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  1. Yeah, I don’t think it would translate as well to film full stop without some significant changes. They’re great on the written page but I don’t think a film can capture what makes them great, no matter how long.
  2. The director said he wants to do Messiah as well if he has the chance, so I don’t think he wants the white saviour interpretation associated with it overall. But yeah, whether or not he gets that opportunity is another story. Plus I don’t know how you’d adapt anything after Dune itself without each feeling like a prelude to the next one. Messiah is like a epilogue for Dune and a prologue for Children of Dune.
  3. It was straight up Mando - aside from Fennec at the end, was there anything at all to connect to Boba’s story? They could have loosely connected it somewhere.
  4. Turns out you were right on the money! This weeks I thought was great, but it was basically because it was another show.
  5. It’s more because the film doesn’t adapt the whole book - it’s just the first half of the book. So the 2nd film is really just the 2nd half of the film. Which probably part of why you struggle to care about the characters - by the end, the journey is actually starting. I’m pretty confident the director will make it work considering his track record, but who knows what can happen.
  6. One of those ‘has to be seen in the cinema’ kind of movies. Thought it was fantastic but at the end of the day it just feels like one big prologue. I get the need to split it up and they didn’t really get a choice to film back to back and the 2nd one has been greenlit, but this film relies so heavily on the 2nd film which hasn’t even started filming yet. If he doesn’t land Part 2, this one suffers. That held me back from really loving it.
  7. Yeah, honestly it just feels like a chore to watch now. This weeks was a little better but not really by much. The sequence with the little droid belonged in a Pixar movie, not a show about Boba Fett. The ‘mod’ scene was horrendous as well, wtf was that music?
  8. Probably just more visits to the Mayor’s office, some more ‘tributes’, shots in the bacta tank and reflections of Kamino. I don’t think we’re getting off the planet in the series either.
  9. Yeah but don’t we need some semblance of a purpose for the heart to properly kick in? It feels like the scenes they are pushing that are falling flat because we don’t know what the stakes are in the first place. We’re not even seeing it develop over time. Even in the flashbacks we don’t see a tough anti hero Boba getting softened up by the Tuskens. Just the same as who he is in the present. I think this is a show that would have benefited from being a ‘monster of the week’ style show where we learnt why he wants to take over Jabba’s empire over time, opposed to a serial form
  10. I don’t think the issue is heart, it’s a lack of motivation. What’s Boba even doing all this for? Why do we give a s**f if he becomes the crime lord? There hasn’t even a hint or anything there is any purpose to what he is doing.
  11. I saw Dune finally in IMAX so maybe subconsciously I’m comparing my sand dune sci fi and being a bit too hard on this show, but you’d still think of any studio/production company, Disney would throw some extra dollars to the budget. But that aside, we’ve seen fan films on a lower budget done better than this. And just comparing this episode to last weeks, it seems to be Rodriguez more than anything. Though I’ve never been a fan so might be my own bias creeping in.
  12. Boba could have just walked at that pace and still caught up, let alone use his jet pack. Ok, I should have put an emphasis on cheap. But I think that was a purposeful creative choice which I hate even more.
  13. I think the issue is Rodriguez. His guerrilla filmmaking just doesn’t work with Star Wars. The difference in quality from this weeks and last weeks is almost night and day. He just makes each scene feel like a cheap fan film. That chase scene at the end reeked of Spy Kids.
  14. Latest one I thought was terrible. I think I’d rather watch the Canto Blight chase scene three times over than the one in this ep.. There was some good in the episode but drowned out by the bad. The gang is the worst Star Wars thing I think to be put on screen yet.
  15. Cheers - it looked wrong as I typed it so I should have double checked.
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