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  1. Awesome! I would have bought the 4xe, but I think it was Odine that made the good point about the lower towing capacity. You need to get this. I LOVE mine. I can open and close the top on the fly, while driving in seconds.
  2. On the TikTok I’ve started to see more people pretending to be NPCs as in they are pretending to be not real and reacting the same way to different prompts (like liking them or whatever). Most of them are attractive women with big boobs, but that’s almost everything on the internet—but what is the appeal of this specific phenomenon?
  3. If you hate it, what sucks you back in? Oh--I also play Total War: Warhammer 1-3. It is fantasy, not 40K though. Can you recommend a few 40k games?
  4. I have never took a lesson or done drills. My lesson has been pretty much been limited to "keep up!". I didn't even learn to ski until I was 20, when I took it for college credit at a hill in Kansas City called snow creek where the conditions were either pure ice or slush. Wow...what sucks the most about that you will probably still have early season conditions until Christmas. The article say Dec 1, but how the f is it opening tomorrow????? RIP skis.
  5. With a massive snowstorm on Friday, top to bottom skiing opened up. I broke out my old all mountain skis that hadn't been tuned in years and headed up. Best part is that I finally got my CARV app working. It is AMAZING!!! It is like $100 for the hardware and $90 year subscription to the app if you buy a two year subscription. I figure that is half a day with a personal coach and they couldn't pick up on the nuances the app can and chart my growth. So at first I was a bit humbled that I only scored a 104 ski IQ, but I tell myself that this was opening day on bad skis and early season conditions. I thought as a "parallel perfecter" that would be pretty high ( it gives you a ranking of everyone world wide using the app and I was like 1000 out of 1200), but the purpose of this app is to get people from good to great, not against the general population. There is a lot more to this app (like badges to earn, track your records, etc). The biggest leverage point was I am not rocking on my feet through my turn --I usually lean forward too much. So they give you tips and video demonstrations to watch on the lift to show you drills to work on your next run. For example, one drill was to keep my balance centered the entire run or to keep my upper body straight and turn my skis 180 every turn (which KILLED my legs) the entire run. It also hurts my ego a bit because I HATE getting passed and doing these drills not only makes me go WAY slower but also makes me look like a Jerry---I ate shit twice doing these drills. Glad you liked my sweet new R2D2 helmet. Something I didn't think about is that I stand out and people remember me. I am also not a huge talker on the lift (there are only so many times I can talk about the weather, conditions, or being a local) and two people asked about my helmet yesterday. It is very clear I have earbuds in but people still try to get my attention.
  6. Thanks all--I am passing on Starfield. I am just curious why it is such a hit with critics. I ended up buying Foundation (medieval city builder), Farthest Fronteit (medieval survival rts city builder), They Are Billions (zombie apocalypse rts city builder), Timberborn (city builder but your a society of beavers), Northgard (Norse rts city builder), Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord (medieval your a knight in a mass army RPG). I can't decide what to play so I am booting up World of Warcraft!
  7. What do you think is the disconnect between critics scores and player scores? On Steam reviews are mixed for it. A game that is super cheap on the sale and super fun is Frostpunk. Imagine a survival, dystopian game that is on Hoth.
  8. Have you played Stellaris?
  9. I decided to play Cyberpunk 2077, but I want to finish RDR2 run first. The Steam Autumn Sale is today. Phantom Liberty is not on sale. Based on what you all said, I will wait until I play through the base game. Here is what I am thinking about picking up from def buying to probably not. Northgard (Norse settlement building game) Valheim (exploration and survival game inspired by Norse mythology.) They are Billions (base building game against horsed of zombies) Sea of Thieves Timberborn (City building game--but your a beaver) Farthest Frontier Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Starfield (I am hearing mixed reviews including here) The other issue is they are relaunching World of Warcrft original game on Nov 30th but with a bunch of game changes to make it feel new. Being this is my favorite game of all time, I will probably play this. Speaking of which--WoW also has Hardcore Servers where there is permadeath which I want to try to.
  10. So I should play the base game and then start another game at the act 2 checkpoint with pl?
  11. Nice-that’s my favorite. What color are the floors?
  12. Sounds good...tell me more about your fireplace? Like I said we are getting one--probably natural gas. Is it inefficient because it is an older model or just electric fireplaces in general cost a lot? I am always a fan of darker colors, but since your cabinets are so dark I would say a lighter color--gray seems nice and neutral.
  13. I have a teacher that was a beta tester for this for like 3 years and she can't stop talking about it. I love KOTOR, ME, and RDR2, but I have heard this game compared to Divinity Original Sin--which I bought and hate. I hate turn based combat and puzzles and shit where you have to talk to the guy to get the thing in the locker with a hidden key to continue the story.
  14. I am confused--are either one of these the new plans or are they just views of the same room from different angles? Is that a wine cooler on the right side of the bottom picture? Do you have to rip out the fireplace? What kind of flooring is going in? I like all of the colors and the overall design and all of the storage. I think it could be a bit more open--for example, there is already a ton of storage there--do you really need both tall cabinets? I love fireplaces. I think we are having a gas fireplace put in our living room.
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