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  1. First season is a slow burn, almost like the Wire and there is a load of characters to keep track of but it's super enjoyable.
  2. I'm about six episodes into the first season, and so far loving the slow burn of the series. As a biopic I'm enjoying it a lot more than Straight Outta Compton, and the fact that it's a series gives a lot more time to character development. I feel a lot more invested in everyone rather than just going along for a ride. I have no idea how much of the show is accurate and how much is myth building, but with RZA and Method Man as executive producers I would assume there is a decent amount of myth building going on, which I'm okay with. Fiction often makes a more compelling story than truth, but I'm sure the important beats of the story are true. Anyways, great series for anyone who's interested. I'm watching it on Disney of all places but think it's also on Hulu
  3. I've heard it's really good. I've never played table top DnD but plenty of the crpgs inspired by DnD or the DnD ruleset. I want to see the film at some point cause ive heard it's a really good romp. I used to love the cartoon when I was a kid
  4. I tried to read up a few things about semaglutide on some bodybuilding forums (cause there are big time pharma nerds in that community). From their reports semaglutide seems to work differently than other appetite suppressants in that it uses specific pathways and hormone regulation so surpress hunger rather than simply masking it like other 'surpressors'. In other words it's the nuclear option for appetite suppressants, not to be taken lightly. Think of it as a pharmacological/seriousness equivalent of taking anabolic steroids only for totally different purposes, obviously.
  5. The possible side effects of semaglutide injections look pretty damn horrible. If you're gonna get on it I'd seriously think about the risk versus reward if it's right for you. I've heard that some of the weight loss includes loss of muscle mass, bone density, and connective tissue. But a cursory Google I can't find any articles about that but ya know..pharma are going to surpress that so you might have to dig to find those results/articles. I can't find anything about the connective tissue loss but here is a breakdown of the negative risks, just to balance the annectdotal success stories/sponsored hype: https://www.drugs.com/sfx/semaglutide-side-effects.html# All that said, if you're over 30-35% body fat it might be worth it. But if you're looking to cut a few pounds I'd say stay away
  6. His story has completed IMO. And to be fair, I'd be happy if there were not another season of the Mandolorian regardless of who is cast. It seems to have done some decent world building, and like has been mentioned will likely feed into other series. But I don't think we need to explore anything further with the Power Rangers, sorry, I mean Mandalorians.
  7. Holy fuck thats some next level attempt at corporate indoctrination if I ever saw it. Fuck me that's poison. As well as being cringe. God corporate team building is horse shit. Excuse my language but that sort of stuff makes me lose faith in humanity. Every one of those people in pink shirts would be in a cult, no problem. Just showed it to my wife being that she's the one in our household with a more corporate job (still in design though so nowhere near as bad as some departments), and she said "if anyone asked me to do that I'd tell them to go fuck themself".
  8. Whenever I think of Vancouver I think of Trailer Park Boys for some reason. I'd love to go drinking with Ricky and Julien
  9. Mandalorians ARE SW Klingons, of course!.. or space Vikings. I can understand where choc is coming from, that having space Vikings being the good guys doesn't make sense in the moral binary of traditional SW. Good guys have to be peaceful and good. The Disney era SW franchise seems to be bringing more things that challenge this and are trying to bring shades of grey for better and worse. I like Tank's explanation. The mandalorians are meant to be brutal SW Klingons/Vikings that celebrate war and honour. (The ultimate Mandalorian was Canderous Ordo from Kotor IMO.) So it should have been up to Din to unite the clans and show the mandalorians a better way than mindless barbarism. They should have followed him because of his deeds, his honour and the darksaber. He was meant to be the Mandalorian Ragnar Lothbrok. There were cool moments in this episode, like the big guy doing his last stand "this is the way" and going to space Valhalla. But they have fumbled the main storyline so hard this season it's hard to care. Meh
  10. I just wish some of the stuff (the shadow council) with Moff Gideon was at the start of the season, so we felt that looming threat throughout the last however-many-episodes that the show was treading water
  11. Man they are really churning out the series at a rate huh. I'm not certain more is better. Who is Darth Dad-bod meant to be? He kinda looks like George Lucas. There is something intangible about these new series that just doesn't hit the vibe for me. Maybe it's the 70s early 80s feel they're missing for me... Is it the haircuts? Or the fidelity of the image that makes me not like the feel.. I don't know. Maybe the grainy, poorly dubbed video quality of my first experience with the OT in the 80s is so baked into my understanding of star wars the better the fidelity we get the worse it feels. But whatever it is, things feel too slick and with not enough character. I quite enjoyed how cheap BOBF felt. Hokey effects and the B grade aesthetic suits SW, it was the writing that let that series down. Obviously I'm going to watch Ahsoka..these are just thoughts running through my head
  12. I've always enjoyed dark side mysticism so I'm curiously excited for the acolyte. I generally love existential and magical/mythological stuff so I like going deep on the force so long as they don't go to "scientific" on it and keep it mystical. I hated midichlorians for that reason. But deep dives into esoteric force cults and magic are totally my jam. Don't care much for an origins of the jedi story unless it's told from a mythical perspective, steeped in improbability and not overly illustrated for lack of a better word.
  13. The seaweed pirate guy was the absolute worst design I've seen in a while. He looked like Oscar the grouch's uncle from Louisiana or something
  14. Lol. I was thinking this episode felt very game questy. I could almost hear Djin sighing under his breath "all right I'll fix ya fuckin droid problem". I don't mind side quests generally, however but this season has felt too rudderless overall. I like the direction it's heading the last two episodes with Bo to lead the Mandalorian repatriation and rule so (hopefully) Djin can ride off and become the lone ranger (with Grogu) again. I think the scope has started getting too big. I'd rather just follow Djin and Grogu as they go round taking side quest after side quest. Just make them fun to watch, and somewhat plausible (within the context of SW) not some goofy prequel-like stuff
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