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  1. I HATE the YOU WILL RESPECT ME attitude many adults have when working with children. What was she expecting children do? This is a problem everywhere. Leading a group of anyone, especially groups of children, is challenging and takes a lot of training and experience. It is impossible to get a good sub...it is less impactful to break up classrooms and divide them out into other rooms than it is to have a bad sub. This weekend we drove an hour and a half to Telluride. Talk about a town that is dripping in gold coins but is essentially a ghost town. It is surreal. Half the stores are
  2. That kinda reminds me of the Kevin Smith story about working on Spiderman Lives and the producer wanted the fight with the big spider and the polar bears and Kevin Smith is like WTF. The movie, I think, ended up morphing into Wild Wild West.
  3. My boys are going as Mario and Luigi. The Yoshi costume is cheap and in stock, but I want to be Bowser...which will set me back over a $100. Ugh. I am going to end up being Yoshi.
  4. I have seen the Blippie Halloween special a few times.
  5. I have borderline crippling anxiety about death. If I watch a countdown, like watching popcorn in the microwave...I think, I am three minutes closer to death. I am not scared of say, dying in a car crash or whatever, it is death itself--whether I die in a car crash tonight or I live to be 120 is irrelevant. I believe there is a statistically significant chance that we are an avatar in a matrix, but even if true, even that has an end. As much as I want to, I can't believe in a supernatural life beyond this. My grandpa, whom I owe everything to and named my son after, I cry for him fro
  6. So I fixed the furnace...like legit. I looked up the manual and found that certain lights flashing a certain number of time means to change the filter. I am handy af.
  7. Thanks all. After the initial wtf moment, I realized I don't really care (about the situation...not about my grandma).
  8. My grandma passed a few months ago...whom I have not seen since COVID. I heard she passed from a stroke. A family member slipped up and I discovered she passed from COVID. It turns out nobody wanted to tell me the truth because my mom (whom thinks COVID is a Chinese/ democrat conspiracy) visited and "possibly" gave it to her. My family didn't want to tell me because they didn't want me to think worse of my mom.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/13/pepsico-pep-q2-2021-earnings.html https://www.bakingbusiness.com/articles/53480-frito-lay-improves-despite-covid-comps-supply-disruptions Wow...making billions in profits (including far exceeding profit projections) despite the delays due to the issues stemming from the winter storm in the south and still a.) paying people a low livable wage and b.) increasing the price of the product. That sucks man... People are making a lot off of you busting your ass.
  10. Was it very particular about how the cartridge was put in for you? I don’t remember the SNES being super picky like the NES was.
  11. Boom—got Jacob’s old SNES going. I figured out you have to firmly push the cartridge in to get it to work. It was Bennett’s 5th birthday. I have realized how far toys have come. You can build a Mario level out of legos then play it on n your phone…wtf is the wizardry.
  12. Magic erasers are the GOAT cleaning product—especially the heavy duty ones.
  13. Me: "There isn't a sub for art today, so I am your sub...instead of art we are just going to have an extra recess". 2nd grader: "You’re the best principal ever..." THT Edit: You're
  14. October of 1999. I was 20 and a junior in college. My posts depicted me as only moderately insufferable, which is a drastic improvement over who I was in real life between the ages of 15-35.
  15. What kind of program is this and what program do they want him to move him to? I have never heard of wanting to transfer after one day. I am wondering if they called his old school and they made a determination based off of that call. Usually center based programs (ASD/ SED/ SEID) have staff that are behavior trained and do not require district support unless it is extreme. District behaviorists are generally for students not in a center-based program so it is a possibility he wasn't placed appropriately or the staff are not trained for his behaviors (which again makes me think they had a
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