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  1. Another strong episode, although you could see roughly where it was going to end quite early on. Wanting to do the good thing, but every single button pushed and reacts as you’d expect. Nice observations in Sharon and Sam issues above, have to agree with those points. Good to have a little more flashback for Bucky as well with his de-programming. Zemo is the standout - anytime on screen, he is the best thing there! Great fun! Looking forward to seeing how this series wraps up in the final 2 episodes!
  2. Loved playing Dragon Age Inquisition! Looking forward to the next game they release - there was a trailer a little while back. Good luck with the job you are up for in this universe Tank!
  3. Agreed - here is that link to some of the gameplay improvements they have been making: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/04/06/mass-effect-legendary-edition-rebalancing-tuning--mechanical-improvements/#sf244686996 Can't wait!
  4. Can’t wait for ME: LE to come out in May! Having done a little research, think I am going to start the first game, first run through as Soldier with Garrus & Wrex, then move to some of the more interesting skill sets for the second and third run through’s to get all those trophies! Avoiding plot spoilers, but like to prep for those trophies when playing this type of game!
  5. Rogue 3


    Did you see the teaser trailer for Season 2? The trial is never over Picard! That should bring a bit more fun into it! Finally finished series 1 last night after a long break between episode 6 and 7. Those final 4 episodes were a bit more like it - struggled with the show initially. I liked Santiago Cabrera as Rios (couldn’t believe how long ago it was that we saw him in Heroes!), and his other hologram crew mates - they kept me amused. But that was it for the new crew. Storyline, as someone said above, felt lifted from elsewhere, and just sort of ended abrupt
  6. Yep, that was the instant reaction at the end of episode 1 of course, but I liked what they did at the start of ep 2 showing him in the locker room (the scenes where he is alone in particular), where he came across as an alright chap. Willing to give him a chance at that point. Then with each subsequent appearance his character slowly brings us back to that first initial impression. I quite liked that.
  7. Bit of a busy week, so ended up with watching both episodes 2 & 3 today! Really enjoying this series! The banter between Falcon & Bucky is excellent. Thought something was off with the New Cap right from the opening scenes of ep 2 with them making him seem ok - every subsequent scene he is just getting further and further away from Captain America ideal image. Agree with above comments that he will be after the serum. And what about Madripoor? Cross between Bladerunner and a Final Fantasy game location! Loved it!
  8. Your wish has been granted! Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru confirmed with Edgerton and Bonnie Piesse confirmed in the cast. https://www.starwars.com/news/obi-wan-kenobi-series-cast Filming finally due to start in April!
  9. Agree with all of the above - especially Zathras! Still remember being excited to hear that character was coming back for series 3 to resolved the excellent Babylon Squared storyline! Good times! But a glaring omission. My favourite is: The Doctor Love that show!
  10. What did we think? Explosive opening and after all that, it was obvious the rest of the episode would be a bit more relaxed and focused on the characters. Good to hear more on the impact of “The Blip”. Very important to address. Strong start I thought and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops over the remaining 5 episodes.
  11. We watched the first one the Sunday evening before last as a refresher and then the new one this Sunday just gone. Obviously not going to win any awards but it was good fun seeing all the old characters and you get the feeling they had a good laugh making it. Nice easy watch to end the weekend.
  12. Finished reading this last night - good sequel. I agree with Fozzie that it took too long to get going, but once it did, it was more enjoyable. The quest element was rushed (a natural cause of the main plot), I would have liked a bit more time on those problem solving elements if poss. But a very optimistic ending and came away from it happy. Can't see this being a movie without significant changes, but does it need to be released?
  13. Just in case you hadn't seen it, the PS5 version of this game is released on June 10th. Enhanced features and new content with the introduction of Yuffie during the events of Part 1 (she is a character that doesn't join Cloud's team proper until we get to Part 2, and was an optional character in the original game, so it's nice to have her character beefed up in this remake) - trailer below plus a link to the details of the announcement https://www.ign.com/articles/final-fantasy-vii-remake-intergrade-ps5-release-date-preorder To sumarise, if you have it on PS4, you get a f
  14. Blimey - 6 and a half years on from the last post and he's still World Champ! He's been in a league of his own, but something has got to give at some point you would think. Amazing they got a full season in last year with all that went on and is still going on. Hats off to everyone involved. Below are the driver lineups for 2021 with Alonso coming back (despite just coming out of hospital from a bike accident!) and a certain Mick Schumacher (current F2 Champion) joining the grid - will be interesting to see what he can bring to the party in a car that will not be one of the
  15. Ah good! Glad it's not just me! The humour in them is very nice and it does help that they do them based on our favourite films! Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel - I mean come on! That's a company that knows it's audience! Going back to the original topic, any tips you would suggest for a newbie when his copy of the PS4 Mass Effect Legendary set is delivered in May? Thinking more on character creation here - what you enjoyed, what you might recommend for a first time play? Normally I would just see what I fancied on the day, but am keenly awar
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