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  1. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    I'm done. The only reason we might make the playoffs is because of the crap division we're in. This is late 90s early 2000s Buc Ball. We cannot score there are a multitude of reasons that we haven't clicked on offense, but at this point we are who we are.
  2. Tampa Tennessee Miami Chicago Washington Denver Baltimore Chargers Vegas Kansas City San Francisco Green Bay Indianapolis
  3. Jason David Frank 49. The Green/White(and a couple of other colors) Power Ranger. Wow.
  4. Chicago Buffalo Indianapolis New England New Orleans Giants Baltimore Washington Vegas Dallas Cincinnati Kansas City San Francisco
  5. Tennessee Btw, the Bills-Browns game had been moved to Detroit because of weather.
  6. For some odd reason AEW had Captain Insano on Dynamite last night.............okay. I can see if it were for Halloween. The Waterboy came out along time ago.
  7. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    If Josh Allen is supposed to have a serious shoulder injury he sure as hell didn't show it.
  8. Tampa Minnesota Detroit Tennessee Kansas City Miami Giants New Orleans Vegas Dallas Rams San Francisco Philadelphia
  9. HHH has made it a habit of running these long matches on TV. It's worked more often than not. I am surprised that they let the New Day/Usos go an hour but it was a great match. Banger after banger after banger after banger!
  10. So Mia Yim is back as part of the OC. Okay i guess.
  11. I was impressed with his first match at WrestleMania. He looked legit. As a fan I appreciate the effort to make it look legit. I was out of town Saturday so i didn't catch Crown Jewel. I probably won't bother. The highlights made it seem like a decent show.
  12. Metropolis

    NFL 2022

    I'll take it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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