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  1. Which is ON THEIR FACE. Burn!!!! ( kill.... me....)
  2. Can I come hang out with the cool kids?
  3. LOL PWN3D TEH N00B. Is this what we have become? Now we just need Shadowdog to shamble in here and post that goddamn drooling emoji
  4. Oh, come for the scenic beauty definitely, but outside of our bigger cities, it's a hellhole of ignorant racist cousin-humpers. That Madison Cawthorn douche nozzle is a local favorite. Next time I drive by the home of the asshole with the 4 giant Trump banners outside his shack, I'll take a pic and post that. It will cure you.. Here's one of em:
  5. Gotta disagree. Any thread Commander Skywalker posted in became pure internet gold.
  6. Look at this gremlin. You want to boop her nose. That is how you get aggressively licked.
  7. Also, Cerina said "cunt-drop". Worst. Flower. Name. Ever.
  8. In the "What did you do today" thread, backward Ramirez got kinda riled up at me for taking him to task for going to a speed dating event during COVID (hilariously enough, the very event that precipitated his latest same-exact-cool-story-bro dating thread) and called me out, and my irony meter is now broken.
  9. 65 degrees and sunny today. Perfect day for a trip to the mountains!
  10. I'm sorry, but if I have any input on Z's returning, it's a hard no from me. If the powers that be decide to allow him back, I'll just put his bloviating, sexist, homophobic butt back on ignore. I appreciate a desire to reach out and offer an olive branch, but I found him to be a negative, disruptive presence in every forum he participated in, and he consistently demonstrated that he was willing to say he was taking feedback to heart without actually doing so.
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