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  1. I assumed she was wearing a taco costume.
  2. I would just send a chat that you are excusing yourself for a bio break and turn off your camera. They don't own you!
  3. If you are a white, male, middle-aged engineer, I probably hate you right now. What a bunch of whiners.
  4. I already figured it out that wa... I mean, oh really?
  5. Are we all fessing up to stalking Tank's f-list after that clue? Or are we pretending we didn't?
  6. Did you accidentally friend request one of the other dudes or something?
  7. I hope Dad's surgery goes well. Hopefully the hotel has a pool or something to keep the kids busy, something like that is a nice distraction and a special treat.
  8. Shit, I used to be straight-up conservative up until about 5-6 years ago. Now I'm practically a bleeding heart liberal by comparison. Something really ugly has happened within the Republican party since then, and its only served to turn many rational Republicans away. I think many Republicans may have actually sighed in relief that Trump lost. They can bitch about Biden but save face to themselves now that Trump is gone. I can't get on board with Libertarians, either. They're somehow the complete opposite of what I believe.
  9. I'm so glad your dad is getting the transplant. What do YOU want to do? As someone who has been in your shoes, do what you need to do during the wait. My mom's family always camped in the waiting area and fretted. Personally, I needed some distance during that waiting time.
  10. So, on this topic, I've tried to post on Reddit and other boards that cater to my non-nerd interests like sportsing, and I can't even. It's just so toxic and I find myself hating humanity.
  11. Where does he hang out most of the time? Mine is either in the spare room which is part office/guest room/theater room most nights. That means I can hang out in the living room downstairs if I need a break. He's naturally an introvert, though, so mostly I think he's the one who needs the space, not me.
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