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  1. Well! I thought that was a strong opener myself. Enjoyed the fun that was had with the main characters and some really good emotional moments for Loki brought in at key stages - will hold off on spoilers just for now. Hope we can keep this going through the remaining 5 episodes - an interesting revelation at the end which will be good to find out more information on.
  2. I managed to see Tenet a while after it came out (it was mid September that I ended up going), and it was a weekday (using up holiday from work), so felt very happy about doing that and practically having the cinema to myself. Wasn’t going to miss that one - really enjoyed it personally. Not sure what I want to see now things have eased up again here in England, but will be good to get back to the big screen!
  3. Oh yeah, that series was very poor. Resistance was it called? That bad I don’t recall properly. Rebels had its very good moments but was a bit of a chore at times. Clone Wars is superb - even the “quieter” political episodes would give you something interesting in seeing all the areas that Palpatine took total control of before ROTS. Be interesting to see where they go with this one. A slow start, but it’s a longer series than Mando, so that’s fine for me at the mo. Obvs Wrecker is starting to have chip issues, and maybe in the future it might jump a few years to see Omega
  4. I’m on the PS5 using the PS4 disks. As I say, nothing to compare it to coming in fresh to it (the notorious “yellow light of death” destroyed my PS3 and any hopes of playing it originally), but can’t fault it so far! Trophies definitely made easier compared to the original lists I have seen (as in there being less need for multiple play through’s).
  5. Agreed - fab to have such a “open world” game and choose your path. Very like their KOTOR games but so much better (story-wise I mean - nothing beats learning to be a Jedi!)
  6. Ah really? I think he’s great fun! His first “Thor-less” outing, so will be interesting to see how it goes!
  7. I for one am really looking forward to this series dropping on the 9th June - having not featured much in the Infinity War / Endgame films, it will be good to see him back, especially the earlier version of him before he (kind of) started mending his ways! Here's the original trailer: And a new one dropped yesterday as well focusing more on Owen Wilson's Agent Mobius: Just looks great fun and I am a big fan of time travel in my sci-fi series, so I really hope this lives up to expectations!
  8. Evening 4 was a little later starting after patch 1.02 came as a cheeky little 30 minute download surprise when I booted up my console! But all good - finished off Noveria with the post tram section (Rift station) - again great story detail with the virus the Rachni and of course, Benezia. Very enjoyable planet like you said Tank - the initial corrupt Port and all it's fun missions, Peak 15 with it's broken systems, and the conclusion in Rift station. Lovely stuff! After that, progressed with smaller missions in the other systems and moved the storyline with companions (manag
  9. Progress update from evening 3 of play! I carried on where I was in doing the side quests in the outer systems as well as scanning all the other planets for goodies, and then got to the point where I had a couple of side quests that would finish up in the same system as Noveria, so headed there to do the next main mission. Enjoyed working through the requirements to get the pass and head to the facility at Peak 15 (using Liara and Tali as they seem a good combo and I wanted Liara involved when I found out who else was supposedly here), and left it at the stage of having powered up an
  10. Definitely mate - last nights session (after usual busy day with our 3 year old!), I went back to the Citadel and did a number of the side quests which were great. Really good way to expand the knowledge of this universe and I’m always a sucker for a side quest! Left it at 1am doing some missions in the Hades cluster I think it was. Might pick one of the next main missions tonight, but enjoying exploring and ticking off some trophy requirements!
  11. Ah no - sorry to hear that Tank. Amazon dropped mine off yesterday afternoon and I was nervously watching the download (and then the day 1 patch), installing (PS4 copy on PS5), and keeping my fingers crossed! A little disadvantaged in not having played the originals (for reasons mentioned earlier in this thread), so not sure what has improved, but all I can say is that I am thoroughly enjoying the first game! Playing as infiltrator on hardcore and managed to get to the point of finishing the first planet after citadel, rescuing Liara. Bloody great game!
  12. Trophy achievements were announced recently for the Legendary Edition and can be viewed here: https://www.exophase.com/game/mass-effect-legendary-edition-xbox/achievements/ Good news that the ally achievements for ME1 have been adjusted so we don't have to stick with the same 2 throughout a run of the game and can pick and choose for each mission more or less. Bring on Friday!
  13. It’s great isn’t it? So glad Gilliam finally got to make it - the story behind the film is just amazing!
  14. Yeah, it wasn't quite there was it! I assume they must have put it through some editing to make it sound younger, but all the same, a nice touch to get the original actor to reprise the role (will avoid saying spoilers just for now).
  15. May the 4th be with you all as always! End of the day in the UK, so just been able to watch this first episode. I liked it - off to a nice dramatic start with the Order 66 instruction kicking in early and some interesting developments. Dee Bradley Baker - got to take your hat off to this guy for doing so many voices and keeping them similar but different for the "reg's" and then having a blast with the Bad Batch variations! Fingers crossed this keeps up the good start.
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