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  1. I'm signed up at parler and you should SEE the panic memos Trump is sending lately. The most recent is simply a gif of Biden smiling and Trump fumed how it was Biden smirking at his conviction and how you donating money to him would help. "HE THINKS THIS IS FUNNY - SICK SICK SICK!" To be fair, Biden is sending me shit about how donating money right now will save the world, too. Not nearly as funny, though.
  2. It'll be a nice summer, though, huh? When does the pool go in? My headboard arrived from India yesterday and I think it's way too big. It's almost as tall as I am. Maybe 5 feet tall. It's in this medieval looking plywood crate with handmade hardware screwed into it, holding it all together. The driver of the truck brought it inside for me and I had no money to tip him; I feel bad about that but there's no way I could have even dragged it in myself. I don't even think I can put this thing in place with the help of a friend! I didn't think this through very well...
  3. I YAM? I have indoor shutters in the bedroom but no protection on my big back windows. I just ordered new budget blinds. There was one brief storm last year I thought might break my windows, the hail was so big.
  4. Have you been through a hurricane and have good stories to tell?
  5. I joined the Facebook group HURRICANE SEASON 2024 recently to get some tips from the pros. I just posted about my progress and asked a couple of questions and HOLY COW did I get some feedback. People are so creative! And quite a few told some really good storm stories. So has anything like this ever happened to you?
  6. So, does anybody want to buy a really cool 5X8 rug? What are you doing today? I'm doing what all poor people in Florida do on a holiday; visiting my friend with a pool and day drinking. I have a pool but it's Sheryl's turn. I've hit my limit for vape carts at my dispensary so I'ma smoke some flower before I go over there. Trying to decide on food/snacks before I do. Kind of a strange holiday-off work because soldiers died. I had to work, too.
  7. I'm still decorating my glam bedroom and today I got a rug pad and rug. It's too dark for the room and I'm bummed. I'm not sending it back. Things like this don't sell down here. I just wasted a hundred and fifty bucks I coulda smoked instead.
  8. It'd be the best thing, though.
  9. Oh, yeah! Make this happen and everyone will be happy!
  10. I got a $200 side sleepers pillow from The Company Store
  11. You might say MEH but I'm psyched! I ordered a headboard! It's a handmade mother of pearl inlay flower pattern on white. I found it on sale on etsy. Sale ends tomorrow so I had to make a quick decision but I've been looking for YEARS to complete my bed. I was stuck on a canopy thing for a while but I like my bed linens to hang over the bottom of the bed so that's best achieved with just a headboard. I just hope I can attach it well to the bed. I don't want to have to attach it to the damn wall. I wish I could show it to you but I got rid of my photobucket account.
  12. People in my hometown aren't seeing any extra population yet but their news is still predicting an influx of thousands
  13. Do you get to see it? I think solar eclipses are pretty cool. I'm going to get to see it partially. Hotel rooms in my hometown are going for thousands!
  14. weren't we talking about doing a Zoom meeting soon?
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