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  1. Most patches are $2-5. I believe the World Crest Emblem is like $2.50. What the hell did they charge you for?? Was it all pre-sewn? You need the shirt, World Crest, council patch, numbers for your pack, Bear neckerchief (blue), and the belt. If your pack requires it, then you also need the pants, but most packs don't require it. The cap is not needed. We switch Luke to a pack closer to our house. Last year we joined my ex-boss's pack to help them out. But then she let me go, so I don't feel the need to drive 30 minutes to stay on there. Trevor volunteered to be the Tiger den leader,
  2. People in general have very little regard for children and their voices. They're consistently dismissed simply because they're children.
  3. Cerina


    I'm enjoying this show so much! And I can tell you, this show was written for women. If you don't feel "connected" to it, that's probably a partial reason why. I know my husband and son are both enjoying it as well but not like I am. I wanna be friends with Jen and Nikki! And I can't wait for the return of Matt Murdock.
  4. At this point, I'm just like "well of course he does". They're not hiding anything anymore.
  5. Finding a way to keep the Cubs engaged during a pack meeting is one of the hardest parts of running a pack. We've done so many different things with mixed results. **PEDANTIC SCOUTING NERD ALERT** You helped a "webelos", not "webelo". It's a word that ends in S, not a plural. I know, I know. It sounds wrong to us. But "Webelos" stands for WE'll Be LOyal Scouts, and if you say "webelo" you leave off the "scouts" part. That said, this is EXTREMELY common to hear, and I'm sure I'm universally despised for correcting people.
  6. After all these years and only one person had Queen Elizabeth? Seems weird.
  7. The realtor lady who let me go back in January has been living her best life all over social media, and frankly, it irritates the fuck out of me. She let me go with the excuse that she screwed up and couldn't afford me. Since then, she's been on like 4 major vacation trips and over a dozen smaller trips all over the country. And apparently now her new "company" is doing all of the things I kept trying to get her to start doing in the 6 months I worked for her! Just...ugh. I mean, good for her and all that, but wow. The new guy I work for has his own annoying tendencies as well, but
  8. I'd go for something more generic like Target or Walmart or a straight up Visa gift card. If he's about to be jobless (and paycheckwise, he's already there), then getting food and food stamps is generally way easier than figuring out how you're going to pay for things like toiletries, new socks, household cleaners, etc. But that's my advice from being poor. If you're just going for a nice gesture, then anything works. Just make sure you include a note explaining the difference he's made in your lives and how you appreciate it.
  9. So I feel this on a primal level almost. For most of the past 8ish years, we've been around (almost exclusively) families that share our core values. A good part of that is luck tbh, but we've been able to develop really good relationships with people who are trying to raise kids in much the same way that we are. I've almost gotten to the point now where I dread being around "other" people. (That sounds so bad omg.) Any time we're in public with a lot of kids, I'm appalled by the things that go unnoticed or, more often, unacknowledged by parents. Trevor and I joke a lot that
  10. We only one-up each other over stupid shit around here.
  11. I always kinda knew that I wanted to raise my kids almost the exact opposite of the way my parents raised me. My parents aren't bad people and they certainly could have been way worse, but they weren't what I would call "good" parents. It was no secret growing up that my siblings and I were all accidental pregnancies, and my parents just sorta committed to doing what they needed to to get us across the finish line. But we weren't exactly neurotypical either, especially me. I could write a whole essay about this tbh. But it basically boils down to the fact that I'm gifted but low achieving - th
  12. Cerina


    I'm really enjoying this series so far. I think I just really like Jen. I want to be her friend. The boys nearly lost their minds at the Shang-Chi connection in the 2nd episode.
  13. I would kill for a minivan! Cargo space, cup holders, doors that can't slam into other cars, mucho seating for hauling around children and teenagers...*sigh*. I would kill for a minivan.
  14. I would kill for a minivan! Cargo space, cup holders, doors that can't slam into other cars, mucho seating for hauling around children and teenagers...*sigh*. I would kill for a minivan.
  15. Cerina

    rank titles

    It's cute that you think I know how to do this
  16. Cerina


    I'm disinclined to enforce perma-bans in general. So I don't really care.
  17. My mom has literally ONE box of "sentimental" saved items. It's old schoolwork, pictures, and report cards from her 3 kids. She keeps trying to get us to go through it and take our own stuff home, but we keep dodging this. Other than that, my mom throws things out pretty darn regularly. When she dies, it's going to be soooo easy. My grandparents on the other hand...eesh. But we can't just set the place on fire because there is literally tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry and cash hidden in their house. One time my grandma gave me a bunch of purses to put in a garage sale, and I foun
  18. Cerina


    Apparently he was banned 17 years ago just for being annoying.
  19. I'm still recovering. I haven't had a voice for about a week now. My cough is getting loads better though. I never lost my sense of taste or smell, so that's fun. But everything I do seems to make me light headed
  20. Yeah. This sucks. Once Trevor's fever broke, he started to get better. He gets winded pretty easily now, but that's pretty much it. Luke started running a fever in there somewhere, but he's not very good at being sick. Kid took some meds, declared himself "all healed", and that was it. Me though? Ugh. I developed a nasty cough. I'm now on day 3 of no voice. If I do too much, I get very lightheaded and dizzy. And to make this all just THAT MUCH MORE FUN, I actually started my period on Covid Day 3. So I was still on it when the coughing fits started. IYKYK.
  21. Honestly, the best thing you can do is talk to the mom. Just lay out the issue to her and ask her for advice on what you should do. There's a pretty big chance that Girl Scouts isn't the only place were they've run into this issue or something similar. Mom may have better advice on heading off her daughter before she gets going, or she may also be at the end of her rope and might be grateful just for a listening ear.
  22. I've got nothing but empathy here. Luke is a big fan of the macabre. He's only 6, but he's always kinda been this way. He's a little horror fan in the making. The kid's always found screen violence and death to be amusing. (Example - he laughed out loud in the theater when a certain character fell out of a window and was impaled on a fence during Multiverse of Madness, which we didn't realize would be quite as...Sam Raimi-ish as it was.) Lately Luke and our nephew, Griffin (4), have become huge fans of Huggy Wuggy and the other creepy characters in Poppy Playtime. My nephew is also
  23. I know several families who are planning to move out of state if we don't vote Abbott out in November. So I guess Noah officially starts high school this year. I'd honestly rather "hold him back" a year so he graduates at 18 and not 17, but I think he'd be super upset if his friends graduate and he doesn't. Now I have to start keeping records and grades. Oh and I suppose he needs to select an elective or two. Man, I swear, every time I really get a good groove going with this homeschool thing, something forces us to shift.
  24. I'm super bad about this as well.
  25. Dude, fuck this stupid fucking virus! I started feeling sick Monday evening, tested positive on Tuesday, and I've been in bed pretty much since. There was a good 48 hours there where my husband honestly believed I might be dying. It was hell. I can't imagine what it would have been without the vaccinations. Now my husband has it as well, and he's in bed with me going through his own 48 hours of hell. Thankfully though, my mom and sister drove by yesterday to leave my teenager a wad of cash so he could order food. Three meals in and we've pretty much reached the limits of his
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