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  1. My stance hasnt softened, if it seems like it has it's only to the extent that I'm trying not to use inflammatory language for the sake of ruffling minimal feathers. I still think Netanyahu deserves nothing more than being lined up against a wall and unceremoniously shot in the back of the head, and left where he falls. Will good come of that? Probably not. Would the reality of that result in someone worse taking power, given the current situation? Quite possibly. Saying someone needs a bullet or deserves a bullet is not the same as saying "I think that is the most responsible and sensible course of action at the present time". I think his government needs to be tried for war crimes. That hasn't softened. The reality is, like I said, we (The Us and UK) need to stop arming and supporting Israel, and publicly denounce them, heavy sanctions should be imposed upon them, and they should be brought to heel. There needs to be a permanent ceasfire, and a two state solution needs to be instituted. Will that happen? Probably not. Israel is the US' proverbial air craft carrier in the middle east. The US will be hard pressed to ever directly challenge Israeli policy/actions. You keep banging on about a possible Hezbollah invasion.. and I keep saying the only person who wants war with Hezbollah is Netanyahu. Hezbollah does not want war with Israel and nor does Iran. Why? Because right now, there is a clean narrative of Israel disproportionately attacking Gaza, expanding it's borders, and committing genocidal war crimes. The US and the UK are beginning to distance themselves from Israel. The rest of the world is alresdy united in disgust with Israel. But as soon as either Hezbollah or Iran get involved it muddies that narrative and the conversation is no longer about Israel and it's war crimes and atrocities, it becomes murkier and about what should be done with Hezbollah and Iran. Then Netanyahu can solidify his hold on to power as a wartime PM. Hezbollah and Iran know this, and understand it's in their best interest NOT to engage with Israel. Meanwhile Israel is trying to provoke both Hezbollah and Iran into an open conflict, as we have just seen yesterday. With Iran launching a counter strike of some 300 missiles as a direct proportional response to Israeli actions taken against Iran. As for my weaksauce sources. I gave a screen grab of a mainstream news feed simply to highlight that Israel is frequently provoking and engaging with Hezbollah. To highlight my statement that any action from Hezbollah will be a direct proportional response to Israeli actions. And Scott Ritter, who I've mentioned but not directly linked, has dozens or more videos disseminating whats been happening since the begining of the conflict, and is probably one of the most informed and knowledgeable publicly speaking experts on the matters of war and geopolitical conflict. So not sure what is weaksauce about referencing his arguements. If anything is weaksauce it's my ability to retain everything that I've read or listened to, and parce it into a legible post without using too many minutes of my day. Finally I am interested in what you think, it's why I asked what you think should be done in the first place. Because at the moment it seems like you wish nothing more than for the US to continue to supply arms, and for Israel to continue doing what it's doing. Which is tantamount to appeasement of a genocidal regime. If you're one of the "Free Palestine from Hamas" folks then just say so and I'll stop wasting my time engaging.
  2. Just finished it, finale was pretty good. All set up for a second season. I think I enjoyed the sets and the props and the world stuff best. Story was okay, but overall really fun and brutal. A lot better than the Witcher
  3. I'm two episodes in. It's light fun, though there are things I don't like and things I do. But overall it's a bit better than I thought. It's a bit too silly for my tastes. I started fallout with the OG in 1997 and fallout 2 was my fav for many years. Both had very comedic moments but the overall vibe was not slapstick silliness. But so far the show is kinda fun, albeit far too silly.
  4. At what point will the world draw a redline and intervene? He's already leveled Gaza, murdered 30,000 civilians, targeting aid workers, children, medical professionals and the red cross. He's only allowed aid in due to diplomatic pressure, and even then not enough is getting in. There is now a famine in Gaza, totally man made. Check out the holodomor of Ukraine 1932 to see the results of that in a historical context. Now any ceasefire that is happening is a pause for him to launch a ground offensive in Raffah. Strikes into Lebanon and Syria. Shall we wait until there are concentration camps for refugees established, mass executions and incursions into the West Bank? Where is the line? No. Let's the United Kingdom and USA keep selling arms to Netanyahu and keep the war machine running while simultaneously distancing ourselves publicly from Netanyahu and saying "we need more aid to get through". The UK and the US is playing limp wristed appeasement to this psychopathic fuck and the situation is only getting worse every day.
