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  1. Yeah it's starting to get pretty interesting now!
  2. Odine

    Cobra Kai

    You're not wrong. That show is dumb as hell, but somehow compelling
  3. Yeah I know. Just sometimes when you're explaining why you love something it comes across as a total dismissal of differing opinions, by way of over explanation of self-evident plot points. It's all gravy man
  4. Yeah I get why, you don't need to explain and defend the obvious. I just found it boring to watch.
  5. I mean, I agree there were plenty of plot pushing moments. Pawns being moved on the board as it were, I just didn't find it as engaging a watch as previous episodes. Those things are all important, yes, but not that entertaining to watch. Drawn out sex scenes in cinema bore me because they are always so corny, or unrealistic. Though I would say the shot of the king's back was good use of nudity. His scabby sores looking pretty serious now. Don't think he is long for the world.
  6. Not related to this movie, I ain't seen it yet..but it's kind of related. there is a Norwegian action/comedy series called Ragnarok on Netflix which gets Thor, Loki and characters of Norse mythology right. (It's not marvel). But if anyone's into super heroes at highschool I highly rated it. It's subtitled for people that don't snakke norsk but totally worth it. Thor is a bit of a loveable bonehead and Loki is pure mayhem
  7. Really? That felt like filler to me. I mean lots of small things happened but then nothing happened
  8. I'm sorry she had to spend her second to last day on earth in the presence of Boris Johnson
  9. Yeah the Royals don't have any direct political power in that they can't dictate policy. The Queen still had weekly meetings with the Prime Minister and did a bunch of ceremonial duties around parliament and things but no dictatorial power. That said, I'm sure during her conversations with Prime Ministers she would state her opinions and thoughts on the way things should happen, but she couldnt be like "Do this, mine subject and make it so". People saught her advice cause she'd seen some things and done some stuff in her time, but the Royal Family (like has been said here) are more like arasto
  10. I hope Charles could just pass the Torch to William. For the sake of the realm, we need some youthful energy and optimism to galvanise the people, not a crusty old fart to take the throne.
  11. She passed this afternoon! Crazy. Just the perfect symbolic happening to top the current state of the country and the world. She was as constant as the ground beneath our feet and now she gone. I cant see Charles living up to her legacy
  12. Well that was better than the two episodes preceding it. Really liked this episode, lots of little threads spinning away. Daemon is a unit. Like that guy a lot
  13. But he's green and cute so he gets a pass right
  14. Lol. Yeah the idea that electric cars are somehow better for the environment is a massive scam. It's just a transferral of the problem to another ecological disaster. The mining for minerals used in batteries is catastrophic for the environment and toxic to the local human population, but so long as it's happening in far away places who cares, right?
  15. Yeah Otto is a wormtounge for sure
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