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  1. EVERY traffic report I did today was wrong. EVERY. TIME. I did a report on a backup that had no apparent cause, we'd get the info on the accident that caused it. Once a report is sent, I can't fix it or recall it. Then listeners have to wait another 20-30 minutes to hear the update. Today's timing was hilariously off for every report. People in the Puget Sound area are cursing my name today and I want to eat worms.
  2. I wish I were more like you, whatever it is that allows you to process death so cleanly. My mom has a rare cancer and is opting not to treat it and I am falling apart. And I'm an only child so I can't afford to feel this just yet. I'm barely getting better about my Dad's death four years ago
  3. Her cable TV 'stopped working' and I'm trying to help her get it back from across the country. You guys wouldn't believe the conversations. or maybe, you would.
  4. You want a list? I need a copious amount of shit just to get through any given day.
  5. Roku is also a channel.
  6. We're in big fire danger here so I was dreading the weekend but it was tame! A few big blasts on Saturday, then a number of celebrations on Sunday night but it didn't sound like a war zone and it did not last all weekend. Pleasantly surprised. And all our big shows were canceled
  7. sorry-on hulu . It's in the fashion of The Leftovers in that something supernatural happens but we never discover what that is-we just see the reactions of the various people to it. I like it as much as the Leftovers but with only 12 shows to compare, I can't say it's just as good. It never gets 'going' as much as The Leftovers did. I feel like I was just starting to get used to the characters.
  8. I was hipped to this Australian TV series by a friend and I binged both seasons, twice, that's how much I like it. NOW, I find out they've been cancelled-there will be no season 3 and I am sad. Did you watch it? Is there any hope of this getting picked up elsewhere and continued? It's in the way of Lost and that show with Jennifer Aniston's second husband (Justin Theroux?)in which part of the population disappears-it presents supernatural premise and is basically about what people do to deal with it but this one involves eternal (maybe) youth.
  9. we'll let you know if you go too far
  10. Our company is 'remodeling' and cutting our footprint by 75%. Nobody will get their own desk or studio now, it's all shared space. This is going to be a nightmare. Our governor is looking at June 3oth or earlier to 'open' our State. I don't want to go back to the office. I miss seeing my co-workers but the advantages of working from home are just too good-no commute, kitties all the time, I can make breakfast and take a shower as I work. It's my own equipment so I sound better on air. I can light a dozen candles ( which I cannot do at work) I can do laundry. My product is better beca
  11. I only go to Walmart when they're the only ones who have what I need. Walmart skeeves me out. And Durango is an awesome little town, isn't it? It's like the village you build with a train set under your Christmas tree! AND a haunted old hotel!
  12. Counting? I'll tell you what I told my first ex-husband; at least 100, 75 I could name
  13. I WAS going to post my monthly "this place sucks lately" bullshit but damn, we gettin' real. My local paper is running weekly dating columns lately, asking residents their experiences in specific areas-worst first dates, worst restaurant dates, oddest break ups, and while they've been awesome to read each Sunday, they pale in comparison to the Dating Life of Tank. I imagine the 100% versions of these to be incredible. I like the LA James Bond vibe. I was Tank-active in my 20s (NO regrets) and had some hookups during the ends of both my marriages but have been celibate now for longer
  14. I've had both of mine (Pfizer). #1 gave me a little bit of a sore arm the next day. #2 kicked my ass. Exactly 24 hours after the shot, I started feeling sick and getting a gross headache. That lasted all day but I was fine the next day when I woke up.
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