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  1. I see what you’re saying and while I have problems with the show, I disagree it’s reliant on having seen Rebels (though I haven’t seen the latest episode yet, worth noting). I never watched all of Rebels and didn’t watch the seasons Thrawn was in, but I’m not lost about where this is going. I think part of the issue here is people want all the information spoon fed to them immediately. Why is Thrawn such a big threat and why will it be war when he comes back is something I’d expecting to learn as the season progresses, not day one.
  2. Yeah that UI is pretty dreadful in parts. I think I’ve spent 60% of playtime in the combat in the weapon inventory screen. I don’t mind the Map/Star system as much now but last night I couldn’t land on New Atalantis cause I was already in Orbit from another mission, but they needed to scan me for contraband, so had to fly to another planet and then come back. But the game doesn’t tell you that, so I just assumed for 30 mins it was bugging out. But I’ve already sunk a lot of hours into this game and I’m still absolutely loving it. Putting points into the ship building, have a Class C ship with laser turrets…there are moments during space combat I feel like I’m playing a scene right out of the Expanse and it’s epic.
  3. There is a lot less of the usual jank in this one, it’s probably been the smoothest Bestheda release out of the gate, I think the additional months to iron and smooth out performance has really made itself apparent. But….yeah I still have some companions and NPC’s stare the complete other direction, so not perfect.
  4. Had nothing to do on the weekend and paid for the early access…love love love this game. A lot slower to start than other Bestheda games, I’d say it took just over 10 hours for it to ‘kick in’ but when it does, it kicks hard. Helps that the sci fi setting they’ve gone for is my favourite - not too distant-far future, more Expanse/BSG than Mass Effect/Star Trek. Probably their most RPGish game since pre-Fallout 3 as well, can easily see this one topping their best. One of those ‘thinking about all day at work’ games…which we’re getting a bit spoiled for this year!
  5. No, Zerimar was bitter Lucas had scrapped the EU from the slate. If that had continued he wouldn’t have given a crap.
  6. Does anyone think the Inquisitorish type fellow is going to be Ezra? Giving me Silver Chair/Tron Legacy vibes.
  7. It felt like it had all the ingredients for something really great but it just kinda felt a bit flat? Visually it looked great, music was great, story is interesting…but it felt like they were kind of bored shooting the action sequences, or they missed the ‘faster, more intense’ memo from Lucas. Or like Tank some of the magic is gone for me a bit too.
  8. I just got out of it and don’t really know how I feel about it yet. I feel like I missed a lot because I didn’t know that much about Oppenheimer’s background and had a lot of trouble figuring out what the hell was going on for about 80% of the thing. Buuuut I’m also feeling that way about the majority of movies or shows I’m watching these days so the more plausible answer is I’m just getting old and stupid, and seeing a three hour epic mid week at 7.30pm wasn’t the best way to go see this.
  9. It was definitely weakest of the post MI3 ones but I enjoyed it - pretty much for the reasons Brett touched on. It’s just nice seeing these action sequences with a bigger focus on practical effects. The last bit in particular was really well done and the chase scene in Rome was fun, good mix of humour and action. Though I was surprised that none of it was shot on IMAX considering the last few and Top Gun all used it for the main set pieces. But yeah plot wise it was weak. Didn’t really know what the hell was going on 90% of the time (and not in a cool Nolan storytelling way) but I’d be lying if I said that was any different to any other MI film I’ve watched. I’m usually just there for the set pieces and I think they still delivered.
  10. I’m seeing it this Saturday. It’s probably the only franchise I can think of that, with the exception of the second one, has consistently gotten better with each release. (Shame to hear 7 breaks that though). But as good as they are (or have been), I don’t care about any of the characters so never in a rush to see them.
  11. Yeah that took me right out of it, the minute he spoke. Really odd to spend so much on the de-ageing and just not touch the voice. Also in retrospect, the de-ageing seemed to reflect Indy’s age in Raiders and not Crusade, and the flashbacks were after that? Doesn’t really matter much since it’s only a few years after Raiders anyway I guess.
  12. I get where you’re coming from and I agree, ridiculous to expect we’re gonna get anything in the same tier as the first three. I just personally didn’t feel it was a fitting or nice send off to the character at all. The ending wasn’t earned at all and just felt like another Jurassic Park 3 situation where they had no idea how to finish the movie so just seemed to make it up on the spot and rush it to the finish line. The biggest issue with Crystal Skull for a lot of people was the abundance of CG and reduction in the practical effects. But this movie was just way too overly reliant on it. And maybe it’s fine if the action sequences were well shot, directed or memorable in some way but they were just very by the numbers, which felt indicative of the whole movie to me.
  13. Yeah sorry I couldn’t remember the character or actor name so just went with the what I think she’s best known for. Didn’t hate her character like I’ve seen a lot of people react. Couldn’t stand that kid though.
  14. Looks like I’ll be the only one here who didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t think it was actively bad or anything but I do think it was a soulless and actually really dull outing. None of the action sequences were memorable and weren’t really choreographed that well, looked more like they were shooting for ways to hide Harrison’s body double. Though that said, I did like Fleabag and the last sequence. But I don’t think I could rate it higher than Crystal Skull, which for all its faults I think had a bit more heart in it than this one.
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