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  1. Former Pope Benedict. And Barbara Walters.
  2. A mortar and pestle made of Mount Airy, NC granite.
  3. What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving. Staying home with 1BoldHussy and The Spawn. Ordered pickup groceries yesterday, and they put a 20 lb turkey in the order, so there should be plenty. Also mashed taters and gravy, cornbread dressing (yes, dressing, because it will not be cooked inside a bird), green bean casserole (because It Is Required), my retro cranberry jello salad thing (aka The Placenta ), and rolls. 1BoldHussy is having a celebratory endoscopy on Wednesday, so she might be sipping a mug of hot turkey broth. Thanksgiving is my legit favorite holiday, and I'm moderately bummed it will be so low-key. Anyone near me come by and grab a to-go plate. Oh! There will also be apple pie, made with heirloom local apples. Everyone share, because I'm in a deep pre-holiday state of blues.
  4. Elk Knob State Park in NC. Couple of nights in the mid 20's F, daytime highs around 40, but super shady. This morning it was 25 with 10 -15 mph winds. It was brisk!
  5. I wish the candidates' minions would come take their stupid damn signs away.
  6. Dude, if you have a primary care doctor, see if you can get a referral from them. Might get you in faster.
  7. Was chatting a potential ... friend online, and asked "Are you a unicorn?" and they replied "No, I'm a Pisces." So my question is, should I leave the block in place?
  8. Just ordered a pizza. Had it delivered to my work address. I'm at my house. FML.
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