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  1. Yeah thats quite a hefty walk though. Nearly 5km through the busiest part of the city. If you walk down oxford st that can take 1/2 an hour at the best of times (powerwalking and smashing through the crowds) with the amount of people. Or along the strand is the same. A few lesser/side roads can cut the time massively. But I forget unless you have cheap roaming data consulting a map might be hell for the phone bill.
  2. They look decent. Trying to remember if I have seen their coaches at various places but I can't really recall. That best of Britain tour looks cool. Hopefully you still get some time to put your feet to the ground and explore a little bit yourself when you arrive in cities/towns...but that looks like a good idea.
  3. Edinburgh is awesome. One of my favourite cities. It feels properly medieval. Lots of snaking little alleyways, cool whiskey bars and such. It's really hilly so you can get great vantage points and views and a real feel for the layout of the city. Plus you know..the castle. If your budget will allow I highly recommend the Isle of Skye. There are mind-blowing walks, hikes and mountain treks there and the landscape is jaw dropping. My wife and I climbed Bruach na Frithe in the Black Cuillin Mountains and it remains one of my most memorable life experiences so far. The whole region is simpl
  4. That's my London advice..oh plus download an app called CityMapper. Public transport guide. Just enter where you want to go, choose your transport Prefs and it'll show you the way. Invaluable when navigating London. rest of the isles (in my limited experience) coming soon
  5. So, I live in the UK and have done for just under 15 years now. Never done guided tours because I moved to London and started living and working right away. I lived there for about 13 years. London is cool but it's very flat. I recommend staying above ground as much as possible to get your bearings, otherwise using the tube you get no sense of direction. You just pop up at your destination, and while that is convenient you get no real sense of the city as an environment. deffo use the tube if you're tired and just need to get somewhere, but I'd advise either walking or taking a bus to the majo
  6. That's shit. But hopefully it's mild. Seems the more contagious the strain the lesser the severity of it. Fingers crossed
  7. It's 2022 ffs. This shouldn't even be a conversation anymore.
  8. I find it...amusing? No that's not the right word...concerning? Maybe. Telling? Probably... How many men have strong opinions which they vocalise loudly on this issue. All I know is a bunch of old men wrote legislation around what women can legally do with their internal organs. I'm not particularly cool with that.
  9. Movies based on games rarely work. Especially when the game is an adventure/platformer.
  10. Oh he used dropping a grumpy for literally shitting the bed? Deffo never heard of that. Dropping a log or laying a cable maybe, but grumpy? New to me
  11. Never heard of dropping a grumpy. Heard of throwing a strop or stroppy, which is essentially the same thing. Same level as blowing a gasket or shitting the bed.
  12. I just got home from a 5 year old birthday party. There were about 15 kids tops. I'm ruined now.
  13. I'm pretty sure I downloaded a similar mod that affects stealth/detection and combat mechanics somewhat. That's why I love PC gaming. Some nerd somewhere has made a mod to fix the annoying thing you don't like about *insert game here* no doubt
  14. Also, I don't think the damage output of katanas are the problem, it's Vs survivability. It's a bit crazy that with the right perks I can run out into the open, taking machine gun fire and close the distance to start dicing people up. I mean it's fun and all, but does require some suspension of disbelief
  15. For a final playthrough I want to go netrunner with nano wire, set difficulty to very hard and play the game stealthily and slowly.
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