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  1. Did you ever get COVID? I'm wondering if people with strong immune responses already had the disease. My son tested negative again, its now day 14 since my daughter started showing symptoms and 4 days since we released her from isolation. I'm admittedly really irritated that my son has to stay out for 18-20 days (and some of my know-it-all friends have said it should really be 24 days). The district is implementing a test to stay program the day he comes back. I could scream. I get it that usually if a sibling gets it, so will the others, but we are uptight around here and follow rules. D
  2. Well, now that I'm thinking about it, this dad in particular sends his kids to one of these schools: https://kuow.org/stories/massive-school-covid-outbreaks-occurred-at-seattle-area-schools-with-lax-protocols So, kind of lines up. A lot of people I work with send their kids to private Christian schools in the area because I don't think our area public schools are very strong, unfortunately, especially in the more rural areas where these folks tend to live. But yes, I'm inclined to likening them to a child throwing a tantrum about something silly because they skipped nap.
  3. I know several people like this at work. Fortunately, they all got the vaccine as soon as it was offered anyway, but they don't like the gubment telling them what to do. I had a frustrating conversation with a guy at work who realized I was religious and thought it was an opening to asking how I'm handling my religious exemption. Sorry bro, already vaxxed and have been personally affected. He told me he really wants this other vaccine that's more "natural" and doesn't use the spike protein. So I go look it up and it sure looks interesting, but it still has the spike protein, bro, its righ
  4. I think we're going to do Friendsgiving next year since our family never comes anyway. Gonna invite my chef friend, she will make some good stuff.
  5. Once we get all of the kids vaccinated whose parents want them to be, I am all about dropping mask mandated and letting the crazies reap what they sow. Dammit, that doesn't include kids under 5 yet. Ugh. I will wait until those kids are protected before I enjoy watching the Darwin Olympics, Pandemic edition.
  6. We have a Volvo S60 and a Volvo V60 and pretty sure they are too damn small for us (the trunk space is decent in the S60, surprisingly, but that leaves no place for the dog). After driving a Highlander for 12 years, it feels pretty cramped. Waiting for that damn F150 Lightning for like 6 months now and they haven't even asked us to pick anything out for it. So I'm going to be a hippie lesbian eventually.
  7. Oooof. Hopefully a legit shop can get it back up and running fast.
  8. I used to own a Toyota Highlander so probably just means married to a vanilla dude with 2+ kids and a dog to haul around.
  9. My husband finally remembered that we have culinary lavender so he seasoned the turkey with lavender, rosemary and sage. I made a half recipe of stuffing and realized I always make a half recipe, so I still have way too much. Husband did have fingerling potatoes stashed somewhere so he cooked those with the Brussel sprouts. My pumpkin pie spilled all over the damn oven for the fifth year in a row so I've now sworn off making my own pumpkin pie and will just buy it from now on (and honestly, my homemade stuff isn't as good anyway). So now I am drinking red mulled wine and it is good. Maybe
  10. What was on your menu? We postponed by a day because our daughter was in isolation, but planning on turkey (may smoke half of it in our Traeger), cranberry & orange relish, cranberry/apple dressing, rolls, oven-roasted Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, and pumpkin pie. Its just the 4 of us, so keeping it simple. I realized we forgot potatoes, but probably not the end of the world because the kids are not the biggest fans of the mashed stuff. Also found some oatmilk eggnog at the store and it is good. Maybe some hot mulled wine, too.
  11. Yeah I think Fozzie's suggestion is pretty straightforward. 1. What can we do to help? 2. Here is how to apply for/contact FMLA. (If you can give her the forms yourself, great. If she has to call a company, get her the number, at least.)
  12. They agreed to revise the timeline for my son to match the heath dept definition of when my daughter needed to begin isolation, so he can now come back on December 6th. Also the district announced they will have a "test to stay" option for kids who are exposed starting 12/6. FML. My daughter is no longer symptomatic and her 10 days is up after Thursday, so we will make Thanksgiving one day late so she can join us. Poor kid has been holed up in her room and has been a pretty good sport about it (ok, Dad also bought her a TV Friday night so that probably helped). My son continues to te
  13. Need to see your boys! I love Halloween. Even before I had kids I loved seeing all the costumes when they would come by. One of my favorites was a little boy in a legit Buzz Lightyear costume who would yell, "To infinity, and beyond!" when you gave him candy.
  14. Illinois does it to keep all the cheeseheads out.
  15. Is dad's name Job? Holy shit.
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