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  1. Rogue 3

    Matrix 4

    Yes, films 2 & 3 were not what we hoped for after the superb first film, but fingers crossed we get a good 4th film for Christmas! Fishburne apparently wasn’t asked to participate in the film according to interviews. Weaving was one they were after, but was tied up in a theatrical production so the dates just couldn’t work. Nice trailer, fingers crossed for a good film that makes sense!
  2. Limited info, but it’s getting a remake for PS5 which I am really looking forward to! Classic! https://blog.playstation.com/2021/09/09/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-remake-is-the-legendary-tale-remade-on-playstation-5/amp/
  3. Ah man - Miranda has all the curves in all the right places! She stayed alive for me - I didn't break up properly with her when the subject came up on the Citadel (hedging my bets!) and after that by the time I next saw her I had committed to Liara, so seemed to play out fine and she survived the game. Sounds like a nice scene with Jack! Ah ok - so maybe just doing it a bit early on possibly, and maybe adjustment on skill upgrades. I had been using Lash as my bonus as kind of like the Jedi (probs Sith actually!) feel to it! Will keep those tips in mind next time. Enjoyed p
  4. Ha ha! I know right! Definitely the best! A lot of people said the Tali romance is quite good, so might try that on next run through.
  5. Yep totally! I think it was based on an interview Lucas had done for the fan club magazine if I remember. Volcano was defo mentioned (in my head at least!) and so that was the image with him falling and being burnt by the lava. I was born in '76, so was only able to see ROTJ at the cinema first time round (having watched ANH and ESB soooo many times at home - a regular Sunday treat to be able to pick one to watch! But now being a dad myself, it's clear to see it was a treat for my parents to shut me up for 2 hours! Ha ha!), but me and my mates at school here in England had very si
  6. After taking my time (and also due to a busy old month or so!), finished up ME3 late last night! A strange one - I was aware of the negative feeling towards the game, but I enjoyed playing it. There are just a few things that let it down when you look back on the experience. Totally agree with Tank on the fetch missions which became silly in terms of minimal rewards for jumping all over the galaxy. But biggest gripe is what I mentioned earlier with the Earth being battered (along with many other homeworlds) and we are flying around finding a statue or a fossil... And the Crucible
  7. Nice trailer! Looking forward to seeing this one!
  8. Ahh - not much love for this one on here. Might benefit from a binge watch maybe now that all episodes from S1 are out there. Final episode was last Friday and I thought what that did with the location they were at was suitably sad despite what was done there. I liked what they did with this first series in setting up the early elements of the rebellion and Crosshairs interesting character development. Special mention to Dee Bradley Baker and his voice talents. Hope he got paid well for doing all those characters and making them so different!
  9. Good fun! I like the way that his being there makes such a positive impact on all the characters featured (spoilers!), compared to Quill! Nice dedication at the end - still can’t believe he’s gone just as we got to know him. Very sad.
  10. Fair do’s! I’m relaxed about the animation style after experiencing so many variations with the Doctor Who animations of the missing episodes! This weeks release of the Web of Fear episode 3 that is (currently) lost is so, so different to all the styles that have gone before! But just grateful to be able to watch them with the original audio tracks that fans recorded back in the ‘60’s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Who_missing_episodes?wprov=sfti1
  11. It powered the suit, and so they got it back when the captured Steve in they train incident.
  12. Managed to watch the first episode at lunchtime and I liked it. Animation looked great, good to see most of the cast back, and very much in the style of the Star Wars Infinities series where it takes one small change to transform all subsequent storylines. Avoiding spoilers for the mo, the only bit I thought was stretching it was sadly a crucial plot point in terms of what the tesseract is used to power up. But nice ending and good narration from Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher. Looking forward to the next one! I wonder if in creating these alternate superhero's in thi
  13. Marvel’s latest series drops today - 9 episode run it would seem and approx 30 mins long. The opener (according to Wikipedia) is called “What if…Captain Carter were the First Avenger?”. Fingers crossed for some good stories over the next few weeks!
  14. I know what you mean, but not sure who they would pick at the mo - he has been doing a lot of chat to fans on Twitter as well, answering that inevitable statement of being prepared for a backlash! Looking forward to seeing these last few stories for the 13th!
  15. Yes, I'm looking forward to the "What if?" series which starts next Wednesday - I enjoy those type of alternative universes like they did with Star Wars in a comic run called Infinities for the original 3 films. Here's the latest teaser trailer (which is followed up by the longer trailer from a while back):
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