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  1. I like Hondas a little better but Toyota is my second go-to
  2. So, if I can hijack this thread for a minute and ask...? I remember when Seth's kid was little and he was thinking about what it takes to be a good dad, he had some concerns...I'd like to know how reality has been for all you parents. Have you ended up raising your kids the way you thought you would before you had them? How do you think you're doing as parents now and how are your kids doing? Any big regrets? What were the big wins? Tell me about your generations poor parents-what are they like? How have they ruined their kids?
  3. If price wasn't a huge barrier, what car would you drive, like for every day use? I'm not looking for iconic, one-of-a-kind vehicles, I'm thinking of something that can be bought for less than, say, $50K. Tell me your desires in autos
  4. I had a life/Nature/Science series of Time Life books in the 60s that fueled my love for photography
  5. My BFF here just tested positive last Saturday and I spent most of Friday afternoon with her-even sharing a pipe. I've tested twice since them and I'm negative. her husband has it, too. I still wear a mask when I'm indoors with strangers but Jackie's been in her 2nd floor bedroom for 5 weeks with a broken foot so we figured the risk was low. Their symptoms are pretty mild-like a cold. I feel fortunate to not be sick.
  6. Saturday, I went to the San Juan Islands! It's THE vacation destination in this area-lots of big money (Oprah had a house here) but plenty of regular people, too. It's very Pacfic Northwest but without most of the rain-it's all in our 'banana belt'. I've lived in Seattle for 38 years and had never been there once. I have a friend who has a house on Orcas Island and I went to visit her. A wonderful hour-long ferry ride to get there but once I did, it was all girlfriend time and noshing. AND THERE WERE KITTIES. best weekend in a long time.
  7. Please. Talk to me when you forget people's names on the regular
  8. I'm 63 but I act 12. Some days I feel like I'm in my 20s but when someone brings up the 90's I feel like that was just 5-10 years ago.
  9. You have to understand how radio works to get this.
  10. I've never had or remembered a flying dream but I've had plenty of dreams in which I slowly realize I can breathe underwater, then go 'flying' around the reefs
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