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  1. That's what I told Trevor! I at least need to accept this job for a minute to get SOME sort of compensation for this! But this is the last interview. That's been confirmed now. This is the last email I received from the recruiter. That pretty much sounds like I got the job. So...finally.
  2. This morning Trevor picked Noah up from the campout. Noah's scoutmaster had already left, and the two adults who volunteered to stay behind to wait for Noah to be picked up were Trevor's good friend (who also happens to be the only adult on the campout who knows what all has been going on and is firmly on our "side") and this crazy bitch who apparently feels threatened by Trevor. The only reason we know that this bitch has told people that she's been threatened is because Noah's scoutmaster (yes, the one who rejected the trans kid) told another friend of ours. So why, if she actual
  3. Found out today that the scoutmaster of our girl troop has been telling the other bitches that Trevor threatened her and that she's now scared to attend campouts and other functions with him there. I just can't even at this point.
  4. Got the email that we will be scheduling the final interview. Now just waiting on them to give me a selection of dates and times. We might be nearing the end of this thing!
  5. Regardless of the reality surrounding the prices, Wal-mart has the reputation of being affordable. And they sell damn near everything. We avoid Wal-mart generally, but I have to go there tomorrow for my 2nd covid shot. I'm not looking forward to it.
  6. Ok. Had the 2nd half of the interview today. It also went well. Now they've moved on to checking my references, and after that it looks like there might be one more interview in the process. At this point I do sorta feel like we're just going through the motions here, but this is all a part of the package that Ashley is paying for, so I'm going to stick with it.
  7. Testes is such a low bar for manhood.
  8. My husband and I started dating when I was still in high school. He'd graduated. Actually my senior prom was our first date. We broke up after almost 2 years together. We stayed broken up for 6 years , and he actually married and divorced someone else in that time, until he accidentally knocked me up (we weren't that great at being broken up, obv). We needed that time apart to sow oats and mature.
  9. All of this...well except the whole trans lady in a bar thing, that's never happened to me. But oh yeah, dating sounds exhausting and I can't imagine anyone actually being interested in me other than my husband. That sounds really low, but it's not really.
  10. I think it went really well. We went over on time and didn't cover everything. So we have to set up another one. But on the plus side - apparently most of this will be working from home! So I won't have to make any crazy moves just yet.
  11. Sometimes my husband annoys me. Does this count?
  12. I do! It's just funny - this position was one of the first I sent in a resume for, and I did so just because I knew that I'm qualified and it would work out ok. I don't think I even included a cover letter tbh. Overall, I've been very lukewarm about this one. The one (and only really) downside here is that any and all growth is going to depend 100% on this agent, Ashley. I was in this same position 7 years ago with a different agent, Sandra (the crazy one that fired me one morning by just saying "I just can't do this anymore"), and it turned out that she just didn't have it in her to run
  13. So now I have a 3rd interview set up. This one is with the actual agent I'll be working for, so there's that at least. I might be coming up on the end of this thing.
  14. I did today. Trevor picked me up around 10AM. I came home and almost immediately fell asleep on the couch. Eventually I moved to the bedroom and just woke up at 7:30. That was a good 6 hours of sleep. There's a small advantage in living in a sea of red - nobody has ever given 2 shits about covid precautions. The hospital has a sign on the door saying that they only allow one visitor and everyone must wear masks at all times, but neither of those were ever enforced. Last night Trevor brought the kids to see her as well, and there were 6 of us in her room. Nobody said a word. The nurses
  15. I've been spending the night at the hospital with my 80 year old grandma who had surgery on Wednesday. You do not really get to sleep at a hospital. The beds are uncomfortable and everything in the room beeps constantly and people are in and out all day and night. So I've been subsisting on naps while also working around job interviews and this never-fucking-ending scouting drama. I'm so sleepy!
  16. The interview went well. It was with a consulting firm that assists with real estate hires. I appear to be on step 5 or so of their 8ish step process. Next up, another, longer interview on Thursday, then reference checks. So...what does this even mean? I'm not like nervous about my current references, but the 2 jobs I held last (and only ones in real estate specifically) did NOT go well. It's been 7ish years since those jobs, and they're the reasons I started just staying at home with Noah. I mean, one lady completely lied to unemployment about me back in 2014, and the other p
  17. The thing is we're moving this year anyway. Everybody knows this. If they were smart, they would have just waited us out (and I say "us" because most of their complaints seem to be centered around Trevor and his unfiltered mouth this time and not anything I've done necessarily) or approached it like "hey, Christine is interested in being COR next. I know you've got a lot on your plate right now. Would you be interested in starting that transition now and she can help relieve some of that?" I don't have any objections to having someone else take this position (it needs to happen anyway), a
  18. Only a few. Most of the homeschoolers in the troop are on "my side".
  19. Well things are rolling now. I got a phone call from the president of our homeschool association. These bitches tried to oust me and replace me behind my back. So I called together a meeting of my friends and other people I know aren't happy with current leadership, and now they're calling a meeting of their own with everyone to voice their opinions.
  20. I've calmed down to my typical high anxiety. Well, except now I have scouting drama about to blow shit up again. I'll have more to report on that this evening after a series of meetings I have to have. I also have a 15 minute pre-interview interview on Monday morning for a different job.
  21. I've spent the past 3 days being all anxious and fidgety because I haven't heard back from the job I applied for on Monday. This morning I even woke up nauseous and wound up dry heaving into the toilet half a dozen times, though, tbh, that may have been unrelated. I was the only person in the house to eat the barbacoa, so there's a chance the "not quite right"ness of the barbacoa flavor was bad meat.
  22. It's been 2 weeks since I got the 1st shot. I can still feel it on my arm. There's still a bump and it's warm to the touch.
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