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  1. Plateauing sucks for sure and can kill motivation. Are you doing progressive overload? Meaning after two weeks of doing a weight or so, go slightly heavier. Or do an extra rep, or an extra set. Or if you're running go a little further than last time, or put the incline up. The body gets used to the intensity it's been training to and will plateau unless we make things harder, i.e progressive overload. Sounds as though you have the perfect frame for stacking on lots of muscle. Denser wider bones mean much more room for new muscle attachments. I hear you about the metaboli
  2. You're doing the right thing not being on there IMO.
  3. Yeah I'd be cautious of using those pills that fill you up simply for the reason of when you don't take one you then over eat. I feel like pills like those are designed to assist people who are severely overweight with their appetite whilst they are reducing portion sizes/caloric intake etc, not for people who are overweight by 10-20lbs. But I dunno, never heard of the product before in my life. Wouldn't personally take it. I am currently in a body recomp though. Meaning I'm trying to maintain my weight but lower my body fat %. I'm 6ft, about 170lbs and around 15-16% body fat.
  4. If I went to a swinger resort I'd be on all the performance enhancing drugs I could get.
  5. I mean, she sounds like a legend so.. I don't think you have anything to worry about. And that's the takeaway from this thread: Tank did stuff and it was hot wound up with a rad girlfriend. If I weren't married Id be jealous.
  6. Dude. Don't know what to say, but so very sorry. You're doing the right thing in honouring your father's wishes and just by being by him in this time. My thoughts are with you and your pops. Latter/end of life care can't be easy to take on board, but you sound as though you are and have been fantastic with your parents. Kia Kaha. (Stay strong).
  7. I think the Tories just know the public is super uneasy, there is brewing civil discontent and they're grasping for control the only way the Tories know how. With a boot to the throat of the common people. But I think it's come about because of Dominic Cummings getting caught on camera grinding into his secretary and getting the sack. Now he's spilling all sorts of beans to journalists about Boris and 'Tory Sleaze' and it's making them all look bad.
  8. Yeah man. I'm really worried about the future my kid is going to inherit.
  9. Not just Boris. General Tory consensus I think but especially Priti Patel. https://www.pressgazette.co.uk/official-secrets-act-reform-harsher-penalties-for-journalists/ https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/20/proposed-secrecy-law-journalism-spying-home-office-public-interest-whistleblowing?espv=1
  10. Pics or it didn't happen I kid
  11. So in the UK the government passed legislation that made it legal for the police to shut down any protest/demonstration deemed a disturbance to the peace, by violating noise restrictions etc with pretty heavy prison sentences and fines. And now the government is trying to pass legislation to alter the state Official Secrets Act to make possible to sentence journalists with up to 14 years imprisonment for publishing stories that could be "embarrassing" to the government. Welp. Guess I should move my family back to New Zealand huh.
  12. Were people just boning openly while others stood sipping their margaritas and watching? That sort of thing. Or was it more go find somewhere private?
  13. Tank's silence is fueling my imagination. Somehow I think he's still rocking back and forth staring into the middle distance like he survived a journey to the centre of the earth or something.
  14. Umm the correct answer is AH-nt Ant? Wtf?
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