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  1. This is definitely the Seinfeld of animated Star Wars series... Except for maybe that show about pilots in the sequel era. At least this one is watchable.
  2. https://apnews.com/article/prince-philip-dead-0143185dc6ad526d4bb6357034972bb3
  3. Ah, okay. Not too far from us then. Let me know if you need anything.
  4. @Cerina, we had a pipe bust in our garage. I grabbed three sticks of JBWeld and that did the trick. I knew what Lowe's and Home Depot would look like, so I went to AutoZone instead, knowing they have that type of stuff in stock. No line there. Nothing was picked over at the time either. I don't know if that will be enough to fix the leaks you are trying to fix, but its worth a shot. I would have hopped in here sooner and mentioned that to you guys, but we just got power + internet back recently. @Ms. Spam, if you need drinking water, firewood, or pantry food, let me know. I have a few 5-
  5. Rush Limbaugh nets 51 points to: - Fozzie - Darth Kid Current and Historical Standings: https://tinyurl.com/dead-pool-2021
  6. Fozzie did. Also, a couple of us had Rush. That officially marks a close to submissions.
  7. Bo used to be part of their group, but backed away from it well before the purge. She took possession of the saber after she had moved to a more moderate stance that was somewhere between pacifism and genocide, to counter their growing extremism. Their creeds appearto have diverged even more since the purge. The helmet rule wasn't a thing back in the Clone Wars era. Not sure if they adopted it for legitimate reasons either. Those types of purity tests are pretty typical of groups like this in the real world, and sometimes serve no other functional purpose besides testing loyalty to t
  8. Darth Kid


    Yeeeeeah. I like my philosophical opinions shoved down my throat, not slipped into my candy. Seems to me like the people at Pixar collectively lost hope and gave up on life halfway through animating this one. Thanks 2020. They started by building up this nice story which I suspected would be the "A Man's Search For Meaning" punchline reimagined as a children's tale, but ended up with the fucking Nihilists telling me that "nothing matters so just enjoy the ride while you're here! That's all that really matters, right?!" If I wanted to be reminded of the futility of my contributi
  9. She mocks us. https://apnews.com/article/mary-tyler-moore-sandra-bullock-betty-white-fecd6ed6db7f9f82c5fcc4d587084d68
  10. Yup. And shortly after that the planet was purged, and the Mandalorian diaspora began. If you look into the Mandalorian backstory from legends, they were a warrior society to the extreme before modern times. They would conquer other planets because they believed that strength was morality, and therefore weakness was sin. Any society that put up a good enough fight was invited to accept the creed and become Mandalorians themselves. Those that didn't were wiped out or subjugated because they were sinful. The universe naturally rewarded survival of the fittest, so allowing weak societies to grow
  11. The man has talent, no doubt, but when you see his interviews, quite frequently the conversation centers around how he translated an idea Lucas had into something palatable for the audience. He has unique ideas, as well, of course. It just seems like he understands that those ideas have to tie into the larger narrative, or they are largely irrelevant (at least in the contexts he has worked in thus far), unless they seamlessly integrate with the existing narrative. I think the true measure of his creativity will reveal itself fully once all constraints are removed and he is asked to work in a s
  12. Just like The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series were able to weave a more coherent and enjoyable story around the PT, The Mandalorian is weaving a story around several aspects of the ST. All of this is to soften the blow dealt by the lackluster storytelling in those films. If Filoni excels at anything, its understanding and translating Lucas' intent. He seems uniquely adept at sifting through the characters and snippets of compelling story that Lucas has in his mind and using that kernel of imagination as the basis for a story worth telling. Add in Favreau's cinematic experience and y
  13. Just got HBO Max, so I've been rewatching Rick and Morty. Came across a scene that reminded me of The Mandalorian, so I checked to see if anyone else had already made the same connection. Naturally, YouTubers did not disappoint. Rick and Morty dialogue is from S3E2 and is dubbed over an edited version of the last scene of the S2 finale of The Mandalorian. I swear, sometimes this show is just as prophetic as The Simpsons.
  14. Hahaha. Oh SA, you so crazy. In all seriousness though, that is pretty impressive. Way to improvise.
  15. And just like that, Rule 34 is proven true, yet again.
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