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  1. But going hunting for trophies, shooting elephants and lions for sport...that kind of thing I can't explain. That's some small dick energy right there.
  2. Depends on what you mean by hunting I guess. There is a difference between luring an animal into a dead end with foods and treats while you hide with an AR-15 or M60 and turn it to paste, and tracking an elk or deer with a bolt action rifle or crossbow. The people who fall in the latter category I think hunt to feel human again. What I mean by that is hunting can make you feel part of the food chain again, in a natural kind of order. Not all people relish the killing of animals, but it's the tracking of said animal and following it through woodland and over hills and into valleys before m
  3. Must be good if you're willing to forgo a nut for it! Googled jambalaya and it definitely looks nut sacrifice worthy
  4. Also to the Cat-Mums of nightly, you're all pretty great yourselves. Big ups all round.
  5. I know I know but in the UK it is. So here's a shout-out to the mums of nightly.net Good on you lot! You're doing great and well done on being the mums that you are! Keep it up. Woop woop. Peace x
  6. Yeah I mean shitty as in not healthy, what I would consider junk food. Not that they aren't delicious or quality. Although hotdogs generally are shitty, some more than others depending on the sausage meat to processing ratio. If you mean shitty as in microwave meals, ham in a can, Oreos and confectionery I generally don't eat any of that. With the exception of chocolate every now and again. But burgers and cheese steaks can definitely be shitty in the way you mean depending on the quality of ingredients.
  7. I love shitty American food. Like I love a hotdog or a Philly cheese steak. And you can't go wrong with an American style burger... But I also love foods of other ethnic origin. I love food really. Not much I won't eat, unless it's full of pesticides and shit. North African, and middle Eastern foods are my jam. Syrian food is off the hook especially for slow roasted meats like lamb. Nom nom. Not many places where I live to get such cuisine so usually my wife and I will attempt to cook those foods following recepies, which are most likely going to be highly Anglicised versions. I would have lov
  8. Fuck yeah. I googled the town in Colorado you're moving to, Hobbes, and it looks fantastic.
  9. You could meditate on the pain and become a sith lord? Sorry
  10. Shit Icy, sorry to hear you are in so much pain and are bed ridden. Not sure what I could suggest that is of help. But I agree with Fozzie in the main. If you can learn anything whilst in the position you are it would go a long way to alleviate feelings of uselessness. Watch a lot of documentaries? Beyond that, if I were in your position id probably getting as existential as I could. Practice meditation. Anything to attempt to transcend the physical confinementI. I'd be attempting to practice astral projection, which could be easier or harder than normal depending on the meds
  11. Is that a stick insect in the top photo? If so awesome. My kid watches this TV show that has a stick insect song. Gotta admit it's a banger.
  12. Love your spelling of Nigel. Turning the everyman (cat) into a sci fi elf hero feline. Though he's looking a little bummed out in that photo
  13. Lol. Totally never new of the existence of those films. I'm not sure if my life is better or worse for it??
  14. Dude every second note is a pinch harmonic. Hilarious
  15. Yeah man that sounds cool. Back in the 1990s when computer games would come in a box and with a book I would pour over the contents that would come with early blizzard games like Diablo and Warcraft. I would spend as much time reading the beastiary and lorebook, staring at drawings, as I would playing the game.
  16. I mean...how could you take someone (supposedly an adult) doing that seriously at all, let alone be bothered by it really? It's hilarious because it's so absurdly juvenile it's self parody. "I got nothing left, I'm gonna draw a dick on your face". Like fuck. Seriously? Jeeeezus
  17. I dunno, "flower" is pretty bad. Lols.
  18. Also me too. I liked her, but she could still be a c-bomb.
  19. Pretty sure I've never seen Krawlie and Mathison in the same thread at the same time
  20. Lol. Funnily enough I called Amanda a cunt after she was acting atrociously to people including myself in the lyceum, but I promptly edited it out once my seething had subsided. I think I toned it down and called her an arsehole instead. That being said the c-bomb isn't as bad a word here as it is in your land. I mean it's still bad, but it's not as severe here.
  21. He's a big boy. He knows you can't call someone a cunt without repercussions
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