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  1. Well that went well for not my team. Ugh Arizona.
  2. Thursday September 21st NY Giants at San Francisco Sunday, September 24th Tennessee at Cleveland Atlanta at Detroit New Orleans at Green Bay Denver at Miami LA Chargers at Minnesota New England at NY Jets Buffalo at Washington Houston at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Baltimore Carolina at Seattle Chicago at Kansas City Dallas at Arizona Pittsburgh at Las Vegas Monday, September 25th Philadelphia at Tampa Bay LA Rams at Cincinnati
  3. They can tow up to 4000 lbs! Well for some packages. I want to get a small camper I can pull and travel when I retire and this pick up is perfect for that because it's also economical and easier to get in and out of. I want one bad. They priced a build for me but it's crazy expensive so I'll probably get a base model or look for a used one. I like the looks better than the Tacoma and I'm a Toyota lover so that's hurtful to say for me. A lady and her husband I sometimes see at Ace Hardware are still raving about theirs a year later. I don't know why Ford isn't pushing these. The Ranger is a horrible looking truck.
  4. welcome to teaching. it's like being a psychologist, policeman, comforter and sometimes I teach. Giant hugs, Tami. I kinda want to go like that. Just doing stuff and it's sudden.
  5. san fran god i hate my job this year.... so much work. who wants work for a job?
  6. Some of the dumbest picks. I swear. Why I pick Houston? Me and my dumb Texas love.
  7. Thursday, September 14th Minnesota at Philadelphia Sunday, September 17th Green Bay at Atlanta Las Vegas at Buffalo Baltimore at Cincinnati Seattle at Detroit LA Chargers at Tennessee Chicago at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Houston San Francisco at LA Rams NY Giants at Arizona NY Jets at Dallas Washington at Denver Miami at New England Monday, September 18th New Orleans at Carolina Cleveland at Pittsburgh
  8. Oh man. Sending good healing juju. I had this surgery too but it was many years ago but not caused by its but ulcers. My total recovery was I guess three months but I am not in shape and it got worse afterwards in a way because I couldn’t lift more than ten pounds and the diet restrictions sucked. It’s rare I eat a greasy meal but I pay for it in a way later. Oddly I forgot I had it until recently when going through some old medical records.
  9. Babies still! AWWWWWWWWW they've made it out to the living room.
  10. Philly! But I want to be wrong.
  11. Wellll that Jets game.
  12. Ms. Spam

    NFL 2023

    And I loved every minute of that as a Pats hater, even if Brady was there. GOOOOOOOO DALLLLLLLLLLLLLAS!
  13. Thursday Night Detroit at Kansas City Sunday Carolina at Atlanta Cincinnati at Cleveland Jacksonville at Indianapolis Tampa at Minnesota Tennessee at New Orleans San Francisco at Pittsburgh Arizona at Washington Houston at Baltimore Green Bay at Chicago Vegas at Denver Philadelphia at New England Miami at LA Chargers LA Rams at Seattle Dallas at NY Giants Monday Night Buffalo at NY Jets Oh my. Come on Dallas. I feel like my picks for the Chargers and Buffalo will go sideways.
  14. Exactly. I think Labor Day I stayed home all day and yelled at squirrels and ate food that was bad for me. Basically what I dream retirement is. I'm 50 er something. LOL
  15. Thanks for posting this. I actually thought about HEY FOOTBALL is starting up this morning. And then Gamevet PM'd me but I couldn't read it on my phone and I knew I was missing something. LOL I hate new school years. GO DALLAS!!!!
  16. I woulda picked KC. Sorry I missed this. I am averaging 14 hour workdays right now. It’s been crazy.
  17. My neighbor went to a Parrothead meet up in Corpus to morn that death. I can't tell what is a worse fan, Deadheads or Parrotheads.
  18. A lesbian friend of mine did a play by play of it and so I didn't really watch it so much as get the GOPs current platform through the filter of a queer. It was what I thought it would be. Terrible.
  19. Oh yeah we explained that to him. Or well, another teacher did but then it weirded him out even worse. Like he couldn’t wrap his brain around these possibilities. It is either you are born a boy or born a girl. Texas is not helping much either.
  20. I had an Anakin a few years ago.
  21. Oh and in good news we had RAIN! YAY!
  22. Sending good juju for surgery and UGH on cars. I drove all summer without AC because they said mine was about to do what happened to you until I could get a seal on the engine replaced and I needed to drive gently and without pushing it and I might make it by the time the guy can do it and I can get it scheduled. They're going to give me a rental at $25.00 a day. I am hard on cars. But my love for Toyotas continues because honestly it's only going to be three days instead of months like your Kia for the repair. My pephew had the top surgery. I was the only supportive family member who was there for him besides his dad and mom. They actually were on Ricki Lake to talk about it way back in the day over 10 years ago.
  23. I dunno if it's bad but during in service we told a YOUNG teacher that Jamie Lee Curtis was born a man. His mind is blown. He can't stop thinking about it. We ruined True Lies for him. Aaaahhhh sweet old bitter people.
  24. That is exactly what I hate about them. Pedestrians first. I also hate it when they come down a trail going "on your left" and I can hear them coming a mile away because they're subjecting me to their bad music choices on their phones through a speaker. I walk as far over to the side as I can get safely. Oddly I love rollerbladers who did the same thing but mostly because a rollerblader told me good on you for getting out and walking daily. Update: So as of today I haven't had a call or anything. My insurance company basically told him to piss up a rope on getting a new bike since they feel he was not abiding by biking rules of the road. It's a good thing I waited for the cops to come. The police report kinda painted it as no fault and more of a angry words type thing and the pics I took of the bike helped. I think he's a douchebag still. HA! I was also told by the insurance company if he keeps calling he's going to get a nuisance complaint and for me to call the cops if he calls me as they now have his address and phone number.
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