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  1. So, you don't like the idea of elective abortion? I don't either but I'm okay with it done before 24 weeks. After that, I get squeamish. I know it's a human life from conception (that's what I believe, maybe I should say-not all agree) but the more it develops and looks like an infant and less like a sci-fi shrimp, the more reticent I'd be to yeet it. Now, that said, I'm actually okay with abortion up to birth because I've heard of some hellish medical shit that can come up and I know nobody's just deciding they'd rather not give birth and aborting at 39 weeks. A co-worker's son died the
  2. I'm spending lots of time on Tik Tok lately and am seeing this a lot. Yes, you're Pro Choice! Nobody likes abortion or thinks it's good but those of us who recognize that it's sometimes a medical necessity are Pro Choice-no technicality about it. My biggest problem with all of this is I think too many are making this ABOUT abortion and it's not-it's about the intrusion of politics into our most intimate lives. Politicians have no Right, IMHO, making this decision for any woman, let alone all of us
  3. I didn't know he had diseases
  4. I'm starting to hate everyone in this thread
  5. I thought it was darrk. Maybe it was here and not where you are
  6. amazon hates you, Jacob. LOOK; You said "Let's drink" an I said WHEN And you said "tuesday" and said said "FINE. I work until 1, we can day drink!" and you said you didn't know if you could DRINK tat ealry-you never said nothing about not showing up til it got dark!
  7. He. Was. LATE. I was there at the appointed time and he was not=he was late. SO. When shall we zoom again? I'll get my cam hooked up because even just that little bit last night hijacked my audio settings so I might as well go full cam
  8. It ended up being fun once everyone got there! Jacob made up for his tardiness by showing me his kitties a lot. We decided to do this again this Summer. We did it on Tuesday because of Jacob
  9. YOU SAID to give you an hour LIKE AN HOUR AGO
  10. I'm here. Philip is living life but is there somewhere JAYYYYKIBBBEEEE!!!!!
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