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  1. Looking like it's a good week for all of us.
  2. One of my neighbors is a Giants fan. Didn't see him outside after the first set of games. I know when I see him tomorrow after work he'll be throwing up the white flag. Again.
  3. Wow. What was Atlanta thinking? They just watched that ball roll.
  4. Gotta treat them like the Cowboys.
  5. Tough night. Heat lose. Lightning lose game one of the Stanley Cup. Canes though at looking to lock up Louisville.
  6. Giants Dallas Green Bay Tennessee Minnesota Buffalo San Francisco Rams Pittsburgh Tampa Arizona Kansas City Baltimore Seattle New Orleans
  7. So the porn bombs we got this morning were always there just hidden away?
  8. Dylan says that Hendrix's version is THE version.
  9. Others have Michael Jackson covers, but other than Mariah Carey and AAF none of them are worth mentioning.
  10. So I'm having to watch the Heat and Lightning games on my phone while my wife watches the Browns game. Sacrifices. 2-0 nothing baby!!!
  11. In your opinion what cover songs match the original or in some cases surpass it? Not a huge Disturbed fan, but David Draiman has a great voice. It's what drives this Simon and Garfunkel classic.
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