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  1. Even though a lot of these series went the distance, there were a lot of blowouts. Crazy.
  2. After a decade the Celtics and the Heat go at it again in the Eastern Conference Finals.
  3. Playing championship hockey baby!!!
  4. Ours is tonight. Mowing the lawn earlier Thunderstruck started playing on my random list. Good omen I'm hoping. Go Bolts!!!
  5. The NBA and NHL playoffs are going all in on the suspense.
  6. These MJF rumors about him leaving AEW seem like a prolonged contract negotiation. That his contract doesn't end until January 1st of 2024 means we're going to have a year and a half for this talk?
  7. Great advance to the eastern conference finals. The Lightning are keeping my heart fluttering right now.
  8. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    The Bucs and Cowboys go at it again week one. This time Sunday night.
  9. Ja Morant is out for the rest of the playoffs. Sucks for Memphis fans.
  10. Backlash was pretty damned good.
  11. I'd actually want you to share.
  12. Virgina tried to put in it's abortion protection law in 2019 provisions that would allow termination up to birth. They would be given time after the birth to make the decision. It got shot down after the bad press from it. The bill passed in 2020 without that provision.
  13. Big E said his neck isn't healing like they want it too, but there's still hope. I wish I could THAT positive. He's only trying to not have us fans worry. That only makes us worry more about him lol. Love that guy.
  14. What conversation though? The validity of Roe V Wade? Or abortions in general? It's part of the same conversation, but not the same thing. You'll never have people who would just leave it alone. That's not realistic.i think what you're seeing is push back from people who saw laws being put into place to allow abortions into the third trimester, up to and after birth. So no one left well enough alone.
  15. There is a difference between wanting to ban abortions and putting heavy restrictions on abortions. Politicians usually want to keep their jobs. There aren't many red states where call for a ban on abortions won't put you in danger of being voted out.
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