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  1. I don’t know. Stop trying? Doesn’t feel like the time, really. Looking at it from the outside and from a great distance I kind of think your career has never been on more of an upswing. I can’t turn around these days without seeing you retweeted on someone else’s Twitter — forgive me, I don’t have a Twitter account, I don’t know how it works, I don’t follow you, I don’t follow anyone, does the Twitter computer know I ‘know’ you? — like, I knew about your book coming out before seeing it in this thread because someone else retweeted your tweet about it. Someone else is always out there retweeting your tweets! Stop trying now? When you are so Twitter famous that even I see your Tweets? Seems like a bad idea to me. My advice is to wait for the strike to be over. Wait for the inevitable victory over the dumbest rich people ever AND THEN maybe consider stopping trying. At least go out on top! If you need to make money in the interim, well, I don’t know. Welding? If you want to, sure, but at this point you talking about going back to school to weld sounds like when Greg Behrendt was on his old podcast talking about going back to school so he could become a barber. I don’t know. How long does it take to do that? I guess it all depends on what’s practical. I don’t see how it’s, like, ‘stopping trying’ to pay the bills any way you can in whatever way you can. There’s that bit in Martin Short’s biography where he talks about dealing with the fact that his career wasn’t always going great and sometimes wasn’t going at all with just doing whatever he was allowed to do whenever he was allowed to do it and not saying no to stuff and just being happy to get the chance to work — if ‘they’ would let him do movies then he’d do movies, if ‘they’ would let him do TV then he’d do TV, if ‘they’ would let him be on stage he’d be on stage, if ‘they’ would let him do voice work for a direct-to-DVD animated sequel he’d do that, whatever came his way. I don’t know what is and isn’t practical but considering you must have a resumé substantially different from lots of people out there it shouldn’t be that difficult to stretch the truth and ... there was that Twitter thread giving advice on this subject. I don’t know. This is kind of what Kirk was going through in WoK and everything worked out great for him!!!!1!
  2. Oh dear! I hope everyone sick feels better soon, of course!
  3. Oh, wait. It was actually two things! Here’s the second half of it:
  4. I don’t think I had any thoughts re: the Georgia stuff but the previous indictment uncorked something in me — I’ll see if I can find it and copy’n’paste it — okay, here it is:
  5. Whoops. It is not hell yeah. It is hell no. I realize now I got this guy — spelled it wrong, too, it’s Admiral Nagawa — confused with Admiral Nogura from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) and he’s also in some of the books. Neither of these two appear to be the guy with Robert April in the final scene of the season premiere. That guy is Commodore Tafune.
  6. I waited until the season was almost over to watch. Pretty good! Most of the episodes were really quite well done. Eight out of ten, really. I didn’t like the finale and I didn’t like the sixth episode. I feel like there’s only two or three complaints about the season as a whole that I didn’t otherwise address. COMPLAINT #1: James T. Kirk. James T. Kirk is always just showing up! Why!?!?1? I guess maybe it’s the thing with how, like, Worf would be in Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) and in Staᴙ Trek: Nemǝsis (2002). And apparently, although it’s left a little unclear onscreen, Worf goes on to be captain of the Enterprise-E until it meets some kind of disastrous end. What’s my point? My point is I guess it’s Star Trek tradition for captains of the Enterprise to just inexplicably be around for no reason because they were on the old show. James T. Kirk is not Spider-Man. Spider-Man can just show up as a guest star or do a cameo and it’s, like, whatever. He’s teaming up in someone else’s book. It’s fine. The whole narrative doesn’t necessarily revolve around him. Kirk is not like that. A story with Kirk in it becomes a story about Kirk. It doesn’t matter if he’s alternate universe Kirk. It’s still James T. Kirk. The people making this show seriously expect me to care about Lt. Noonien-Singh in stories about him and her interacting!? What!? Oh no! How will her broken heart heal when he dies in her arms, how will she deal with interacting with his canonical reality self, how can she keep the secret of their time travel shenanigans from him, how can she manage once it turns out he’s still seeing his steady off and on!!!? There’s like four episodes with Kirk in it this year! They won’t stop shoving this guy in front of my face! James T. Kirk doesn’t make sense as a character outside of his role as an intersecting apex of other points of view. He doesn’t work as a foil to his brother or opposite the granddaughter of a guy who will one day temporarily kill his best friend! He works when he’s talking to Spock or when he’s talking to Bones. When there’s a moral problem or a sci-fi make’em’up at play for him to be the one to solve! He can’t really be the second banana. There’s no life in the guy if he’s on his own. He says so, explicitly! COMPLAINT #2: Wait. I think I actually talked about this. I really don’t like the empty space in the struts, the pylons, the thingmabobs connecting the nacelles to the main body of the ship. Doesn’t look good to me. They need to put the ship through another refit next year and fix it so it looks normal. COMPLAINT #3: I was sure there was something else but I forgot what it was. Must not have been too important. I’ll file the grievance if I can ever recall it oh wait as I am typing these words I just remembered what it was. Twenty plus years of Star Trek prequels and still no Dax symbiont how come give us Dax during this time she is supposed to be a gymnast who boned Bones give us Dax give us Emony Dax or whomever it was during TOS times come on stop playing around with ENT references and give us Dax. ENT wouldn’t give us the Dax! I want Dax! Dax dax dax! The stuff with Trill people in the future on DSC wasn’t good enough! Daxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!1!
