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Well all in all I think last night went pretty okay for me. Gives me a chance heading into the weekend.


The matchup could have easily been over if Rodgers and Nelson had repeat of last week.


My only gripe is that I wish I would have just swapped out Walsh yesterday. I thought about it several different times.


If Romo can match Rodgers or come close to it; that should give me a real shot (this is assuming the teams perform as they would on average)

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So I went through and updated the NFF Book of Statistics this afternoon. Some tidbits.


- The Nightmares went on a 16 game unbeaten streak from Week 7 of 2012 to Week 9 of 2013. Previous best was 9 games.


- 2013 was the highest scoring in NFF history with an average score of 90.86ppg, beating 2011's high water mark of 87.58ppg; and we saw a statistically huuuuge jump from 2012's total of 86.31ppg (unsure if this makes 2013 an outlier or if the change in the ability to start 2 TEs made a difference. I'm thinking outlier.)


- The 2013 Nightmares were the 2nd highest scoring team of all time at 103.5ppg (to 2012 UKLK's Vikings 104.8ppg)


- Kemah Jokers scored 159 in the first week of the playoffs last year. That's just stupid.


- The Nightmares scored 168 in the 2nd week of the playoffs last year. That's even stupider. (and not to rub it in, but he saw a 94 point decline the next week)


- There were 5 tie games last season; there were 6 total from 2006 to 2012.


- Exodus and I, coming into this season were at a dead tie in all-time points per game. With no rounding. I took that bitch out to 10 decimal places.


- Every team has had a tie except for the Aussie Kangaroos.


Maybe some more to come. Once I get all the way caught up (still need to do this season), I'll post the update.

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- The 260 combined points between Ex and Dex is the 3rd highest total all time (270-Roos/Carr; 268-Nightmares/Steelers)


- Oddly enough all three of the highest scoring match-ups have come in Week 6.


- The Kemah Jokers 129 points are the highest ever scored in a loss topping The Nightmares' 119 in Week 6 of 2009.


- This is the third consecutive week that the Jokers have lost despite scoring over 100 points, tied for the longest such streak in NFF history.


- This is Dex's first time leading the league in scoring since Week 2 of the 2011 season. The next longest streak belongs to the Ruff Puppies; Week 4 of 2011.


- The tie between The Heels and Aussie Kangaroos gives us one in 8 consecutive seasons (the maximum, since there were no ties in the inaugural season)


- With Aussie Kangaroos now having a tie on their ledger, every team has now been involved in one at one point or another.

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