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  1. I would say I watch fewer shows now though, despite the wealth of content, and might watch 2 or 3 episodes a night of a show that has a season drop, not the whole season. I prefer to get them done over a couple weeks (sometimes days) so I can move on and do other things.
  2. That's fair. I prefer the whole season myself. Waiting a week for an episode is such a drag.. funny that used to be how it always was with TV shows
  3. This show man...keeps on acing it.
  4. I think the story change with Frank and Bill was excellent. And I can't think of a better depiction of love between two men in television, ever. Normally gay relationships are highly fetishized, or overly sexual, or overly woke (for lack of a better description) portrayals. This was just really touching and powerful Also, I suppose they get a happy ending within the context of a zombie horror film, but it's about as happy an ending as the old couple who get into bed and drown together instead of getting on the life boats in Titanic. It's sad, kinda tragic, and romantic...but happy?
  5. By jove it's bloody brilliant I say! Episode 3 was absolutely amazing in particular. I'm not crying you're crying.
  6. Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman. Still not convinced they aren't (weren't) the same person.
  7. To add, I think these AI systems are a paradigm shift in tech. They are as big as the invention of the internet itself. In 5 years time the landscape of creative industry is going to be unrecognisable
  8. I think the thing that is most alarming that these things are in their absolute infancy. Like, they're only going to get better. A lot better. Which is terrifying. About midjourney imaging stuff, unfortunately they all operate unethically. I see no problem with people using midjourney for their own purposes (despite my fears around the more use it gets the more it will learn and be updated), but using it to make 'art' which is intended for publish and or sales is outright wrong. Imaging AI is designed on plagiarism and there was no thought to code in any regard for artist copyright etc... I'm sure you know the whole argument... I don't like the way these technologies were designed at the outset to replace the artist, not to be a tool. So that industry can completely disregard creative and take that part out of the financial equation. Design nearly always gets the shaft in the corporate world, so I mostly see these techs used nefariously and only see them becoming better at what they do. There is a class action lawsuit being bought against midjourney (I think) and maybe stable diffusion too, by a handful of artists led by Karla Ortiz (who is amazing)
  9. All AI systems used to bypass creatives is a fuckin poison. Midjourney, Stable Defusion, and now Chat GPT are grotesque perversions of human thought and creativity. We thought that the arts would be the last thing AI take from us, turns out the arts are the first to go. It's a dark time to be an entertainment industry artist or writer. Thank fuck I only do oil painting and not digital.
  10. I haven't watched BOBF except the first couple episodes. Do I really need to see it all to get Mando s03?
  11. Odine

    The Batman

    Just saw this finally, thought it was really strong with a few caveats. I think they nailed the vibe and tone of Gotham. Best cinematic Gotham city ever. Nolans Gotham always felt more like a Metropolis to me. Like a cross between LA and Washington or something. Gotham always had a grim New York kind of vibe to me, GOTHam. So they nailed it this time finally, well done. R Pats did pretty good as a young batman finding his feet, trouble is I'm sick of seeing super heroes learning their trade or in their early days. Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman was perfect casting to me. No complaints, and Colin Farrell's Penguin was fucking sick. The joker cameo sucked. Like, really really appalling especially when against the likes of Phoenix's or Ledger's or even Nicholson's performance of the character. Kind of dragged, but not enough for me to get bored. Loved Batman being a detective, loved the depiction of Gotham city, loved the gangster criminal element, loved the batmobile. Buuuuuut I've always thought the riddler was kind of lame too, so not my favourite premise over all. Finally the tone of this felt the most batman of all the batman films. I felt like someone took my batman imaginations from teenage years and put it on film (barring my caveats) so that was cool. It's not the rollercoaster ride of the Nolan films but I'm fucking sick or rollercoaster rides in cinema. I give it a solid 3.5 maybe a 4
  12. No point in having an AK if you can't pop off a few celebratory rounds into the air on NYE
  13. Sure that may be so but weight loss isn't linear progress. I'm sure you'll continue to trend down but there will always be peaks and valleys along the way
  14. 3lbs fluctuation is normal. I fluctuate a kilogram or two from day to day. So really you stayed the same weight, which at Christmas is a win.
  15. Ol' Benedict will be burning in hell if there is such a place
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