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  1. Rogue 3


    Saw this today - first cinema trip since lockdown! And what a film! Right up my street - absolutely loved it! During the film there were stages of not know what the heck was going on, but it all comes together really well and made sense for sure. I am a big fan of time travel storylines, and this was done really well. Great cast too.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YH5JLoTK4o Trailer is up people
  3. So, Microsoft have blinked first and revealed their pricing - Sony should be announcing shortly you would think so the pre-orders can commence! I am a PS chap. Had my NES, SNES and N64 and then moved to PS1 (due to the FF games relocating there) and all the way through. Looking forward to the new model - my PS4 was one of the early ones, so like others I have space issue and rather than go the easy option of buying extra space, just uninstall games to load up the new one. I don't switch around too much - play one to completion and then move on! May come back to them, but won't be for
  4. My current regular movies to watch are: 1. Memento 2. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 3. Live, Die, Repeat / Edge of Tomorrow (whatever the definite title is!) 4. Dodgeball 5. The Damned United 6. Highlander Depends on the mood at the time!
  5. With you there Jacen! Loved those books when I was a lad. I actually repurchased one recently on Amazon to have a little fun in lockdown! I would recommend that Black Mirror episode (Bandersnatch its called) - I think you will enjoy based on what you said above. I think they filmed something like 5 hours of material for a programme that would normally run for 45 mins. Again loads of variations on run time of your chosen version of the story.
  6. Yes thats right - an extra feature on the dvd. Well worth having a go! Kind of works like that Black Mirror episode with the on screen prompts (2 choices) at various key stages of the film, but really is just a creative way of utilising the unused footage / deleted scenes. They are good fun - easy watching! Think there were 4 or 5 films in total.
  7. Not the best film of course, but I quite like the dvd extra on Final Destination 3 where you can choose your adventure and that determines who dies and how other scenes play out. Pick one option right at the start and the group dont go on the roller coaster and the credits roll!
  8. Zerimar - finished the game last night! Awesome! 40 hours worth of play and now in New game + style mode to finish off the trophies. Great ending and really sets it up nicely for the future parts (guessing 2 more?). Really impressed!
  9. Absolutely loved watching this earlier in the year when Disney+ arrived in the UK in late March. I had seen bits and pieces over the years, but I went through the whole lot from the start and loved it - especially that Mortis Arc and the final 4 episodes, but seriously loads more to enjoy there. Even the less action orientated ones were interesting as they usually were aspects of Palps gaining more and more control over all aspects (banks etc). Very enjoyable and took away the nasty taste in the mouth that was left by TROS.
  10. Good post there Tank. Can't really argue with any of that. ROTJ was the first one I was old enough to see at the cinema first time out (I would have been 6 and a few months at the time). I remember it being a strange feeling watching it compared to ANH and ESB that I had watched many times prior to Jedi. The Emperor was only briefly mentioned in ANH, and the original version of the Emperor in ESB was much different to Ian McDiarmid's performance, and a much shorter scene than what we have now. So for this guy to come in and be the main baddie was a big change after the relentless Va
  11. It's mainly real time battles (set up shortcut buttons for your favourite attacks (physical, magic or item usage), you defend or dodge (roll away) out of enemy attacks and so forth), but with an element of the old turn based style still retained in terms of a slow down of time if you go into the ability menu to find a specific attack you want to do for the main character or the rest of your current team. I like the use of the "stagger" bar also to drop your foes for a period of time. The equipment setting is very similar to the original (at least how I remember it all those years back!) in
  12. The Beatles for me. Such a great set of songs they recorded in such as short time as Choc says above. Crazy having that much superb albums. Favourite is hard to choose and can change year on year, but current fave is Rubber Soul which marks the shift of tone as it heads towards Revolver and Pepper. Got into them when the Anthology was being made back in the mid 90's - great watch.
  13. Zerimar.... man this game is superb! Finally started it earlier this week and as of late last night was up to mid way through chapter 5. Taking my time to explore and am really loving this game! Looks amazing and the way they have expanded what was in the original for this first part is really nice!
  14. Yes, now the dust has settled, I have to agree with others that my original placing of TROS was also too high. I came out of the cinema in December on the back of expecting the worst after TLJ left us in a bit of a tricky situation to resolve in 1 film (at least that's my opinion). So I was going in very negatively and came out reasonably happy they had found a way to resolve it. But further viewings since and it's just full of issues. The dagger in the shape of the "death star remains" as a treasure map, and don't get me started on Anakin's destiny of defeating Palpatine being ruined by
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