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  1. We got to do our final walk-thru on Friday morning. The homeowner decided to give us the grand tour, which was highly unusual. He also disclosed all the DIY work he did that they did not disclose in the actual disclosures paperwork. I think I see why they didn't do a Pre-inspection. We only had time for a major systems inspection (heating, roof, stuff like that) with a verbal report instead of a full inspection. They were nowhere near moved out and had 2 large pods in the driveway. That crap better be gone by Tuesday. I think they are leaving us a mess with a lot of holes in walls or unwanted
  2. Bought a 24 pack of the big flood light light bulbs for our house to make them all match size-wise, per our realtor's request. Got them all installed, found one broken one, didn't want to return the whole 12 pack and risk getting another broken one. Today one of the old light bulbs burned out.
  3. In good news, the school laid out their COVID protocols in a very clear and concise manner today and it's basically "have symptoms, stay home until they are gone, even with a negative test". I've always chalked it up to utter selfishness at being inconvenienced, but you might be on to something there.
  4. Got more info. Its been one big game of telephone. I'm not sure if we have 1 bad communicator or several. The behaviorist was supposedly there to observe another student in his class. I've heard that line before, his preschool pulled the same thing. So they have zero documentation on what the behaviorist observed. They did call his old school. They have a brand new principal from out of state who said oh yeah that's the behavior program. He has zero context or history of the pilot program for neurodiverse students. His teacher told me that she just got the request tonight to call ove
  5. We have so many parents at my daughter's school who are screaming to not have to wear masks any more and basically have the school operate like its 2019. Do these people live in some sort of altered reality? Honestly, I might not be able to keep my daughter there if they listen to people like this.
  6. Well the other shoe dropped. Turns out they were fighting me, just behind my back. Got a call from the director of Special Education today that they needed to place him elsewhere, was told her phone has been ringing off the hook and they brought in a behaviorist. When I called the principal later to ream her out, she claimed that they had only just called today. Yeah right, so how did a behaviorist come watch him so fast? We know nothing happens fast with this stuff. I think they freaked out after his first bad day, and from what I've been able to tell over the last few days, they can't get ou
  7. You ever have a hard time getting your shower clean no matter how hard you scrub? Re-caulking works miracles. Also, taking the door entirely off of the shower and taking it apart to clean it helps, too.
  8. Fingers crossed for you. Offer still stands if this one doesn't work out.
  9. Congratulations to your son! That is a lot of hard work!
  10. Thats how I feel about project management jobs. I liked my boss. I liked my coworkers. I got a lot of praise and was told I was good at it. I was bored stiff. My manager is quitting the company. She is burned out from having too much put on her shoulders and fighting for good. No idea who I will get as a manager, but at least some of the worst options just got shuffled around so they will be staying there for awhile.
  11. First week of school was a little rough. He's learning routines and day 1 was super extra. Like, can count on one hand the number of days like that he has had in his life. He's nervous and not sleeping well and it's resulting in him acting out. I think we need to find a way to help with sleep apnea. We suspected it and went to ENT to have his adenoids and tonsils looked at, ENT punted to a sleep study that we had to wait 6 months for and cost thousands, and then we got the results back which determined he did indeed have sleep apnea, cause unknown. Then COVID happened, couldn't get in for
  12. I didn't care for the zombie episode. I just think the genre is tired and overdone.
  13. End of Sunday and the dining room is definitely more full with boxes, and my kids are mostly down to the bare minimum of clothes that they could live out of a suitcase and just their bed linens. Our room is close, as well. This leaves the bathrooms, the laundry room (30% done), kitchen, and the bonus room/office to pack. We are taking 3 days off work this week to pack and finish up the project list. If we do well, we might be back at work on Friday (not holding my breath). My husband painted one pantry door before we realized it didn't look very good. So we decided to patch and paint our old d
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