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  1. Chicago Cleveland LA Rams Buffalo NY Jets San Francisco Pittsburgh New Orleans Denver Arizona Tampa Dallas Tennessee Kansas City Green Bay
  2. Obviously DSOTR has been around for a while. This morning I decided to watch when it was on because they were covering "The Plane Ride From Hell". A lot of the rumors you've heard about were talked about. The reason I started this is because of the fallout from the episode. Impact has suspended Tommy Dreamer for his flippant comments about the flight attendant who takes about her alleged incident with Ric Flair on said flight. Not only that Car Shield has pulled their ads that star Flair. You have to wonder if AEW is going to hold off on debuting Flair now. How common was this behav
  3. In all honesty though, where/when do you listen to cds? The only place I still do is in the car. My wife bought a new car a couple of months ago. It dawned on me recently while driving it that there was no cd player in it. All sorts of bells and whistles, but no cd player. So when i eventually get a new car for myself, that is probably one less place to listen to them.
  4. Wait. You have a computer with a DVD drive? Okay Boomer.
  5. One of my neighbors is a Giants fan. He was taking to me about how bad they looked and how the season was over already. On that I'm going......... Giants Lol. I told him it was just week one.
  6. That was so over the top bad I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. Lol
  7. I know this has been corny, but I've did this Dexter-Indi angle. Because it makes too much sense they might screw it up. Gargano will do well on the main roster if he debuts with The Way.
  8. Holy Shit! I worked not have guessed Ciampa.
  9. I'm surprised they kept LA Knight in the match after he lost to Lil Nephew Pump.
  10. Lol. Cro Mag looking dude? I doubt it. Good i hope not lol. I worked guess O'Reilly has some sort of injury keeping him out tonight.
  11. I did not know that was Steiner's kid. When Vic called him dog faced i was thinking he was very Steiner esque. I was digging him before I found out he was a Steiner.
  12. So the new look isn't bad. If NXT suffered from anything during the pandemic it was not having the Full Sail crowd. When the caged crowd at the CWC was lackluster.
  13. Or at least move the ppv further away from WM.
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