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  1. To add, I think these AI systems are a paradigm shift in tech. They are as big as the invention of the internet itself. In 5 years time the landscape of creative industry is going to be unrecognisable
  2. I think the thing that is most alarming that these things are in their absolute infancy. Like, they're only going to get better. A lot better. Which is terrifying. About midjourney imaging stuff, unfortunately they all operate unethically. I see no problem with people using midjourney for their own purposes (despite my fears around the more use it gets the more it will learn and be updated), but using it to make 'art' which is intended for publish and or sales is outright wrong. Imaging AI is designed on plagiarism and there was no thought to code in any regard for artist copyright etc... I'm sure you know the whole argument... I don't like the way these technologies were designed at the outset to replace the artist, not to be a tool. So that industry can completely disregard creative and take that part out of the financial equation. Design nearly always gets the shaft in the corporate world, so I mostly see these techs used nefariously and only see them becoming better at what they do. There is a class action lawsuit being bought against midjourney (I think) and maybe stable diffusion too, by a handful of artists led by Karla Ortiz (who is amazing)
  3. All AI systems used to bypass creatives is a fuckin poison. Midjourney, Stable Defusion, and now Chat GPT are grotesque perversions of human thought and creativity. We thought that the arts would be the last thing AI take from us, turns out the arts are the first to go. It's a dark time to be an entertainment industry artist or writer. Thank fuck I only do oil painting and not digital.
  4. I haven't watched BOBF except the first couple episodes. Do I really need to see it all to get Mando s03?
  5. Odine

    The Batman

    Just saw this finally, thought it was really strong with a few caveats. I think they nailed the vibe and tone of Gotham. Best cinematic Gotham city ever. Nolans Gotham always felt more like a Metropolis to me. Like a cross between LA and Washington or something. Gotham always had a grim New York kind of vibe to me, GOTHam. So they nailed it this time finally, well done. R Pats did pretty good as a young batman finding his feet, trouble is I'm sick of seeing super heroes learning their trade or in their early days. Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman was perfect casting to me. No complaints, and Colin Farrell's Penguin was fucking sick. The joker cameo sucked. Like, really really appalling especially when against the likes of Phoenix's or Ledger's or even Nicholson's performance of the character. Kind of dragged, but not enough for me to get bored. Loved Batman being a detective, loved the depiction of Gotham city, loved the gangster criminal element, loved the batmobile. Buuuuuut I've always thought the riddler was kind of lame too, so not my favourite premise over all. Finally the tone of this felt the most batman of all the batman films. I felt like someone took my batman imaginations from teenage years and put it on film (barring my caveats) so that was cool. It's not the rollercoaster ride of the Nolan films but I'm fucking sick or rollercoaster rides in cinema. I give it a solid 3.5 maybe a 4
  6. No point in having an AK if you can't pop off a few celebratory rounds into the air on NYE
  7. Sure that may be so but weight loss isn't linear progress. I'm sure you'll continue to trend down but there will always be peaks and valleys along the way
  8. 3lbs fluctuation is normal. I fluctuate a kilogram or two from day to day. So really you stayed the same weight, which at Christmas is a win.
  9. Ol' Benedict will be burning in hell if there is such a place
  10. Doesn't Choc live in upstate New York? Didn't they get smashed the hardest by the blizzard?
  11. Odine

    Black Adam

    I don't believe any of that shit, seems like a smear campaign to me. I know he was a stickler for wanting to stick to the source material in regards to the Witcher, which is something the showrunners were not concerned with at all..
  12. Odine

