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  1. Ahh nuts. I was looking forward to another middle aged PC gamer to join the ranks
  2. Also depending on your relationship with alcohol I'd go to a pub. There are some pretty old ones in Soho/Trafalgar Square area and it's socially acceptable to drink from about 10.30am onwards in the UK. I used to frequent The French House, The Toucan, the John Snow, and the Red Lion. All around Soho/Piccadilly/carnaby st. You might see some famous faces around there sometimes as it's near alot of film production and post production houses and still close to any tube station that can link you back to Heathrow. I've not used the new Elizabeth line but I hear it's quick. Before that it takes about 40-45 mins on the Piccadilly to get to and from Heathrow to the center of London
  3. There is nothing really around Heathrow of any interest, but Id take a tube into Piccadilly Circus and boom your in the center of London, a short walk to Trafalgar square, national gallery all that stuff. Plenty of places to grab some food around there. 19 hours is enough time to see a few sights but not a heck of a lot
  4. Sopranos was legit amazing, hard disagree about sons of anarchy though
  5. I only watched S01 and it was (and still is) one of the greatest bits of television ever. Its better than the Wire. Watched an episode of S02 and saw they done fucked it up. Never watched another till this Night Country season. I liked the first episode, and the atmosphere of the whole season. But I felt like the plot was just treading water the whole time and literally nothing happend until the final episode where everything happens and they shat the bed so to speak.
  6. What a narrative cluster fuck. Seriously, I watched this with my wife and we were laughing at the end at how bad it was. It felt like it was written by kids who are doing imaginative role play and making it up as they go along...("but then this happens" "nah but I had a secret weapon and that protects me plus one" etc..) Jodie Foster has some acting chops, but neither her skill or the nice cinematography can save this dumpster self-immolation
  7. Are you wanting to build it or buy a premade rig?
  8. Unfortunately those references are lost on me
  9. Probably already listed but the supermodel hot looking nerdgirl/scientist/forensics clerk who has no idea she looks like a supermodel and is socially.... I wanna say the R word but I can't use it.. so *awkward* will have to do
  10. I reckon Jimi Hendrix did the definitive version of the Star Spangled Banner. That should be the anthem, complete with screaming feedback, divebombs et al
  11. Oh I forgot, whenever there is a hurricane in Florida or some crazy category 5 disaster I usually get on the'Tube and find some storm chaser like accounts. (Sometimes periscope is better for that, maybe I'll try twitch). Other people's misery as entertainment and all that...well, it's more being witness to crazy weather phenomenons that I like. I don't like watching real war videos or streams. That's kind of fucked. Twisters and hurricanes are ok though.
  12. Gaming wise, I watch AngryJoe (sometimes for the lolz but hes pretty obnoxious) RPG Division CohhCarnage Apollo Speaks (for VTM lore and such) LegacyKilla (awful name) for gaming news and general industry gossip. For TTRPG actual plays I watch Roll4It specifically their VTM series with the PodByNight crew. RedMoonRoleplaying Other stuff.. Jays2Cents for computer building stuff. MorePlatesMoreDates for nerdy breakdowns of performance enhancing drugs, physical and hormonal health, weightlifting stuff and the odd Trenbolone horror story. But I'll admit most the stuff I watch on YouTube is trash. I watch lots of live music as well. Mostly metal bands, but a lot of other guitar based stuff really. KPXP is great for studio quality sound, mostly rock/psych/indie/punk on their channel.
