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  1. We went last night too see A Quite Place Part 2. The great part about the first one was that everyone in the theater kept quiet just last night. We had to get security because s bunch of teens wouldn't shut the F up.
  2. Okay so now the WWE has released some talent that could come back to bite them. Braun Strowman Aleister Black Buddy Murphy Ruby Riott Lana(okay not her) Santana Garret
  3. Been a rough year for us and our pets. Last August we had to put Lhasa Poo down because she had developed a cancerous tumor on one of hey mammary glands. Today after work we had to put our carry Chloe down. She was 17, but she had developed a cancerous abscess on her jaw. She was down to five pounds and losing the battle. Hopefully she finds our Abby so they can be together again. Still have two dogs in the house that are going to be watched like a hawk for every little scratch.
  4. Wasn't GL looking for outside help with the prequels and no one accepted? I remember him saying he didn't want to direct all three movies.
  5. Bail Organa like Padme was royalty as well as being a politician. His wife was queen of Alderaan.
  6. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    Tied for the most prime time games, but only one Monday night game. I can't get too greedy. It will be great going to every home game this year sitting with our group.
  7. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    Kickoff game Cowboys at Buccaneers Night game to kick off the season baby!
  8. Oh crap. I did not put two and two together on that.
  9. Pretty good. That padawan's voice sounded like his boys dropped years ago.
  10. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    Okay so Jacksonville picks a rb in the first round after your rookie rb runs for over 1000 yards? Not that it's a stretch, but you take a Clemson rb. What's the history in them been?
  11. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    I didn't make it past the fifth pick. I need to go see how the first round played out lol.
  12. Metropolis

    NFL 2021

    The draft is tonight and Aaron Rodgers has died the first shot in trying to get out of Green Bay. Tonight could be interesting.
  13. If you had told me a year ago that the Dark Order would be interesting i would have laughed in your face. Sadly since John Huber passed, they've become a group of wild and crazy guys. They are worth cheering for now. I thought since 10 was still wearing a mask that he just be an ugly dude. Preston Vance is a good looking dude. Don't know why they still have the mask on him.
  14. I'm biased because I used Kabal in Ultimate MK3. The fact that this movie played out like there has to be a sequel is odd. How do you have Mortal Kombat without you know Mortal Kombat? And was good as the fight scenes were, Johnny Cage-Scorpion from the first MK(played over the Fear Factory song) is still IMO one of the best fight scenes in action movie history.
  15. They should have just called this MK1.
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