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I honestly don't know what to say about everything here.   I have not been around as much as I used to. I will completely cop to that. When the league started, I was single, working a BS job where I c

Notes from GSPN Stats & Info   - UKLK's Vikings coming through with the highest score of all-time, taking down the Aussie Kangaroos 159 point effort from Week 6 of 2007. It's the first 150+ point

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Yeah I mean all jokes aside I am at a loss as to why I can never have a good season. Its not like I draft kickers in the first round. I thought it was trade fever so I stopped trading for a couple years. But no matter what I do or don't do my teams always suck. Maybe its that some teams started with the steady scorers and can franchise them every year so that keeps them in it but that only lasts so long. Maybe I just don't have enough time to devote to this.

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Dex, you're competitive now, which is one thing you couldn't say in the early seasons (no offense meant at all! lol). You've had poor luck this year. Garcon and Ball have both busted. Miller and Bernard have been great - but frequently injured. You made a good trade for Cooks, which I believe will pay dividends down the line. You're just missing about 10 points per game from various positions. You look to have a decently solid keeper core right now. All it takes is one draft to knock it out of the park and get back into it. I had one of those in 2012 I think it was.

I'm still the fourth highest scorer and somehow I am confirmed as being in the playoffs.


The only way I'd feel luckier is if I was in the NFC South

Well you've won games:



95-82 (95 is over league average this year, but the opposition still only scored 82)




So even during your "Hyde" games, your opponents didn't step up. Something to be thankful for!

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The NFL is a lot more unpredictable now than it used to be.


Any team can have a stormer and any team can be absolutely diabolical (see Jets: Week 10 and Jets: Week 12). Whilst there are some fantasy stalwarts still present they are becoming fewer each year and harder to predict when they will break out or fade away.


In a normal league that makes things a bit harder, but in a keeper league it's even worse!


Although I did manage to drop both Demaryius Thomas and Jordy Nelson in consecutive years so what the hell do I know...

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I kind of wanted to throw the game, because facing Geoff is going to be a hard, hard test if all my guys don't show up at once.


But I figured that's pretty unsporting :(

Does it really matter which one of us kicks your ass?




Oh, and (second) best of luck to you, Gar! :cool:

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