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  1. Ours came out AWESOME. And we have so much left. Let me send you some.
  2. Do this with your friend Jameson: heat 4 oz of apple cider, pour it in a mug, add a pinch of cinnamon, a smaller pinch of nutmeg, and some (1 1/2 oz or so) of your friend. Stir. Top with whipped cream.
  3. Poor Luna :-( All the cats are sleeping. A nap sounds like a hell of a good idea, honestly.
  4. Today is weird as hell. No visits (doing the small family thing tomorrow), no rowdy ass kids yelling next door, no visit to the in-laws, didn't watch the Macy's "parade", and all three humans in the house are as physically distant as possible, doing our own thing. Although any Thanksgiving on which I don't have to hear "Alice's Restaurant" counts as a win.
  5. Sticking your whole arm up a cold, dead turkey's ass is the very most fun.
  6. Their yard is pretty much bare dirt and patches of moss. I dunno.
  7. Our next door neighbors love their leaf blowers. They use them every day. For hours at a time. They mostly do it in the daytime, mostly. Did I mention it is usually two or three hours of godawful noise? Every day. Rain or shine. Their yard is not that big. Why does it take three hours? Every. Goddamn. Day. Sometimes, though, they are out for an hour or two after dark. Blowing a leaf around the yard. The leaf blowers are loud. I do not like them. Or the neighbors. I wish they had other hobbies, but they love leaf blowing. It starts around the last week of
  8. Yay Hobbes! I was such an OSC fan. Bought so many of his books. Went to an author signing and got a couple of books autographed. Ran into him (literally--bumped him with my cart, oops) at a grocery store and got all fanboy stupid. Then he went off of the deep end with his homophobia and political rants, and I was all "nope". I tried to separate my distaste for him as a person from the love I had for the works he produced, but then his writing just went to shit. I read a couple of the books he wrote in the Ender's Shadow series and just ... ugh.
  9. So, what's everyone doing for Turkey Day? We're having my sister and her husband over, and that's it, because COVID. The mom-in-law up and announced that she will not be hosting this year, thank ya very much. There are usually 30+ people at her place, so good on her! I'm still cooking the following, because gluttony: Brined roast turkey Cornbread dressing with sage and onions Mashed taterses, precious. Sautéed brussels sprouts with apples and walnuts Glazed carrots (because sweet potatoes are disgusting. Fight me!) Rolls Gravy Retro cranberry jello
  10. Interesting. On what evidence are you basing your diagnosis of dementia?
  11. Right, but has the state of PA actually announced the official result?
  12. All major outlets have finally called GA and NC. Final tally is 306 electoral votes for Biden. Same number that Trump captured in 2016, lol. Now if only Trump will concede the election and stop being a giant man baby (as if...)
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