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  1. Sorry to hear about your buddy.
  2. Tina Turner. She told me she loved me I was at a concert in Chapel Hill, might have been a wee bit drunk and/or high, and she started into "Private Dancer". I yelled "I love you, Tina!" (like a dumbass) and she said " I love you too, baby," in her unforgettable speaking voice. RIP. Simply the best.
  3. The mountain laurel and Catawba rhododendron are starting to bloom in the lower elevations of NC mountains.
  4. Today seemed like a good day to tell my boss I was sick (of working) and go look at some rocks and trees
  5. Heretics and blasphemers, for is it not written "I am thy Lord God Second Amendment, and thou shalt have no other amendment before Me"?
  6. Had an active shooter situation on campus. Lockdown, shelter in place. People freaking out. Turns out, a visiting high school student brought a gun onto campus, went into a bathroom, and somehow managed to shoot himself in the hand (accident? On purpose? Who knows?) Our campus followed protocol when people heard the gunshot inside the building, and damn it was unsettling. Glad no one except the one kid was injured. Fuck yeah, 2nd amendment!
  7. Finished packing my bag so I can fly to Fuck Lauderdale for a four day education conference.
  8. Cool little fish tank! One time our kid got a new computer for Christmas and we didn't set it up until after his birthday in May.
  9. Former Pope Benedict. And Barbara Walters.
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