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  1. Ditto every word of this. I know things with family can get muddled and complex, but to us here on the outside looking in, it's painfully black and white. I'm so sorry about your grandma though. Was she the last person holding you to that side of the family?
  2. Oh Tom, I'm so sorry. Please let us know if we can help in any way.
  3. YES! I LOVE the Olympics!!! Seriously one of my favorite things.
  4. They're masters at fear-mongering.
  5. Feeder is another word for access road or frontage road.
  6. I took one of these quizzes once that straight up told me I was from the Houston suburbs. I think it was the use of the word "feeder".
  7. Give us a bit more than that!
  8. I collect stickers. And I prefer my food in bite-sized pieces.
  9. Is that really even a kid thing anymore though? You have to be a much higher tax bracket to even afford a gaming system these days! And have you tried lately to find a video game that's engaging and fun and appropriate for kids? One that's not by LEGO?
  10. I would rather cut off an arm than live with either of my parents. But I know several families who do this and it works for them. To me, the parenting style would be a complete non-negotiable, so I would have some very frank conversations about that ASAP if you even think things are going to lean that way.
  11. Well yes and no...sort of. I still retain a lot of the same core beliefs and personality, but I've nonetheless changed a lot since then. I think I'm more openly myself now than I was back then because I'm not trying to mold myself to fit in with the group. Like, I think back then I think I felt that I had a role to play in the group (and out) and I tailored a lot of my actions to that role, and so did most of the others in that same group. But I'm actually still friends with most of those people (just not as close). I can say the same for most of them - they're the same people, just more o
  12. DUDE!! I just remembered! I had a dream last night that Sara called me! She called to like support my argument about something, and she kept referring to me as "my client". I remember thinking in my dream this is awesome, but she's in insurance not law right? Then I remember saying "I totally don't mind at all, but how did you get my number?" And she just replied, "through work".
  13. Regional differences are fun. I'm like - no swimming sucks, but summer is a great time to have to stay inside and not do anything!
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