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  1. I had Thai at a new place last night. They messed up the order but it was still good.
  2. Green Bay, Baltimore, Kansas City and New Orleans
  3. I am so sorry. I feel so terrible for you. I know with my Mom every xray freaked me out because it was like it's still bad maybe worse. And then you get all crestfallen when you get an improvement and then a set back. It's frustrating.
  4. I've pointed out he's the president so he has other avenues than his preferred way of "tweeting" to say his nonsense. For instance he's got his own damn press room. He's not being censored. But honestly if your kid calls you a bitch at your dinner table you gonna do something because it's your house or your kid just gets out of hand. Someone has to say no and set some boundaries or we just have this. This is not working.
  5. It's a texture thing. I think the Japanese are really big into that too. It's like coffee for sushi and a learned taste. I think my sister finds the fishy options too fishy but she likes california rolls which is not real sushi.
  6. HAHAHAHA. Sometimes it feels like Trump should realize he's the guy being used and not really part of the gang. I see Mitch turning on him.
  7. Saturday, January 16 LA Rams at Green Bay Baltimore at Buffalo Sunday, January 17 Cleveland at Kansas City Tampa Bay at New Orleans
  8. *squinting* not sure I will like this... I tried some new nerds valentine candy that's tart gummy stuff rolled in nerds.
  9. And yet there are still some imbeciles voting NAY.
  10. Nice. Nothing for me but I am not in any hurry to get back to teaching in person.
  11. Trump is going to be in my city today. Then he's heading to the border to pose with his vanity wall.
  12. that protestor from Arizona got his dumb ass arrested. I am loving some of these arrests.
  13. I like both teams but honestly I'm hoping for Green Bay. That injury to Brees was crazy.
  14. I feel like Twitter is Twitter. As proved by Parler and other avenues I think people will just start using something else to get their echo chamber of death and destruction. Trump has a following of groupies who will go until their death. Now because they were so bold to post pics and stuff a lot of these people who ransacked the White House get to be arrested. They're the old hippies of the 60s for the new generation. I feel like Archie Bunker now when I sneer at them and their antics from my house where I am not arrested. I think my favorite is the US AIr Force retiree who's going
  15. I think it's going to be all online.
  16. Buffalo Seattle Tampa Bay Baltimore New Orleans Pittsburgh HOLY CRAP it floored me that NO was a Wildcard and not in a bye but this year has been super weird and I think I've only watched like two games.
  17. In the history of Heels to steal a Wrasslin' term, Trump has been a doozy. Also he got himself permabanned from Twitter!
  18. I want it and am trying to figure out where I could carve out closet space without detracting from it's interior goodness and still tuck my sister in there somewhere. I am starting to think about building a guest house with laundry facilities in the backyard where the wreck of two storage buildings are since the city will probably condemn them.
  19. Saturday, January 9 Indianapolis at Buffalo LA Rams at Seattle Tampa Bay at Washington Sunday, January 10 Baltimore at Tennessee Chicago at New Orleans Cleveland at Pittsburgh
  20. Sadly a policeman also died. The ridiculousness of the whole outing was just infuriating for me. I also learned what 6MWE that guy was wearing on his shirt meant and that made it worse. I've been openly arguing with family now on Facebook about how it wasn't ANTIFA and basically it was a bunch of people caught up in their own stupid beliefs like they're back in 6th grade propping up a bully and that these persons were much more dangerous in that they believe in conspiracy theories. It falls on deaf ears and lots of dumb links to echo chamber type websites that aren't real news to bolster their
  21. I think it's the way the camera shots are so it is tiny but oh so cute. I think I'm in love with the bathtub. Downside there is absolutely no closets in this house. Also I need laundry facilities in house.
  22. Looks like some signatures about electoral votes were withdrawn after they realized how stupid they were being.
  23. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/331-Adaes-Ave-San-Antonio-TX-78207/26139850_zpid/? LOOK IT THIS UBER TINY THING. I WANTS IT.
  24. I am sorry. And I have written Ted Cruz's office about this not that it will make much difference.
  25. HAHAHA. Scotland told him no he can't come to visit on January 19. Like he was planning to skip the inauguration.
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