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  1. Pittsburgh Tampa Carolina Tennessee Philadelphia Atlanta NY Jets Denver Green Bay Minnesota Baltimore Seattle
  2. I loved it. I'm that kid watched birth the Ghostbusters and Real Ghostbusters cartoons. I'll agree with a few of the criticisms of the movie. Not many of them affect the overall product imo. The one that nails it is that this movie doesn't stand in is own. It relies heavily on nostalgia. When i realized who was haunting the house I was sold. I'm surprised i haven't read about Phoebe being a Mary Sue. She kinda was. I agree Q about Ray's explanation. Even if you wanted to move on from the Ghostbusters, not believing Egon after what you went through is preposterous.
  3. The short answer is too much. The main pieces were a prime rib and a turkey breast. Then they're were loaded mini potatoes, mashed potatoes, mozzarella dinner rolls, homemade stuffing, a salad. My stepson made three different pies. My stepdaughter made thesev cheese crisps with bacon and jalapenos that were actually really good. My wife also put out a meat cheese and veggie platter beforehand that of course people fill up on. Too much.
  4. Roman may have won, but damn that was a great match.
  5. Talk about product placement. Someone is going through the table with the pizza hut pizza on it
  6. You don't have a dedicated dryer outlet? Guess lord it sounds like the previous owner did half ass stuff.
  7. God forbid Charlotte take a clean loss!!!
  8. Will Ford install the 240V or are you going to it yourself? My neighbor that has a Model Y says that Tesla wanted to charge him almost two grand to install it. He did it himself because he knows how to do electrical work.
  9. So apparently carrying a prop from the Rock's new movie and that's what they were cheering. Becky has gone OG Scarlett Witch. God I hope she wins this match.
  10. Wow. They really had Vince show up and have the wrestlers cheer him. Lol
  11. I can do a fair amount of stuff around the house. Whether I call someone depends on the display of the job. Like fixing a car, the party's usually aren't the problem it's the labor. I replaced our water heater, but the heat valve on our bathroom shower i couldn't have diagnosed. $400 job to get hot water flowing in the shower. $30 worth of parts. Nothing on Google told me about the heat valve.
  12. Buffalo Baltimore Cleveland Tennessee Minnesota Miami Philadelphia Carolina San Francisco Vegas Kansas City Arizona LA Chargers Tampa
  13. Seeing how much effort they're putting into promoting Xia Li, that must mean she's next to go. Shotzi and Sasha killed it!
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