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  1. The best moment of the MCU will always be dancing baby Groot.
  2. Cerina


    SWORD could have been more diplomatic and exploratory in nature until New York. And afterwards they decided to become more weaponized.
  3. My sister's neighbors had that flag up for quite some time. It's amazing what they believe about that man.
  4. I'm down. Not the weekend of the 12th, that's our 10th anniversary so I plan to be...busy.
  5. Well I hate to break up this Lando-lite session here, but I need to close this up. Not for content reasons, just to maintain someone's sanity.
  6. So here's the thing. I have serious doubts and questions about much of what he told us. All of his stories seemed overly one-sided, and I felt it was pretty obvious that he was leaving out chunks of information. And although he was eager to tell us that he suspected he was on the spectrum or that he was socially awkward, none of his anecdotes actually directly reflected that. The advice he was seeking did (as was the fact that he was even seeking advice), but the stories didn't display as much awkwardness as they did creeperness. So he edited out the awkward parts or he was completely unaware
  7. Honestly, and I'll let Odine weigh in, but I didn't read his comment so much as a slight on single moms as much as a "please for the love of everything don't impose yourself on a single mom" specifically to Zerimar. I know he just had a kid and likely now has a great appreciation for being a parent that Z just doesn't, so I think I read it differently. But yeah, single mothers deserve love, sex, and romance as well, just not from Z.
  8. We've always been better at defending each other than ourselves.
  9. If a Black admin called you out for posting something racist, and you responded to them the way you have to me, you'd be banned in an instant. I'm not going to do that. But now you can sit in time-out for a week while you think about it. Honestly, I want to try to explain this to you, but I know it will be like talking to a wall. Perhaps one of the other men in here feels like explaining to you how your two-faced reactions to their comments and mine makes you a sexist POS. Maybe they won't. Either way, you don't get to speak to me like that, and I have the power here to see that you don'
  10. I can just feel how much you respect women here. And someone disagreeing with you doesn't mean they have a persecution complex. The men in this thread have all but called you a creepy sexist juvenile incel, and you've accepted every bit of it. I posted ONE comment on a highly offensive post and you start ordering me to "back off" and saying I have a complex? Do you really truly not see this? This is exactly why women ghost you. You don't treat women like people.
  11. So that's a nope. You really don't hear yourself.
  12. We have running water and power now. So we're good to stay here. Noah lost his bed and dressers. He also lost a few games and card games and a lot of clothes. Most of the clothes were getting to be too small anyway since he's grown so much this past year (tweens...ugh) and the pandemic keeps us from being able to shop and try things on like normal. If you guys would like to contribute to Noah's new furniture and mattress or new clothing funds, I'm running out of reasons to not accept help(I'm really not good at accepting help, y'all. Really.) Our insurance deductible is $500 and I
  13. Cerina


    So I laughed my ass off at Wanda in this one. The boys didn't really though. So I think it has more to do with being a mom who really has reached that point of insanity and loss of control that you can't even care what the kids are doing that I really connected with. Because I've been that low. I'm really about there now. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what to do. I'm not sure if I'm really connecting with reality atm. As long as my kids are alive, I really don't care what they're doing or if they've eaten or what. (My kids aren't starving or neglected, I promise. They're old enoug
  14. Thank you. So most of this is also available on Amazon, but the delivery date is from the 27th into the first week of March. So that's not much faster. Now I'm not sure what to do. I'm sorry, y'all. It sounded like a good idea in my head. We don't even know which way is up lately. I didn't know that today was Friday until like 2 hours ago. Trevor actually called a customer to walk her through how to cut off her water and drain her pipes before the freeze tonight. She told him that she just was going to do what she did last night, and he kept thinking that was stupid since her pipe
  15. Oh crap. I didn't even think about weight! I'm sorry. I just kept thinking about how to get pipes to fit into a box! *face palm* Home Depot does deliver, but I'm not sure if it comes from a local warehouse or what. Let me see if we can find things on Amazon.
  16. Ok, so this is basically what we need. 1/2" and 3/4" elbows, couplings, and pipes for copper pipes, CPVC pipes, and PEX pipes(tubes) fuel for brazing OR a new hose setup CPVC glue CPVC ball valves Full disclosure: most of the CPVC needs are for my cousin's house where my elderly grandparents are currently being housed, so I consider them mostly the most important. We can't find any of that here to get their water back on. Here's where things get kinda wonky. The PEX can replace copper pipes and is sold in a roll like water hose. It's more expensive but massively easier to ship
  17. What we really need right now, and it would take some coordination and is kind of a big ask, is plumbing parts. There are NONE down here. People are patching holes with bicycle innertubes and radiator hoses or just pieces of foam laying around the house. If we had parts, Trevor could service more customers (and inexpensively) and make money. It would be win-win. More people could get running water back, and we would make some money for future expenses. Would you guys be willing to go to the store and then overnight a box of stuff to us? Maybe you can pool resources and one person can do
  18. Last I saw on FB, Spam was hanging in there. She was using her complex's pool water to flush toilets because no water, but I think they had food and everything. We're doing ok for now but still firmly in survival mode. Once the reality of repairs and deductibles start to hit, we'll have a better idea of what is needed to recover. So thanks to all of you. I'll let you know if we need anything when it's all said and done.
  19. All-in-all, we're doing ok now. But things are terrible here. It's surreal. And this is an area that's used to devastation from flooding and hurricanes, but this is something new and more widespread. We went 34 hours without power. The first 24 hours weren't terrible. The whole neighborhood was dark, but most of us have gas stoves and fireplaces. (A lot of houses in Texas, especially south Texas don't have fireplaces at all. My sister, sister-in-law, and aunt all live in houses without fireplaces.) The kids spent a good portion of the day playing outside. We don't have good clothing for
  20. UPDATE Two pipes have burst and one collapsed the ceiling in my oldest kiddo's room. And the power went out again, but then came on again. I'm so ready for you people to take your flippin weather back.
  21. We just got our electricity back after being out for over 34 hours. Apparently there's a HUGE shortage of electricity in Texas. The whole state is just out of power and can't provide. So we've been hunkered down at home around our gas fireplace while temps reached record lows. Down here in Houston, it reaches into the 40s (sometimes 30s) for about a week every year, and we deem it too cold to go outside. That's our "winter". We don't have clothes for sustained cold. The kids and I don't even own a coat. We get by with extra layers of long sleeved t-shirts and jackets. I own like 3 sweaters
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