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  1. Without a full done i don't get facing the stadium east-west. Dolphin stadium is that way and the sun beat down on you the whole game. The last time i was in it though was the year before they put the canopy on so that might have changed things.
  2. Ray's Occult Bookstore is a Ghostbusters 2 reference.
  3. I give the movie credit. It's different. Is not the boring movie people said it was.
  4. Just realized my dvr stopped taping Dynamite. Forgot about the whole TBS thing.
  5. I'll hand it to Waller. He hung with AJ Styles. I still think his character is forgettable.
  6. These guys will be in the main roster sooner than later. Give them something to do.
  7. I meant they need to reinstate the cruiserweight title on the main roster.
  8. Given up on trying to watch my backlog of wrestling. So NXT. Giving us a new crop of guys okay. My take so far? Bronn Breaker: nuff said Grayson Waller: not seeing it Duke Hudson: not yet Ikemen Jiro: i like him Joe Gacy: next Kushida: the main roster needs a legit cruiserweight division. Been a while LA Knight: Royal Rumble entrant. Has to be Odyssey Jones: love this dude. Pete Dunne: Rumble? Ciampa: Rumble? Harland: yawn Xyon Quin: can't wrestle Von Wagner: eh Imperium: i think they debut on the main roster after Mania
  9. This is something that i think plays to my criticism of Daniel constantly talking about Miyagi. Daniel turns to Chozen because despite the dream they made, Cobra Kai must not continue in his mind. True Terry Silver is probably going to be up to nefarious crap. Yes Silver paid off the ref in the Tori-Sam fight, but Daniel doesn't know that. What he saw on the mat was Tori winning a fair fight with what could have easily been a missed call. Daniel can't handle that. For him it's two losses in a row at the tournament. It seems like his pride is what he's trying to fix. It works seem to me th
  10. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    How did the Colts lay that egg?
  11. Cleveland Green Bay Minnesota Washington Indianapolis Baltimore Tennessee Atlanta Buffalo Rams New England Arizona Tampa Chargers
  12. Since WWE usually has a WrestleMania plan by now I'd say that the surprise entrants will probably be Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. If I were WWE, I'd bite the bullet and sign Tessa Blanchard. Kick the year off with a bang. Though WWE hasn't debuted someone like that since AJ Styles. A run in NXT would seem pointless, though WWE would have to acknowledge her past.....sorta. is Tessa as big of a name as AJ was?
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