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  1. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/heartstopper
  2. Binge watched Heartstopper twice and ugly cried at least three times.
  3. Yesterday, actually. Today it is raining. (Not uncommon, since this area in the NC mountains is actually a temperate rain forest.) Rainbow Falls
  4. Whitewater Falls. Highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. Also a random tree in dense fog.
  5. Fozzie, glad to hear things are looking better for you. Hugs to Ms. Spam.
  6. If you don't have rage, existential funk, and depression right now, it's clearly because you have no damn clue what's going on. (Gestures around at pretty much everything.)
  7. Krawlie is way smarter than he lets on, which is good. Tank is smart, and I admire him for making it in a notoriously difficult industry. Ms. Spam apparently has more fortitude than any ten other people put together. If the zombie apocalypse occurs, I want to be on Cerina's team. Jedigoat is the cool I wish I was. Who'd I miss?
  8. Anyone else got a bad feeling about this? As Star Wars has shown us, spending zillions of dollars on a production doesn't necessarily make it any good. Hope I'm wrong, and I will be checking out the first episode.
  9. I didn't want to be part of your creepy circle jerk anyway.
  10. Don't forget the unique joy of being flat out called a c**t!
  11. I love this game! Got today's in 4.
  12. Lawd, work drama. The school where I work has ALL THE COVID RULES (most of which I wrote before I got fed up and quit for a year; I'm now back in a different role), but administration is lax about enforcement. There's a woman who works in our computer lab. She's your stereotypical rebel flag wavin', crass, loudmouth, bigoted, Trump sits at the right hand of God, them immigrants be takin' our jobs and rapin' all the white women blah blah blah. Last Friday, I came in to work, and she was sitting at her desk with her mask around her chin, just doing how she gonna do. Her job involves greeti
  13. Why is Apollo so dumb? He solicits face washes from Eris. She licks him for a while, gets him all spitty, then BITES HIS FUCKING NECK. We warn him. "She's going to bite your neck." Lick, lick, schlorp, lick. "Dude, she's going to bite your fucking neck." Then she does. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. VID_20211023_011930155_HDR.mp4
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