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  1. L-Roy will need his own fainting couch
  2. I'm re-painting my bedroom now. Well, technically, a friend is doing it for me, but it's happening now. The walls are going to be Benjamin Moore's "romantic pink" (it looks more like muted orchid in this room), furniture is off white and I have two Pier One mirrored end tables and crystal lamps. I have one sheepskin rug. Is there anything that screams "glam" that would be a must-have for you in bedroom decor?
  3. He hasn't looked good in a long time.
  4. I may be able to do the 8th. It's in the middle of Girl trip but I can try Zooming from the beach
  5. You're not alone. The lumberjack look is hot right now.
  6. Why, yes, it was 1937. I'm 97 years old now.
  7. When did flying go from being a treat to like being on a foreign bus? I recall dressing up to go on a plane and looking forward to the meal
  8. Is Jason hairier than Travis? Which one is in the screaming meme?
  9. Thanks, guys, I feel up to date now.
  10. WHAT is his first name? I've read it as Travis and I've read it as Jason...wtf?
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