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  1. Well the UK is going into lots of localized lockdowns now with outbreaks happening here and there but particularly in the North. I live in the South West which has had pretty low cases of the Rona. Although one of my co-workers tested positive so we all had to get tested too. Fortunately everyone else's came back negative. The whole thing is such a chore.
  2. Weird, I just uploaded them from my phone same as the others so there is no reason they shouldn't be visible unless maybe the file size was too big, but they were only around 1MB
  3. If anyone is interested in seeing more of my stuff, the easiest would be just to check my Instagram @arvidantonsen if you use it. My profile is on private at the minute because having a son and then the outbreak of covid has limited my painting time so I haven't been updating it very frequently. But it's got quite a bit of work on there if anyone is interested.
  4. Yeah man although Its weird to post it right after some of the artists I really look up to.. and my work doesn't have that many similarities to the more interesting guys. This painting I made a couple of years ago of my wife. And this is a little sketch from a while back of a MIG fighter pilot I made on aluminium board.
  5. Those are quite cool. I like the psychedelic nature to them. I want to bring more psychedelic and abstract elements to my own stuff
  6. And this painter Justin Mortimer does some really interesting stuff that is pretty topical. Sorry for image quality I'm posting from my phone. 
  7. Also really love the paintings of Phil Hale. He's done a lot of stuff for comic books as well as more traditional stuff, but this one in particular you nerds might like if you're unaware of him.
  8. Since I triggered myself and started taking things seriously here are some of my favourite paintings from some old and contemporary artists. The first is by an American/Russian guy I think called Alex Kanevsky. The second painting is by my teacher and mentor Luca Indraccolo, and the last is a famous painting by Solomon J Solomon called Ajax and Cassandra
  9. Lol. I know you're being glib, and it's your love of the painting that makes you say this..but since this is what I do I'm gonna bite and give an explanation . For a novice to get to the skill level to reproduce that painting accurately you're looking at 3-4 years (or a few more depending on the level of natural affinity for drawing) of drawing/painting classes. And by classes I mean drawing/painting from life, and casts, for 6-8 hours a day every day in an atelier based system of either the Italian or Russian tradition. If I could do it again, I would've gone through a more Russian aca
  10. Godspeed. Would now be a good time to watch The Postman starring Kevin Costner?
  11. If you need to carry a gun when you go outside to feel safe or free, I question the very concept of freedom and safety these people hold dear. I can understand gun ownership for hunting, home defense and these sort of things.. but if you need to be armed to go outside? Says a lot about the correlation between the illusion of safety and freedom.
  12. I hate to be the voice of reason in the room, cause I love stirring the pot and sprinkling in some zealotry.. but people need to stop viewing their other as scum because of differences in political views. None of us get the same news. Everything is catered to the individual user to reinforce their belief system and prejudices. Irrespective of political party lines, social politics etc. None of us are getting the same information, so to expect others to be able to draw what you might consider "rational" conclusions about the state of affairs is a lost cause. But don't hate your fellow human bec
  13. (this was in response to Icy's last post) I mean, that is the age we live in. Being a victim is something to aspire to.
  14. Odine


    We're kind of running low on content for star wars discussions huh
  15. I mean, I consider armed robbery a pretty fucked up thing to do
  16. 12 years is a pretty hefty bit of time. I mean, at least in the UK to get slapped with a sentence like that you've need to have done something quite bad or fucked up pretty majorly. I'm in agreement. Maybe you never saw the Facebook message cause you never check them. Alternatively if you wanted to feel the situation out you could buy a cheap old Nokia or secondary "burner" phone and a pre paid sim and give his girlfriend the number of that phone and not your real one if you wanted to speak to the guy. Get a sense of it. Otherwise if your gut is saying it's a bad idea to mee
  17. Oh yeah some more.. Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson 1999 - Prince The Usurper - Celtic Frost Road to nowhere - Talking Heads Let's Dance - Bowie I'm on Fire - Springsteen I feel love - Donna Summer
  18. Depends on the flavour of the 80s we're shooting for. If it's 80s goth/death-rock/post-punk it's gonna be way different than 80s pop/80s anthems. I listen to a lot of stuff from the 80s so if it's any music from the decade it could be a pretty weird playlist. Everything on Icy's list makes the cut. And if we are going fairly broad I'd add: Love Action- by the Human League Lullaby - the Cure Smalltown Boy- Bronski Beat Bigmouth Strikes Again- The Smiths Kinky Afro - Happy Mondays I wanna be adored - the Stone Roses Transmission -
  19. The strange thing is people use the term "socialist" as if it's an inherently bad thing. That's fucking bizarre to me. Like universal healthcare, education and housing for the entire population is somehow bad? What? Was ist das? I get that Capitalism in its pure definition is human nature. We should all be able to be rewarded for our labour. But capitalism and socialism are not mutually exclusive and socialist policies can really protect the people of a capitalist society from getting utterly trampled by the system, particularly if said person has slipped through the cracks. If the USA
  20. Haha what a gaint tit
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