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  1. Sooo---check your dms. All management at Black Sky is our age and the reality of a work-life balance of our generation is a priority--not what the work-life balance of what Boomer white males think it is.
  2. I remember doing those---I think we called them stabs? Maybe I am remembering those wrong. I graduated in 2001 and I was doing evenings on the KC rock alternative station and I loved it. I wanted to go into the programming side (I was SM/PD of my college station) and wound up in Vail as a MD at Radio One (my first day on the job was 9/11). It was satellite network and stations would buy our feed and play their advertising (mid markets usually had their own morning drive). We had about 30 markets. The largest was Ft. Lauderdale and the coolest was Maui. We had two regional spots per hour (I quickly burned out) and the stations would send us regional stuff to plug. I still remember one small town in Oklahoma sending us information on a book swap at the local library and I had to somehow talk about that for 25 seconds twice an hour for over a week. I received demo tapes daily from DJs even when we weren't even hiring. Most were 10x better than me and were willing to work for nothing. When Radio One and moved to Iowa, I decided I needed to find something else. I moved to Florida and found a job teaching--one of the reasons I got this job was they were looking for a TV Production/ Media teacher and the principal liked I had real world experience (the other being if you had a degree in science or math you didn't need teaching experience of ANY kind to teach). I made more as a first year teacher in FL than as a MD of a satellite network. I think if I stuck with it, I would have been a respectable station manager, but not an on-air talent--but at the time, unless you are in a major market, you had to be on-air to be a PD. I still miss it, but I haven't really listened to any radio stations since 2005--I was an early adopter of Sirius and podcasts.
  3. Oh man--that's the worst. Sorry man.
  4. I am on a pretty strong antibiotic which is now tearing up my gi lining resulting in my ass feeling like it is on fire all day. The doctor's feedback--drink more milk.
  5. Sooo...FYI I did not go in for treatment for strep. I did it the old fashioned grandpas cough syrup booze remedy. Well, I ended up with a bacterial abscess in my throat. The pain was pretty intense--I decided to go in to the doctor's office when it felt like my whole left side of my face hurt--including all of the teeth on the left side of my face felt like they all had cavities. I had to "sleep" with ice packs all the way down the side of my face to dull the pain. Anywho, doctor said the abscess was causing inflammation causing the pain and I was lucky I didn't have to go to the ER and have my throat abscess drained--I was told that was horrible. Moral of the story-I lost 10 lbs this week due to the abscess on a ice cream diet. Boom.
  6. What station? Before education, I was in radio. I did evenings on a HOT AC station in Denver and voice tracked overnights and was the MD for a satellite network out of Avon/Vail (called Radio One but I left radio altogether when they were bought in 2002 out and moved the HQ to Iowa). I never got used to the heat and bugs when I lived in Florida. I can handle the heat for a few months--but I love seasons.
  7. My neighbor was going to buy a new Maverick and was told they stopped taking new orders. The Maverick looks great!
  8. I hope my kids have no interest in team sports for this reason.
  9. Well--it looks like it should be in by the end of June. I looked into a Scamp trailer and the waitlist is like 2 years--wtf???
  10. I had the flu and strep this week. I lost 2lbs too. Pro move—I don’t think I pooped all week.
  11. After two rounds of blood tests, I got a prescription for Ozempic/ Wegovy. It is going to take 2-3 weeks to negotiate the costs with insurance. I think it is based on a sliding scale of how many conditions you have (pure weight loss versus full on diabetus). I will let you know how it shakes out for me--I think we are in a similar boat health wise.
  12. Not what I did today… IMG_8587.MOV
  13. Basically it is a weekly on monthly shot that curbs your appetite. Ozempic is the per-daibetic shot and Wegovy is the same shot but higher dosage. https://ro.co/health-guide/wegovy-vs-ozempic/
  14. At the district office waiting in the reception area and this guy has been ranting and raving for 5 minutes to the receptionist about how the google on his district phone isn’t working. God I wish I recorded his explanation. Boomers amiright.
  15. It’s on Roman—they send you a kit
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