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  1. So almost all my anti social distancing friends are catching COVID. I'll just leave that out there.
  2. Is there a reason she hates you so much? I've only come across one manager like this in my career and it wasn't quite this extreme, but it was because he was underperforming himself and looking for scapegoats.
  3. My dad is still working. He is an optometrist so he is still in the medical field, but obviously not front line like an ER doctor or on a COVID unit. He knows he is not first priority and is glad because he wants to see how it goes, but I think you are right, its really long-term effects that we won't know, not immediate effects. I unfortunately can't blame the black and minority communities for being distrustful. I'm OK with being one of the last because of where I ultimately fall in the priority order, but I will be getting that thing asap.
  4. So now we're talking vaccines, who should get them first? https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/vaccine-decides-things/story?id=74463065&cid=clicksource_4380645_2_heads_hero_live_twopack_hed Towards the middle to end of the article, they talk about equity for low-income and minority communities getting it sooner rather than later. Admittedly this was something I hadn't thought of. The obvious first priority is health care workers and the elderly. This is actually something my daughter and I discussed tonight, because I told her that I hoped teachers would be 2nd or 3rd priority. I still thi
  5. This is reminding me that my first impression of Dooku was C'baoth ripoff. Christopher Lee would've been perfect in that role, too.
  6. We had to bust out the baby gate again this year. She's already climbed on the couch to reach over and attempted to steal an ornament.
  7. Ah I was waiting for Tank to show up. His Thrawn/Zahn hate is legendary. He is a bit of a Mary Sue, admittedly. Even in the new novels, he's pretty much perfect with the exception of his political savvy, and then he pretty much works to make it irrelevant. That said, I still enjoy his stories and Zahn is still the best Star Wars writer. Claudia Gray and E.K. Johnston have so far been the only other new one I've liked, and they write the heroine novels.
  8. 38/F/Snohomish County, WA Technically, I live in unincorporated Snohomish County, but within the area that the city of Mill Creek could annex. They won't, though, because poor urban planning has resulted in such a high density that they'll never make enough from property taxes to break even on providing fire, police, and other services to us. But I live 1 block outside of city limits, which saves me $1-2k on car tabs every year. Not sure you could convince me to move into a RTA tax zone. There is a wide socioeconomic range out here. There has been an emphasis on low-income housing as of l
  9. I bought a robotics kit for my Girl Scout troop. That's about the peak of my Black Friday shopping excitement.
  10. Closest we had was my MIL making comments about everyone's hair. Sorry lady, haircuts aren't on the priority list here. So my husband chopped his hair off today. Honestly, should've done it months ago. I started refusing to help because he's so picky and wigs out if he thinks you made a mistake. Was tempted to pull a Jackass on him and put the clippers on low and give him a reverse Mohawk last time. It'll look good in a few weeks.
  11. Nom, Cougar Gold. Sounds like a nice day at Jackie's.
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