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  1. Mitch knows Trump likely won't win the election. There's no need to rush if they believed otherwise.
  2. Now it takes me to the last post in the thread, not the start of unread content.
  3. Well damn. I think once we move, I'm going to make a clean break of it on FB. Just...start over.
  4. Nobody had RBG? This one is going to hurt us, y'all. This year has been a bitch.
  5. I think we're probably looking at more of an end of America as we know it. And I'm all over that. Shit has just gotten too out-of-hand.
  6. I'm still like 75-85% ok with that.
  7. Is it fall up there? Stroganoff here. Simple. Boring. Quick.
  8. Probably just you. But I switched to the default theme for other reasons, so maybe you want to as well.
  9. That's for women only though. It does nothing to ensure a man doesn't impregnate a woman. Within a stable hetero monogamous relationship though, the responsibility for not producing more offspring shouldn't lie solely on the woman. Especially when you compare the overall effects of various surgeries, devices, medications, etc. that are available. Even non-hormonal implants and such can do a number on our bodies. I got one after my 2nd was born and it made me absolutely insane for almost a year. I honestly constantly felt like I was on the edge of a cliff and any little thing was likely to
  10. Also, did I mention that these people who refused to meet me or my kids because Trevor and I lived together before we were married were complete pervs?
  11. Did y'all's grandparents have these? Mine did, but these pics are from Trevor's grandparents house.
  12. I really need you 2 to convince Trevor to get a vasectomy. It sounds like a simple ordeal.
  13. Trevor can do pretty much everything. He'll just need extra hands. We're actually talking about completely gutting the entire downstairs down to the studs, ceiling included. It has that wonderful 70s layout where each room is an actual room complete with door/entry. Pretty much everything else for sale in the neighborhood has been redone to be more open concept. Plus, I pretty much hate every light source. I figure it'll take us a week or so for demo and clean-up, then we will have roughly a year to make it liveable again. When my sister and BIL opened their escape room company several years a
  14. Also, this is a bit of what we're working with here. When I said it was straight outta '78, I meant it. My in-laws were also able to trash out probably 85% of what was in this house, so seeing what's left, you can get a good idea of how full of crap this place was. The large covered porch is awesome. The insane trellising covered with broken plexiglass is not. But I'd kinda like to keep it somewhat enclosed because mosquitoes. What would you do? In the last pic, I kinda want to ask if we can keep the table and all 8 chairs. They're solid wood and in great shape. I'd probably refinish
  15. I split this out because I can see myself talking about this a lot in the coming year~ish. So I wanted to keep it separate. I'm really trying to find a way to make full-time money, homeschool the kids, make good grades in my own classes, keep my current volunteer and job commitments, and not completely lose my shit. I'm ok with losing a little of my shit, just not all of it. The hope is that I can make enough money in the next 12-14 months to put a small down payment on a small mortgage for half of the value of the house (to go to Trevor's uncle) AND pay a substantial amount for reno
  16. Krawlie's unremarkable testicles ranks right up there with Tiger King as one of the best parts of 2020 lockdown.
  17. My internet sucks, so I have no idea.
  18. Steak. Ribeyes. It's Trevor's birthday, so he gets to choose the menu. He also gets to do the grilling because it makes him happy. Noah keeps asking him what he wants for dessert, and Trevor keeps replying "your mom". This child is going to need so much therapy once he becomes fully aware.
  19. This is weird. Tami is going to lose her shit.
  20. I owe my kiddos a magical Christmas. We've had a series of lackluster Christmases. In fact, Luke hasn't had a single magical Christmas yet. I owe them so much.
  21. I suspect the Labor Day sales contributed to this issue. We were able to order one. It'll be here Saturday, hopefully. Luckily the boys and I don't wear much clothing these days, so we're not making much laundry.
  22. Did you know that there's not a single washing machine under $700 available for sale in the city of Houston right now. Not a single ****ing one.
  23. Last time Tami jumped in a homeless guy's car.
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