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  1. CoLA


    Maaaaybe...not? https://www.empireonline.com/tv/news/willow-series-isnt-cancelled-volume-2-planned-jon-kasdan/
  2. I did not know that was him until the credits! Soon as I saw the name I realized it was him. So, one thing I thought was weird. The bird thing took the kid and Bo followed it back to the nest. Why did it wait an entire day to barf him up? Conveniently moments after they arrived. :P
  3. That blood sucking droid thing was one of the most disturbing things I've seen in SW! There was just something really creepy about it.
  4. CoLA

    The Bad Batch

    The Crosshair episodes have been the best ones!
  5. CoLA

    Diablo IV

    I remember that Diablo Immortal reveal 5 years back, ooph! What a misstep that was.
  6. Definitely an Ahsoka teaser! Probably starting to throw them in there now for the viewers who didn't watch Rebels.
  7. CoLA


    "It's about time we finally had a Predator movie that takes place in modern day, especially since we've known since P2 they've been coming to Earth for centuries." I think I meant to say one that doesn't take place during modern days...
  8. Blue gunslinger was Cad Bane from the Clone Wars series!
  9. You know what, to heck with a Boba show! Get Morrison to play an older Captain Rex in a series, we know he was around for ROTJ. Chances are he's still kicking around 5 years later.
  10. CoLA


    "In order to better understand my human companions, I decided to add to my waistline in an attempt to emulate growing older."
  11. CoLA


    I liked it, and agree with the kid being Picard's. They made that too obvious. We're definitely going to find out why Crusher is the way she is now since they mentioned killing someone in cold blood is not like her at all. I see Brent Spiner is in it at some point, what member of the Soong family will he be playing this time LOL.
  12. So I ended up going and really enjoyed it! Never listen to the critics. Audience score on RT is very positive anyway LOL. Majors as Kang was awesome, I hope that
  13. CoLA


    I hadn't watched any trailers for this until now but this looks so good! And I have to say the cast has all aged really well.
  14. Ooph, this movie is not getting good reviews! I'm not sure I'll go to the theater for this, might just wait for D+. Then again, I haven't been going to the movies much these days, I didn't see Wakanda Forever in the theater even though I really wanted to see it.
  15. As someone who hated the Snyderverse movies, I'll admit I'm hyped!
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