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  1. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    I knew with Brady gone a bunch of fans would jump off the bandwagon. That said there is way too much green here. It's embarrassing.
  2. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    I used to be if the "rules favor the offense too much" side. If you watch a top high school game or college football, players just don't know how to tackle anymore. They are few and far between.
  3. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    Either the Dolphins are that good or the Broncos were really that bad.
  4. Tennessee Detroit Green Bay Miami Minnesota Jets Buffalo Jacksonville Baltimore Seattle Kansas City Dallas Vegas Tampa Rams
  5. That seems more like a might as well do it now decision before he really embarrasses us thing. Such a shame.
  6. Ahsoka told Anakin she wouldn't leave him again after she broke his mask.
  7. Didn't think we'd be digging this thread back up. So far...... Emma Mustafa Ali
  8. Omg. The tease and another week of anticipation. Thrawn and Ezra. These last two episodes are going to be lit
  9. I swear to God I thought I picked the Dolphins lol. I think this happens a few times a season where I'm rooting on a score only to find out that i picked the other team.
  10. Metropolis

    NFL 2023

    I love football season because...... Well it's football lol. I hate it because it seems like you blink and it's the end of the year. Go Bucs!!!!
  11. Atlanta Buffalo Cincinnati Detroit Tennessee Tampa Kansas City Indianapolis San Francisco Giants Dallas Denver New England New Orleans Cleveland
  12. They had to admit Marrok was most likely a night sister creation. Most I've seen have not given up on the Ahsoka want in the World Between Worlds theory. It's actually pretty funny.
  13. The Jade rumor is still up in the air. The latest I've seen is that she would debut in NXT. Which IMO she needs. Not so much in the ring. Though she could use more work. Her mic skills were bad. I would tell her never to refer to herself as "That Bitch" ever again. WWE needs a show just for the women. I know Stephanie was pushing for that after the Evolution ppv. That's just went away. I know the logistics of it are probably near impossible.
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