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  1. How do you remember your password from 20 years ago?
  2. Punk became classic rock with age for the most part.
  3. I totally read teased as tazered. As in I thought some crazy lady tried to use a police/defense tazer on a bear. Can't imagine that ending well.
  4. I haven't been to the cinema since o saw Rise of Skywalker
  5. Shooting horse steroids into the junk. Yowza. Someone must've tried it already
  6. I played guitar since I was 12. Admittedly I practically never practice my scales or anything like that so I was never a shredder solo kind of guy. I like using a lot of open tunings and getting the sound like there are more than one guitar playing, or otherwise making a nice full sound. I really want to get a 12 string acoustic cause my dad always had one and I loved the sound. I haven't picked up the guitar for a while now, but it would only take a month or so of playing it to refamiliarise myself with it and get back to a fairly high level of competencey. I've been playing my son's uk
  7. You're going to take someone's entire political leaning and question their critical thinking based off of one off hand post? You're spoiling for a fight, innit. If you'd been around for longer than a few days to actually engage with people, Zathras in this case, you might find that their political stance is not the same today as it was in days gone by and that they may in fact hold all of the political nuance and thought of... I don't know... a fucking person who's lived a life? And not a one dimensional character for your condesention. Keep on edging there Mr Lord.
  8. You're a pube's width away from absolute victim blaming. That's why I felt the need to post that. What did they expect? Probably a relationship based on whatever niceties he professed to said women when he met them, and being that Manson is a performative art character and Brian Warner is the person, perhaps he led them to believe he was not an abusive rapist?
  9. Sounds pretty normal I think. Don't know how relevant it is, but at the start of the pandemic the people I work with had to change business model from bakery into bakery/farm shop/cafe/grocery/alcohol store to be able to legally stay open. It was a highly stressful and dynamic time where we all had to think on our toes and graft really hard to change things around and stay open and help people get their food and such and make a living at the same time. With PPE and social distancing and all that stuff to regulate as well. It was very stressful, but kind of fun. Now though, people are use
  10. It's shocking when you have the realisation that people may not be the people you believed them to be all along. I'm glad you have made repairs to your relationship with your father, but sorry you are going through this loss with your mother. It's shit, no two ways about it. But you've made the right call. Your family is your wife and kids and from what you have said here you have done right by them. Stay strong man, but talk whenever you need.
  11. Thing is though, he's not a monster. He's just a man. There are no such thing as monsters, just people and their shitty behaviour. Half the shit you listed, Shockey, was just performance art. And yeah you can argue how much of his true self is tied up in his persona but at the end of the day, if you're getting kinky with your partner and they want out or to stop, you do what they say. Being an edge lord goth "monster" doesn't justify or excuse rape. It doesn't matter about expectations, or whether or not you think these women were stupid for dating Manson, you just don't rape people
  12. Would you rather die by parachute not opening or trapped in a cave?
  13. I feel like politicians everywhere are super centrist. Like our left and right are still super middle of the road. Anything that begins to stray outside of the accepted boundaries of contemporary political discourse gets branded either communist or fascist and therefore immediately shut down and the status quo resumes. Or if someone tries to communicate an idea of governance that doesn't utilise the current systems or tries to dismantle/circumvent/change the way we do things they're branded a nut job or something. Sorry just rambling thoughts but had no idea where to put them.
  14. He's afraid of the distant twang of a banjo string in the forest at night.
  15. I saw Manson in the Mechanical Animals tour. Preeetty siiick show I must say. Think it was 99..maybe? Blew my 15 year old mind. Rammstein and Hole played the same festival. Think it went Hole, Rammstein, then Manson. Back to back 90s alt rock carnage.
  16. Totally. Manson is a coke n booze bloated sack of meat now, much like Johnny Depp. They've both attained that level of fame and drug addiction that has made them buy into their personas completely, that completely bat-shit level of disconnection from reality. Life imitating art imitating life and art n shit. It's kind of sad if they didn't make themselves so unlikable in the process.
  17. Man I hope so too. KOTOR and KOTOR2 with restored content are legitimately two of my favourite games of all time. Probably right up there with Fallout 2 and Skyrim.
  18. The drinking or the boning?
  19. Yeah for some reason when you said she was younger than you I was picturing someone in their early/mid 20s. Just my dirtbag imagination I guess.
  20. Yeah I bet you're loving the smooth framerates and lighting enhancements your rig can run.
  21. I'm looking forward to playing through this again. I never played with the same character/save the whole way through which I would definitely do this time round. I'm sure the remaster will not satisfy everyone but thats impossible these days. Was hoping to get a new GFX card before playing any next gen (current gen really I guess) games but with the stock shortages I have no idea when I'll be able to upgrade. So I'll probably get this before too long and spend my evenings in 1440p space opera time.
  22. My wife did that to me the first time we hooked up. She left before I woke up in the morning. It was awesome.
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