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  1. Which one of you is really Amanda now? I'm betting Odine or Jacob.
  2. Thank you. While I try to let most people on here be (because let's face it, its not exactly a Hotspot on the internet anymore, and we've all put up with each other's shit for this long), its become increasingly uncomfortable and I was actively avoiding discussions he was involved in. I think he is probably struggling with the pandemic like many of us are (since that seems to line up with a lot of his escalation in behavior), you can't make other people miserable just because you are. I hope he gets help and finds peace. ASD or not, there was certainly a healthy dose of narcissist behavio
  3. I kind of read it as single moms have a higher priority than you, and Z clearly expects to be the center of someone's universe. (Although Odine didn't say it, I sure as hell thought it.) I mean, that is true. Single moms need a man who is independent enough, mature enough, and confident enough to be able to accept that he will likely be 2nd fiddle for quite some time, and that when you have kids, they often take priority over other adults who aren't in some sort of true emotional or physical crisis. Single moms don't have time for relationship novices.
  4. Ha! I didn't realize you were in Aurora. I have a bunch of family out there. But yes, getting crowded. And I don't think any of my cousins' kids go to your school.
  5. Can we ship direct from Home Depot and just pay for expedited shipping?
  6. Hoping it would only be 2 days a week. But yeah, I did it for my internship for 3 months and did 45 miles one way daily when I lived there. The commute was not sustainable, for me, at least.
  7. I was thinking about that the other day and wondering if ULA had approved her to work from Durango. I mean, if she really needed to go in for something important, she could, she would just need some notice. I'm glad they approved that so that you can both live the good life! Seriously still thinking about asking if we can move back to Florida but report to Titusville a few days a week. Or at least working from there for the summer (but my MIL lives 60 miles away so that would be a haul on those days).
  8. Glad they are ok. I want to send them a pizza or something, but do the restaurants in their area even have power?
  9. My company had chilled out for awhile because things were so bad during winter. Now they're starting to talk about return to office again, targeting no earlier than end of 2Q2021. So just in time for all of us to scramble for summer camps. Ugh. They had also been talking about some of us being permanently remote and now they're all like don't move to Idaho, you're going to need to be here 2-4 days a week, which is up from most of you will only be in the office 2 days a week. There goes my dream of moving to the boonies. Honestly, I don't want to deal with finding summer camp every week. S
  10. I'm glad you are doing better Zathras. I don't have much experience with depression so I don't have advice, but I am cheering for you.
  11. I'm so sorry. What a mess. I can't believe how cold it got there. You see that in the Midwest all the time but we've only had it that cold once in Seattle in the 15 years I've been here. We almost had a frozen pipe too and had to use a space heater for a few days and run the kitchen sink to keep it from freezing completely. It was nuts and I was over it, too.
  12. Good luck! I hear you on the stupid crowds to do outdoor recreation. I'm glad you finally landed the job. We moved with a 1-year old and it sucked. We packed and unpacked ourselves. We hired movers moving day, though, and that was worth every penny. Next time I will sell the house empty or staged and deal with 2 mortgages for a short period (most of them actually give you 2-3 months to make your first payment anyway. Showing a house with kids and a dog is awful. We also waited to put bids on houses until our own house sold and we almost ended up homeless.
  13. I know I posted on your Facebook, Spam, but I'm so sorry about Nan. What a lady.
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