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  1. We probably will eventually. I'm not sure about doing it right away, but with all of Noah's other health issues, I will feel better once he's vaccinated.
  2. My arm hurts so much, y'all. I have to wear a tank top because even fabric rubbing on it hurts.
  3. The trans scout decided to join a different troop.
  4. The worst headache I've ever had was after having Noah, and it was because the anesthesiologist nicked my spinal cord when inserting the epidural. I was slowly leaking fluid and the pressure change was excruciating. It leveled out while I was laying down though, so I would feel 1000x better while horizontal. But it's something to be aware of.
  5. Here's the thing, everyone on that jury knows that Chauvin killed Floyd. Everyone in the country, hell even the world, knows this. And if that's all that our justice system hinged on, it would be a done deal. But Americans have such a warped view of justice and punishment that it doesn't actually matter. We view justice as a system of "what they deserved" where what someone "deserves" is often more about their individual demographics and characteristics rather than the circumstances surrounding a single event and the event itself. We tend to view justice as transactional as well - do A,
  6. Well I got it to boot up! Yay! Hopefully I won't need the USB every time. We'll see. And OMG Y'ALL!! Like...when I click something to open it, it just...opens. Woah.
  7. I got Trevor an appointment for his first shot tomorrow. I still haven't been contacted from the waitlist. I signed us up at the same time, so I don't know what the difference is. But at least he's getting one which is good since he's still partially working and definitely sees more people than I do.
  8. Ugh. So I got the new SSD today. I cloned it just fine using the software from the Crucial website. I took the opportunity to dust the inside of my computer as well. But now it's telling me that a "required device isn't connected or can't be accessed". So I googled and everything tells me I need a boot disk, which of course I don't have. So I put the HDD back in and I'm trying to create on, but NATURALLY I don't have any DVDs to burn or stupid USB drives ANYWHERE. And I SWEAR TO ALL THAT IS HOLY THESE STUPID USB DRIVES ARE FUCKING ALL OVER THIS DAMN HOUSE IN EVERY DAMN DRAWER OR PENCIL BOX OR
  9. Would it help to delete any apps or programs that I can just redownload and reinstall later?
  10. Ok I ordered an SSD and two 16gig sticks of RAM that all the website said are compatible with my computer (plus some cables and a mount for the SSD). When it all arrives tomorrow, would it make more sense to replace the RAM before trying to clone the HDD onto the SSD? Or do you think that'll make much of a difference?
  11. By now you could have switched careers, applied for citizenship in a different country, moved to that country, and gotten treatment already.
  12. Definitely in my top 5.
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