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  1. Got a Honda Civic 4 door. Its got a weird curved dashboard, steering wheel block so it feels like being in a TIE fighter or something. At least that's what I pretend
  2. I'm gonna be THAT guy. It would have been the C5 vertebrae he broke not E5. Spine is divided into Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar regions. C5 is pretty middle of the neck. The little bump in the spine at the bottom of the neck you can feel and see in most people who are lean is C7 (incidentally it's a great landmark on the back for figuring proportions out when drawing a back pose). So two vertebrae above that is C5.
  3. I mean, I won't touch stuff around the water boiler. But if it's taking a pipe apart to clear a block or replace a tap that's fine. Just turn mains off and jobs a goodun I'm not handy in the sense that I'll let a problem go on for 6 weeks before I do anything about it. Often my wife is the first to get the spanner or the drill out lol. She's more handy than me to be fair.
  4. I'm pretty useless/unmotivated to do home repairs. That said we mostly do bits an pieces ourselves. I find plumbing is easy. For the most part. Sometimes need a second set of hands curtousy of my wife if replacing a mono block faucet or something. If it's an electrical problem we'll call someone. I'm not fucking with wiring. And if it's the boiler or gas well get a professional. If it's cosmetic we'll do it ourselves. Had to have a roofer over to repoint the chimney the other month.
  5. I pretty much always listen to albums the whole way through. Not necessarily in one sitting. But if I start an album, particularly if it's new, I'll pick up where I left off if i don't finish it in the one sitting.
  6. If I got free iPhones I'd totally do it. Just paying MSRP for the newest iPhone is a great way to fleece yourself.
  7. I think the only mildly annoying thing about Patagonia is that it's super on trend and you see hipsters in it all the time. But to be fair the design of Patagonia clothing seems to always be on point. They've got solid brand identity and they stick to it. I'd way rather rock a fleece from them than some north face polyester made on the cheap in a Bangladeshi factory. Patagonia are one of the first fashion (I use that term in the broadest sense, literally ALL clothes is fashion) brands to really try to be as sustainable/ethical as they can be given the limitations of technology, materials, text
  8. Afterthought... There is an element of primitive xcom style tactical combat to the Kotor pause system. If you manage your whole squad and level all your characters up to your own specific wants to how you play there is a lot of synergies there and ways to build a complementary squad. Fuck, I'm really looking forward to this game actually.
  9. Even the original still manages to feel action oriented. It's not turn based like Crpg games. You pause the action, issue various commands to your squad that queue up to 3 or 4 actions, then un pause and everything plays out. You can just go in swinging using a base standard attack but if you want to force lightening a fool it's better to pause time, target said fool, queue your lightening and un-pause. Yeah its dated but it still feels like an action game. Hopefully they make improvements to the combat since this is a complete remake of the game not a remaster. I'd assume combat to be
  10. You can play it without pausing. Just makes giving specific orders a little harder. It's basically the same combat system as the first mass effect. Where you can pause to issue orders or not.
  11. Think same combat and all. Probably with some modernization and quality of life changes, but still action-pause turn based.
  12. Came home to find my 2 year old son dancing to Christina Aguilera Genie in A Bottle in his nappy with over the knee tiger socks on. Lol. Love this dude.
  13. I didn't get sucked into the woodchipper yesterday so that was a bonus
  14. Temuera Morrison's combat facial expressions are enough to make me watch. I'm in. At least all these new star wars shows look amazing.
  15. Odine

    Best albums

    Ahh shit. This is fun. In no particular order just as they come to my head Pixies- Surfa Rosa Townes Van Zandt- Townes Van Zandt Nirvana - In Utero (Steve albini mix) Nirvana - Bleach Black Sabbath - Master of Reality The Stooges - everything up to and including Fun House. Iggy Pop - The Idiot The Chess Box - Bo Diddley Abbey Road - Beatles Marquee Moon - Television
  16. At the moment I cant get my kid to get to sleep till 8.30 or so and he's wide awake at 6am. So he's definitely not getting enough sleep. But then he naps for 2 or 2.5 hours in the middle of the day.
  17. Oh you meant from the impact to him, not the impact to you. Ok
  18. Is that typo? 7 hours sounds lovely!
  19. Is that typo? 7 hours sounds lovely!
  20. Don't know what month I joined but it was either 99 or 2000. I was 15 or 16. I'm 37 now. I didn't really come here for the majority of my 20s. I think curiosity bought me back in 2013 or something
  21. At least all your kids can go to sleep on their own. Last night I lay by the side of my kids cot to try and get him to sleep. Only I fell asleep at about 7.45 on the floor and woke up at 9.30pm and he was asleep, and my wife was in bed with the flu and assumed I went to play video games, which is what I wanted to do. Lol. My son starts nursery in a couple weeks when he turns two. I cant wait for a couple of days. So far the longest we've spent without him is about 8 hours when he went and stayed the night at my mother's. I love the guy more than anything on earth but fuck me I feel
  22. Fuck yeah. If this is on PC too I can't wait. Need me my 3070 now.
  23. From a certain point of view.. yeah for sure
  24. Yeah I would have loved to have seen Kylo find his final form. Oh well.
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