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  1. I'd eat Seth's taco cake. I mean what.
  2. I, too, have sworn off my dad's family reunions. We did go in 2019 because it was the 50th, they made t-shirts, and my grandma would have been very disappointed if we hadn't gone (my sister already had to skip because she was due literally any day at that point). I don't plan on ever going back. And another one of my cousins (2nd? 3rd? cousin...I don't know how this works...we share great-grandparents) just married a black guy. One of my cousins did that 10ish years ago, and they've barely been seen since. No surprise. But this newest guy is Nigerian, and they had a lot of traditional Ni
  3. Sexy Leatherface was definitely in my montage.
  4. The montage of images that just flew through my mind was incredible.
  5. Hey anything can happen in magical small Texas towns where a white woman can marry a black guy and gain social status...and where they have basements. Honestly, I think the only person on this show who isn't a lying liarface is Vincent. The biggest twist they could have at this point is having Vincent be the mastermind behind it all.
  6. She IS!! I really hope they don't keep Annabelle for next season, but also, what on earth can they do for next season? I really wish these shows with a season-long mystery didn't always have to have a season 2. Sometimes, one story is enough.
  7. That's a pretty staple meal around here as well. Both dino nuggets and mini corndogs. Actually, Noah's moved on from dino nuggets. Now he only likes the ones from Costco because "they don't deflate".
  8. So many things right now actually! It's helping me hold space for all my friends who are dealing with some shit right now. I started my new job last week! This week my boss is at Disney, so I'm on my own to do my training and start organizing this business. It's going well. I love working from home and on my own schedule. I just make myself available during the day for meetings and to answer emails/texts, but nobody is actually staring over my shoulder making sure that I'm always on task or micromanaging me in any way. This is new for me, and I love it. The boys are out of town t
  9. One of my 30 day goals for training is to improve the "health score" of my boss's database. Each client entry in the database is scored based on what information is entered - 20% each for having a full name, email, phone number, and address, and 4% each for a tag, social media profile, birthdate, company name/position, or lead source. And then the overall database is scored using some version of these numbers. I spent HOURS yesterday adding over 100 emails to entries without them, and the STUPID METRICS ON THE WEBSITE ARE BROKEN OR SOMETHING BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T CHANGED!! It's still showi
  10. Sorta. The house we're buying needs a lot of cosmetic updates to actually compete with those prices. So with about $60k worth of renovating, we'll be buying a $670K house.
  11. Real estate is INSANE right now. This is Trevor's grandparents' house that we're buying from his mom and uncle for $200K. The #1 reason we're buying it is because I simply cannot let this woman let this house go for cash without realizing its full investment potential simply because she doesn't want to deal with it. That's leaving a LOT of damn money on the table. So we're going to live there and renovate then sell. I just can't not. https://www.zillow.com/homes/7101-Beckett-Rd-Austin,-TX,-78749_rb/29483444_zpid/ Oh and hey, I guess here's my new address if you guys want it.
  12. Now that we're back from Carlsbad, I want to start planning a new family vacation for the fall or early next year. We don't want to go to any major vacation destinations (no Disney or anything like that) because crowds and covid and cost and all that jazz. And we need to go somewhere that's going to be interesting to both the 13 year-old and the (by then) almost 6 year-old. Where do y'all recommend?
  13. Ok look, after a bit of snooping, the only KP I see on your FB is Icy. I may devote more snooping time to this later, but I believe that the 90 seconds I spent on this was more than adequate to start forming my own ideas.
  14. I'm just going to imagine KP is out there right now sharing her dating exploits with friends having nicknamed Seth "Low Hanging Fruit".
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