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  1. Finally finished it after 103 hours. What a marathon. Think I'll need a breather before playing it again but I'm definitely going to do another playthrough
  2. One of the coolest changes is armour stats will now be through body augs and clothing will have no stats so it's litterally just fashion. Can roll in a mankini and cowboy hat now and still have good armour stats
  3. Odine


    That's fair. Though I'll never understand what people care about those achievement popups for.
  4. Sick ride bruv. Gonna be hard not to feel like a badass every day driving round in that thing.
  5. Patch 2.0 is out, or coming out very soon and apparently fundamentally changes nearly all of the games systems to make it a true RPG as well as adding in dynamic police system, car chases and car combat plus a load of other things. If one was thinking about playing again or for the first time it's in the best state it's ever been in apparently. https://www.pcgamer.com/forget-phantom-liberty-cyberpunk-2077s-free-20-patch-is-a-staggering-upgrade-on-its-own/
  6. Odine


    If your on PC get SFSE and STARUI from nexusmods
  7. Yeah there is about 5-10 more hours of Act 1 game time once you find the goblin camp. Depending on how you tackle things. Also, the ogre guarding the door to the interior of the main camp has some of my favourite dialogue. Reminds me of a toddler
  8. To be fair since AI is coming for all our brain and creative jobs learning a physical trade is probs better for the future.
  9. Sounds likes you got a mean case of the burnouts. You should go on vacation and consume art instead of constantly creating it. So yeah eat snacks and watch movies. Just make the snacks healthy tasty ones too. Connect with nature and shit. Walk barefoot in a forest. Hug some redwoods. Get out of LA for a bit. Youll find your mojo again. Grind culture is toxic. Also I'm pretty sure mercury is in the Gatorade or something
  10. Odine


    I'm waiting on the mod community to fix a bunch of stuff and and some things and maybe a price drop before I commit. Still chugging through BG3 at the moment and I'm going to need to put distance between that and starfield before I play it. Because compared to BG3 it's not going to stack up for me. But since SFSE has been released the modding scene will go into overdrive in the coming months
  11. Even if you had a disk youd still need to download a massive chunk of the content. It's 120GB minimum storage
  12. Also I have only just started the third act after 80 or so hours of play. Absolutely love this game.
  13. It hasnt been released on console yet, it's coming
  14. lol. Dude for sure had Slave Leia bedsheets
  15. Who knew that selling off a beloved franchise to a massive corporation whose success is based around merchandising and constant iterations of product, would result in the accurate replication of surface level aesthetics and feel, but strip all soul and magic of said franchise? That's never happened before, surely. Zerimar. He knew, and he was right.
  16. I walked in on an Ogre and a Troll-like creature banging in a barn. Had to roll a charisma check to talk my way out of it and not get torn limb from limb
  17. It's the shirt off for me. You're not at the beach, put a f ing shirt on ya douche
  18. I mean, you can smash for sure, and the companions are all up for it, but it's not like the game starts and your boning. There are a bunch of reviews with people saying "I'm no prude....BUT" which to me is confirmation that the reviewer is in fact a prude. The sex is no more front and center than Game of Thrones, and so far in my 25 hours or so it's far less explicit than GoT. Even though you can choose what your penis or vulva looks like. To bush or not to bush.
  19. No hyperbole. 20 hours in, quite possibly the best game I've ever played. Ever. It's better than Skyrim. Better than GTAV. Better than Mass Effect. But it brings the best elements of all those games with the chess like tactical combat of XCOM. It fucking rules. It's got the cinematic story telling of mass effect, the lore and replay ability of Skyrim, and the writing chops and humour of GTA or RDR2. It's got the world building of Witcher 3 and cyberpunk. It's so good when I'm not playing it I almost think my real life is a waste of time when I could be playing BG3. It's like an old bioware RPG like Kotor or Dragon Age but on modern AAA budget, twenty times the size, where EVERY character (and there are thousands of them) including goblins, bears and dogs have their own unique voiced cinematic dialogue cut scenes, no matter how small the interaction. It's actually incredible. Believe the hype. Every glowing review you've read is true. Masterpiece. I hope you are all playing it, and if you're not you should. It's a landmark in gaming history. Five stars.
  20. Fuck don't get me started on road cyclists. So I live in small town rural England. With narrow windy 2 lane and single lane unmarked roads the norm. Traffic is usually pretty heavy considering how populated our town is, and there is always some god damned lycra clad fuckwit 40+ year old men in pelatons or solo riding in the middle of the fucking road. I get it. You're a road user too, and you have every right to ride your bike. But at least put some fucking effort into it and grind up those hills, or move to the side of the road. I don't wanna run you over, but damnit I gotta get my kid to/from kindi or I'll get fined 15 quid for being late. That said, I love riding bikes. Cycling enthusiasts can go do one though.
  21. Haha I mean, what are you going to do, NOT go on holiday to a tropical Island? Interestingly, Hawaii isn't actually a US state legally. I think Dole corporation just moved in there and kind of annexed the place without ever putting in legal legislation to make it part of the US. Technicaly it still isn't. This is according to some documentary I watched about native Hawaiians organising and protesting the current state of the place on netflix, so...obviously I haven't fact checked myself there. But pretty crazy if true and I can understand the beef. But shit, there is nothing white people like doing more than telling other white people off for doing something they deem to be culturally insensitive.
  22. PeeWee Herman always gave me the creeps. The clown scene in the operating theatre gave me nightmares for years
  23. It wasn't the queer/non binary stuff that I was talking about. Most rational gamers were actually cool with that. There was a lot of pushback against another happening
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