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  1. Yeah I thought this was a lot of fun. Loki is far from my favourite character but the Marvel material I’ve enjoyed the most has been the more out there, fun and light outings like Guardians and Ragnarok, which this looks to be leaning close to. Credit to them though, the variety of content we’ve gotten from the D+ shows has been great so far. At first I thought that might be a little fun jab at all the WandaVision theories about Mephisto, but after they mentioned the other Loki variant I think the stained glass was meant to hint more at Loki with his horned helmet.
  2. I mean this is just straight up victim blaming, no two ways about it. Let’s just conveniently forget she was 18 when they were dating and he was 18 years her senior. So when she says now she was emotionally manipulated and groomed, pretty hard not to believe.
  3. Nah it’s still really good on Next gen. I’m playing on Series X and it’s still higher res and higher FPS, but still just a port of the PS4/Xbone version. Though from all accounts so is the PC version since all the tech settings are scaled back. But yeah really baffling to target this on the older gen this late.
  4. They wouldn’t be the same teams working on both so no reason they couldn’t update. But I’m also coming off a lot harsher on them than I mean to. It still looks and plays great on next gen - just not something I’d wait for it to play. Just grab it now.
  5. It hasn’t been optimised for PS5 or Series X, so I wouldn’t hold out for a next gen console and just play it on PC or PS4. It’s basically the same deal as Cyberpunk where the next gen console releases are just ports of the current gen. Difference though is BioWare have indicated no future update to optimise it. So if you want to make the most of it, play on PC. Bioware though may come to their senses and optimise it for next gen though, otherwise seems a wasted release.
  6. I thought it had been verified recently but yeah, can't find anything on it so one of those things I must have just imagined. Interesting learning what she did work on though when I was looking it up, Hook and Young Indy were on there.
  7. I know it's not the same thing 'cause it's more script doctor but didn't Carrie Fisher help / do a pass on some dialogue in TPM? It was rumoured but I'm not sure if it was ever confirmed. Always wondered what she thought reading it.
  8. They address the first point in that Genosois designed the Death Star but Erso was one of the scientists to make the laser work and it a reality. They had a book release just before the movie that details it more, Catalyst. But all in all, Rouge One def doesn’t ignore the prequels - cameos from Mustafar, Courscant and Bail Organa. I think it’s been the only post Disney movie to properly reference them?
  9. Couldn’t find a thread about this so sorry if already posted. Anyone been watching this/kept up to date? (Unfortunately as it’s AppleTV I’m not finding many people have, understandably.) I watched the first season a couple of months ago and while slow to start, really enjoyed it. Season 2 just finished up last week and while the majority of the season was somewhat disappointing, that finale was grand. It kind of felt like the whole season was just building up to that one episode - and as good as it was, not sure it was worth the 9 episode lead up either but I’ll take it.
  10. Maybe it’s more about numbers and making sure those who were Republic don’t become Separatist, and if a former Republic planet does become neutral, try to get the numbers from a planet that that was neutral. Ultimately you’re right though, it doesn’t really piece together. But hey, Star Wars.
  11. This is was my understanding of it as well, plus they hated Jedi and they were the guardians of the Republic, so they’ve always had some sort of animosity towards the Republic.
  12. Mortis stuff seems to be very love it or hate it. Personally I’m not really a big fan of it at all and thought it was too silly even for Star Wars, but it gets more attention than it deserves from both sides. I don’t get the intensity around what were pretty average episodes in a cartoon. I was glad they didn’t end up going there in Episode 9 though, but then considering what we got maybe it wouldn’t of been that bad.
  13. I think the plan is that it's a limited / mini series so 4 sounds about right. I like that for Disney+ shows, things are as long they need to be and there hasn't been set episode lengths or season numbers. Mando has 8, WandaVision 9 and Falcon and Winter Soldier is 6 eps. Though I'd bet Ashoka and Rangers of the New Republic are the same as Mando when they're released.
  14. He did, on its own right it is a great flick. And not to get into another sequel discussion because I think it’s been done to death, but in hindsight the movie is also responsible for all the issues that plagued the sequels in my opinion.
  15. Yeah not great I’ll admit. But I still choose to remain optimistic, they have pushed this project back enough (not counting Covid) I think it’s a good sign they aren’t rushing into it, trying to get it right. Getting Edgerton back is a huge relief for me as well.
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