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  1. Isn't that the Adam West movie referenced above?
  2. What people saying Loki is coming back are ignoring (or not realizing) is that his death was an intentional completion of his character arc. There was nowhere left for his character to go. Thor even said in the last Thor movie that Loki had become ridiculously predictable in his constant betrayals and reversals and then rinse and repeats. If he stays loyal nobody will believe it and just sit there waiting for the next betrayal. If he betrays everyone (including the other characters) are bored because of course he did. There is NOWHERE for his character to go. Him staying dead is the only thing
  3. It was for brevity. The movie had a million characters and an already long run time. I get it and forgive them for it. But yeah, good point, it was weak.
  4. I'm just talking about Loki specifically since he's already faked his death a couple times. That's gotten old with him. Stay dead, mofo
  5. I'd said in a previous thread that this feels like its going to be a different kind of origin story and everything in this trailer feels like I'm right.
  6. Of those 12, maybe 3 are memorable. SMFH
  7. It wasn't dumb, it was the completion of Loki's character arc from selfish ass to hero. Old selfish ass Loki would have considered it a dumb death but he was an ass after all.
  8. If the Loki series isn't a prequel, I have no interest in it. Dead should stay dead.
  9. Love seeing these Twitter filmmakers who don't know the difference between emoting and acting bash Brie's performance without even knowing where along her character arc these scenes were taken from. Its hilarious
  10. That's a pretty bad assed cat from the description!
  11. I guess I need to get around to seeing the first one then.
  12. ShadowDog


    I loved season 1. Dad's illness and subsequent death kept me from watching Season 2 yet but I have it saved on DVR
  13. This trailer has me pumped. What's up with the cat in the corner of the poster? LOL
  14. I liked it except that the characters' constant bitching started to grate on my nerves by the end of the episode. I'm sure that was the point, to show how awful this would be. But they really came close to me fast forwarding by the end. I doubt this will be an issue moving forward, looks like they're moving soon. The opening act was pitch perfect.
  15. ShadowDog

    The Expanse

    There's only so many ways a modern era show can present science fiction. I think it's just a cheap out when you don't like one to say they're trying to rip off BSG. It's like saying any new show about the paranormal is trying to rip off X Files. Been hearing this for a decade now. Who would WANT to rip off BSG when they shit their pants so badly in the final season?
  16. ShadowDog

    Mayans MC

    If you liked SoA you'll like this. It'll be interesting to see how it flows now that they're past introducing everybody and their relationships with each other. Little disappointed they did the inevitable SoA cameo in the pilot. I'd have saved that for a bit. But I get it, they wanna draw us in.
  17. I've had a weird history with this show: American Horror Story: Murder House Loved it, top to bottom, front to back American Horror Story: Asylum Skipped it (hate the insane asylum horror sub genre) American Horror Story: Coven Liked it a lot despite its issues American Horror Story: Freak Show Skipped it (hate the horror clown subgenre) American Horror Story: Hotel Loved it, top to bottom, front to back. Had the most emotionally resonant character arc with that trans mofo) American Horror Story: Roanoke Made it about halfway through the premiere before quitting the s
  18. It'll be fine, Disney has proven by replacing Star Wars Directors left and right that swapping out Directors won't harm the ... movies ... wait...
  19. Tarantino is gonna have him saying the N Word on every page. LOL
  20. Then you're not really equipped to have this conversation because you're missing a lot of context.
  21. I've never heard the term used other than when referring to Rey. Did you miss Star Trek TNG's entire run? Wesley Crusher got that work all day, every day until they wrote him out.
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