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  1. We've managed to capture a photograph of a beautiful female Carolina house slug in its natural habitat
  2. Hiking day! VID_20210519_104734091_HDR.mp4
  3. So episode 3 was way better.
  4. What was the point of the last episode? They went to some planet and talked to some guy and forged some chain codes(?) and tried to pawn off Omega on some family and she was all "Hells no, you're my fam now, fam!" and then they ... flew away? Impressions from the episode: -I still don't know the clones' names. There's The Smart One, The Kinda Lobot One (wait, they might be the same person; they kinda blend together), The Big Dumb Strong One, The Leader with the Heart of Gold, and Omeeeeega (The Kiwi Kid?). Menacing One who looks like Titus Welliver is back on Kamino doing ..
  5. Try this: "Hey, would you like to go on a date sometime?" Clear, specific. If she says "Yes!" then great. If she says "Nah, bro, I'm good," then make like Elsa and let it go.
  6. Watched this horny bastard strutting in my back yard. Note how thoroughly unimpressed both hens are.
  7. Yesterday, actually VID_20210421_104019786_HDR.mp4
  8. Y'all. My local grocery store in Clemmons NC had fresh jackfruit. I am ridiculously excited. They're a pain in the ass to prep, but SO. DELICIOUS. They had already sliced them into discs, so much time was saved. One of the few things I miss about south Florida is the array of tropical fruits you could find everywhere.
  9. Reading all the side effects related here makes me feel some kind of way. Got my second Pfizer dose on Monday. Tuesday my arm was a bit sore at the injection site, and I was a bit tired. Nothing awful at all. Wednesday I was completely fine. Should I feel guilty?
  10. I'm not trying to work on a story right now or anything...
  11. I liked this movie way more than I thought I would. It's bleak as hell. That being said, the filmmakers got a couple of things wrong. First, the dead elk. The movie is set in NC. We do have elk in one part of the mountains (reintroduced about 20 years ago). But the part of NC that has elk does not have caves. Second, they got the NC license plates wrong. (End nerd rant.) But still a good horror movie. The sequel is a mess, though.
  12. About Tybee Island. I'ma have words with Joe Jonas. We did a tour to take a boat out to see dolphins and have lunch. The whole damn island is shut down to film a new movie he's starring in. Getting around was a clustercuss because of it. Also, there was this scary damn lamp in the AirBnB we rented.
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