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  1. He doesn't actually have legs
  2. Odine

    Space Battles

    Every one of RCAllens posts reads like the dude is tweaked out of his mind on some siiiiick coffee.
  3. My thoughts allign pretty closely to Tank Driver's. I like the OT duels more than the PT cause the PT duels suck and are like watching the Nutcracker or something. The OT duels seem the most closely to resemble real world fencing/kendo. The Obi/Vader dual particularly where there is more time staring each other down than striking seems quite realistic. But the ST wins hands down for a balance of cinematic action, realism and emotional feel. It's more kinetic too cause the effects are much better. Fuck ranking duels though I don't have time for that. But I think it'd be the same as
  4. So, provided the senate vote to convict for "incitement of insurrection" what kind of sentance would that carry? Tell me prison time is on the cards. Make my day.
  5. This is an interesting interaction. Back when I used to teach people how to draw I would stress over and over again how an eraser is not a correction tool to undo mistakes but a drawing tool that needs to be equipped at all times and used in conjunction with the pencil. That adjustments are not set backs or failures but essential steps in the process of making a drawing. The drawing is only finished when you decide there is nothing more to add or take away that could improve the over all piece. The parallels to this conversation are nice.
  6. Far be it for me to say with any certainty on balancing as I've not even played CP77 yet (I'm waiting for bug fixes, more mod support and Nvidia s second run of 3060 Tis) but being able to finish the game as a melee character in a shooter says to me that it IS balanced. Not having to switch out to being a shooty shooter in the end game when you've played your character the whole time as a Mc Stabby Stab, demonstrates quite good balancing no?
  7. Stand by for insensitive/culturally offensive meme:
  8. Am I mad or does that not seem like a bad idea?
  9. Surely you can't pardon yourself until you have been charged with something? Surely you cant preemptively pardon yourself for things you may be charged with in the future as a president. So like, wait till the Orange Goblin is no longer the sitting president and then throw the book at him.
  10. You call that tiny? It looks quite spacious from the photos, though lenses can be deceiving I guess. But for the price that looks bangin. I mean, something that size in London you'd be looking at £600 K minimum depending on condition. And closer to a million depending on the neighborhood. If there is one thing you Americans have in real estate it's space. Unless youre in New York or something.
  11. Do you have some physics/science stuff in your world/story? My literature teachers always said writing about stuff you know about, or have experience in is way easier and rings true, than writing about something too removed from your wheelhouse... Not to throw another ingredient in the mix but maybe incorporate some hard sci-fi in there somehow? Keep the fantasy stuff but maybe it's in a technological future/alternate universe? Creativity is hard. Even moreso when you put pressure on yourself to make something good. Start with trying to make something at all! That in of itsel
  12. Quetz, I'm not a writer at all so take this or leave it but I was just thinking... Kinda sounds like you're writing 2 things at the same time, which seems like an impossible task. If your world building is going good, why not continue to flesh that out until you have a reasonably concrete idea about the universe/backdrop you want to tell your story against. Then leave it and dont change it. Then it'll be a massive gear change, but think about some character driven story you would like to tell, keeping it focused and intimate. And rough the character progressions out without thinking
  13. What I love about the Mandalorian is that the Jedi are not the primary focus. I loved that they were in there, but spoken of in hushed tones and veiled in mystery. They're described as "sorcerers" by the only people who've encountered them. And when we meet Ashoka she's an unknown quantity (for me at least who's not seen clone wars) and kind of weird..like do I trust her? Theyre powerful, majestic and secretive and having them only in for an episode here and there, existing on the periphery only strengthens their mystique.
  14. I'm a moron and posted this in the other thread when it belongs here innit. I just binged season 2 in two days. Had the ending spoiled for me so I knew it was coming which kind of sucked. Though I thought it was fitting, the ending that is....not having it spoiled. Thought the Luke CGI was rubbish. CGI humans done to that level of realism look incredibly fake once they're next to an actual real life human. The eye just doesn't buy it at a certain level of detail. Especially next to an actor. Thought Ashoka stuff was awesome. There were some of the best moments of any Star Wars
  15. Who's defending fake outrage?
  16. Bloody quoted myself instead of editing.
  17. You don't have to embody the moral themes of a form of entertainment to be a "true" fan of that entertainment. You sound as ridiculous as the toxic YouTubers you're complaining about. If that were the case to be a fan of black metal Id need to go gallivanting through the woods at night in corpse paint wearing a cape whilst invoking Satan, burn some churches to the ground and potentially murder my mate to be authentic to the spirit of the music. Ridiculous. You can be as die hard about the themes as much or as little as you like. What matters is if you like the art/product at the end of the day
  18. Because being angry isn't a valid emotion for a fan? Just because you don't like someone's behaviour doesn't mean they don't have as strong a connection to a thing (star wars) as anyone else. No matter how repugnant.
  19. Damn. You lot were all much more sensible than me. We were all stood out on the street around fire pits with the neighbors having drinks in the frost. It was nice but I should've just stuck to the one drink.
  20. Fuck me. I don't drink much these days, except for last night when I thought I could drink like I used to and I broke every rule I have around not mixing drinks. I drank Prosecco, red wine from a box, port, rum,red wine and whiskey. In that order. Now I feel like a ball bag.
  21. Nah, that's their first single. Children of the Porn.
  22. Not to shit on anyone's dreams or anything but it's going to be a turd. Bioware of today is not the bioware who made the old mass effects we love.
  23. I don't know I'm drunk. I don't even mean it. Why did they give the sarlac a beak in the special edition? It looked way better as a toothy anus in the sand.
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