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  1. Support which programs? The social programs or the loopholes? I think they are inherently bad. The rich are more dependent upon our infrastructure to create their wealth than the middle class and certainly the poor. Socialize the costs and then privatize the profits....
  2. https://www.taxpolicycenter.org/statistics/historical-highest-marginal-income-tax-rates It is interesting that we had a marginal tax rate for the top 1% at 94% at the end of WW2 and it slowly declined to about 70% at the beginning of the 1980s (tax rates for the poor and middle class have remained fairly stable in this time). With that money we built up our national infrastructure (such as the instate system), invested heavily in education (including paying the bulk of college costs for people in these decades), went to the fucking moon, had an arms race, Korean, and Vietnam Wars, starte
  3. No. I’m just too depressed and realized I wasn’t.
  4. The left has nothing on being a snowflake when compared to the right.
  5. I thought it was fun, but I HATED it. 1. I really loved the idea of Ray training Finn. I was super excited to see Finn, the most wasted character in the history of cinema, actually do something interesting. Boy, was I wrong. Once again, he was a side piece who was irrelevant and used for bit jokes. 2. Once again, Disney didn't have an original idea. Watching this was like going to see a cover band and getting excited when they played your favorite songs, but when they slipped in one of their original songs...your like WTF...this song sucks...go back to the songs I like.
  6. Dude...don't you work in grocery stores? What about everyone else's 84-year-old grandma?
  7. I cast to my roku. Just make sure the roku and phone are on the same network.
  8. Well I forgot to switch accounts on my phone. This is embarrassing.
  9. I am the exact opposite. My car is less than a foot off the ground. I love being able to park wherever and zipping in and out of traffic.
  10. We had the forensic interview earlier this week. He did not discuss what he told us. Rather, he described a whole different event that happened while he was there. I talked with the detective whom observed the interview and she thinks they were separate incidents that happened because both had such concrete details. The next step is for them to interview RV. They said sometimes it takes multiple trips the the forensic interview place for him to disclose everything and they have a weeks long waiting list to get in. This might drag on for months.
  11. I had been wanting to do this for years...decades. I wanted the name Hobbes when I registered originally over twenty yeas ago. I finally pulled the trigger. Why now? First, Card is a kind of a horrible person. Second, about eleven or so years ago I reread EG when I was the emergency English teacher for the last few months of the school year. Ender's Game, upon reading it as an adult, kinda sucks. In fact, other than Speaker and Xenocide, he really isn't that great of a writer. It lead to me hating the 'chosen one' trope and had some pretty cringy writing and shitting politics. Fi
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