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  1. I was excited with the Toronto Raptors playing their games in Tampa this season. I figure "hey that's a great way to see the heat twice this year"without having to drive an hour and a half to Orlando. But noooo. A negative covid test is required. That shit is not free! But if you have a suite then you don't need one. That's crap.
  2. I use lawn mowing day to listen my heavier music because the wife doesn't like it.
  3. If anything it sounds like the guy is ocd when it comes to the leaf blowing. He's probably doing it no matter what shape his lawn is in.
  4. It's actually the opposite. Decomposing leaves take the grass underneath with it. If the grass is covered with leaves, it blocks or the sunlight and causes those patches to die off. Depending on what type of grass you have it can be a bitch to grow that spot back.
  5. Usually I don't Black Friday shop because most of the deals aren't what I usually want. This year most stores are extending their BF sales. This Friday I'm actually going to purchase a 50" 4K tv for our patio. An all weather 4k set costs at least $2000-3000. Why not put a cheapo set out there. Don't need high quality there.
  6. It was such a long day of working and going to the game, I didn't even have the energy to be upset. i think we've had 3 home Monday Night games since we've had season tickets, and the only one we've won was a game against a bad Colts team with Curtis Painter starting at QB. And even that was a close game.
  7. Socially distanced football.
  8. Gonna feel sorta like normal being able to go to a game tonight. Find kick back and enjoy the socially distanced seating.
  9. I dozed off during the Reigns-McIntyre match. I woke up right when Reigns got the pin.
  10. Are there acorns falling from the trees? I'll admit I was in my front yard last week for over an hour getting those damned things off the grass. Of course the tree just dumped a new bunch on it that next day. Though if his grass is mostly dead then acorns wouldn't be a problem.
  11. I feel like Penn State. The high expectations and 0-5 record. Not the touching little boys in the shower.
  12. I hate every other team in the NFC South. Loathe them.
  13. Philadelphia Atlanta Cincinnati Pittsburgh Baltimore Houston Detroit Denver Chargers Indianapolis Minnesota Kansas City Tampa I don't trust Atlanta, but I don't know if I can pick New Orleans with Tasyon Hill playing a whole game at qb.
  14. It's a shame that NXT isn't involved in Survivor Series this year. Can you imagine Leon Ruff in there with Zayn and Bobby Lashley? Maybe a slot in the Royal Rumble lol.
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