  13. That template comes from gaming, and it's usually used to measue the power of a class build in RPGs. The colours are for effectiveness, the more powerful the more hot the colour, and everything in the red is the best cause it smokes everything else. I mean, it also places S tier above A tier cause S is for Sigma, bro. Colour is the least annoying thing about these ranking boards
  14. Outdoors is fine, and I'm aware I'm pedantic
  15. Hygene for one. When it comes to cainines they will almost without fail spend the time staring at the people eating trying to beg for food, sitting under your feet or generally try to somehow leverage themselves up the pecking order. And in public spaces there is always a dog or too that either whines yelps or barks at the other dogs while your just trying to eat or work without nuisance. Also, as a staff member I am always on high alert checking to make sure all the dogs are well behaved as we have young kids everywhere, and I shouldn't have to do that shit. But the other week a guy had his hands severely bitten by his own dogs and I had to deal with that too. They're just an added complication in hospitality that shouldn't be an expectation. In my view they belong outside, or inside in their own homes. Not in coffee shops/eateries. Having said that, I quite like a pub dog which seems like a weird distinction to make, but dogs are way less of a problem for some reason with people just drinking. Obviously depending on the dog. But there is also way less toddlers running around in pubs, and much fewer dogs in pubs too. But in the cafe I work at, there can be as many as 5 or 6 different dogs kicking about at any given time and it can be a nuisance
  16. My wife loves watching Scandinavian murder mystery thriller dramas. They all seem to have the same tropes which tickles me and she laughs about: A divorced, hard drinking, living in semi-squalor, senior detective who's addicted to the job but also absolutely brilliant, solving a series of grisly murders of beautiful women in a remote frontier town in rural Scandinavia with huge forests, mountains, snow, and sleek modern Volvo's. A ridiculously good looking female boss with high cheekbones, an amazing house with a bangin' kitchen island. (It will be used for banging on at least once in the show). Every interior has impeccable modern interior design. There is always an affair or illicit sexual relationship. The murderer is almost never the creepy weird guy with the psychological issues in the town the show tries to set up as the red herring. The show is always shot low saturation with a blue/grey/green colour grade to emphasize COLD and alpine. Sometimes she watches french versions of these shows. In this case switch out modern interior design with cozy homes with lots of bottles of wine, food and eclectic tastes in furniture. The protagonist smokes. There are more cobbled side roads and old 1970s and 80s Renault cars and Citroen painter vans parked on the set. Slightly less alpine and mountainous but there's way more sex. Otherwise it's the same show.
  17. I like dogs. I like most animals and pets. I don't have a dog, cause currently I can't be fucked with another 4 year old. Trouble is most people are selfish arseholes and this translates into dog ownership as well as parenting and bad behaviour in public. The number of times people try convince me their dog is 'a good boy' whilst he's barking in the shop while other people are trying to eat. If I owned the place I'd have a flat no dogs inside rule. I can't abide four legged friends in a place where humans eat. If I were to get a dog it'd probably be a lurcher. Greyhound crossbreed with something else, preferably shaggy..they go fast as fuck for an hour then chill on the sofa/dogbed, and generally dont bark. That's my kinda pooch.
  18. Currently reading The Winter King by Bernard Cornwall and it's bloody brilliant.
  19. Consumerism reinforced through predatory social media platforms. Working like a charm
  20. From an outside perspective, Biden seems like Satan in a Sunday hat. Albeit Satan with neurodegenerative disease. And an absolute warhawk. Not to be trusted with the keys. Trump seems like a political opportunist with zero scruples and zero actual values so he'll do whatever it takes to win. But potentially might be less of a warhawk as it seems he wants more of an isolationist policy, which if I'm honest, seems like it's better for the rest of the world if the US kept its beak out of everyone else's business. Neither of them can string a coherent sentence together. Better the devil you know?
  21. I don't understand freedom units, but it's pretty chilly here. Only -2 though
  22. High-falootin elves and grumpy dwarves, muscular boneheads wielding gigantic swords
  23. Not to nit pick cause I largely agree but I'm going to pick some nits... I can get past the chainmail wearing Ubermensch warrior taking out scores of enemies single-handed, cause from what I've heard a well trained and seasoned mideaval warrior could be worth at least half a dozen regular men at arms, and a half dozen more untrained levies. But what I can't get past is how few men at arms wear actual fucking chainmail or armour in supposedly historical TV series. They're all in some crazy waffle knit leather patchwork stuff that looks ridiculous!
  24. Yep. Sliding on into middle age with my health, sanity? intact it seems. Also I've just realised it means I've been posting at nightly under various guises for... 23 years or so... crazy
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