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  1. Why is Apollo so dumb? He solicits face washes from Eris. She licks him for a while, gets him all spitty, then BITES HIS FUCKING NECK. We warn him. "She's going to bite your neck." Lick, lick, schlorp, lick. "Dude, she's going to bite your fucking neck." Then she does. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. VID_20211023_011930155_HDR.mp4
  2. It has been leaf blower season next door for about six weeks now. Last weekend they courteously blew the leaves off our driveway ... and left them piled in our yard. Today they started blowing the leaves around and around their yard (and yes, both of them are outside with the big ol' airplane engine TornadoEF5 model blowers they need for their postage-stamp-sized yard) at 8:00 am and they're still going strong at 9:40. Also neighborlady pauses to yell instructions at neighborman who's happily puffing away like The Big Bad Wolf hopped up on meth and steroids. She has a voice that sounds like a
  3. Anything by Marillion before Fish left the band, but particularly Misplaced Childhood and Clutching at Straws. Depeche Mode Music for the Masses. Therion Vovin. Sky Cries Mary This Timeless Turning.
  4. Unfortunately, it is legal. There is no assumption of confidentiality for emails in a workplace, with very few exceptions. Is the reason they forwarded the email that they are expecting your boss to amend their behavior? It sounds like your work is full of evil bees. Can you start making a plan to exit sometime in the future? If they're refusing to accommodate ADA compliance, depending on the size of the workplace *and* refusing to do so does not create an undue hardship for them, you have strong legal grounds for a lawsuit.
  5. October 10, 2001. Coming up on my 20 year anniversary mostly lurking.
  6. Renting is a pain in the ass. Owning can be a bigger pain in the ass. Our house looks good, and we've been here 5 years. The previous owners did lots of "renovations". I put that on quotes because it turns out that lots of stuff they had done was either done on the cheap by unlicensed contractors, or done so that it looks great on the surface. Long story short, we've had lots of work done, but now we're up to major stuff that should have lasted years and years, but it is now time to fix. Electricians coming tomorrow to rewire the place and replace all outlets and switches. Cost? A me
  7. We've managed to capture a photograph of a beautiful female Carolina house slug in its natural habitat
  8. Hiking day! VID_20210519_104734091_HDR.mp4
  9. So episode 3 was way better.
  10. What was the point of the last episode? They went to some planet and talked to some guy and forged some chain codes(?) and tried to pawn off Omega on some family and she was all "Hells no, you're my fam now, fam!" and then they ... flew away? Impressions from the episode: -I still don't know the clones' names. There's The Smart One, The Kinda Lobot One (wait, they might be the same person; they kinda blend together), The Big Dumb Strong One, The Leader with the Heart of Gold, and Omeeeeega (The Kiwi Kid?). Menacing One who looks like Titus Welliver is back on Kamino doing ..
  11. Try this: "Hey, would you like to go on a date sometime?" Clear, specific. If she says "Yes!" then great. If she says "Nah, bro, I'm good," then make like Elsa and let it go.
  12. Watched this horny bastard strutting in my back yard. Note how thoroughly unimpressed both hens are.
  13. Yesterday, actually VID_20210421_104019786_HDR.mp4
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