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  1. Rumor mill says that Hit Row will return on SmackDown tonight. Minus Swerve(of course) and B Fab. Unless they're repackaged I don't see why.
  2. I feel asleep sorry the first hour. Didn't see Lumis until i checked online this morning. Odd but funny. Limits is one of the acts i thought Vince would like. I think he was released because he was in his 40s. I personally thought the Lumis' schtick was made for the main roster. Glad he's back.
  3. Nikita Lyons and Zoey Stark in the women's tag team tourney?
  4. Metropolis


    This is the first Peele movie I actually enjoyed. When I saw Get Out I was confused because it was nominated for best comedy at the Golden Globes. I thought Us was clever but boring. Nope had me from the get go. If i had a problem it was OJ figuring things out a little too easy.
  5. Since Raw is in Cleveland tonight, the obvious is Johnny Gargano going to appear rumors are out there. At some point HHH had to get away from the AEW formula of surprise appearance and then nothing much after that. Is Kross going to figure into the Reigns/McIntyre match? At this point he has to right? Problem is Kross never got that over on NXT. He was awful in his call up. So are fans going to buy in? Kross didn't get much of a pop on SmackDown.
  6. GTFOOH. Watching something else, but just saw that Kross is back???
  7. So every since HHH took over,and brought back Dakota Kai, everyone has been taking about who he was going to bring back(or in). WhatCulture released their lost of who they think The Game will sign. And ehh........... 8) Bronson Reed. No. Just no. I liked him, but he's a Samoan Otis. 7) William Regal. Don't know how long his AEW contract is, but i see this happening. But it has to be on the main roster right? Can he go back to NXT? 6) Johnathan Gresham. ????? Really? Dude is good in the ring, but his style and height doesn't makes him a longshot. 5) Karion Kross and Scarlett
  8. I love that NXT is trying to create women's tag teams. I don't think you'll see the WWE belts for a little while. Congrats to Kayden and Kacey.
  9. I think the Street Profits feud is done. Montez looks to be headed for his singles career.
  10. The speculated list of wrestlers released that might/want to come back is long it seems. If I'm HHH i think really carefully about who I bring back. Io Sharai they were smart to not keep go back to Japan. She is entertaining to watch. Dakota Kai is okay. She'll never be champ IMO. Please don't bring back Bronson Reed or wrestlers like that.
  11. I give HHH his props, but people are acting like SummerSlam was some miracle. The ppvs, especially the big ones, have been good to hear the last couple of years. It's the stuff on television that makes you scratch your head. Obviously she's in there with Bianca, but remember when it was thought that Becky couldn't carry a main event type match? Last night wasn't as good as WrestleMania, but it was still pretty damned good.
  12. That main event was crazy. Much better than that stupid barbed wire everywhere match .
  13. The Street Profits HAVE to win tonight!!!
  14. You can't tell me there are only 40,000 people are SummerSlam.
  15. Triple H saying yep, I'm in control.
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