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  1. New season of Kids in the Hall dropped this week. I was a HUGE fan as a teenager. They have a documentary too that also dropped, but I haven't seen it. I started watching it and the intro sketch was okay--but then the opening theme hit and the feels set in--I had to rewatch the opening 2-3 times. It felt right and then the first sketch hit and I started laughing--like LOL laughing. I am watching on my laptop and I realize that it is wildly not for the rest of the family immediately. I realize the kids are back and are back to hit hard. I am laughing like I was in high school just g
  2. No joke. I bribe the shit out of kids all day.
  3. I can just see it now..."A feeling I have not felt since last week's awkward run-in at the grocery store..."
  4. I am struggling with this series. Knowing that Obi-Wan and Vader had some interaction between ROTS and ANH makes Vader's line "a feeling I have not felt since..." lose SOOO much weight. The other thing is there is something cool about shutting it all down and going into hiding. Yes, I am sure there are cool things he did (I haven't seen any of the cartoons) but it is kind of like the Kessel Run. It is best left to the imagination--I don't need to see it. It is so much cooler that way.
  5. How did the end of season go? Did you make it up? I just got a message that 22-23 season pass rates go up at the end of the week. So soon...
  6. I have a whole closet full here at school that I don't know what to do with. Let me know how many you want and I can send them to you.
  7. You are looking at the back-to-back Durango PK coed soccer champions (apologize for the watermark--we are too cheap to order the digital copies--we just got the hard copy and will scan it--how the hell the digital copy is twice as expensive as hard copies--don't get me started). My boys are the two next to me. As a former mediocre d2 college player and coaching for years (what got me into education) including running a high school mens and womens varsity programs and multiple club teams, I can easily say that this has been the most challenging soccer experience ever. Whoever put our pr
  8. I love that the file uploading/downloading symbol is timeless.
  9. I know somewhere in exodus that if a man hits a woman and kills the woman he can be put to death--but if he hits the woman and causes a miscarriage he has to pay a fine. Here is kind of an explanation I know that there are some indigenous native american cultures whom believe a child is not truly alive until it is named--that can sometimes be years-at which point the soul enters the body. This is likely due to a high infant mortality rate. It is interesting that only until recently did the evangelicals take on the pro-life stance as pro-life was a Catholic thing. I am 100
  10. There is definitely a double standard in society. I can't take my kids to the bathroom in a restaurant without getting compliments of what an awesome dad I am. When I take the boys to the zoo or they find out a coach soccer or whatever--it's crazy--I feel like I am the bell of the ball. My wife gets upset because she doesn't get those same compliments. I try to say society is actually sexist sexist against men because society has such low expectations for fathers... I also know how sexist aerospace is in general. The nice thing about education, especially being a male in education, i
  11. Turkey sausage (the one that is like a u--cut it up and fry it in a pan), broccoli (put in water and microwave a few minutes), and rice (but rice and water in a pan for 10 minutes). I also do quesadillas with taco night---flour tortilla and cheese.
  12. I just looked at the page and compared it to the trail map--oh wow--and you drop right into the beginner area! I can see how the bumps might make people go slow before hitting the beginner area. How long is that run? Good luck this weekend--you are braver than me. I would be worried of getting injured or, worse yet, hitting a hidden rock and breaking my skies. I agree with it being icier, but I don't mind fake snow if they only use it on the main runs which are more prone to bare spots. Honestly, I really don't mind ice. Learning to ski in the Midwest (snowcreek in Kansas City), ic
  13. I know Girl Scouts isn't public education, but if it is too CYA they may be opening themselves up to a lawsuit by inadvertently denying access guaranteed through ADA or a variety of other civil rights legislation. CYA policies are an epidemic and frequently used to intentionally and unintentionally exclude children belonging to certain demographics including religions, non-English speakers, sexual orientation, race, social economic status, students with disabilities, etc. What sends me over the top, is these busybodies have no skin in the game. They tell and don't do--at least help.
  14. Hell yes! Awesome snag! I am totally biased towards Atomics--but I think you made the best choice!
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