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  1. I guess I need to be more precise in my wording particuarly in conversations like the one in that thread. Sure did go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye.
  2. See my above explanations for clarification. I gotta say, I'm a little exasperated. It's not the first time you've taken me completely the wrong way. But others here seem get me just fine, which is what I kind of expect being that I've posted here consistently for over five consecutive years, and have been banging around here on and off since I was 15 or 16 (admittedly under different user names). Perhaps it's an error on my part, or my writing isn't clear.. But I seem to trigger you rather easily. Admittedly I do take the piss (poke fun, tease) out of people occasionally here (like
  3. Also, I was talking about single mothers of young kids like under 10. Kids get old enough to understand things at a point. I didn't mean to depress you Tank, I'd totally date you.
  4. That's pretty much the gist of it. Destiny also got my meaning. I meant no slight to single mothers at all, but being a parent myself I know that time is extremely limited and valuable. If you're a douche that just wants to bang don't go target a single mother who is going to have ZERO time for fuckwits. Unless said single mother makes it overtly clear she just wants a fling. Of course single mothers deserve romance and love, or a fling, but if you're going to get involved with someone who has kids the dynamics of a dating situation has serious implications (that Z probably didn't t
  5. Everyone pretty much said everything I would've. But I'll add this. Don't try get involved with a single mother. It's really really really really not a good idea. (I mean there are caveats to this statement, obviously, but as a rule of thumb it stands). There isnt really a way to explain this without sounding super patronising either. If you don't have kids you won't get it. And you won't till you have them. Just know that if someone has kids in their life you are going to be the absolute last thing on their list of priorities unless you are truly truly special to said person...which you're
  6. Odine

    How come?

    All fixed, thanks Fozz
  7. Valentine's Day is a load of shit, I wouldn't get flowers unless it's something you would naturally do if you were going on a date not on valentine's day. If compelled to do the flower thing, go to a florist and just pick something you like. There are loads of lovely flowers that aren't roses if you don't want to come off too overt. Peonies are awesome but a little expensive, but I would think they are more universaly appreciated than roses since they don't have any overt romantic symbolism and yet are very beautiful.
  8. War Pig! Fucking sick!
  9. Do you not just want to do a burnout every time you get it and peel off down the street like a maniac? Cause it must be so tempting
  10. Id say it pretty much never is.
  11. Odine

    How come?

    I've had the same problem. I only get "someone liked your post" notifications but not who.
  12. MMA fighter turned actor says some dumb shit online, repeatedly. People surprised and angry.
  13. On my actual 7th birthday I think it was Band Aid- Do they Know it's Christmas?
  14. There were always rumours circulating about Manson back in the day, from the ridiculous (removing a rib so he could auto-felate) to the plausible (abuse allegations). Given that I find it surprising that it's taken until 2020/21 for people to take to social media with claims against the guy. But in truth, who knows what's really gone down? And does it matter what really went down when the court of public opinion has already made up it's mind? For what it's worth Dita Von Teese (Manson's ex wife and partner of seven years) said allegations against him do not match her own experiences
  15. Manson put out a statement saying all of the claims are a distortion of the past and all his sexual partners and proclivities were consensual. But of course he would say that. Fame fucks people up. Just look at Johnny Depp. Add into it Manson was a pretty complicated dude in the beginning anyways, took A LOT of cocaine and who knows what else..it's a recepie for disaster really. As for whether you should listen to his stuff anymore.. well that's up to you. Most of the world's art and music is made by horrific people with all kinds of abhorrent beliefs and behaviours. Admiration and
  16. Odine

    Cobra Kai

    Okay so season 3 has been waaay better than season 2. Got 2 more episodes to go but I'm looking forward to the showdown
  17. Dude you have no idea. There is a sight called loverslab that adds scripts and framework to the games so you can bone other characters and have it animated. Want to go hooking in the wasteland and bone super mutants? Totally possible. Gamers never cease to amaze. But to be fair they have some great mods on that site too, for immersion purposes. Ahem. If you plan on modding fallout 4 heavily I would recommend following a guide. As you generally need to add stability patches and bug fixes and the like before adding mods. Take your time and read ALL the directions mod authors put on t
  18. Also, not calling you an idiot, Tank. Rather meaning modding process can be tricky if you're new to it but Vortex makes it all very easy.
  19. Nexusmods.com and use vortex as a mod manager. It's idiot proof.
  20. Odine

    Cobra Kai

    I'm only at the start of season 3 so skipped over some of the comments in this page of the thread. I liked season 01. Season 02 was a bit of a chore to get through to be honest, mostly due to the repetitive nature of the episodes and the unrelenting cheese. Hoping season 03 gets better but the things that I don't like about it seem to be increasing in intensity with each season. Namely the cringey cheese. I just can't deal with some of it. Don't get me wrong, I like some cheese, and I know this is intentionally nudge nudge wink wink cheesy and knowing..but on top of that self awa
  21. Yeah but some shit is just so unrealistic it breaks my suspension of disbelief. Illogical manoeuvres in cinematic depictions of melee combat pisses me off, cause I don't believe certain characters would do certain things because they are supposed to have a fundamental knowledge in combat/tactics. This applies to flips, spins, letting guards down, exposing a flank etc.. It's not about historical accuracy or even adhering to convention. It's about believeability and shit being stupid or not.
  22. The Force Theme (the one Choc mentions) always gets the goosebumps going. And the Leia/love theme is beautiful yes. Also, I don't know what it's called..a guess it's the Emperor's/Sith theme really gives me chills in a good way. Particularly in ROTJ. Love that song, super otherworldly and mysterious. Love it. Otherwise in TFA when they go to Maz's cantina there is a sick Alien reggae band playing and the baseline legitimately slaps. I like that tune a lot. The theme to the Maul/Obi/Quigon fight is pretty special. Of course I like the imperial march but it's overplayed.
  23. 3 days a week, focus on compound lifts. Bench press, Squats and Deadlifts. Do 3 (or 4 including warm up) sets of each exercise. Go light to start with, maybe even just the bar if necessary. Add 10lb or so at the beginning of each week. Or every second week as and when you feel a bit stronger. Do band assisted pull-ups. You'll build strength back in no time. Leave the ego at the door and just get it done.
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