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  1. I don't even know if I've picked a Falcons game correctly this year. F them and the Panthers.
  2. Panthers Someone has to out Cowboy the Cowboys.
  3. Not a Washington fan, but Ron Rivera ringing the bell after his final cancer treatment was great to see.
  4. Crap. The Reigns-Uso match already happened.
  5. Atlanta Cleveland Pittsburgh New Orleans Buffalo Dallas Green Bay Seattle Kansas City San Francisco Chargers Tampa Rams
  6. It has its moments. There are some really funny scenes, but overall not as funny as the first. Because I had heard of so many instances of Cohen being caught trying to dupe people the last couple of years, I was curious if some scenes were staged. There are quite a few that are obvious. As for the Rudy scene, I was curious as to what she was doing. Apparently she's trying remove his mic. As awkward as it looks the scene itself isn't as salacious as you would think. Going Usual Suspects was odd, but I think they probably didn't have as much material as they probably wa
  7. Good Lord it looks like we might sign Antonio Brown. Why?!!!?
  8. Philadelphia. I know it's New York, but his did the Giants get multiple prime time games?
  9. People are claiming that WWE has ruined Retribution. I disagree. First off the was almost no way Retribution was going to be relevant in any real way. The members of the group were never going move the needle with fans. I think creative saw this and put them behind masks with stupid names. Making them Mustafa Ali's muscle gives him screen time and foils to take falls for him. And when the gimmicks gets old (some would argue that it already has), you can introduce Dijakovic and Yim as themselves. Now they just have to make Ali a believable threat.
  10. Honestly I was at work checking scores and saw the final of that game. Had I picked Denver I wouldn't have cared lol. Kinda like now. I didn't even pay attention as to whether Garrapolo was playing tonight. After that game against the Dolphins, his could I not pick the Rams if the backup was playing. I need a hot steak.
  11. So my son in law texts me after the Gronk td and says this is where Truth should have rolled him up wearing the Bucco Bruce outfit for the 24/7 title. It's funny because we're winning right now lol.
  12. The only thing worse than political punditry is sports analysis. How is the Cam Newton MVP talk going now? Every year you pretty much know you can't nail down teams until weeks 6-8. Every year they jump on a bandwagon after week one.
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