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  1. Yeah, I know it was totally my fault
  2. Are you kidding? Their choice is 4 more years of Trump vs. losing the Senate. Which do YOU think they'll choose?
  3. "I know several Trump supporters, and even more people who don’t support him but will vote for him because of single issues, most notably abortion. " This makes me SO SAD, because the issue regarding abortion is not and has never been elective abortion vs. no abortions, it's 'who gets to tell whom if they can have an abortion or not; women and their doctors or the old white guys in DC?'
  4. I disagree just because you don't look one fucking THING like Guy Fieri. If you did, it'd be mean.
  5. either my eyesight is WAY off or alla y'all's is......because WTAF?
  6. So, it's on this TV tis month and I'm watching it as it pops up on my teevee and a new thing is bugging me. In the end, as they're running from the metal form in the factory, Reese turns on machines so it can't track them? In a world where machines are trying to eliminate humans, wouldn't the cyborg have some sort of bio-detector built into it? Would a relentless killing machine be that inelegant?
  7. WHat's it feel like to get nailed in the junk? Like what KIND of pain is it? I don't know how you guys walk around with your precious hanging out your bodies
  8. You have to go back to the Civil War to prove your point.
  9. I don't know if they could reboot GG. It was SO ahead of its time. I love the chaaracters, especially Rose; she reminds me a lot of my Mom. My Mother is really that clueless at times, though she doesn't have the cheery disposition. I loved the Cheeseman/Samuel Plankmaker episodes the best. The jokes made at Blanche's expense were pretty racy for network TV at the time. My 2 favorites lines? Sophia, caught in bed with Sal's former business partner and asked 'what's going on here?' and she replies "Afterglow". And "I swear to you, I thought I was setting the parking brake" I recall Empty Nest bu
  10. FB Group called SHOW ME THE BOTTHØRLË. It saves me almost daily
  11. Mine are shedding and sleeping-it's what they do 90% of their lives
  12. I had a dream that I had sex with Dennis Rodman on a diving board a long time ago. I was married at the time and made the mistake fo telling my husband about it. He didn't touch me for 2 weeks.
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