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  1. I can't watch this show when it is completed. I dunno what it is, I can't watch a show unless I can watch the whole thing at once.
  2. I will do it for 20% plus travel expenses.
  3. One kid (the one I am not too concerned about) is actually the biological son of the parents. The boys are being adopted by an aunt in Ohio. I know at first they were only taking the biological kid--but they are taking both. Which I am thankful for. I am trying to be optimistic that despite being related to the mom, they are okay. I am concerned that since the one kid is: not biological, non-white, and has more needs he will be treated different. This means more because usually when kids move on you know it is a natural progression. Even if they move during the school year, you know there is consistency in their lives. Here, there are so many unknowns. Totally this. I had one group of kids whose graduation hit hard from my time teaching in Florida. I still have things they gave me displayed in my office. I am still in contact with a few kids from that class including being in one of their weddings...he is now a school psychologist! and is turning 30 this year! One of the things I miss most from teaching high school is being able to stay in contact with former students.
  4. Last year we got two kids because they were placed with a great foster family that has their kids at our school. The kids were both adopted into an abusive household--said household adopts a lot of kids. One of said kids, a six year old, was beat so bad by mom he had to be life flighted to Denver. The kid was in a coma and came out of it around Thanksgiving but he has severe brain damage and will likely need text to speech to talk the rest of his life. I have had to testify in court a few times--early I had to meet with them and give them updates. I wanted to strangle them. Anything I said positive she always would blurt out "we worked so hard on that at home". Like one kid has PERFECT handwriting--it was like a font-- and mom would "brag" that she made him rewrite things over and over until it was perfect--along with a side of physical abuse. This is his fifth adoption. I really worry about him. He is so low academically and has anger issues. He found out this weekend and really struggled today. Both kids were adopted and are moving to Ohio as early as next month. I have always struggled with the students I get close to leaving--it always sucks but I have come to terms with it. But this is hitting WAY differently. Neither kid has never been to school before and were only allowed to read the Bible. I have totally corrupted them--they play Pokemon and joined our Dungeons and Dragons club.
  5. I keep hearing you talk about strava and just downloaded it. On the lift now. There’s like 100 people w your name.
  6. Sounds great! Why did you eat shit on the black--catch an edge?
  7. burn it down and take the insurance money
  8. Plus...I found out I might be winning colorado principal of the year award at said conference. Don't wanna be all hungover and shit while accepting an award for being a positive influence on kids.
  9. Well--I am happy to do prizes if we get more than three people...so recruit two more nightly people!
  10. Bumping this. I am alone with my boys (5/6 yo) this week. We were looking for something to watch and I see Ghostbusters (the original) on HBO. I was 5 or 6 when I saw it. I loved it so much I actually had to buy a 2nd tape bc I watched teh first one so much and was a ghostbuster for 4 straight Halloweens. We watch it--they love it. They see there is a G2. I haven't seen it since I was 9--but I don't want to see it again. I remember this movie (I had a moderate interest in seeing it) and sell them on watching it. They love it. I love it. After what happened with my mom a few years ago I don't have any family left outside of my immediate family-right before all of that happened my grandpa, who I considered my dad, passed away and I miss him so, so much. I am in tears. The nostalgia hit so hard. Maybe it was the scenario in which I saw it--I don't know--but this movie was incredible. The boys are picking out Ghostbuster toys... 100/10. My favorite movie since RotK. This caught me COMPLETELY by surprise. I wasn't prepared for this.
  11. I always hated all you fuckers.
  12. Edison was on the magic carpet all morning and gaining alot of confidence. He probably has another week on the magic carpet. He is definately more of the Apres Ski type kid. They have a waffle hut at the base that he lives for--theres a dog, hot cocoa, and a waffle sundae that post-lesson skiing can't compete with. Bennett on the other hand... They were short staffed so they jumped him a level and went straight from the magic carpet to the main lift. When I picked him up, they said they step he missed was the follow the leader turning down the mountain lesson and recommended I do that with him a few times on our runs together on the easy beginner green lift. I was like, "sure thing". Bennett was insistent on going on the big lift again so I did the old "just send it and I will pick you up when you fall" teaching approach...
  13. Ugh...I have to drive to Denver early the next morning for a conference....so maybe.
  14. why when i post a picture with my head in it, this website flips it? Anyone else have this issue?
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