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  1. We're going to a friend's house. They've been a part of our little "bubble", so we feel reasonably safe with them.
  2. Due to covid, we haven't had a doctor or teacher suggest autism for Luke in like 9 months. We still haven't had a formal evaluation, just a lot of "let's keep an eye on all these red flags". The kid still has several autistic traits and tendencies, but it's done wonders for us to view them as such and not as behavioral issues. By "us", I mean Noah, my sister, and I. Trevor and the rest of the family are still coming around. It's a huge mind-shift to go from "he's being a problem" to "he's having a problem", but it's literally life-changing.
  3. I didn't know there was a sequel coming. I'm glad it's a book and not a movie.
  4. Biden is so close to winning Texas, and the GOP is fighting like hell to suppress votes because of it. There's a new lawsuit going up almost daily. They're scared and it's obvious. Even Cornyn is trying to distance himself from Trump now. There were 3 separate Trump parades that drove by my neighborhood last weekend, and they actually pushed people away from Trump. Several people have told stories about their elderly parents or grandparents or neighbors or whatever being so disgusted by these parades that they switched their votes to Biden. And that's on top of the stories of people who
  5. Dude. I cannot even imagine trying to do all of this. And, honestly, it sounds so oddly disjointed.
  6. I'm glad you asked! Though many people think of Latin as a dead language, it's not really. Latin is EVERYWHERE. Law, medicine, all of the sciences, great literature, logic, philosophy, and theology are all saturated in Latin words and phrases. Something like half of our English vocabulary is derived from Latin, but something like 80% of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes are. Latin is still spoken everywhere, just not conversationally. However, since Latin isn't used as anyone's main language anymore, it's not evolving. With Latin, we don't have to worry about new dialects cropping
  7. There are worse things than an autism diagnosis. Like not knowing and thinking your kid is just a little shit. A formal diagnosis opens doorways to therapies and services. I hope you guys get some answers.
  8. You all know that we homeschool my kiddos. Generally, I spend the spring planning out our plans for the next school year, but since covid took away most of my jobs and volunteer stuff, I'm kinda bored. I've also decided not to continue with our current co-op program after this year, so I'm also trying to sketch out a rough plan for the future. Noah's in the 7th grade this year, but I've pretty much decided to give him another one. He has a summer birthday and if we kept on, he'd graduate at 17 and start college as a brand-new 18 year old. A lot of people decide to start their late birthd
  9. Voting shouldn't require pants. Like, I need to go vote. There's a damn near empty polling place like 2 miles from me. But I don't want to put on pants to go do it. OR A BRA!
  10. A mom from our co-op tested positive yesterday...AFTER class! Luke and I missed due to sheer laziness, but Noah was there. So that's fun. On the whole Harris County is trending in the right direction.
  11. The absolute best 90s TV block was the 3PM to 6ishPM channel-flipping you could do to watch Saved by the Bell for 3 hours after school before your parents got home.
  12. Lol! Let me know what the kids think. Those books just came out this summer and I haven't read them yet.
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