  5. Lol. Jew, singular- Netanyahu. I'm comparing him to Hitler. Not the people of Israel, a large number of whom were protesting his very government before Oct 7. Many Israelis don't want him. Regardless of the above, the comparison while tragically ironic does fit. Netanyahu is the leader of a far right ultra nationalist government who wants the expansion of a Zionist ethno-state and the eradication of Arab Palestinians . His intentions are near the same, he's only going after a different "other". Afterthought: I find it disturbing and amusing that in 2024 we sling the word fascist around, call people Hitler, seemingly at the drop of a hat. At Trump and his supporters most memorably. Or any right wing metal band. But the second I use it against an actual far-right ultra nationalist with genocidal intentions it gets called controversial because said leader happens to be Jewish. Like I said, it's a sick twist of tragic irony.
  6. You're missing the point. Hezbollah doesn't want war with Israel. But if Israel continually makes further incursions into Lebanon then Israel will force the hand of Hezbollah to retaliate. Ergo, any Hezbollah invasion would be a direct consequence of Israel's actions. They're bringing it on themselves. Ideally, the world should be applying crippling economic sanctions to Israel and enormous diplomatic pressure to force Netanyahu to end the conflict, and they should bring the case of a two state solution to the international courts. Will this happen? I doubt it. Netanyahu seems content to do whatever he wants, international community be damned. So what is your solution? So far it seems to be continue arming the Zionists and resume the status quo. Sorry, but the status quo is genocide, and they won't stop with Gaza as we are seeing already.
  7. The more incursions into Lebanon Israel makes will force the hand of Hezbollah. Hezbollah doesn't want conflict without the help of Iran but it seems as though Netanyahu does want a wider regional conflict to draw the US in and to cling on to his power. Former marine and and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter makes a strong argument on why the US cannot win a war against Iran ( Iran and the US both know this. ) So willingly trying to draw the region into this conflict is totally unhinged. I stand by my statement Netanyahu needs a bullet.
  8. I think Netanyahu deserves death, yes. And his regime needs to be tried for war crimes. I'm saying nothing particularly controversial given the context. No different from saying Hitler should've been assassinated and saved the world a lot of trouble.
  9. It's straight up genocide, and was right from the beginning. There are Israeli property development companies already selling beachfront property shortlists, for the redevelopment of an Israeli Gaza. Netanyahu needs a bullet to the back of the skull, and every member of his regime should be tried for war crimes. But unfortunately there is no justice in the world. So who knows how this ends.. a two state solution hopefully
  10. What is it with conservative people and wearing political slogan hats/t shirts and bumper stickers!? It's bizarre.
  11. That is also true, and sport shouldn't be used as a foundation for broad anti trans legislation. But I don't believe we should ignore the basic physiological distinctions between sexes in the name of inclusivity. It's throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.
  12. That's a pretty reductive argument. Shouting "transphobe" at anyone who aknowleges basic biological differences between men and women and how that gives an unfair advantage in competitive sports isn't going to win any argument. Who cares?- women who are having their records and titles beaten by someone who is physiologically male do. And that is justified, not transphobic.
  13. I was gonna say something but fuck it it's futile
  14. I reckon so. Or there needs to be an open division in sports where if women want to compete against men and trans women it's all good. Like a free for all category. But women shouldn't have their competitive sports careers jepordized by what is in essence biological men who identify as women coming into their category and dominating the field. It's super unfair. Traditionally I think the only sport that doesn't have age/gender restrictions is certain equestrian events. (I think maybe jumping and cross country). Its the only sport where a teenaged girl can out perform an adult man because its down to riding skill not strength, muscle, lung capacity etc. Also it's one of the few sports where being smaller and lighter is an advantage
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