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  1. That reminded me...my grandma was a competitive roller skater dancer and a roller derby girl. That's her in the middle. My grandfather (whom I have met only a handful of times at funerals when I was a kid) is in the front.
  2. Thanks all. I am giving the benefit of the doubt that they don't know all the details. But still, it really sucks. I have told some members of my family some of the story early on, but I doubt they know the full extent. My mom doesn't really know, either. My grandma was a pretty awesome human being. 30 year-old single mom with five kids without a high school education in 1970 is a tough spot to be in. Whenever I think I have it rough at work, she worked at an industrial bakery, Taystee Bread in North Kansas City, Missouri. She stood in insane heat all day on an assembly line
  3. I got a text from my mom that my grandma passed this morning. My grandma and I were pretty close, but I haven't seen her in two years because of COVID. For the last week she was on her death bed...which no one told me. After getting the text, I was going to drive to Kansas City (about a 14 hours) and spend a few days there but I was told there wasn't going to be a service and everyone is tired because it was a long week so not to bother. I talked to my aunt and was told my mom is in real bad shape because of me and she hinted at that I should forgive her and move on. I don't know how
  4. Want to move to the mountains? Ever thought about working in education? We are expanding next year (22-23) and I will have a bunch of openings. Serious.
  5. The edibles and Rogaine page has taken a swerve into weight loss so I thought to create this. A few people have seemed interested in ordering plenity so I thought to start this as a motivational thread for myself. I am very self-conscious about my weight and hate people knowing that I have these issues. So what better then a bunch of randoms on the internet to be vulnurable with? Sooo....to be totally vulnerable I am 5'11'' and based on the day, weigh in at between 205-210. I don't necessarily have a terrible diet, I am just always hungry. Plenity doesn't mess with your hormones, lik
  6. Geeze...and at 73...that is awful. I guess from his perspective, hospice lets him die with dignity. Is it in-home care or is he going to a facility? I would probably make the same decision or would try to OD on painkillers if my quality of life is that poor.
  7. That sounds terrible. He must really be bad to want to go to hospice. What was his quality of life before this? How old is he?
  8. I looked that up and I am not big on anything that alters hormones or amphetamines. I got this through an online prescription place...https://ro.co/ or roman for men or rory for women. I liked this because it just fills you up. You take capsules twice a day so you feel full. It doesn't give your jitters or whatever. I try to pretend I don't care about my weight, but I do. Maybe that is a guy thing. But because people are interested I will be open and honest. I am 5'11'' and weighed 206 this morning. I am big on discretion. I am ashamed that I am doing this so I was hoping t
  9. That makes sense. I actually lived in Houston (Spring) back in the mid-90s and now I remember using it in that way.
  10. -10 internet points. There has to be some code/ treaty/ law against posting about going to Hedonism or whatever and then not posting about it. Can you at least talk about what you saw, not so much what you did? For example, I always think those places have a few token hot people, but the vast majority are all late-middle aged and overall not too attractive? Was it smelly? Remember the show Real Sex on HBO back in the 90s? There was one segment with legit hot women but most of the segments were all like, a bunch of unattractive, naked, old people naked having sex and playing
  11. How do you use the word feeder that isn't typical?
  12. So I took this quiz (legit link) and got this result. I was born and raised in Kansas City.... https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/upshot/dialect-quiz-map.html
  13. this... but you left out the third option--pronounced "on-t".
  14. I have body issues around my weight so I decided to try a new weight loss drug called Pelinty. Basically the pill expands so you feel full. This is honestly my boggest issue. I don't have a terrible diet. I don't eat a bunch of junk food. I don't stress eat. However, I am always hungry. I have read that there is a gene that causes this and it is a survival thing from back in the day and it is genetic. So hopefully this will help...it is $100/ month so it better work.
  15. I am a big PC gamer and I am on Steam as pjw19. Games I play a lot are: Cities: Skylines, RimWorld, Warhammer II, Crusader Kings 3, Stellaris. I haven't played in a while, but I hop on World of Warcraft and Overwatch from time to time. There are others, but those are my main go-tos. I don't have a console, but I am sure that will change having two young boys and my oldest discovering Minecraft.
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