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  1. Caught this last night now it has dropped on Disney +. Lots to unpick! Bit slow to get going, first 20 or so was a lot of narrative before it really kicked in. The fall through the Multiverse was fun, but kind of reminiscent of that Family Guy episode with some elements. Once they got to the Earth 838 (Question - if they mapped the multiverse, why designate themselves as that number and not 1? But I digress…), there was some fun scenes with Strange & Chavez with the tables turning so that she is the experienced person explaining the rules. Illuminati sequence as great fun
  2. Yes, I was hoping for that also - thought sure it would come in that final chat on Alderaan.
  3. Absolutely loved that! Epic final episode - superb dual, lovely moments with Leia and the trademark “Hello there!” to Luke! Qui-Gon for heavens sake! Brilliant! The wife asked to watch ANH straight after - who am I to refuse? The dialogue scenes with Vader and Obi-Wan - fantastic! And the split voice between HC and JEJ… magic! As to Obi-Wan walking away, he can’t kill his friend. That still rings true from ROTS and walking away instead of ending his suffering. Seeing his face and hearing his voice brought that all back. No complaints here. I do agree on the timing of t
  4. Yep, can’t argue with your points there, but for me, knowing the fates of the characters hasn’t spoiled my enjoyment at all. This series has been very enjoyable to watch, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all ends up in a few hours time. A mad thought crossed my mind on my second watch of episode 5, and that was what if they went an Infinities route and did something different to really shock… Won’t happen and I know a lot on here don’t like that series of stories or the alternate reality idea, but… Anyway, looking forward to more Mando era stuff and Andor looks like a lot of
  5. Absolutely brilliant! Took my time watching the 7 episodes due to the final 2 dropping in July. Excellent series - big main cast and splitting them up worked so well. The reveal at the end of Ep 7 was excellently done and Ep 4 was also a massive highlight with a tense time! Looking forward to these final 2 episodes!
  6. Probably quite old, but just seen this today and it made me laugh!
  7. Rogue 3


    Nice one - thanks for the tips! Good to have it confirmed that it was improved upon. I enjoyed it at release for what it was, so will revisit that when I get a chance!
  8. Rogue 3


    Ah man - shame this isn’t coming to the PlayStation. Out of interest, did No Mans Sky improve with later updates? I got it at release and enjoyed playing it, but it was a bit light initially. Meant to go back to it, but other things got in the way.
  9. Shame about Tala I thought - liked her character and there was a nice bond with Kenobi. About 2 mins before it happened, I allowed myself to think that maybe, just maybe, the 2 of them could have some time together back in exile on Tatooine before she passes away prior to ANH… Then BOOM! Dead. I blame myself…
  10. Agreed! Has she got 2 stomachs as well??? ;-) Rumours are the final episode could be a beefy length.. pure speculation based on the cinema timings for the series and a bit of math being done here: https://insidethemagic.net/2022/06/kenobi-finale-might-be-the-longest-star-wars-episode-ever-made-kb1/ Also, anyone spot that the final “I” in the title page is his lightsaber? Can’t believe I didn’t notice it!
  11. It was quite early when he first arrived in the base - he also saw a Jedi cloak in a second box if I remember correctly. Very short sequence.
  12. Throw away scene - just intended to give hope to Ben? These are the Jedi who have handed them in and gone into hiding? Or maybe (and more likely), the opposite and they are from Fallen Jedi? Half expected him to have taken one and be using it at some point…
  13. Well - a fair bit to digest in episode 5. I think how much I liked this one is dependant on what happens in episode 6 and a key development. But that aside, the opening shot will make a lot of you smile I think! It was clear what was coming!
  14. Yeah, that crossed my mind too! They do like to put a reference in these, so I was wondering if there would be hint of them setting a base up there (assuming the current one is exposed via the droid), and Leia uses that knowledge much later? Really enjoying this show - great seeing Kenobi start to find his mojo in that last one! Will be a shame when it’s all over!
  15. Sneaked in episode 4 before starting work. Got to avoid those spoilers! On the above post, agreed and there is a scene with him trying to get his force powers going again. Nice episode giving Kenobi a good bit of lightsaber action and Leia was immense in this one. From memory, this base was quite beat up at the end of Fallen Order, but guess it’s all been repaired in the 5 years since the events of that game. The “Tomb” scene was eerie. Wonder if we will hear more on that in this or is it a teaser for something else - TV or games? Only 2 to go though… seems a lot to cover s
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