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  1. What test? Sounds like the CogAT. If it is, the CogAT really isn't good at identifying 2e students. Schools like it because it is cheap to administer, anyone can proctor it, and it can be done in a large group setting. Thus, it is a very good tool for universal screening. Can you ask for the WISC-V? It is 1:1 and has to be given by a qualified school staff, usually the school psych, and is much better at detecting 2e students. The reason the WISC is better is twofold. On the CogAT, students just work until they are done. On the WISC, the psych can prompt the student to focus between
  2. I think us nerds all follow a similar MO. Growing up we all struggled with that duality of having above average intelligence, something that is generally praised as a society, yet contrasted with a relatively low social standing in adolescence. A lot of it, I think for me, was rooted in the promotion of a fixed mindset. My family constantly praised me for being smart, even if what I did was mediocre at best. I believed if I was successful at something, it was because I was smart. I didn't understand it was actually the work I put in. For example, I thought I won a Science Olympiad compet
  3. It sounds like he should qualify for summer programming/ extended school year (ESY)...is that recovery services? From just responding to what you wrote, his behavior might be primarily tied to the inappropriate placement and teachers not being able to meet the diverse needs (totally not their fault). These program offering decisions are made at the district, not the school level. That's the shitty part is that the teachers and school admin have to justify district level decisions. And frankly, I have little respect for district people in general...people that no longer have skin in th
  4. On the other hand...you have different fingers. Ahhh...one of my favorite steven wright jokes.
  5. I don't judge. A streetwalker vs a high end escort...the high-end escort probably comes from a more privileged background so I say the streetwalker.
  6. Drinking whisky here... I assume next year would be his tri/ reeval? With only a couple weeks left, they are probably overwhelmed and it is pretty much impossible for them to do---not their fault...they are overworked and underfunded and testing this year is an absolute nightmare. Go back to the school and ask the team to do a reeval when things lighten up for them in the fall (not when they come back right away). But yeah...that sucks.
  7. Obviously now I am an expert in local housing.
  8. The same thing happened to a friend's husband. He sliced his foot on a boat anchor, it got infected, and he ended up passing away due to sepsis. That sounds awful... But this is all begging the question...why do so many people actually LOVE Wal-Mart?
  9. My first day here, I had to pick up a few things. We don't have a Target or Costco here, so I decided to swing by Wal-Mart and my first thought was "oh holy hell...where did I just move my family to?" There were multiple trucks with confederate flags in the parking lot, less than half the people were masked up (and they looked EXACTLY how I expected them to look), and the whole place was in a general state of disarray. The next day we went to look around downtown. Downtown Durango is super cute...lots of cool restaurants, art galleries, and what-nots. Everyone was masked up. I went t
  10. Woah...that is awesome! Good luck tomorrow! Get it!!!
  11. Yep...it has been a crazy week. I got notified, via email two days before my move (Wednesday afternoon), that our move on Friday was bumped to the next week by the moving company. I called around and only found a company that could get us in but it would have to be the next day (Thursday at 7am). We pack all night--and by pack I mean throw shit in boxes. We are in such a hurry I forgot to pack a bag with a few days changes of clothes. I wore the same shorts Wednesday-Sunday. Today was my first day at the new job and I was late because I couldn't find any pants. I guess the prin
  12. So that was awesome. I was never a Mortal Kombat video game fan, but this movie totally took me back to being 13 and watching Don "The Dragon" Wilson movies on HBO at 2AM. I honestly thought they kept Johnny Cage off the previews because it was going to be Jean Claude Van Damme was gonna come out and when that dude was fighting. I also thought Cole was Scorpion reincarnated and expected him to get his Scorpion skills when Goro went for his family and he would do the whole "get over here!". Kano was great and I legit LOLed at some of his lines.
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