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  1. Inquisitor Martyr is an ok ARPG, but other than that I'm not too familiar with 40k games. I know there is a new space marine FPS in the works which will be epic, and this new Rogue Trader from Owlcat is meant to be awesome. But it's an Isometric turn based RPG so may not tick all your boxes
  2. Did you try throwing it out the window?
  3. I'm surprised Shane made it as long as he did. I saw the Pogues play a Xmas show in Belfast about 10 years ago. It was raucous and amazing. So many pints of Guinness aloft in the mosh pit without being spilled
  4. Tami prolly still using a mouse with a ball in it.
  5. UPCOMING GAMES IM EYEING: Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader... Looks pretty sweet and is out December. Made by owlcat games who made Pathfinder WotR and Pathfinder Kingmaker. Dragons Dogma 2: a Japanese take on western fantasy action RPG. Looks like a blend of dark souls combat, lord of the rings and Skyrim. 3rd person open world action. The first game was amazing, so no doubt this one will be awesome too. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2: cautiously eyeing this one. I love the ttrpg and the first bloodlines from 2004. This has had so much development hell that I'm a bit wary though. Not sure the current Dev is up to task but I'm dearly hoping. And in the distant future, I'm looking forward to the release of Squadron 42.. the single player game developed in parallel with star citizen. It's feature complete and in polish stage now.
  6. That's a shame cause this is hands down maybe the best game I've played. I can't think of any that's been a better experience. It got me to stop playing Skyrim and that's saying something It's like what I imagined the future of isometric RPGs could be back when I was a kid in the 90s only BG3 surpasses my imaginations of future gaming by a long shot. But it recaptures the wonderment felt when you dived into an epic RPG of yesteryear. It has nostelgia but it feels cutting edge the whole time. (Aside from a few inventory management annoyances) There are a few puzzles but nothing super duper hard. If you get stuck you can always just find a guide online. Combat is super fun even though it's turn based. You just have to switch you brain into a tactical kind of way of thinking. Enjoy the limitless ways to approach the combat. I would say definitely play it if you can afford it, if only to not miss out on a landmark title. And everything else about it is absolutely cinematic. I played divinity original sin and DOS2 and while I thought the second was very well made, it didn't land with me and I quit half way. I had no such issues with BG3. This game is not as punishing. Fights can be challenging but they're never really annoying. The environmental hazards are there but toned down. In essence it's DOS2 gameplay but tweaked with the DnD5 ruleset (which is the most casual friendly and ruleset yet) and it has a broad appeal. There is a reason it's doing so well. It's nowhere near as frustrating as Elden Ring for example. It's just so engaging. I'm gonna go play some now...
  7. Starfield I think averaged about a 7/10 from the places I frequent for reviews. PC gamer and IGN. Because yeah it's a blockbuster. The production value is high and it is the most "polished" a Bethesda game has ever been. So it would be unfair to give it a 5. Angry Joe (who I love cause he's such a nerd) gave it a 6 which seems fair to me. I'm sure there are some legit moment to moment good times... Just no magic as it were
  8. I don't think I'll play starfield unless it's on sale for £10 but even then, time is more valuable than money to me and I don't really have time for a mediocre game anymore. I won't listen to music that is anything less than a 4/5 so why bother with a game that is anything less than excellent? Time is too valuable when you got a 4 year old and a happy marriage. The first thing that bothered me about starfield was the aesthetic and total lack of atmosphere. Skyrim ticked all my boxes because it drew heavily on Nordic myth and culture and stylised design, at the time when there was very little Norse inspired media, and it had atmosphere in spades. It was a relaxing almost languid pace of game but jam packed full of content too, where reading some old dusty book of lore next to crackling firelight in a dungeon somewhere was as engaging (somehow) as decapitating an orc destruction mage with my greats word. Starfield on the other hand just looks so goddamn dry. Zero atmosphere, when space is atmosphere personified (for lack of a better word). It has the design sensibility of a guy who wears blue jeans, jogging shoes, and a faded red/pink tucked in polo shirt. No offence but it feels very Midwestern US. I don't mean to be disparaging of people who dress in this manner or live in the Midwest, I just lack any other way to describe it. You don't want your design team to lack aesthetic sensibility. I feel like Todd Howard was the art director on this game which would be tragic. Dude probably wears square toed dress shoes. Nothing looks cool to me. If my character in an RPG can't look cool or hot while doing stuff what is the point? then the reviews came in. No flying your ship. Forced fast travel through loading screens. No maps. The mechanics, lackluster narrative, uncompelling characters.... so yeah. No time for mediocre anymore. particularly in a post BG3 world... That game is a fucking masterpiece and should be played by everyone with an interest in game design.
  9. I used the dildo club on sascuatch last time I played and cheesed that fight really easily. I'm sure it's been patched since then to make it more difficult. That was one of my favourite sections of the game, all the Voodoo Boy stuff. Soundtrack was great in that area too
  10. Right at the end of my work shift, outside the shop an old alcoholic guy got in between his two dogs that were trying to kill each other. One literally was trying to bite the face off the other. They were both male dogs, one a Mastiff and another a Staffordshire Terrier. Guy got in-between them and the dogs just absolutely savaged his hands. Multiple deep bites with gnarly puncture wounds and a big tear in his palm bellow the pinky finger where he tried to yank his hand free. Once the dogs were separated I tried to bandage his hands using four sterile bandages from the kitchen first aid kit. Someone tried to call an ambulance, on the phone for a half hour to only be told none are available. Alcoholic guy gets annoyed and angry and storms/staggers off with his dogs, blood soaking through his bandages. He's going to wake up tomorrow in a world of hurt and need some antibiotics and stitches. Hope he makes it to a hospital. Police got his address so hopefully they drag him down to the A&E clinic and get him to fix his dogs.
  11. Games I'm currently playing, Baldurs Gate 3 (again) Mass Effect 2 LE (on pause cause I got sucked back into BG3) Chivalry 2 (super super super fun if you just want some quick online first/third person medieval combat laughs with plenty of gory dismemberment and slapstick humour) Games I have on my system but haven't played in a while: Crusader Kings 3 with the princes of darkness VTM mod. (I love VTM). Cyberpunk 2077 Stelaris Fallout 2 VTM Bloodlines I had to finally delete Skyrim cause I felt like 1700 hours was enough
  12. Mostly was a poor use of language again. However Israel has thousands of detained palastinian prisoners, hostages if you will, that also have not been released. Supposedly Hamas and Israel are closer to an exchange. The hostages that have been released by Hamas have all spoken of how they were treated with dignity and respect, much to the chagrin of the IDF and Netanyahu. I have seen statistics that have demonstrated that of the minors killed by the IDF the age most represented is 5 years old. I'm struggling to find the same source documentation again however
  13. Is that a defense?
  14. A graph you got from twitter? What are you trying to say? I saw that one too. There is no indication that that graph includes data post October 7. There is also these articles that do. If you're trying to deny or defend child killing I really have nothing more to say to you.
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