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  1. Assuming you can afford it, lawyer up anyway. It's not going to stop. They're being absolutely fucking ridiculous at this point. Is her therapist willing to testify to her overall stress level and emotional state? I would also yank her out and homeschool anyway. But I know it's not as easy as it sounds since you both work full time and all. But seriously, fuck these people.
  2. So that's one of the only good parts about living close to family - I never feel like compensating them for inconveniencing them for things like laundry usage or dinner or a place to stay when the AC goes out or baby/pet sitting.
  3. Yeah, the bank refunded it all while they do their investigation.
  4. I keep trying to watch the rebuttal. It's painful.
  5. So yesterday someone cleaned out one of our bank accounts. They stole my debit card number, so now I have to get a new card...again. This is like the 3rd card in 2 years. But that wasn't the most interesting part of my day. Trevor and I each got a letter in the mail from the Polaski, Indiana Department of Children's Services letting us know that some kid we've never heard of was removed from her home and we had to be notified by law since we're related. Long story short, she turned out to be one of Trevor's ex-wife's kids. Trevor and his ex divorced almost 20 years ago. They were together for less than a year. We have no earthly idea how or why we wound up being flagged as relatives. Even using the legal definition of "relative" in the law the letter referenced we wouldn't qualify except as "any other related adult as named by the child or their parent". Other oddities - my letter came to me with my maiden name on it, a name I haven't used in 12 years at least; both envelopes were handwritten with our current address which we haven't even updated our DLs to, they both still say Houston; the envelope was postmarked 01/29/24 but we got it yesterday.
  6. Why u gotta be so dark and broody?
  7. Did you try clicking "Unfollow"?
  8. Have y'all seen some of the bat-shit insanity coming from CPAC? I mean, more than the usual bat-shit insanity that is typically CPAC.
  9. Crap. I thought it was the 8th. ok. Well let’s pick a Friday
  10. ...will be old enough to legally buy and consume alcohol in all 50 states in about 3 weeks. I was a few months shy of turning 21 myself when I first joined, which now means that I have lived more life with Nightly than without. My Nightly-aversary happens to be on a Friday, so...Zoom party??
  11. Update! Despite having these dreams regularly for over a decade, I actually have not had a single one since I posted this almost 18 months ago. Therapy works you guys. Even if it's just ranting online.
  12. My heart goes out to you both. That's just so painful to read. Mean girl behavior is excused just like "boys will be boys" bullshit. The guilty parties just don't believe that they're doing anything wrong. They feel that they're entitled to be that way.
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