    Black Adam

    So looks like they are rebooting DC universe and they screwed Henry Cavil in the process. He quit the Witcher to play superman, the studio told him to announce his appearance as superman, and then did a u turn and told him, "actually you arent superman anymore we are rebooting the franchise". Henry Cavil fans are pisssssed! Poor dude. Oh well, at least he's got a Warhammer 40k series in the pipe
  13. None of the Batmen have impacted me as much as much as Keaton's. I mean, I watched the Burtan Batman films as a kid, and haven't seen them in a long time but they blew my mind. So yeah, Micheal Keaton in number 1. I've only seen the Nolan versions otherwise, so it's Bale in number 2. I suspect I'd like the R Pat's Bat more than Bale based on the opinions and taste of people here. Also, fucking loved the 90s animated Batman when I was a kid. Still think the sound from that series is the best, and the animated batmobile was the best.
  14. That's cool, I never finished the first one (got bored of the gameplay loop, last I remember was swinging from some vines in a massive cave temple) but there was much to enjoy about it. Hope this one is even better!
  15. You're in Colorado right? Few sleepy pills, few bottles of wine at the favourite spot above the tree line in the mountains in winter with the favourite view. Not a bad way to go in the scheme of things
  16. For me..(haven't seen everything) ANH ESB ROTJ/ TFA OB1 ROTS R1 MANDO 1 & 2/ ANDOR TLJ TPM AOTC
  17. Odine


    I'm on episode 8 or 9 I think, Andor is in the prison with Andy Serkis and just found out the level 2 thing was a prisoner being re-imprisoned. Obviously next episode is going to be escaping. So far this is definitely been the most "grown up" of the star wars. Set design, atmosphere, tone and character design has all been spot on for me. But the pacing has been way to slow for me. Or at least, the pacing hasn't served me to become more attached to the characters or to care more about the storyline. So in that sense the slowness of the pacing has failed in its purpose. Love Stellan SkarsgÄrd's character. Love his cover as an antiquitarian art dealer. Fucking cool. My mind just wanders in all those scenes wondering what kind of cool esoteric galactic artifacts could be stashed in his collection. Think everything about that is amazing. ( I could watch an entire show about such, an Antique dealer who sends out his Indiana Jones-esque protoge/contractor who seeks out crazy artifacts all over the galaxy and bring them back for sale. Queue the exploration of Korriban and insert some light horror stuff, whatever..etc... I digress...) Over all Im enjoying it, but something makes it feel less Star Wars to me. Maybe the lack of mystery, force, musical stuff and the Uber slow pace is turning me off somewhat. I rate Obi Wan over this, but still have the last episode to maybe sway me more
  18. So an update, my grandmother has gone into a nice assisted living place with sweet views and round the clock staff. Think they're just keeping her on the opiates but monitoring the levels to keep her safe and happy but not smacked out all the time. Lol.
  19. Can't remember who said it, but that was the gist of what a took away from rushing through the last few pages. But my reading comprehension might well be flawed
  20. In your defense you were on sleeping pills and booze so inebriation needs to be a considering factor. Prolly a 3 or 4
  21. That's cool to hear about Andor! Will start that soon with my wife. Yeah I don't agree with the "new media invalidates the old" stuff. Or maybe I just don't care. Fallen jedi coming back to the light side et al whatever that's fine, doesn't invalidate OT Vader arc or Yodas views. People quoting Yoda like he's the god damn gospel, it's like some religious fundamentalism goin on. It's a fantasy movie/show, stop taking things fuckin literally
  22. Finally watched this. Thought it was great, the best bit of TV Star Wars yet. (I haven't seen Andor yet). Not really sure what people's complaints are about, there were some hokey effects (like Obi running from the water) but nothing that made me go "wow that looks cheap". I mean, do people remember what the OT special edition looks like?? I think the only time I though this was ridiculous was when Leia was running from her kidnappers in the forest and one of them got stuck on a low lying branch , that was pretty bad.. but I mean, small complaint. All the Vader/Obi stuff was spot on. And sits high amongst some of the best moments in all of Star Wars I think. Star Wars in general is not the sacred cow it used to be to me, so I managed to just watch and enjoy this over two nights. I'm looking forward to Andor now, hope it hasn't been over hyped.
  23. I mean, he's probably really short. Chimneys aren't that wide but Santa looks like he is. If he's 5'6 or something then 194lb could be right. Reckon he does have skinnier arms and legs to get down the chimney.
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