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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer! I like! Was the town originally called Berlin because the mason settlers were originally German? Or was it one dude who called it Berlin cause he was German? I've heard of Grand Rapids before, probably because I've seen a film set there or something. Is Ann Arbor fairly close to you? I know Iggy Pop grew up there so that's pretty sweet. Michigan sounds pretty cool, cept for the Trumpers but hey ho. Is it part of the "Rust Belt" as it's called, or is it just Detroit in the Rust Belt? Regardless, it looks like a pretty part of the world.
  2. Cause why not? Pretty sure I know your genders but throw them in anyway if you want. Mostly I'm interested in where you call home and the things about where you live that you like or dislike. I'm 36, male obviously and live in a town called Frome in Somerset, England. Frome was a textiles town from the mideaval period onwards, mostly wool, weaving and dying fabrics using a plant called woad which makes an indigo colour. It's built on a river in a valley, which lends a topographic variety which I find really pleasing visually. Particularly in winter months when the fog settles in an
  3. Well, his soil will be better off and he can grow a wild meadow.
  4. Irony is, if the guy just let the leaves fall and stay on his grass they decompose and make excellent compost, promoting biodiversity and therby improving the health of the soil. His grass would grow better if he didn't blow all the leaves away.
  5. Unless you get a negative COVID test within 72 hours prior to arriving in Norway you'd still have to stay on board the ship. So what's the point? Seems like a bloody silly idea to me.
  6. Is he human though? Or is he an ill fitting skin-suit wearing goblin?
  7. Lol. When we started secondary restrictions pubs had to close at 10pm. Weird. There were lots of memes "don't worry the virus only comes out after 10pm" etc. Arbitrary curfews didn't work and we are in the tail end of a second lockdown.
  8. That makes sense. Although hopefully people won't relax and disengage from politics because you now have a boring president. Hopefully he will remain under as much scrutiny as any other president.
  9. My only observation of Biden is he seems pretty wooden. He doesn't seem that personable. When he gave his winning speech he kind of just shouted into the microphone in a kind of monotone yell. It was kind of funny I suppose, and I'd obviously rather him than more Trump. If Bidens policies don't really work out I don't think he has the charisma to keep people happy(ish).
  10. My coworker tested positive the other week and went into isolation. I have been in close proximity with her for months. Did a test. Came back negative, go figure. Moreover my coworker has no symptoms and no-one else in the workplace has tested positive.
  11. I only suggested to line someone up before leaving so that there is less time not getting therapy. If you leave/pause something with a long period of time in between picking it up again, the less likely you are to pick it up the longer that time is.
  12. I think it was Brando/Fozzie who said that to you, not me. But I agree with his point. If the therapist is as bad as you say I'd start looking for a new one and sort that out before you leave so you don't have a big interim of time where you aren't seeing one. In regards to your therapists feelings I wouldn't worry about it. They're (supposed to be) professionals so if you arent getting what you need just tell her/him that you are going to go elsewhere. Pull the bandaid off quick. You don't need to go into the whys, but if she asks you could just say you don't feel your needs as a p
  13. Or like Lemmy. Gets diagnosed with cancer. Goes out for some whiskey, dies the next day. Boom.
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