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  1. Yeah but I love the idea of Anakin getting back to his castle, jumping into the bacta tank and then having some relatable shower thoughts of ‘damn it that’s what I should have said’
  2. Yeah I agree it was probably a little too familiar - though as soon as they cast Hayden I had a feeling that was the exact scene they were going to do and I’m not gonna lie, I loved the original scene so i didn’t care that they essentially adapted for Obi Wan. Just hopefully they don’t decide to do it again for an Ashoka flashback in her series.
  3. That was the clear influence - I think they loved the scene so much they wanted to adapt it. But even some of the shots are directly lifted from that scene. But they did give it a different edge to the Rebels scene, where that was more sad, this was heartbreaking, horrific and creepy. It also made me realise what a great job Hayden had done performing vocally similar to James Earl Jones when they were mixing the voices alongside.
  4. A few things I wasn’t a fan of in the final, don’t think they should have intercut the duel with the hunt for Luke and just left the scene in it’s entirety for after. It also wouldn’t of felt that Obi Wan was able to get to Tatooine in literally 5 minutes. (Too much of the JJ influence there maybe). But all problems were for naught since they completely delivered on a scene I’ve basically wanted to see since before the prequels. Fan service it might be but the long shot of Obi Wan and Vader before the fight is my favourite Star Wars moment ever. The duel itself I also think delivered but
  5. Yeah it just seemed in the 4th episode that the glow from the lightsabre was amped up a bit more than it has been recently, more than this weeks for example. There was one bit where Obi Wan was in a corridor and the whole screen felt over saturated with blue. (Though probably worth noting I do live with someone who likes to f**k the colour settings on the TV, so it could be that…)
  6. Did Vader also know she was going to betray him but he just used her as a means to get to Kenobi, or he just knew she was a youngling? I’m guessing the former with the GI coming out as a reveal. Really well played out.
  7. Yeah I think I’ll be jumping on the hype train as well. The fact it’s a Games Pass day one release means less opportunity for any ‘pre order’ shenanigans to go on and unless I missed something, no mention of any multiplayer - hopefully means the corporate side has leant from the F76 stuff and backed away a bit. And building your own ship like a settlement in F4 is really cool.
  8. Pretty much everything I want out of Star Wars. Vader bringing down the ship was basically the Force Unleashed and I’m loving it. I’ve actually really liked the music in this series and glad they’ve avoided reusing the themes too much, but a little Imperial March as Vader was walking through the hallways to the ship would of been a nice cherry on top. So I’m guessing next Obi Wan decides to confront Vader again to try a last ditch attempt at bringing him back?
  9. It felt like there was a bit of stuff cut from the start of the episode. Obi Wan goes into the tank, pops out too early then suddenly convincing some folks to launch a rescue and off they were all in about 5 mins. Overall enjoyed the episode and no real complaints, just the vibe of it after last weeks seemed a bit odd. Though I think they’re going a bit overboard on the lightsaber saturation effects.
  10. I’m wondering if we’re actually going to get another parallel scene to RoTJ with the one that Wicket posted where we see Obi Wan going to visit Yoda and this comes up. I think Yoda does know Anakin is alive and Obi Wan will want to know why he didn’t tell him, ie Luke not being told Vader is Anakin. Then maybe he shows him how to have a chat with Qui Gon (he did promise him that at the end of RoTS)
  11. I think they used that AI voice tech on him that they did with Mark Hamill to make him sound a bit more age appropriate.
  12. I think they are doing a tiny bit of ‘development’ with Vader that fits in with the frame work. The prequels showed that trying to avoid Padme’s death is what seduced him to the Dark Side, but this is showing his hate for Obi Wan and him leaving him there to burn is what has kept him in the Dark Side. But Choc honestly I don’t think fans are excited about seeing Vader snap necks as they are just seeing Vader on screen again and more than just a cameo. He is probably one of the most recognisable movie characters of all time and the face of the franchise, people are gonna be excited.
  13. Yeah I still think she is one of the younglings but it was how she knew exactly where Leia would end up that makes me think she was a youngling who escaped and ended up here. But the whole bit was hard to follow.
  14. The third ep was probably the happiest I’ve been as a Star Wars fan. Vader was just savage and unhinged. I don’t think it’s too hard to guess where it’ll go next but still can’t wait for then next confrontation. The end with Reva was a little confusing in how they cut it but she might of been one of the Jedi or force sensitive kids they tried to help before? She recognised the symbol and knew where the tunnel ended up.
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