit song. As much as I'm meh on the Eagles, I'd say Hotel CA is a great album. It spawned three hit singles and doesn't have an unrecognizable tune on it. Joe Walsh meshed so well with the band and enhanced their sound. And they had a theme for the album that was laced well throughout the songs. AND it charted twice because of a re-release. Not many bands have pulled off all of this with one album, let alone many. I've never been a big fan of Metallica so I can't say about them. Other albums I'd call great: AC/DC Back in Black, Flo
  14. I honestly don't get the problem. People are just being giant dicks for no reason
  15. "It was like...magic" "You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie" “It’s easier to be killed by a terrorist than it is to find a husband over the age of 40.” 'That statistic is not true.' 'Didn’t you see ‘Fatal Attraction?' I don't get it, either. Fraser isn't big here.
  16. My last Aunt died of COVID over the weekend. My Dad's whole family is now gone-like they were never here. It's odd
  17. Yeah, that cat's been assembled incorrectly. You've voided your warranty
  18. Tell me. I f I never hear another line from Sleepless in Seattle, it'd be nice
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