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  1. Fair, but I think they were all surprised when Mitch pulled those shenanigans at the end of Obama's term that the next president got to pick the Supreme Court replacement. After that, she was forced to stick it out.
  2. That's inconsiderate, for sure. I mean, hell, I finally figured out how to set up Microsoft Teams tonight and decided to stick with Zoom for our Girl Scout meeting tomorrow because 18 HOURS is not enough notice for these folks. We've been having a lot of technology challenges. My son's poor teacher is having a hard time so I do give her a lot of grace. Yesterday, though, I may have not been super gracious when I tried to join a meeting and the password didn't work. She was texting me and finally I said look I've been trying for 10 minutes and I have a meeting, sorry but I give up. I know
  3. Its Brando, but I can't figure out why, either. Hopefully we didn't finally piss him off.
  4. It certainly does create a strange sense of familiarity. We had that beige, orange and brown flowered couch that pretty much everyone had when I was a kid. What I find more horrifying is 90s decor. My parents decorated everything in aqua and pink. *shudder* Then for some reason when I went off to college in 2000, they wallpapered the hallway in this awful beige textured stuff that I'm pretty sure came from my dad's old office in the 80s. Sure enough, when they sold the house in 2005, they had to rip it out and paint the walls white. Admittedly, everyone is painting their cabinets now and
  5. One of our friends in college made the mistake of telling us he was worried because he had developed a large lump on one testicle. I told him dude, its your balls, go see someone. He did and it was an ingrown pubic hair. Occasionally I like to remind him of his third testicle. He's married to a doctor now, so she thinks its hilarious. (Side note, that's the wedding I attended in Columbus where I met Brando.)
  6. Ah grandparent houses, we meet again. For those of us early millennials, this is all a familiar sight. I would totally ask for the table. I wouldn't have taken this on except for Trevor. Get a dumpster because its going to be a lot of stuff to rip out, unless you do it verrryyyy slowly. I would probably start with paint, tearing down wallpaper, and light fixtures. After that, I would go after the flooring. Errr, actually first I would do the popcorn ceiling and do it before you move in. And get Trevor a gas mask or whatever is required for dealing with that. Kitchen and bathrooms last as
  7. Oh thank God I remembered my password. Dammit I can't use my phone emojis anymore.
  8. Spam, Amazon has them in like packs of 12. I don't know how much she goes through.
  9. Yeah, it's sold out everywhere. Which is especially horrible for people who have to do injections, like people with diabetes.Crap, we just ran out. We have some witch hazel still, I guess that will have to do.
  10. Lots of restaurants have massively simplified their menus as well, and have said the changes will probably be permanent. Sorry Taco Bell lovers.
  11. I admit to being a cardio junkie. But maybe I need to do some weight training for awhile, because I'm just so stressed out that I can't even enjoy working out, which was usually my de-stresser. I also need something I can do at 10pm when the kids are in bed. But lately I just want to sleep. I wish I was good at yoga. Seriously, I'm so bad it's comical.
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