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  1. I only go to Walmart when they're the only ones who have what I need. Walmart skeeves me out. And Durango is an awesome little town, isn't it? It's like the village you build with a train set under your Christmas tree! AND a haunted old hotel!
  2. Counting? I'll tell you what I told my first ex-husband; at least 100, 75 I could name
  3. I WAS going to post my monthly "this place sucks lately" bullshit but damn, we gettin' real. My local paper is running weekly dating columns lately, asking residents their experiences in specific areas-worst first dates, worst restaurant dates, oddest break ups, and while they've been awesome to read each Sunday, they pale in comparison to the Dating Life of Tank. I imagine the 100% versions of these to be incredible. I like the LA James Bond vibe. I was Tank-active in my 20s (NO regrets) and had some hookups during the ends of both my marriages but have been celibate now for longer
  4. I've had both of mine (Pfizer). #1 gave me a little bit of a sore arm the next day. #2 kicked my ass. Exactly 24 hours after the shot, I started feeling sick and getting a gross headache. That lasted all day but I was fine the next day when I woke up.
  5. 'We view justice as a system of "what they deserved" where what someone "deserves" is often more about their individual demographics and characteristics rather than the circumstances surrounding a single event and the event itself.' This. We don't really WANT a system that rehabilitates, either, we only want a punishment system. My guess is Chauvin walks and we have riots in at least 6 major US cities
  6. okay, DMX is really dead now. Did anyone have him?
  7. He's not dead yet https://www.q13fox.com/news/ep-of-dmxs-prayer-tracks-released-as-rapper-reportedly-nears-the-end-of-his-life?taid=607068714ab4da0001c186da&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A Trending Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  8. Darlene Connor!!! I'm thinking of the episode in which Fisher beats up Jackie and Dan walks into the house, asking Darlene what's going on and she says something about Jackie upstairs after the doctor gave her something to make her sleep. Dan asks 'what about DJ?" and Darlene says "I didn't know I had that option"
  9. I just watched a couple episodes of Will and Grace on purpose and I don't know how you could deal with Karen's voice.
  10. In no particular order: Dr. Who-who can't love a character that can die and be reborn as anyone?? Walter White-I tired of the show early on but was there ever another character like him? Jax Teller-I just found the character HAWT and I don't even care for blondes. Melinda Gordon-okay, not really. I just want to own an antique store and wear designer clothes every day and have everyone around me help me with my ghost problems in my candle-lit home with my fabulous, attentive doctor husband. The Connors-all of them individually and with each other. Darlene was pro
  11. I'm seeing TV commercials lately in which the person speaking looks off camera-as if there are two cameras in play and they've 'gone to' cam 2 far too early. I find this disconcerting and a bit like talking to someone with eyes that each point in different directions-which one do I follow? Is this some new millennial video technique or am I just old? Please tell me what the thinking is behind this, thanks.
  12. Spam, we should consolidate households
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