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  1. CoLA

    Black Adam

    Anyone see it? It was...okay? It's nice to see a more morally grey type of "hero" who has no compunction to doing away with enemies and it was funny to see the Justice Society trying to keep up with him and keep him from killing the bad guys while also fighting him. Although they didn't seem to care about him killing the main bad guy at the end LOL. And a neat after credit scene, too!
  2. CoLA


    So is Luthan a Jedi? Not sure if that was a lightsaber one of Saw's men took off of him. I guess it could just be one he collected but why would he just carry it around? And damn, he made those Imperials look like idiots LOL. Han could learn a thing or two from him.
  3. CoLA


    I still am! I'm wondering where they are going with Syril's arc, they still focus on him but he's not directly involved with anything anymore except when he was answering questions.
  4. Not sure about the hype but I really want to see it after the great trailers they've put out!
  5. CoLA

    Clerks 3

    Darnit, never click on the spoilers! But they're still good scenes even if you're expecting them.
  6. Coming February!
  7. CoLA

    Clerks 3

    Has anyone seen? It was okay, I feel like the parts that were supposed to be funny fell flat. I did like that they got a lot of people from the first one back for this. But my favorite parts were
  8. CoLA

    Halloween Kills

    OMG, so HE was really bad. Like, really bad. I guess I won't give spoilers but I guess they were going for some kind of legacy thing here? I just don't know. And LOL at the marching band bullies beating up this dude in his 20s.
  9. CoLA

    Halloween Kills

    Was it worse than HK? That one turned me off the last in this trilogy being any good.
  10. CoLA


    I was not expecting him to just blast him like that. I knew he wasn't going to go along with it but I thought he would just decline. I guess he was just disgusted by the fact he even made up the story about his brother to sleaze his way in to the group. It looks like this will be Andor's Han Solo in ANH moment, I think Namik's manifesto is what will get him to fully join the rebelliion.
  11. CoLA


    OMG that opening was the best! That awkward motion from the other guy when she says "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry", that just made me laugh. More Daredevil! And the traveling between her show and another to talk with "Kevin". John Byrne must be loving this series.
  12. CoLA


    I like it, feels like the slow burn before all the action. My guess is this is why they released the first three all at once, having a whole month of slow episodes would be too much for the average viewer.
  13. Did I really get to see Man-Thing burn up people in live action? And it was awesome?! This was really good, told a cool story in old horror movie style and and didn't overstay it's welcome. And Elsa was a badass! That scene where she arrows the guy through the throat and keeps him quiet while he dies when the other hunter is looking for her was stone cold. Kind of bummed she did not have the red hair, I thought she looked a lot like Jessica Jones with the brunette look.
  14. CoLA


    I hope a future She-Hulk and Deadpool interaction has one of them break the 4th wall and the other one has a "Wait, you see them, too?" moment. This episode was all I wanted from the DD appearance! I loved the chemistry between the two characters, they work so well together. It's funny how Matt can just walk around in broad daylight as DD since he's on the other side of the country and no one there has probably even heard of him.
  15. CoLA

    Deadpool 3

    One more time, Hugh! So will this mean he is officially part of the MCU?
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