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  1. I wasn't listening to anything at the moment but I'll throw a band I've been listening to a bit in here. I really dig this dude's voice.
  2. I got a decent way into this on my PS4 and then it decided to crash. Had to do a complete reinstall and so lost my saves. I don't know if I want to bother playing all of that again.
  3. It was a really okay movie. I was disappointed that they changed so much from the book but I understand a lot of the changes (pretty sure most of it wouldn't have translated that well to the screen).
  4. It says the administrator is not taking membership registrations. Figured you were trying to keep the riffraff out.
  5. But then...how would one get the songs onto the device?
  6. Hi, Spam. You're still around! Now we just need olskool, Sati and Patrick Bateman and it'll be a party.
  7. Apple is ****. And get the **** out of here with that syncing bull****. Let me drag and drop files, for grifes sake. Only Apple product I ever used on a regular basis was an iTouch for music. That got tossed once I began using my old Android phone as an MP3 player when I upgraded.
  8. This site apparently no longer accepts new members.
  9. I'd have to agree Hiddleston definitely had a lot to do with the success of the two Thor movies (not to mention Avengers). Loki's been a very likeable villain. The interaction between him and Thor is always fun to watch.
  10. It's not just a comic fan that expects that, it's everyone. Even the layperson knows enough about Superman to know that what we received in SR was subpar to what could have been delivered. To put it kindly, bull****. SR was boring garbage that couldn't even keep the continuity it sprang from straight. Superman leaves after vowing never to again? He needed to verify Krypton was destroyed why, exactly? Were the recordings from his dead father and the chunks of his planet hurtling through space not proof enough? If he was looking for Krypton survivors, did he not hear about Supergirl when she s
  11. I'm more hyped for this than I was for Thor. Five minute preview they had before TDW was pretty ****ing cool, like a Bourne movie with superheroics thrown in.
  12. That's his average Thursday in the comics. I want to see a movie where he demonstrates all his abilities in battle and after finding out Lex was going to be the main villain (again), that hope pretty much faded. Best part of the movie, the plane rescue, was shown in the trailer anyway. Couple that with his stalking **** and Lex wanting to make Kryptonite real estate (yes Lex, people will be flocking there, no doubt) and you have one ****ty movie. Man of Steel's problem, while chock full of action, just didn't have enough heart to it. The action may have looked cool but I never felt tha
  13. Returns sucked because it lacked one major thing you need in a movie with the Kryptonian and that's Superman doing super ****. We got him catching a plane and picking up a boat. It didn't even have a good sense of humor to it. It didn't even make sense as a sequel, either. Superman II ended with Kal apologizing for being away and that he would never let them down again...so he leaves the ****ing planet for five years? Singer might have tried rewatching the first two Donner movies before making his.
  14. I imagine there are comic book super-heroes in the MoS universe. Smallville had the Warrior Angel comic book, for example (character wore a red cape).
  15. Supergirl. The prequel comic shows that she was on the ship that was discovered in the movie. It was a battle between her and another Kryptonian that caused it to crash (the comic leaves it a mystery as to what happens to the two of them after the crash).
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