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  1. Cerina


    Given that Vision, who has to almost certainly be a Wanda-creation, had a moment of reality-clarity, it would make sense that Wanda's not 100% in control. Now whether that means someone else is behind it or if she's suffered some sort of mental break keeping her trapped in a multiverse of her own making, I have no idea. Geraldine/Monica's moment of reality-clarity was odd. She seemed to also be coming out of a "fog" when she mentioned Ultron. But then she was quick to deny it, like she has been cognizant the entire time and goofed (though, "goofing" on that level seems a bit amature, but
  2. Cerina


    I love this show! It might be my favorite serial (aside from Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist) right now. I love just...everything about it. The entire aesthetic with each new decade, the mystery, the acting, the slapstick, all of it. I don't really want it to end.
  3. People just suck. I really hate people.
  4. Not necessarily. It could be borrowed with permission. But how anyone can honestly think that our police departments and criminal justice system don't need serious reform is beyond me. Defunding them will only go so far.
  5. Aside from getting rid of Trump, the best thing about a new administration is all of the qualified adults now filling key positions. Honestly, the administration doesn't even have to have highly qualified adults in these positions, simply minimally qualified adults would make a world of difference from the bunch of sycophantic snakes that Trump installed. On the whole, Biden inherited a mess, so even the basest of efforts will be a vast improvement.
  6. Do you drive? Look behind the pedals of your vehicle. My husband loses his wallet about once every 2-3 months (so often that I no longer even bother to put his cards on lockdown because I'm almost certain that we'll find it eventually). That's the craziest place we've ever found it.
  7. Cerina


    So if you'd watched to the end of the movie, you'd know that a "spark" isn't someone's passion or predestined worth of any kind. That's literally the message at the end.
  8. Cerina


    So far we've LOVED it! Trevor and I really enjoy the sitcom throwbacks because we used to watch them. Noah doesn't get it but enjoys it nonetheless. I think the "hints" will get more frequent and blatant as we go through the decades. I'm also assuming that each episode will be a different sitcom decade which would being us pretty much up to present day for the last episode or 2. I'm actually on board with the weekly reveals versus a full release. I think this slow burn is a better choice. We also watched the entire credits up until the change in language.
  9. Excellent reply chain, boys.Top notch posting.
  10. I "got up" at like 1:30 PM. I'm not really sleeping much these days, so I can't say I "woke up". Really, 1:30 is when I finally gave up and decided to move out of the bedroom. Both Trevor and I received emails that one of our spring classes had been cancelled, so I had to find a new section for each of us to enroll in. Thankfully, that went fairly smoothly. I have 3 upcoming classes that are the last 3 classes I need to get my associates. Trevor's class is actually a prerequisite for almost all of the rest of his classes for his bachelors, so it could have been quite annoying if we hadn'
  11. Do you really not understand the difference between the gay wedding cake thing versus deplatforming Trump after last week or are you just posturing?
  12. No. Senate conviction isn't the same as a criminal conviction. Which is unfortunate in some ways but helpful in others.
  13. Did I read that McConnell is now in favor of impeachment? Everything is all jumbled together lately. The thing about the senate is that they're more long-term politicians. They're playing a long power game and less likely to remain attached to a sinking ship. Trumpers have cost them money now, and they have the future of their party to consider.
  14. We made Million Dollar Spaghetti the other night. It's basically like a spaghetti casserole lasagna. It was pretty good, but then again, it was basically just spaghetti with extra cheese.
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