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  1. And he's only stepping down as leader, he's still staying until at least 2027 LOL. What is it with some of these people staying in office until they're almost dead? And actually dead, in at least one case.
  2. I guess I feel good that my new thread generated a lot of traffic! Rather light on discussion but I'll take what I can get.
  3. So are the view numbers for threads accurate? I ask because I started a thread in the Superheroes section, Echo, and it has over 8K views already. Are multiple users going in and out of it frequently or what? There are threads here that are months old and only have a few hundred views.
  4. Beverly Hills Cop! So I've never seen any of these and there is a new one coming out this summer, so I figured I would check the original ones out. First one is good! Murphy is pretty funny throughout, in fact you can't help but like him. One thing I really like about his character is he is always looking to be friends with the other cops, even when they are giving him crap. To him, they should all be buddies since they're fellow police officers. All in all, it's a pretty standard cop movie. Friend of cop is killed, cop breaks the rules to find and take the villains down. It's fun to see the trope of the rogue cop who the captain acknowledges is a good cop but is always screwing up. Oh, and this time is the last time, for reals! Next time it's your job! But probably not. There's a scene at the beginning that's pretty touching but I feel like it would be viewed a different way today. When Axel and his buddy are hanging out after not seeing each other for a long time, Axel asks why he came back and his friend is like "Because I love you, man" and there's a bit of a quiet moment between them. In the context, it's just two childhood buddies having a moment where they acknowledge they enjoy each other's company but I feel like today there would be the "What's this woke crap, oh are they insinuating some homosexuality in this movie?!" Which brings up, this movie had no love interest! There's just another of Axel's childhood friends but there is no romance there, just friendly bickering. I found that interesting since it's a fairly common thing for these types of movies. There is also a brief appearance from a young Damon Wayans, always nice to spot an actor before they became more well known.
  5. CoLA


    Watched this on Disney+ over the last few days, it's only 5 episodes so it's a quick watch. I thought it was okay, mostly just dealing with the fallout for that character after the events of the Hawkeye series. It did bring Kingpin back, so that was a plus! Also, I kept wondering if this ties a bit into the Kahorri episode in the What If series. The symbols that she would see reminded me of them, although her heritage would have been a different tribe.
  6. CoLA

    The Bad Batch

    So what would be in the tanks or whatever they were showing Palpatine? Jedi bodies or clones, maybe?! Hey, maybe this is how Ventress comes back, she's a clone!
  7. Mine is going to be 5 years old in a few months, so I'm starting to think about this, too. I built this one but now I'm too lazy to put another together LOL, I just want to unbox and log in.
  8. No but I have Samurai Cop queued up on my Plex server to check out one of these days! I watched May this weekend. Not exactly old but not new, either. Kind of a weird movie about a very socially awkward woman who likes people for parts (not their whole) and becomes obsessed with a man for his perfect hands. I recognize the guy from the Clueless movie. Anyway, things get pretty weird as he ghosts her since she's very strange. While making out, she bites him and then smears some of his blood on herself, so I don't blame the guy for cutting out LOL. Anyways, she ends up going on a bit of a killing spree later but makes a new friend in the process!
  9. But he survived to do a concert for the wildlife!
  10. Someday he'll have the honor of being The Guy Formerly Known as Taylor's Boyfriend, at least going by her dating history.
  11. AH had one scene I thought was funny, the "What's all this laying around?!" and then he storms out as if everyone is going to leave with him but they all just lay there, leaving him to shuffle back in LOL. It did have a really cute Karen Allen! I will say movies from this time are kind of funny because of how inappropriate some of the humor is. Like, in one scene Murray says "This is the 14 year old cabin, they have the equipment but none of the experience. And they better not get any from you guys...at least not this year".
  12. So I watched Meatballs last night, I don't know if this is generally seen as a great 70s comedy but it was very...subpar to me? Like there weren't any scenes that got a real laugh out of me, the humor was all too silly slapstick stuff that later Bill Murray movies did better, like Caddyshack or Stripes. It almost feels like it was made for kids except for the abundance of sex jokes. I had the same impression when I watched Animal House, I heard it was really funny but I struggled to laugh at anything in it.
  13. The two genuinely cute nerdy girls are Jordan from Real Genius and Ellie from My Science Project!
  14. That interaction with the three of them made me realize what we missed out on, a good DC movie universe! Just imagine, if it had been successful, we could be building up to a Marvel/DC movie crossover by now.
  15. They can't use Neil's America, it's all about immigrants coming here from all over. It would probably offend too many conservative types LOL.
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