  7. Oh dear! Usually my sympathies are with the bike people — I’m not one, they frighten me when they ride on the sidewalk (MY DOMAIN!), but nevertheless and nonetheless they are not car people and are thus uneasy allies against the common enemy of all peoples (a second Permian–Triassic extinction!) — but in this case it sounds like he was very much in the wrong. I’m sorry this happened to you!
  8. Wow! Cool shirts and socks!
  9. A happy Independence Day to all who celebrate and bienvenue au Canada to all immigrants — although, uh, the rot is kind of here as well, I don’t think we’ll really escape the fate of our neighbours, still probably the best of all available options to those who can take it — and, I don’t know, G-d save the Queen King!?!? What!?!? Have you heard about this? She died!!!1!
  10. I thought I didn’t have any opinions on this guy but I checked my notebook and it turns out ... I did!?!?
  11. I’ve been mulling this over and over in my mind — much like Russell Crowe’s, it’s a beaut! — because the takes just keep on coming re: this thing. The world wonders! Here’s what I’ve arrived at: I feel like a bunch of people sinking themselves by the Titanic is just innately funny. Doesn’t matter who it happens to. There could have been among the dead an innocent babe who has not yet known the breath of sin upon its naked nape — there kind of was; nineteen years old is awful young + of course, everyone who ever lived was once a baby, was once loved — and it’d still have been funny. A bunch of people sunk themselves by the Titanic! It’d be like if somebody, anybody, got shot at Ford’s Theatre. Oh no!!!1 Not again!!!1! It’s so funny that it’s almost hack. The Almighty’s packet needs a little work!!!1!? Just a few days ago Robert Smigel commented on that big list of half-jokes on the whiteboard that the Workaholics (‘11-’17) writers declared verboten, unusable, because the stuff was so clichéd. He said that when they were starting on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (‘93-’09) they tried to avoid the obvious stuff too. Pirates, aliens, Lincoln. But I kind of feel like Lincoln is one of Conan’s go-to’s. I don’t think they could keep away from it! The obvious stuff only became obvious BECAUSE it’s so funny! My point is that I think as G-d has settled into Himself as a comedic force He has maybe decided that it’s okay to indulge Himself now and again. Really let loose. Don’t second guess things. Be unafraid of repetition. Whatever next? RFK Jr. gunned down in a hotel kitchen? Planes flown into One World Trade Center on a cold September morn? Is Mr. Hitler going to start another war?
  12. I hadn’t seen that third one — looks a little Frank Nelson-y! definite this guy vibes! — but my favourite is this one:
  13. Number 1 With A Bullet X-Men (‘92-’97) Don’t really see how it much makes sense to rank anything else above the animated show. Kind of unbeatable. The theme song alone!!!!1! Numbers 2-5 X-Men (200), X2 (2003), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) I endorse all the works of Bryan Singer and all extracurricular activities undertaken by Bryan Singer no matter how criminal or harmful to person or persons!!!!!1! Number 6 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) I just really like the bit where Ian McKellen gives a look to the woman in the car who locks her door when she sees him coming. Oh, and Kelsey Grammer Beast. Of course. Numbers 7-8 The Wolverine (2014) & Logan (2017) James Mangold made a kind of bad Wolverine movie when he slavishly imitated bad movies and then made a kind of good Wolverine movie when he slavishly imitated good movies. I feel like I’ve made that exact point before but, y’know, whatever, it’s not like nobody can’t dig up the original threads on all these movies if they’re so inclined. Number 9 Mutant X (‘01-’04) okay i am bored now forget it
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