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  1. The firstThe rumors seem to suggest The Rock makes his first appearance at Survivor Series. We'll see. When Pete Dunne came back from the UK i said if there is another lockdown i want to spend it with him. Stallion got jacked! When Toni Storm came back from lockdown I was surprised at how big she let her ass get. That and she had a little bit of gut going on. Seeing as her boyfriend is a wrestler i just wondered how that happened. Her SmackDown debut showed how well she's been working on that. Don't get me wrong i like an ass on a woman, but with her height and wrestling style the
  2. It looks like the CM Punk rumors have gained a ton of steam. Punk wrestled during s time where i only watched WWE when i was channel flipping every now and then. I never really saw him wrestle. Just by looking at him I never GOT what made him so big, but to be fair i didn't see enough of him to judge. It does seem odd that AEW is following the WCW blueprint of signing old WWE guys while but building their own stars. To be fair again AEW didn't have many home grown stars in the roster. A critique that i heard that is right on is that WWE and AEW are fighting for the same number of
  3. Jobu was now consulted on this one. But was Roger Dorn.
  4. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    Okay. This is a step beyond more diamonds.
  5. So the rumor mill says that it is a done deal with Daniel Bryan to AEW. Don't know what to think of that. I'm not much of a "I can't wait to see this guy wrestle this guy" person. I respect Daniel.....er Bryan Danielson's desire to do what he wants to do. He couldn't get that in WWE so kudos if AEW let's him wrestle there and elsewhere.
  6. The "Road to WrestleMania" starts after the Royal Rumble officially. In that time the Rock only needs to make a couple of live appearances, maybe a taped video segment or two. Her doesn't need to be there every week. Hell have an awkward family holiday dinner where Roman is sitting at the head of the table, and Rock tells him he's in his seat.
  7. Metropolis

    WTF NBA?!

    Even if Giannis didn't test his ACL, a hyperextension like that works have cause a lot of swelling. That he played like THAT during the Finals shows he can step up to the moment. Congrats. When the Bucks were down to the Hawks, Kareem said that this Bucks team couldn't win an NBA title. Lol Roger Roger. What's your vector Victor?
  8. NIKI saves the night!!!! And just when i was going to post about them not even mentioning the MITB winners.
  9. It's crazy though. Kross was not ready. He needed time. I could name name at least five NXT wrestlers who are more ready. Though admittedly none of them I'd put on Raw. He had the NXT title so you know he's working tomorrow night. Shit! You could have had Joe interrupt and put him to sleep! There was just NO reason for him to have been on Raw tonight.
  10. Whose idea was this? This is epic levels of dumb.
  11. Why? Just why did we feel there need to have Cross on Raw. Then you half ass his entrance? Maybe there was a good reason for Lee being gone so long. Part of me thinks they just couldn't come up with a way to bring him back. And then this lol.
  12. Okay you surprise is by bringing back Keith Lee. Who, since it's been so long and they changed his music, i don't know it was him until he came out. Fair, good match, but Lee loses. Okay. But then you bring Goldberg out? Look I hope to be in that shape at 54, he still looks smaller than he did when he wrestled. I just don't see that match being any good.
  13. I'm not the biggest Shayna fan, butt why is it she always takes the pin? I think she's become a more three dimensional character since teaming with Nia, but at some point you can't rehab a character that keeps losing.
  14. Brooooooo. Lol that just happened. Here's my take on the part timer thing specifically the Rock. In the case of Roman, them actually being related plays into a story and can be built up over time. Not only that is guaranteed to draw eyes to the main event because we haven't seen it before. The match itself might suck since Rock has gotten super muscle bound since left wrestling. Should they be pushing the current "Superstars"? Sure but if the last year has showed us anything its that Roman is only draw. He is the reason SmackDown is as good as it is. Now as much of a fan as i w
  15. Wow. We much as it was the right call and fit the story, seeing Kofi get beat like that was tough.
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