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  1. There are certain things that will draw people out of hiding. This was one of those things. Hope everyone is well!
  2. Jacob hit me up with the deets for this thing. I hope to join - even if only for a bit!
  3. It just goes back to lack of... preparation? Whatever the right word for it is. This movie worked for me, I enjoy all three in the sequel trilogy for different reasons. This has been a net positive experience! But it's also very clear it's been a clusterF from the get-go. This movie is going to "bomb" its way to $550M and then hopefully we can see some wholesale changes at Lucasfilm. They've (mostly) succeeded in spite of themselves for the last 5 years. It's time for new direction.
  4. Guys, come on. It was in everything but neon lights during the Opera scene in ROTS. It has been explicitly spelled out in supplemental material (I think), and yes as Tank said, the events of TROS don't do anything to disabuse the notion.
  5. Some of the original leaks was that Palpatine was coming back via a possession of sorts so it's thought that Matt Smith was involved in that, but due to rewriting on the fly we lost that fairly early in the process. Could be that it was only ever a bit part or a cameo though. We'll find out eventually.
  6. I really feel like you guys are crazy! Rey's Theme Jedi Steps Scherzo for X-Wings (admittedly not completely original) March of the Resistance The Spark I think all those are great fun and very Star Warsy. How much new groundbreaking material do you want in the 7th-9th movies of a series that reuses a ton of stuff on a movie by movie basis anyway?
  7. RC Allen recaps remain my favorite. They are, infuriatingly, my favorite. Met, can't disagree more. There's been some outstanding work here.
  8. One note- I thought Harrison did a better job in his 2 minute scene than he did in anything in TFA. I actually saw Han Solo in that scene, and with Adam playing Ben, it was actually kind of incredible. In TFA it was HARRISON FORD, FAMOUS ACTOR, playing Han Solo and it just didn't work for me.
  9. Objectively correct rankings: ESB - TROS (I'm not a 'prisoner of the moment' type, but I am a 'love a good ending' type, as evidenced by my lifelong love of ROTJ. Not the best, but it is my favorite) ROTJ - ANH TLJ TFA - ROTS Solo Rogue One - TPM - getting hit by a bus - AOTC
  10. Movie was great. Highly entertaining, emotional payoff for the end of the Saga. Not interested in viewpoints to the contrary because it's more fun to enjoy things.
  11. Well, we made it. There will, of course, be more Star Wars to come, but 20 years after Nightly came into being we've finally reached the end of the "Skywalker Saga." The Hollywood premiere was last night and the movie opens a few places globally this week prior to the US opening on Thursday night. Have at it.
  12. I couldn't get out of my head that she was coming off like Bellatrix from Harry Potter. Like, intentionally haphazard and a little crazy. Well, the actress played Tonks in Harry Potter so I wouldn't be shocked if I was close to spot on!
  13. Short wait for the penultimate episode. It releases Wednesday. There's some kind of conflict late next week or something...
  14. I'm all on board for vast overarching stories, long-running story arcs that culminate in some "thing." But I love this. I view it like picking up a new comic every week (which is not something I ever actually did lol). I don't think a ton about it in the interim, but I'm still really excited to see what happens next. Knowing that, for the most part, the story for that week is self-contained.
  15. I think, more likely, that was just the last in a long long list of winks and nods in this episode.
  16. Jacob, the first 20-30 minutes or so I was definitely like "Okay, I've seen this movie twice already, do I need to watch it a third? Still have three hours left." But I stuck with it and it did differentiate itself in some good ways. It is still a 3.5 hour movie though.
  17. Thought it was good. Thought it could have been just as good if it were 30, 45, 60 minutes shorter. Key scene that epitomized that for me was when Frank and Hoffa are talking to the side during Frank's ceremony/party. The scene goes on for what felt like 5 minutes when about 90 seconds probably would have done the trick. It was good! I'm glad I watched it. But I did find myself laughing a couple of times like "holy shit why did this movie need to be 3.5 hours?"
  18. Choc, I have to say, you being lukewarm on this series is the most surprised I've been by someone on nightly's reaction to something in... a long time!
  19. This is a change done by Lucas prior to the Disney acquisition. It took me 10 seconds to google to find a source. Look at the facts. Also loling at the prospect of Pablo having any power at all. What a weird thing to misconstrue.
  20. What are you talking about? This was a Lucas change, and I can't begin to comprehend what you think Pablo's role in this is/was lol
  21. Thanks! I've said it a couple times this week, and it sounds so... silly but - It was harder than I thought it would be lol. Like, I was not expecting how challenging it would become mentally. I think it would not have been that "hard" had I not bonked, but in a way I'm kind of glad I got that experience. To push your body to the limit of what it can physically do, and to need it to keep going, is so... strange. Anyway, it was fun. Looking at running another on in April lol.
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