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  1. Also the Royale Family Christmas special. You gotta understand Liverpool to get that show though.
  2. The Pogues Fairytale of New York has to be my fav Christmas song. Cliche as it may be. I saw them play their Xmas show in Belfast in 2013 and it was the best time ever! Fuckin crazy Irish. What a good time. Least favourite Christmas songs are the Mariah Carey renditions of things. Favourite Christmas movie Bad Santa and Home Alone.
  3. I mean, I would. But I don't have enough time or will to get through all the extended family zoom/Skype/facetimes that I am obligated to partake in over the festive period, let alone summon the strength to get on a zoom call with you lot. Love you all though I do. I feel exhausted and it's not even Christmas Eve.
  4. Just remembered I have a customer called Hugh Johnson. Not sure that name is unfortunate as much as it may be false advertising.
  5. Ahh jeez. Sorry man! Hoping you have a speedy recovery and a mild version of the virus.
  6. Again, I made an assumption that because this was a topic open for discussion in a casual thread in a message board that any anxiety around the issue was not significantly acute/severe. Like I said, people claim * anxiety* around all sorts of things these days. I've had coworkers claim dishes and washing up causes them anxiety and therefore they should be exempt. So forgive my cavaliere approach. Were this an easier to read scenario, such as face to face I would have been far more accomodating. I should clarify that I don't believe I was dismissive of your anxiety, just that the cause of
  7. Look, I think you entirely missed the spirit in which I posted that. I am terribly sorry if I trivialised your anxiety which was not my intent. I was simply trying to re assure you that you are not alone. It is hard to grasp the gravity of someone's struggle or thoughts they casually put forth on a message board. So don't get pissy when someone unqualified responds to your thoughts in a manner you find insensitive when you put it all out there casually for unqualified people to respond to. I personally think fear of death is utterly pointless as it is a concept life forced me to reconsile
  8. EDIT: This was mostly in response to Hobbes post but also Spider Man but I also thought they were one-in the same in this thread. So I guess my post is just directed at anyone who finds it relevant. END EDIT First of all, you're only 41 and are therefore primed for the beginning of the ol Midlife crisis. So pretty sure these thoughts are super normal for a geezer of your age. Secondly, you were born and raised in a society and a cultural system that venerates youth and equates youthfulness with beauty, vitality and worth. It also happens to be absolute bullshit. We lock our elders aw
  9. I have so many feelings about pornhub and porn in general that it's hard to contain what I would want to say but it's difficult cause it would just wind up being a tirade which I don't have time to get into or the inclination. Generally speaking I think PornHub is fucking disgusting, and ABSOLUTELY YES there should be mandatory age verification for all porn sites.
  10. Titcome or Titcum is pretty bad. But kind of silly. I went to a school with a guy called Richard Pain..(Dick Pain) poor fucker never lived that down. And another guy who's last name was Thrush.. he didn't get very far without being mercilessly savaged by the other students. But I feel as though first name/second name combos are invalid here. Raper is for sure the worst.
  11. Is it primarily the climate and darkness of winter that people don't like about Alaska? Cause I went to Tromsø in the very north of Norway, which is in the Arctic circle and during winter there is only about 2 hours of civil twilight and the rest is darkness. But people are super happy and love the winter months, fully embracing the reality that the environment brings. The coziness of being inside but also the extremity of the environment outside. Skiing, ice fishing, skating, climbing all that stuff. Do people in Alaska not have a similar attitude to surviving the winters there?
  12. Sorry about the excessive profanity earlier, I know many of you don't care for it and some things were hyperbolic but people really got to me yesterday.
  13. Testy though. Was just making conversation. The only thing I know about Alaska is the existence of the dog breed, you got bears, an Ice Hockey team and Sarah Palin.
  14. How common are Malamutes in Alaska?
  15. I still get people coming into the shop unapologetically not wearing a mask. I don't give a fuck if you don't believe in the efficacy of masks, I don't give a fuck if you catch covid and die, I don't give a fuck if you think it's the beginnings of governmental fascist implementation, just put your fucking mask on inside for two minutes and don't be a thoughtless cunt. I don't give a fuck if you have athsma, you CAN breathe in a mask, especially for a minute or two in a confined interior space. Why do you feel as though you are exempt from social conventions? We LIVE IN A SOCIETY. It literally
  16. Think you missed the *cottaging* refrence
  17. This thread has done better than I ever imagined. Tank wants to be a lumberjack and cottage in the woods. Sounds delightfully British.
  18. Go on then, if you have time I'd like to hear what makes San Diego great!
  19. Thanks for the detailed answer! I like! Was the town originally called Berlin because the mason settlers were originally German? Or was it one dude who called it Berlin cause he was German? I've heard of Grand Rapids before, probably because I've seen a film set there or something. Is Ann Arbor fairly close to you? I know Iggy Pop grew up there so that's pretty sweet. Michigan sounds pretty cool, cept for the Trumpers but hey ho. Is it part of the "Rust Belt" as it's called, or is it just Detroit in the Rust Belt? Regardless, it looks like a pretty part of the world.
  20. Cause why not? Pretty sure I know your genders but throw them in anyway if you want. Mostly I'm interested in where you call home and the things about where you live that you like or dislike. I'm 36, male obviously and live in a town called Frome in Somerset, England. Frome was a textiles town from the mideaval period onwards, mostly wool, weaving and dying fabrics using a plant called woad which makes an indigo colour. It's built on a river in a valley, which lends a topographic variety which I find really pleasing visually. Particularly in winter months when the fog settles in an
  21. Well, his soil will be better off and he can grow a wild meadow.
  22. Irony is, if the guy just let the leaves fall and stay on his grass they decompose and make excellent compost, promoting biodiversity and therby improving the health of the soil. His grass would grow better if he didn't blow all the leaves away.
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