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  1. If you honestly believe this, fatherhood has obviously broken you, and your sanity is no longer intact. Either that, or your wife was watching you type this with a metaphorical (or actual) gun to your head. Those are the only reasonable explanations for this statement.
  2. I don't have as much quiet time as I used to, so the only one I listen to is an oldie, but a goodie: This American Life The topics vary considerably, and because a new show isn't broadcasted daily, they have the opportunity to cherry-pick interesting topics and really dive deep. As a result, even if it isn't a topic I'm typically interested in, I find the presentation of the content to be very engaging.
  3. I'm in the reserve now, but yeah. Still doing the same gig.
  4. So, if you read the article, it mentions that Democrats didn't fair much better, and an unreasonably high percentage of them would also vote to blow it up. Even more hilarious though, 41% of Trump supporters would bomb it: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2015/12/trump-leads-grows-nationally-41-of-his-voters-want-to-bomb-country-from-aladdin-clinton-maintains-bi.html 30%? Get that weak shit out of here.
  5. You can take the pimps out of Lando... can't take the Lando out the pimps.
  6. I approve of the direction that this thread is going.
  7. Kurgan, I hope that is where they eventually go with Kylo. Right now he is just an annoying little brat, but I hope to see his back story explained in Episode 8 so that we realize he is actually the "tragic hero" that is very likable minus a single tragic flaw that eventually led to his undoing. If we aren't routing for him to turn back to the light by the end of Episode 8, they're doing it wrong.
  8. For those that are legitimately interested in why the founding fathers felt it necessary for us to even have a second amendment and "assault" weapons, here is a 20-something page scholarly paper on it: http://bit.ly/1ko47E4 TL;DR version of the paper: The purpose of the 2nd amendment is two-fold: 1) Every person deserves the right to protect themselves on a personal level. (Handguns take care of this.) 2) The founders and their fellow colonists overwhelmingly believed that governments can't be trusted not to stomp on the people's rights, and citizens as a whole deserve the right to
  9. Just based on some cursory poking around, it looks like you guys are hosted on a Linux server running Apache/PHP/CPanel hosted with WiredTree/Cogswell. I'm a RHCE, and I'd be happy to take a look at your configuration (free of charge) to see if there is anyway to lower expenses, but since it appears as though you're also hosting your own DNS server, which is being used by other domains, I imagine you guys already have a competent sysad/developer on-staff.
  10. After browsing around for the past few days, I've started to realize that quite a few more people than I had originally thought have returned to Nightly recently. As a result, I wanted to create a thread where returning members can reintroduce themselves and play catch-up. I'm going to do a Q&A-style reintro, but feel free to do whatever you'd like. Name: Darth Kid Real Name: Cody Aliases: Agnostej Originally Joined: June 2002 Left: April 2005 Reason: Joined the military Reason Returned: TFA, also I have a little more free time now. Plan on Staying: Yes People I remember from back then
  11. That's oddly specific. It's almost like you have a quota. How much are they paying you? I may want in on this. Also, stay. I just came back from a looong hiatus, and I can tell you from that experience that this board is about more than SW.
  12. *** Thread Contains Spoilers *** Based on what you saw in TFA, what do you want to see in Episode 8? Keep in mind, this isn't a predictions thread. This is a chance to throw out all those: "wouldn't it be awesome if..." ideas that may have crossed your mind since seeing TFA. Here is a short list of things I think would be cool: - Lando - Lando takes over as capt of the Falcon - Rey builds a dual-blade lightsaber - We find out that Luke is receiving guidance from Jedi ghosts - We see Luke meet with the "Jedi Council" inside of the first Jedi Temple - We get a chance to see Kylo's back sto
  13. Being one of the few still in my twenties, I think I can explain this phenomenon with somewhat moderate accuracy. 1) A picture is worth a thousand words. This is the same reason we use emojis and other non-verbal queues. 2) Bandwidth is cheap. With the invention of CDNs and unlimited high-speed mobile data came the ability to view whatever you damn well please from your phone. This is why we now have vines, snapchats, Buzzfeed, etc. Most things you can express with words, you can more accurately convey with a captioned photo or short video. The art of the written word is slowly being re
  14. The B is right next to the V on more than just the keyboard, and I don't get cut any slack when I "accidentally" smash the B. Why should Destiny get special treatment. Double standard much?
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