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  1. My low self esteem is mostly profession oriented. Impostor syndrome and typical artist guilt/self loathing hating my own work stuff. Other personal type issues I think I've worked through for the most part. Still have some body image esteem issues but fuck who doesn't. We live in a world where that is the norm for most people. Even smoking hot people with abs feel shit about themselves. It's why they try so hard to keep their abs.
  2. Nah I don't mean anything about me too or nothing, just reckon there is more chance of someone catching feelings by having high intimacy but no sexy times. It's the building of tension that makes me think it could get messy.
  3. My money says cuddle partner situation is going to get...messy. Maybe. Why is the Bee Gees playing in my head when I read your post?
  4. The human need to classify and quantify every nuance of human behaviour into categories really pisses me off. That said, when I was younger I was totally "Relationship Anarchist".
  5. Indoctrination and brand recognition? It's a one stop shop? Woo hoo capitalism?
  6. What even is a man anymore? You don't even need testes to qualify these days innit
  7. I done a fair share of sleeping around in my 20s. I can't recall the number of people who've bumped uglies with me. Not that I was one to count.. but if I had to hazard a guess I'd say I've slept with over 20 people but less than 40. Met my wife when I was 29 turning 30. She blew every other sexual encounter out of the water. I'll spare the details but man, she's awesome. We've been together 7 years now and the only itch I get is for her.
  8. Plus since everyone's married with kids and stuff, pretty sure we could all love vicariously through you a little bit. It's about three months till I'll next get laid probably so..
  9. Haha. Yeah, the New Republic aren't so benevolent/squeaky clean after all. Perhaps that was the point?
  10. New comparison trailer here
  11. Can be Scottish and black
  12. I think the remastered Mass Effect might be the game that gives you your next gen AAA PC fun fest. Here's hoping. You must've noticed the better framerates since switching to PC though. I freakin loved Disco Elysium so much. That game was a breath of fresh air. If you're trying to get into fantasy Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is superb.. it has more of a "low fantasy" style, particularly in mood, design, and feel than Dragon Age. There are loads of mods to improve it too. From simple HD texture and model overhauls to make it feel current-gen, to gameplay overhauls and the like. I'd suggest S
  13. I was meaning to ask you how are you enjoying gaming on a PC compared with your console experience?
  14. Prince Phillip though, dirty old fucker.
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