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  1. No One Will Save You! Interesting take on the home invasion type movie as this this time the intruders aren't human. There is also almost no dialogue in the entire movie, either, I think there are two lines total. Wait, no, there are other lines but you won't understand them LOL. I liked it, 8/10 for me!
  2. I just found out Claudia Black was one of the Nightsisters!
  3. CoLA

    Blue Beetle

    It's not bad but it is a very by the numbers super-hero movie. I'd still recommend it, worth seeing on streaming at least. The characters are likable and it was neat seeing Ted Kord's costume, even if it was just on display. Not much else to say about it, honestly.
  4. Failed certificate!
  5. These last two eps have been the best! Awesome choice getting the same actor for Thrawn, the voice really makes it. And that is seriously live action Ezra, it's amazing. I love those little turtle guys!
  6. Maybe it's like the Nexus in the Star Trek movies, where if you've been there once, a part of you is always there. So when Ahsoka was near death, she went back there until she revived.
  7. Yes! Let's get some Old Republic stories.
  8. CoLA


    Don't worry, someone will release a mod that lets you keep getting achievements at some point!
  9. I loved it! Granted, I've watched all of CW and Rebels, so this is all just gravy for me. Even though it was cloudy Clone Wars, it was still awesome to get a bit of it in live action. Hayden as Anakin was really good in this, probably better than all his scenes in AOTC and ROTS. And is this the first time we've seen Ahsoka without some type of headband? It was...odd. No wonder she always has one on!
  10. CoLA


    Isn't this on Gamepass? If so, I'm going to use my 3 month gift card I've been saving for this, it looks good!
  11. Spacehunter! For a movie with that title, one would think there be more...space in it? Maybe the space he's hunting is personal space since he's supposed to be a loner LOL. So this movie was super campy but really fun, I get the impression the cast had a blast making it. There's so much random stuff in this movie it feels like the writers were throwing in everything they could think of. The main guy's android with built in melting feature in case it gets "killed" (why LOL), the scavengers, Ernie Hudson's militia character, some weird blobby melted fat guys? I don't know what they were supposed to be. The mutant kids who seemed friendly until they started lobbing molotovs. A bunch of underwater amazon women and then some dragon lizard thing shows up. This scene also had my favorite exchange of the movie! Amazon: "Looks like a good breeding man." Amazon: "I bet breeding with us would kill him." Wolff: "I'll take that bet." The villain was great, too, even though he gets offed pretty easy. Dude was really hamming it up, his "I lied!" line was great. Overall, I liked it but I felt like it was more of a lighter Mad Max type movie than a space movie. This really could have just made this a post apocalyptic movie and left out the space parts since they weren't really relevant to the rest of the movie.
  12. I watched Eden Lake last night, OMG. That was an ending I did not see coming. Not a feel good movie at all!
  13. I'm hoping she doesn't die, I like her character.
  14. Episode 5 is showing in select theaters next week! My imagination is going wild right now, I'm hoping they'll do a flashback ep and manage to get Obi-Wan and Rex cameos so we get a bit of live action CW.
  15. Never heard of Yor! I'm pretty sure I have seen Beastmaster but I was little, so don't really remember it. I remember ferrets...it looks like there are three of them, too. And I have Time Rider on my list already!
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