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  1. I have never had to live with this until I moved into my crappy apartment. Three guys come every Wednesday, the complex next to us does their blowing on Thursday and a guy across the parking lot from me does his own for at least 3 hours every Thursday evening. I want to know why these things are legal. They HAVE to be above the legal noise limit. They are an abomination. I would go postal on people doing this for hours every day. POSTAL. I went over to try and reason with the sole guy once. He pretended he couldn't hear me and wouldn't shut his blower off. I have fantasies of blowing
  2. I went up to my friend, Jackie's, because I've been at her house each Friday since I got back from Florida in March. Three of her kids stopped by at different times. We had White Russians and Cougar Gold cheese, salami and crackers. She just got a gazebo and fire pit so we all sat outside. It was all very PacNW. But I miss not having turkey leftovers.
  3. I'm hoping for some lawsuits on January 21st
  4. He's too greasy to die. He'll be alive into his 90s just because he's such an awful human
  5. https://www.scytl.com/en/fact-checking-regarding-us-elections-debunking-fake-news/
  6. I don't think I'll ever understand the not-wanting-to-rock-the-boat thing. ALWAYS honor the feelings another person evokes, especially those of the creepy variety. I have yet to hear of someone who was wrong about these vibes. Protect your family, including yourself. I'm so glad you're in therapy! It's absolutely necessary for this type of thing. I don't have any advice about what to do with/around/regarding your Mom or extended family because I'd be willing to behead this motherfucker at Thanksgiving dinner. IF he's on the spectrum, that doesn't give him and excuse-people with
  7. I've been cultivating mine during mask-wearing days in hopes of looking like I belong in the circus but it just won't come in. I'm going to have to wax what's there
  8. My friend Jackie has 2 special needs grandkids and their parents are divorced. Their Dad is on the spectrum and he is not doing well trying to manage their school days online. Kids don't seem to be getting or dying of this much so I think they should allow kids to go back to school-gawd knows everyone could use the break.
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