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Nightly Football Federation Owner Rankings (average number of points left "on the bench" per week)

1. 14.29ppg - Pewter City Machamps

2. 15.14ppg - Team Carr

3. 15.43ppg - Kemah Jokers

4. 16.29ppg - Dexy's Midnight Haters

5. 17.00ppg - Rock's Heels

6. 18.14ppg - Aussie Kangaroos

7. 18.57ppg - UKLK's Vikings

8. 19.29ppg - The Nightmares

9. 21.00ppg - Irish Micks

10. 27.86ppg - Ash's Ruff Puppies

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There are a number of different ways to look at it; and a lot of factors that can impact how many points you're leaving on the table (like you ****ing weirdos with two QBs/kickers).


Ultimately though, your goal should be to maximize your score every week regardless of whether your team is good/bad, or has depth or not.

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Notes from GSPN Stats & Info


- UKLK's Vikings coming through with the highest score of all-time, taking down the Aussie Kangaroos 159 point effort from Week 6 of 2007. It's the first 150+ point performance since that game. This ties the all-time mark set by the Nightmares in the playoffs last year (but I don't really count playoff stats generally).


- The 278 combined points between the Vikings and Team Carr is also the highest combined total all-time. This tops the previous best of 270 set back in Week 6 of 2006 (Aussie Kangaroos 155 - Team Carr 115)


- Team Carr has been on the losing end of several "buzzsaw" matchups. The top 2; 3 of the top 5; and 4 of the top 8.


- The Roos and Jokers also came in at the 18th highest scoring matchup of all time.


- The Roos 114 points is the 6th highest total ever in a loss. Team Carr's 110 comes in at 10th.


- This was the Vikings' league-leading 20th time they've had the highest weekly score. The first time since week 8 2012.

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Oh and if anyone is curious for some context about how many games we've played- the number is somewhere between 1000 and 1100 right now I think. We crossed over 1000 one of the first weeks of the season if my memory is right. If you include playoffs we're probably right over 1100.

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I only bring her to tears of ecstasy.


Mine will be of shame if Dan Bailey pulls a Frank ****ing Gore on me tomorrow night.

I don't remember ever having a fantasy football game come down to a kicker.


Excuse me, I'm going to go blow the walls off of Jerry World.


Someone owes Dan Bailey a blowjob. Someone.



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