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  1. In the flashback part, the next section of story should be where he will encounter Mando, get his armour back and do all those bits from Mando season 2. The “present day” stuff with him on the throne is post Mando season 2. Maybe he is recruited either by paying him as was indicated, or as a favour for his help in rescuing Grogu?
  2. Yeah, that was odd I agree. I’d have just have him go back there and shoot the Sarlacc pit up for revenge. Something is a bit off isn’t it. I still enjoy being in the Star Wars environment - years of nothing post ROTJ still makes me keen for more. But the storyline needs more oomph. The chase was awful last week. And I agree about the little droid in the kitchen. Comedy attempt misfiring. The tease of the Mandalorian music gives hope, but we need to get something exciting going on with the plot!
  3. Nice one - thanks both! That helps a lot!
  4. Oh nice! Thanks for the tips CoLA! I was going to check on that. So I’m safe watching s2 of Daredevil, and then watch Jessica Jones, plus Iron Fist and Luke Cage before Defenders? I saw that those last 2 are not that well thought of (at least on Tank’s MCU listing), essential to watch would you say?
  5. To give a bit of positivity on “Blue Monday” though, finally got round to watching first season of Daredevil following the recent additions to the MCU. Absolutely superb! Looking forward to series 2!
  6. Watched this last night with the Mrs - have to agree with a lot of comments on here. We went into it fairly blind in terms of not being aware of the storylines or characters from the comics. Interesting concept that just doesn’t come to life in the film itself. There was a real chance of doing some fun flashback stuff in a style like Highlander with all that history to play with, but anytime there was a flashback, it was very bland really. At one point I thought they were going to do something interesting and use that Deviant who was draining the powers, to be the “hero” aft
  7. We watched this on Thursday evening now it’s available on Sky. Thought it was great fun! I was 7 or 8 when the original came out so perfect age to get spooked and then enjoy rewatching over the years. This new one had lots of nice nostalgic moments as well as giving the new cast plenty to do. Easy option to repeat the big bad from the first film, but I didn’t really mind that. Very enjoyable watch and would recommend to fans of the originals.
  8. Did anyone see this? I was a big fan of the original run - well seasons 1 to 5 were the good ones before it severely went off the boil. Trinity in season 4 is one of the highlights of any show in my opinion. Final episode aired last night in the US (early hours of Monday morning here in the UK). Strong series I thought - very nicely done and a worth series villain. Won’t say much more now in case of spoilers (can’t remember how to get those tags!!). But well worth a watch!
  9. Yep, we have a special at springtime (presumably Easter, but for some reason they have to say spring for now), and then the final special is later in the year to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the BBC. We think somewhere between September to November, but just guess work at the mo. Both specials completed, including the regeneration, just needs the 14th Doctor (when cast) to be filmed doing “their” bit. I liked the new year special also - lot if fun and I’m a big fan of Aisling Bea, so that was good to see her involved. A few plot issues (how could they do all that set up in
  10. Agreed - and rightly so for me. His time to shine after having a bit of a raw deal first time out I would say. I’ll admit I was somewhat negative to the reboot after Maguire’s Spidey, but time is a good healer. Also it was nice to have 2 good credits scenes, teaser for future Spidey film, and trailer for Dr Strange. Sometimes you get the jokey ones which can be a let down!
  11. Ok, new update with Black Widow, Shang Chi & Spidey plus a few more of the TV series added. Not watched Eternals yet, but will catch that in Jan on Disney+ Comments largely as before: 1. Thor: Ragnarok (So much fun! Love this film!) 2. Captain America: Winter Soldier 3. Infinity War 4. Avengers Assemble 5. Endgame 6. Spider-Man: No Way Home 7. Captain America: Civil War 8. Iron Man 9. Guardians of the Galaxy 10. WandaVision 11. Spider-Man: Homecoming 12. Hawkeye (real surprise for me this year - loved it!) 13. F
  12. After an excellent Christmas catching up with the family, me and the Mrs managed to see Spidey this morning! Thoroughly enjoyed it - so pleased to see Maguire and Garfield appear and in much more substantial roles than first thought of. I rewatched Garfield’s two films over Xmas in the hope there would be an appearance and have to say I have a lot of time for his Spidey. They were introduced very nicely with Ned’s magic and some nice scenes with him and MJ. Opening was fun with the reality of the world knowing who he is, so it all made sense to seek out a solution. This film ju
  13. Very nice start! Exactly what I wanted with back story mostly spliced in with the “current day” storyline. The documentary to accompany it was a nice homage to the character with a very comprehensive coverage of the birth of this character and how popular. Especially good that it opens up with honest question of why is he so popular with “4 lines of dialogue; 6 mins total screen time..” Very nice post Christmas treat!
  14. Yeah I’m with you two! Really enjoyed this series - great chemistry between all of the cast - no weak spots at all. Felt like they were all having a great time! And couldn’t help laughing though the mid credits bit! Brilliant stuff!
  15. For me I like a lot of Christmas cheese in my songs! So: Wizzard: “I wish it could be Christmas Everyday” Chris Rea: “Driving home for Christmas” Slade: “Merry Xmas Everybody” Kirsty MacColl & the Pogues: “Fairytale of New York” Shakin Stevens: “Merry Christmas Everyone”
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