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  1. Every second page I load goes super slow for some reason. And it's only seems to happen here. But other than that it's cool
  2. Woah that's crazy! My step dad was an example of the opposite. Had the snip, met my mum wanted kids with her. Wasn't to be. Probably for the best really since they divorced when I was 15 or so. But they did have a period where they wanted to make another but the procedure didn't work out.
  3. In response to Cerina...Without getting too into a heated convo about an off the cuff remark I made... Getting a vasectomy is a rather permanent solution to the situation. There's very little hope of reversing that decision once it's been made. Not so with IUDs and other implants hormonal or not. Yeah obviously the onus on who does what in regards to contraception is down to the individuals (plural) concerned. (I cant even believe really that I need to qualify that). Big ups and mad respect to Krawlie for being able to make that decision for he and his. I wouldn't be able to make
  4. You don't have the greatest luck when it comes to health, ailments, accidents etc lately do you Brando?
  5. I mean, there is the coil. And other non-hormone implants
  6. Sony have been converting a lot of their exclusives to PC too. Death Stranding, Dark Souls (think Bloodborne is in the works), Horizon Zero Dawn Glad you made the level up to PC. I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card for the next gen. Probably early/mid next year. The Nvidia RTX 3070 is looking like the way forward for me.
  7. I'm down provided I can convince my wife to watch and said film(s) are available on Netflix and or.....other....digital services.
  8. I do like 60s, 70s and 80s muscle cars. I don't know much about them, but I know good aesthetics when I see them. The models are also sick, but I was never a Trekkie so..ya know. Got any sweet star destroyers?
  9. I was gonna give advice but I realised, fuck it. I'm a 36 year old artist who has to make coffee and sell bread to subsidize his income. I'm not really in a position to give advice around careers. Though in my experience and observations money and careering has never bought anyone happiness. People just get more bent on "advancement" and bringing in money. Then they spend more of it trying to fill a hole inside themselves. The hole doesn't fill, so they need more money and to advance further career wise cause their expenses are ridiculous. Round and round they go on the perpetual motion mac
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