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  1. Finally got around to watching this. We binged it with the 12 yo while the little one bounced around the living room trying to get us to fight him "with the hi-yahs". Got some awkward questions from the tween - "what's a three-way?" - but overall we really enjoyed it. My favorite part is how much Amanda just does not give 2 shits about Daniel and Johnny's rivalry.
  2. My grandmother's 80th birthday was 2 weeks ago, and all she asked for was for "all of us" to be together for Thanksgiving. So we're going to my sister's new lodge in the woods. My BIL built a 22 ft long table specifically so we can start doing big family events up there. So it'll be the 4 of us, my sister, BIL, and niece, my brother and nephew, both grandparents, and dad and stepmom. The boys and I are going to stay up there for about a week to play in the woods and whatnot. My sister and baby niece will probably be with us for most of that time, but the rest of them can barely tolerate family
  3. I just can't with people. Like...how are people like this employed? How did they get themselves dressed this morning?
  4. omg Noah is beginning to sport the faintest shadow of a mustache on the corners of his upper lip and I can't even
  5. He's actually just a couple of years older than Trump. I'm all for electing younger people into the office, but apparently most of the country doesn't agree with that.
  6. I have zero faith in our governor, who apparently now is considering a presidential bid (??). So I doubt we'll shut down, but things are getting much, much worse here.
  7. I just registered for my final 4 classes of community college - Intro to Health and Wellness (I have to buy a Fitbit instead of a textbook, should be interesting), Business & Professional Communications, Texas Government, and Film Appreciation (I had my choice of Appreciation classes, I went with Film because I figured I'd have to watch movies or clips and I get to put on headphones and make my family leave me alone). By summer I should have an AA. Yay me. Trevor was accepted to Texas State, so he's starting online classes there in next semester as well. He already has an associates,
  8. I'd almost prefer a tie, so Kamala gets to be tie-breaker. That would be delicious.
  9. I don't think this story is getting the publicity that it deserves. https://www.inquirer.com/news/four-seasons-landscaping-philly-trump-giuliani-hotel-biden-20201108.html
  10. In reality though, is Mitch even going to survive the next 4 years? I honestly think his health is a lot worse than Biden or Trump.
  11. It's from the 60s. "Hey Baby" by Bruce Channel. Most notably used in Dirty Dancing when they're dancing on the log.
  12. Nixon committed crimes AS president though. Not everything Trump is being investigated for happened while he was president or as he was acting in his duties as president.
  13. He can't pardon himself if they haven't charged or convicted him yet which, I suspect, is why they haven't. I do think that some of these ongoing investigations are going to end in 2021 and prosecutions are going to start.
  14. So...the "shithole" countries?
  15. I'm already double-booked Saturday from 6-9, but I could afterward. My 2nd event is a mom's night with the ultra-conservative ladies from our ultra-conservative co-op. They're not generally very political, but I know they all voted for Trump. And I think at this point they know I didn't, but they still might be oblivious and try to talk about the unresolved election. So I might need to drink. Heavily.
  16. Which countries would have him at this point?
  17. Assuming he's not behind bars. Or hasn't fled to Russia or something.
  18. There's only a 463 vote differential in Georgia right now. I just can't you guys.
  19. I hope you're right. And I believe you are, but this year has challenged a lot of my beliefs.
  20. Man I really thought you were gonna go the "va-gina" route on this one.
  21. Guys, I just really hope Nate Silver is right or very very close to being right. Where The Race Stands For Now We’re taking a bit of a pause on the live blog until we get more results from Arizona and Georgia — expected around 9 p.m. ET and potentially — in Arizona, anyway — again at 12:30 a.m. ET. This initial overview from me got a bit buried earlier after Michigan was projected for Biden, so I wanted to leave you with this in the meantime. Some of the numbers are a little outdated as of now, but only by an hour or so.
  22. They keep doing that to Austin as well. They even brought a damn In & Out with them.
  23. Yeah. He's 20000 votes up in WI.
  24. It's almost 5am. I'm still awake. I can't stop reading updates. Things are sloooooooooooooowly inching in a good direction. I'm convinced it's purely because I'm awake and willing it so. I can't sleep.
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