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  1. CoLA


    Yeah, I thought the same. Looks like a fun show but the CGI for her is not great in this trailer. Weird because it looks fine for Hulk!
  2. I have seen Freaky, also much better than I thought it would be! Trailer for HDD2 looks really good, too, probably going to watch it this weekend.
  3. The last episode of Discovery S3 had this scene where there was a fight in the elevator between decks and the amount of empty space on the ship was ridiculous! Like, I know the ship was retrofitted for 32nd century tech but the ship itself is still the same size. How much of that space is needed?
  4. Just watched Happy Death Day this weekend! More of a comedy than a horror but I recommend it! It was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. It's basically Groundhog Day meets Scream as the premise.
  5. I've been to Ireland and the ROI! I'd like to go back so I can visit Derry, I guess I just want to go since I love the Derry Girls show.
  6. I think that's one of the things I don't like about Discovery, they don't let you get to know the side characters. Like the two helmsman (helmswomen?), I barely remember their names half the time. And after watching three seasons, I still don't know much about them.
  7. I liked it but it really has some required viewing before going in...WandaVision, No Way Home and maybe some What If to get what's up and who everyone is. I'm surprised they did not get . That Illuminati fight was pretty brutal!
  8. Yikes, that's some Salem witchcraft defense there! "So we're going to lower you into the lake, if you drown we'll know you're not a witch."
  9. Sooooo, just necroing this thread...what did everyone think of the trailer?
  10. It doesn't but compared to a movie it's a lot more than what we would get, 6 hours vs 2 or 3. I love that we're going to see how that animosity Owen had towards Obi-Wan came about. And has Kenobi's time on Tatooine "uncivilized" him? Using a blaster, for shame!
  11. CoLA

    Moon Knight

    I was waiting for that credits scene! I knew that character had to make an appearance before it was done. Overall I enjoyed it even though I would have liked a bit more MK action. I agree the god battle was a little silly but I liked Layla's Wonder Woman moment.
  12. CoLA


    Really is one of the best "super-hero" shows ever, I never got tired of it. Really liked the ending, too, I feel like the three seasons were just enough without overstaying it's welcome.
  13. He was good in the Big Hit, at least!
  14. Just saw this over the weekend! So it was not very good, Holland was okay as Drake but he seems more like teenage Nate at the beginning of Uncharted 3 than the adult version. And then there was Wahlberg, who was awful as Sully. At least they managed to give him the mustache at the end. :P It borrowed a bit from U3 (plane scene) and 4 (pirate ships), with a bit of 1 (helicopter bit). Guess they are saving Elena for a sequel if there is one. Actress playing Chloe was okay but she didn't do much other than tag along and then was gone for the third act. Some decent action scenes but overall p
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