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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuugghhhhhrrrrghhhhhhhhh!
  2. They showed a trailer during the Cowboys game last night and I had forgot this was even in production. HA! My sister and I are rewatching ALL the Marvel movies leading up to Endgame.
  3. He died from Covid complications.
  4. OH Jeeez! I had to drink so much castor oil when I swallowed the dime.
  5. Ms. Spam

    NFL 2021

    By the power of Greyskull the Cowboys won! Also WTH that game was messy.
  6. It’s super hard to hire teachers right now so basically those who aren’t good at the job stay. I can’t even get subs to take a day off for doctors appointments because any qualified sub is long term teaching a class they could not fill a vacancy for in my district. It’s crazy.
  7. Has Marvel lost its mojo? Anyone interested?
  8. Thursday, October 14 Tampa Bay at Philadelphia Sunday, October 17 Miami at Jacksonville Green Bay at Chicago Cincinnati at Detroit Houston at Indianapolis LA Rams at NY Giants Kansas City at Washington Minnesota at Carolina LA Chargers at Baltimore Arizona at Cleveland Las Vegas at Denver Dallas at New England Seattle at Pittsburgh Monday, October 18 Buffalo at Tennessee
  9. When the farmers downsize. LOL Sorry for this issue but you wrote it up great! I can imagine it ALL
  10. I was brushing my teeth for bed last night and I hear a crash and "Oh GOD!" come from the kitchen. The refrigerator door fell off the fridge as Tina was reaching in to get iced tea. Like literally. I am functioning on 2 hours of sleep because today is dialysis day so I was up at 4 AM. Tina and I both of dental anxiety and the way the run those offices makes dental anxiety worse. Like if you schedule an extraction at 9 AM at least have the decency to schedule the tech/dental assistant who is going to show up to do it.
  11. Tampa Bay. I'm not about to be contrarian on this one. LOL
  12. Thursday, October 7 LA Rams at Seattle Sunday, October 7 NY Jets at Atlanta Green Bay at Cincinnati Detroit at Minnesota Denver at Pittsburgh Miami at Tampa Bay New Orleans at Washington Philadelphia at Carolina Tennessee at Jacksonville New England at Houston Chicago at Las Vegas Cleveland at LA Chargers NY Giants at Dallas San Francisco at Arizona Buffalo at Kansas City Monday, October 11 Indianapolis at Baltimore
  13. I got a pot pull out drawer from the Container Store because I too have limited storage. It's been handy. It's got stuff to keep them upright and I put in a lid one too. It freed up some space for me. I also had to edit some of the nonsense I only use once a year or less from my kitchen. HA.
  14. This is literally a coin flip for me because ESPN Is calling it evenly as of tonight 48.9 percent for each team to win. Sooooo DA RAMS it is. Because Seattle may have Russell Wilson but it also has been known to fuck it up.
  15. HA. To say families are complicated is an understatement. My mother used to call me to tell me to call her because she has something important to tell me and I would think it was something horrible and bad and I would call her right back because I'd let the call go to voicemail and it would be something like "We are painting the house and wondered if you knew a person who wanted the old couch because we're getting a new couch." Which of course lead me to go back to let it go to voicemail because this shit ain't worth it. But when it's bad like when Tina would have a health issue and be n
  16. The largest school district in San Antonio, Northside ISD, has decided since the covid cases are subsiding they're going to drop the mask mandate in classrooms in their district starting next week. Kids are about to be able to get vaccines but they haven't gotten them YET but it's like someone said it was coming so we should stop wearing masks now? Maybe we need to update what we teach in health class about being clean. Does it ever feel like rinse and repeat and human beings can't LEARN a lesson? And what's worse is like you're a school. You're supposed to learn in these things. Li
  17. Thursday, September 30 Jacksonville at Cincinnati Sunday, October 3 Washington at Atlanta Houston at Buffalo Detroit at Chicago Carolina at Dallas Indianapolis at Miami Cleveland at Minnesota NY Giants at New Orleans Tennessee at NY Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia Arizona at LA Rams Seattle at San Francisco Baltimore at Denver Pittsburgh at Green Bay Tampa Bay at New England Monday, October 4 Las Vegas at LA Chargers
  18. My parents accepted an offer that weekend they listed their house. Like it was done in 30 days for them. They were so tired out from just moving and selling and prepping to leave in thirty days and yet they still wanted to help me move if we bought this summer. I couldn't do that to them. They had that same amount of showings and were floored. This market is INSANE.
  20. LALALALALAAAAAH LOOOOOHLAAAAAAAH. In Ugh news, I have a Special Needs Trust Fund set up for my sister in my name where I can purchase things she needs but they only issued me checks to access it - no debit card. So when we're say buying a new phone at Walmart because she smashed the other one to smithereens and it doesn't work and she watches a T1.3 of data in three days so we need to purchase another load of data I have to put that stuff on my debit card and pay myself out of the trust. WHO THE HELL TAKES CHECKS ANY MORE? So sayeth the person who helps people order checks M - F fr
  21. Cincinnati too. Thanks Gamevet!
  22. Thursday, September 23 Carolina at Houston Sunday, September 26 Washington at Buffalo Chicago at Cleveland Baltimore at Detroit Indianapolis at Tennessee LA Bolts at Kansas City New Orleans at New England Atlanta at NY Giants Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Arizona at Jacksonville NY Jets at Denver Miami at Viva Las Vegas Tampa Bay at LA Rams Seattle at Minnesota Green Bay at San Francisco Monday, September 27 Philadelphia at Dallas
  23. Carolina because Houston is a hot mess.
  24. 2001 in April I joined because of the comics discussions. Stayed for the friendships!
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